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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  November 15, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PST

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to make something positive out of it. >> purpose out of pain. young people in the group ranging in age from 15 to 20. they elect peers to mirror positions of their local councils, and then receive training to strengthen communities giving them hope for the future. >> they form democratly elected councils that are about service for the community. instead of being the problem, they become part of the solution. >> beautiful. making such an impact she was awarded the prestigious john p. mcnull tea prize by the former secretary of state, madeline albrecht. >> what a beautiful story. congratulations on your big sexy award. >> thank you very much. >> time for "newsroom" with poppy harlow and john berman. >> i am john berman. >> i am poppy harlow.
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he's back home from asia and promising the fruits from his long and successful trip will be for many years to come. he comes home to a tax cut battle that looks different than it did yesterday. it now has obamacare wrapped up in it. what does the president think about roy moore this morning? he has five statements on twitter so far but none of them about the senate candidate on the ballot accused of assaulting a 16-year-old girl. he has not said if he thinks roy moore should drop out of the race. but first let's talk about taxes or is it health care. >> reporter: we do expect to hear from the president. we expect him to tout his accomplishments following the marathon trip to asia, a very likely also to talk about asia,
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and perhaps an opportunity to weigh in on the news that china is now sending an envoy to north korea to restart the talks, also expecting, as you said, the president to talk about his accomplishments. he did tweet this morning that there are friendships and benefits from the asia trip that will go on for years to come. meanwhile the president is expected to go up to capitol hill tomorrow to talk to congressional republicans about their tax plan, and that, of course, has been complicated by the news that the senate tax plan is expected to include the provision that would basically end the obamacare individual mandate. the big question on everybody's mind is about roy moore, the alabama senate race and what the president is going to do about that. of course the statement so far from the white house has been if the allegations of misconduct of
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true against roy moore, he ought to get out of the race. however, many of the congressional republican leaders have dispensed with the qualifiers since that he just needs to get out of the race period. it's also complicated by the fact that the republican national committee has withdrawn its financial support from roy moore. what will the president do? as you know, john and poppy, the alabama senate race has been a thorn in the president's side going all the way back to the time when he backed the wrong horse in the republican primaries. back to you. >> wrong horse depending on how you look at it now. exactly. joe johns at the white house, thank you. attaching obamacare to the task that is a big gamble, so what are republicans doing? christine romans and suzanne on capitol hill. >> this was a bombshell announcement. senate republicans thinking they
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will go ahead and push forward the legislative agenda by repealing the obamacare individual mandate. this has the party scrambling here. you have folks on the house and senate looking at two different plans, and outlining just the two basic differences, repealing the individual mandate, the house does not include that. you have the four income tax brackets on the house side, and more of those tax brackets, seven on the senate side. you are dealing with calls for a full repeal of the estate tax on the house side. the senate side doubling the estate tax exemption, and then finally on the house side reducing the corporate tax rate on the senate side, and that is delayed somewhat, phased in, so those are the two different plans. today on the senate side we will see the senate finance committee, day three of the markup, and lots of amendments and activity, and we have been told there's an over filled room
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set up for folks because there's such a high interest in what is taking place and who goes along with which kind of plan and how do they actually end up changing it. on the house side what we will see as well is on the full house floor a full debate on their own plan, and that's the plan that does not include the repeal of the obamacare mandate. we expect that vote to happen sometime tomorrow. on the senate side, perhaps their vote after the thanksgiving break, all of this will be ironed out in conference. in the meantime, john, poppy, expect the democrats, a very big fight. at noon a rally led by chuck schumer and nancy pelosi and a whole bunch of progressive groups starting the fight and know how to fight this because of the health care battle and they are going to go full force in the days ahead. >> suzanne on the hill, thank you very much. christine romans, to you. let's make this clear for the millions of americans this would affect. the mandate now makes you buy
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health insurance or you pay a hefty penalty. if that's goes away, what do you get? >> you get a subsidies to help for the health care, too, so you are fined if you don't get it and you are subsidized if you do get it. premiums will go up 10% year after year after year, and the first year, maybe 4 million uninsured. these will be young healthy people that decide to get out. here's where the math helps the tax bill because it adds $338 billion over ten years to pay for the tax cuts. what do the tax cuts look like for the middle class, all of them down a little bit. these are the proposed middle income tax brackets in the gop bill. this is what is so interesting politically, the individual tax cuts expire by the year 2025, and this is temporary, temporary middle class tax relief passed
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through suplg of the small and mid-sized companies skprbg th, expires by 2025. the corporate tax cut is permanent here, and what some say would genius to get the promises to do away with obamacare through the tax cut, and the corporate tax relief is permanent. >> they are also betting that there are republicans in the future that would have the majority to repass this, which is vetting a lot. we will see. thank you, christine. we appreciate it. let's talk about this with our guests. molly, to you first. smart move by the republicans? you know, ingenious or too risky for folks that can't quit the repeal of obamacare folks? >> it does appear risky at this point unless they have something up their sleeves. we saw how contentious the
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health care debate was before, and i am not sure how they think it's going to be easier with a more complicated issue tax reform that also has a lot of things that people disagree on. so this is going to be tough. it also runs the risk of making the politics of this worse. it was already not a particularly politically popular bill, either with voters or the gop conference that felt that they were sort of sucking it up to do something for the party and for the president, but nobody was super in love with the bill because it has been the subject of so many compromises and now you are hearing grumbles, they said we were going to simplify the tax coat and cut everybody's taxes and now looking at a bill that doesn't do either of those things, cuts some peoples' taxes and doesn't simplify the tax code. why are we taking all the potential political pain of this
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for that? >> and there's a challenge, i should say, matt, which is that republicans will be asked you want to cut health care for 13 million people to pay for a corporate tax cut and they will say, no, we want to cut taxes for the middle class and that's what we are getting for the new uninsured people, and there's going to be a struggle there. >> yeah, the messaging on this was already kind of stuff. as molly pointed out, it doesn't do some of the things their goals set out to do. the other thing is that taxes -- reforming the tax code was supposed to be a unifying moment for republicans, it was something that they could all get behind. now they are throwing in another kind of motivator for the conservative base on changing the individual mandate, which complicates the messaging all the more. one thing to watch here, too, is susan collins. maine last week voted to expand
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the expansion on the affordable care act, and she's put in a diceyer situation now in repealing the mandate which would repeal that expansion. she was already opposed to some of the health care stuff and now this gives her all the more reason to not be onboard with the tax code plan in a situation where they are already narrow margins in the senate. >> it's a great point. she said just yesterday about this, i think it complicates tax reform. not a ringing endorsement of adding this in in the final hours. in the headlines today, a regional chair in the finance committee, and he quit his job after saying about the republican tax plan, it's a disgrace and will hurt a lot of middle class republicans. this is from a republican in new york who is in charge of finance, an important post.
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you know, peter king warned, well, you can't have people like him quitting because of things like this. is this a sign of more to come? >> it's definitely a sign that there are people in the party who have just lost their patience with the moving around and the different parts happening right now as the gop tries to appeal to its base, and yet there was always a sales problem. a pr sales problem with the tax bill, because tax reform is very hard to kind of distill down to an essence you can put into a campaign sound bite and say why it's important for them, and now people are saying hold on a second, these are not permanent tax cuts and you may have the health care rise going up, and then you have the party saying this is not a situation where this is actually what -- it's not fulfilling the message of this is better for you middle class or even gop middle class, and that is now a sound bite, that is now a message that people that oppose this bill
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whether they are republicans or democrats, and you can see the democrats picking it up and saying it's bad, and that's what is going to drive and influence some of the senators on the margin saying it's not worth it to me to actually upset my constituents over this. the constituents are looking to sink their teeth into something, and that's hard to do to vote for the bill as constructed. >> and the only republican that expressed reservations out loud in the senate, and john mccain said he's looking at it and gave body language that indicated he could vote for this. bob corker, this helps his concerns with the deficit stuff. murkowski, we are not sure. doesn't seem as it's inasmuch trouble as the previous obamacare revisions were going into those votes.
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>> we will see. this specific plan we have not gotten a lot of opinions on. it's possible, the whole point of adding something to a bill is to get more votes for it. the republicans that had concerns about the deficit, that was a real sticking point for a lot of conservatives saying we have been talking about fixing the deficits for decades, and that's out the window because we are in power? this is not a pr problem, it's a substance problem. republicans in new york are against this because it gets rid of the state and local tax deduction that so many of their constituents use. it's the substantive provisions in the bill that are giving republicans heartburn. and a large number of contested house seats in the 2018 midterms are in the northeast. that's going to be a political problem if they are the ones against this bill.
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>> stick around. we have a lot more to discuss. the president's party abandoned roy moore, and the president's chief cheerleader abandoned roy moore, so how come the president has not weighed in? how long will the silence last? you either lied to the senate or the house. one democratic congressman unleashed on attorney general, jeff sessions. did he have his questions answered. a deadly shooting rampage in california. a staff at an elementary school acted fast and saved lives. r an. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at and got them back on track. this i can do, easily. i try hard to get a great shape. benefiber® healthy shape is a clear, taste-free, 100% natural daily fiber... that's clinically proven to help me feel fuller longer. benefiber® healthy shape. this i can do!
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rnc pulling all financial support for him. now mitch mcconnell is floating write-in candidates that thinks can beat moore at the polls. >> the name being discussed would be the attorney general, who is totally well known and extremely popular in alabama. that, obviously, would be a big move for him and for the president. >> cnn's nick valencia in roy moore's hometown. nick, roy moore still in the race? >> reporter: still in the race and he has a lot of support here, growing support even as conservative leaders have called on him to with draw from the race or just explain the inconsistencies in his defense, this as the republican national committee withdrawn a joint fund-raising agreement that they had with his campaign. we are hearing from top gop leaders that drew into question the character of roy moore, and
6:20 am
it's what struck back on social media, the failures he seems to have questioned the leadership of mitch mcconnell. here's what he said in a tweet. republican primary, 8/15, strike one. 8/26, strike two. general elections, 12/12, to be determined. three strikes and you're out, mitch. he struck a similar tone yesterday at a campaign rally. >> after 40 something years of fighting this battle i'm now facing allegations, and that's all the press want to talk about. but i want to talk about the issues, i want to talk about where this country is going and if we don't come back to god we're not going anywhere. >> moore supporters have done a lot to try and discredit the five women that have come forward alleging they had some sort of relationship with the
6:21 am
candidates, and two of them, i should say, claiming they had been sexually assaulted by moore when they were in their teens. still, i mention, moore has a lot of support here locally, and that race is tightening between his opponent, doug jones. >> nick, thanks so much. our panel back with us. molly, the world is shrinking a little bit for roy moore here, at least outside alabama. the rnc cut its ties. i think in what may have been the most remarkable statement came last night from the president's chief cheerleader, sean hannity. >> you must come up with a satisfactory explanation for your inconsistencies i just showed. you must remove any doubt and if you can't do this judge moore needs to get out of the race. this country has way too many issues and problems.
6:22 am
>> what was the tipping point, do you think for the rnc? >> certainly, there are republicans i spoke to last week in d.c. and alabama felt a turning point, i think, with the press conference on monday by the fifth accuser, where it could no longer be chalked up to the "washington post" or be called an isolated story, and this was broadening and there could be more accusers to come forward and more shoes to drop, no pun intended. i heard from republican sources, we could lose this race. when you lost sean hannity, you lost something with the alabama electorate, he has more credibility than mitch mcconnell. mitch mcconnell is not popular in alabama, but if you lose the
6:23 am
sort of talk radio crowd, that will affect your standing. >> interesting to note, you know, you wonder if sean hannity would have said that had the president not been on the same page, but we don't know because there's a deafening silence from the president on this since he landed from his asia trip. what do you make of that? >> it seems that trump is trying to keep his name separate from whichever way this ends upswinging. you have an absolute free for all as more and more members are saying if it's true, we believe the women and this is bad and the judge needs to get out of the race, and they are talking about a write-in. the president is trying -- he kind of screwed up once already in the senate race and he is trying to keep himself distant because he doesn't want to be a losing strategy. what if this ends up being a situation where moore -- there's
6:24 am
the question will they try to oust him if he gets to washington in the first place. he seems to be playing it safe on this one, even though at this point how safe is it to hide from this given so many members of their republican party are taking a stand on this, and when sean hannity does it, you have the members of the party saying this is not good anymore, and steve bannon may be backing away from his initial saw mort uppor moore, and it seems like this has to be resolved one way or the other or the gop will be turned on itself for the next few weeks until the election happened. >> i think at some point the president can't be silent anymore. i can't believe sean hannity would say it without the president's approval. i don't think they would pull their funding without his approval. but maybe i am wrong.
6:25 am
and that roy moore said this time trying to help elect a far left democrat. trying to paint it as a mcconnell thing, but it's also a hannity thing and the republican party thing and maybe at some point a trump thing. i want to show you some of the more remarkable video trying to chase down a congressman from alabama yesterday. let's roll the video and we can talk over it, please. there we go. so the point here is that mo brooks doesn't want anything to do this. he's literally running away from the question right now, matt. if roy moore has brooks and alabamans, what does he care about mitch mcconnell? >> yeah, i think that's where the pressure is right now, and that's where roy moore will feel
6:26 am
it more is if it comes from alabama republicans. because, as molly eluded to, he has run against the establishment republicans and run against mitch mcconnell. the fact that mitch mcconnell is calling on him to leave doesn't do much. if anything it will help the supporters in alabama. if alabama republicans listen to sean hannity and put more pressure on roy moore to get out, but one thing to point out with roy moore, he made his whole political career on sort of bucking pressure and bucking the establishment, and he lost his job as chief justice of the state supreme court by not fulfilling obligations to take down the ten commandments and not abiding by gay marriage decisions. i think the fact that roy moore is not sort of quickly going away is not a surprise.
6:27 am
he has withstood pressure in the past to, you know, lose his job. i think this is the case where republicans don't want him, you know, in this case, losing his job means doug jones and a democrat wins that seat. >> you guys want to play in the sessions game at all? >> we want you to. matt, you are right. twice he lost his job for bucking everyone else and got it back and now he's the republican candidate. sessions, write-in, no longer attorney general? what do you make of mcconnell's idea? >> that would be a very, very interesting domino to play given how many others might fall if he does do that. sessions was asked about this yesterday when he was in front of the house judiciary committee, and he said he has no doubt the accounts of the women, and if sessions is not the ag, you have an ag that is in the
6:28 am
russia investigation, and there will be a lot of people up in arms, and not just democrats if the administration starts to play fast and loose with that probe. it might seem like it's a politically advantageous thing to solve two problems right now, but it would create a whole host of other problems if the president is trying to do this as a way of undercutting that investigation, which they believe -- they keep saying they don't think will implicate the president. but a lot of republicans think they need to let it run its course without interference, and this looks like interference because it would change the structure under sessions. the democratic congressman, one of the women that questioned the attorney general yesterday said he lied. his fiery exchange with sessions, next, and he will join us. feel the power of theraflu expressmax.
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and change the way you wifi. this morning the attorney general of the united states facing new questions about a conveniently selective memory, after first forgetting to mention a meeting with the russian ambassador during the 2016 election, and he says forgetting but now remembering a russia-related meeting with trump campaign advisers. >> what does he blame? he blames the chaos of the campaign for his changing stories. listen to the reaction of one congressman questioning him yesterday. >> you did have communications with the russians last year, isn't that right? >> i had a meeting with the russian ambassador, yes. >> great. that's exactly the opposite
6:34 am
answer you gave under oath in the u.s. senate. you are either lying to the u.s. senate or house of representatives. >> that's congressman lieu and is a member of the judiciary committee. it was an explosive hearing yesterday, hours and hours of it. you say sessions was lying to the senate or lying to you on the house side. why does it seem possible that he did not remember then and then remembered yesterday? >> we are seeing a pattern. keep in mind, this is not the first false statement he made. the first false statement was made earlier this year when he said he had no communications with the russians, and the free press reported he had multiple communications with the russians and he changed his story. he said a few weeks ago he was not aware of any trump adviser communicating with the russians, and then yes he said something different that he was aware papadopoulos, a trump campaign
6:35 am
adviser was communicating with the russians. it's a pattern that leads me to conclude he's lying. >> let's just play his explanation of how he forgot and then remembered the papadopoulos meeting. >> i do now recall the march 2016 meeting at the trump hotel that mr. papadopoulos attended, but have no clear recollection of the details of what he said at that meeting. after reading his account and to the best of my recollection, i believe that i wanted to make clear to him that he was not authorized to represent the campaign with the russian government or any other foreign government for that matter. >> so again, he says he didn't remember. can you prove he's lying? if so are you going to move to bring some kind of perjury charge? >> i couldn't do that, but special counsel mueller could. keep in mind that you are doing this campaign, and there's lots of stuff going on, but russia is really weird.
6:36 am
people don't talk about russia in a campaign. for jeff sessions to not remember this interchange about russia and russia contacts just is not believable. keep in mind, this is a pattern of not remembering. he also had a third incident where he lied on a security clearance application where he was asked if he had any contacts with a foreign government official and he answered no, and clearly he had contacts with the russians. this is multiple time sessions omitted anything related to russia and suddenly remembered when confronted with the facts. >> congressman, you issued a series of scathing tweets about the attorney general and the president before, tkaoring adur after the congressional hearing. you mocked his looks, and you repeatedly called him a liar. to prejudge his testimony, your tweets about him being a liar
6:37 am
were before he even appeared in front of you. why is that appropriate? why prejudge him? >> because he lied to the u.s. senate. after he made his statements, evidence came out later that showed his statements under oath to the u.s. senate were false. by the way, i am choosing words that the president of the united states uses on his twitter. >> i understand that. but does that make it right? do you like hearing the president use words like that? >> i am highlighting it because until the president changes i will keep doing it. >> is that a grown up thing to do, congressman? >> michelle obama said when we go low we go high. i am saying i will fight back. i will use the president's own
6:38 am
words against him and his administration, and i will throw it back at him absolutely. if he calls people names, i will call people names because i think it's inappropriate for the people to do that. >> is that what we should teach our children to do? >> i teach my children they should stand up to bullies. the president of the united states is a bully and i will stand up to him. absolutely. >> congressman, give us a sense of where the house investigation is right now, the house intelligence committee is right now into the various russian matters? >> it's proceeding forward. if you see some of the recent disclosures about donald trump, jr., communicating with wikileaks. that's very troubling. we had a media report yesterday coming out yesterday that showed russia had the payments they were sending to various places to influence the elections, and you are seeing a lot of evidence coming out that shows that russia was influencing the u.s. elections last year. we will find out more about it as the investigations continue.
6:39 am
>> congressman ted lieu in the middle of it all, literally and figuratively. thank you for being with us, sir. >> thank you. a gunman goes on a rampage attacking among other things a california elementary school, but that staff at that school may have saved lives. we'll tell you how. (♪) it all starts with a wish. the lincoln wish list event is here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down and a complementary first months payment.
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a shooting rampage in california leaves four dead, ten injured. authorities there say it could have been even more deadly. one of the gunman's targets was an elementary school but fast-acting school staff put that building on lockdown preventing the shooter from getting in. >> this individual shooter was
6:44 am
bent on engaging and killing people at random. i have to say that this incident, as tragic and as bad as it is, could have been so much worse if it wasn't for the quick thinking and staff at our elementary school. >> dan simon joins us now from california. tell us what happened here. >> reporter: john and poppy, this all started with a neighborhood dispute. this shooter targeted a woman he had been feuding with and from there he gets into a stolen pickup struck and randomly starts shooting into houses and shooting at random cars and from there he ultimately makes his way to the school, and you heard from the sheriff the school immediately went under lockdown and that's what saved so many lives. in their words, the shooter got frustrated after a period of time and simply left. they suggested that surveillance video confirms that, and it was
6:45 am
quite a scene. the shooter, the bullets going through windows, going through walls. it's amazing that not many people were hurt. you did have one child who was shot, but is expected to survive. meantime, there was a good samaritan that was at the school who tried to distract the shooter. i want you to listen to what he had to say. take a look. >> so i just ran to the school, and then when i get there the dude was shooting through the windows, and i said, hey, why don't you shoot this way instead, and then when i saw the guy's face i knew the guy. i knew the guy. he started shooting at me. >> reporter: this whole episode lasted about 45 minutes after the shooter fled the school he was cornered by sheriff deputies and they took their vehicles and rammed him off the road. there was a fierce shoot-out and, of course, the shooter was shot dead. john and poppy. >> dan simon, again, an awful story but could have been even worse. thank you so much.
6:46 am
a manhunt under way for a possible serial killer near tampa, florida. the latest victim , a 60-year-od man shot in the back as he was crossing the street yesterday morning. >> this is the fourth killing in the last six weeks in the same neighborhood. all the victims you see were alone at the time they were killed, and police are urging residents to always walk with somebody at night. tampa's mayor said the seminal heights area is being held hostage due to the killings and police think the killer may live nearby. in minutes the senate is back at work on the tax plan, or is it the health plan? that's ahead.
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natural disasters devastated american cities this year. millions of people were impacted and among them, front women. who are already facing difficulty in getting access to proper health care. the united states is the only developed country where maternal mortality has been rising for more than 25 years. it now ranks 47th in the world in maternal health. cnn partnered with the nonprofit every mother counts to share the journey of pregnant women across this country that are grappling with this reality. watch. >> the storm made things just that much worse. more than 20 inches of rain have fallen in and around my hometown of baton rouge, louisiana -- >> it almost felt like katrina all over again. you could start to see aunts being pregnant at the time, my maternal instinct was like, if the animals are getting out of here, we probably should be
6:52 am
getting out of here, too. come on, chloe. this is so crazy. >> the flood changed patients' demeanor. >> i'm really afraid how i'm going to do this, what are my options. >> patients' pain. patients' depression. after the storm, i avoided my doctor's appointments. >> christie turlington burns is the founder and ceo of every mother counts. she's on a mission to help new mothers around the world after her own complications. christie joins us now. and this is personal for you. back in 2003, the birth of your first child, there were complications. we should note, she's fine now. she's 14 years old. but this is something you believe very strongly in. >> yeah, i gave birth to a healthy baby girl, but then had a complication that resulted after the -- well, during the third stage of labor, which is the placenta delivery. but since that time, i've learned about millions of girls and women around the world who have similar kinds of
6:53 am
complications and yet they don't have access to the kind of care that can save their lives. >> the clip we saw is from a four-part film series on cnngo that is just launching today. and you take us to new york, florida, louisiana. i was stunned to see this happening in america. i mean, the fact that maternal mortality is so high in this country. that it has been -- you know, these depressing stats going on for two-plus decades. why is this happening in this country that is so rich? >> it's a great question. i've been looking at this issue globally for the last 14 years. and as some of the global figures are improving, they are going the opposite direction here in the united states. and we can look at a lot of factors, chronic health conditions, lack of insurance and coverage for a lot of women and with those chronic health conditions or with any kind of pregnancy-related complication, that puts them in an especially vulnerable place. we have an issue here with race and the quality of care that
6:54 am
some populations receive versus others. we do know that the numbers are increasing and that for certain populations like the african-american population, women of color, it's extreme. and new york city, for example, a black woman is far more likely, 12 times more likely to die than a caucasian woman. that needs to be addressed. >> in 2017, in new york city, where you have some of the best health care in the country. >> yes. >> every mother counts has been up and running now for years, but you need more help and this issue needs more help. what can people at home that are watching, thinking, i didn't know this was going on, how can i help? >> what's really important is that women are healthy before they become pregnant. that they have access to pre-natal care, which is essential in order to recognize complications before they arrive, and a skilled person at your side when you deliver. and the postpartum care is a big, gaping hole here. most women don't see their provider for six weeks after they deliver. that's oftentimes too late for women. we need to make sure there's a continuum of care all the way
6:55 am
through. >> just knowing there's a problem is a good place to start. >> thank you for doing what you do, christy turlington burns, every mother counts. just a reminder, this series is fascinating and eye opening. "giving birth in america" available today on cnngo. you can learn a lot more about the series on we'll be right back. e. i can guide you in? no, thanks , santa, i got this. looks a little tight. perfect fit. santa needs an f-150. that's ford, america's best selling brand. hurry in today for 0% financing for 72 months across the full line of ford cars, trucks and suvs! and just announced... get 0 % apr for 72 months plus $1000 cash back! take advantage of these exclusive holiday offers during the ford year end sales event.
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all right. top of the hour. i'm poppy harlow. >> i'm john berman. so passing a tax bill is hard. rea repealing obamacare, so far, has been impossible. so why not do both at once? it's so crazy, it just might work. that's the new hope of senate republicans who overnight put out a new version of a tax cut that does repeal a key part of obamacare. >> it also complicates an already complex task of tax reform. it might be too risky for the
7:00 am
republicans. could they lose this fight as a result? the president, meantime, is back home from what he is declaring a long but successful trip across asia. he is planning a trip to kmcapil hill tomorrow, to try to sell his tax cuts. let's go to capitol hill. suzanne malveaux is there and christine romans is here with the details, the important details on what this means and for whom. suzanne, to you first. what's happening right now. >> reporter: the chair of the senate finance committee, orrin hatch, is going to be gaveling that session, day three of the markup of this bill. that is going to happen in just a few minutes or so. and then really all of these amendments are going to be introduced, potentially hundreds of amendments, to see how this changes. this is really kind of must-see tv, if you want to know how the sausage is made here on capitol hill. but essentially, this was a bombshell republican -- the senate republicans introducing this idea that, yes, they're going to go ahead and try to repeal the obamacare mandate, individual mandate to get this done, to afford


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