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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  November 14, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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campaign's links to russia. why is his recollection of other key events still so fuzzy? justice for all? democrats pounce on sessions after his deputy reveals a special counsel probe of hillary clinton is being considered. is president trump pressuring the justice department to go after his political enemies? moore troubles. top republicans are desperately trying to make senate candidate roy moore go away after a new allegation of sexual assault. tonight the house speaker joins the chorus as the senate gop leader reveals she's been talking about this with president trump. and hitting health care. a surprising new twist in the tax bill debate. why are senate republicans suddenly hoping to use the legislation to try and destroy obamacare? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. and you're in the situation
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room. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. breaking news tonight, the attorney general jeff sessions says he now remembers a key meeting in the russia investigation that he didn't remember before. but he insists he has not lied to congress. sessions testified under oath that media reports jogged his memory of that 2016 meeting when trump campaign advisor george papadopoulos offered to set up a face-to-face between president trump and vladimir putin. the attorney general general now says he recalls pushing back against that idea. but sessions failed to recollect many other details sought by lawmakers repeating many times that he couldn't recall. he also faced tough times about his department's review of whether a new special counsel is needed to investigate the clinton foundation in connection with the sale of a uranium company to russia. democrats demanding to know if sessions is being demand by the president to retaliate against
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hillary clinton. the white house denies any influence. house speaker paul ryan now says moore should step aside after a fifth accuser came forward alleging he assaulted her when she was 16 years old. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell says moore is not fit to serve. and he says he's talked with president trump about ways to do with the problem. this hour i'll talk about those stories and more with a democratic in the senate relations committee. and our correspondents and specialists are standing by. first let's go to pamela brown with jeff sessions' testimony. pamela, sessions was questioned much of the day with a major focus clearly on russia. >> that's right. it lasted for several hours today. but most of the focus was on the campaign's contact with russians from democratic lawmakers
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questioning why he's now remembering contacts he didn't recall before. tonight attorney general jeff sessions testifying under oath that he never misled congress regarding contacts between the trump campaign and russian officials. >> in all of my testimony, i can only do my best to answer your questions as i understand them and to the best of my memory. but i will not accept and reject accusations that i have ever lied. that is a lie. >> but after previously testifying he was not aware of any contacts between trump campaign surrogates and russians, sessions is now changing that answer. campaign advisor george papadopoulos who pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi about his contacts with russians revealed he proposed setting up a meeting between president trump and putin. sessions testifying today he now recalls pushing back against such a meeting. >> i do now recall that the
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march 2016 meeting at the trump hotel that mr. papadopoulos attended, but i have no clear recollection of the details of what he said at that meeting. after reading his account and to the best of my recollection, i believe that i wanted to make clear to him that he would not authorize to represent the campaign with the russian government or any other foreign government for that matter. >> sessions has been criticized for not recalling contacts earlier this year that would later be revealed. today sessions said the confusion in the campaign led to his incorrect responses. >> it was a form of chaos every day from day one. we traveled sometimes to several places in one day, sleep was in short supply. >> new york congressman hakeem jeffreys pressed sessions on those inaccuracies pointing to a case sessions prosecuted years ago as a u.s. attorney in alabama. >> while serving as u.s.
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attorney you once prosecuted a young police officer who lied in a deposition. and in that speech you decided to prosecute that young police officer even though he corrected his testimony. the attorney general of the united states of america should not be held to a different standard than the young police officer whose life you ruined by prosecuting him of perjury. >> mr. jeffries, nobody -- nobody not you or anybody else should be prosecuted, not me or to use perjury for answering the question the way i did in this hearing. >> sessions grilling come just one after the report from the atlantic showing donald trump, jr. was in contact with wikileaks during the height of the presidential campaign. >> this just came out. i love wikileaks. >> wikileaks sent several messages to trump junior including he and his father tout
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wikileaks contacts to their supporters. they told trump junior their site was posting new e-mails from e-mails stolen from hillary clinton and john podesta. writing very little pick up by dishonest media of credible information by wikileaks. so dishonest, rigged system. trump junior released the messages monday night. and don junior's attorney denies there was any wrongdoing from those communications. on capitol hill, there are mixed reactions. one calling the messages inoc ws today. wolf. >> also breaking tonight, urgent new questions for the attorney general about whether he's being pressured by president trump to go after hillary clinton. jeff sessions denies that, but many democrats aren't buying it after new word the justice department is now considering the appointment of a special counsel, a second special counsel. let's bring in your justice
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correspondent jessica schneider. >> and the common question here was are politics in play at the justice department especially now that senior federal prosecutors are deciding whether a second special counsel is warranted to probe president trump's chief political rival, hillary clinton. but jeff sessions did say repeatedly he stood by his promise that politics will not influence the doj's decisions. tonight attorney general jeff sessions is pushing back insisting the justice department is independent as democratic lawmakers question whether the white house is using the doj to go after hillary clinton. >> in a functioning democracy, is it common for the leader of the country to order the criminal justice system to retaliate against his political opponents? >> i would say that it is -- the department of justice can never
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be used to retaliate politically against opponents, and that would be wrong. >> but critics are pointing to the president's own words and tweets, which often take aim at sessions plus this letter from assistant attorney general stephen boyd as cause for concern. monday night boyd informed the toefrm has directed senior prosecutors to investigate several issues. including of the sale of uranium one, alleged dealings involving the clinton foundation and whether any merit the appointment of a special counsel. after they announced its own probe whether hillary clinton influenced the sale of uranium to russia, the president pressed for a probe on twitter. people are angry. at some point the justice department and the fbi must do what is right and proper. the american public deserves it. >> i'm really not involved with the justice department.
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i'd like to let it run itself, but honestly they should be looking at the democrats. >> attorney jeff sessions pledged to recuse himself from any investigation into clinton back in january. >> to be very clear you intend to recuse yourself from both the clinton e-mail investigation and any matters involving the clinton foundation if there are any? >> yes. >> but before the house judicialiary sessions seemed to waiver. >> are you recused of investigations that involve secretary clinton? >> mr. chairman, i cannot answer that yes or no because under the policies of the department of justice to announce recusal in any investigation would reveal the existence of that investigation. and the top ethics officials have advised me i should not do so. >> before finally answering yes. >> at your confirmation hearing you said i believe the proper thing to do would be to recuse
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myself. you stand pie that statement, yes or no? >> yes. >> sessions did push back on any implication that a special counsel for clinton is absolutely necessary. >> i guess my question if all that not to mention the dossier, information, what would it take to get a special counsel? >> it would take a factual basis that meet the standards of. >> and the uranium deal isn't the only thing the justice department is now probing. jeff sessions disclosed today the doj has 27 open investigations into the leaks of classified information. that's up from just nine investigations from the past three years. of course president trump has made leaks a focus. and now, wolf, we're getting a closer look at how the leaks may be in the department of justice. >> ed barclay is joining us, a damn on the foreign relations committee. thanks for joining us. >> you're welcome.
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>> as you heard, the attorney general changed his answer today between trump contacts with russians. and he recalled it after it was reported that papadopoulos actually had pled guilty to lying to fbi about those contacts. what do you make of that switch? >> well, i think what's happening with the attorney general and his memory is it seems to be improve said every time that there is a leak about russian contacts with the trump campaign. and then almost invariably the attorney general remembers. and i think that's been a constant partner throughout the course of this past year with the attorney general in the same way that donald trump, jr. is constantly being reminded of things that happened that he forgot to disclose as well with
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regard to his contacts with those that might have been trying to compromise the campaign. so i just think it's a pattern that has a constant throughout the entire year. and i don't expect it to stop. i just think that it's going to be the job of the media and the job of robert mueller, which is why we have to protect him and make sure that his investigation continues unconditionally from being stopped by the trump administration. >> yeah, just want to correct you on one thing. in the case of papadopoulos it wasn't a leak to the news media with official court documents where he pled guilty, documents filed by the special counsel robert mueller against papadopoulos. so that was not a leak in that particular case. but as you know sessions has also now asked senior federal prosecutors to take a look into whether a new special counsel, another special counsel is needed to look into the clinton
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foundation. what's your reaction to this development? >> well, obviously the president is obsessed with hillary clinton. it's almost like a banana republic where the president who has won an election now wants to see an investigation and indictment of the person, the woman who he defeated. from my perspective it's just another red herring. it's just an attempt to draw attention away from the investigation into the trump administration, into their connections to the russians during the campaign. but by the time we reach the end of this year, trump is going to have put out so many red herrings that we will need an aquarium in order to contain them all. it's just another part of his attempts to district from the main story line, which obviously is getting closer and closer to the white house. >> i want to switch gears, senator. your committee, the senate foreign relations committee,
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today held a very important hearing, extraordinary hearing for the first time in 40 years or so to discuss the president's authority to order a nuclear attack. it's not been discussed for decades. but the specific reason for this hearing, and you were there, you wanted this hearing -- tell our viewers why. >> well, there's not been a hearing in 21 years in the house or senate on the question of what is the authority of the president of the united states of america to start a nuclear war if we have not been attacked with nuclear weapons. so the issue obviously is very real. general mcmaster, the president's national security advisor, said just a couple of months ago that there is a consideration of preventative nuclear war. meaning that nuclear weapons could be used by the united states against north korea in an instance where north korea has not used nuclear weapons against us. in that kind of situation it should be the united states
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congress exercising its constitutional responsibilities to determine whether or not a nuclear strike is ordered by the united states against another country as part of a preventative war. and that's why i've introduced legislation along with ted lou, congressman from california, to ensure we have that debate and we have that insertion of congressional authority to ensure that donald trump does not start a nuclear war where we have not been attacked with nuclear weapons. because obviously under the existing situation, he can start a nuclear war with the same speed that he can tweet out something to the rest of the country and the world. and that is too dangerous a situation for our country to be in. >> you think you have the support in the senate to pass that kind of legislation? >> i think this hearing today was eye opening to people. it's one thing to say that the president has the authority to respond with nuclear weapons against a nuclear attack that's
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already been launched against our country. it's another thing altogether to say that donald trump can use nuclear weapons to try to attack the nuclear sites inside of north korea where there is no imminent threat against our country. that is very dangerous. that could quickly escalate into an all out nuclear confrontation between the united states and north korea with north korea attacking south korea, japan, guam and potentially if we didn't get all of the north korean missiles and nuclear weapons, towards the west coast of the united states. we need congress to once again insert its constitutional prerogatives, to make sure that this president or any president, no human being, should have the authority to unilaterally start a nuclear war. >> senator marquee, thanks for joining us. >> you're wellkeep. just ahead, how did jeff sessions do in his testimony
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the trump campaign's contacts with russia. sessions testifying he now remembers a 2016 meeting involving then campaign advisor george papadopoulos. a meeting he says he didn't recall until a guilty plea by papadopoulos became front news. gloria, seems like a pretty big shift in his memory. >> you think? it seems as if he can't remember anything about russia unless it's about how he stopped people from dealing with russia. and that is the case with george papadopoulos. because of course papadopoulos came out and said, look, you know, i wanted to talk about russia, and i wanted to have putin meet with trump and let sessions put the cubosh on that. and sessions didn't recall until papadopoulos did it. jeff sessions today to me looked like someone when was lawyered to the hilt. this is someone that couldn't recall to the best of my recollection every cliche you
3:22 pm
know because he doesn't want to perjure himself. and so what was frustrating members of the committee, particularly the democrats, is that you have somebody who wouldn't answer directly. >> well, because you messed up the first two times. >> totally. >> he said things that were just not right about his interactions or at the time he said lack thereof. >> right. >> but the thing you said is he can't remember unless it's something that he tried to stop, this is actually interesting because had he mentioned this before, it does make him look like he -- >> exactly. >> it looks like he is out there as sort of the adult in the room saying, whoa, whoa, whoa, this is bad idea. >> right. >> the question is why didn't he mention this before -- you know, i think this is one of the open questions. the other are all the other
3:23 pm
issues that they were painting him with, not the least of which the justice department is taking political cues from the president of the united states. >> they're taking a look at the justice department following a lot of pressure, a lot of public statements from the united states, special counsel should investigate hillary clinton and the uranium sale, it clinton foundation. a lot of republicans on the hill want sessions and the justice department to go forward. no one wants it more than the president. >> right. and so jeff sessions didn't want to get into details today for obvious reasons about that potential investigation, wolf. but at the same time you have to wonder how he must feel being put in this almost impossible situation by the president. forced to either not pursue this investigation and potentially incur the wrath of the president or pursue this investigation and people wonder was it because of the political pressure that was
3:24 pm
put on him publicly by the prest of the united states. and so that's exactly why you don't want the president encouraging the doj to take any potential action, because people do wonder is there political influence in this agency that's supposed to be independent? >> yeah, phil mudd, you used to work at the fbi. is there any evidence right noo to justify another special counsel to look after hillary clinton and the uranium sale? >> i'm not sure. and jeff sessions set him up with an insulation so he doesn't -- that said he's raised itmism let me talk about that point of insulation, he's asked the justice department to look at it, people that the president
3:25 pm
would call the swamp. if jeff sessions goes to the president and says i can't do anything, mr. president, i can't overrule my experts. if the prosecutors kpl back and say there is something to pursue here, there is something to look at, you go to the democrats and say i didn't make this decision. the people who proceeded made that decision. so he shouldn't have gone down this path. but once he did, he's a smart dude, he insulated himself. >> i remember when trump right after election said he wasn't going to investigate the clintonsmism anymore. he was feeling sort of magnanimous in his moment of victory. and now he's changed his mind. and now jeff sessions is in a position where he's got to do something. and if you're one of those career people that phil mudd is
3:26 pm
talking about, how are you feeling doing this? >> but then i thought he recused himself from anything involving hillary clinton. >> that's a very interesting question. he sort of affirmed that today. but i think that's why he made the point that the justice department itself is going through the proper process to figure out whether or not whatever the president thinks that hillary clinton and the obama administration did warrants a special prosecutor. remember and he mentioned this today, a special prosecutor is actually rare. you had one now and during the clinton administration, janet reno's term. in recent history that's it. everybody standby. there's more we need to discuss. republicans take a new stab at rolling back obamacare by linking to their must pass tax bill. can they achieve two top priorities at once or will it all end up in another very embarrassing defeat? ♪
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there is breaking news on capitol hill where senate republicans are now including a repeal of the obamacare v individual mandate in their tax bill. phil mattingly is working for story for us. phil, this would allow for billions more dollars in tax cuts, but it would also mean millions ma millions more americans without health insurance. >> this is basically a proposal
3:32 pm
rights now where the politics and concerns are now out weighed by the reality. if you go by the cbo score, as you noted this over the course of ten years will reduce deficits by $338 billion. that is lot of money, and money republicans need to plow into the their tax bill. that means fewer government subsidies will be paid out, fewer people will enroll in medicaid. that will save a significant amount of money. they need it for two reasons. one, they want to plus up to bring their numbers along the middle class tax cuts, they want to director money towards. but they also need to be careful about how this bill ends up on the deficit side of things. in order to stay in line with those very complicated budget rules, they need revenue. i've talked to some in the last couple of weeks who have always
3:33 pm
acknowledged this is on the table. their meryes of health care is kind of seared into their brain. the calculation on their end became pretty simple. they needed the money. if they could get this through, this would be two significant policies. and they're willing to take the political risk of riling democrats on the health care issue to try to push this forward. the calculation the political imperative will win out in the end, and on the policy they simply had to do it, wolf. >> dennis, what do you think? how is it going to play out? >> phil just laid it out well. it is very, very risky. not just with the pts they feel of what they've gone through on repeal not once but twice but the actual substance of it, about repealing the individual
3:34 pm
mandate. you have republicans who were the ones that brought it down the first two times like susan collins who was not so sure this is the right way to go, isn't so sure this would be good for the people in her state who rely on obamacare. so it's really unclear whether or not this will -- this could get them to the place they need to be in terms of where the deficit reduction is and that goal, that necessity in the tax reform bill. but it could cost them the votes they need to pass the overall package. >> right. you'll get the deficit hawks like someone like bob corker, and this gives you $300 plus billion over ten years, but you could lose the moderates like susan collins who say, look, a lot of people in my state depend on this. and don't forget if you do away with this you'll have 13 million people who are uninsured. and that is a line for the
3:35 pm
democrats to use, obviously. chuck schumer already started using it today. and it seems to me the last thing republicans want to do in tax reform is redo obamacare at this point, repeal and replace. i think that's a fight they had. i'm not quite sure they want to have it again. >> right and especially if you don't have had the replace component to go with the repeal. they weren't able to agree on some sort of viable replacement. and they would really be taking away a potential win for themselves. tax reform framed as tax cuts is something that could be a big political winner. coupling that with repeal and replace could be risky. >> but you started seeing this when the president started tweeting it from asia. but -- >> everybody standby. the color of the day is purple. there's no breaking news we're following. roy moore is firing back at
3:36 pm
republicans calling for him to drop out of the race. we're going live to alabama where moore is expected to speak soon. [vo] quickbooks introduces rodney.
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there's more breaking news tonight. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he's spoken with president trump about republican senate candidate roy moore and the allegations of sexual abuse against him. mcconnell says there's deep concern over the situation, and he calls moore unfit to serve in the united states senate. our senior national correspondent kyung lah is joining us from jackson, alabama right now where moore is expected to speak shortly. kyung, there are some new developments tonight. update our viewers. >> reporter: yeah, this is a development we're just learning about. the republican national committee has just pulled out of a financial agreement with the moore campaign. this follows the pull out of that same agreement wii the national senatorial committee. so all of this, this financial agreement, there's only one group left. it is the alabama republican party. none of this, though, appears to be slowing moore down who is scheduled to speak here tonight at this republican church
3:42 pm
revival even as the national pressure grows. the two most powerful congressional republicans now the leading republican voices against alabama's roy moore. >> roy moore should step aside. the women who come forward are entirely credible. he's obviously not fit to be in the united states senate. >> he should step aside. number one, these allegations are credible. number two, he should -- if he cares about the values and people he claims to care about, then he should step aside. >> and definitive words from alabama's own jeff sessions. his appointment as attorney general cleared the way for the open senate seat roy moore is running for. >> do you believe these young women? >> i am -- i have no reason to doubt these young women. >> reporter: the number of republican centers calling for moore to withdraw from the election or withdrawing their endorsement is growing rapidly. this after moore's latest
3:43 pm
accus accus accuser beverly young nelson recounted a detail she says happened with moore. >> i thought that he was going to rape me. i was twisting, and i was struggling and i was begging him to stop. >> reporter: nelson is the latest woman to come forward recalling past encounters with moore. moore has denied all the allegations. >> i'm a republican but roy moore, no way. >> reporter: the democrat running against moore, doug jones, is targeting republicans to cross party lines in this new ad. >> you read the story and it just shakes you, just awful. >> i'm for doug jones. >> i'm another republican for doug joans. >> reporter: alabama's leading website calling to pull support of moore, calling him grossly unfit for office. the state's republican party so far is not pulling its support,
3:44 pm
alabama secretary of state saying he'll still vote for moore. >> as of today with the information introduced to me, and if these charges are proven not to be true, then i would continue to support and vote for judge moore. if they are true, then why would someone have waited this long to have brought this information out at this particular time. >> reporter: in gadsden, alabama, we spoke with some women now in their '60s and '70s who told cnn there were always whispers but moore, but they never had proof. this was folklore? >> yes, my entire adult life it was always roy moore stories. >> well, it was common knowledge. you just steer away from him. >> reporter: even now in this bright republican red state voters say the accusations are not enough to change their minds. >> allegations are just that, allegations. and i'm not saying anybody's lying. but eventually the truth will be
3:45 pm
told. it has to be. but i think it would be a shame for a man to lose out on the possibility of an election and then find out a few months down the road that it was all bogus. >> reporter: and trying to create that distance, the rnc, a reminder of what they have done this evening is try to create more distance with moore by pulling out of that financial agreement. well, moore is fighting back also on twitter. here is one of his tweets this evening. aimed squarely at washington tweeting, alabamaens will not be fooled by this inside hit job. mitch mcconnell's days asthma jort leader are coming to an end very soon. the fight has just begun. wolf, he is scheduled to appear hire in just about an hour. >> we'll see what president trump decides to do tomorrow when he's back here in washington. kyung lah, thank you. much more news after this.
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now, a cnn exclusive. for years, migrants crossing the m mediterranean have brought with them stories of horror,
3:51 pm
beatings, kidnappings, even enslavement. those migrant who do make it to europe are often too terrified to go on the record about their ordeal. for the last year, cnn has been working to bring these stories to light. a cnn team comprising our producer and photojournalist were able to travel to libya to witness the true inhumanity for themselves. you got access to a migrant slave auction where men were sold like commodities. >> it is absolutely inexplicable, wolf, that this is happening ip2017. and yet it is. this is what we found. take a look. >> a man addressing an unseen crowd. big strong boys for farm work, he says.
3:52 pm
$400. $700. $700. $800. the numbers roll in. these men are sold for 1200 libyan pounds, $400 apiece. you are watching an auction of human beings. another man claiming to be a buyer. off camera, someone asks what happened to the ones from niger. sold off, he's told. cnn was sent this footage by a contact. after months of working, we were able to verify the authenticity of what you see here. we decided to travel to libya to try to see for ourselves. we're now in tripoli. we're starting to get more of a sense of how this all works. our contacts are telling us
3:53 pm
there are one totwo of these auctions every month and there's one happening in the next few hours. so we're going to head out of town and see if we can get some sort of access to it. for the safety of our contacts, we have agreed gnaw to divulge the location of this auction. but the town we're driving to isn't the only one. night falls. we travel through nondescript suburban neighborhoods, pretending to look for a missing person. eventually, we stop outside a house like any other. adjust our secret cameras. and wait. finally, it's time to move. we're ushered into one of two auctions happening on this same night.
3:54 pm
crouched at the back of the yard, a flood light obscuring much of the scene. one by one, men are brought out as the bidding begins. 400. 500. 550. 600. 650. 700. very quickly, it's over. we ask if we can speak to the men, the auctioneer seen here refuses. we ask again if we can speak to them. if we can help them. no, he says. the auction's over with. and we're asked to leave. that was over very quickly. we walked in, and as soon as we
3:55 pm
walked in, the men started covering their faces. but they clearly wanted to finish what they were doing. and they kept bringing out what they kept referring to in arabic as the merchandise. all in all, they admitted to us that there were 12 nigerians who were sold in front of us. and i -- i honestly don't know what to say. that was probably one of the most unbelievable things i have ever seen. >> let them take us to our country. >> these men are migrants with dreams of being smuggled to europe by sea. they come in the thousands from niger, mali, nigeria, ghana.
3:56 pm
it's hard to believe these are the lucky ones, rescued from warhouses like the one in which we witnessed the auction. they're sold if the warehouses become overcrowded or they run out of money to pay their smugglers. so many men said they were held against their will. it doesn't take long to find victory. victory was a slave. we know that some people are being sold. >> yes. >> some people are being sold. is this something you have heard about? can you tell us about that? >> sure. i was sold. >> what happened? >> i was sold. if you look, if you check our body, you see the mark. they are beating with electric.
3:57 pm
they take me out. so the money was not even much. >> other migrants now start to come forward with their stories. >> work by force. we walk into work, i'm doing the work. >> i promise you -- >> this man is the supervisor here. with no international support, it's his job to look after the captured migrants until they can be deported. he says every day brings fresh heartbreak. >> i'm suffering for them. i am suffering for them. what i see here daily, it makes me feel pain for them.
3:58 pm
they come and every story is a special case. they were abusing them, they sold them for money. have you heard about people being auctioned off, about migrants being sold? >> honestly, we hear the rumors but there is nothing in front of us. we don't have evidence. >> but we now do. c n cnn has delivered this evidence to the authority who have promised to launch an investigation. so that scenes like this are returned to the past. >> in addition to handing that evidence to the libyan authorities, we have also passed it on to the office of the prosecutor. at the international criminal court in the hope they can work to bring some justice to those people you saw in that footage, wolf. >> you know, amazing, amazing recording. you and your team are done. it seems the libyan authorities have very little control outside the capital. you mentioned the icc, the international criminal court. what can actually be done to stop this?
3:59 pm
>> well, the hope is that, you know, these are stories that we have all been hearing for so long. and whenever it's raised at the security council at the u.n., whenever it's raised in meetings with the state department, with the british prime minister's office, they say, but there's no evidence. we have now shown that there is, that this is happening. the hope is now that there will actually be concrete movements the libyans you saw them there, they're actually paying out of their own pockets in those detention centers to help feed and clothe those migrants. it really feels, wolf, like the world has turned its back on libya, and our hope is at cnn, the team, all of us, that this can at least start to begin the conversation. what can be done more to help the people there. >> you think they're going to really do something? because we have been hearing ubthis for a while. >> well, i think what was so interesting is i remember president barack obama said libya, the mishandled intervention in libya was one of
4:00 pm
the biggest disappointments of his two terms in office. now, we have seen the ramphics of that. you have essentially a failed state on europe's doorstep, and there needs to be something to perhaps shock people into understanding what that means. what that means is a foothold for terror and these horrifying medieval criminal networks, wolf. >> amazing reporting. thank you so much for doing this. our viewers here in the united states and around the world are grateful. that's it for me. "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. >> "outfront" next, breaking news. attorney general jeff sessions now says he does remember a key meeting at trump hotel, but only after news reports jogged his memory. is he telling the truth? plus, more breaking news. roy moore is about to speak as mitch mcconnell and president trump discuss his future. will the president ask him to step aside? and a california gunman kills at least four people, wounding at least ten,


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