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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 15, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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players are now back. we are standing by for a press conference as president trump makes clear once these three basketball players speak, he tweeted a while ago, he wants to get a thank you from them for getting them out. this is cnn's breaking news. >> all right, here we go. i am brooke baldwin, thanks for being here on cnn. the top two republicans in the u.s. senate are calling jeff sessions to be come the writing candidate for the senate race in alabama that's in guengulfed of scandal right now. president trump who have yet to weigh in on the case of roy moore. lets begin with our senior white house correspondent. the big question right now, now that the president is back home,
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when and how may he weigh in on roy moore? >> good afternoon, brooke, we know the president is watching all the activities surrounded on roy moore. we do know he will be giving a statement at the next hour at 3:00 p.m. eastern time at the white house. i am told that's about, not about roy moore per se, it is about the accomplishments that he seized from asia. he just rieturned here. he wants to talk about his meeting with other countries. it is unclear if he will talk about roy moore. we are told it is going to be a statement and not a press conference. reporters will shout questions and it is up to him if he answers them or not. we know the white house has been watching this carefully. the president is waiting to see an approach on this and waiting to see if judge moore would step aside on his own and watching some conservative voices way on
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shawn hannity and first and for most on fox news that moore has 24 hours to explain himself. the president is watching this, he and mitch mcconnell and senate majority leaders have talked about this multiple times. we do not know if the president will urge him to step aside. >> this is a complicated subject, of course, he can still win the senate race in alabama. the president already burned once by supporting luther strange. the questions of jeff sessions, the attorney general will be stepped in. it is a possible scenario here and the president, of course, could tell his attorney general to do this. a lot of things involving here. we'll hear from the president in the next hour. >> we'll listen for him. he will comment of what we are listening to. >> the basketball players in china are back in the u.s., lets
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take a listen. >> with that being said, i take full responsibilities for the mistake that i make, shoplifting. i know that this goes beyond me letting my school down but i let the entire country down. before i thank everybody who worked so incredibly hard helping us returning home safely and i want to thank the chinese government and the police for taking care of us. and to president trump and the united states government, thank you for taking the time to intervene on our behalf. we really appreciate you helping us out. thank you to all the pac-12 representatives and for all your time and support. thank you dang gerald for sticking by our side and thank you chris carlson for taking your time out of your schedule to stay with us your entire time and guide us every step of the
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way. to doug erickson, thank you for staying with us. to my teammates, thank you for being there for us throughout the process. you guys mean so much to me. to all the coaches, coach grace, coach rosales, you guys all believed in me, not as a basketball player but as a person. lastly to my family and my mom and dad, you guys raised me to be smart and making the right choices. you never left my side. it hurts me the most that i disappointed and embarrassed you. to my younger brother, this is not the example that i want to set for you. but, from here on now, i promise to be the best role model i can be for you to look up to. i have been looking forward to be in ucla since i was young and
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the alumni here. i am disappointed that i failed to live up to that. i can only hope of my hard work and the weeks to come to prove to my coaches and teammates and fans that i am capable of meeting that high standard and away from the court. i will work especially hard in the classroom to show that i can be a representative of this incredible university, a place that's so important to so many people around the world. again, thank you for everybody who has been there and express concerns for me and my safety. i can assure you that i will never do anything for you to jeopardize your ucla reputation and my own. thank you.
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>> i would like to start off by saying sorry for stealing at the store in china. i did not exercise my best judgment and i was wrong for that. i apologize for everybody for letting people down and i apologize the people in china for causing so much trouble. i am a young man, it is not an excuse for making a stupid decision. i don't feel sorry about myself. i am 100% sure that i will not make a decision like this again. this did not define who i am. my family raised me better than that and i am going to make myself a better person from here on out. i have the upmost respect for the chinese police department as well and i would like to thank
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them cheering me so respectfully even after i made a stupid decision. and i would like to thank chris cross and doug ericson for staying with us and helping us while we were in china and taking care of us. i am grateful for the ucla team that stood strong besides us and made it possible for me to be here in front of y'all today. i respect all the hard work they put into get us back to the united states. and also i would like to thank president trump and the united states government for the help they provided as well. i am grateful to be back home and i will never make a mistake like this again. i am extremely sorry for those that i let down. i am thankful for all the help and love and support that they provided. i will take full responsibility for my action and i am sorry.
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thank you. >> first off, i would like to apologize all the fans that supported ucla. i felt like my actions have hurt them the most. i think see the pain that i caused to my teammates and family because of how much negative attention that i put on them and they do not deserve this. what i did was stupid and i am not that type of person. i hope this mistake will not define me as a person. it shows that i am messed up. i don't want to be known for this dumb mistake. i want to be known for my love and passion for the game of basketball. this incident has changed me in a way that i cannot describe. i have so much more respect from the people around me from coaches and staffs and the fans of ucla. i want to thank my relationship with god throughout this time and without him, i would be
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nothing. to all the fans watching, i hope that you can forgive me and i hope that you can forgive my stupid, child di stupid, childish action, i would like to thank everyone involved in this whole ordeal, thank you to chris, doug, gloria and jerry for staying with us the whole time. thank you for the police department who treated us very well and thank you to the pac-12 and the whole ucla committee that helped us the whole way and thank you to the united states of government and president trump for the efforts of bringing us home. >> there you have it, these three guys, these three ucla scripted and apologies, thank you and apologizing and thank
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you to president trump. they were accused of trying to steal sunglasses from lose taysha louis vuitton in china. they thanked the president after the president tweeted, do you think the three ucla basketball players will say thank you to president trump, they were headed for ten years in jail. i have got shelby halladay and brian stelter with me here, to you shelby, do you think president trump watches a little tv is sitting some where and saying you are welcome. >> i think so. >> he certainly wanted this apology. he mentioned it and tweeted it this morning. i think the apology is well deserved. they all admitted wrong doing and admitted to shoplifting. president trump is who got them
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home. was there a deal struck? did president trump offered something to xi jinping in exchange of these students. for now, the president, yes, is very happy that he got his "thank you." i think that thank you is well deserved. >> what do you think? >> well, i think they needed to apologize for what they did was stupid. >> stupid. >> you know publicly reprimanded and i am baembarrassed as they be. there is a layer with trump asking for thanks and probably now gloating and rebelling in that which is there is not a whole lot of athletes on trump's side right now. a lot of athletes who are talking about athletes are talking about how much they dislike the president and his rhetoric. so i think him trying to go to some athlete in the spotlight thanking him and appreciating
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him is a political move. >> it you have these three blac men and president that's under tone and -- i am trying not to go there. and where i am going is that you have this president essentially saying to these three bill belichick me-- three black men, where is my apologies. it is amazing to see three black men thanking the lack men, wher apologies. it is amazing to see three black men thanking the president. i don't think it is going to change their minds. trump got a small ego boost today >> by the way, they probably would have said thank you if the president had not tweeted about it. they would probably said thank you regardless. >> is this about credit? >> what does this tweet mean from the president and he makes the whole point about, is this
11:13 am
about me and i, being the president, needs credit for this. >> it feels like a little bit politics. this became a little bit of international, i don't want to over state it. it is not clear of how much evidence there was to support these three. it is becoming a little bit of international. it is a win for the president and he's able to say he's accomplished something here. they are stupid and never make a mistake like this again. pretty humble statements from those players and i have a lot of respect for them sitting in front of the international media saying that. >> and i think it is outraged if he did not do anything and left them in china. so the president could have gotten them out and he did and he does want credit. >> lets come back to the roy moore incident, lets sneak in a
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quick break. we are waiting for the president issuing a statement at the top of the hour. the question on so many people's minds is what if anything, will the president of the united states will say, now that he's back to washington, will he weigh in on this scandal of roy moore. you have senate majority leaders and other top republicans calling him to step out of this race. is the president waiting of the 24 hour clock that shawn hannity put up. we don't know? it is coming up on cnn. wooo! let out your inner child at the lexus december to remember sales event. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. [he has a new business teaching lessons. rodney wanted to know how his business was doing... he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he can see his bottom line. ahhh...that's a profit. know where you stand instantly. visit quickbooks-dot-com.
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the top two republicans in the senate are now calling on the attorney general jeff sessions to become this writing candidate raising the engulfed
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scandal right now. now, going to president trump who have yet to weigh in on candidate moore. my panelists are back. do you think and we don't know, statement at 3:00, lets say hours later or maybe tomorrow, for president trump to weigh in on this. >> no, and no. >> no i don't think he does because of the same reason he has not weighed in on other sexual harassment allegations that's sweeping across the country. it is an uncomfortable area for him to go. he's facing multiple sexual harassment allegations himself. he's been very glad that he was out of the country for much of this. two, i don't think he does need to. remember republicans in alabama did not want luther strange because he was appointed by washington. that's what they thought and that's what they saw. they did not want to vote for the appointed senate candidate. they wanted to pick their own.
11:20 am
for trump to come in and say this guy got to step down, i think they hear washington. i think the bigger voice that needs to come out and tell alabama this guy got to go, you have to vote for someone else. they don't see him as washington everyo even though he's ag. i think he would be able to get over the hump and say okay, we are out. >> now, floated of mitch mcconnell and others, you know the idea locate jeff sessions, he was your senate seat and now there is this whole mess so why don't you go back to become a senator and they can appoint a new ag and that's great for president trump because we know how he felt about his accusal and all things of russia.
11:21 am
>> if you are going to be a candidate, you have to have huge name recognitions and you have to be huge-liked in the state and those are this i thinks te jeff sessions has, he's well liked. >> if you are a riding candidate and you lose, you cannot be on the ballot again. you can also see this unraveling in a really bizarre way. ballot havs have been printed a some people love roy moore. they may cast a protest though. even though they split that vote and hand the seat to democrats. democrats voting for roy moore, even though he dropped out of the race because his name is on the ballot and they want to split split the ticket. it is complicated but i was talking to a legal expert and he said "no good options for the
11:22 am
gop." >> you have hannity, when you were watching him, he new is y saying essentially, roy moore, you have 24 hours to explain yourself. >> he has eight hours left. hannity's voice can be under estimated. he's the only person that interviewed moore since the scandal broke. hannity has his finger in the air and see which way it is blowing. he will probably do that tonight on a television broadcast which will be watched by president trump. president andrew jackson have kitchen cabinet of other advisers. president trump has tv and he has a lot of hosts in between. he's listening to all cable news channels and all debate about moore, now he's back in the u.s. and making up his mind whether he weighs in or not. is he endorsing roy moore now
11:23 am
that luther strange is lost. is president trump is on the record endorsing this man? he's going to have a lot of reporters shouting about him until he says something about moore. >> i think he could and hannity and his fox cabinet, you can say fox cabinet, judge janine and all his friends over there, i think he does take a lot of cues. they give him permission to go in various places. when they shift or change, he shifts -- >> i got you. >> and vice versa. when he shifts, they shift. shawn is coming out saying i am done and out, could give trump some cover. the problem is, what shaw shawn -- what shawn asked roy moore to do is come on and explain some of the inconsistencies, he's not asking roy moore to step down. it is this weird and i heard it from a number of republicans who
11:24 am
really want to keep supporting roy moore. >> giver us a way to do it. i have not heard anyone else sayi sayi saying harvey weinstein, just explain some of that denials and if it is convincing enough. that's where some of these guys are and we'll see what happens in the eight hours. >> 7.5 hours now. >> brian and shelby, thank you very much, again, the president is speaking, making some sort of statements at the top of the hour. ahead here on cnn. "harassment on the hill," two current lawmakers are harassers and millions of dollars have been paid out to accusers, we'll be right back.
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. i met a lot of people at the mall and if you get kicked out of the mall, that's a bad situation to find uourself in. the evidence is becoming overwhelming. at the '70s and '80s he's on the no flight list at malls but it is stunning and really, he's been held accountable for behavior that was at the minimum creepy and i have no reason to -- i think the women's allegations have their own truth
11:30 am
and this stuff about the mall confirms to his behavior in question. so the people of alabama had to deal with it. it is a shame. i would like the republican party to step up and fix this for the good of the state and alaba alabama. >> do you see the president weighing in? >> well, that'll be up to him. he's the head of the party. yeah, it would be good if he will say something. >> do you think that'll change the calculus a little bit? >> i don't think it would hurt. i think it is a defining moment, not only for the republican party of alabama. clearly this president cannot be elected and you are asking a lot of people to turn the other way on a behavior that should not turn the other way on so i think the best relation is for the good people of alabama and the republican party to address the problem in their backyard because it affects the country as a whole to the governor o f
11:31 am
alabama and the kmexecutive committee and you have a problem that does not affect only alabama but all of us. i don't want the republican party to tolerate behavior like this when it is overwhelming and the man has a problem and towards allegations that were made by the young woman, at the time as a young woman. >> thank you, senator. there you have it, another republican senator weighing in on the scandal, engulfed the current alabama senate race on the republican candidate, roy moore. the president is ahead of the republican party, the president should weigh into the alabama republican party. lets talk taxes despite of years of rejections and failure. republicans are going after obamacare. this time the stakes are higher since they are trying to do,
11:32 am
they say is the must do legislation of the year tax reform. senator republicans added the appeal of obamacare individual mandate to their tax plan. it requires health insurance to pay a fine or repealing this. the congressional budget office would save the government $338 billion over the next ten years. this is all about revenue. this is because it would mean a lot of few people would le understo unfedorly subsidized. a republican said says if the senate approves this, the house will back it. for now the house is expected to vote tomorrow on this plan which does not contain this mandate repeal. lets spell this out further for everyone, i know it gets complicated, rick newnman, our
11:33 am
yahoo columnist, he writes about this all the time. if this goes through, how does it affect someone with obamacare. >> for low income people, their premiums would go up. the higher your income, the lower your government subsidies. the people that get hammered the most are people who don't get insurance through employers. those people are already getting crushed. they are in the worst part and observed all the increases without subsidies and big pools. when you say premiums going up of 10%, those are the people who end up paying. we are talking about people paying well over $20,000 a year just for insurance. that's before you get out of pocket cost. it is extraordinary. >> can we punch some numbers. we have a full screen of how
11:34 am
middle class families would be affected. >> right. the senate is saying a typical family, whatever a typical family is would save about $1,500 in tax in a given year. we need to point out that's the best case nscenario and independent animalysts would sa that most people would get a tax cut. it is not just wealthy people. every income tax bracket whose taxes will go up. and it depends on how many kids you have because of personal exceptions goi exemptions would go away and things like that. >> and people hearing the year of 2025 and 2027, that's forever from now but that's pertinent of the conversation. the new individual tax rate would sunset in 2025 because of
11:35 am
reconciliations and creating this potential cliff down the line. any sensible person could say oh, this is a good idea. why won't you only make it temporary? the business tax cuts are not testimo temporary. the whole reason they are temporary is because they cannot pound the money it would cost in the next couple of years to get it done under senate rule. everybody knows you are not going to let those tax cuts expire in 2025. if you do, that's a defactor cost increase. so cynically, they'll say well, congress will have to approve that, we are not going to count the money that costs because that way we cannot get the bill pazz passed this year. it is pretty cynical. >> all right, before i let you go, gary cohn, the white house economic adviser, he was at this wall street journal ceo last night. he was surprised by this reaction he got when he was asking all these chief executives to raise their hands,
11:36 am
all right, if you have more money, how many of you will reinvest it, all right? this is the reaction he got. >> can i ask you all a quick question. if the tax reform bill goes through, do you plan to increase investment, capital invest, just a show of hands in the tax reform goes through? >> why aren't the other hands up? >> i mean obviously -- not everyone's hands shoot up. why? >> companies don't spend money because they have it. they only spend money for these types of investments. they're only going to spend that money if they make calculations, we are going to get a positive rate of return on that investment and the higher we can do with it in a higher way. if new business is not there and the economy continues to grow at 2% and not new demand, they're not going to automatically spend money. they'll invest it in some other
11:37 am
way and getting back to shareholder and stock prices will go up. just because they have the money, does not mean they'll spend it the way republicans want to. >> right, which is the opposite of the premise, you got the money and you will invest in it. >> that's why it trickles down and does not show up. >> thank you, we are waiting on the president of the united states to speak from the white house this afternoon. keep in mind, this is really significance. also, ahead, an explosive and under cover story right now of allegations of two current lawmakers are sexual whharrasor we'll tell you what you know now, next. what started as a passion...
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cnn's breaking news. breaking news here of this important development involving the gunman who killed the 25 people and the unborn child in texas. there were many red flags of his violent past including how he got access to guns and his criminal history. barbara starr is live. what do you know? >> brooke, very disturbing. the head of the army, all the services since the texas shooting have been looking at their databases to make sure those in the military who have been discharged with criminal convictions, bad discharges have been appropriately reported to the fbi and criminal databases. this is because of the texas
11:43 am
shooting, they found out that shooter, danielevin kelley, was reported to the fbi. they have found in his words, significant omissions, that's the head of the u.s. army. significant omissions in the correct number of soldiers discharged from the army and being reported from the fbi for these types of criminal discharges that would prevent them getting access to weapons and preventing them being on databases and for all kinds of offenses, assault as was the case in texas and murder and actu sexual convictions and all of that. the general says they got 150
11:44 am
bad discharges in a year in the army and they have been going through all of this. it is going to take them some time. they have found significant omission, we have now seen it in the air force and the head of the army is acknowledging this and what else is happening in the navy and marine core and the military has a long way to go after this texas shooting to make sure that people who are discharged, who should not have access to weapons are reported to the fbi and that loophole if you will is really closed up once and for all. >> so tragic that the hoshootin had to happen for these omissions and issues to be cleared in the military. barbara starr, thank you very much for the update. these two female lawmakers introducing bills changed the way sexual harassments are
11:45 am
handled on capitol hill. one congresswoman is revealing how much money has be spent onso on settlements in recent years. >> in the last 20 years, there is 260 settlements, a cost to the taxpayers of this country of $15 million. >> that $50 million has been there to silence victims of all types of workplace discrimination. >> that $15 million went to pay for sexual harassments and other claims. this all comes to light after two sitting members in congress right now are being accused of sexual harassment. >> there are two members of congress, republican and democrat right now who served, who have been subjected to review or not have been subjected to review but engaged
11:46 am
in sexual harassment. this member asks the staffer to bring materials over to the residents and the young staffer is a young woman and went there and was greeted with a member, he was a male. he invited her in. at that point, he decided to expose himself. she left and she quit her job. >> my next guest is a former staffer working on capitol hill, she's rebecca grier, thank you for being here. before i do, you heard congresswoman speier of two congressmen being accused of sexual harassment, i want your response to the fact that it is out there right now. >> it ties out right now of why
11:47 am
i am coming forward of my former member, this is a former problem on capitol hill. you are going to see much more of this. you heard representative barbara starr said yesterday we need to name names. i am coming forward and i assume others will, too, to talk about our experiences to show and highlight how serious this really is. >> tell me what happened to you and tell me about the twirl. >> so, working for congress is my first job out of college. i was government major and i really wanted to go into public service, i was devoted to work for the people. i found representative's office and it was a great fit and i loved that job and i excelled at my job. about a year in, we got raises and i found out that i did not
11:48 am
receive receive as high of a raise of a colleague of mine. he was part-time, he did not have a degree, he was closing less constituent cases than i was. i asked at the time why the difference? so i was told that he was recently engaged and he was going to become a breadwinner and he needed the money more than me. so shortly after that, it was the august recess and mr. miller came back to the district and i was eager to present a proposal to him that i had been working on and i did so in his office, it was just he and i and as i got up to leave, he stops me and said, "my god, you just looked amazing today, just really stunning, would you mind twirling for me." >> twirling like spinning around in a circle?
11:49 am
>> i had a dress suit on at the time. i was stunned that i was 22 years old and i was in experienced and i respected him and he was my member. he was doing a lot of good work in congress and i complied. i didn't know what else to do. i was confused after the incident. i went to sit down at my desk and just kind of regrouped when shortly after, i received a phone call from our washington office saying, well, rebecca, congratulations, i don't know what you did but gary called and said that you needed to have a bonus immediately. i was so furious at the time because i knew what i did. i twirled. >> i twirled. >> i needed the money at the time and it was my first job working for congress and these jobs don't pay very well. i grappled at the time of do i
11:50 am
give this money back or preserve my integrity, it gutted me. >> what did you do? you thought back and forth and i imagine partially of yourself and congressman. you think of giving the money back but you don't because why? >> because i was just out of college and i had a mountain of student loans that i was paying off. i was commuting an hour and a half one way to work and i needed the money on my own. >> did you say anything to anyone or did you kieep it to yourself? >> i am sure i talked about it with friends and family at the time. it was gutting. it was part of -- i accepted it as part of the job and i feel like so many of my colleagues on the hill are currently facing similar problem. the economic dynamic, the power dynamic that's inherit and the
11:51 am
relationships between members and staffers. those are the types of things that inhibit women from going forward and my motivation today in coming forward of my story and again, my story is not unique. it is to help empower women who are coming after me and who are, the same 22 years old that i was and their first job feeling empowered to come forward and speaking out and let them know that they have the same options. hoping for a change there but this culture sneneeds to changed that's what i am hoping my story will help move along. >> rebecca weir, i appreciate your voice. >> we reached out to the former congressman for comment, we have not heard back. i know there are all conversations of requiring sexual harassment training and we heard from paul ryan, i am curious of the last quiestion,
11:52 am
why do you think, so far it is so consequence free on the hill as opposed to other industry? >> again, you have the power dynamic that's unique to the hill. you have young staffers who are eager to start their careers and do good and you don't want to be branded right out of the gate as someone who's a troublemaker and there is the economic disincentives. you may lose your job, quite literally and that's just not an option for some women who are in the situation and -- i feel like you had a lot of power dynamics that are going on there. that's why change to the culture and the climate that exists on capitol hill is so important. >> rebecca weir, change will come because it has to. >> i agree. lets now talk about this
11:53 am
stunning report. this is a cnn's exclusive. for years and years migrants crossing the mediterranean have brought with him beatings and kidnapping and many made the heroine journeys from west african countries. those who do make it, for the last year, cnn have been working to bring these stories to life. the cnn's team comprising, bagger and producer raja rejecting, we are able to travel to libya and witness the true humanity of themselves. they got access to a migrant slave auction where men were sold like commodities. >> reporter: a man addressing an unseen crowd. big strong voice like he says.
11:54 am
$400. $700? $800? >> these men are sole for 1200 libya pounds and $400 a piece. you are watching an auction of human beings. another man claiming to be a buyer, off camera someone asks, what happened to the one from niger? sold off, he's told. cnn was sent this by contact, after months of working, we were able to verify the authenticity of what you see here, we decided to travel to libya to try to see for ourselves. >> reporter: we are getting a little more of a sense how this all works. a contact telling us there one or two of these auctions every
11:55 am
month and there is one happening in the next few hours, we'll head out of town and see if we can get some sort of access to it. we have agreed not to say the location of this auction. the town that we are driving to is not the only one. nightfalls, we traveled through suburban neighborhoods p pretending to look for a missing person, eventually, we stopped outside the house like any other. adjust our secret cameras and wait. finally, it is time to move. we ushered into one of two auctions happening on the same night.
11:56 am
crouched at the back of the yard, a flood light of security march by the scene. one by one approaching as the bid begins. $50. $600. $650. $700. very quickly, it is over. we ask to speak with the man, the auctioner, seeing here he refuses. we asked again if we can speak to them. no, he says. the auction is over with. and we are asked to leave. that was over very quickly. we walked in and as soon as we
11:57 am
walked in, the men started covering their case faces but they clearly wanted to finish what they were doing and they kept on bringing out what they kept on referring to, of men as merchandise and all and all they mentioned to us there were twelve nigerians that were sold in front of us and i honestly don't know what to say. that was one of the most unbelievable things i have ever seen. >> these men are migrants with dreams being smugglers over seas. they come in thousands from niger, nigeria and gaughhana.
11:58 am
it is hard to believe these are the lucky ones, rescued and the ones that we witnessed auctioned. these rescued men, so many say they were held against their will. it does not take them long to find victory. >> no food, no water, no nothing. >> victory was a slave. >> reporter: we know that some people are being sold. >> questiyes. >> reporter: is this something you heard? >> yes, i was sold. >> reporter: what happened? >> you see the amount of beating with electric.
11:59 am
so the money was not that much. >> reporter: other migrants asked not to come forward with their stories. >> i promise you, i will take care of your husband. >> reporter: no international support, it is his job to look after the captured migrants until they can be deported. he says everyday brings fresh conflicts. i am suffering and what they have seen here.
12:00 pm
they were abusing them. >> reporter: have you heard of people being auctioned off of migrants being sold. >> that's obvious in front of us. we don't have anything. >> reporter: but we now do. cnn has delivered this evidence to the libyan authorities who promised to investigate. a scene like this are returning to the past. >> my god, i have no words. nima elbagir, thank you for that reporting. cnn has passed that to the prosecutor of the international criminal court. all right, we continue on, you are watching