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tv   New Day  CNN  November 17, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PST

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what was going on and we now have two parties embroiled in sexual misconduct and abuse, and president trump has not spoke out about roy moore about his own allegations and troubles because of the topic, if you will, around the own allegations of the president himself, yet at the same time he has not been able to resist commenting publicly about democratic senator, al franken. president trump going after senator al franken over this 2006 photo, showing the democrat groping the radio host while she slept. this taken before he was elected. in a series of late night tweets, the president calling the picture really bad, and speculating about where else franken's hands may have gone before criticizing the senator's recent efforts to speak out
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against sexual harassment. he's continuing to ignore accusations against republican senator candidate, roy moore. >> should roy moore step aside, sir? >> reporter: sarah sanders punting the decision to alabama voters. >> the president believes that these allegations are very troubling and should be taken seriously, and he thinks the people of alabama should make the decision on who their next senator should be. >> mr. trump going after franken, despite the fact that a number of women have accused him of similar conduct. >> he was grabbing my breast and trying to turn me towards him and kissing me. >> the president has denied the accusations, attacking the women that came forward. >> every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. >> although he's on tape admitting to assaulting women in
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this now infamous tape. >> i'll automatically attracted to beautiful women. you just kiss them, when you are a star, you can do anything. >> tweeden says then comedian, al franken, forcibly kissed her in a 2006 tour. >> he just mashes his mouth to my lips, you know, and it was, like, wet, and he puts his tongue in my mouth. i was so angry. >> after returning home tweeden came across the photo of franken groping her on a cd. >> it's belittling and humiliating. is that funny? is that ever funny? >> tweeden choking up after explaining why she's coming forward after 11 years. >> i don't want to be a cliche,
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but you talk about trying to leave the world a better place for your kids, you know? >> franken said the picture was intended to be funny but it w wasn't. i look at it now and i feel disgusted with myself, and it's not funny and completely inappropriate. >> that seemed heartfelt and i believe it and i accept it and thank you. >> franken says he will cooperate on an ethics investigation. there are a lot of lawmakers, female lawmakers, frustrated now and they hope they will start to address a problem, a problem they call ram peud here. very few people have seen any
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sign of al franken since this scandal broke. >> it will be interesting to see what happens there in the halls of congress today. let's bring in maggies to talk about all of this. what is the thinking inside the white house on how to respond to all of the sexual assault stories given donald trump's history? >> as you know there's not one linear line of thinking in this white house, and there are different aides and the president. you saw that yesterday. you saw sarah sanders in the briefing take the position this is the white house's position, this is up to the people of alabama. the president is conscious of a, going with luther did not go well, and he's aware of what he ran on and the impression of
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washington, d.c. interfering in something statewide. you can make the case this is different, but that's where they are coming from. he then tweets last night as they saw, about al franken, and that falls into the bucket that the president gets a desire to tweet and he doesn't control it and he goes ahead. i don't think they are as concerned about the president because of the accusations against him as they are not wanting to get involved in an incredibly complicated situation in alabama where roy moore likely won't win baseded on current polling, and he could still win. they don't want to look as if they are interfering, and if roy moore does win and the president comes out and says he should get out, if he makes a huge statement about it and does it and wins, that looks like the president has no skwrojuice. >> do they think they have no baggage whatsoever when it comes to all the women who accused him
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of things on the record? >> aides think that he does. they are aware of what the reality is. the president, as you know, tends to portray a different story and that this is all not true and a plot. he makes things hard for the white house when he tweets about al franken, because it's hard when he says i'm not getting involved, but i will if it's a democrat. the current conversation with sexual harassment and assault is important and overdue. what al franken was clearly quite bad. what moore is accused of is some kind of sexual interaction with a minor. >> a woman says that he molested her when he was 14. that's important to say. >> right. several other women have made
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accusations about his behavior. that's pretty egregious, and the president has not used his twitter feed to weigh in on that. that's where he puts his own team in a bad place. >> but here's the paradox kul lesson we are getting during this watershed moment, when you own up to it and admit it or apologize and give some acknowledgment, let's look at k kevin spacey, and harvey weinstein, you lose your job and your movies are taken down and you are edited out of things, when you say they are all liars and never admitted, you are elected president. roy moore has a model he could follow and seems to be following the i want to win this one model. >> yes and no. a, i think there's something
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about molesting a minor that i think goes well beyond as bad as the accusations about the president were back in the fall of 2016. i think this goes to a different degree of depth, but i also think that alex burns, my colleague and our colleague made this point repeatedly, this happened and he marched into the debates with clinton and he was savaged against her by bringing her husband's accuser to the debate and that was one of the most astonishing thing we ever saw in politics, and he did go out and punch his way through. moore is not doing that, he's not debating. he is going to churches. it's not quite following the same model as donald trump did. >> if we can get you not just on president trump but you also covered the clintons for years
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and years and years and now there's a moment where people are saying there needs to be a new reckoning of what happened during the clinton years. i think we have a sound bite. let's play it. >> is it your view that president clinton should have stepped down at the time given the allegations? >> yes, i think that's the appropriate response but i think things have changed today and under those circumstances there should be a different reaction and in light of this conversation we should have a very different conversation about president trump and allegations against him. what do you think the right way to interpret her stance is? >> i think she, remember, has been at the forefront of trying to bring sexual assault in the military to the public consciousness as a an issue, so it's not a surprise she would
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focus on this, and let's be clear, she's seen as a likely 2020 candidate and she sees where the conversation is going and she's putting herself in a place where she can say she has addressed this. she's speaking about a lot of things democrats have been saying. it's hard to reconcile how democrats -- not all democrats did defend president clinton. yes, it was consensual, but there was a clear abuse of power and dynamic at play, you had the president and an intern. and you had others that accused him. >> that were not consensual? >> right. this was donald trump's argument against clinton, and she was making an argument that she also criticized these women. it does make it complicated for democrats to say one set of
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accusations is bad and another is not and that's why you saw the republicans in the senate pounce so hard on the al franken issue yesterday. >> yeah, they didn't say he should resign but they said the ethics committee. >> i don't think they want to set up the paradigm of get out because what is coming down the pike and it needs to be a manageable process. >> thank you for your perspective on all of this. all eyes shift to the senate after the house passed its tax reform bill, and will president trump get an actual legislative win? >> when you are in the car you can still keep up with "new day" on sirius xm, channel 116. it's free for a limited time. well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. look how much coffee's in here?
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that don't have a chance and i really resent anybody that says i'm doing this for the rich. give me a break. i think you over play that all the time and it gets old and frankly, you ought to quit it. >> mr. chairman -- >> i am not through. i am sick and tired of it. true, it's a nice and political play, but it's not true. >> with all due respect -- >> regular order! order! >> we do -- >> regular order! >> over and over again, how many times do we do this? >> listen, i have honored you by allowing you to spout off here and what you said is not right. that's all i am saying. i come from the lower middle class originally. we didn't have anything, so don't spew that stuff on me. i get a little tired of that trap. let me just say something, if we
5:17 am
worked together we could pull this country out of every mess its in, and we could do a lot of the things you are talking about, too. i think i have a reputation -- >> let's start with chip. >> not starting with chip. i have done it for bills -- >> start with chip today. >> i have more bills passed on this panel than anybody on this panel. i like you very much, but i'm telling you the bull crap you throw out gets old and to do it at the end of this was just not right. i just -- it takes a lot to get me worked up like this. >> joining us is congressman dent of pennsylvania. good morning. >> good morning, alisyn. >> what did you think of that
5:18 am
exchange? >> i will be the first to tell you i am critical of my party when they get divisive on cultural issues. i think many democrats like to play the class warfare cloud and that's what a lot of them do and a lot of us don't like that. i think senator hatch had reason to push back. >> but didn't senator brown also have reason to push back given -- look, these are the competing tpphilosophies in sta relief, does it help the rich or the middle class and poor? you just saw it on display there. >> in my congressional district and in many i think 70% of the people in my district do not itemize, they are not rich people and what matters to them is their rates, and their rates are about to be lowered.
5:19 am
this is going to be helping a lot of working and middle class families. we addressed our tax code and it's not globally competitive. i am finding out it's easier to invest in america as a foreign headquartered company than as an american domiciled company. it's time we change that and i believe the bill that passed the house yesterday does address that very particular situation i am concerned about by moving to a territorialal tax system. >> as you know, sometimes when you give tax cuts to corporations they don't create jobs and don't invest, what happens is they give stock buy backs and make shareholders
5:20 am
richer. in terms of how the public feels about it, we have the poll asking, so does the gop tax plan favor the rich? 59% right now of americans believe, yes, it does, and does it not, 33%. so there's some sort of message about what's going to happen when you give corporations all those tax cuts. >> alisyn, ask the question a different way. do you think the united states should have the highest corporate tax in the world, and the american people would say hell no. we can ask these questions any way we like. i have confidence businesses will invest money more wisely than the federal government will. you are right, some companies may not invest in jobs, but others will. the federal government can't be as prescriptive as government would like. we have to at times trust people
5:21 am
to make investment decisions and i believe they will allocate that capital more efficient and create more jobs and at a lower cost than the federal government would. >> i like your optimism, but what are you basing it on? these companies don't say they are going to create more jobs, they say they will give out more dividends and save the money and stockpile it and all that stuff, so who have you heard say that they are actually committing to creating jobs? >> i will give aspecific example. med tronnics out of minnesota. they are a company that has operations all over the world and make money overseas. they were being bought out by an irish-based company and they found it would be easier to make that money they earned overseas and bring it back to the united states and they would have had to pay a heavy penalty on bring
5:22 am
that back, and that's a very specific example. i can give you other examples of companies that want to bring their money home and the tax code doesn't allow it and we need to behalf like the rest of the developed world when it comes to that kind of taxation. we are talking about bringing the corporate rate that is competitive with western europe. >> because you were the former chair of the house ethics committee, i want to ask you about the headlines today. what do you think should happen to senator al franken? >> well, first let me say the allegations are very serious. as a foreman chairman of the ethics committee i have seen a lot of these situation pz that i would caution by senate colleagues, they had a similar case not too long ago where a senator, you know, for actions that occurred prior to his time
5:23 am
in the senate, that situation, the member was not sanctioned by the senate because they felt they did not have jury striisdi. i think it's appropriate they investigate. in the house, we typically do not have jurisdiction over members' conduct prior to them entering the house. that's just something to be aware of. you can only do a few things as an ethics committee. you can expel, and there have been six or seven cases in our history, most of them for treason during civil war. you can be censured or reprimanded. you are not dealing with a criminal ma criminal matter on annett ethic
5:24 am
case. he's -- by the way, the way the ethics committee dealt with it, if we don't want to set a precedent, the best thing would be for the member to resign. i have seen members resign for cocaine use and for inappropriately dealing with male staff. >> do you think that's what al franken should do? >> i am not here to give advice to al franken at this moment, and he has to go through the process, but as a former chair ethics committee, i often found if we don't want to set precedents, the easiest way to move forward is for a resignation.
5:25 am
john boehner got people to resign rather than having the institution go through the turmoil of this type of real drama. >> understood. congressman charlie dent, thank you for your perspective. >> thank you. alisyn, great to be with you, as always. the probe heating up while a senate committee wants more information on jared kushner. the latest developments, next. -stop it! -mm-hmm. we've been saving a lot of money ever since we switched to progressive. this bar is legit. and now we get an even bigger discount from bundling home and auto. i can get used to this. it might take a minute. -swing and a miss! -slam dunk! touchdown! together: sports!
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according to two sources the trump campaign has received a subpoena for more russia-related documents in the mueller investigation, and they want documents from the president's son-in-law, jared kushner. joining us is the chair of the new democratic coalition. congressman, thank you for being with us. let's start with the investigation on multiple fronts. we have robert mueller issuing a subpoena to the trump campaign for more documents. you are on the house intelligence committee, has the
5:30 am
campaign been forthcoming to you? >> the campaign has been of interest to the committee investigation. remember, the committee investigation is separate, as it should be, from the fbi investigation. yes, of course the campaign has been of interest to us and have been cooperating in what providing what we requested of them. >> that's what the trump team is saying, we have been cooperating all along, and this is a cleanup subpoena to collect things remaining that have not yet been handed over. is that simple? >> i am not sure it's that simple. there's a letter to jared kushner saying we didn't give us everything we wanted. sadly, and this is not said with prejudice, again, we are investigating so we don't have a conclusion, but the pattern of being dishonest or forgetting, that's the attorney general's specialty, forgetting meetings
5:31 am
and making it difficult to get the facts for any of the investigations, this has been a pattern since the investigations started. >> you are talking about jared kushner, the senate committee asking for documents he should have turned over already. jared kushner having to do things he should have done already is a pattern, right? he didn't fill out forms and he had to revise things and do you feel it's disorganization or incompetence or does it looks like he's trying to hide something? >> i will tell you the overall pattern in the investigation is first blanket final, from the president to flynn, no contact and nothing happened and then we find out over time it happened. george papadopoulos, right, we had no contact. well, george papadopoulos
5:32 am
pleaded guilty to lying about that contact. we know there's a consistent pattern of dissembling and lying. it makes the conversations hard. >> as it concerns al franken and then it concerns the issue of how men tweet women in general. have you seen enough to say whether or not you think al franken should be a u.s. senator? >> let me make a general statement first, which is, what we are going through as a country grappling with the fact whether it's in hollywood or in washington, this behavior has been swept under the rug for too long. there's no place for that behavior in the u.s. congress. at least in the franken case we will have an ethics investigation that will out the facts. i certainly condemn, what he did
5:33 am
was disgusting, and we have a process and there are questions about how you sanction behavior before they get to the senate. >> there are democrats and people perfectly willing to say that roy moore should drop out and should not be a candidate for the u.s. senate for alabama based on the evidence they have seen already before it goes to any kind of an official investigation, and when it comes to al franken, democrats say let's wait for the investigation. >> we can't wait for the urgency of addressing this behavior another thing that falls into the partisan fold. i personally didn't suggest that he should drop out. at the end of the day there won't be an ethics investigation of roy moore but there will be
5:34 am
an election and the people of alabama will make a choice as to whether or not he should be in the senate and the senate will be in a position of deciding -- >> there are people that say there may be an ethics investigation of roy moore if elected to the senate, and he could point to precedent saying we investigated al franken. so gillibrand told "the new york times" that president clinton should have resigned because of the allegations made against him when he was president. people are reassessing many of the positions they had and many of the things they said and did. are you willing to go as far as the senator and say he should have resigned? >> i don't know that i am. you know, it was a long time since i have thought about that sorted situation that led to years of investigations there. i don't know that i'm where the
5:35 am
senator is right now. this is obviously a painful moment for a lot of women, and it's a painful moment for a lot of guys who thought they were doing something that was, you know, just joking or okay because guys chuckle about this. this discussion at the end of the day is a healthy one because we have to send the message out, men, women, democrats, the behavior that was jokey and swept under the carpet even three months ago is not tolerable. we can't accept it. in general, you know, it's not just about punishing perpetrators. the message needs to go out if you are in a position of leadership and engage in this behavior, you will be gone. young men will see that as a society that's the way we treat these kinds of transgressions. >> i know you are not suggesting this, but what roy moore is not
5:36 am
said to be jokey, but it all needs to be hashed out in a new way. voting is now under way for the cnn hero of the year. here's one of this year's top ten heroes. meet kelly sweeney. >> i see a kid who haven't been heard yet. i always wonder where is my family at? if you spend enough time with kids you will find out they are going through the same thing i was going through. ready for prison or the county morgue. boston teaches you to block out the outside noises and it's an academic program. >> are you going for the title today? >> we hold our kids to the same standard. the stuff that we are doing here is the stuff that should be given to everyone. when i first met jordan, i
5:37 am
didn't see the kid everybody else saw. >> if i had not found him, i think i would be dead or in jail. he's a savior. >> that's all you got to do is just do it, jordan. >> all my life looking for that family. they have become my family. >> you can vote for any of your top ten heroes now at last night's celtics/warrior ga game. who won the thriller? my smile should tell you that. more on that after this. (matthew) my wish was a
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the celtics shocked the warriors last night thanks to an inspired performance by a player he was not ensure ven sure he we at the game. andy scholes as the bleacher report. >> big win by the celtics. jalen brown and a performance by him, and years ago when brown moved to a new high school in georgia, trefen was the first time to start a conversation, and brown really upset when he found out about trefen's death, and he talked to trefen's mom on the phone and she talked him into playing, and, boy, did he have a great game leading the way for the celtics as they won their 14th straight game.
5:43 am
>> i was not in any shape to come out and did not want to leave my room, but they inspired me to come out and i came out and played in his spirit and today my teammates held me up and pulled it off. >> he held up this picture and said this one is for you. kyrie irving went and got the game ball and took it over to him and said it was for trefen. more men in power forced to response after more women come forward. what should happen to men accused of inappropriate behavior? is remorse enough?
5:44 am
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senator al franken is the latest public figure to be accused of sexual misconduct, and his accuser spoke to our jake tapper about what needs to change. >> i think that's where change is going to be driven from, not from the victims coming out and talking about it, i think it's going to come from the people who maybe do the abusing that don't even realize they are doing the abusing because it's so part of the culture and when you can do this and look at a camera and laugh and think that's okay and you can get away with it and you know you are being photographed and you know you are doing it to a woman and you think that's okay and you can do it with impunity and you can get away with it and it's haha funny, that's what's wrong
5:49 am
with the culture. if we can have the people doing the abusing change, that's when the change is going to occur. >> let's talk about what will happen next with our cnn legal analyst and civil rights attorney and we have our columnist for the "washington post." ruth, let me start with you. you have written a piece about the conundrum republicans are in, for them to say they believe roy moore's accuser and al franken's accuser, yet they don't believe the 12 women that came forward to say donald trump sexually accosted them in one way or the other. how do you explain that? >> convenience might be one way to explain it. just because one woman says something doesn't mean she
5:50 am
should be automatically believed in a courtroom, but it doesn't mean she should be disbelieved. i think the president and his defenders are in a very difficult space because the women who came forward in his case, there's every reason to believe he said on the "access hollywood" tape, he described what he did and a number of women came forward and said, yes, he did that to me. if you are mitch mcconnell and other republicans who appropriately say i believe the women who accuse judge moore, or if you are ivanka trump and say there's no reason to disbelieve these women, there's a question looming out there not to believe trump or his defenders. >> if mitch mcconnell says if roy moore is elected to the senate, he will take actions to
5:51 am
expel him. why wasn't that the special rational of donald trump? why didn't mitch mcconnell have the same visceral response, we are going to take action to remove him from the united states presidency because there's no reason you could expel roy moore but not donald trump. the hypocrisy is astonishing. >> we feel like we are at a tipping point and it feels like women are empowered and emboldened to come out and we are hearing more of the me too stories and it has been sweeping the nation. if we are in the tipping point, the moment of sea change, how far back do we want to go? how retroactive is this moment? do we want to go back what al franken did in 2006, or what roy moore in the 1970s, and donald trump was accused of these things for years, and 2007 is
5:52 am
one that comes to mind, and people are talking about bill clinton and 1998. what is the answer to that? >> this is the really important question we have only began to grapple with. not every crime deserves the death penalty and not every instance of sexual misconduct or harassment deserves the same punishment. it has to be an individualized judgment. how bad was the conduct? how long ago was the conduct? what is the -- what is the consequence of allowing this person to remain in place? for example, if you have somebody that is accused of using his position of power in the workplace to prey on women, you can't allow that person to remain in your workplace. that's a litigation risk and it's unfair to the women in your workplace. on the other hand, if somebody
5:53 am
did something a long time ago, and if he should have known better then but also we are at this moment, once again, of national awakening and we have been through them before with anita hill or monica lewinsky, or with senator tprafranken whe was in a different position. we have had an under reaction with sexual harassment in the past and that's a bad situation, and now we can't overreact now. and that's not to say we need to react and punish people, but we need to figure out the equilibrium here. >> franken, this happened in
5:54 am
2006, and he admitted it and apologized and the woman accepts his apology and what punishment do we want? >> we will have a period of what some may call an over correction. when we have the powerful men, who have for decades used the power to abuse and harass women, we have to have a national cleansing. we have to call these men out by name and they have to face consequences. what those consequences are, i agree, somebody engaged in an incident ten years ago and it was a one-time situation, that's different than some cases where 300 women have come forward and made allegations against them. i don't think this is the time to start worrying about over correcting. i think this is the time to have an open dialogue where we are encouraging women to come out with their stories, even if these stories are three decades or four decades old.
5:55 am
we will not fix this problem unless we fully expose it. >> yes or no, is a full apology from al franken enough? >> i think that will depend on a few things. that will depend on whether there is anymore smoke or fire around, whether anymore women come out with stories, and i am not suggesting there are, i just don't know. is this, as you say, a one off incident? i think it's complicated in senator franken's case, because this conduct occurred before he was in the senate and because he has a background as a comedian, and comedians kind of do rude things and push envelopes, and i am not for people listening and getting their blood pressure up, and i am not suggesting his conduct is appropriate, but i am saying i would weigh that in
5:56 am
figuring out how to punish him. >> we will see what happens on capitol hill and beyond. >> thanks. "the good stuff," that's next. so, verizon and google have teamed up on the pixel 2. it's a match made in tech heaven. it's like verizon is the oil and google is the balsamic. no, actually, they separate into a suspension. it's more like the google pixel 2 is the unlimited storage. and verizon is the best unlimited plan. what if it's like... h2 and o? yeah. yeah, like that. i had a feeling that would score with you guys.
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it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it.
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feel the power of thenew power...smax. fight back theraflu's powerful new formula to defeat 7 cold and flu symptoms... fast. so you can play on. theraflu expressmax. new power. it's time for "the good stuff." a homeless man found a $10,000 check made out to a woman in connecticut. with help from a friend he was able to find her business number and they met and he returned the check. >> there are honest people out here. look, $10,000. >> turns out roberta was homeless when she was a teenager. >> oh, my gosh. >> at one point she was
6:00 am
homeless, too, you know, and i believe that i did the right thing, you know. >> so roberta not only wrote him a thank you check but invited him to attend her real estate school for free. it's wonderful. doing the right thing is a we regard in and of itself but it's nice to be rewarded. time for "newsroom" with erica hill filling in. good morning. i am erica hill in today for poppy harlow and john berman. the president going after just one of the accused, slamming democratic senator al franken amid accusations he groped and forcibly kissed a woman in 2006. the woman releasing this photo


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