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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  November 20, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PST

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all right. top of the hour. good monday morning, i'm popularly harlow. >> i'm john berman. for the first time we are hearing from the woman who says that roy moore sexually molested her when she was 14. also for the first time, we seem to hear the white house saying it would prefer that alabamans still vote for roy moore. >> that's right. this is how leigh corfman described her interactions when she was, look at that, just a 14-year-old girl. >> he basically laid out some blankets on the floor of his living room and proceeded to -- seduce me, i guess you would say. and during the course of that, he removed my clothing.
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he left the room and came back in, wearing his white underwear. and he touched me over my clothing, what was left of it. and he tried to get me to touch him, as well. and at that point, i pulled back, and said that i was not comfortable. >> she talked about the loss of innocence, what that did to her for decades. you'll hear more of that in a moment. but this morning, when pressed, what alabama voters should do, white house counselor kellyanne conway said we need tax reform and you can translate that how you want. kaitlan collins joins us with more. it's pretty clear what she meant with that answer. >> reporter: yeah, she was essentially telling the people of alabama to support roy moore in that election on december 12th if they want this tax bill to pass, poppy. she said that doug jones, the democratic candidate here in alabama, will not vote for it if
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he makes it to the senate. now, they're trying to get that bill through right before christmas, so that would be right after the election here in alabama. let's listen to what kellyanne conway had to say in full this morning. >> doug jones in alabama, folks, don't be fooled. he'll be a vote against tax cuts. >> so vote roy moore? >> i'm telling you that we want the votes in the senate to get this tax bill through. >> the rnc has withdrawn support for roy moore. mitch mcconnell has withdrawn support. so has the young republicans withdrawn support. >> and a lot of women. >> right. and, you know what? i just want everybody to know, doug jones, nobody ever says his name. and they pretend he's some kind of conservative democrat in alabama, and he's not. >> reporter: now she wouldn't state directly the people of alabama should vote for roy moore, but it was a very different answer than what we heard from ankle ann conway before, when she said that no
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senate seat was worth more than a child while talking about the acquisition like leigh corfman's against roy moore. but we have really seen the white house try to walk a tight rope here with roy moore. they haven't called for him to directly drop out of the race but also aren't going to spend any time campaigning here in alabama. ankle ann conway said right now there are no plans for the president to come down here and endorse roy moore like he did with his republican opponent, earlier this year. luther strange, when he held that rally for him in huntsville, alabama. but kellyanne conway made it quite clear this morning who they believe should be in the senate for alabama. >> kaitlan collins joining us to discuss. and our national political reporter for the "new york times," alex burns, and senior political reporter, aaron blake. bianna, we are hearing from leigh corfman now for the first time. we read her account in the "washington post." it's one thing to see the words.
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it's another to hear the words. let me play a little bit of that for you. >> i met him around the corner from my house. my mother did not know. and he took me to his home. after arriving at his home, on the second occasion that i went with him, he basically laid out some blankets on the floor of his living room and proceeded to -- seduce me, i guess you would say. and during the course of that, he removed my clothing. he left the room and came back in wearing his white underwear. and he touched me over my clothing. what was left of it. and he tried to get me to touch him, as well. and at that point, i pulled back and said that i was not comfortable. and i got dressed. and he took me home.
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but i was a 14-year-old child, trying to play in an adult's world. and he was 32 years old. >> there will be people watching who say, why now? why not bring this up over the last few years, particularly when roy moore, who was a rising star in alabama politics ran for election, was a chief justice at the supreme court -- >> right. >> and they say, it doesn't add up. why wait? how do you respond to that? >> well, it's very simple, really. i did tell people. my family knew. family friends knew. my friends knew. i spent a lot of time every time he came up railing against, you know, him. and what he had done to me when i was 14 years old. my children were small. i was a single parent.
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and when you're in that situation, you do everything you can to protect your own. and i sat in the courtroom -- in the courthouse parking lot and thought, you know, i'm going in, i'm going to confront him. >> years later. >> 2000, 2001. and i wanted to walk into this office and say, hey, remember me? you know, you need to knock this stuff off. you know, i need to go public. my children were small. so i didn't do it. the second time, i actually sat down with my children, who were then junior high and elementary school. and i told them, you know, a high overview and gave them the ability to make the decision. they were afraid that with all of their social connections that they would be castigated in their groups. >> you had to tell your kids
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something about what had happened rngt. >> i had to tell the kids, right. and we decided together we wouldn't do it at that time. so when the "washington post" sought me out, i didn't go looking for this. this fell in my lap. it literally fell in my lap. >> there you have it. leigh corfman in her own words. out loud, bianna. what's the impact of hearing that? >> it's compelling. it becomes harder to question the authenticity of her story when you hear those details. you also understand why it's not so easy to come forward. with these types of stories. you look at how times have changed. i mean, she was a 14-year-old girl. her parents knew at the time. they decided not to come forward. you see everything she's gone through and her family had gone through, how it's permanently affected her life. how she had to take into account what would happen to her children, how they would react to it, how they would be treated on social media. and you get a better scope of why so many of these women just don't come forward when people ask them the question, well, if this happened, why not just come
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forward and be open and honest about it. >> much and she says, alex, that for many years, if not decades, i felt guilty. she blamed herself. she talked about a loss of innocence, how it affected her trust for years and years ahead. how does the white house grapple with this now? because the president has just been dodging this left, right and center. but then kellyanne conway this morning goes on fox news, and you just heard it -- and essentially tells alabamans to vote for roy moore. in so many words, saying we need tax reform. >> that was a pretty extraordinary moment. because it's the furthest anyone in the republican party has gone towards sort of re-embracing roy moore, renormalizing roy moore as a candidate. i would be surprised if you heard that from any other people across the party. that senate leadership still feels strongly if he's elected that is a bigger fiasco for them than if he is defeated. and i do think this interview this morning is a really, really big moment in this campaign. >> senior person in the white house. >> but a lot of people -- a lot
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of voters out there who may have been skeptical of the original story, who may see these as kind of disembodied allegations, are going to have a much, much harder time maintaining that level of resistance. >> we have leigh corfman, we have kellyanne conway. i was surprised. i honestly was surprised to hear kellyanne conway say that, given how careful the president has been not to say anything at all. and how careful sarah sanders has been. kellyanne conway basically said vote for roy moore, in so many words. >> yeah, it is striking. i'm not sure i'm terribly surprised by it, though. if you look at the one thing the white house initially said about this, it was pretty similar to what senators at the time were saying, which is that if this is true, he needs to step aside. but if you look at that initial statement, which was given when they were in asia, when the white house was in asia, when trump was in asia, they also talked about these as mere allegations, and said that such allegations should not bring an end to a 40-year political career.
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the fact is that the president and his top spokesperson have been doubting this more than most people in the republican party have been for quite some time. they by not speaking out more forcefully when other republicans did, essentially gave their blessing to roy moore. so the fact that they would now essentially say, hey, this is a republican vote and we need that, i don't think is terribly surprising. >> bianna, you had a point. >> you may also be seeing the workings of internal friction. you had his daughter say there is a special place in hell for people who abuse young children. mick mulvaney just yesterday said the president's view is that democracy should play out and let voters decide. this is the first time you really are sort of seeing a veiled, at least, endorsement. >> so, guys, we have some breaking news crossing broken by our mj lee, reporting that a minnesota woman is alleging that al franken, senator al franken, of minnesota, touched her inappropriately back in 2010. mj's reporting is that
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33-year-old lindsay mends was taking a photo with al franken at the minnesota state fair when he reached behind her and grabbed her. she felt uncomfortable immediately. and just opened it up to our panel, alex. mj's reporting is that, you know, this woman, lindsey, called her directly -- reached out after reading the other allegations against senator franken last week. and said, i felt like i had to say something. so al franken's office says he doesn't remember this moment. but feels badly if this is how it happened. this was while he was a sitting u.s. senator. this is different than the contributi2006. what does this mean for senator al franken moving forward? >> the biggest question for senator franken and whether he can weather all of this, is whether there is a pattern of behavior or whether that incident in 2006 was an isolated incident. whether that was bad behavior, acting out when he was a celebrity, and not a politician,
6:12 am
or whether there is some more consistent pattern. and today we have more questions to ask about that. i think lindsey mens i believe in the story says she says what happened to her as less intrusive to what happened in 2006 but still intrusive. we'll hear more from al franken about this, and part of the reason why i think a lot of folks in washington favor a more intense investigation, an official investigation, is to establish whether this is a couple instances of acting out or whether this is the way a person has behaved. >> they're going to get into uncomfortable discussions about, you know, how bad is certain bad behavior, which is worse than others. it's something that i think we'll all be talking about. >> and what happened before you're a sitting senator and while you're a sitting senator. >> all in the hands of the ethics committee. stick around. we have more to discuss. >> we do. in just the past 24 hours, the president has taken on three different fights, critics, on twitter. but are these twitter wars turning off key voters for 2020? and jared kushner's attorney talks to cnn.
6:13 am
>> if you look at the contents of these e-mails, he's the hero. he's the one who is saying there shouldn't be any contacts with foreign officials or foreign entities. >> why he says this probe is nothing more than a partisan gotcha game. plus, charles manson this morning is dead. you know, cult leader, horrifying figure in american history. we'll have a live report from california, coming up.
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now to president trump and sports this morning. the president is calling out nfl star, marshawn lynch, for standing during the mexican national anthem, but sitting during the spar spangled banner. great disrespect, the president writes. next time nfl should suspend him
6:18 am
for remainder of season. attendance and ratings down. >> i don't think it's just sports. i think the president is enemy shopping. there is jeff flake, and talking about the comment of a ucla basketball player arrested in china for shoplifting. the president said, i should have left them in jail. he goes on, shoplifting is a very big deal in china, as it should be, but not to father lavar. he's talking about lavar ball. every basketball fan on earth knows who that is right now. we're at the white house with the latest on this. a busy president looking for people to fight with this morning, joe. >> reporter: that's true. but also taking on sports figures really plays well to the president's base. and in a way, this sounded more like a couple of reality stars going after each other than it really did about policy or politics. but that's how this white house rolls. they also like the fact that the president can seize control of the news cycle with his twitter account. but in this case, because it's
6:19 am
lavar ball, this is really a guy who has made a career of self agra aggrandizement. meanwhile, another of the president's twitter targets that would be senator jeff flake of arizona, the outgoing senator, caught in an open mic moment, and teeing off or teeing up the president on twitter. jeff flake really didn't say anything. he hasn't said about the president before, if you think about it. but here, judge for yourself. >> become the party of roy moore and donald trump. we are toast. >> reporter: so the president shoots back with a tweet, senator jeff flakey, he calls him, who is unelectable in the great state of arizona, was caught purposely -- we don't know that, by the way -- on mic
6:20 am
saying bad things about your president. he will be a no vote on tax cuts. we don't know that either. because his political career anyway is toast. so what does all of this mean? well, the president has tweeted about a lot of things over the last 24 hours. but the one thing he has not tweeted about in the last five days and about 11 hours is roy moore, the republican senate race in alabama, and allegations of sexual harassment against women. that is the topic they seem to continue to be staying away from. back to you. >> all right, joe johns at the white house. thanks so much. our panel is back. aaron blake, i start with you. i called it enemy shopping. you call it whatever you would like. the question is, what exactly does the president get out of this? >> yeah, he seemed to be in a certain mood on sunday. that's for sure. you know, i think there is a tendency to view all of these things as, you know, distracting from something. maybe he doesn't want us to talk about the tax debate by going after lavar ball and marshawn
6:21 am
lynch. but then he also had the tweet about the -- about jeff flake and about the tax bill. you know, i think what's really interesting about the flake tweet is that jeff flake was not a no on this bill. he did not come out against it. he did say that he wondered what it would do to the deficit. but he was undecided. and his office says that he is still undecided. what the tweet effectively does now is it puts jeff flake in a position that if he winds up voting for this, it looks like trump actually pushed him into that. this may actually make him less likely to support the tax bill, and they would only need one more senator to vote against it in order to kill the bill. so i don't think that republican leaders are probably terribly happy with what the president just did here. >> let's take a step back, guys, and look at this big picture. this enemy shopping, which is the term of the morning. in my book. bianna, adam schiff, who is anything but media shy, and -- you know, spouts off whatever
6:22 am
he's feeling on twitter and elsewhere, as well. here's what he writes. the president would have left american students in a foreign jail because their families didn't lavish sufficient praise on him. how can someone in such a big office be so small? fair? >> well, i think we're hearing from a lot of people from both sides of the aisle saying this is sort of what a president does. you know? if there's an american in trouble overseas, especially if the president happens to be meeting with that foreign leader, then the president will make an appeal to help the american citizen, in whichever capacity he can. i mean, it's been done before. and what we're seeing different now is that the president really boasting about it, and suggesting that he's not getting enough praise and kudos for it. and i hate using this word, but it's just so unpresidential. if you want to compare it to past precedent. and so i think that's what keeps throwing people off. and this was a good move on the president's part. these players apologized. and i think steve kerr said it best over the weekend when he said -- >> john abbott.
6:23 am
dramatic reading -- modern life. two people seeking attention and they're both getting it. >> yes. we're talking about that. and not tax reform, which i think to the earlier point is what most republicans would want to be talking about right now. >> anything racial here? because, you know, the president likes going after athletes. i mean, in the nfl, black athletes mostly. anything -- is there that element? >> well, there is certainly a pattern of the target the president chooses in professional sports. and the fact that he's going back at the issue of athletes protesting and what he describes as disrespecting the flag. or disrespecting the anthem. that is not an accident. he absolutely recognizes it. and his advisers absolutely recognize that his largely white political base finds that extremely compelling. so, you know, i don't want to get to his what's in his heart or underlying personal motivations. but as a political matter, they absolutely know what he's doing. >> what do you think? what's your read on that? any racial element here? >> well, alex is exactly right.
6:24 am
this is a long-running pattern. the anthem protest is a big part of that. if you look at the lavar ball situation, this is a seed that trump planted before those -- before this whole thing even blew up. before the players even spoke. the president teed this up by saying, i wonder if these athletes are going to thank me for this. you have to think that maybe he knew that this would eventually involve lavar ball in some way. lavar ball is much like the president in some ways, that he can't really resist the attention-gathering aspect of these kinds of things. and so we have now wound up in a very maybe predictable place in this whole scenario. but the president seemed to really, you know, proactively seek out this feud. >> yeah. and a few others. thank you both. all three of you, bianna, aaron, and alex. >> who both? who are we leaving out? who are you not thanking? the white house wants tax
6:25 am
reform to pass a lot, really no matter what. and it is willing, as we learned over the weekend, to ditch a repeal of the obamacare individual mandate to make it happen. our chief business correspondent, christine romans, is now with us. i was surprised when i heard mulvaney say this. >> yeah, he's a budget director. and, look, we know that the gop wants to kill obamacare. i mean, has tried and failed to get rid of obamacare. and when this repeal of the individual mandate made its way into the senate bill, some folks thought tactically that might be a brilliant way to do two things that the gop really wants to do, get rid of obamacare and cut taxes. but mick mulvaney saying, look, if that's going to be a deal breaker for tax reform, they'll get rid of that. listen. >> i don't think anybody doubts where the white house is on repealing and replacing obamacare. we absolutely want to do it. if we can repeal part of obamacare, as part of a tax bill, and have a tax bill that is still a good tax bill that can pass, that's great. if it becomes an impediment to getting the best tax bill we
6:26 am
can, we're okay with taking it out. >> can only afford to lose two senators here, and already we know that ron johnson of wisconsin, he is concerned that there is not enough support for small business in this bill. he has concerns. and senator susan collins has a list of things she is concerned with in this bill here. namely that it's not enough middle class tax relief, and instead it favors corporations. she would like to even raise the corporate tax rate to 20%. so, look, there are some concerns to iron out here. and that is what they're doing. that's where we are in this budget calendar, where they are ironing out these differences. this is how the senate bill differs from the house version. there are seven tax brackets, not four. the individual tax cuts expire. the corporate rate cut waits a year to go into place at 20%. then it is permanent. the 25% tax rate for pa pass-through entities is also temporary. something that people like senator ron johnson are concerned about. it ends the state and local tax deduction and keeps the mortgage
6:27 am
deduction. so there are a lot of differences to iron out here to be able to pay for it. remember, getting rid of the individual mandate was something that would allow them to come up with a whole bunch of money to help pay for the tax cuts, so that would change the math, as well. looking at market rates, you can see a higher open. it's been wobbly in the last week or so as the timing and certainty of tax reform is something that is being kwe questioned by those on wall street. remember, wall street is banking on a corporate tax cut, a permanent corporate tax cut. they have wanted it for years so headquarters stay in this country, so companies have more clarity about what their tax burden will be. and they have been banking on it. and the markets have reflected that. guys? >> all right, christine romans, thank you very much. we have a lot of news this morning. jared kushner's lawyer says that senators are playing gotcha games with his client. next, why he says the president's son-in-law is the hero. the hero in the whole russia investigation. let's begin.
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6:33 am
he's the one saying there shouldn't be any contacts with foreign officials or foreign entities. that's what the senate judiciary committee should pay attention to. and not create some sort of partisan gotcha game. >> meanwhile, we are learning more about white house as far as who will be entire viewed by special counsel mueller. hope hicks, the communications director, among them. don mcghan, white house council. josh rafel, three of the big ones. the words from abbe lowell are that kushner is the hero in this, but also that the judiciary committee or your colleagues are playing a gotcha game. that this is all politics, kushner has been more than transparent. are you comfortable so far, given the threat that you have called russia for years? are you comfortable so far with the administration's response? >> well, i can't really say
6:34 am
whether he's given them all of his e-mails or not. i'm sure the committees will get down to it. but i think it's important that we show strength with russia, but we also have to have a mature relationship with russia, like we maintained throughout the cold war. >> and, again -- >> that's why we're beefing up our ukraine right now. >> i didn't mean to interrupt you, but you've written about russia for a long time, saying the united states needs to stand firm, including in this one. if you take a step back purely from the russia side of what we have learned over the last several months, the "washington post" counts that the russians tried at least 31 times to meet with members of the trump campaign. and there were 1 9 known meetings. so just purely from the russian side -- forget about collusion for a minute. what do you think the russians were trying to do? >> well, i think that's the biggest news in this whole deal. is that russia has employed its traditional surveillance and espionage tactics inside the
6:35 am
united states and around europe. i don't think people really realize they were doing all of that. and i think it's important that we understand it, and take it into account. >> well, given that, and that's part of why you wrote just in march of this year, in an opinion piece, that russia is one of the, in your words, greatest geopolitical threats. you blasted the obama administration for trying to have a quote, unquote, reset with russia. but is that not exactly what the trump administration is trying to do, if not taking it further? i mean, we just heard from the president after this most recent meeting with vladimir putin. you know, that friendship with russia would be a good thing, et cetera, et cetera, still refusing to criticize him. how is this any different? >> well, poppy, at the end of the day, it's going to be what we do. not what the president says. and what we do is very important. like with the ukraine right now, selling them those javelin missiles and maybe providing them more anti tank protection. you know, that's what we need to
6:36 am
do. russia needs to know that there is a high cost for further voyeurism in the middle east, like in syria and in the ukraine. >> well, i assume you also mean part of a high cost is also being willing to stand up and telling them, stop meddling in u.s. elections! stop trying to infiltrate. >> right. i don't think anybody likes the fact they did that. >> the president hasn't called it out as strongly, certainly, as you have, or others have, would you agree? >> maybe he hasn't. but i think that everybody realizes that it's a serious issue. he has said some things about it. >> let's move on to the alabama senate race. you've been very clear on your position on roy moore after these women have come forward, including leigh corfman, who we heard from at 14 years old, talking about what roy moore did to her. kellyanne conway, senior white house counselor, went on tv this morning, and just listen. >> so vote roy moore? >> i'm telling you that we want
6:37 am
the votes in the senate to get this tax bill through. >> okay. do you read that as saying anything other than alabamans should vote for roy moore? >> well, it depends when the tax bill gets done. i mean, i personally think this is a tragic dilemma and have real trouble with two things. one, i have real trouble with a guy like this serving in any public capacity or maybe serving in anything at all. but second, i have real trouble with telling the alabama people what to do. the constitution requires that they exercise their judgment. now, i have my own opinion how i hope they exercise it. >> what is that opinion? >> well, i guess if i could orchestrate the scenario, i would have roy moore win and then immediately resign and the republican governor appoint a decent republican to take his place. but i don't know that you can guarantee that. >> so you would rather have roy moore win than doug jones, who the biggest paper in alabama
6:38 am
said this weekend, look, he's a moderate democrat, he can work with mitch mcconnell and republicans. you would rather have roy moore win and then get replaced than a democrat win in alabama, doug jones. >> i'm not saying i would rather have roy moore in the senate. but i would rather have a republican in the senate. part of the whole problem we have right now is the -- what is a moderate democrat? you know, we used to have a lot of them are and moderate republicans. and now everything is so unfortunately polarized, it's ripping the country apart. >> well, congressman francis rooney, always a pleasure to talk to you. wish we had more time. we will catch up with you again very soon, sir. >> >> john, thanks for having me on. all right. notorious killer, charles manson, is dead. nearly 50 years after the murders that shocked the nation. it can detect a threat using ai, and respond 60 times faster. it lets you know where your data lives, down to the very server. it keeps your insights from prying eyes, so they're used by no one else but you. it. is. the cloud.
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one of the most notorious, evil figure attentis in u.s. hi dead this morning. charles manson was 83 years old. he killed pregnant actress, sharon tate. >> the grisly deaths horrified the nation, turning manson into one of the most infamous serial killers in american history. stephanie elam is live in los angeles with more. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning, poppy. good morning, john. the fact that those murders shocked the nation is exactly what manson wanted. and now the man who orchestrated those murders is dead because of natural causes. >> manson may be the most famous, notorious mass murderer ever. >> reporter: the summer of '69 was marred by gruesome murders that shook the nation. five people killed at the home of hollywood star, sharon tate. and another couple murdered the following night. manson was the mastermind behind
6:44 am
the brutal killings. the leader of the clan that carried out the unthinkable. he was convicted of conspiracy and murder in 1971, and infamously went down in history. >> i do a lot of things around the world that you guys don't see. >> reporter: manson was born in cincinnati in 1934 to a single teenage mother. >> she got out of my life early. i spent the best part of my life in boy schools, prisons and reform schools, because i had nobody. >> reporter: after marrying twice and spending half his life in prison, 32-year-old manson made his way to berkeley in 1967. he established himself as a guru in the summer of love, and was quickly sharing a home with 18 women. >> you get these kids, these children, coming into haight-ashbury, and here is charlie manson, saying how much he loves them, and he wants to take care of them. he took full advantage. >> reporter: manson's passion for music translated into an obsession with the beatles' 1968
6:45 am
song, "helter skelter,". >> to manson, it meant that the beatles wanted to have a worldwide revolution. blacks against whites. >> reporter: aiming to launch the fabricated war, manson directed his disillusioned clan to kill. on august 9th, 1969, four manson followers invaded the hollywood homes of actress, sharon tate, where they massacred five people. the 26-year-old starlet was eight and a half months pregnant. the next night, the clan brutally murdered los angeles couple, lieno and rosemary la-bianca. at both homes, they left behind shocking murder scenes. >> when those words, helter skelter, were found printed in blood at the murder scene, that was tantamount to manson's fingerprints being found at the murder scene. >> reporter: after a high-profile trial, manson and four followers were convicted of nine murders and sentenced to death in 1971. which was downgraded to life in prison when california banned the death penalty.
6:46 am
>> so manson was serving nine life sentences while he was in jail. and he did try to get out of jail, but he was denied parole 12 times. john and poppy. >> stephanie elam for us in los angeles. thank you for the reporting. president trump picking fights with everyone from an nfl player to the parents of basketball players in china, and also a sitting republican senator. how did those tweets play with key voters in swing states, though? some new findings, next.
6:47 am
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one week of president trump's tweets and he's taken on everything. including his lawmakers, college basketball players and their parents. >> dictators fueled nationwide debates, but those tweets also might be doing something else. according to some research, albeit research from democrats, they may be turning off some swing voters. joins us is jim messina, his group did some long-term research. these are obama voters who voted for donald trump or a third-party candidate, but mostly donald trump. you found some very key discoveries. what surprised you most? >> what surprised me most is -- i'm obsessed for the people who vote for barack obama and donald trump. and they care about one thing. it's the economy, stupid. these a negative 20% approval rating of president trump, they
6:52 am
believe of all the criticisms of him, but on the economy, he still has a five-point positive approval rating on the economy. he's spending all his time on twitter, and picking fights, not focused on the economy, he falls 21 points with these voters. he's doing himself considerable damage. this morning's tweets, two, one of them was talking about how great the unemployment numbers are. these voters don't believe that. they're not unemployed. they just don't have great jobs, not enough. their lives are getting harder. he's starting to lose them, because he can't stay focused on the only thing they care about, which is the economy. >> help me understand how that would translates into voters. they switch camps baas the obama
6:53 am
economy wasn't working for them. they haven't seen trump able to repeal and replace or turn it around. what would make them not only apathetic, but turn back to democrats. >> the republicans are doubly screwed on this tax bill. first of all, they have to pass it for their donors and to say they did something in the first year, but then they have to go back and defend this. you and i spend a bunch of time talking about the voters, this tax bill is a nightmare. it goes to the people they most think shouldn't get more, which is the rich, and corporations, and, you know, you're looking at these rpgs have to go back to the swing districts where you and i spent time, and defend that. it's a nightmare. >> unless, unless it works. i was reading your stud,. the one question i had is what if the economy gets better for these voters? >> there's no evidence on either side to believe this tax bill
6:54 am
will make their lives better, especially in the short temple before 2018. even the republicans are saying the benefits are four to five years away. there's no way they're going to look at this tax bill and say this this make mice life better. the people you spoke with in kentucky, to the richer 1% is -- >> they told me they're okay with it. in both michigan and kentucky, not everyone, but some said we believe trickle down works, and part of that is colored by their embrace of the president regardless of legislative success. >> that's exactly right, and goes back to my research, which is he still has a positive approval rating on the economy. the moment he loses that, and i promise you he will lose it, he is completely dead. that's why you're watching republicans run away from him. he became the first president
6:55 am
since richard nixon who didn't campaign in a virginia gubernatorial race, because he's hurting his party. >> the lesson for democrats you provide here is say don't just look at thinks crazy tweets. >> this is my criticism. we chasing the daily sweets. it's like sugar candy. it tastes great, but it doesn't what we need it to do. we have to turn everything back to the economy. when he wakes up every day and tweets out this crazy stuff, he 'not focused on what you want him focused on. >> jim messina, it's a fascinating conversation. we'll see if discipline in politicians is not always hand in hand. >> it's a fascinating read. asked opponent blank whether alabama voters should cast their vote for roy moore?
6:56 am
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all right. good morning, i'm john berman, and i'm poppy harlow. the white house seems to finally reveal where it stands on the alabama race. kel kellyanne conway says, yeah, the white house wants alabama to vote for roy moore. why? because they want the tax reform passed. this, leigh corfman describes this interaction with moore. >> i met him around the corner from my house. my mother did not know.


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