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tv   Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown  CNN  November 19, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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parts unknown is next. have great week. seattle, a scity with a collective identity office always in flux. it's a magnet to come make their own and weed is legal here. ♪ ♪
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seattle has always been a place we can go to reinvent yourself. it's place that on the surface would seem to require commitment. gray, rainy, not friendly and
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all the way up there in the far corner of the country. a place you'd get work in the aircraft industry or make music or rather notoriously become a serial killer. whether outfitting prospengtcto from the gold rush or looking for some kind of cred from the music scene, it's always boom or bust. now it's a new kind of boom. microsoft, google, twitter, expedia and amazon are the big dogs in town. a flood of them. tech industry workers, mostly male referred to as tech boys or tech bro rapidly changing the dna of the city. rewired to satisfy their nerdly appetites. meet our new apple martini drinking overlords.
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♪ ♪ tech boys ♪ tech boys ♪ tech boys ♪ ♪ ♪ working overtime >> fish and chipsn the thing. >> that's the thing. astra, elaine are the members of the band. they wrote a song about the boys. pacific in pub is managed to resist the temptation to impedes the invaders. for lunch, fish and chips. >> we're going to complain about we hear about a lot of high fiving white boys coming to town
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and yet you've created this hate anthem and you tell the tech people people from the nontech people? >> yeah, they have the badges. >> neutral colored clothing. they are kind of easy to spot. they have walk. >> they have walk? >> yeah, they're just all the same. there's nothing that really stands out about them. they're so dull. dating apps are really big here. i have a few girlfriends that dated a couple of tech boys. >> is there personal hygiene an issue? >> like the nerdier tech boys will have that smell, the mildew type of smell. >> you have a really low opinion of these people. >> we're generalizing now. >> i'm all for that. everybody in seattle is a musici
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musician, a chef or a serial killer as far as i'm concerned. in a lot of ways this was always a company town. boeing before boeing. it was a logging town. the new companies is tech. it is flooding money into the place. i look out my hotel room window and it's cranes as far as the eye can can see. >> all the kriecranes are for high-rise condos. it's for a certain type of person. they're envisioning a certain future and it's tech people. >> or somebody that likes to drive around and pick up hitchhikers and dismember them. [ laughter ] >> capital hill is seattle's established gaybor neighborhood. old school cool but with every passing day, change. the hill has become the new weekend stomping ground of breeders from the tech companies and the locals are displeased.
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john, street artist is waging a one man war against the rent hikes that are pushing people like him out of neighborhood. >> an infestation of tech bros. ten years ago wouldn't this be a gay neighborhood? >> it was sort of enclave for artists and queer people. >> what's happening now? >> big tech corporations that have moved into the city. the people need someplace to live so a lot of companies bought up every corner. they can build taller. this was just this and then they plunked this down in the center. >> they are keeping character of the neighborhood. >> i've heard it termed facadomy. the problem is rent has doubled. you used to be able to get a studio apartment for $700 and now the entry point is $1500 which is considerable for an artist, anybody.
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that's the lament now where are you going to go? where are you going to go? >> all these outsiders come nin in. what sort of business sns. >> that construction on that side is a whole foods. >> that's the aapocalypse. that's it. >> because of the boom and everything that's been happening you have the have and have notes here. there's an identity crisis where people are starting to question what is seattle and who is it. historically you go back to the 90s, it was the city of grung and now i would say it's the city of geeks. it's boom down. >> this does happen in other places but then again it
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doesn't. >> an industry leading sight that started covering the industry back in 2011. lunch is at refvel right down te streets in their officers. the chef is rachel and the food is korean. to eat, cilantro noodles, you throw in flat iron steak. pancakes with braised pork belly and bean sprouts. short rib dumplings and shallot
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salad. i'm hearing from a lot of people bemoaning the loss of the old seattle. >> right. >> this invasion of outsiders. >> the community is going through a lot of growing pains. there's an element of the city that's rebelling against the progress especially as we talk about a company like amazon that controls massive amounts of the downtown real estate footprint now. that's ha scarwhat scares a lot people here including myself. i see how the trends of history change especially in technology that one day microsoft is hot, the next day apple is hot. now amazon is hot. they go through these cycles and don't always live through them. we're left with a city that's totally transformed because of them. >> what percentage of the total dollar generating space on the internet is by porn? >> this the todd's expertise.
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i'll defer to him. >> the adult industry even if it's not no, ma'am dadominating economics, pst tit's the leader technology. it's the first to try out 3-d reality and you see it over and over again. >> do you know the number one search term on porn websites for the seattle area? step mom. step mom. [ laughter ] jen and jesse are two nice people who will have chosen the porn business as a way to make a living. they launch and my candy. the world's first mobile app store for masturbators and those of graphic erotica.
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they are look ahead, the next levels of porn. personalized, virtual reactive porn. i can tell you, my friends, it's chillingly realistic. generally speaking, who are your customers? >> mostly male. coming from all over the world. they're looking for more unique experiences and that's why vsr is very important for them. a lot of people say they discovered their sexuality and identity through stuff like this. >> whatever your specific interest is, we'll find the exact person for you. exact piece of content. >> like amazon was. based on your previous purchases we can recommend the following step mom related materials. >> you want to see some vr porn? >> yeah. ♪
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>> okay. oh, god. should i look behind me because i don't want to get spit roasted here. >> hey, there. >> that's kind of scary. [ moaning ] >> it's good. >> you're watching my journey through seattle. don't stop there. go to exploresparts retrace my footsteps and find the perfect dish in tokyo.
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call it what you will, it's marijuana. i could go on all day. long story short, washington state legalized weed in 2012. i plan to make the most of it while scrupulously adhering to the lay of the law like i always do. the options available in places like this in world haze are mind boggling. >> how can i help you out today? >> where to begin? >> where to begin? >> there's a dizzying array of products. you have dozens of bud, oils to vape, weed infused edibles, mints, probably lube. remind me to ask. my advice, don't even try to stop stoned. decision making was never in my case a strong point while baked. >> which is sleepy?
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peppy. >> the indico will put you in the couch. it's going to be more of your awake, high feeling in the head. >> like crouched in the bathtub position? >> not that crazy. >> let's do some of both. what do you have on offer here? >> we have a deal on our packet three today from hollingsworth. they had the blueberry cush and the dutch will be more of a hybr hybrid. >> this is from our friends -- >> these are from hollingsworth which is very nice. >> two hours outside of seattle lies hollingsworth cannibas
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farm. it was alive with weed. rows and rows of weed. carefully grown and tended to by one amily. third generation seattleites, the hollingsworths. at the helm of the company, these guy, brother and sister duo joy and ralph. >> didn't see you there. >> wait. oh, hi, didn't see you there. >> we're going to do it. >> i'm joy hollingsworth. >> oh, hi. say it. >> let's take a -- let's take a closer look, shall we? >> while some corporate outfits are rushing to cash in, the hollingsworth company is doing it more slower, personal way. solar powered greenhouse, hand trimmed buds and hand packed bags ensure the highest quality. they're keeping it all in the family. ralph runs the manufacturing and growing.
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joy does processing and sales. auntie came out of retirement to assist with oil cartridges. dad puts labels on packages and mom assists in quality control as i will and have and will again. back in the city my new restaurant on melrose. >> this is a good spot. how you doing? >> i'm been smoking some of your product so if i'm a little unfocused. >> before this you did? >> what's that? >> before this? >> yeah. >> he said what, what? [ laughter ] >> it's a modern take on
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traditional syrian and lebanese food and it's done well. there's spice beef and lamb kabobs. fried cauliflower. local squash and charred tomatoes topped with sizzling pine nuts. that's sweet and sour rice wrapped in leave leaves. >> the hummus is great. >> this is my favorite cuisine. >> how is business? >> it's been an interesting three years. i feel like every year we've been refining the process to kind of get better. we're the little guys. >> right now we're mom and pop. >> we're the mom and pop. washington state set up the law to try to help mom and pops get started. >> how did you convince the family? this must have seem eed like a sketchy venture.
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>> it's a gamble. >> ralph said i have a family meeting and need you here tonight. he puts his powerpoint. he says we need to go to mason county and grows a ton of weed. my mom raises her hand and she says i have something really important. she said i want to be rnd. can i smoke and tell you if the weed is good? he starts moving. >> my business plan starts at build a license. it was build a license and get out the way. they will come and give you a final inspection and you are licensed to grow weed in the state of washington. >> how many people growing weed in the seattle, washington state region? >> there's a lot. >> there's over 1100 producer processers in washington state. about 400 license retail stores. >> everybody smokes weed. >> there's so many people of all different types smoke weed. we did a store visit.
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we saw people come in and out. grandmas, moms, professionals. i'm sure if they store took demographic, they would have a spectrum of different type of people. >> people like to get high. what do they want these days? there's so many choices. >> our biggest seller, the prerolls. people like ready made cannibas. >> loose joints. >> people don't like to roll it. >> people, teach your children. this is a basic life skill. >> what do you smoke? >> i like to smoke weed. alaskan thunder. >> that's old school hells angel. >> did you smoke it? >> i've been trying them all one after the other. i've been smoking weed since i was 13. all the bad stuff that was supposed to happen didn't really happen.
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looking at my own life, i've seen my ambition. there were things i was thinking about doing but once i started smoking some good weed i was like, ahh. [ laughter ] >> i'm good. he once saved two birds with one stone. and he once drove 8 hours in a sidecar just to get to a game. he is rob riggle, the most interesting fan of college football. is that me? stay thirsty mis amigos. (honking) (beeping) we're on to you, diabetes. time's up, insufficient prenatal care. and administrative paperwork, your days of drowning people are numbered.
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throughout history, the one meal when we come together, break bread, share our day and connect as a family. [ bloop, clicking ] and connect, as a family. just, uh one second voice guy. [ bloop ] huh? hey? i paused it. bam, family time. so how is everyone? find your awesome with xfinity xfi and change the way you wifi.
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in a descript looking building some smart people are looking into things like how to stop hurricanes before they happen, ending malaria and how to make the perfect hamburger. nathan is the former chief technology officer of microsoft. a genius, inventor and very wealthy man who is free to indulge his passions for cooking and all things food. he and his team have published a lavish and aauthoritative series of books. authoritative series of books. documenting the results are the best high-tech imaginable. head chef is leading the team into a new mission now.
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demystifying bread for all of us. >> people like me, someone who has cooked his whole life, i live in terror of bread. anything that rises, in fact, like a horse senses my fear and insecurity and misbehaves. i'm tenuous with any doughs. i see people slap it around like it's nothing. i'm like this and it always goes wrong on me. it never quite right. will your work help me? >> it will help you, tony. that's amazingly robust. although we've got lots of recipes. recipes aren't as important as understanding sort of the fundamentals of what's going on. once you do, it's really quite forgiving. >> few things are more
6:29 pm
mysterious and unknowable than the bagle. can one create the perfect bagle and the topping don't fall off? as a new yorker i'm inclined to say no. what is this, bread in a jar? what's going on here? >> this is a kind of sick thing we do. we wondered can you can bread? by god, you can. this is rum babas which is a bread in a sense it uses yeast. we can them. watch what happens when we open it up. isn't that awesome? >> really good. how long will this stay in there. >> >> nine months. >> i can have perfectly fresh bread in nine months if i just pop the top on this thing? you know, jaded cooks and chefs
6:30 pm
like me, they still find their uncertain unknowables or things that cause them to pause in the kitchen and gaze with wonder at the magic of something like bread. are you afraid that in some way you're doing satan's work by quantifying magic? food is a very romantic thing. it's experienced in an emotional way by explaining it. >> absolutely. it's emotional. absolutely, it can be art. knowing how to do it right, to me, doesn't diminish that. across the water from my hotel in the puget sound just outside the city limits, the wilderness opens up and it's beautiful.
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♪ ♪ on fashion island, a clam bake with crab, prawn, mussels, corn and potatoes covered in kelp and steams together under burlap, old school. ♪
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chefs work with nathan at modernist cuisine before breaking off to do their own things. a high-tech to help people cook better with step by steps and video content. >> our job is to help people cook a meal for their friends and family and didn't know they could cook that well. we're kind of technologists too. there's also a role for craft and tradition. >> i think there's an element of uncertainty and risk that's kpie exciting to me when i cook. if everybody knew how to sauce pasta correctly, i don't know that that would make me happier.
6:33 pm
>> the kitchen is a pretty scary place for a lot of people. if you can bring technology and it takes that fear away and they know it will come out well, they will be happy with the result, that will get them to cook again. come frg ting from the guys who modernist cuisine, we're trying to find things that are great about cooking a meal. >> why do people instagram pictures of food? to share their wonderful eating experience? no. it's to make other people feel bad about what they're eating. >> i agree with that. >> i'm eating incredible crabs and you're sitting home in dirty underwear eating some doritos. >> they're pretty tasty. alright, off you go.
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and now, step up to alaska premium class, which egg has better taste only eggland's best. and is the only egg i'll serve my family? eggland's best. better taste, better nutrition, better eggs. it's probably infair to suggest that the pacific northwest and seattle area come home to a disproportionately large number of serial killers, but i'll do it any way. >> anything else i can grab you gentlemen? >> i'm good for now. >> a fat bastard sounds interesting. fred moody is a writer and
6:38 pm
bartender. kunut is a journalist and columnist in seattle weekly. taylor shellfish and oyster bar is old school too. the taylor family has been farming more than 12,000 acres in the puget sound and the hood canal for over five generations, since 1890. we three restaurants in town, they know what they're doing. >> you eat these whole? head, tail, bones and all? >> yes. >> whole local smelt served with pepper. local dungeoness crab cook l edd chilled with pickle sauce and lots of oi stysters. >> seattle has been considered more of the foodie cities. >> yeah. >> you ask people why, they say the sheer abundance of really
6:39 pm
good ingredients. >> yeah. you have the ocean there. you have cattle country and orchard country over the mountains. there's not just the market but every neighborhood. those entrepreneurs have place to sell. they can go to the markets or some of them. it's really fantastic. >> everybody born and bred in seattle? >> i was. >> born here? >> yes. >> bellingham. >> sure. serial killer capital of the world. ted bundy and the green river killer were patrons in that bar. >> the hillside strangler. >> the sniper. >> worse one was the green river killer. >> why is seattle and the pacific northwest such a magnet for serial killers, any theori s theories? >> people come here to hide out. they look at the map. >> two mountain ranges are a couple hours ago. >> you can hide bodies like a
6:40 pm
short drive from where ever you are. >> the convenient body dumping. >> body dumping. that's got to be part of it. >> you have all that lush greenery. >> looking to dump a body, seattle. >> i've always thought the rain was kind of part of it. you get to that stretch from ongt october to february. by the time you're in february, you want to become a serial killer. >> apparently you can. is seattle a teeming hive of serial killers or am i an idiot with overactive imagination. meet retired homicide detective who specialized in cold cases in the region. we meet at the shanghai room in greenwood where fred moody tends bar. the north star diner next door provides nourishment, crab, bacon and melted cheese when
6:41 pm
discussing dump sites and ligature marks a must. >> when does it seem like there's a disproportionate number of serial killers? >> i don't think most are shopping for areas where they live. this is just where they ended up. when you're a detective for as long as i've been a detective and you're around very evil people, it's place where i don't want you to have to come and look at through my eyes. i can talk to you about it, but i hope you never have to see it like i've seen it. it's a different place. it's place you don't want to be. >> how many serial killers you think are out there in the washington state area? >> i would say easily right now, easily over 75 people out here that are probably serial murders. >> whoa. 75. >> i don't care how nice it is here in fun seattle and stuff. i know how many evil people are
6:42 pm
running around here. >> do you think these guys holding down remember jobs? >> they can just go on and have a regular, what seem to us as a regular life. they can also have wives. i always wonder about the wives. don't you notice the momentos and the unusual odor coming from the crawl space? >> what's with the whole clown outfit? >> all you have to do is put on a clown suit and already you're a suspect. let's get the big guy in place. the ford year-end sales event is here. i can guide you in? no, thanks , santa, i got this. looks a little tight. perfect fit. santa needs an f-150. that's ford, america's best selling brand. hurry in today for 0% financing for 72 months across the full line of ford cars, trucks and suvs! and just announced... get 0 % apr for 72 months plus $1000 cash back! take advantage of these exclusive holiday offers
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♪ ♪ ♪ i've given a torn and tattered low ♪ ♪ do you hear the tolling bells that ring down from above ♪ ♪ i've become corrupt ♪ now i crawl the promenade to fill my empty cup ♪ ♪ you're free again ♪ one more time
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>> mark lanegan is one of the greatest music song writers making music today. his song and lyrics reflective of a hard life cut he down to the bone. he continued throu numerous collaborations like p.j. harvey, uncle, mad season, the gutter twins and massive attack. make you know him from such theme songs as this show. >> wow. spicy. >> that's good. dinner with mark and touring
6:48 pm
guitarist jeff felder. they serve out generous drinks and spanish influence tapas. >> you grew up around two hours outside of seattle? >> yeah in eastern washington which was like country side, ranching, farming community. >> you don't live here anymore. you live in l.a. now? >> yeah. >> how long since you left? >> it's been 20 years. i come back here couple times a year, play shows. i still have family in the city. i think of it as home still. i always will. it's just, it's a home i don't live in anymore. ♪ you put on a long white dress ♪ ♪ while i burn when there's no
6:49 pm
more tomorrow ♪ ♪ will you walk with me underground ♪ ♪ and forget all the sadness and the sorrow ♪ ♪ ♪ >> how long you been playing music professionally? >> well, kind of the whole time. i played my first gigs when i was 13. been touring with mark since about 2010. >> what was the first time you were ever on stage and where was it? >> it was my hometown. i was 15 and some guys i worked in a restaurant with had a band. they were older. i sang at one pool party that they had. >> what was the set list there, covers?
6:50 pm
>> a lot of van halen. >> oh, wow. >> sticks. >> brutal. you have played and play with a lot of different people from different styles of music. i think a lot of musicians i know and have met would have a hard time with that, you seem to move effortlessly around. >> mark: i don't know, i just been blessed with a lot of opportunity. i get to play with a lot of people whose music i really love, so i'm happy. you know, after having been in my own band for many years and suddenly like i'm taking jobs where i'm just playing part of somebody's set. at first it was a little awkward, but then i grew to really love doing it because it was easy and fun, and there was no pressure. i did that for quite a few years and i'm available to do that again if anybody wants me.
6:51 pm
[ laughter ] ♪ on a marble street a procession spills in ♪ ♪ at the white sea wall waves crash and crash again ♪ ♪ darkness shining then disappearing ♪ ♪ day follows night night follows day ♪ ♪ goodbye goodbye to beauty ♪ ♪ goodbye goodbye to beauty ♪ >> anthony: are you at all sentimental about how seattle used to be?
6:52 pm
>> mark: you know, i guess it's sort of like being sentimental about grade school or, you know, any time in your life that isn't around anymore. i miss some of the guys that were around then that aren't around anymore, you know. some of my friends. but, you know, that's life. ♪ goodbye to beauty ♪ can i give it to you straight? that airline credit card you have... it could be better. it's time to shake things up. with the capital one venture card, you get double miles on everything you buy, not just airline purchases. seriously, think of all the things you buy. this why you asked me to coffee?
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♪ >> anthony: next to making a proper omelette, or like wiping your own ass, knowing how to roll a joint is an essential life skill for any self-respecting member of society, in my view. pay attention people. ♪ ♪ ♪ can you stay here next to me?
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