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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  November 17, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PST

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hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. coming up this hour, the only scheduled event where trump will face cameras today and that means likely the only opportunity that he'll face questions and maybe answer them on embattled senate candidate roy moore. so far silence from the president on that one. eight days later in his press secretary striking -- sticking to the same statement that the white house put out while overseas. >> does the president believe
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roy moore's accusers and does he think roy moore should drop out of this race? >> look , the presidents believ these allegations are troubling and should be taken seriously and think the people of alabama should make the decision on who their next senator should be. >> overnight, the president was anything but silent about democratic senator al franken and his apology to a woman who says that he groped her with photographic proof and forcibly kissed her in 2006. the president tweeting this, the al frankenstein picture is really bad, speaks a thousand words, where do his hands go in pictures two, three, four, five and six. while she sleeps. which, of course, leads us all to recall this. more than a dozen women have accused the president of assault and harassment and, of course, there's this. >> automatically attracted to beautiful women. it's like a magnet. and when you're a star they let you do it. you can do anything.
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>> whatever you want. >> grab them by the [ bleep ]. do anything. >> to all of that, president trump has said this. >> all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> those lawsuits never happened. so can we get real for a moment? this is no longer can you believe the president said that kind of a moment. this is officially become a, the president doesn't get to do this moment. he doesn't get to question al franken and stay silent on roy moore and no one should allow it. it's playing politics with a discussion that should rise above that. so no, mr. president, join the full conversation going on around you, or don't -- you don't get to be part of any of it. is the concern over there really about being dragged into the topic of sexual harassment and assault once again? too bad that should have been considered when you responded to your accusers and should have
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been considered before your campaign brought bill clinton's accusers to one of the presidential debates. so too bad. you don't get to pick and choose when this issue matters and when it doesn't. you don't. so, what are they saying over there today? let's get to the white house. joe johns is there. hey there, joe. >> hey, kate. well, i can tell you this the white house has a bit more of an explanation now for why they're treating the situation with franken and moore differently. and according to kellyanne conway who just appeared short time ago on fox, it's an indication of the currency of the information, essentially saying that the franken case just happened and the roy moore case is much more old news. also indicating that the white house press secretary has addressed questions regarding roy moore in the past. meanwhile, after franken, the white house press secretary has said, in fact, just yesterday, that she does believe a senate
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ethics investigation is appropriate in this situation. nonetheless doesn't change the fact that the president has gotten repeated questions while out at public events on the issue of senator franken, also he's not tweeted. he tweets so many times on so many different issues it's a little odd we haven't heard from the president on the issue of moore. the moore case, of course, is the kind of case that has dogged this presidency for weeks, if not months. the president picked the wrong candidate as you know in the primaries an it's difficult, of course, for this administration to figure out where they're going to go on this. that's the reason you keep hearing that message, kate, that the white house as far as they're concerned, believes the people of alabama need to be the ones who decide the alabama senate race. back to you. >> and it may be a difficult conversation, but again, too bad. you're in the white house. it's the presidency. it's the conversation going
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around on around the country. if you want to weigh in on al franken you need to weigh in on roy moore. great to see you, joe. thank you so much. we'll see what the president has to say today. unlike roy moore, al franken is already in the senate, of course, and is apologizing for what leeann tweeden says happened to her. listen to her. >> and he just mashes his mouth to my lips and, you know, like wet and he puts his tongue in my mouth and, you know, my reaction, it was just sort of a, you know, i push his chest away with my hands and i'm like, if you ever do that to me again -- i was so angry. >> as she should be. tweeden says now she accepts al franken's apology but his future in the senate is far from certain today. let's go over to cnn's m.j. lee for the very latest. m.j., what are you hearing from capitol hill? >> well, kate, there's no question that al franken's political future is really
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uncertain right now. these allegations that came up yesterday are, obviously, quite stunning. franken has not denied them and nobody is really coming to his defense. in fact, franken himself said in his lengthy apology yesterday he was disgusted with himself when he saw that photo that leeann tweeden posted and what appears inevitable right now, kate, there probably will be a senate ethi ethic investigation into this matter and importantly franken says he thinks this is appropriate and will fully cooperate and his democratic colleagues are also saying that this is the right course of action. listen to what two of his democratic colleagues said yesterday. >> very disappointed. i support an ethics investigation. this kind of conduct should not be tolerated by anyone and any public official. >> said he's going to cooperate with the ethics committee and that's the right place to handle this question. >> should he be expelled from the senate. >> i think the right place to address it is the ethics
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committee. >> we don't know what will come of this investigation if it, in fact, does happen but one potential issue is the fact that these incidents took place in 2006 before franken was a member of the senate. remember, he became a senator in 2009. and the big question i think that lot of folks are wondering is, were these incidents, was this a one-time event or are there potentially other victims who might come out and speak out about al franken and this behavior. that would dramatically change the narrative. >> mrjt j., great to see you, thank you so much. let's go now from washington to alabama, where we are expecting to hear from roy moore's wife any minute now. she has been moore'ses staunchest defender since news of the accusations broke. what will she say today as her husband remains defiant in the face of multiple allegations of sexual abuse and inappropriate behavior with teenage girls. we'll have to stand by and see. all of this comes as a new poll suggests that the allegations may be having an impact in the race. in the reddest of red states roy
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moore is now trailing the democratic candidate doug jones by 8 points ahead of that december special election. cnn's nick valencia on the ground in alabama for us. nick, what are you expecting to hear today? >> hey there, kate. we do expect to hear from kayla moore who has as you mentioned stood by her husband throughout these allegations, at least two sexual assault allegations, but it was yesterday moore supporters denied this saying that it is moore who is the victim, that his character is being assassinated, and he's being framed by the gop establishment as well as the left wing media. it's interesting because the campaign says that the press has not been asking about the issues, but it's moore that has not talked about the issues of the state of alabama since these allegations surfaced. yesterday the bizarre press conference took a bizarre turn. >> judge roy moore deny he dated teenage high school girls when in his 30s. >> you read his letter. >> can he speak for himself
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please? >> let him say. >> next question. >> speak, pleases. >> i paid for the microphone. i'm sorry. >> [ inaudible ]. >> are they lying? >> do you have a question about an issue? >> about the race. >> that's the issue right now. >> the supporters have stood by him, but these controversies surrounding around roy moore seem to have affected him in the polls at the least. a fox news poll puts him at least 20 points behind his democratic challenger doug moore among women and eight points behind him overall even still i mentioned they're doing a lot this week, the campaign is, to bring women forward to testify to the character of roy moore, saying that this is not the man that they know. kate? >> we'll see that today with his wife as you said. let's see what kayla moore has to say today. thank you so much. i appreciate it. joining me political director david chalian, special correspondent jamie gangel and david murray, an alabama political consultant worked with republican and democratic campaigns. great to see all of you. david chalian, my friend, first to you, what do you make of this
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poll? is doug jones going to win? is he up 8 points? >> we've got a ways to go before december 12th. i don't know that we know who the winner is going to be just yet. but i do think that the poll is significant. remember, kate, back in october, fox polled this race before the controversy and had it tied. it was already a very competitive race unexpectedly, so because of roy moore's controversial history in the state, now, clearly, this is having an impact. look at what has happened with women voters, by 15 points, his unfavorable skyrocketed among women compared to that october poll and now doug jones an 8-point lead. stunning to see that in a red state like alabama, but i think this race has, you know, several more weeks in it where twists and turns certainly can be taking place. >> if it could be expected in any race it would be in this one. david, what's surprising you from the ground coming out of this poll to you? >> you got me out of trig class. so i'm here. i think that -- i think what
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we're hearing is that, obviously, women don't like this. if you look at that poll women are moving away from moore. i think they shared men were more likely to vote for him which is what happened in the 2012 race against him. anything you said bad about him, women didn't like, but men sort of rallied around the flag for roy moore. and the interesting thing is, doug jones is right at 50% and so usually, you know, you want to see him -- you want to see yourself over 50 if you a chance to win and as the other david just said, i think that there are a lot of -- there's a lot of time left and a lot of time for more allegations but also a lot of time for moore to sort of, you know, rally his base and say this isn't true and just push back and maybe win. >> speaking of surprises if you will, jamie, is there any surprise in your mind that president trump is somewhat -- somewhat -- what am i trying to parse words here, he's been silent on roy moore but decided quickly to weigh in on al
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franken? >> no. look, you used the words pick and choose. >> yes. >> this is hypocritical. but the reality is, that he doesn't want to weigh in on the republican race down there and al franken has apologized, that opens him up for attack. this is classic donald trump tweeting. that said, you would think with the tape that you played at the beginning of the show from the campaign, that maybe he would stay out of it. but clearly he thinks it's okay to go there. >> david chalian, i mean, the -- does the white house think it can, i don't know, i just -- it's not -- i don't care what the president stidecides to do here -- i do care what the president decides to do here. what isn't acceptable is anyone thinks it's okay and par for the course that on this issue when this very important conversation
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is happening around the country, that the president picks and chooses when to weigh in. this is -- should be above politics, but the white house clearly doesn't see it that way. >> yeah. i mean this is part of an ongoing pattern of this president having sort of abdicated the moral authority that comes with the oval office. therefore, we're having this huge cultural moment and he clearly feels completely tied, his hands are tied, to not weigh in on it because of his personal history but then i was on the losing end of a newsroom, you know, conversation about this history, i thought there's no way the president will take the bait on franken and tweet at franken when silent on moore. he gets this will open up a whole line of inquiry. i was wrong. he chose to be totally hypocritical on this and i -- there is no way as this conversation is showing and many others will be having no doubt throughout the day and days to come, that this doesn't re-open
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the whole conversation about the allegations against president trump. this is -- this is an american moment right now, different than the moment a year ago, and you are seeing how all of these female accusers are now able to assess how those men that they are accusing of harmful treatment are being sort of reprimanded in the public square. well how do the women that came out accusing donald trump a year ago feel about that? do they feel that they're getting the fact that they're accusing is properly reprimanded in the public square? this is all back into the center of the conversation now. >> and we're seeing that with the women who -- the women -- bill clinton's accusers as well, they're back in the conversation as well. is bipartisan in the absolute worst way in what we're looking at right now. i was looking, there's all this talk about an ethics investigation now for franken or if moore is elected. i was looking over a letter announcing the ethics committee dismissing the complaint about
8:15 am
david vitter in 2008 when it came to the d.c. mad m case, the reason cited not going forward with anything, any kind of condemnation or any punishment was, the conduct at issue occurred before your senate candidacy. and the conduct at issue did not result in him being charged criminally. does that tell us everything we need to know where the ethics thing is going to go? >> i don't think so because we're in a different time and places. we're in a very different time and place than where we were during the campaign. so do i think that he's going to face a higher level of scrutiny? yes. i do. that said, he was a comedian back then, he did what he did in the photo in public, and i think he thought he was being funny. that's what he said. he realizes he wasn't. that does not explain or excuse his other behavior that she's
8:16 am
described where he kissed her, but i just think we're in a different climate and there is -- there is no telling how it's going to be handled. >> david, let me give you a final thought from you on the ground. there is time left, as you have said in this race, but so with the governor saying that the race isn't changing, alabama republican party saying they're standing by moore, what are you watching for now in the final weeks before voters vote? >> i think that i'm looking at what the reaction of both campaigns are. i think that the franken thing is a gift to moore he should push back and say look you have a senator from the other side doing this or whatever, and i'm also looking for more accusations going to come out and do the jones people take advantage of it. do they target women specifically or can we -- you have the big thing about issues, issues yesterday. why is nobody talking about the f-35 fighter in montgomery, ships in mobile. there are issues who our next senator is affect the economy
8:17 am
and lively load of actual alabamians and nobody is talking about that. that's what i would pivot to if i was either of these guys. >> well, when your candidacy has become part of the national conversation, sometimes talking about the f-35 is not where the conversation ends up. any moment we could hear from president trump when he holds -- right now is his only public event of the day and we're keeping our eye on alabama where a group of women including judge moore's wife are about to speak out from the steps of the state capitol. we will bring that to you, both of those moeptss when they occur. plus this is ahead, jared kushner under fire once again for withholding some crucial documents requested by congressional investigators, members of both parties are demanding answers. that's next.
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in the russia investigations it's all about documents today and documents investigators say they need. special counsel robert mueller has now subpoenaed the trump campaign for more russia related documents. that is according to two sources to cnn and the senate judiciary committee is requesting more russia related information from the president's son-in-law and adviser jared kushner. cnn justice correspondent jessica schneider in washington with all the details on this. to bob mueller, what does this new subpoena mean? >> kate, it's really a so-called cleanup subpoena, really a matter of bookkeeping we hear at the end of the grand jury process. sources tell us the new subpoena is seeking more records, that's based on an expanded search term they've used, and investigators here feel there are still things they haven't seen. here's the problem, according to our source, it could take months for the campaign to respond because of the amount of material being asked for.
8:23 am
but we do know that the campaign is in the process of complying here but they have not issued any comment on this, kate. >> and then also, i mean, how many times is this now that jared kushner has given up incomplete information. what is senate jushry looking for now. >> they're asking for more information here. the judiciary committee wants a number of documents that they say kushner has failed to turn over so far. here's a list of the lengthy list of documentses they want. kushner's communities related to fired adviser michael flynn, including flynn's registration as a foreign agent, documents related to kushner's security clearance. recall that kushner had to update his forms three times amending them to document meeting with russians, also on that list the e-mail chain that we know exists where donald trump, jr. relayed his direct twitter messages with wikileaks, kushner e-mailed that chain to hope hicks. the committee wants e-mails about attempts to establish a
8:24 am
backdoor line of communications to russians and a dinner invite as well as some phone records. so kushner's attorney, kate, responding to all this saying that, quote, we provided the judiciary committee with all relevant documents that had to do with mr. kushner's calls, contacts, or meetings with russians during the campaign and transition which was the request. and abbe lowell, does include that kushner will continue to voluntarily cooperate with all of these investigations. kate? >> all relevant documents, it seems they think there's more relevant out there that needs to be coming in. thank you, jessica. all eyes right now are on the white house and the alabama state capitol. we could hear from president trump any moment when he holds his only public event of the day at the white house. in alabama, a group of women including roy moore's wife are about to speak out in roy moore's defense. stay with us. how do you chase what you love with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis?
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so all you pay for is data. see how much you can save. choose by the gig or unlimited. xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to after a big much needed win for republicans in the house, a first step if you will as the house passed their version of a tax overhaul yesterday, well, congratulating republicans is where the president started and then he ended it the day with attacking democrats calling them obstructionists who don't understand the power of lower taxes in the battle over tax cuts got downright unfriendly if you will overnight as the senate finance committee voted to move the bill to the senate floor in a party line vote not before democratic senator sherrod brown said republicans were only trying to cut taxes for the rich
8:30 am
and senator orrin hatch was not having any of it. >> i resent anybody saying i'm just doing this for the rich. give me a break. i think you guys overplay that all the type and it gets old. frankly you ought to quit it. >> mr. chairman, the public believes it. >> i'm not through. >> okay. >> i get kind of sick and tired of it. it's not true. it's a nice political play. >> mr. chairman. >> it's not true. >> i get sick and tired of the richest people in the country getting richer and richer. >> regular order. >> and the middle class -- >> we do a tax cut -- >> regular order. >> over and over again. >> so, with that, what's next for the republican plan in the senate? cnn's suzanne malveaux joining me from capitol hill. >> hey, kate your and i both have known senator orrin hatch over the years, that is not like him to get that emotional and upset at all, but there were fireworks and there is a lot of emotion behind this and what we saw folks do yesterday is scramble to get out of town for
8:31 am
the thanksgiving holiday, but they're going to have a lot of people and constituents to answer to, try to explain what it is that they're doing with the tax reform bill. they've got a number of challenges on the senate side and as you said it goes to the senate side. this is a proposal here that permanently cuts the corporate tax rate for big businesses but allows it to expire for households and individuals. that might be a tough sell. this repeals the obamacare mandate, 13 million people over ten years, who would no longer have health insurance. then congressional analysts, bipartisan, nonpartisan analysts, show it is actually the poorest people after ten years who will see the biggest increase in their taxes. and so this is something that they'll be working on. they're going to bring it back after thanksgiving holiday for a vote. and the democrats are certainly working on their part to derail it. kate? >> that is -- if anything is evident, that is all evident. great to see you.
8:32 am
thank you so much. all right. let's discuss this, where does this head, is it going to look any different after turkey day, jack is here, cnn political commentator former republican congressman from georgia, and former senior adviser to the trump campaign emily sesman here campaign director for the senate for american progress action fund and alice stewart the cnn political commentator former communications director for ted cruz's presidential campaign. congressman, first to you, a big step forward for republicans in the house, no doubt, overnight that moment between brown and hatch, you clearly don't -- i know who you agree with, don't agree with brown, but as they head home for the holiday is that some effective messaging they're taking home? >> i don't know. probably good politics for both of them. those of us who have served with sher rod and know and love sherrod he's a loud guy, brash guy, can be obnoxious. people who know hatch know he's reserved. both of them just wanted to get it off their chest after a long, exhaustive process. in my opinion someone who has
8:33 am
spent his life in sales this tax plan is as easy to sell ice or cold drinks on a high july day at nascar. it cuts taxes for average families by anywhere from a thousand to $4,000. it cuts the corporate tax rate and small business tax rate in order for us to create more jobs and expand the economy. this is going to be -- this is an easy sell and if any republican can't go back home and sell this, they shouldn't be in office. i think it's going to be a lot easier for republicans to sell it than democrats for democrats to defend a no vote. >> really? emily do you think that's the case? do you think this is easier for republicans to sell than democrats when heading home? >> that is not the case. republicans are struggling against the perception even though they are fully in control of the federal government, they can't govern. they can't get anything passed. they're desperate to try to pass anything. the thing that's going to be unfortunate for them is that what is in this proposal is deeply unpopular. just the house vote they had
8:34 am
yesterday, was a number of members of congress who are actually going to raise taxes on their constituents through the state and local deductions. we know that bill moving through the senate as well as the house as your reporter just mentioned it is going to increase taxes for those people who are making under $75,000 over the next -- for the nx ten years. that's really unpopular and not even close to what they are selling on it. if you look at the bulk of what's in the bill it is cuts for the top and corporations. that is very unpopular. and quite frankly not what people who voted for trump thought they were voting for. >> and if this was such an easy sell, i'm confused why so many republicans who are at least right now voicing a lot of concern. alice this is a long way from over in the senate. republicans have concerns in it, runs the gamut over keeping the obamacare repeal in the bill, some over the fact that individual tax cuts expire, but corporate tax cuts do not, some over what this bill would do to the debt and bob corker is one of those and he tweeted this --
8:35 am
just yesterday, we were -- we're $20 trillion in debt and party like there's no tomorrow time in washington. he was specifically -- actually linking to a story about the budget and what republicans and democrats are talking about over the budget but does that just in and of itself spell trouble for the tax bill? >> as you say, kate, it's far from over. and look, the house bill passed with flying colors without a doubt but the senate, there's going to be a lot more conversations like we just saw and it's not easy. but look, the bottom line is, republicans here in washington, want two main things and they want to follow through on the promises that they've made and the president has made. reducing the corporate tax rate from 35 to 20% and also making lower taxes for middle-income americans, that is the cornerstone of both of these tax proposals. >> but to do both of that it's hard to stay within the limits of what they're allowed to do on -- >> right. >> in the reconciliation rules and why you have jack, that's
8:36 am
why you have the individual tax cuts expiring, that's not a good sell when you head home. individual tax cuts you can expire. republicans say when asked about that on the hill, they say, that's ten years out. there's plenty of time to fix that. that's the message? >> you know what, it's because of some arcane rule they call the bird rule in the senate which is ironic because -- >> arcane or not it exists. or cane or not it exists. answer the question, though. that's how you're going to sell it? enough time to fix the problem? >> i'm going to let you hold on to your money for 10 years and then we're going to extend it. hold on to more of your money than my democrat opponent wants to and if you want to spend more money -- >> but it's just trust me? trust me when members of congress approval rating is in the dirt? >> the bird is in the hand if you don't want it because it's not perfect send your money to washington, let those bureaucrats spend your hard earned money if that's what turns you on. i trust you, i think you can do a better job spending your money and by the way, when you spend
8:37 am
your own money, both kennedy and regan found out that the economy grows, more jobs, more prosperity and your paycheck gets bigger. >> i still just wonder why do corporate rates stay permanent when individual rates don't. that is just a tough thing to sell. emily, republicans, i've been asking a lot of republicans this question which is, when do they stop caring about the debt and deficit. when did democrats start caring about the debt and deficit when i hear them talking about it these days. >> it's always been on the table as one of the concerns, but i think the reason it comes up so much when talking to republicans is the stark contrast between the last administration and when suddenly they want to pass these big tax cuts, particularly permanent large corporate tax cuts and they can't pay for it and put in things like repealing obamacare which does bring in revenue and can't pay for any of the tax cuts, right. so i think it's such an incredibly stark contrast to where republicans have been over the past couple years they didn't think we could afford
8:38 am
anything, programs that were supporting the middle class and people but when we want to give tax cuts to the top debt and deficit is never discussed. part of the reason it will be harder to pass through the senate is because there are a couple senators that seem to recall another day when they actually cared about this kind of thing. >> well, it's going to be very, very difficult for republicans to pass this. >> i just can't wait to see what a good thanksgiving dinner does to all the comradery in washington. >> we're going to get it done. >> it's going to be so much easier in december you're not coming up against any deadlines to get stuff done in december on capitol hill. none at all. or actually a ton of them. great to see you guys. let's see what happens next. >> thank you. >> any moment now, we're going to be going to alabama. these are live pictures from montgomery, alabama. roy moore's wife kayla moore, she will be speaking. these women coming together to defend roy moore in the face of the allegations against him as, of course, the clock ticks down on that special election in
8:39 am
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four murders committed within a half mile area of each other in a tampa neighborhood while the victims were walking alone. still a mystery. police don't know who did it but they have new surveillance video released yesterday of the suspect. who is this man and can they find him before he kills again? joining me is tampa's mayor. thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you, kate. >> so, you have said that this now is a community held hostage. how is that -- how is it the killer has been able to avoid the police to this point? >> well, we think he knows the neighborhood very well. we thing he knows the nooks and crannies and able to use the allies. we think he knows where the dogs are, where the fences are, where the abandoned sheds are.
8:44 am
he's been able to evade us, and we literally certainly the shooting three days ago, our police officers were on the scene within minutes of that shooting but yet he had vanished like the mist and so we continue to saturate the neighborhood with hundreds of police officers and not going anywhere until we find this guy. >> of course not. vanish like the mist, police have -- can say that all of these murders are connected but you're not calling it a serial killer, mayor, why? >> well, we don't know that they're all connected. >> okay. >> an awful lot of similarities, one can make that assumption in two of the cases given the video that we have brought to the media's attention. they are the same person. we're hoping as we went through that entire neighborhood in a house by house search after the killing of mr. felton, that the video that we is have attained, that our detectives are going through right now will lead to other pieces of video we can
8:45 am
release but at this point it is the painstaking, plotting, day by day effort of good police officers. >> i mean, mayor, this has been going on over a month. the first killing was october 9th. i mean are you frustrated how things are going here? >> kate, i'm frustrated, i'm mad. this is a community as we said before has been held hostage. these are four families who will not celebrate thanksgiving or christmas this year because they've had a member of their family gunned down in cold blood for no reason other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time. i knew members of the felton family. so for us, and for me, and for our cops, this is personal. and we're going to be there as long as it takes. fortunately the neighborhood has stood with us. they're not going to let evil take their streets over. good will win eventually. it will take time. i can't promise you, kate, that this won't happen again. but i can promise you that we are going to devote every resource that we have as well as
8:46 am
all of our partners with the fbi, alcohol, tobacco and firearms, the state troopers, the sheriff's office, everybody is in here weighing in, helping us deploying men and women. >> i mean, right now, mayor, as you just said, you can't guarantee the safety of the folks in this neighborhood? >> we can't. we can't until we catch this guy. this is a cold-blooded killer attacking and ambushing innocent people who just are walking down the street. so no, i can't tell you for sure this won't happen again. but all i can do to the folks in that neighborhood is commit to them that we're in this foxhole and we wiare not leaving until find the guy. >> anything else we can do, please let us know. it's terrifying, seminole heights, tampa florida, thank you so much, mayor, for coming in. >> thank you, kate. >> my goodness. terrifying. we'll go from that and head from florida now to alabama.
8:47 am
any moment roy moore's wife kayla moore, is going to be speaking live in defense of her husband, she has been his staunchest supporter and defender since allegations of sexual abuse and inappropriate behavior with teenagers has come to light. what will she say today? we'll bring it to you live. (sh) it's ver... sfx: (balloon squeals) ok can we... sfx: (balloon squeals) goodbye! oof, that milk in your coffee was messing with you, wasn't it? try lactaid, it's real milk, without that annoying lactose. good right? yeah. lactaid. the milk that doesn't mess with you. ♪ and it might be hard ♪ what ito handle ♪ve got ♪ but like the flame that burns the candle ♪ ♪ the candle feeds the flame topped steak & twisted potatoes at applebee's. eatin' good in the neighborhood. i am so busy. so chase sapphire reserve cardmembers are helping plan my next vacation. japan, how's dinner? this is delicious. i'm sorry. three times points on travel and restaurants. sapphire reserve, from chase. make more of what's yours.
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8:51 am
>> after 11 weeks in court, bob menendez walked out a free man and the jury deadlocked once again. he was asked if he had a message. >> to those who left me and
8:52 am
abandoned me in my darkest moment, i forgive you. to those who embraced me in my darkest moment, i love you. to those new jerseyans who gave me the benefit of the doubt and those who were digging my grave so i could jump into my seat, i know who you are and i won't forget you. >> what now? mitch mcconnell is calling for an ethics investigation into bob menendez and his legal trouble may not be over either. we have been following the case from the beginning. laura, what is next? >> the big question is whether the justice department will decide to refile charges against senator menendez, a do-over, if you will. they are looking at next steps and they could decide to drop some of the charges or stream line the presentation of this case if they wanted to.
8:53 am
one of the jurors told them the jury was split 10-2 in favor of acquitting menendez. take a listen to what he had to say. >> jurors who are arguing he was guilty, what were the arguments they made? >> they just said he was guilty. >> did you do what the judge said and ask each other why? >> there was nothing back. just guilty. >> when you are deadlocked out of the gate, i can't force someone else's opinion. >> part of what happened here, i think the prosecution's entire theory was resting on this idea that menendez was doing political favors for a wealthy friend. they never had that bombshell e-mail, that freezer full of cash. much less a cooperating witness. you combine that with the fact that the defense team kept hammering the two were friends and you get reasonable doubt. >> we will stand by and see where this goes next. bob menendez seeing where he is
8:54 am
going next. any moment, roy moore's wife kayla moore will be speaking. we have been watching as women have been lining up to defend judge roy moore. kayla moore takes the microphone live. to precisely move your teeth to your best smile. see how invisalign® treatment can shape your smile up to 50% faster today at when did you see the sign? when i needed to jumpstart sales.
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that was just a'ight for me. yo, checi mean,t dawg.
8:58 am
you got the walk. you got the stance.. but i wasn't really feeling it. you know what, i'm not buying this. you gotta come a little harder dawg. you gotta figure it out. eh, i don't know. shaky on the walk, carriage was off. randy jackson judging a dog show. i don't know dawg. surprising. what's not surprising? how much money lisa saved by switching to geico. wow! performance of the night. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >> voting is now under way for the cnn hero of the year. this is one of this year's top 10 heroes. >> i see a kid who hasn't been heard yet.
8:59 am
i wonder where was my real family. i found the family i was looking for in my streets. if you talk to kids, they have no mentors or positive role models. ready for prison or the county morgue. boxing teachers block out the outside noise. this is an academic program. we have the same standard. in the suburbs anywhere around the world. when i first met jordan, i didn't see the kid everyone else saw. >> throughout my life they have become my family.
9:00 am
>> that's collie sweeney and you can vote for him or any other hero now. thanks so much for joining me. inside politics with dana bash starts now. >> welcome to inside politics. i'm dana bash. john king is off. sexual harassment allegations consume capitol hill as roy moore and his family push back and dig in. al franken's political future is up in the air. his accuser said that decision is up to his constituents. >> i didn't do this to have him step down. i think he does a lot of good things in the senate. that's for the people of minnesota to decide. >> in the halls of congress, they are reminiscent of the bill clinton years. some democrats say the way


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