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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  November 16, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> bring everybody you can bring and have good fellowship and that's what it's all about. >> the food bank is sending out 1,000 thanksgiving gift boxes to the community. it's such a hash tag, we're all in it together. we have to care for each other. time for cnn "newsroom" with poppy harlow. top of the hour. good morning, everyone. so glad you are with us. i am poppy harlow. the prospects for tax reform look different depending literally on how you stand. on the house side it's full speed ahead, and house republican leadership confident they will get this thing through. on the senate side, though, republican reservations and a surprise rejection could mean real trouble for their version. the no vote being promised right
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now by ron johnson is over so-called pass through businesses. what are they? they are small and medium-sized businesses not slated right now to get as big of a tax cut as big corporations. >> it's job krcreation. let's not upset the apple cart and harm our economy. >> in a little over two hours president trump will visit the house side. maybe he should go to the senate side because he has bigger issues there. >> reporter: the version that passes the house today that will not become the final version to become law. there are senators raising concerns about the bill being considered right now with the
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senate finance committee. they will have to make changes to win over the senators concerned, senators like senator ron johnson and possibly senator susan collins raised concerns, as well as others who are still undecided about the bill, such as senator bob corker that would not vote for a bill to raise the deficit. jeff flake no fan, and raised concerns himself. one thing different between the house and the senate bill is the repeal of the individual mandate in the obamacare health care law. that repeal -- the mandate is going to provide revenue for the senate to push for deeper tax cuts, but some are not as concerned about the impact this would have on health care premiums across the country. one senator, susan collins of maine, she told me yesterday she was not supportive of the idea of going this route. >> i am concerned tax reform and
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reduction is something that i am very much in favor of, and it has a great deal of appeal for most americans. i believe that if we start getting into health care issues with the individual mandate that we send a very mixed message. >> reporter: will you oppose it if the repeal is included? >> i'm still looking at the entire bill. i have other concerns as well. >> reporter: she's not saying she will vote no but certainly seems to be leaning in that direction. poppy, a lot of these senators are raising concerns now because they want to get what they want in the underlying bill, even though senator johnson, for instance, came out yesterday and said no. he did speak to trump last night and there's a lot of expectation among republican leaders that eventually they can get them to yes if they give him what he wants through the negotiations.
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the senate finance committee expected to pass its bill this week and the senate floor will be the real test and that vote will happen after thanksgiving, poppy. >> it's going to be tough and messy when they come to conference on all of this. thank you very much. christine romans is here to talk about how it affects you. we hear so much about corporate. and that the white house message means corporate cuts are good for you. we'll see. >> yeah, two different versions of the tax bill. the house and the senate version here, and it's judgment day today for the house bill. the house plan cuts taxes significantly next year, but favors the wealthy over time. on average american incomes will rise 1.6% next year, and that's about $1,200 on average, but by year 2027, the average break is less than that, about $860 per family. these tax cuts differ on how much you make.
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for the bottom half, it's 1% of their income, and at the top, it's 2%. the lower cuts for the income nearly vanished. republicans need a way to pay for tax cuts, so they are front loading middle class goodies like child tax cuts, and they will also reduce costs. paying for tax cuts is one reason the senate version repeals the obamacare mandate, and 13 million fewer insuraname will be insured, but it means premium hikes of 10% and that is because the mandate forces younger people to buy insurance, and the higher premiums could wipe out the tax relief. one mandate in the house, it has seven tax brackets. that's not permanent.
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that's important. it lowers the corporate rate in 2019, that is permanent and that's the core of some republican's concerns. >> some of the concerns that even the republicans have on their own bill. thank you and we appreciate it. let's debate it now. under the obama administration. good morning, on the senate side of the bill making the only tax cuts permanent to be corporate tax cuts, and the rest of them, as christine just explained, will sunset. how can republicans keep selling this as a middle class tax cut when even the white house chief economic adviser said the most exciting group in all of this will be ceos? >> the phaseout was after 2023. i am hear to almost guarantee
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you, and i think austin would probably agree with this, those will be extended. >> maybe. maybe. hold on, that's assuming a lot. maybe you will if you have the republican leadership and you have the appetite for it. how can you vote on something with that assumption? >> because even democrats support increasing the child credit and doubling the standard deduction. those are things that are not controversial. what is controversial is the corporate tax cut. if the democrats took over the presidency and congress after 2020, you would have broad support for extending those. the main point is, yes, this is difficult, poppy, you are exactly right. you have 52 republicans and not a single democrat will vote for tax relief this year, which is sort of a disgrace. that gives a lot of momentum for republicans. we ran into the same thing with
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obamacare and they came up with 49. sure hope they get into 50. >> they have a math problem, because ron johnson said no and susan collins is looking at it. what do you think about the cuts being passed again in 2023? >> that sounds to me like somebody trying to rationalize why you would have a bill that raised taxes on 45 million middle class people by the middle of the window of the tax bill. that doesn't make sense and they are trying to pull an accounting gimmick, as it were, and say let's not pay for it and assume they will pay for it in the future. if the republicans are in charge of the presidency in both houses like they are now, they will probably extend the tax cuts and make more large corporate tax cuts or high-end tax cuts.
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if the democrats come in power, they will not raise taxes on the middle class, they are going to be looking to get rid of the massive tax cuts aimed at the high end. >> hold on one second, guys. >> you just made my point, which is everyone supports the child credit and everybody supports the standard deduction -- >> and nobody supports except a small number of donors in the republican establishment the main centerpiece of the tax cut. >> hold on, guys. one point here, austin. yes, some middle class taxes and lower income taxes would go up in a decade, however many millions are seeing a cut across the board here in the house and senate version, the rates are going down. but, steven moore, you have an optics issue at least on this one. the economic adviser praying the ceos would hire with the money they would save on the tax cut,
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but watch this. >> if the tax reform bill goes through, do you plan to put that in investment. show of hands. >> that is a room full of ceos and three of them raised their hands. does that concern you? >> i saw that clip yesterday and i enquired about this, and most of the people in that room were not ceos of companies, they were government affairs directors and lobbyist. there's not a single lobbyist in washington that wants this bill -- >> you think there were not many ceos? that's the first i heard that. the question was to you ceos, and it was a ceo summit, but i hear you, austin. >> the people advocating this bill, it seems like they have not read the bill and they are rushing to try and pass
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something where they have not worked through the details. we have yet to find out the stinking easter eggs that are in there, like people that are very sick who have large health bills. they are going to lose their ability to deduct their medical expenses. students with big student loans will lose the ability to deduct student interests. anybody in graduate school on a scholarship, they will start taxing the scholarship money to waive tuition as if it was income. when people find these easter eggs there will be a lot of opposition and they will have a hard time passing it. >> two quick points. number one, we want to get rid of the obamacare tax. poppy, the people who paid that tax, the average income of those people is $35,000. austin, this is a tax -- >> that's not what austin's steven, what austin is talking about is a lot of the itemized
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deductions. hold on, gentlemen. i want to get the facts out there. what austin is talking about are the itemized deductions. my medical bills are over $7,000 a year, and i can write that off and that goes away, and the republicans are betting the standard deduction being doubled will eliminate that. >> obamacare is a tax cut for poor people and democrats are against that. the other big one, the biggest paid for in the bill, by the way, by far is getting rid of the state and local tax deduction. 50% of the benefits, austin, half of the benefits from the state and local tax deductions go to the richest 1% of americans, so do you support getting rid of the state and tax deduction? >> not if you are going to use the money to appalibolish the s tax and cut billionaires' taxes,
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no. >> i think you can not find an agreement. democrats are not in favor of any tax reform. >> republicans did not take the ronald reagan approach of 1986. ronald reagan came and went to democrats to start and said where can we agree? mitch mcconnell said they didn't want any democratic votes. >> we have to leave it there. >> the democrats said they were not for anything donald trump was for. >> we have to leave it there. you can continue as long as you want in the break, and i would encourage you, to, and the president did have one several meetings, one recently on tax reform with key democrats. we will leave it there. all eyes on capitol hill this morning. this morning the president will try to rally congressional republicans ahead of the big vote today. we are following the breaking news. and more accusations.
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liberty mutual insurance. this morning two new accusers say alabama candidate, roy moore, made advanced year ago when they were young. the state gop is holding an emergency meeting. they held one last night and so far no word on what happened in
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there. all of this as moore's lawyer is trying to attempt to discredit one of the accusers who says that moore sexually assaulted her when she was just 16 years old. jason carol is in alabama with the latest. you have been there now for a while following all of this. what can you tell us this morning? >> reporter: there has been a lot of back and forth going on here, poppy. roy moore denied all the allegations. last night he took to twitter and went after senator majority leader mitch mcconnell and all the others out there on capitol hill that pulled their support of roy moore. he tweeted bring it on and showed no sign of backing down. his attorney making an effort to go after the fifth accuser, beverly nelson. she gave a tearful account of what she says happened when she was 16 years old. she produced her high school
6:20 am
yearbook that roy moore signed. roy moore's attorney questioned the authenticity of the year back and signature. >> we demand you immediately release the yearbook to a neutral custodian so your expert and our expert can look at it, and we need to see the lettering and the ink on the page and the indentation and we can see how old is that ink? is it 40 years old or a week old? release the yearbook so we can determine if it's genuine or a fraud. >> reporter: moore's attorney also made note that nelson claimed she did not have any contact with moore after that alleged assault when she was 16 years old, but moore's attorney bring up that moore presided over her divorce in 1999 when he was a judge.
6:21 am
as for that yearbook, nelson's attorney said she is perfectly willing to let that yearbook be analyzed by an independent expert if roy moore would agree to appear before the senate to say what he has to say about what allegedly happened. all of this is a lot of legal posturing going back and forth, poppy. what it's going to come down to ultimately is the voters here in alabama and what they end up deciding. poppy. >> exactly. jason carol, thank you. with me now, brian stelter and areeva martin. to jason's point, this is not going to be litigated in a court of law, the statute of limitations is way past and it's about the word of the women versus the word of the senate candidate. there's no legal basis for requesting an ink analysis of the yearbook. what do you make of all this? >> it's just a diversionary
6:22 am
tactic. gloria allred, if she chooses to she can make that yearbook available but she has no obligation to do so and there's no lawsuit or basis for issuing a subpoena or doing anything to force ms. nelson to provide that yearbook to the senate candidate or his team. it's not what the standard here, the issue, it's integrity and morality. if an individual like roy moore was banned from a mall, it seems to me he should not be allowed in a united states senate. all the talk about handwriting experts seems to be diverting the attention away from the seven women that came forward and said roy moore acted in an inappropriate way, and perhaps molested them. these are very serious accusations. >> by the way, some of them, including the first accuser was a girl, not a woman. 14 years old.
6:23 am
let's listen, brian, to the president, when he was asked about this yesterday. >> thank you, all. >> reporter: should roy moore resign, mr. president? >> do you believe roy moore should resign? >> our reporting from our white house team, is it part of the reason the president is not weighing in on this are because of the claims against him and have not gone away. >> they will shout the questions until he did something. this is a president that tweeted roy moore will help make america great again when he defeated roy moore when he won the primary. i wonder if they are avoiding taking questions because they don't want to be asked about roy moore. kellyanne conway said she would not answer whether the president is going to address this, and
6:24 am
there's no way for him to avoid this and he's the president of the united states and one of the gop's in the senate is accuse of this. >> it's interesting, because his daughter, the president's daughter and one of his key advisers, ivanka trump, did not mix words about it. do you read that in a sense as channeling her father's feelings? i don't know. >> i agree with brian. the president is avoiding this because of the 16 women that came forward during the campaign and accused him of some kind of sexual assault or harassment or inappropriate conduct towards him, and he can't address this without staring those allegations in the face that
6:25 am
were against him. what was striking to me with moore's attorney, he did not talk about the other woman that came forward. this is a pretty far fetched story for a woman to go out and get a yearbook from 30 years ago and get somebody to forge a signature. if he wants to use experts for the handwriting, is he going to go under oath and subject himself to cross-examination. we can't selectively pick the pieces of this story and have a courtroom standard. >> it's a leadership moment, and that's why the president has to weigh in, and hannity punted last night and did not address it. >> he did. he tweeted it's up to the people of alabama, and not the politicians or the pundits. he said i only give the judge 24 hours to give real evidence on this. >> explain the inconsistencies
6:26 am
or get out of the race. hannity was clear but when the time ran out on the clock, he punted. a lot of folks find themselves not wanting to be leaders in this situation. let's see what the president does. that's the big question mark now. >> we have to leave it there. we are seeing changes on the hill where they are putting forward the sexual harassment legislation to make it easier for victims to come forward and get their claims addressed. we'll have you both back. thank you. you are looking at live pictures the capitol hill. in less than two hours the president will go there and he is working to pump up republicans on the big tax vote happening later today. gop leadership says on the house side failure is not an option. how are markets reacting ahead of the president's trip? let's get a look at the markets before this morning's bell. >> it's go time for tax reform. the big vote today and all eyes are on what the house will do now. we are expecting the stock
6:27 am
market to pop a little bit after two downed days. there are concerns ironing out differences between the house and senate could be problematic for tax reform. remember, veinvestors want the rate that they think will be imperative for their businesses. it's less about the middle class tax cuts for corporate america and permanent tax relief. any sign of that and you will see markets continue to climb. we will have the opening bell for you right after the break. let's get started. show of hands. who wants customizable options chains? ones that make it fast and easy to analyze and take action? how about some of the lowest options fees? are you raising your hand?
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welcome back. i am poppy harlow in new york. president trump is heading to capitol hill to make the case for his house cuts and it's not the house side he needs to convince. trouble seems to be brewing on the senate side. joining me, a national political reporter for the "national examiner," and matt lewis. matt, to you. steve scalise says failure is not an option. on the senate side, republican ron johnson a no go, and susan collins' words, i'm concerned. we still have wild cards in flake and mccain, and in corker. how do you see this playing out?
6:33 am
>> it's really bad news if you are a republican. look, health care was always going to be a difficult issue. i wrote back in january that health care reform, republicans should probably punt because it was a disaster waiting to happen. tax reform should be easy. look, it's understandable you might have a hard time getting some moderates to support it, but the fact that ron johnson cannot support tax cuts tells you -- this is a conservative republican, a fiscal conservative and the fact that he cannot support this bill -- which there's two bills, one in the senate and one in the house, and they are good if you are a free market, and i think ron johnson is actually very upset. he's disgruntled and mad that republicans abandoned him in 2016 and they did not believe he could win in wisconsin, and he feels like he owes them nothing. the back story doesn't matter
6:34 am
that much, but this one guy can derail the plan for tax reform. it's stunning right now. >> makes a good point. this is stunning it coming from ron johnson, and it's not stunning if it comes from issa, and state and local issues matters to him differently, but you are hearing from both of them. you say it's evidence of a lack of party discipline. >> that's right. if they had had an opportunity to really shape these issues and come into this process with some kind of unity around what it is they actually want, they would have a much better chance of actually succeeding. the reality is they never decided within the republican conference, and the thing that makes this open to failure, it's
6:35 am
the side here. reagan, it took him more than a term and it had a ton of democratic input and votes. they have not decided within their own conference what they want. they want deficit reduction and to kill obamacare along the way, and they want to make sure it happens without any democratic input at all. the votes are not there. >> i think there was an interesting take this morning, looking at collins and johnson aside, looking at the wildcards of corker and jeff flake who are retiring, and mccain who was the famous thumbs down no vote on health care who is a wildcard in terms of which way he's going to go on this one. you are counting on at least two republican senators who are not running again on this one and add that to the collins and johnson troubles. >> right, there's a certain power and ability to do whatever you think is right outside of the constraint of politics when
6:36 am
you are a lame duck member -- elected official. you don't have any political consequences. what is interesting that i found yesterday by accident, i was out in west virginia talking to voters and i asked them how do you feel about the different points of views and tugs and pulls, and they actually thought it was good for them because it gives them the ability to see what the concerns are from a bunch of different states and to see how they get to the eventual bill if they actually get there. they had a different point of view and i thought that was interesting. they are enjoying the transparency and the back and forth because they get to see how they benefit or don't benefit from it. >> sure. selena, you are great about always getting out across the country and talking to people. i was surprised when i was in michigan how many blue collar
6:37 am
workers said they were okay with the corporate tax relief. roy moore, your take is how revealing it is the mistrust of the people, that people there will are willing to give the seven allegations the benefit of the date completely over the mainstream media. >> yeah, to me that's the soul of the problem in this story in that voters will just -- we'll just say alabama but this is voters across the country and both parties. they have such a distrust for the media that despite all the evidence that has been placed before them by people from their own state, their sisters, cousins, whatever, their mothers, these women represent a wide spawath of people in alaba and they are much more willing to stick with moore over these
6:38 am
testimonies because they believe they are getting stuck by the media or establishment. that's a big problem in this country. i see it everywhere i go. there's not a state i don't see it. and there's also a problem with democratic voters as well. this is not just republican voters. ? >> journalism at this point is not a popularity contest, so nobody should be surprised. the watergate reporters were not all that popular. it's never a popular thing to point out somebody is correct or involved in a scandal or somebody is not telling the truth to the public, and the public doesn't want to hear that or know that and that's not relevant to what has to be done here. voters need to be informed. a lot of the stuff that was bubbling around in alabama for decades needed to come out. it took a combination of outside reporters from the "washington post" which then goosed the local media so now you see the
6:39 am
local press kind of doing their job, maybe kicking it up a notch and putting out really unprecedent information. yeah, they could vote against the media if they have to but what really matters is what they do on december 12th and have accurate and relevant information before going into the voting booth. >> and then there was quotes from women vouching for moore's character. our team could not get through to every one of them, but the few that my producer did get through to hung up on her and said they didn't want to talk to her. that just goes to show, you know, whether they don't like cnn or the media or what, but we want to hear their stories. >> right. i think that roy moore's team is clearly trying to run out the clock. they don't have to prove his innocence, and it could be impossible to do so. they have to raise a shadow of a
6:40 am
doubt, and that appears to be what they are in the process of doing, and give people who are going to vote for him the possibility to believe that this is bogus. i do think it has gotten worse in terms of the media, so i know the point was made that people have been skeptical or not welcoming of bad news from the press, but i think it has increasingly gotten worse and it's essentially nullification. the old line you have the right to your own opinion but not your own facts. we live in a post fact world. "the new york times," cnn, we could put out definitive proof, evidence that something happened but if people just say, i don't believe it, well, how do you respond to that? there's no way to get past that. there's huge skepticism and doubt out there all over america right now. >> thank you all very much. appreciate it. nice to have you on. new allegations, more
6:41 am
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...respiratory tract infection and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take... ...and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. the trump white house this morning announcing it will start allowing the import of african elephant trophies into the united states from seu united states. this is actually a measure to help those african nations put money back into con sservation, the idea helping to save the species.
6:46 am
the original ban put in to place by the obama administration because the number of elephants have been dropping. where did this come from? >> it's a change to a ban in effect that the obama administration put into effect. it leaked out. it has not been officially announced yet, but conservation groups, of course, are jumping all over this, specifically in zimbabwe, because it relates to permitted legal hunting. u.s. officials would actually help conservation efforts and incentfies doing it right.
6:47 am
this is like, a good situation, and that's why they made the change only in these specific places. of course the humane society that put out a blog post that exposed this yesterday, they feel the opposite. they feel numbers have been dropping across the board, and they say it's a bad idea. they say when you look at other things the u.s. government is now doing, like a fish and wildlife website that appeals to big game hunting and hunting elephants in africa, this could have the opposite affect. we all know the trump family, the two trump sons were pictured as big game hunters in zimbabwe in 2011, and they are fans of the sport. that raises questions, too. this is always going to be an argument between those that feel if you do this, you know, in small numbers and you do it
6:48 am
right it helps conservation and those who feel exactly the opposite, that this is setting a terrible example and these animals are endangered, poppy. >> thank you for the reporting. we appreciate it. ahead, a london theater conducts an investigation and finds 20 new allegations of inappropriate behavior against actor, kevin spacey. the latest, next. rs that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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actor kevin spacey is facing 20 new allegations of inappropriate behavior spanning over a decade. the old vic theater in london started investigating after the
6:53 am
other sexual misconduct and abuse allegations came to the light against spacey. our entertainment reporter khloe broke a lot of this news is on the story and continues to follow it. what do we know about the 20 new allegations? >> good morning, poppy. so again, another unfortunately explosive report when it comes to kevin spacey. so like you said, the old vic theater, this famous mayhouse in london, where kevin spacey was the artistic director from 2004 to 2015 there, the old vic theater decided to launch their own investigation and hired an outside law firm to see if anybody had ever been made uncomfortable by kevin spacey, if there were any sort of situations they didn't know about and they did find that there are 20 personal allegations of misconduct against kevin spacey that date back like you said over a decade. the majority of those claims are from before 2009, and one of instances was reported. now they don't go in to explain what type of misconduct whether it was verbal, sexual misconduct
6:54 am
like some of the other allegations we've seen from like "house of cards" people i had spoken to. they did release a statement, the old vic theater, saying despite having the appropriate escalation processes in place it was claimed that those affected felt unable to raise concerns and that kevin spacey operated without sufficient accountability. this is clearly unac be sentble and the old vic apologizes for not creating an environment or culture where people felt able to speak freely. this is a common theme where people are afraid to come forward and name their accusers either as soon as it happens or short will thereafter because they're afraid of professional repercussions and afraid of the star power. kevin spacey, you have to remember, is a two-time oscar winner. >> they feel like their job is disposable, whether it's on the set of "house of cards" or the old vic theater, and he is the star, who are they to speak up, you know, to him. and yet, nothing from spacey, right? we're hearing nothing from him. >> nothing. not a peep. cnn has reached out multiple times to his attorneys, no response. the old vic theater says also
6:55 am
dench kevin spacey has not responded to their allegations either. and, you know, kevin spacey as far as we know last we had heard from his publicity team before they dropped him was he was seeking treatment in rehab. spacey has not said anything. >> chloe, thank you for this and all the news you broke on it that has really led to a lot of people feeling like they could come forward. we appreciate it. >> thank you. okay. so back to capitol hill, where the president is also going to try to rally republicans on tax reform. we'll have much more straight ahead. can you fit in there? i got this... that's the new man, huh? yup. getting kinda' close to my ride. wow... now, that's how you make a first impression. they're going to love you... that's ford, america's best-selling brand. hurry in today for 0% financing for 72 months across the full line of ford cars, trucks and suvs! and just announced...get 0% apr for 72 months plus $1000 cash back! take advantage of these exclusive holiday offers
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good morning, everyone. top of the hour. 10:00 a.m. eastern, 7:00 a.m. pacific. i'm poppy harlow in new york. a major day on capitol hill for tax reform. the president heading there in the next hour to rally house
7:00 am
republicans, but perhaps he should save the pep rally for the senate side while republican leadership in the house is confident they have this in the bag, republican support for the senate's bill is squishier than ever. at least one quite conservative republican now says he's a no and another one has concerns. manu raju joins us on the hill with more. wow, i mean, ron johnson coming out from wisconsin against this thing was a huge surprise, and now, they don't know if they have the votes. >> yeah. open question about what exactly happens in the senate after ron johnson said yesterday that he would oppose this bill because of his concerns about how the tax breaks affect small businesses versus large corporations. he got on the phone last night with president trump who called him almost immediately to try to assuage those concerns. now the important thing to remember is that he's signaling he does want to support a bill at the end of the day and republican leaders are confident that they could eventually get him to support the bill, but there are others who are not as supportive of the


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