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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  November 20, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PST

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all right. good morning, i'm john berman, and i'm poppy harlow. the white house seems to finally reveal where it stands on the alabama race. kel kellyanne conway says, yeah, the white house wants alabama to vote for roy moore. why? because they want the tax reform passed. this, leigh corfman describes this interaction with moore. >> i met him around the corner from my house. my mother did not know. he took me to his home.
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after afghanistan at his home, u -- after arriving at his home, he laid out some blank either in the living room, and proceeded to seduce me, i guess you would say. during the course of that, he removed my clothes. he left the room and came back in wearing his white underwear and, um, he touched me over my clothing, what was left of it, and he tried to get me to touch him as well. at that point i pulled back and said that i was not comfortable, and i got dressed, and he took me home. but i was a 14-year-old child trying to play in an adult's world, and he was 32 years old. >> there would be people watching who say, why now?
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why not bring this up over the last few years? particularly when roy moore was a rising star in politics, was a chief justice at the supreme court, and they say it doesn't add up. why wait? how do you respond to that? >> well, it's very simple, really. i did tell people. my family knew, family friends knew, my friends knew. i spent a lot of time every time he came up railing against, you know, him and what he had done to me when i was 14 years old my children were small, i was a single parent. when you're in that situation, you do everything you can to protect your own, and i sat in the courtroom -- in the courthouse parking lot and
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thought, you know, i'm going in, i'm going to confront him. >> kaitlan collins is with us from gatt alabama. hearing for the first time from the white house, seeming to say vote for roy moore. >> reporter: that's right, john, we have seen the white house try to walk a tight rope since these accusations against roy moore have come out. as you know, this was a race that the president was pretty heavily invested in. he came down and campaigned for luther strange, who ran against roy moore on this ticket for that senate seat, but now we're hearing from the white house, kellyanne conway, councillor to the president, telling alabama voters to support roy moore if
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they want tax reform. >> doug jones in alabama, folks, don't be fooled. he'll be a vote against tax cuts. >> so vote roy moore. >> i'm telling you, we want the votes in the senate to get this tax bill through. >> the rnc has withdrawn support for roy moore, mitch mcconnell has withdrawn vote, so has the young republicans vote, and a lot of women. >> right, and you know what? i just want everybody to nose, doug jones -- everybody pretend he's some kind of conservative democrat in alabama, and e's not. >> that's quite a departure from what we have heard from her before on these moore accusations when she said no senate seat was worth more than a child, but when it comes to tax reform, she's making it quite clear that the white house would like to see moore in the senate, because they don't believe doug jones will favoring
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of tax reform, but delianne conway said throb no plans for the president to come down and campaign for roy moore ahead of that election. but it's here who the white house is going for. >> >> thank you very much. the new accusation against al franken, this one from a new woman. >> this woman says franken grabbed her rear end as she took a photo with him in 2010 at the minnesota state fair. franken says he doesn't remember taking the picture. s m.j., explain what happened here. >> this is a woman, now 33 years old. she went to the minnesota state fair in august of 2010. that date, of course, is really significant, because ought that point in time senator franken was actually in office. she was at a local radio booth where she was taking photos with different celebrities, different
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political candidates. when it came time to take a photo with the senator, she says that her husband was taking the photo, so he was standing in front of them, as the photo was being taken, the senator put his hand on her buttocks and that's what she was shocked by. >> and that he grabbed her tightly, as you described in this piece. what is interesting to me in addition senator franking's office says it doesn't remember it, but feels badly. >> she posted about it on facebook immediately after it happened. so this she brought to light years ago, but now it's coming to the national spotlight. significance to you? >> obviously this is a very serious allegation. in reporting out the story, we wanted to make sure did she talk about it at the time? did she talk to about this to people? we interviewed with her family,
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and she also posted it on facebook at the time so her facebook friends would have been able to see it. her sister noticed she posted this back in 2010 and made a comment on the photo, something to the effect of you're standing close toe, and ted, lindsey, this woman, responded to her sister saying something like al franken totally molested me, dreamser. those are her own words at the time. >> you god a specific response from. >> the senator's office basically saying he doesn't remember this incident. let me read the entire comment. he set -- i tang thousands of photos surrounded by hundreds of people and i certainly don't remember this picture. you feel bad by that she came away from the interaction feeling disrespected. so there's no actual apology. there's no if you denial, because he doesn't remember taking this photo, which is understandable. this is a politics in minnesota.
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he goes to these kinds of fares all the time, and you can absolutely believe he takes these photos all the time on numerous occasions. mj lee, thank you so much. joining us our political panel. simone, to you first. this is now two accounts of at minimum, inappropriate behavior because, as mj records, under minnesota state law touches this way over clothing is not illegal, but it's not appropriate of anyone, including a sitting u.s. senator. what does this mean for senator franken? >> i think this means, one, this isn't going away anytime soon and now this story hughes additional legs. also it means he'll have to come out and say more. i would love to see him sit down and do an interview with a woman reporter to talk about they issues. i would love to see him post an
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op-ed to give a full-throated apology, but talk globally about our sexual culture and how this is a systemic sure we had to combat together. it's everything. sexual assault, sexual harassment has no political party and spares no victim. >> ben, can al franken survive this? >> i don't think so. look, i'll say this. this is i think a bipartisan issue, whether roy moore or al franken. it's clear both of these men have no business being u.s. senators. the way they have operated, the way they have used their positions of power to basically go after women in a clearly inappropriate way i think that's beneath what we should be sending to washington. i don't think they have credibility, i don't think they have integrity to serve at this point, and i think society needs
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to send a very clear message that when you're in a position of power, whether you're a former comedian or a guy standing next to do ten commandments, the bottom line is we are not going to accept this any longer in the u.s. senate. so i hope democrats and republicans, at least on this issue, can come together and clearly say we are going to go after our own. i hope democrats demand that al franken step down, and i hope republicans at this point make it clear that roy moore should never spend a day in the u.s. senate. >> i want to be clear. what senator franking is accused of is absolutely horrible. he needs to answer for these allegations, and he has to be held accountable, but i want to be clear i am not equating senator al franking to roy moore, who has been accused of pedophilia. to me that's a whole other level of something we have to address and talk about. >> i agree with you.
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i agree with you, but then you can't bail him out as you just did. >> i'm not bailing him out. >> you just said al franken han integrity. this is the problem. when we see somebody and an "r" next to their name, we defend them because they're one of our guys. >> i just told you al franken needs to be held accountability, last weekend on cnn i note that had al franken should step down. what i'm saying is it's a dangerous slippery slope. >> let's get -- >> to compare and equate pedophilia -- >> i'm not equating that. >> and roy moore is not taking responsibility. >> joshs, in all seriousness, there's a bar here, right? and it's been crossed on many unfortunate levels. >> that's my point. >> what about, josh, the white house? i mean the white house is -- we saw what the president did last
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week, goes after al franken vociferously and doesn't go after roy moore, and kellyanne conway says this morning all but vote for roy moore. >> remember sarah sanders originally came out and said that president trump didn't support roy ploor. that's been rubbed out about what kellyanne conway said. she made it clear that getting a republican vote is more important than the appropriateness of having an accused child molester in the u.s. senate. as we've seen from the latest al franken charge, this isn't an issue that's going to go away. the accuser i thought was very credible with what she said about roy moore, so i think the voters of alabama will have to decide, and if it is -- >> josh -- >> if it is, it sounded like the
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without isn't going to try to push roy moore out of the senate. they want a vote. >> i want to reiterate that, that you heard this with year keen ears that we did. i don't think there's any ambiguity is what kellyanne conway, that she would prefer that alabamians vote for roy moore. >> absolutely, which i think rolls back from the indication we got from sarah sanders. that they prefer that moore step back and be replaced by somebody else. that line is apparently no longer operative. >> back to you, ben. you read the opinion piece in alabama's biggest newspaper, not only saying don't vote for roy moore, but vote for doug jones. how can we look our neighbors, parishioners, children in the eye and tell them they are worth less than ensuring one political party keeps a senate seat.
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that runs counter from what we heard this morning. >> i did my show last night and people were calling in from alabama. they described it this way, i'm not voting for roy moore any longer. i'm voting in the values he claimed to represent. i'm not going to give up six years of someone representing me because one man fall down. hopefully the senate will deal with him, and he will never take that seat and we'll get another republican in there. that's how the voters described them. i go back to the core issue, though. i don't know how you can walk in there and support roy moore. i don't know how you can walk into the senate if you're a colleague of al franken and shake that guy's hand and act
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like he's on the same level of you. we have to finally take politics out of it and look at the individuals as individuals and not as a republican or democrat and say neither men should be in the u.s. senate. we should have a high standard. unfortunately there's too many playing politics and counting votes. democrats don't want to lose a u.s. senator, republicans don't want to lose a u.s. senator. i say what the hell is wrong with us that we even justify enmen's actions. they shouldn't be in the senate, period. >> and i want to remind everybody that president trump and 12 i'm saying if we're going to hold everyone to the same standard, we cannot ignore the fact that and justice sitting as a supreme court and donald trump is sitting in the white house. >> see, this is the politics crap. you haven't even -- you're going after a supreme court justice
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for something that was clearly debunked because you care more about democrats. >> no, it was not debunked. >> if al franken did this to you or one of your family members, would you be defending him? >> i have noted time and time again on this program that al franken should step down. i've noted we should have the same consequences and we had to address it across the board. in saying that, that absolutely means other individuals who currently sit in positions of power. talking about clarence thomas, that's embarrassing, and she was debunked i'm knoll going there. it's embarrassing. >> you should be embarrassed, because you again are trying to ascribe certain standards to some and others to other people. moen, tell me right now you think he should be a senator. >> she said no. >> i absolutely just set. how many times must i say it?
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>> okay. on josh is so sort of or political safe sounding board -- this is interesting to me, as we move forward, the parameters of this discussion have changed. do we now need to be in a place where we discuss what they're discussing it, albeit on a that there are some -- are all types of behavior crete created equal. >> first it's the people of alabama, and if they decide to send him to the senate, it will be the ethics commission as well as al franken. the senate ethics committee is a black box, there's no public accountability. we won't know what's going on or who decides. the danger of wading in between
7:18 am
simone and ben, what they agree on is that it needs to be worked out. i'm not drawing an equivalent, but there's a process. i think senator franken has apologized, he seemed to engage with the charge, whereas roy moore seemed to have all but disappeared except from fox news and hidden behind pastors, his wife. he doesn't seem to want -- this is part of the process that the got to happen. >> thank you one and all. thanks, guys. do you vote on the apology or talking about just the action? you have to -- >> only thing i would add is a statement about our politics, when those two agree, they agree on most things, they're still fighting. all right. jared kushner, is he the hero in this entire russia matter?
7:19 am
that's what the attorney for the president's son-in-law says, and he's firing back. a border patrol act is killed. now the president is talking once again about the border wall. plus a top u.s. general says he would push back against an illegal nuclear attack from president trump, or order from the president, but really what power would the generals have to do that? doesn't the president have the ultimate authority in that call? that's ahead. ...has grown into an enterprise. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make. everything. what's in your wallet?
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jared kushner's attorney is calling his client a hero. that was his word choice. he's telling cnn that the committee jumped the gun with
7:24 am
kushner, and is playing a gotcha game. >> amount bbe lowell was interviewed and what did he tell you? >> when it comes to contacts involves russia, though he's been forgetful, slow to acknowledge they contacts over the last few months. the document we're talking about is the clearance forming, campaign contacts with wikileaks, and there was this curious rush are russian back-door proposal to connect vladimir putin with the campaign, an idea that curbier rejected. in an interview with me, abbe loyal, kushner's attorney, pushes back. >> in my communication with the
7:25 am
senate judiciary committee, ed take these documents and talk about what's relevant. they jumped the gun. and any perception that mr. kushner has been anything but not only cooperative, about you if you look at the contents of these e-mails, he's the hero. he's the one saying there shouldn't be any contact with the foreign officials or entities. >> reporter: just to correct abbe lowell, this was a bipartisan letter. kushner is not promising to do an interview, which is what they want. the documents in dispute, by the way, many of those were torrent over by other witnesses, which is how the committee knows they exist, john and poppy. >> evanity perez, thank you. you're working all the time, like every weekend, getting the interviews. >> i'm always here. >> you're always here, for us. thank you, evan. we're getting more details about the death after border
7:26 am
patrol agent in agent. what happened? >> poppy, that's the question we're answering rogelio martin haz died, but they're telling us he was not shot. they were on patrol yesterday morning, they responded to activity near the border, and shortly after they responded, hi partner called and asked for assistance, saying both were injured. martinez died in the hospital, and his partner remains in the hospital in serious condition. the fbi is handling the investigation, local enforcement is on site to provide assistance. we're told by officials to get more information about what happened there yesterday, to clear up this time line of events later today. these circumstances are unclear,
7:27 am
but it's being called an attack about texas governor greg abbott and by senator ted cruz in their respective statements and president trump quick to weigh in on the matter. on twitter last night, we will seek out and bring to justice those responsible. we will and must build the wall. the border patrol lists only one other agent who hayes died in the line of duty this year. kaylee, thank you for the reporting. he is in charge of the nuclear arsenal. now a u.s. general said he would not launch if the president gave him an illegal order, but what exactly does that mean? when you have a cold, pain from a headache can make this... ...feel like this. all-in-one cold symptom relief from tylenol®,
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this is get a lot of attention. the top u.s. nuclear commander said he would push back, but only if the orders were illegal. >> barbara starr is with us, you know this is one of the most respected preeminent four-star generals, but what would make orders illegal? >> it's a very sensitive question. any president has the sole authority to launch nuclear weapons. it has worked that way for decades. the question is, what if that order was illegal? because the u.s. military has the legal obligations to not obey illegal orders. what makes an order illegal? if you're not following international law. if your choice of weapons
7:33 am
outstrips the threat you're facing president nuclear weapons can kill millions. is there a threat that requires that kind of firepower? the general bringing this all out in public. it's not so much what he said, but the fact that he's even discussing it. have a listen. >> i provide advice to the president. he'll tell me what to do. if it's illegal, guess what happens? i'll say mr. president it's illegal, and what will he do? he'll say what will be legal, and we'll come up with options. that's the way it works. it's not that complicated. so coming up with options behind the scenes a lot of people will tell you here at the pentagon that there's a number of conventional non-nuclear options, that the president would not have to turn to nuclear weapons in some sort of deterrence or preemptive strike. that would be very, very dire by
7:34 am
any -- all out in public. he knows there's a lot of concern in congress, a lot of concerns from the allies, about how all of this might work? so he is putting it out there for everybody to hear. back to you guys. >> fascinating the barbara starr, thank you very much. joining us. general mark hurt ling. barbara starr thinking it's more interesting that he set it at all than exactly what he was saying. how significant that he chose to say this. >> i don't think it was significantal all, to be honest with you. the context of the conversation at a security conference in halifax, the general was being asked about additional restriction on his use of nuclear weapons being debated in congress. he was basically saying, i don't need that. we have procedures and processes in place, and as i understand it, he got a follow-up question,
7:35 am
what if he received an order that was illegal, and he said quite for ae simply the reason why we don't follow illegal orders? we don't. , or stealing oil from countries, those are all illegal orders. the military will not execute illegal orders. we take that as part of our oath, but to obey the president and the orders over us according to the regulation. so as barbara just said the law of the land war fare plays a part in this. and about what he would do. >> as we know, how the president responds to anyone questioning his authority or speaking out against him. now, if the president read it that way, what do you think that could mean for general hyten?
7:36 am
>> how do you think the president will read it? >> i fail to get into the president's mind, and i don't want to go into that particular space. hi might take it the wrong way, but that's unfortunate. he needs to know, and i think he already does. secretary matt is, general kelley and general mcmaster have already told him that the military only obeys legal orders. there's plenty of precedence for this. it goes back to world war ii, where there were generals in hitler's army where they were court-martials for -- and that's what general hyten says, the u.s. military does not do that. >> i think we need a better understanding of what a legal and illegal order is. especially a first strike, it wouldn't necessarily be illegal,
7:37 am
general, if president trump or any president woke up in the morning and said, you know what? i think we need to launch a first strike on north korea. would that be illegal? >> that would be illegal, unless there was some provocation or intelligence that there was potential for a preemption of a nuclear strike. in other words if north korea had three weapons on the launchpad ready to launch and we anticipated where they were getting, yes a preemptive trike would certainly be legal. >> but general, how do we know that? we've seen all these texts and they've been able to do it on mobile devices, it no longer takes days to set up warheads for the test. so how would it be determined that a threat was imminent or just another test? >> there are warnings on that, poppy, in fact jent hyten talked
7:38 am
about general matt is in his headquarters at the time when north korea launched a rocket. even secretary matt is, who is a retired four star said, wow, you have great situational awareness, you can see them on the pad, where it's launched and see where it's heading. so general hyten knows those things, and certainly there's defensive effort. you wouldn't launch a preemptive strike against one missile, that you know you could probably intercept with other devices. is it not only correct, but is it proportional? if you're going to issue a $500 fine for a quarter problem, you've got some problems with proportionality and legality. all these things are practiced by senior commander. it might surprise you if i told
7:39 am
you i have been in situations in combat where we have had to take orders that were given to us and go back to our commander and say the lawyers say this might not be legal to do these things, so therefore we can't do them. those kinds of things don't get reported. >> it lieutenant general mark hu hurtling, thank you. >> you're welcome. now charles manson is dead at the age of 83. a report ahead. if yor crohn's symptoms are holding you back, and your current treatment hasn't worked well enough, it may be time for a change. ask your doctor about entyvio, the only biologic developed and approved just for uc and crohn's. entyvio works at the site of inflammation in the gi tract and is clinically proven to help many patients achieve both symptom relief and remission. infusion and serious allergic reactions can happen
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nearly 50 years ago, murders shocked the nation. charles manson is dead.
7:44 am
he died in a hospital in california. he was 83. it was the summer of 1969, and the victims included pregnant sharon tait. this life filled with so much controversy. stef? >> definitely. you think about that, sharon tait was 8 1/2 months pregnant as well. it was said that charles manson wanted to terrorize the nation with these murders. that's exactly what he did. >> he was a famous no torious mass murderer everything. >> reporter: gruesome murders that shook the nation. five people killed tess home of hollywood starred sharon tait. another couple murdered the following night. manson was the mastermind, the leader of the clan that carried out the unthinkable. he was convicted of conspiracy and murder in 1971, and infamously went down in history. >> i do a lot of thing in the
7:45 am
underworld you don't see. >> reporter: manson was born to a single mother. >> she got out of my life. i spent the best part of my life in boys' schools, prisons, and reform schools, because i had nobody. >> reporter: after marrying twice and spending half hi life in prison, he made his way to berkeley in 1967. he established himself as a guru in the summer of love, and quickly sharing a home with 18 women. >> you get these kids, these children coming into haighaight bury and -- his -- >> it meant that the beatles wanted a worldwide revolution, blacks against whites. >> reporter: aimsing to launch a fabricated war, he directed his
7:46 am
disillusioned clan to kill. on august 9th, 1969, four manson followers invaded the hollywood hills home of actress sharon tait, where they mass akerr five peoples. the next night they brutally murdered the la bianca couple. >> when the terms "helter-skelter" were at the murder scenes, that was tantamount -- -- >> reporter: manson and four followers were convicted of nine murders, and sentenced to death in 1971, which was downgraded to life in prison when california banned the death penalty. so when manson died, he was serving out nine life sentences. he did try to get out of the jail. he attempted parole 12 times, and all 12 times he was denied.
7:47 am
poppy and john? >> stephanie elam, thank you for the report from los angeles. we appreciate it. president trump with late-night tweets, stunning comments giving a lot of new material to the comedians everybody single day. brian stelter brings us into the late night in the age of trump, after this. its precision jet spray and vibrating cleaning head loosen and scrub stains. all while navigating kitchens, bathrooms and those hard to reach places. you and braava jet from irobot. better together. but he hasoke up wwork to so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong.
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late night in the age of trump, let's just say it has been transformed. brian stelter digs in in a new cnn special report that airs tonight. look. >> this is going to be crazy.
7:52 am
>> every day there's something nuts. >> you're not the potus, you're the bloat-us. >> wait, how long does this wall have to be? >> the most mocked man in america. >> that is the problem with the media. >> monopolizing late night. >> it's hard not to feel like you're being redunnen. >> kim jong-un rocket man. >> kim jong-un's rocket man. >> dominating snl. >> he's like a mind producing raw materials. >> stop it. >> so much faster. >> me first, making and breaking careers. >> it's like a little churchill. excuse me. >> would i say you're on a mission to take him down? >> i would like to see him brought down to the ground, preferably in handcuffs. >> you're turning into a real [ bleep ] dictator. >> has late night gone too far? >> disrespectful of the office of the presidency?
7:53 am
i think so. >> let's roll! all right. the man behind the special report, host brian stelter. it seems like this is the main fodder for every late-night host every night. >> we talked about the idea of trump tv, if he didn't win he would launch a network, instead he's laumplged these guys' careers. stephen colbert was have a tough time in the ratings, yet now he's the unspited start of late night. they almost have had their careers revitalized and energized. >> chelsea handler, who you interviewed for this special has walked amp from her show to focus on being an activist, and you know the president -- hard to do with that. initial jimmy kimmel, wasn't he on the cover of "new yorker" or
7:54 am
"rolling stone" calling the content of america? >> it was a joke, but a bit of truth to that. the comedians are channeling the internal angst, and they're expressing that in some ways better than democratic politicians do. kimmeling myers and -- have all -- now they're kind of joking, but also kind of serious. >> if you're a republican voter or trump voters, do you have anybody you can go for late-night comedy? >> the short answer is no. there aren't really alternative to the trump skepticism. we went inside the writers' room, "the daily show" and we saw how they had to rewrite that scripts. as you know, the news cycle incontinues all day and all evening long. >> we rewrite a lot of this show in the middle of the show. that's what happens. do we know if -- what they are
7:55 am
doing on late night is moving the needle in terms of affecting voters' habits, minds? >> my sense of what it is doing is further pushing folks off to the side, as opposed to the middle. the writers are privately worried that we're not reaching anybody that isn't already persuaded. >> does it work for all the late-night hosts equally? or some with a bigger bump? >> i would say colbert is the biggest beneficiary. we started this on election night when we thought colbert would be -- and instead had to deliver the president trump news. >> this will be fascinating. the special airs tine. 9:00 eastern, only right here on cnn. all right. we have a lot more news developments in the russia investigation, developments in the alabama senate race. stay with us.
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hi there. i'm brooke baldwin. i'm sitting in for kate this week. we begin with president trump, up before the sun, already lashing out, the latest twitter storm targeting an nfl player, arrivals, and his neverending feud with athletes. check out this morning's tweed. marshawn lynch of the nfl's oakland raiders stands for the mexican anthem and sits down to boos for our national anthem. great disrespect. next time nfl should suspend him for remainder of


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