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tv   New Day  CNN  November 20, 2017 2:59am-4:00am PST

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highlights in the bathroom. >> you do? >> too much information? >> i watch chris cuomo in the bathroom. >> do you? >> just kidding. >> that is too much information, my friend. >> boy, what highlights am i watching? i'm not watching news highlights. that's horrible. so boring. >> i wake up and wonder who won the game. and if you're wondering, the eagles beat the cowboys handily last night. >> i can now start my week knowing that information. >> 37-9. >> i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. "new day" starts now. this is cnn breaking news. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day". it's monday, november 20th, 6:00 here in new york. and we do begin with breaking news. charles manson is dead. the notorious cult leader who masterminded a murderous rampage in los angeles nearly five decades ago is finally gone at the age of 83. manson's young followers killed can seven people in the summer
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of 1968, including pregnant actress sharon tate, all at his direction. >> these grisly murders gripped the world. manson became the face of evil. stephanie elam is live with all of the breaking details. stephanie. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. when you take a look at charlie manson and what he managed to pull off, this man, this heinous crime that he managed to get his followers to murder these people during that summer. for that he was serving nine life terms. his life now over. >> manson may be the most famous mass murderer ever. >> reporter: the summer of '69 was marred by murders that shook the nation. five people killed at the home of hollywood star sharon tate and another couple murdered the following night. manson was behind the brutal
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killings, the leader of the clan. he was convicted of conspiracy and murder in 1971 and infamously went down in history. >> i do a lot of things around the world that you guys don't see. >> reporter: he was born in cincinnati in 1934 to a single teenage mother. >> she got out of my life early. i spent the best part of my life in boy schools, prisons and reform schools because i had nobody. >> reporter: after marrying twice and spending half his life in prison, 32-year-old manson made his way to berkeley in 1967. he established himself as a guru in the summer of love and was quickly sharing a home with 18 women. >> you get these kids, these children coming in and here is charlie manson saying how much he loves them and he wants them and take care of them. he took full advantage. >> reporter: manson's passion for music translated into an obsession with the beatles
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helter skelter. >> they wanted to have a worldwide revolution. blacks against whites. >> reporter: aiming to launch the fabricated war, manson directed his disillusioned clan to kill. august 9th, 1969, four manson followers invaded the hollywood hills home of actress sharon tate where they massacred five people. the 26-year-old starlet was eight and a half months pregnant. the next night they murdered a couple. at both homes they left behind shocking murder scenes. >> when the words healther skelt her are printed in blood at the murder scene, that was tantamount to manson's fingerprints being found. >> referee: manson and four followers were convicted of nine murders. he was downgraded to life in prison when california banned the death penalty.
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manson did try to get out of prison but denied parole 12 times while he was in jail. chris and alisyn. >> stephanie, thank you very much. appreciate it. all right. let's go and just remind people this was really the first man in modern american history who really made americans know there's pure evil. there's people who will kill. >> yet he lives to 83 and dies of natural causes. >> they wanted to call him. >> but dodges it. >> they changed the law. so he got a sentence changed to life. >> i get it. just watching his whole life play out and he gets to die of natural causes. >> you can go back and look how many different murders there were. he was always trying to do something to provoke and make people more angry.
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he started with the x on his head and then the swastika. but he's gone now. big political storms going on right now. maybe right now. i haven't checked the twitter feed. president trump lashing out at the father of one of the three ucla players arrested in chinese. he demanded praise for getting the athletes freed. he said you didn't give me enough praise when really the story was just unfolding. this is lavar, he has his own brand of controversy around him. he said i don't know how much president trump had to do with freeing my son liangelo. the president heard it and fired back. now that the three basketball players are out of china and saved from years in jail, lavar
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ball, the father of liangelo, is unaccepting of what i did for his son and that shoplifting is no big deal. i should have left them in jail. >> china told them why released. very ungrateful. >> the president attacked republican senator jeff flake of arizona. again, of course, in a tweet. this was after an open mike moment captured senator flake calling the gop toast if president trump and roy moore are allowed to define it. >> writing senator jeff flaky, who is unelectable in the great state of arizona, quit race, anemic polls, was caught purposely on mike saying bad things about your favorite president. he'll be a no on tax cuts because his political career anyway is toast. >> let's bring in cnn senior analyst ron brownstein, david
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drucker and alex byrnes. ron, a little frustrating for you because there are no numbers involved. this is a flashpoint for people under the category of we've never seen this before. we have never seen an american president seem to spite his own citizens saying i should have left you in jail in china. your level of shock? >> yeah. well, no shock by this point. >> so i just said it up that way, my voice high and you say no shock? >> no shock. maybe there is a psychological or emotional reason why the president feels he has to lash out at anybody who challenges him or in his mind disrespects him. but i think we are so far beyond that and where this is so clearly a political strategy. i think this is the week that really gave up the game. it was -- it's obviously so
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absurdly inappropriate for a president of the united states to engage in a twitter fight with a self-agriculture ran tkaoeuzing, pub blissity seeing, although they deserve each other as people have said, and tweeting on al franken given all the allegations that he is facing. and the fact that he did so nonetheless underscores he views this as a strategy to constantly stir up these personal and cultural fights, off racially tinged, that dominate news cycles, keep him in the mode of being seen to fight any constituti institution in his way and grind forward with less attention than it otherwise would have received. polling numbers he is not temperament alley fit to be president is very high. but right now i think you have to look at this as controversy by design that is explicitly
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created to instill what we're doing now, talk about it. >> all right. so that's one view. david, let me bring you in. strategy or he can't resist being provoked by, you know, this dad who obviously likes to provoke? >> as a ucla alum and die hard sports fan for many years, part of me wondered whether they should have been left there to scare them or trade up and let lavar stay there. >> maybe next year when he goes to china -- >> no. i had a fan philosophy. but i think what the president is doing is setting up another cultural flashpoint for his followers and his committed voters to choose trump or the enemy. >> strategically. >> he yeah, correct. i think, yes, the president prefers chaos and prefers to be in a fight somebody because that is where he is most comfortable.
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i think this is how he keeps his base close to him by in a sense telling him there is us and there are people against us. because if you're against trump, you're against the country. so while it is not a shock anymore that the president would do this, we see him do this every few weeks or every couple of months. in a sense, this is how he keeps his base connected to him and how he keeps a political dynamic in play that he believes benefits him and his agenda. >> well, look, as always true by definition, alisyn is right. >> repeat that. >> we all know it. it is a mantra here. we will put it as a second line as the name of the show. he can't resist. but one of the reasons we opine that he is maybe the luckiest man in the history of presidential politics is that his own personal exercises happens to echo a cultural vane of division in this country that suits his purpose. so alisyn is right.
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someone takes a shot at him. he disposition alley cannot avoid going back at them no matter who they are or how petty. but it plays into a dual-knowledged advantage. it galvanizes the base. nobody respects anything anymore. it works. and it works on the second edge of distraction. you're going to talk about roy moore but went after franken like a monster? no. because we're talking about lavar ball. talk about how a mandate will destroy the aca? no. we will talk about the politics of him and jeff flake. put the tweet up there. jeff flake-y he says. adam schiff talking about the president. quit the race was caught purposely on mike.
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we don't know that at all. it was supposedly an open mike. put the facts to the side, as always. saying bad things about your favorite president. that statement stands for itself. he'll be on a no on tax cuts because his political career anyway is toast. a distraction from what's going on. gets into the strive. but it works for him unless the policies run away from him and the people he is playing to with the cultural division don't see more in their pocket and turn on him. >> i think that's totally right. we spend a lot of time in the media parsing what's part of the plan and what's trump being trump. at theened of the day i'm not sure it's a hugely important distinction. it's how he operates in office. it's how he operates every single day. whether it's him and his advisers mapping up their plan to pick a fight with lavar ball or whether this is him, as you say, instinctively going to the grievances his political base shares, this is the effect that it has. i do think the jeff flake is a little bit different than the lavar ball tweet. he has this long running
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fixation on flake. and flake's comment over the weekend was candidly so not newsy that we have heard jeff flake say that kind of thing so many times. it would have been incredibly easy for the president to let this one slide rather than not just engaging theer in in this way but raising the spe"spectref him not raising the tax bill. it seems more directly self defeating than anything else he has done. athletes attacking celebrities, which is self-undermining in a long-term sense but not in a day to day. >> jeff flake said in a hot mike what he said in open mikes, very candidly, happily over and of again. >> let's tell people. it was just that if roy moore wins, the republican party is toast. >> right. and he has said that to us all the time. this is nothing. and i laughed. i said finally a politician who
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says in private what he is willing to say in public. he has never been one of those troubling senators for the tax bill. he wasn't for the obama repeal bill, which he voted for. >> trump has burg problems when it comes to the senate than him. ron? >> the calculus on the president's use of the strategy is more complex. on the one hand, it clearly does what you say. he would not be doing it this off with an ever shifting cast of targets if he did not believe there was a benefit in appearing to his base as taking on any -- there are no sacred cows. i will fight anyone to defend your interests. on the other hand, has not shown the -- he shas shown the ability to drive the news cycle but not around an agenda. the tax bill is now under water at 2-1 opposition. while this helps with the base, this kind of twitter fight is
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the core reason why his numbers are so low relative to other voters. the majority of which say he does not display the temperament for the presidency and who showed earlier this month that they would take out the sentiments on other republicans. what we saw in virginia was historic in the five counties outside d.c., ralph north ham won by twice as many four years earlier. republicans on capitol hill may say this division of responsibility is working. he's drawing the media spotlight. we are quietly advancing our agenda. this enormous tax cut that should be much more in the center of things. on the other hand, there is evidence that there may be ultimately a price in this for them as well and it questions whether more should be raising the questions that jeff flake has done. >> here is adam schiff's
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comments with la rar baavar bal. the president would have left american students in a foreign jail because their families didn't lavish is sufficient praise on him. how can someone in such a big office be so small? the tone may be starting to erode some is of his support in inspe independents, i have a panel of trump voters. i asked him to grade the president. you'll be fascinating to see how they feel. he likes when he calls out people. >> i'll be curious whether your panel lines up with this. people say they like that he is a counterpuncher, that he fights back, that he takes on hollywood and the elites. i wish he would lay off twitter. people say they love him in every other respect give themselves permission. >> i have heard that too. >> it reads for i wish he would
3:16 am
act a little bit more like a president. >> it is is also awe hedge. the statements are almost incongruous. i like that he is a fighter but i don't like what he says on the twitter. no. it's the same thing. don't let the form start being a cover for the function. that is how it is. we see it with your panel and echoed all over the country in so many manifestations, people are willing to forgive who he is as a person in favor of getting things they need out of government. >> to simplify two elements that helped him win in 2016, the trump voter that feels like he is their avatar. all of this is cathartic for them. the other half are the traditional republican that says, look, between trump and hilla hillary, between a liberal justice and conservative justice, i will take trump. >> that's why ron is putting to
3:17 am
the numbers in virginia. if that is not an out liar, either he has to change or he will drag the party down the way flake says he will. >> thank you all very much. so jared kushner, he is a key figure now in the russia investigation. but his lawyer says he's actually a hero. what makes the lawyer say that? we look into it next.
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all right. as we start off the week what the president is saying reveals
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a pettiness that might be a problem for him politically down the line. now we turn to what was done or not done by those closest to him during the campaign that could be an even bigger problem for him down the line. an attorney for president trump's son-in-law and top aide jared kushner said the senate judiciary committee is playing political gotcha games. he is pushing back over kushner failing to turn of documents, including withholding e-mails on wikileaks. cnn's evan perez interviewed kushner's attorney and joins us from washington. what did you note? >> during the 2016 campaign, jared curb under has been forgetful, slow to acknowledge to list them on his security clearance application to this past week when he was sent a bipartisan is and public letter saying he hasn't turned over documents that the committee new existed. the documents include kushner's
3:22 am
communication with fired national security adviser michael flynn, the clearance forms, campaign contacts with wikileaks, and a russian back door roefl to connect vladimir putin with the campaign, an idea, by the way, that kushner reject. his attorney pushes back against those accusations. >> in my communications with the senate judiciary committee i said take these documents and let's talk about it. they jumped the gun. any perception that mr. kushner has been anything of not only cooperative. he's the hero. he said there should be no contact with tporbl officials or foreign entities. that's what the senate judiciary committee should pay attention to and not play a partisan gotch "a" game. >> while his attorney says he is cooperating with congress, he has another investigation to keep in mind, being led by
3:23 am
special counsel robert mueller. he is still working through the roster white house official is coming through with interviews. that includes jared kushner. >> okay. evan, thank you very much. we're back with david drucker and ron brownstein. this shouldn't be open to interpretation. has he turned over the documents or not? this should be a fact-based answer. what do we know about it? >> abb lowe was talking about documents he believed were relevant. he didn't answer the question would you turn over all documents. look, i think this in a sense works from the perspective of the white house where the president is going to want him to fight back, be aggressive and not act as though he did something wrong. on the other hand, this will feed the beast of people
3:24 am
skeptical of what the campaign did during 2016 and whether or not there were connections or any sort of collusion-type activities with russian officials. >> with good reason where kushner is involved. in truth, you can really easily argue he has skated up to this point in terms of public scrutiny and the irony that his owner, ron brownstein, is so famous for representing all of these democrats, such an enemy of the right, now representing kushner. and everybody is holding him to his word. >> also a democrat. >> that's exactly true. but obviously now he's playing a different role. the answer to alisyn's question is, no, he has not turned over all the documents that the senate judiciary committee wants. but it is up to his discretion. that's the way this kind of discovery works. >> with when they ask you for a specific document. >> they don't ask for a specific. they said give us all the things that meet this criteria.
3:25 am
then there is vetting. then they say you overlooked some things we think are important. they have a lot of different angles on kushner that he is going to account for. i wouldn't put the label "hero" on him so soon. >> first of all, it would be easier to give him the benefit of the doubt if he didn't treat the entire disclosure process with casual indifference and active of disdain. right? you have his financial disclosure forms, his contacts with foreign governments for security clearance, all of which he had to repeatedly amend and add previously undisclosed information to. in this case it's not only the documents, it's the testimony. he testified that he was unaware of any contacts between the campaign and wikileaks. and he forwarded an e-mail in which, you know, donald trump jr. discussed a contact with wikileaks. so that raises obvious questions. i think this also -- i hear this
3:26 am
is distant tofoot falls that wi land in the rotunda. they are both was implicated by this latest dispute. the greater the threat that the president will do something dramatic to try to short circuit this inquiry. then we are back to this question we asked all year. if it comes to that, are republicans in congress willing to defend this investigation reappointing robert mueller or so forth? because these are the kinds of questions that implicate that issue. >> look, it's not to ascribe any kind of illegality. this is the high bar. you have to show someone involved, whether kushner or someone else, not just had dealings with or coordinated, but it was to advance a legal purpose. it is a higher bar. he has more to answer for, to explain than most. he brought in the analytics
3:27 am
company that reached out to wikileaks. he was at that meeting, he said he left early that, don jr. went to with the russian lawyer. he has familiarity with this belarussian man in the dossier. he has more to explain. >> so much of this is about tkus closure. >> he won't turn over his fs-86. that's a big question also. >> right. and from a political standpoint, had the campaign been the transition in the administration been more open and disclosed voluntarily, whether or not they made his takes or not, i think this would look different. but when you have the assistance of the top officials say there's absolutely nothing to see, we find out about a meeting in trump tower. and i'm going in reverse order, jared is kushner has to amend his disclosure forms. there are things he left out. the attorney general realizes he had meetings that he didn't
3:28 am
remember having before. all of this adds to an air that there is something to investigate. even if it's nothing more than a keystone cop situation. they were not prepared to win and all that goes along with that. >> i'm going to segue, ron, unless you have something you would like to add to that. >> no. segue. >> we're moving on. elephants in zimbabwe. so the president has announced that he will be making an announcement next week. we don't know if that means this week or next about elephant hunting trophies. and he has given mixed message back seat this. what touz happening here? >> look, i think this is something that is easy to grasp and thus i think becomes very difficult to defend. it's such a clear symbolic issue in which you also have the president's sons, as i recall, being big game hunters. the idea of reversing this ban i think becomes very difficult to defend. it's a hill that i don't think
3:29 am
the administration -- it has shed a lot of political capital on. i would not be surprised to see him reversing the reversal. >> let's put up the tweet from last night. big game trophy decision will be announced next week. this is very simple. it is about protecting elephants, not just the gop symbol. they are threatened oren dangereded on different people's list. will be very hard pressed to change my mind that this horror show in any way helps conservation of elephants or any other animal. what is he talking about this horror show? >> yeah. it's hard to know whether it is the repeal or the original ban from the obama administration. >> how could protecting elephants be a horror show? >> maybe he means a more on error show of killing elephants. >> exactly. that would be the logical
3:30 am
explanation. from david's point from before, it is is the sheer volume of contacts. all the different ways, all the different figures who are in contact with different emissaries of the russian government. this is my ninth presidential campaign. i don't think anyone has ever seen anything like this. >> you got in as our kicker. thank you very much. a change in leadership after 37 years of president mugabe's brutality. now what? we have a live report on the latest. stay with us.
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we're following breaking news. zimbabwe's embattled president mugabe has agreed to terms of a resignation. what's the latest, david? >> reporter: good morning, be alisyn. sources telling us that the president of zimbabwe, the 93-year-old, mugabe, had draft aid letter to resign. he agreed on immunity for himself and his wife with the germs that have taken power in this country. still, as you say, the deadline has passed that his party gave to him to resign. otherwise, they will move to up peach robert mugabe. you had this bizarre moment on sunday. the entire nation watching the address that he did on state media expecting, hoping, i have to say, for him to resign, flanked but his generals. he went on a rambling, sometimes
3:36 am
repetitive speech, where he did nothing of the sort. mugabe not resigning. a collective groan. with the military on the streets, the party throwing him under the bus, and the toughists and supporters in the thousands coming onto the streets this weekend. we were with them. they were calling for the leader to step down. it seems like every time this story appears to be resolving itself, robert mugabe ducks in h digs in his heals. >> he supposedly agreed to the terms of stepping away but didn't is step away. thank you for being on the ground. be safe. let us know what you learn. so there is a multinational search under way to find an argentine submarine. this vessel has gone missing since last week, according to
3:37 am
argentina's navy. ships and aircraft from seven countries are scouring the southern atlantic. ara san juan was last spotted wednesday off the coast of southern argentina. officials saw it may have tried unsuccessfully to contact naval bases seven times on saturday. an investigation is under way after a border patrol agent was killed sunday while on patrol in southwest texas. agent martinez and his partner were responding to unidentified activity along the u.s./mexico border. his partner, who is still in the hospital at this hour, reported they were both injured. border patrol has not provided details. senator ted cruz and governor abbott called it an attack. the president tweeting we will seek out and bring justice to those responsible. we will and must build the wall. >> i was just down there with those men and women trying to
3:38 am
secure the border. they have a very duff job. it is certainly more complex than just a wall. we will stay on that story, how that man is doing in the hospital. all right. so if president trump ordered an illegal nuclear attack, what would happen? what would the military establishment do? could they push back? how would that work? we have answers for you ahead. patients they ask me about whitening all of the time. i tell them the thickness of your enamel determines essentially how white your teeth are going to be. the strength of your teeth needs to be there in order for that whiteness to last. i would definitely recommend pronamel strong and bright to my patients to keep their enamel strong, help to keep stains away, and polish their enamel. they're going to get whiter, brighter teeth. this is a really great product for my patients. ♪
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my ci can worry about it,ine. full-bodied. or do something about it. garlique® helps maintain healthy cholesterol naturally. and it's odor free. and pharmacist recommended. garlique.® the top u.s. nuclear commander says he would not follow orders from president trump to carry out a nuclear strike if those orders were illegal. air force general john height making that comment at a conference. barbara, this is always true that the chain of command does not have to affect an illegal order. it is really about the timing and the context that makes this
3:43 am
a story. >> reporter: that's right, chris. it is not what the general said but the fact that he said it. everybody knows it is all about president trump's rhetoric raising a lot of concerns. what would an illegal nuclear order be? it would be something not proportional to the threat, killing millions of people when there might be another military option. the president has the sole authority. the military has the legal obligation not to follow illegal orders. listen to this remarkable view from him in public. >> i provide advice to the president. he will tell me what to do. if it's illegal, guess what's going to happen? >> you say no. >> i'm going to say, phrt, that's illegal. he will is say would would be legal? and we will come up with options. and that's the way it works. it's not that complicated >> reporter: not that complicated. but you rarely find the military
3:44 am
discussing the most sensitive matters in this. you usually get, i have confidence in the system. general hyden talking about it in front of everyone. alisyn. >> barbara, that was a remarkable headline when he said that. thank you for giving us the story. up next, one year after trump's stunning election victory, his voters give their grades and they express what is behind their undying loyalty. let me tell you if jesus christ gets down off the christ and says trump is with russia i would say, hold on a second, i'm going to check with the president if it's true. >> the pulse of the people next. perfect fit. santa needs an f-150. that's ford, america's best selling brand. hurry in today for 0% financing for 72 months across the full line of ford cars, trucks and suvs! and just announced... get 0 % apr for 72 months
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it's been a little more than one year since president trump's historic win. so we wanted to check in with some of his supporters to see how they feel about him today. i sat down with voters from florida, pennsylvania, indiana, new york, connecticut and louisiana for our latest "pulse of the people." we're basically one year into the trump presidency. so how would each of you grade the president today? so one, two, three. okay. bbaafb. so surely, let me start with you. an f? why? >> i did vote for him. i almost immediately regretted it. he has no credibility for me as a voter. >> what turned you? >> there has been a long laundry list of reversals. >> such as.
3:50 am
>> china is a currency manipulator. now he says he's not. china is not a currency manipulator. that is just one recent example. >> tell me the as what you like so much. >> i think he is meeting with a lot of resistance but he is going after what he said he would do. i like the fact that the stock market has hit 27 historic highs. it keeps going higher and higher and higher. unemployment is down. the furthest it has been in 16 years. i think jobs are coming in. these are all things that he talked about. i think right away he tried to secure the borders. >> how? the wall didn't happen. >> they have the prototypes up. >> mark, you're nodding. >> i love that he is america first. i love that he is not a politician. for so long we have had politicians promise us stuff.
3:51 am
the swamp is horrible. and trump is there. he's there for the small guy. he's there for people like myself. >> though his cabinet is filled with multimillionaires. >> i love that. they're not politicians. >> and you don't see them as part of the swamp that capitalized on the system? >> in a capitalist system you're allowed to make money. being rich is good. >> so what is the swamp? >> the swamp for me -- >> mainstream. >> you almost named it. the elites that look down on a small guy like myself. >> the swamp is no doubt congress, senate. to be able to clean that up somehow. >> how do you get rid of the house and the senate? >> you make it more accountable and more accountable to the people. >> i own a pest control company. it's not much, but it's mine. and i work hard for it. i never went to college. just your typical guy who is trying to make a living. and for years they have been
3:52 am
just kicking us to the side. and here comes the president. let me tell you. if jesus christ gets down off the cross and told me trump is with russia, i would tell him, hold on a second, i need to check with the president if it's true. >> why donald trump over everybody else? why? >> i believe in him. he's a good man. he has taken so much shots for us. it's based on everything he's been doing. he's been winning. listen, i go to meira-la-go. >> what does your sign say? >> blacks for trump. >> it is too early for him to claim credit for those numbers. >> the unemployment rate? >> yes. the stock market is volatile. he has not passed a single legislative piece of anything. >> i think it's interesting,
3:53 am
though, we're going to blame him for the bad things we think have happened but no credit for the good. neil gorsuch, the defunding of planned parenthood and the steps is in that right direction. >> anthony, what is it like for you to hear the two different sides of how people are feeling today? >> my disappointment is when he hit the ground, he didn't have a game plan. it seems he's firing in many different directions. i honestly believe that drain the swamp should have been the primary. he's got 535 congressmen that have anywhere between 15 and 30 lobbyists that are funneling money to them and trying to manipulate them. he has an incredible battle field in front of him. >> the whole election, post election experience has caused me to reexamine. it's been a painful process. i can no longer identify with the republican party. >> why? >> they seem out of touch with mainstream america. they don't seem that interested
3:54 am
in working to bridge the divisions between us, which is a major concern that i have. health care is another one. and i know of many, many people who are not able to get treatment they need. maybe it's time we stop viewing health care as a commodity in this country. >> did you think the president could make a better deal with the insurance company? >> i expected -- i guess i expected the insurance company to be way on the back burner and the american people to be on the front burner. >> single payer. >> you like the idea of single payer? >> absolutely. every other country that is civilized and educated has made the choice to turn it into just like your highways, your bridges and all of your other necessities. >> that's not what donald trump is saying? >> no. >> he is not going toward single payer. >> that's the only way you will eliminate the additional expense that comes with insurance companies. >> why didn't you vote for bernie sanders?
3:55 am
>> i would have considered it but the system was rigged. that's one thing about donald trump. the system is rigged. >> where do you get this time? where do you see it in terms of holding steady for obviously it's a small group. you never know what you're going to get. how was this different for the same than what you had in the past? >> well, the same themes of drain the swamp and the system is rigged. we hear it time and again and we have for the past two years that i have been doing this. unck it is interesting to see some of the erosion of support. >> very little. >> well, but -- let's say you start as an a. who railroad bs because they are waiting. they don't have enough time or information. and one who is a reregreter. >> one of the rules in politics is that a record winds up being a reflection of your time.
3:56 am
that is something trump will have to deal with. he is still doing very well on the politics with his base. better than jesus. >> more trustworthy. >> that one jamaican man who said that. but the record over time is what elections are about. can he deliver? that's going to be the test. all right. so after helping to win the release of three ucla basketball players from china, the president said something that we have never heard an american president say before. he is in a feud with one of the fathers who is a pro srobg taour in his own right. what is his state of play? why would the president engage next. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me? i got this...n there? full-bodied. that's the new man, huh? yup. getting kinda' close to my ride. wow... now, that's how you make a first impression.
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good morning, everybody. welcome to your "new day". we start with breaking news. charles manson is dead. he is dead at the age of 83. manson's young followers killed seven people in the summer of 1969, including pregnant actress


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