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tv   New Day  CNN  November 21, 2017 2:59am-4:00am PST

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>> so, maybe we should feel safer with the -- >> i don't know. >> okay, perhaps. >> what about the driverless anchor desk? i don't want that. >> hey! we need humans on the anchor desk. >> artificial intelligence. we have a driverless anchor desk, our producer tells us. thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> wow! i'm dave briggs. >> that hurts! >> "new day" starts right now. cuomo back from his interview with lavar ball and camerota. we'll see you tomorrow. the trump administration ending protected status for thousands of haitians living in the u.s. after a catastrophic ten earthquake. >> conditions in haiti have improved enough. >> there are no jobs in haiti. i don't know how they're even going to survive. the conduct as described should disqualify anyone. >> we want the votes in the senate to get this tax bill through. >> they want the vote, but they're going to pretend like they're not responsible for enacting any standards within their party. the president was happy to
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interve intervene. the father of one of the americans releasing to have a problem with it. >> if you help, you shouldn't have to say anything! let him do his political affairs and let me handle my son and let's just stay in our lane. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> call me call me chris-mo, by the way. has nothing to do with my actual nickname but that's what lavar ball came up with. the trump administration announces it will end a humanitarian program that lous tens of thousands of haitians to temporarily live and work in the u.s. after an earthquake devastated their country. now giving them 18 months to leave this country or face deportation. and executive order that cut funding to so-called sanctuary
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cities that limit cooperation wi with. the president has been aggressive on some fronts, not so aggressive on others. continuing to duck questions about sexual assault allegations against alabama senate nominee roy moore. he hasn't endorsed the embattled candidate but the white house now says mr. trump wants people in the senate who support his agenda, despite the egregious allegations against moore. and charlie rose becomes the latest high-profile figure to be accused of sexual misconduct. cbs news suspending the veteran broadcaster after eight women come forward with allegations of sexual harassment, groping and unwanted sexual advances. we have it all covered for you. let's begin with joe johns at the white house. good morning, joe.
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>> reporter: good morning, chris. it wasn't too long ago that the administration was zeroing in on people who came to this country, no fault of their own, as children. this time the target is people who came to the u.s., trying to escape the effects of a catastrophic earthquake. now there is potential for tens of thousands of haitians living in this country to either have to leave and go back to haiti or live in the shadows. the trump administration ending a humanitarian program, allowing approximately 59,000 haitians immigrants to temporarily live and work in the united states, giving them until july 2019 to leave the country or risk being deported. temporary protected status was given to haitians in the u.s. in 2010 after a powerful 7.0 magnitude earthquake killed hundreds of thousands in the island nation. the department of homeland security declaring those
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extraordinary, but temporary conditions caused by the 2010 earthquake no longer exist. however, haiti remains the poorest country in the western hemisphere. a recent united nations report estimates 55,000 haitians are still struggling in the aftermath of the quake with thousands still living in makeshift camps seven years later. the head of the democratic national committee responding in a statement, writing donald trump's cruelty knows no bounds. republican congresswoman ilia ilianaros-leiht ilianaros-leihten. saying that haiti is in the prepared to take back nearly 60,000. >> i don't want to fund anybody. if they're going to have sanctuary cities, we may have to
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do that. certainly that would be a weapon. >> this, as the white house seems to imply they would prefer to have alleged child molester roy moore in the senate rather than his democratic opponent if it means getting tax reform passed. >> doug jones is a doctrine liberal. >> so vote roy moore? >> i'm telling you we want the votes in the senate to get this tax bill through. >> but just last week, white house counselor kellyanne conway sending a different message. >> whatever the facts end up being the premises is that there's no senate seat worth more than a child. >> sarah sanders refusing to take a stand on behalf of the white house. >> the president believes this is a decision for the people of alabama to make. the people of alabama should make the decision. the decision that the people of alabama need to make. >> president trump has not personally weighed in on the roy
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moore controversy in more than six days. >> do you believe roy moore's accusers, mr. president? >> thank you very much. >> thank you, everyone. >> reporter: important to say roy moore has denied the allegations against him and has vowed to stay in the alabama senate race. today, the president is expected to participate in the annual tradition of pardoning turkeys in advance of the thanksgiving holiday. that will be another opportunity, of course, for journalists to toss a question or two to the president about the controversies of the day. chris and alisyn? >> joe, thank you very much. let's bring in cnn politics reporter and editor at large chris cillizza and margaret talev. margaret, let me start with you. what's the thinking about this policy with these 59,000 haitians who fled their country after the earthquake looking for safe haven. is there a national security issue? why now, bring them up and send
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them home? >> al-mo -- i'm going to call you a name. >> did she just call you elmo? >> al-mo. >> cute and adorable. >> look, the thinking is sort of two-fold, i think, from this administration. it's supposed to be just that, temporary. and there are some concerns from some lawmakers that haitians are taking jobs away from americans. there are some studies on the other side that show that these folks who are here under temporary status actually support the economy in other ways that would have implications for regional economy maybe in south florida or what have you. but the trump administration has been signaling for a while that this was the direction in which they were leaning. i think when you see some of the reaction from south florida republicans like diaz-balart, ros-l
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ros-leithen, who say that haiti is not ready. >> 30,000 children have been born here since then. >> you also have a statistic that says something like a quarter of hatecy living on $1.25, money you could find in your car basically under the seat. so there are a lot of questions about whether haiti is going to be demonstrably better when this kicks in. this is consistent with what the trump administration has been signaling for a while, what it intends to do with haiti and these temporary program. >> but, chris, at what cost? it's another sledge hammer to the foundation of what we're supposed to be about in america. i don't know if you were there after the most recent earthquake but anderson cooper did beautiful coverage from there. i was there when i was at abc news. there is zero chance that that country is ready to support any kind of influx of people. it cannot handle what and who are there now. it is the closest analogy to
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puerto rico that we have in that part of the world right now. so, this can't be that it's time to start looking. i know when john kelly, when he extended it for six months, said it's time to start thinking about going back and returning. and i know that the date is july 2019. but there are families here. there's an economic avenue that's been put into place where they return money. they repatriate money there to haiti that's going to have to be replaced. how is this not another blow of, you're not one of us, get out. >> it's a commitment to what donald trump campaigned on, chris. we need to look out for americans first. make america great again was the slogan everybody knew. but america first was a slogan he also talked quite a bit about. i think margaret makes the point, this program in their view, was meant to be temporary and it's going to be temporary. these people are not from here and they need to go back from where they are from. that is, to your point, not sort of the melting pot of america
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that many people believe the country to be, but it is broadly consistent with what donald trump campaigned on and what he has governed on, which is we are looking out for americans first. everybody else second. probably americans first, second and third and everybody else fourth. >> the number isn't even that meaningful. >> that's right. >> what do you have in this program over 200,000 people? >> it's a signal. >> 200,000, yeah. >> close to 60,000. >> i'm saying overall. >> i think you're right but nicaraguans, they're going to send back 2500. how does that make a dent in the life of america first? it sure makes a dent in their lives. >> and a place that has emerging crises, too. it's not like it's a utopia now. >> right. >> alisyn, you're exactly right on sort of the raw number but it's symbolic. all politicians play politics.
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that's partly why they're in the game. but you're -- it's because you can point to symbolism and say i said we're going to look for america first and we're doing it. of course, when you do something like that, real lives are affected here by the symbolism. but donald trump has been very consistent in his commitment to saying we're putting america first. we've been too lax with these sorts of policies in the past and we're not going to do it. he goes to his base, he can say, we had all these people in this country on these unending bases and i put a stop to it. >> also from a foreign policy perspective, it does signal what the u.s. role in the hemisphere is going to be like and it may, it may send some legal signal about the broadness of trump administration policies on immigration not just in terms of how they apply to predominantly muslim nations but nonmuslim nations as well.
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>> it gets complicated when you realize you have these 30,000 kids who are now american citizens. do you leave them behind, do you take them to a storm, earthquake-ravaged country? it's just complicated. apparently the white house's feelings about roy moore are complicated as well. kellyanne conway last week made the point they draw the line at molestation of an adolescent as to whether or not they would need that person in the senate. yesterday on "fox & friends" she said something quite different. here is her evolution. listen to this. >> principle is that there's no senate seat worth more than a child. doug jones in alabama, folks, don't be fooled. he will be a vote against tax cuts. >> so vote roy moore? >> i'm telling you that we want the votes in the senate to get this tax bill through. >> that's what counted as
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pressing in that interview, by the way. brian pressed her by saying vote roy moore? >> good for brian. that was "fox & friends," the friendliest platform, as you know that, the white house can go on. and even they looked like, i'm sorry, what are you trying to say, kellyanne conway? vote for roy moore? is that what you're saying? what's happening, margaret? what is their message on this? >> i think they are testing a message of walking right up as close to saying that as it can be said without saying it. and she didn't actually say it. kellyanne conway, of course, as you know, kind of got her start, made her name doing polling and polling that often crossed partisan lines and was specific to polling on women's issues. you remember when kellyanne conway and selinda lake used to do partisan polling and roll it out? >> yes. >> that's how she's grounded in american politics and i think she does understand how volatile the exact messaging and tone of the white house's message is on
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this. this is now the position, the balance of the white house is trying to strike. what we're all waiting to hear is how president trump would actually address this if he kind of elicited a view in long form. >> wasn't that it? wasn't she telegraphing all of their view? which is, you know what? hold your nose and vote for him because we need taxes. >> she would say no, they have to figure something else out in alabama. the message from kellyanne and the white house is not as stark as you can't vote for doug jones so you have to vote for judge moore. but they have a problem here, chris cillizza, which is it's not a balancing. it's a hedge. a balancing is where you compare equities, values of the two candidates. that's not what they're doing. they want the seat. so, just as we see this alleged morality about who we are and america first, it is absent when it comes to roy moore. the president will take on lavar ball. he will not take on roy moore.
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>> yeah. >> because they want the seat. they should vet doug jones, criticize doug jones, make the issues there. but to ignore what's going on with roy moore is as obvious as it is political. >> right. i think in the open you played sarah huckabee sanders saying the people of alabama will decide. if donald trump were willing to say something, which candidly he should. if he were to say something about the race, that's what he should say. i'm not going to get in front of the people of alabama, which is not leadership, but that's a different thing. i may disagree with you a little, chris. i actually think that this is her sort of, you know, acknowledging the tribalism that rules our politics, which is the seat is more -- the party ideology is more important than what the party stands for. and you've seen people like jeff flake, john mccain, mitch mcconnell, you've seen lots of people come out and say essentially, it's not worth us winning this one seat if this roy moore becomes a part and
3:15 am
parcel of what the republican party stands for. that is not what kellyanne conway is saying. she is saying it's more important to have the seat than anything else. >> margaret, chris, thank you very much. >> all right. another interesting example of what the president is concerned about, department of justice is suing to block at&t's $85 billion takeover of time warner, of course, the parent of cnn. is the president's anger toward us motivating the move? >> later i sit down with six trump voters to see if they are troubled by the president's tone, his twitter feuds, the russia allegations, how they're feeling one year in, ahead. lower back pain has met its match. aleve direct therapy. the only remote controlled tens device that's drug free, wire free for deep penetrating lower back pain relief. get aleve direct therapy. now $10 off with a coupon at walgreens.
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of course, that's the parent company of cnn. the u.s. government claims it violates anti-trust laws and would result in higher bills, at&t vowing to fight back. cnn senior correspondent joins us with more. parent company is time warner. the theory is that president trump has interfered, as meddled in the justice department, which we know he has complaints about.
3:20 am
and now his administration officials are blocking this deal as some form of retaliation or punishment as against this network's coverage of his presidency. that's a theory and now it will be tested in court. the official line in this 23-page lawsuit is that the deal as proposed a year ago would harm consumers. the idea here is that if at&t is able to own hbo, cnn, at&t, it will be able to jack up prices for all their arrivals. the counter argument from at&t is that deals like this have been approved before, that this a judge will be assigned to the case today. it will take months to litigate, could go on for years. at the very least it will go on for months.
3:21 am
>> cnn senior legal analyst. good to have you always. talk about this deal before. here is what mr. delrahim has said. >> he said this isn't going to be a major anti-trust problem. that was before he was in there. >> okay. we know that the president himself has been against this. the lawsuit echoes what they are now saying. this isn't a straight vertical merger. it means that the companies are in the same supply chain. >> at&t and cnn are not competitors. >> right. but the doj says they're kind of that way. it's kind of a melding. they own direct tv.
3:22 am
it will increase different pricing for people. this merger would greatly harm american consumers. it would mean higher monthly television bills and fewer of the new, emerging innovative options that consumers are beginning to enjoy. is that a species premise or do you think it has merit with the court? >> it certainly is not a premise or an argument that the courts have accepted so far. certainly the closest analogy to the at&t, cnn merger was comcast merger of nbc universal, which went through with relative ease during the obama administration, which was even tougher on mergers than republican administrations have tended to be. so if this merger is stopped, it would seem that the courts would be taking a different view than they have historically. but under current law, it does seem like this is a merger that
3:23 am
should be approved. >> also, just as another suggestion, the doj has reached out to states attorneys general to try to get them to join the suit, give it some substance. i think they're 0 for 18 at this point in terms of reaching out. >> nobody has joined. i don't know how many they've asked. >> and one of the state attorney general officials i spoke to said we were actually concerned that maybe because this would be political, we don't want anything to do with it. that cloud of suspicion is affecting those state wide decisions. at the same time, there's only circumstantial sort of theory oit there. >> yes. >> because of all the president's tweets. >> i would call it more than circumstantial evidence when you have candidate trump saying on the stump -- >> you're saying direct evidence? >> that is direct evidence. >> so let me submit exhibit a of what you called direct evidence. listen to some of these things. >> at&t is buying time warner
3:24 am
and, thus, cnn, a deal we will not approve in my administration because it's too much concentration of power in the hands of too few. and we'll look at breaking that deal up and other deals like that. this should never, ever have been approved in the first plac place. >> they're his words. >> i always thought it was a steve bannon idea, to be honest. he would view a deal like this by a bad thing. >> it's taken root. it's happen iing. he is challenging it. he is trying to block it going through. >> now it's going to be before the courts. as brian was saying earlier, this is guaranteed now to be at least months of delay. and you can't -- once you're in court, you never know how things are going to go. you certainly don't know the timing. once you're in front of a federal judge, you can't tell a federal judge, hurry it along. decide in two weeks. they decide when they're going
3:25 am
to decide. plus you're guaranteed an appeal from the dc circuit and then the losing side in the dc circuit may very well ask the supreme court to hear it. and then you're into at least a year from today of a resolution, which -- and, you know, you never know. once you have a company in play like time warner is, once you have, you know, a deal that is not settled, other companies could come in and bid and, you know, the -- >> after a year? >> no. i meanwhile it's before the courts, you could have another company come in and say we're making a higher offer and let's forget all this and do a different deal. >> the first two results of the action seem somewhat clear which is, one, at&t has said we're not going to do any major spin-off move which means i'm not going to get rid of the turner part or the direct tv part and, secondly they said we're going to fight. they didn't scare at&t out of the box just with the suit.
3:26 am
>> they had a press conference, actually. it was weird to cover a press conference in our own building. >> about our company, yeah. >> but there was a press conference here yesterday with the head of at&t. and their lawyer, who they have hired, is stan petrecelli, lawyer for the goldman family in the o.j. simpson civil suit because all roads lead to o.j. ultimately. >> certainly in your life, they do. >> that's great. >> thank you both for explaining all of this. more news to tell you about. charlie rose suspended by cbs and pbs, accused by at least eight women of making unwanted sexual advances in a new "washington post" report. we'll speak spooek to one of the reporters who broke this story next. we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you?
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>> charlie rose is suspended by
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cbs, pbs and bloomberg after allegations that he made unwanted sexual advances to at least eight women. contributor for "the washington post," great to have you here. was this an open secret? had you heard whispers of charlie rose for years? >> at the time i attempted to contact some of the women i heard had stories to tell about charlie rose. they were not ready to talk. we've now reached a new cultural moment where the fact that these things have been going on as an open secret is now becoming a not so secret thing anymore. >> what are some of the things that these women say that charlie rose did? >> they skroib walking around naked, especially leaving the assure. >> he was walking around naked in front of them at what they thought were business meetings? >> so all of these alleged incidents happened either at apartments or homes owned by charlie where they were called to work, these young assistants
3:32 am
and producers, or in cars and airplanes where they were traveling with him on business. these were women that worked on the show or wanted to work on the show and were interviewing for jobs in very specific terms, talking about salary, references and everything. and then found themselves in a very different context where their boss or potential boss was calling them up to talk about their sexual fantasies in the case of one woman, walking around naked, called around the office at one point the shower trick. >> he would get in or out of the shower in an apartment and be naked and hope that these assistants would see him? >> it wasn't a hope. he would walk around and interact with them. >> there was also accusations of groping. >> there were. we spoke to women who were groped in their private areas in various contexts, including one woman who told us about a very traumatic encounter. she spoke on the condition of
3:33 am
anonymity but described about going to his home. they discussed a title, a salary. but that night he came out with an open bath robe, wearing nothing underneath and she says he sexually assaulted her. >> how well known were these stories at cbs? i was so struck in your reporting by what his skruf producer said that women had tried to alert her at cbs or pbs, hoping for ally and what happened? >> all the women we spoke to work for the record him at charlie rose, inc. they were not employees of pbs. they were charlie rose's employees. he owns his show, which also allow this had behavior to continue. the show aired five nights a week on about pbs and he also hosted cbs this morning. now we are not currently reporting any allegations at
3:34 am
cbs. there was no hr representative. ultimately they reported to an executive producer who in one of the incidents told the woman we spoke to, she said, that's just charlie being charlie. >> that's a woman. >> a woman who they thought they could trust. >> she's now very regretful? >> she told us in a statement that she feels crushed that she didn't do more to protect these women. >> here is what charlie rose said after he learned of his story and your reporting. it's essential that these women hear them and i deeply apologize for my behavior. i'm greatly embarrassed. i behaved insensitively at times and apologize for that though i do not believe all these allegations are accurate. i always felt i was pursuing shared feelings even though i now realize i was mistaken. that's telling. that's fascinating for me to read. he thought this was a dating opportunity with a young assistant half his age.
3:35 am
a third of his age where you were getting no cues that we know of from the women. and you think you can disrobe and walk around naked? i mean, what is this judgment? each of the women told us they were working on the show because they were excited about the work they were going to do there either as employees or potential employees. we did share with him in detail each of the serious allegations made by these women and give him an opportunity to respond. he chose not to. as for shared feelings, for example, one of these women said that she cried throughout the encounter that she had with him. i would say i don't see a shared feeling in that context. >> one more thing before we go. the reporting is really important. you don't just interview eight women and call it a day and print a story. you also went to 24 different employees to see if they could corroborate that or more, and i believe 24 did.
3:36 am
and also these women told people about it contemporaneously at the time. >> you used the phrase open secret. i think we should think about how open secrets stay secret. people were warning each other, don't be alone with him. if you go out to belfort, text me if you don't feel safe. >> thank you very much for being with us and sharing your reporting with us. let's go over to chris. two federal border agents were attacked in southwest texas. one of them lost his life. the other is seriously injured. we're learning more about what may have happened. we have that for you next. let's get the big guy in place. the ford year-end sales event is here. i can guide you in? no, thanks , santa, i got this. looks a little tight. perfect fit. santa needs an f-150. that's ford, america's best selling brand. hurry in today for 0% financing for 72 months across the full line of ford cars, trucks and suvs!
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we are followings breaking news right now. the deth toll in northern nigeria, suicide bombing at a
3:41 am
mosque. the bomber was about 17 years old. they suspect the attack was orchestrated by the boka haram group. >> we're learning more about the deadly weekend attack on two border patrol agents in southwest texas. according to a spokesman for the national border patrol union, agent martinez and his partner were responding to a ground sensor that went off in an area known for drug smuggling. there were many of those areas in that part of the country. moments later martinez was found by his partner unconscious with head injuries, possibly caused by a rock. he later lost his life. his unidentified partner suffered injuries and is in serious condition. we'll stay on this story. >> asking the supreme court to let the third version of its controversial travel ban go fully into effect. this, amid reports that the administration is trying to delay the public release of a watchdog report about the fallout from the first version of that travel ban at the time a
3:42 am
senior administration official touted it as, quote, massive success story. according to "the washington post," watchdog violated court orders to reign in his original directive. has the president met his smack-talking match? for some reason, president of the united states decided to take the bait from provocateur lavar ball, the father of one of the ucla players shoplifting in china. ball is no ordinary bask ball dad. and his interview on cnn last night broke the internet. >> i'm just stating a point that i'm saying is, there's a lot of other things that's going on. >> no question about it. >> let him do his political affairs and let me handle my son and let's just stay in our lane. >> it is a conversation that made my interview with dennis
3:43 am
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my ci can worry about it,ine. or do something about it. garlique® helps maintain healthy cholesterol naturally. and it's odor free. and pharmacist recommended. garlique.® lavar ball dominated the internet during our interview. he is still offering no thank you to the president. he happens to be the father of liangelo ball, one of the ucla players caught shoplifting in china and his lack of gratitude
3:48 am
sparked president trump's fury after downplaying the president's level of involvement after getting his son and two other players released. why won't he say thank you? here is his explanation. >> it wasn't like he was in the u.s. and said, okay, there's three kids in china. i need to go over there and get them. >> okay. >> that wasn't the thought process. i have to know what somebody is doing before i say thank you. i'm not just going to go around saying thank you. >> they were in a place that didn't need to let them go. they could have been held for a long time. >> they were in a place that didn't let them go. he said he got them out of jail. >> they didn't need to let them go. >> you heard what he tweeted. he tweeted, because he's mad at me, i should have left their asses in jail. first of all, they weren't in jail. they were in a hotel. >> so the president of the united states says he helped, and he say if you didn't see it, you didn't hear it, you don't believe it? >> hey, if he said he helped, that's gd for his mind. >> what do you mean good for his mind? >> if you helped you shouldn't have to say anything. if you helped you shouldn't
3:49 am
have -- if i helped somebody, i don't walk around saying i helped you now. come on, give me some love. i helped you. come on. for real? somebody told me about the tweet a couple of days ago. i don't even tweet. why is that on your mind? all this going on and that's what's on your mind, that a father didn't say thank you? you're the head of the u.s.? come on. >> fair criticism. the president is asking for thanks. you can criticize that. >> what is the criticism about that? i'm just stating a point that i'm saying there's a lot of other things that's going on, man. >> no question about it. >> let him do his political affairs and let me handle my son and let's just stay in our lane. >> you won't say thank you. hey, thanks. your son said thank you. the other guys said thank you. thanks for helping me. >> i'm not the other guys, though. come on now. >> it doesn't take much to say thank you. why won't you say thank you to the president? >> it doesn't make -- if somebody does something for you, then you say thank you. >> somebody did something for you. >> that's your opinion that he done for me, okay. i would have said thank you if
3:50 am
he would have put him on his plane and took him home. then i would have said thank you, mr. trump, for taking my boys out of china and bringing them back to the u.s. there's a lot of room on that plane. i would have said thank you, kindly, for that. what did he do for me? >> he helped get your son out of china, where he could have been in jail for a long time. >> what about some other -- why was he going to be in jail for a long time? >> he stole something according to authorities. >> how long would he have been in jail for? >> minimum of three years. >> chinese authorities was like, he's okay. he has so much character in 18 years he's allowed to have a pass for that. >> that's your son. >> one bad decision at a time. >> and he said thank you to the president of the united states, something his father didn't want to do. what kind of -- >> who didn't want to do that? >> what kind of example does that give your son? >> is that to my son? i'll tell you what type of example it is. you know where my boy is at right now? because of me.
3:51 am
because i spent all that time and love for him. don't come in one time and think you did something for my son. >> lavar ball, the best to you and your family for thanksgiving. the best to your boys and your wife as well. >> you have a great thanksgiving. hey, and i got a message for you. >> what is it? >> tell donald trump to have a great thanksgiving, because big baller is. >> i hope you're thankful for him. take care. can't make it up. let's talk more about all that with cnn sports analyst christine brennan and cnn political analyst april ryan. christine, i feel like you should have called me when you found out i was going to interview lavar ball and said here is what's going to happen. look, this man is no fool, lavar ball. he knows how to play things to advantage. he clearly saw an opportunity here and he grabbed it with two hands and is holding on like a jack russell terrier.
3:52 am
that said, should he have said thank you to the president of the united states? >> absolutely, chris. and you try to, what, maybe 15, 20 times? >> about half an inch of hairline worth of effort. >> exactly. 25 minutes of it to try to get him to do that. no, that was ridiculous. of course you thank the president. i mean, your kid is in china. he is shoplifting. he's caught on camera. we all know that when you go to a foreign country, especially a place like china, especially as you're representing the ucla men's basketball team, you're also sort of a diplomat. you're representing the country. guaranteed there will be hours and hours of training before the u.s. olympic committee sends all those kids to the 2018 olympics in south korea. that's what happens. so, of course, you apologize for something like this. this san international incident. this isn't a little dust-up. of course you apologize. he's loving this because he's trying to sell basketball shoes, $450 shoes, trying to sell
3:53 am
t-shirts. he is loving the fact that he can now attach himself to the president and have air time as he did with you, as you did your best journalistically to try to get some good answers from him. >> now we get a little bit deeper. lavar is what christine brennan suggests, april. he is a hype machine. however, people are attaching to his resistance to president trump. and they are saying, one, the president shouldn't be asking for thanks. he should be above that. he shouldn't be taking on lavar ball either. then there is something else. far more pernicious. he didn't bring it up last night but it came up in the analysis afterwards. that the president goes after african-american athletes too often and not going after white athletes the same way and people are seizing on lavar ball's resistance as some type of defiance to that. do you see anything in that? >> well, let me say this, chris. i watched the interview.
3:54 am
it was painful. the pieces that you just pulled out were the pieces that i could understand and i was glad to hear them very put together so succinctly and nicely. but with all of that said, lavar ball has a right to feel the way he feels. this is the united states of america. we also have a president, who went on twitter saying that he should be thankful. this president is the president of all america. he is also someone who is considered the moral leader. he is above the fray. and if lavar ball chose not to apologize, that's fine. he did what he did. he brought those boys home. the fact is, the bottom line, those boys are home. lavar ball said he gives thanks to the chinese president because the chinese president did it. he doesn't know what donald trump did. to lavar ball's point he doesn't know if it was a stunt to try to fix the other situations that you brought up, you know, like
3:55 am
with colin kaepernick. the president does not look so great when it comes to some of these issues with black sports figures. and he changed the narrative of why they were taking a knee. and it wasn't about the flag. it wasn't about the soldiers. it was about police-involved shootings. lavar ball is personally involved in this. it sounds political. it also sounds like he's standing on matters of race. i've not talked to lavar ball. one thing we can understand, he is who he is. he has that right not to apologize if he does not want to. but the president also has a right to say what he wants to say on twitter. but he is the leader of the free world. the president is held at a higher standard than lavar ball. >> there's no question about that. whether he decides to live up to that standard is up to the president as well. christine, net/net. this is good for lavar ball. intentionally or not, i want your take on this, he has drawn into his sphere of influence people who are resistant to the
3:56 am
president. i don't know that he was looking to be politically relevant. i think he was looking to be relevant from a marketing sp ii perspective, but what's your take? >> without a doubt. this is great for him. you're right, there are people who don't like the president, many, many people, who are saying this guy is kind of a sports parent times 100, gone crazy in some ways. but at least he's now drawing trump's ire and is a thorn in trump's side. of course, now i'm on his side. that's also great for lavar ball. whether they'll buy the shoes or pay any attention to him after next week, probably not. but, yes, for the time being, he is the resistance so he is the latest person to go up against trump. and i agree with april, of course, on this. i think we all do. the fact that the president of the united states can be drawn in to a fight with a sports parent is just an extraordinary statement about where we are in today's -- in our history and in our culture. >> kind of like lavar ball trumped trump in terms of
3:57 am
playing his own game. what great minds to have on this story. thanks to you both. as thanksgiving approaches, we are thankful to both of you for helping make new day so special. be well. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> alisyn? >> hard to trump trump. might have happened. >> might. haitians protected in the u.s. now have 18 months to leave the country or face being deported. what's behind this move?
3:58 am
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the trump administration canceling a program that allowed haitian immigrants to live in the u.s. after the 2010 earthquake. your thoughts on roy moore, mr. president? >> the president thinks that this is something that the people of alabama should decide. >> sending a message down to his supporters in alabama that he needs that vote, he needs a legislative victory. cnn survey finds that the death toll in puerto rico may be nine times higher than the


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