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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  November 14, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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the fbi is assisting local authorities with the investigation. >> dan, thank you. this is cnn tonight i'm don lemon it's 11:00 p.m. on the east coast. we're live with new developments. roy moore refusing to drop out of the senate race, his own party doesn't want him, do they have any good options of he w s wins. they are throwing a repeal of obama on the mandate into tax cut repeal is this what the base really wants, we'll discuss. talk to our political commentators and author of the conservative case for trump and author of savage wars of peace. good evening to all of you. rebecca i will start with you, welcome officially to cnn. >> thank you don glad to be
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here. >> let ask you this alabama judge roy moore spoke tonight, let's listen. >> after 40-something years of fighting there battle i'm now placing allegations faci facing allegations and that's all the press want to talk about. but i went to talk about the issues where this country going and we don't come back to god we're not going anywhere. >> so most republicans in washington are saying he's got to go. even the rnc is pulling funding. how do you see this playing out? >> unfortunately for republicans it's not their call at this point. the primary is over, roy moore won in spite of heady opposition and lots of money spent against him by mitch mcconnell and his alleys in the republican party and he's running as anti establishment candidate and by definition is making the pitch
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that washington republicans don't matter what they want doesn't matter and he wants to upset the dynamic with the republican party, so everything is working against them, so you're seeing last-ditch efforts by republican party to cut funding to the race, to maybe get a write in candidate who could win or expel roy moore should alabama voters elect him. but all these things are causing a backlash among alabama republicans who see roy moore a hero despite the troubling allegations. >> this is a rare bird who is saying moore shouldn't quick, take a listen. >> so, that was hard to hear
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sounded like tap dancing, but basically he was saying, that was mo brooks, saying he believes that a democrat would do more damage to the country than roy moore do you agree that moore is better than a democrat? >> you bet. look politics is about choices. same thing we had with trump and hillary. we have supreme court judges come up and other vacancies. you know i've been thinking about this since i was on your show couple days ago whether when they rolled out hillary e-mails or the george w. bush october surprise then was drunk driving. but this is a clarence thomas hearing, smearing someone with an allegation. we don't know the truth of the women true or false but neither do we know his denials but it is a smear to make this man toxic
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not just in this job but as a senator. it's the worse stuff in politics. i can't believe we're not having a conversation how unethical this whole thing has been. it's not going to matter alabama i think will pick a conservative who will vote in judges and other things, i think will be roy moore. will be another challenge for mitch mcconnell when this guy wins the race and is seated. >> do you really believe that,ed. >> yeah 100% it's happening right now. nobody cares. >> look back few days or months and turns out roy moore has done all this, according to the women, you hear staunch republican voices saying this guy has to go are you going to be okay with what you just said. >> i'm going to be okay with is everybody deserves to have their day in the court of public opinion. four weeks before election when somebody does a smear like this,
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it's not the kind of thing that's fair to say. by the way if that all happens then we'll have a conversation about it but it's not happening 40 years into this. >> i just was asking -- >> if it all turns out it's not true will you go to roy moore and say i'm sorry. >> i'm not accusing roy moore of anything. >> you're not? >> no i didn't go to washington post, i wasn't abused by roy moore i'm not one of the woman accused him or any of the people that said he wasn't allowed in a mall, i'm not the roy moore who is going on television that can't even deny himself i was asking if you would be able to live with yourself. >> i'll be able to live with myself fine. >> i think the comments you are hearing from ed martin right now, don, demonstrate why i'm very glad after 30 years as a republican i no longer am because this is a party that has lost its moral, ethical and
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intelligent bearings. here you have your other guest saying the republican party needs to rally about somebody who is accused credibly of being a child molester to keep a moderate democrat out of senate that to me is crazy but this craziyness has infected a large part of the republican party and is worst than donald trump. >> may i respond to that. >> but this is the progression or regression of the republican party because having voted for donald trump he was not smeared by the billy bush tape that was donald trump on that tape speaking about his abuses of woman, not even donald trump could deny he was on that tape this was a republican party to its ever-lasting shame rallied around donald trump after it was revealed. [ overlapping speakers ] rallying around roy moore. >> okay max we got it. >> he has no credible defense to
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his charges. >> keith go ahead. >> i think the republican has sold its soul with donald trump along the lines whaf max said. i don't think you can defend an accused child molester for the interest of protecting the republican majority that's the problem with the republican party they sold their soul on issue of morality on issue of trade, on issue of russia, so many issues republicans have been willing to compensate what they said they believe in to gain power that's not a recipe for a viable political party in the future and i hope you will see that. >> it's like a self-help. like a help ed martin session. >> if it turns out it is indeed these women did happen would you rather see him as a senator than
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a democratic? >> look i reject the premise. how by come back at you -- >> -- it's a yes or no answer. it's easy. >> the answer is this wasn't this kooinind of executscrutiny kennedy. >> i'm going to give a a chance to respond people keep bringing up ted kennedy and bill clinton in this environment i don't think bill clinton would have survived he would have been driven from office in this day and age so it's not a credible analogy because it wouldn't happen. this is a different time. so again if this is indeed true would you rather see him in office or a democrat? >> if it turned out to be true someone abused women even above the age of consent that person is not something i wouldn't want in any office but don i want to respond because max got a good run there --
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>> -- but listen, what max is saying, his party that he dominated for years was a partdy that put us into wars and destroyed our working class. and he l. then left. that's fine. just like clarence thomas where would he go to declare his reputation. i want you to hold the standard for both parties that has the kinds of things you're alleging we'll see how you do go down the line and end of the day, max, the party you want to run is not good for america. and you lost. see americans chose geagainst y and against keith by the way. >> don't know what this has to do with roy moore. >> no because roy moore ran against -- wait a second max i let you talk for ten minutes. >> it's not max it's keith actually you smopoke more than
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anyone else on the panel. >> just talking a lot. >> be quick please. >> ends of the day people didn't want luther strange a guy max would want. [ overlapping speakers ] >> we got your point, go ahead keith. >> i want to point out the hip okay'hipocrisy' rguy. roy moore talking about how he values morality and then attacked for lack of morality and have republicans continue to rally around this person in spite of that is troubling. it suggests that everything republicans have said about morality and family values was just a fars. >> i think that's absolutely right, basically all republicans believe is attacking the other side like the guest attacked ted
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kennedy and bill clinton. >> it's about policy you guys aren't paying attention. >> you don't believe in any policy. you back somebody like donald trump who is not -- >> -- you're hysterical. >> -- it is. [ overlapping speakers ] >> we're getting far field. >> that's right. >> we're going off about republican party. rebecca i want to bring this in. today the white house advisor gary cohn said we got to get taxes down this year by now throwing in obama in the individual mandate how do you think it will impact the bill's chances of passing. >> on the senate side it could tomsulaly help. actually help. they are trying to save money on the mandate side so they are thinking as people decide not to have insurance, not to sign up
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for medicaid, that they can save money and sechnd that to child deduction, to some of these individual tax savings for example the state and local tax deduction. trying to compromise with senators who are concerned on these very specific issues like marco rubio with tax deduction. rand paul. and mike lee. they have very specific concerns saying this is an opportunity for us. you have senators who clearly oppose the repeal and replace that we saw earlier in the senate but they're thinking they can do this because medicaid expansion not part of this. that was huge part of the originally repeal and replace. you might see a deal in csr coming out of the senate health committee. >> i want to ask, what is in
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this for the working class for trump's base. because how do you sell a corporate tax cut 13 million who willize health since will lose health insurance how do you sell that to your base? >> those are politically very difficult. looking at the polling on corporate tax reform majority of americans don't want to see rates lower for corporations. they only want to focus on their own taxes. the pleasaresident only focuses the cuts, totally political. people only care about their own taxes. >> i want to look at the cnn poll. the public doesn't like tax cuts for the rich. if this bill does pass what will it do to suburban voters in new york, new jersey, illinois and california. >> well one of the problems is that people who live in place
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that's have high state and local taxes are going to lose their deducti deduction. >> the rich i meant. i just want to make sure i got for it's rich in there. go on. >> you're right people like their own taxes cut but don't necessarily care about anybody else's taxes. problem is we have a huge deficit republican have spent 20 or 30 years complaining about, especially when a democrat is in the white house and now suddenly republicans are less concerned about the deficit and more interested in tax cuts. there's no evidence this will be stimulus to the economy or that corporate tax will trickle down to the middle class or that the middle class will benefit from this they will lose deduction and people will lose their health care and will have cuts to medicare. it's a lose-lose situation for the middle class and i don't know how republicans sell it to
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woah. go over there! then, make a mountain out of that reddi-wip. i'm out. made with real cream. reddi-wip. instant greatification. to. tough times for the g.o.p., the party desperately trying to stop a republican candidate from winning a senate seat that would be roy moore. that as they are desperately trying to pass a tax cut. joining us nicklaus good to see you. >> good to be you. >> they're under a lot of pressure to pass legislation and have possibility of someone accused of doing odd things with children sexual abuse of a minor, in their ranks, which would be worst for the party you think not passing tax reform or roy moore becoming a senator? >> oh, boy.
8:20 pm
um -- i think that allowing roy moore to be senator would be worse because the tax bill is a mixed problem for them on one hand they're desperate to pass it on the other hand it has a lot of really problematic elements it to it, if it leads to more problems in health care will haunt the republican party for long time to come. you look at the damage with todd aiken senate candidate who talked about legitimate rape and the difficulty he caused to the party all over the country and he lost and to are a senator who is elected with a pattern of abuse with teenage girls. >> hanging over him, right. >> yeah thart has to be horrifying for every republican. >> worst case scenarioio would be if
8:21 pm
he is elected and tax bill doesn't pass. >> could happen. >> here's what mitch mcconnell had to say. >> roy moore should step aside. the women who came forward are entirely credible he's not fit to be in the united states senate and we've looked at all of the options to try to prevent that from happening. >> he said the rnc also cut off funding and most republicans on capital hill said he should quick but roy moore firing back tweeting this -- talking about mitch mcconnell. and alabama republicans are sticking by him. it's a nightmare scenario for the g.o.p. is there any chance democrat costs win this seat? >> yeah i think there is. and indeed could be more examples coming forward.
8:22 pm
i think also at the ends of the day this line about how this is unproven really doesn't wash. i think everybody would think that the mole was correct in barring somebody who they suspected of preying on teenage girls from that mall. and how could we say a mall should have higher standards for admission in the u.s. senate. >> very well put. let's talk more about taxes this last minute push to put in this it bill the repeal of the obama mand what do you think of that? >> i think it is probably bad on the political front, certainly on a basic economic policy front. at the end of the day in would make $300 million more available for republicans, which they would like, but what that amounts to is taking $300 million away from providing health care for americans, taking it into the process 13
8:23 pm
million fewer americans would be on health insurance to provide tax cuts for overwhelmingly very, very wealthy people. and i don't understand the politics of it and i certainly don't understand the ethics of taking health care insurance from 13 million people to provide tax breaks for wealthy americans. >> how do you -- how does g.o.p. defend that anything other than that's what it is. >> that's what it is so they have attempted to argue that reducing the corporate tax rate will create lots of jobs, will trickle down there's an element of truth to that over time. it's also true we should have lower marginal corporate tax rates they are too high but you don't fund ha by taking away
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health care from 13 billion americans at the time child morality rates are among the highest in industrialized world a woman is three times as likely to die from child birth than a woman in europe.
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since donald trump's election one year ago a steady stream of republicans including the president himself had political receptions at trump-owned properties spent more than $1.24 million in those events. david good evening, once again you've done meticulous reporting this time about g.o.p. officials and the money they've spent at trump properties. tell us what you've uncovered. >> one of the things we're trying to do is map out who the president's customers are, now flz a way to put money straight into his pocket who is taking advantage. we looked at other republican fundraisers, where do they spend their money, with the president at his hotel, in d.c. or other places. about 40 republican legislators
8:30 pm
have taken opportunity to go to a trump hotel or restaurant, one that stood out trump spent on himself much much more than anybody else we also found members of congress who were customers of the president as well as make deals with the president. >> you're right donald trump's best customer this year has been donald trump. we can put it up there. rent $482,000 plus. d.c. hotel $2222,000 plus. trump ice $2,000, may i ask what is trump ice. >> it's a water company. the bill say those are payments for office supplies, don't know if it is just water or what. the question is donald trump is taking money other people are giving his campaign. people have given him this money because they want to advance his political objectives he is using
8:31 pm
that money to turn into personal profit in his own account. now if that matters to you if you're a trump donor it is good to know maybe trump donors don't care. it's unusual we haven't had a president converting campaign money to personal money on this kind of scale before. >> when you were on trump prompts did you see trends. >> couple trends among the big spenders, one you might expect number of big spenders congressman are big supports, congressman from california spent $11,000 in trump hotel. kelly from pennsylvania and corker, when he liked trump spent a lot of money in the d.c. hotel and you see other members of congress in line for needing something from trump
8:32 pm
administration who spent had been at the trump hotel, best example, mike micale from texas last year spent good bit of money on a christmas reception at the trump hotel. if he was spending it to advance his cause with trump it didn't work. it went to somebody else. >> has campaign been steady since january. >> what struck me was the peak of this was at the very, very beginning of trump's term, the biggest event that a non-trump republican had at trump hotel was jodie airington west fedex spent $6,000 at trump hotel january 2nd, might have thought it was just the beginning of a long string of expensive events by other republicans at the trump hotel but wasn't none of them came close to airington
8:33 pm
spent on the first day. so didn't happen. >> you also noted trump's d.c. location is not the biggest game in town for fundraising events why is that. >> it's interesting there's a republican president who owns a stake house in d.c. would think he's dominating fundraisers but he's not, charlie palmers has done much more business from republicans than trump has often capital hill. it shows that members like place thez can walk to, and they don't see the benefit to spend the extra money to go to trump's hotel whatever benefit they thought they might be getting it's not there. >> what about democrats do they hold events in trump properties.
8:34 pm
>> before trump was in the election there were democrats at trump properties around the country however since 2015, zero. >> none. david, thank you. >> thank you. >> when we come back two congress women testifying two citying members sexually harassed female staffers, their testimony is very graphic, we're going to tell you what they're accusing their fellow congressman of doing, question really is will d.c. start taking this behavior seriously? you nervous? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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at a stunning hearing on capital hill with acquisition that two sitting congressman have sexually harassed staffers. our guests now join us, founder of the news website called bold, and former communications director. so good to have you all on. so representative spear on the show last night said she's aware of two lawmakers in office who sexually harassed staffers and heard of victims having private parts grabbed on the house floor.
8:40 pm
bill, shocking to you? >> no i worked in the state legislature in california this was rampant 30 years, disgusting but rampant and people look the other way and i know it's taking place. i don't know any personal stories. my friend is a hero on this issue particularly when it comes to sexual abuse in the military, unreported, unpunished. it is happening anywhere where men are in power whether on wall street or hollywood or capital hill. >> this is a story about a lawmakers asking a staffer to bring something over to his residents. >> i wanted to close with something that i just had somebody tell me recently. this is about a member who is here now. i don't know who it is. but somebody who i trust told me this situation. this member asked a staffer to bring them over some materials
8:41 pm
to their residents and the young staffer is a young woman went there and was greeted with a member in a towel a male, who then invited her in. at that point he decided to expose himself. she left and then she quit her job. she found another job. but that kind of situation, what are we doing here for women right now who are dealing with somebody like that? >> why are their identities withhe withheld shouldn't they be named and face repercussion. >> you want to protect the identity of victims so in this hearing needs to go through a report, this process is tram atizing. glad to see this is bipartisan thing. no red or blue libido so we can
8:42 pm
stream line this and i'm proud that there will be mandatory training on this issue. this speaks to the heart and character of our country. the bed rock of a free and open serta is respect and integrity and trust so glad we are are having this conversation sad it's happening now. >> i think some are unnoticed i spent several years on capital hill and i was the only woman in my office but i'm a tough jersey girl they knew better than to mess with me but i have to say that there were certain times you are conscientious of situations you're in with other
8:43 pm
members of congress, late night, a lot of members sleep in their offices, they don't pay for other residents in washington they don't make a lot of money and choose to live out of their offices and believe me there's all kind of shenanigans that go on late night unfortunately in the summers interns would come in and they call it skin-tern season and witnessed couple congressman who would have good old time on capital hill with women who were not their wives. >> do you think lawmakers are held to a different standard than anyone else accused of behavior like this. >> i think because it's such a good old boy's network is that that's standard has been prevalent for so long but has not been tolerated as much any more. it's why it is so important have
8:44 pm
women lawmakers coming in. >> going to be mand fatory harassment train forge staff. >> at this point, yes. >> we have mandatory ethics training why not that. >> sure. and struck on a very important economic argument. that young woman quit her job. the fact she felt like she couldn't advance any more. how could they advance in the workplace if they are facing this glass ceiling. to know she's going to be able to on her merits get promoted, on her merits be protected. we got to protect bawomen. this is basic fundamental human right to be is of a in your workplace. >> these behavior classes, if you will, have been taking place in the workplace for a long
8:45 pm
time. i'm surprised and disappointed it's taking congress so long to see the need for it there. the members that sleep in their office is a disgusting habit that paul ryan ought to just ban it. it is very intrusive for the people that work there, the work staff, the member staff, you know when they walk in here's a guy in under wear or pajamas, it's disgusting, they all make enough money to have avenue apartment in washington and that's where they ought to live. >> stick around everybody. we come back and is president trying to use the doj to settle political scores.
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that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it.
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shop our lowest prices ever at my abwill i have pain andating made daibloating today?ing game. my doctor recommended ibgard to manage my ibs. take control. ask your doctor about nonprescription ibgard. the attorney general jeff sessions questioned today about possibly investigating hillary clinton. >> so, bill, the attorney general said today he has ordered prosecutors to look at accusations against hillary clinton raised by the house. raised by house republicans and report to him whether they think a special counsel should be appointed. what's at work here the. >> i'll tell yowl what's at work here. cover your ass. i think it was november 1st, donald trump tweets out why aren't they investigating hillary clinton. the next morning there were five different tweets, all of them saying everybody says the
8:51 pm
justice department ought to be doing mis. the ask then he goes off to asia, and then he comes back in 12 days and the day before he heads back, jeff segs just quintdantly says i'm going to start looking into maybe a special prosecutor for hillary clinton just like my boss told me to. it is nothing but jeff sessions trying to save his job. >> and this is about uranium -- >> he says it's about james comey and the e-mails and that investigation as if we haven't had enough hearings on that and this uranium one thing that also republicans held a house hearing on and found nothing there. >> i encourage everyone to read the fact checks and the facts on uranium one and come to your own conclusions. the president is constantly tweeting, carrie, about what sessions and the doj should be doing. so how can we be sure of that?
8:52 pm
>> well, this is the united states of america. i think that the president has understood and is forced to be understanding of the limits of his power in many respects, which is beautiful thing in terms of the executive understanding the limits of his power. and i also would argue his predecessor was expanding his power and going outside his authority of the executive branch. and that was very troubling, too. so i think it is a problem when you have someone in the executive trying to use certain pow, whether it's the few didiary or the legislator. so i think this is problem that happens often, and it's up to us. it's really up to us, the people, to make sure we call it out. >> did president obama ever encourage the doj to go after -- >> it is a bigger issue here, which is the independence of the department of justice. which i think republicans and democrats ought to be concerned about. this is nixonian. nobody has used, neither republicans or democrats have
8:53 pm
used the department of justice as a political tool to go after their enemies since richard nixon. >> well -- maybe not to the degree that trump is doing it and so overtly, but there were considerable instances of overreach in the obama administration like -- >> name one. >> like going after the ap and james at fox for leaks. that was clearly an overreach investigating journalists. that was a problem. what happened with the irs with conservative nonprofits and their 501c 3 status, those were serious overreach examples in the obama administration that republicans had a right to be concerned about. but what trump is doing right now and actually more what jeff segs is doing, this call for a special counsel is definitely
8:54 pm
politically motivated. you don't need one. the uranium one issue is a very serious issue. and i do inkushlg people to read about it. there are concerns about why certain things weren't investigated, why parts of the investigation were stopped, what was going on with the clintens, what happened on the tarmac with loreta lynch and bill clinton. it wasn't necessarily about the e-mails but the clinton foundation. >> what that has to do with uranium one? you're saying there's no criminal conflict of interest. >> i'm saying there's no criminal conflict of interest in the justice department to warrant a special counsel, that people are throwing special counsel around, not really understanding why a special counsel is needed. in my opinion and in others, you don't need a special counsel for this. the independent investigative united states of the department of justice should be able to do this without a special counsel. >> do you think that hillary clinton could have gotten nine
8:55 pm
different departments of the government to sign-off on theureanium deal, uranium that has nothing to do with it country, only has to do with nuclear power and you still think she has that much power? and according to all the facts she wasn't aware of the deal. >> i think that the group did not know this was happening -- >> i've got just ten seconds and i want to get bill. >> and members of congress are concerned about this. >> go ahead. >> there were nine agencies plus two other agencies that had to approve that bill. this is not worth a special counsel. that is for damn sure. >> i'll tell you what. what donald trump is trying to do is change the subject and get away from the robert mueller
8:56 pm
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