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tv   New Day  CNN  November 16, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PST

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cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome to your "new day." it's 8:00 here in the east. alabama embattled senate candidate has two more accusers coming forward. meanwhile, moore's lawyer casting doubt on a different accuser's story. >> the president remaining silent about the allegations against moore, and instead tweeting on tax reform ahead of the house vote this afternoon, this as republican senator, ron johnson, was just on "new day" and says he rejects the current version of their bill raising questions about its future. we have it all covered. let's go live to alabama, and all eyes on the race and implications on a moral level and also in terms of the numbers in the senate. >> without question, chris. the reaction from the gop on
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capitol hill very different from the reaction here in the state. gop leaders held a meeting last night and this morning roy moore is still their man. two additional women speaking out to the "washington post" accusing republican senate candidate, roy moore, of making unwanted advances toward them when they worked at an alabama mall years ago. >> she then was in school a couple days later in class when she heard she got a call, and she thought is it my dad? she went to the office and turned out to be roy moore asking her out on a date. >> a total of seven women came forward including two that say that moore sexually assaulted them when they were teenagers and he was in his 30s. >> he was on the no fly list for a mall, which, to me, is pretty stunning. it gives credibility to the allegations of these women. >> as republican leadership in
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washington actively tries to push moore out of the race, the embattled candidate remaining defiant, and saying to mitch mcconnell, bring it on. >> would you like to see the president join your house? >> it would be up to him and he's the head of the party, and it would be nice for him to say something. >> the president remaining silent. >> do you believe roy moore should resign, mr. president? >> should he resign? >> sources tell cnn the president expressed apprehension about commenting due to his own past accusers. mr. trump's daughter speaking out forcefully telling the associated press there's a special place in hell who prey on children. moore wrote a prominent letter to sean hannity, denying the
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allegations and discrediting one of his accusers. >> i thought that he was going to rain me. >> nelson says after moore attacked her she never spoke to him again, but moore's lawyer citing nelson's 1999 divorce. >> guess who that case was before? it was filed and the judge assigned was roy s. moore. this raising questions about moore's own defense earlier this week. >> i don't know the woman or anything about her. >> and then there was this inscription, signed, love roy moore. >> release the yearbook so we can determine if it's genuine or a fraud. >> nelson is agreeing to turn over the yearbook if the senate committee holds a committee to investigate his actions. >> we want him to be subpoenaed if he won't appear voluntarily
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and for him to testify. he can deny it if he wants as long as it's under oath. >> while roy moore has made public statements about the allegations this week, he's not opened himself up to be questioned by reporters in a press conference format. moore says that's because he's going to be filing a civil suit and that limits what he can say. >> it limits his ability to be tested on what he says. thank you, jason. joining us now, david gregory and david chalian. elected leaders need to stand up and then you have a larger question of what is supposed to be done about it. should they strong arm that governor and monkey with the rules to get somebody they like more, no pun intended, or should this go to the election of the people? >> i think there's a couple of sides watching the momentum in
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this race, and seeing if there's enough pressure for moore to back down, and that's why the president is important in all of this, whether he weighs in or tries to lean on moore. that's very dicey for a president who, you know, tried to put his thumb on the scales on this race before and got burned by it and didn't like how all of that looked. his former political adviser, steve bannon, sticking by roy moore at the moment. you have the inspector of the establishment trying to rig the race to get moore out so he doesn't have to face the voters, and that's particularly ugly. i thought it was interesting senator johnson saying he should get out, and even if he's elected we have the ability not to seat him and he's unlikely to be seated. whether he can make good on the pledge is unclear but it's only going to strengthen a lot of support behind roy moore now. >> and the president has yet to weigh in on the accusations of
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the same kind that he had about himself. >> that's dicey. voters outside of the pwepbeltw don't like mitch mcconnell or journalist in new york city to tell them how to think or vote. it's still quite possible that roy moore wins this race in alabama. >> it is possible. alisyn, remember, this race -- we have not seen a competitive alabama senate race in a while. this race was competitive before these allegations came out largely due to the fact that roy moore is not beloved by everybody in alabama, he's a controversial figure. he's beloved by his supporters, and there's no doubt about it. you have to remember mitch mcconnell was the toxic word in the primary, and that's the name moore used when battling against
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luther strange. media leaks from the northeast, that works very well and now that roy moore is trying to create a cloud here and calling into question the signature on the yearbook, he will give his supporters something to hang on to and give them a reason not to abandon him. this was competitive before the allegations and more competitive now. even though ron johnson said it's most likely if he were elected he would be expelled from the senate because i don't believe there's a rule that prevents him from being seated, that's a tricky proposition. at that point all the alabama voters, should moore win the election, they had all the information and voted for him anyway, and imagine what the steve bannon would do if the united states senate tried to expel him. >> let's step back and look how difficult all this is. here you have a president, and all of his public pronouncements
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would be for somebody like moore against the establishment, and he is compromised because of the allegations against moore and against himself. look how the republican party is tearing itself up right now over roy moore on the precipice of losing a tax bill vote in the senate even as the house is, once again, moving forward. the health care around all of this, this is a sensitive moment for a party already looking out there in the grassroots after what happened in virginia and seeing a really ugly pitcher in a mid-term election next year. >> what about all the sessions talk about monkeying around, being a write-in, and asking the governor to restart the special election and getting luther strange to resign. do you think that's likely? >> let's talk about. we have talked with the governor's office in alabama and
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they stand by the statement she issued publicly on sunday that she has no intention to change the date -- >> some say she backs roy moore even in the accusations -- >> yeah, the thinking inside the governor's office is we have a special election on the books december 12th to fulfill the remainder of jeff sessions term. it's not required that a new election date is set. she certainly has that power and may get pressure from the republican establishment in washington to do so but we have no indication that she's willing to do that yet. on the sessions front, again, nothing is going to move forward on the notion that jeff sessions as a write-in candidate unless donald trump makes it so and asked directly of his attorney general to do so and we have no indication that's happening yet. >> on that note, ivanka trump, the first daughter, she tweeted, gave a statement, there's a special place in hell of people
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who prey on children. does that give us any window whatsoever into her father's thinking? >> i think it does. i think that the white house's own comments about this, saying, you know, if these are true then he should step down. i don't think -- that creates a lot of distance for the president in issuing a statement like that. i think this is sensitive right now, but there's no question that mcconnell has been working the white house here, and i'm sure he's rather impatient about the president weighing in on this, but there's reluctance for all the reasons we have talked about. you know, that is what it is. we are going to stand by and watch to see, you know, this is not a president who shies away from much, and who uses much discretion when it comes to staying away from delicate topics. i have to believe he's going to
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commit himself one way or another before this thing goes to a vote. >> what a reality if moore goes through with the election and gets seated and they can't remove him and they don't want the distraction and mitch mcconnell has to spend so much time trying to get that vote time after time after time, and then roy moore would have the leverage. >> and every republican running in 2018 will have to answer for roy moore being in the senate every day. that's the fear. >> thank you very much, gentlemen. ron johnson says he cannot vote for the senate's tax plan as is. will the measure get the votes it needs to survive? we will ask another gop senator how he's feeling about it, next. when you are in the car, did you know alisyn and i can be along for the ride with you, listen to sirius xm channel 116. i know it's not as good as seeing us, but it's the next best thing.
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leaving those small businesses behind. i am looking to maintain the balance and position of all businesses. >> can republicans get the president a bill by christmas? let's ask republican senator of south dakota. thank you for being here. >> appreciate the opportunity to visit. >> are you a yes on the way the senate bill is at the moment? >> i am a yes on the senate bill today but that doesn't mean we can't make it better. i think that's what senator johnson is talking about. he's looked at it, and he truly believes there's a way to do it and i respect him for that. if we can find a way to answer some of his concerns i think we make it a better bill. if the bill remains the way it is today, i would support it in its current form, because what we are comparing it to is what we have today in law, and the proposal in front of us is better than current law. >> sorry to interrupt you, but
5:17 am
what about senator johnson's concern it doesn't give a fair shake to smaller businesses? >> it provides a tax break in both particular cases but it changes the relationship between a pass through business, such as a sub chapter s corporation and a c corporation at the corporate level. the proponents of the existing system suggests that you have to look at the individuals who own corporations in both cases or invest incorporations, and in that particular case the sub chapter s where it comes out better for the individual. where you retain the money is at the corporate level. the c corporations do come out better than what the s corporations do. i think ron is correct and we have to be able to explain that to folks, but in both cases the american economy actually has improved by what we are doing in
5:18 am
the current proposed plan. >> so from where you sit you think the president will have a republican tax plan on his desk to sign before christmas? >> the time here is different than time in the rest of the world, but i am hopeful that we will have it. it never seems to work out exactly the way we want it to, but i'm hopeful that it's not just for the president but for the american people. they want a healthy economy, and that's what this is all about is actually driving businesses back into the united states, creating more job opportunities. that's what this is all focused on, is can we make this economy better than what it is today, and the answer is absolutely yes. the bill in its current form does it and i think what senator johnson is suggest something fair discussion and that would make this better if we can come to an agreement to maybe modify some of the parts in there. >> let's move to alabama. what do you want to see senate candidate moore do? >> i personally think mr. moore
5:19 am
at this time should step aside. i think a preponderance of the evidence is growing in such a fashion where it's going to be difficult for mr. moore to win this election, or second of all, if he is here to be effective without clearing what i am convinced will be immediate ethics charges that would be brought against him. >> if he does win, what does happen when he gets to the senate? >> that's a good question. first of all, he could be under the constitutional directives we have today, he will be seated but once seated leadership made it clear that the ethics committee would be expected to bring ethics charges against mr. moore immediately, and that sends a message that there's a real concern there, and the preponderance of the evidence in this case has clearly mounted and mr. moore has not mounted an appropriate defense at this
5:20 am
time. >> i want to ask you about the bipartisan plan to solve gun violence, and the army missed an opportunity to alert people to this gunman's violent pass with domestic violence. the bipartisan approach where i believe it's chris murphy and john cornyn, they are trying to just enhance the background checks, trying to beef them up. do you see any problem with that? >> i think that senator john cornyn is a strong supporter of the second amendment, we want the background checks to work. we think the laws in effect have to be effective and if there's flaws in them we want to have them corrected.
5:21 am
i think senator cornyn is the right man to lead the charge on that. >> in the house jackie speier has been talking about sexual harassment and it's still going on inside the halls of congress, and in fact two members of congress, one republican and one democrat that are sort of well-known serial harassers that have not been named. do you know who they are? >> not a clue. this is the first time i have ever heard that statement made. >> and there's $15 million paid out of taxpayer money because of the quiet or secretive settlements that have been made because of what has happened inside congress because of sexual harassment. what do you know about that? >> the first i heard about it was yesterday in talking about another member, who has been asked by leadership to work through and to make repairs to the existing guidelines within the senate. she shared with me that there
5:22 am
had been a fund established unbeknownst to most of us. we never talked about it or had a discussion on it and there had been confidential payments made, and there was a strong desire that those be made public, or at least that there be something done to start addressing this issue in a more out right and transparent matter than in the past, and leadership recognized the need to move forward and find a bipartisan approach to this is a step in the right direction. >> thank you for dealing with all of these topics with us this morning on "new day." >> thank you. on the other side of the aisle you have democrats speaking out against the renewed effort to repeal obama's mandate. what can they do to stop it without the numbers? the ranking member of the senate finance committee, next. patients they ask me about whitening
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let me -- i try not to interrupt you. i hope you don't interrupt me all day. >> can you answer the question?
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>> when you have an opportunity to ask questions, yeah, he can answer them, but let me move on. i don't want to get into something like this the morning. >> mr. chairman, this is not like you. >> no, and it's not like you either. >> a heated exchange between senate finance committee chair, orrin hatch, of utah, and the ranking member of the democrats. the democrats and republicans are clashing over the plan to get over the obamacare mandate. what can they do about it? joining us now is the democratic senator from oregon, senator wyden. what is the beef? >> first of all, i am fond of orrin hatch and i like giving him my dad's books and we have a good time. the bottom line is when they are looking at making $10 trillion
5:28 am
worth of tax policy changes on the fly, we have got a lot of questions and we are not getting answers. that's what this is all about. >> he was saying that you are not maintaining -- it was not your turn? >> we were and you heard senator nelson mention as well that all we are trying to do is ask basic questions. they have, for example, a double standard, and they are writing in their letter of the law that the tax breaks of corporations will be permanent and the breaks for middle class will be written in disappearing ink and will go away in a few years, and that's not right. we want that to be the focus and we think it could be bipartisan. >> what can you do about it? >> right now i think we are seeing a lot of senators having
5:29 am
some doubts, and we see a lot of them concerned about the fact that people are going to lose health insurance coverage, premiums are going to go up. there are concerned about deficits. a lot of those deficit hawks went flying away originally, and they are seeing that deficits are going to explode more dramatically than they thought and i think we have seen in the headlines today a number of senate republicans are raising concerns. we beat them on health care. nobody thought we could do it. again, we wanted a bipartisan health care effort. you see >> you should not be waving the
5:30 am
checkered flag just yet. if they take away the mandate, the whole big part of the structure of the aca goes away? >> chris, my whole point is we could beat it. >> you don't have the votes is what i am saying, senator, so how do you beat it? >> senators began peeling off, and we saw johnson today and susan collins has expressed concerns, and john mccain says he has to see regular order. we are not having regular order in the senate finance committee. this is not what they did when ronald reagan got together with democrats and they had 27 hearings on the actual proposals. what i am saying is much like health care, we are seeing republican senators express their concerns. we think when they go home with the thanksgiving break they will not be able to walk through the grocery store without getting flack from middle class families
5:31 am
because of this bill stacked against middle class working families. >> if it's going to be a middle class tax cut, it should help them the most and it doesn't in its current reckoning, unless you look at what they are selling in terms of growth which is another phrase for trickle down. so since when are you democrats so conscientious about the deficits? >> what the republicans and paul ryan already previewed, they come back and try to cut medicare, social security, and medicaid. we have seen that movie before. we are concerned that this puts social security and medicare out there as a big target for another round of cuts. of course, what we are talking about is essentially our priorities.
5:32 am
and mitch mcconnell said this. the reason mitch mcconnell wants to make these cuts in health care spending is to have the permanent tax breaks for the folks at the top. i gather on your show you pointed out the white house republican advisers asked corporate ceos if they are going to put the tax cuts into the red, white and blue, and they are not going to do it. >> when you give corporations more money, they don't raise wages. let me ask you about something else else -- >> on that point, on taxation, when we asked about the claim where the tax cut would increase wages by $4,000, and they said take a look at our model, not going to happen. >> i forget which president said give me an exisconomists with o
5:33 am
hand and i will be a happy man. >> some of it is simple math. for example, senator brown yesterday, from ohio, representing a lot of middle class families said you might get a few hundred bucks in terms of tax relief, but we're looking at maybe 800 or $900 in extra premiums. >> let me ask you about something the democrats have been quiet on. roy moore, the alabama senate candidate. i get he's not your candidate, but this is not just about a political play and it should be about moral authority. what do you want to say about the accusations against the senator. do you believe them? >> i believe the women and i don't believe this person is morally fit to serve in the united states senate. can't be anymore blunt than
5:34 am
that. >> nothing you can do if he wins the election, right? >> the threshold question is do you believe, first of all, in the women, do you believe this person is morally fit. we have a terrific candidate and believe he's going to win. >> thank you for being on the show to make your case. you are always welcome. >> thank you. president trump won a thank you from three ucla basketball players, and now he has another message for them. details in the bleacher report. >> it's the time of year for everything pumpkin, and cnn's jacqueline howard explains how some pumpkins can have a pro and some can have cons. >> pumpkins are a seasonal favorite and also healthy if prepared the right way. they are high in anti-oxidants and fiber.
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pumpkin has lots of beta care ateen. it has vitamin a that is essential for bones, teeth and eyes. they are rich in protein and some studies suggest they help control blood sugar. just because something is pumpkin-flavored doesn't mean it has the same nutrition benefits. if you like pumpkin spice products keep in mind many of the foods and drinks don't contain pumpkin at all, so it's worth checking the label. >> "food as fuel" brought to you by pom wonderful, crazy healthy.
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over, and talks to former transitional government are taking place with military leaders. phaou gobby and his wife are under house arrest. police in tampa are releasing new surveillance of a suspect in four deadly shootings in the last five weeks. the unsolved killings took place within a 10 to 15 block area in the seminal heights neighborhood. there were surveillance of him moments before he shot and killed the victim on tuesday morning. women in congress speaking up and calling out the hostile culture on capitol hill. and what did we learn? >> reporter: the new stories on
5:41 am
capitol hill stunning folks in the building. first of all, congresswoman jackie speier not naming two members of congress, and she said she has not spoke to them. the other story is from barbara calm stock, sharing a story about a sitting senator asking an aide to come to his residents and answered the door in a towel and proceeded to expose himself. disturbing stories coming out about congress and so far all unnamed. this is why we have seen new legislation come out this week to change the culture of sexual harassment and reports on how they are treated here on capitol hill. there was new legislation revealed yesterday that would change how the office of
5:42 am
compliance would deal with the allegations. part of the problem, alisyn, they are trying to fix is why members of congress have been paying out 260 settlements here on capitol hill. we don't know much more than that, and we don't know how much of the dollar figure went towards sexual harassment cases. just to leave you with the final thought, to show how little members of congress know about this issue, pelosis and paul ryan, aides to pelosi and ryan telling us, these two members and leaders in the house were not aware of the settlements and the details surrounding the dollar figure that i just mentioned, the $15 million paid out over a period of 20 years or so. >> thank you very much. we are talking about a very difficult culture change. the victims need to come forward
5:43 am
and it needs to be safe for them to do so and they need to be believed when appropriate and we need to see other people getting involved, especially men. that takes us to the next story. rapper drake up onstage killing it in his show in australia, and all of a sudden he stops and he does it to call out an audience member who he believes was groping a woman. watch it, real time. >> drake is the latest celebrity speaking out sexual assault and harassment and we don't know the details of what happened there, but it's important. you have to have men involved in this, and they are part of the problem and they need to be part of the saolution.
5:44 am
>> the woman signaled it was unwanted and he called it out. and then the ucla basketball players thanking president trump for helping them. >> this "bleacher report" presented by the ford a-150. this morning president trump tweeted to the ucla players, and he tweeted this out. president trump spoke with the chinese president on the three ucla players' behalf while in china and the players are grateful. >> i would like to thank president trump and the united states government for the help they provided as well. >> to president trump and the united states government, thank you for taking the time to
5:45 am
intervene on our behalf. >> thank you to the chinese government and president trump for your efforts to bring us home. >> the athletic director confirming the players stole from three different high-end stores while in china and the players are going to be suspended indefinitely from the program and will have to earn their way back on. >> it's good for their families and their sake they got out of china and good for the president for helping, but what is going to be done for them now? that's a big part of the story. "orange is the new black," and how real is it? you do not get to look inside often the maximum prison, but we will take you there next. so, dathe family up to the lake for the weekend.
5:46 am
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did you know that the fastest growing segment of
5:50 am
incarcerated americans is women? for many it's hard to maintain relationships let alone start a new one when you are on the inside, but this episode of our series "inside" with me goes inside new york state's only max prison for women. and the types of people you meet, and their backgrounds will surprise you. one prisoner was able to do something that is very, very hard to do behind bars. she found love. now eva has another life event she never saw coming, that started with sending in a personal ad on a pen pal website. >> pen pal website ad said i am not looking for pity or searching for pennies, nor do i want a pen pal but prayer and a
5:51 am
potential partner. >> a man wrote her back and included a photo. >> i opened it up and lost it. >> the man was athletic, well to do, handsome. it all seemed too good to be true. >> so i ran to my best friend's room at the time, and i said this is mr. perfect and i am going to write him and it was a 20-something page letter. i did not leave anything out. >> joining us now is that man. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> all right. let's get after it. when they hear this story and see you, they are going to be, like, what was this guy thinking? satisfy their curiosity, and why would you want to get involved with somebody that she is in
5:52 am
there with? >> i was watching a program on tv where inmates would try to scare teens on to the right path. i made research about the program and doing the research i came upon the website and i saw a beautiful picture of a woman with a majestic pause but a sad and a pride look and a beautiful ad. i thought she's looking for a pen pal. yeah, i have time. why not do that? i travelled and i wrote a letter saying i traveled a lot, can i be your eyes to the world? i introduced myself. she responded with the most magnificent letter i have ever read and it was moving, and then i went to visit her and from pen pal we became friends and then lovers. >> you did not fall in love and then learn about her crimes, and
5:53 am
you learned about her crimes and then fell in love with her. how do you fall in love with somebody who has multiple homicides in their background, and they are ugly crimes? >> well, it's -- it's -- it's an exam of the human mind, and it's looking at this person's past and looking at their today, and do we believe in gravitation? i made that choice to commit romantically to a person that committed a serious crime, and every day there are hundreds of people released from prison with ten, 15, 20 years they have done behind bars for felonies, and are we going to trust them to give them a job and second chance? that's what you ask if your documentary, is a second chance possible? i thought that she was rehabilitated and deserved a second chance. >> you put your heart and mind
5:54 am
at ease about who she is as a person, but now you have the practicalities. you want a life with somebody that may never get out of there. how do you reconcile the desire to be with somebody you may truly have? >> in our circumstances, the level of love was so high and mutual, i decided i am ready to live that life and change countries and change jobs, and i can see her once or twice a week. we get to chat. i was ready for that kind of life. >> i am not going to give it away. we want people to watch the documentary to see what their journey entailed, but i will tell you this, when i learned about you, and i don't mean to sound like a cynic, and i thought there's something wrong and i will find it. you have led a great life and she believes you are an angel in
5:55 am
her life, and thank you for coming forward and letting us tell your story. you can see the whole documentary tonight. you have never been inside a place like we are going to take you tomorrow night. "the good stuff," next.
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>> bring everybody you can bring and have good fellowship and that's what it's all about. >> the food bank is sending out 1,000 thanksgiving gift boxes to the community. it's such a hash tag, we're all in it together. we have to care for each other. time for cnn "newsroom" with poppy harlow. top of the hour. good morning, everyone. so glad you are with us. i am poppy harlow. the prospects for tax reform look different depending literally on how you stand. on the house side it's full speed ahead, and house republican leadership confident they will get this thing through. on the senate side, though, republican reservations and a surprise rejection could mean real trouble for their version. the no vote being


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