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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  November 14, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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hail to this chief. jeanie moss, cnn. new york. >> count me in the group who just cannot look away from that. been enjoying it since the moment i saw it. thanks for joining us, anderson's now. good evening. president trump due back from his asian trip momentarily. we'll bring you his remarks if any. he's coming home to a number of new developments and fronts. new stories about tonight and at the same time moore was allegedly having contact with teenager girls. tonight for the first time one of the merchants from back then speak on camera with 360's gary tucker. >> we talked to a number of people and someone says, don't forget about roy moore. i asked him about and they say
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well he's bad for the mall. i said why is he bad. the police officer didn't tell me. he said if you see him let me know i'll take care of it. >> reporter: so what did you eventually learn he was bad for the mall? >> i was told he was bothering girls in the mall. >> reporter: in what way? >> i don't know exactly. he was approaching them and talking to them. >> reporter: whether you say girls, teenager girls? >> you'll see the full report later on in this hour. there's new information as well of candidates trying to persuade moore to get off the campaign. jeff sessions raised his right hand today and swore to tell members of the judiciary house committee the truth, assuming he did it will make him 1 for 3 on appearances on the project. the law enforcement officer has raised his right hand, swore to tell the truth then said things that lair turned out to be not true. today he denied misleading
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anyone about russia. >> in all of my testimony, i can only do my best to answer your question as i understand them and to the best of my memory. but i will not accept and reject accusations that i have ever lied. that is a lie. >> to the best of my memory he says. that memory of his seems none exi existent in some occasions. senator sessions said this when he was asked what he'd do in the following situation. >> if there is any evidence that any one affiliated with the trump campaign communicated with the russian government in the course of this campaign, what will you do? >> senator freezing raank kin i aware of any of those activities. i have been called a sir zbat a
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time or two in that campaign and i have not had communication with the russians and i'm unable to comment. >> a week later in writing when asked about it, have you been in contact with anyone in connection with the russian government senator sessions replied no. keeping them honest, both this denial what he volunteered to senator frank ken was false. he did not list encounters on disclosure form which says right on it to list any contact with fortune government. he said he was specifically told he did not need to. whatever you make of that, senator wasn't buying it. last week whenself sessions raised his hand before the committee and swore to tell the truth, this is what was said by senator frank ken.
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>> now is that where you said you don't believe that surrogates from the campaign didn't have communication with russians? >> i am not and i am not aware of anyone else that did. and i don't believe it happened. >> that turned out to be false. here the meeting on march 31est last year when george papadopoulos mentioned ongoing conversations with people linked to the krim land. when asked why didn't he mention it his answers today was i forget. >> i'd like to address meetings attended by george papadopoulos and carter page among others. frankly i had no reck election of this -- recollection of these meetings until i saw these
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reports. >> it wasn't the first time today his memory failed him. >> i do not recall such a conclusion. i don't recall it, i don't recall. i don't recall it. i don't recall it. i don't recall that. i don't recall how that exactly occurred. i do not recall. but i did not recall this event. i don't recall. i don't recall at this moment sitting here any such discussion. >> so, having established his memory could be hazy at times, he cannot recall having the meeting until we saw it on the news. senator jeff sessions's memory worked fine on one part of that meeting. he does remember in detail that he did the right thing. >> i do now recall that the march 26 meeting at the trump hotel that mr. papadopoulos attended, but i have no clear recollection of the details of what he said at that meeting. after reading his account and to the best of my recollection, i
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believe that i wanted to make clear to him that he would not authorize, represent the campaign with the russian government or any other foreign government for that matter. >> so, bottom line it's all a blur except for doing the right thing. this is the third time jeff sessions has given testimony on contact with russia. it's a big additionally, it's a kind of thing you think you might remember. so, yet another day, another hearing where the attorney general has difficulty recalling thing when it comes to anything to do with russia. >> he was certainly grilled about that, peppered with questions. sessions admitted today that after meeting reports surfaced
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at that march 16 meeting where papadopoulos suggested setting up a meeting between putin and trump, only then did he remember pushing back against papadopoulos's suggestion. he made it clear that's the only exactly he recalled from that meeting. he also says le did you know remember anything about carter page's trip to moscow where he met with russians. throughout the hearing, sessions, as you pointed out, anderson, repeatedly said he did not recall exactlies about the russians, explaining papadopoulos, it was -- sessions today testified he has never lied or misled congress under oath regarding one you could recall at the time. anderson. >> sessions was also asking about how he forget his meeting with kids yak in his office. >> right. this one he said he was responding to congress and
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engaging with russian intermediaries as a campaign surrogate. he said that part wasn't true. he said he didn't mean he never met a russian a day in his life. the ambassador said he -- claim it had two had conversations about campaign-related matters. sessions as you know initially failed to disclose his contacts with kislyak and said the meetings were not about the trump campaign. anderson. >> thank you. what's disturbing is how often the attorney general forget enough to answer questions. >> i understand --
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>> finally the general has expired. >> general state prior inquiry. >> is there authority in this committee to permit a witness to perfuse toance a question without probably invoking a privilege? and if not what is the appropriate response from the chairman to enforce the ability to proper oversight. >> mr. chairman if i may be heard, i do not believe there's any such privilege or a right to assert -- >> the gentleman is not stating -- >> i'm asking the -- you're going to prevent us from getting answers to these questions. >> there is no rule on the chair -- >> i'd ask the witness be directed to answer the questions. >> that was -- >> congressman is this unusual to have people appearing before congress and just choosing not to answer questions without having executive privilege
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invoked? >> it's very unusual. this is a pattern for the attorney general, he comes before the committee, takes an oath to testify truthfully and fully. when he gets to a question that's he's uncomfortable he say i'd rather not answer i can't answer that. i pressed him hard enough to say you either have to invoke the 5th amendment or have some legal base not to testify fully. i then pressed the chairman to direct the witness to answer the question. we have oversight responsibility. witnesses don't get to pick and chose what they want to answer. it's very decision appointing the republican chairman allowed that to happen and did not allow us to do meaningful oversight that we're required to do. >> do you think the attorney general needs to come back and answer the questions he didn't answer today? >> absolutely. he needs to come back, again take the same oath and be directed by the chairman to answer the questions of the
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committee. >> one over the hearings was thereat attorney general says he never lied about russia, that any inconsistency is as a result of poor memory, do you believe him? discuss that make sense to you? >> no, and that's one over the thing i asked him. when did this memory come back to you, he said when i read it in the paper. then i asked a series of questions about did he receive e-mails, text messages or other communications with mr. papadopoulos and that's when he didn't recall or declined to answer. this is one of another instances where the general before the country took an oath, didn't
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testify truthfully and ze nighed knowing anything about the trump campaign or the russians. only when it becomes a powerful force that he denies these thing have happening. so, you're left not with a lot of confidence that he's being fully trr ful full transparent in his disclosures. those are important oversight questions and he has the possible to answer truthfully and full when i and we got a lot of dodging today. >> do you think he lied under oath? >> look, he said under oath that he was not aware of any contacts between the trump organization and the russians, that is clearly not true. he finally admitted today or in subsequent statements that he was in fact at the meeting or presided over the meeting where mr. papadopoulos talked about going to russia and arranging a
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meeting between vladimir putin and candidate trump. he shut that down and told him he wasn't authorized to do that. so, he remembered that conversation. but le clearly testified in a prior occasion he was unaware of any sump conduct. this is again the seventh person in the organization who had some contacts with the russian who fails to disclose it. either on a foreign form, testimony or statements and that begins to raise increase suspicion when people trying to keep secret all these contacts between the trump organization and russian individuals that require not only the special prosecutor to continue his work but also the intelligence committee. but also the judiciary committee. we have oversight responsibility in this area and we're not fulfilling them because we're not havingfully hearings on these issues. >> congressman appreciate your time, thank you. new story from roy moore's past. you'll hear from a former record
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trump. moore to speak sometimes this hour so we'll monitor what he says, and bring that to you. we're talking about right now what jeff sessions could and could not remember about his meeting last year with the campaign's newly pick policy team. i just want to play again something from a moment ago. whatever else the attorney general said today he sure said this a lot. >> i do not recall such a conversation. i don't recall it. i don't recall. i don't recall. i don't recall it. i don't recall it. i don't recall that. i don't recall how that exactly occurred. i do not recall. but i did not recall this event. i don't recall. i don't recall at this moment sitting here any such discussion. >> joining us is cnn's chief legal analyst jeffrey toobin.
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richard painter is with us. dana bash. jeff, did the attorney general help himself at all or make matters worse? >> well i think he probably left most people thinking about what they think of him going in. he's not a particularly popular figure. most polls about the trump administration winds up being gb 60/40 against and that's probably what they'd be for jeff sessions. he had a tough story to sell because he was asked, did anyone have any connection with the campaign, have any contact with russia. he said categorically no a few weeks ago. now we foe that was not the case, that george papadopoulos did have contact with russia and did discuss it with sessions. what made sessions' comments
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particularly hard to swallow was that, now he remembers this conversation and remembers giving very good advice. now you have to wonder why he didn't remember giving such good advice wen he was asked about it the first time. the good advice he gave was, don't have fig to do with the russians. it doesn't seem like a case that's going to be prosecuted. the people that don't like jeff sessions are not going to like him and the people that do is going to continue to. >> he said he really didn't remember anything else about that meeting so no details about what was talked about or said, but he just remembers telling him you don't represent the campaign in any dealings with russia. >> well, i like jeff sessions over the years and i've met him several times, he's a nice man, i don't always agree with him. his memory with respect to
5:20 pm
anything having to do with russia is very incomplete. we'll just have to leave it at that. he's been in front of congress several times testifying and cease to have anything to do with russia. with that being said, he's a half way decent attorney general. i think he may resist this idea of investigation of hillary clinton, there's no implications of that. and the other, have not fired robert mueller, i know they're hatching a plan trying to put him on the senate ballot in alabama. if they put in a different attorney general and use that as an excuse to fire robert mueller, all heck's going to break loose, we're going to end up with the president getting impeached. we could be in a lot worse
5:21 pm
situation than we are right now. >> i just want to point out that the president's landed at joint base andrews, the president's plane air force one which has just touched down. the president returning from his trip throughout asla. we'll see if the president makes any remarks tonight about that trip or if he said anything on air force one to the person who has been with him. he has made news in the pass couple of somedays with the traveling press corp. we'll bring that as warranted. dana, what point does jeff sessions use up all the -- clearly we saw a democratic congressman saying look, trying to get clarification on these unanswered questions. >> i think the frustration is there, there's no question about it. but there also is a sentiment that you just heard mr. painter
5:22 pm
express, which is it could be a whole lot worse. he -- jeff sessions is somebody who wasn't certainly like a part of the scrub but he's somebody who many people who he served with think of as a good public servant and somebody who did do the right thing at the beginning of the trump administration and recused himself. and he is still paying the price internally from the president himself for doing exactly that. you have to remember the situation he's in. the president has railed against him in private, in public for effectively from his perspective ruining his administration, putting a cloud over his administration bauds session's recusing himself led to this special council and the investigation as robust as it is now. so it's a very dicey thing, because you know, certainly this
5:23 pm
frustration with sessions but they also feel, be careful what you wish for. >> michael, would it surprise you that special counsel mueller was looking at what was told about the russians? >> of course i'd want to interview sessions, i agree with jeffrey toobin, the questions put forth will not give rise to a prosecution, so it is what it is. the thing that's most aggravating to me is he's been in front of congress three times and doesn't recall over 100 times of what happened. you'd think this time around he could have refreshed his recollection so this time around he could say, i accident know the first time but i refreshed myself and here's my answer.
5:24 pm
it's just galling and i think in some respects, very decision respectful of the oversight responsibility that congress has. the only thing i wanted to add is that he said on his -- in ans to the questions about his security clearance, the sf-86 form that he didn't list any foreign contacts there because he was told he didn't have to. i've filled out those forms, most of us in government has filled out those forms. that question b 26 does not -- i've looked for any doj or policy that excuses him from answering the foreign policy
5:25 pm
contacts. >> richard, can somebody just go to congress and swear to answer questions and tell the truth, and then not answer questions? but the white house hasn't invoked executive prij. can you say well, i don't think it's appropriate for me to say that and you're not pleading the 5th? >> you can do waver you want if congress is letting you get away with it. and if the chair wants to let people get away with incomplete testimony then that's what he does. their afraid that the president will come and support some crime rate challenge so they're backing off and exercising if i aggressive oversight. but that's congress's fault that that's going on and item not happy with that situation. i could emphasize it could be a lot worse. if the rumors are trying to solve this created mess in alabama by putting him on the
5:26 pm
ballot down in, that's fine but they better have an attorney general that keep robert mueller in place or we're going to have a constitution fall crisis very very quickly in this company. >> dana. >> i think the point you guys are making is an important one and it's one we should emphasize, which is i was one who watched jeff sessions as the senator for years and years and i was imagining him being on that panel today and getting the nonanswer after nonanswer. the obama administration or even the bush administration, he rightly would have been outraged because it is -- it flies in the face of the oversight responsibility that both congress and those who work for the executive branch are supposed to adhere to. if you want to add this to the long list of why people are so fed up with washington, because with the shoe is on the other foot it looks different, there is an example. >> thank you to everybody on the
5:27 pm
panel today. as you see the president has arrived at andrews after his asia trip. we're waiting for him to be coming down off of the air force one, see if he makes any comments. also on the left-hand side of your screen watching a revival where formal judge roy moore and his wife are seated. judge moore is expected to speak tonight there, we're going to monitor that when he does to see if he makes comments about the number of allegations which has piled up against him. new allegations tonight that we're bring to you shortly. we're going to take a quick break. coverage continues in just a moment. shut down cold symptoms fast with maximum strength alka seltzer plus liquid gels.
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the president back from his trip to east asia, more than 20,000 air miles. air force one touching down a short time ago at joint base andrews. the president entering the stairs with saying nothing. in addition with russian interference in the election, lay makers asked jeff sessions if -- raejed ties between hillary clinton and the clinton foundation and the sale of uranium to russia. jessica snider with that story. >> reporter: democratic
5:32 pm
lawmakers pressing hard today over whether the white house is using the doj to go after hillary clinton. >> is it common for the leader in fact country to order the criminal justice system to retaliate against his political opponent? >> i would say that it's -- the department of justice can never be used to retaliate politically against opponents and that would be wrong. >> reporter: the question now at the forefront, because of this letter from assistant attorney general steven boyd sent monday night, several prosecutors would evaluate whether a second special counsel is appropriate. after a house committee announced its own probe after hillary clinton approved uranium sales to russia because russia backs business donations to the clinton foundation the president pressed for a probe. >> i'm not involved with the
5:33 pm
justice department i'd like to let it run itself but honestly they should be looking at the democrats. >> to be very clear you intend to recuse yourself from both the clinton e-mail investigation and any matters involving the clinton foundation if there arefully? >> yes. >> reporter: but before the house judiciary, sessions seemed to waiver. >> are you recused from investigations that involve secretary clinton? >> mr. chairman, i cannot answer that yes, or no, because under the policies of the department of justice to announce recusal in any investigation would reveal the existence of that investigation. and the top ethic officials had advised me i should not do so. >> reporter: before finally answering yes.
5:34 pm
>> at your confirmation here you said the proper thing to do would be for me to recuse myself. do you stand by that statement yes or no in. >> yes. >> what are the other deals spoken of? >> the aggressive department going aggressively after weeks. sessions spoke today the doj has 21 ownership investigation into the -- open investigations into the leek. this is a huge jump where there were nine investigations in the three years. now we're getting a closer look of how big a focus it is for the department of justice. joining me jonathan turley and jeffrey toobin. jeff, the president's literal says he wants the doj to investigate hillary clinton, and as a candidate he threatened to jail her. could he have been if i clear about what he wants the attorney general to do? >> no he couldn't. now we're waiting to decide when
5:35 pm
the justice department is going to reflect how authoritarian government in russia and turkey work and whether it's going to started investing the person who lost the last presidential. >> you think it's that bad? >> if it goes forward based on this evidence this will be a very low moment in the history of american law enforcement. whether you think about the incredible absence of evidence of if i wrong doing by hillary clinton, and the fact that the president of the unite united states have all by ordered his attorney general to investigate his political rival, it is a deeply deeply scary press. >> professor turley do you see it the same way? >> well i don't see it, i don't go as far as jeff does with the analysis of the country. i think it is important to start off by saying i agree that the president shouldn't be making these statements, i consider it
5:36 pm
inappropriate. it also works dpens his interest, anything the department of justice does fall into this narrative and it's not a fair narrative wen the president's saying he wants them to investigate. putting that aside, led many people in this country believe that the russians not only influence the elections but may bought influence before this election. this company -- i thought people really do need to get answers and i think people deserves answers on the clinton side as well. a lot of money went through the foundation and also to the clintons personally from attorney sources. i don't think that's a triviale concern, i don't think you should dismiss it. i don't personally believe there is strong evidence against hillary clinton. i'm equally sceptical about the case against president trump. at some point i think it does work to the benefit of the public to get ans to all this.
5:37 pm
having asaid that, the attorney general had given this to career prosecutors to make a decision if there's anything there. if they come back and say, you know what, there's not, then we have our answer and that brings more closure. >> we don't do law enforcement investigations in this country because people are just curios. that is a very serious thing to do a law enforcement investigation. yes, the clinton foundation raised a lot of money, yes, the clintons zbai clintons gave speeches. so what, that is not a crime or evidence of a crime. the president of the united states fired the fbi because the fbi is investigating the president of the united states. that's why we have a special prosecutor in this case. just because people are curios about the clintons and fox news run with it every night, that is not justification for the
5:38 pm
justice department to investigate the clintons. >> i have to disagree. i think there's an odd contrast of presumptions here. i think there are a lot of presumptions about the potential criminality throughout the trump investigation. i think looking objectively at what the clintons did. i happen to think that she's -- i don't think that she's necessarily guilty, and i think the evidence is unlikely to show that. but to say this is mere curiosity really shows contrast and presumption. we have a very serious problem in this country about loads of punish beginning to very powerful people or making powerful decisions in country affected by these donations and by the public decisions. to say that that's just a mere curiosity i think is being too dismissive. >> a uranian company got a contract from the u.s.
5:39 pm
government after nine agencies of client-attorney state department was won approved this contract. why should the fbi be investigating people, the clintons, for something she had absolutely no control over. >> now, jeff i actually agree with you. the connection between hillary clinton and uranium one seems -- to me because of that committee. there are requests being made after this contributions were made to the state department. it raises concerns by people in the government, i think you're familiar with that. to say it's a mere curiosity is a bit too dismissive. >> thanks guys good discussion. roy moore's alleged sexual misconduct with minors, we've
5:40 pm
learned of other allegations he was on a local watch list at a local mall in the 1980s. a former mall employee was spoken to. next. the in addition the revival meeting for anything the judge has to say. we'll bring it to you. a shooting north carolina left four people dead. more details from the scene. she had to buy lots of groceries. while she was shopping for organic fruits and veggies, burglars broke into her shoe. they stole her kids' mountain bikes and tablets along with her new juice press. luckily the geico insurance agency had helped her with homeowners insurance. she got full replacement on the stolen goods and started a mountain bike juice delivery service. call geico and see how affordable homeowners insurance can be.
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can help you get them there. see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. we're elevening new -- learning new details about the extent of the alabama candidate roy moore.
5:44 pm
turns out he was on a watch list in a mall in the 1980s for allegedly trying to pick up teenager girls. gary tuchman joins me now with the story. what are you learned? >> reporter: well, i can tell you roy moore is loved here but not by everybody. today numerous people pulled us over, democrats and republicans tell us about their claim of thing they say they saw or learned about moore's behavior with teenager girls before he got married in 1985. most of those people did not want to go on camera but one man did with a related story. he worked at the local mall between 1981 and '85. he said when he was hired he said the mall had a list of people banned from the mall. if he saw anybody on that list he was to report it. the people on that list included
5:45 pm
pickpocketters, and also an assistant district attorney. >> we talked about other people and someone said, don't forget about roi moore. i asked about what roy moore and he said, well he's banned from the mall. i asked why is he banned and the police officer didn't tell me. >> reporter: so what did you eventually learn? >> i was told he was bothering girls in the mall. >> reporter: in what way? >> i don't know exactly. that he was approaching them and talking to them. >> reporter: and girls when you're saying girls. >> teenage girls. >> reporter: did you ever see him in the mall? >> i think i saw him walked by the store once. i told my manager. he said i'll call jd and he took care of it. >> reporter: how come you didn't
5:46 pm
report the second sighting. >> everybody was like well, this is fine. i said okay. i didn't know anything about any behavior towards any women. all i know is my experience in the mall with him at that time and that's the truth. i don't have a grind against roy moore, i just -- you asked me i told you. >> reporter: greg worked in the music store. we tried to contact the head of security that man named dj, he has not returned our call. the police department here -- we talked to the people who run the mall today and they say today they have an official list of people who are banned from the mall but 35 years ago they did
5:47 pm
not own the mall so they do not know what the appeal was like back in those days. anderson. >> and obviously some people ask about him where he stand politically, do you know? >> reporter:. right. he tells us he's a democrat and he votes by honor bl people. he ultimately believe he was important to say the truth on camera. he said he was afraid he was going to get criticized and attacked on the internet. he told me a short time ago he has been attacked on the internet and he's notified police about that. more lawmakers are capitol hill are condemning more. ryan noble joins us from capitol hill with that story. what's the latest? >> the speaker not mixing words
5:48 pm
when it comes to roy moore, he suggested it's time for the candidate to step aside. he also said he believes the allegations made by these women are credible and they should be listened to. this marks a shift in tone up here on capitol hill, no longer the qualifier of being used by many members of congress saying originally if these alleges are true, moore should step aside. many are saying it's time for him to end his campaign. at this point roy moore did you know seem to be heeding those warnings. >> senator mccounsel also took a stance on this today right? >> yeah that's right. he took it all the way to the top. he went to president trump. he phoned him during his trip to asia to ask him how this should be handled by the white house and republican leadership here. the white house has taken a very cautious approach to this. they have not said specifically that it's time for moore to tell down but they have expressed some concern and there's a
5:49 pm
feeling that now that the president is back here in washington he will become actively involved if this situation. >> the tngs between the republican establishment and moore, which has been going on for a while, is moore using it to his advantage right now? it seems like he's been fund raising on this notion that he's being targeted? >> he certainly is. there's an argument to be made that these calls by the republican establishment here on washington plays into his campaign handbook. this is a buy that fancies himself an outsider running against the establishment. today he wen on twitter and specifically called for mitch mcconnell to step down as majority leader. he's using the hash tag inside hack job. he believes the republican establishment is out to get him. he believes that will play well with his base. there isn't a lot republican leaders here in washington can do to stop his candidacy. he will remain on the ballot wen
5:50 pm
voters go to the polls in december. the only chance the republicans have will be the attempt to mount some sort of a writing campaign which would be a long shot bid at best. the best they can hope, if he does win election in december that they make some sort of an attempt to expel him from office, which would be rare here on capitol hill and difficult to do it. anderson. >> at least four people are dead after a shooting rampage in northern california. there were multiple locations. i take pictures of sunrises,
5:51 pm
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law enforcement officials say the gunman shot at least seven locations including an elementary school before he himself was shot dead by police. a police press conference just wrapped up. what have we learned? >> reporter: this all began as some kind of neighborhood or domestic dispute and then it quickly spiraled out of control. an initial gun fire when he was shooting at a wol he was feuding with. he then gets sue a stolen pickup truck and then randomly starts shooting into people's homes. and then he carjacks a driver and randomly starts shooting even more people. at one point he hits a woman
5:55 pm
driving to school with her children in the back seat. that woman, that young mother was shot. she's in the hospital with life threatening injuries. there is also a boy in the back seat who was also apparently shot or wounded by some shrapnel. he is expected to survive. and then things really get frightening. the shooter then shows up at an elementary school warmed a semi-automatic rifle and handguns and starts shooting at the school. he is shooting into windows and walls. one boy was injured and he is expected to survive. other people were injured by the glass. listen to the assistant sheriff who explained the situation happening at the school. >> the shooter took his vehicle and rammed their fence and gate, entered the grounds on foot with a semi-automatic rifle that had
5:56 pm
multiround clip. he was wearing a load bearing vest that you sometimes see soldiers wear that have the clips embedded in the chest. and he literally, because it appears that because he couldn't make access to any of the presumes they were locked on, that he gave it up and reentered the vehicle and then went on his kill spree and took it to the streets of rancho tehama. >> so authorities saying there could have been many more victims. that assistant sheriff crediting the quick thinking actions at the school. the school immediately went under lockdown and says because of that, in his words, the shooter was frustrated and then left. he was apprehend ad couple blocks away where there was a shoot out and he was shot dead. >> thank you. jeff sessions on capitol hill
5:57 pm
talking about a different version of events regarding russia. we'll have the latest. (♪) (♪) it all starts with a wish. the lincoln wish list event is here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down and a complementary first months payment.
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