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tv   New Day  CNN  November 21, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PST

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and this half-court shot in philly, bam. saturday, he wins 76 chick-fil-a gift cards and everybody at the game got a biscuit, and thanks to the sixers and chick-fil-a, mike will fly in to watch them play. can you hit that shot, by the way. >> never in a million years. >> don't be like that. i know you can. i know you can. happy thanksgiving if i don't see you. we are thankful for you, my friend, even though you are so handsome. >> thanks. we are following a lot of news. let's get after it. the trump administration ends the protected status for those from haiti.
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>> we want the votes in the senate to get the tax bill through. >> they want the votes but they are going to pretend like they are not responsible of inapting any standards. >> he's saying what a lot of us are thinking. >> he said he would bring the country together. that has not happened. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. it's tuesday, november 21st, 8:00 in the east. the trump administration telling thousands of haitians in the u.s. illegally they need to go home. they had 18 months to leave the country or be deported. veteran journalist, charlie rose, now accused of sexual misconduct by at least eight women that worked on his pbs
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show. rose has been suspended from cbs news, and bloomberg. his cbs co-anchors addressed the scandal. there are questions about what cbs news knew and what they did about it. we have it all covered. let's begin with cnn's joe johns live at the white house. joe. >> reporter: good morning, credits. as part of a larger focus on the administration the administration was once zeroing in on childhood arrivals from other countries, and now the target is people that came here to escape the catastrophic earthquake in haiti in 2010. tens of thousands of haitians living in the united states will have to choose between going back to their country or living in the shadows. the trump administration ending a humanitarian program allowing approximately 59,000 haitian immigrants to temporarily live and work in the united states,
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giving them until july 2019 to leave the country or risk being deported. temporarily protected status was given to haitians in 2010 after a powerful 7.0 magnitude killed hundreds of thousands in the island nation. the department of homeland security saying those conditions caused by the earthquake no longer exists, however haiti remains the poorest country in the hemisphere, and 55,000 haitians are still struggling in the aftermath of the quake, with thousands still living in makeshift camps seven years later. the head of the democratic national committee writing trump' cruelty knows know bounds. this announcement coming as a federal judge permanently blocks
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the trump administration's executive order that would deny funding to so-called sanctuary cities. the judge ruling the order was an instruction to enforce existing law. >> i don't want to defund anybody. if they are going to have sanctuary cities, we may have to do that and certainly that would be a weapon. >> the white house implies they would rather have roy moore in the senate to get things past. >> so vote roy moore? >> i'm telling you we want the votes in the senate to get this tax bill through. >> just last week kellyanne conway sending a different message. >> whatever the facts end up being, the premise being the
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there's no seat worth the life of a child. >> the president believes this is a decision of alabama to make and the people of alabama should make, and the people the alabama need to make. >> and the president has not prp personally weighed in on the roy moore controversy in more than six days. ray moore, of course, continues to deny the allegations and says he will stay in the alabama senate race today. the president for his part is expected to participate in the annual tradition of pardoning turkeys here at the white house in advance of the thanksgiving holiday. it will be another opportunity to try and get a question or two to the president about some of the controversies of the day. >> okay, joe. thank you. bring that to us whenever you
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have it. let's bring in jonathan green and mr. martin. these 59,000 haitians seeking shelter in the u.s. since their country was devastated by the earthquake, and we heard the analyst say this is what the president promised during the campaign, did he promise that people seeking shelter, he would send them back or was he talking about cracking down on illegal immigration? >> i think most people would say he was talking about building a wall on the u.s./mexican border and deportable some folks. i am not sure those that fled natural disaster were on the top minds, but i have got to say, if you surveyed the hard-core trump base, i don't think a lot of them would have a problem with this, which is probably why he
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thinks he can do it. everything that this president has done has largely been with his base in mind, and you guys showed the clip of him staying silent as he was asked about roy moore in the west wing there just now, and the reason he's staying silent on that is for the same issue here, he does not want to get crosswise on his political base, whether it's an alabama race or the immigration problem or anything else. >> the roy moore situation is embarrassing obvious. he's not talking about roy moore because it doesn't work for him and he doesn't want to do it. we get it. josh, on the haiti situation. the political cover becomes -- the cover is this is temporary. it has always been temporary. why are you trying to make it permanent? how is this not a play on us versus them? >> because you are picking on
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the most vulnerable people in the immigration system. >> i think it's a very much a play on us versus them. it's consistent with trump's broader approach to immigration, r refugees. we got a signal of this six months ago, when john kelly extended these protections for only six months, which is shorter than usual. so you can -- >> and said that haiti, that the conditions that existed that necessitated the exit no longer existed. >> in terms of being consistent with what trump and people like
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jeff sessions and steven miller have been trying to do all along, it's consistent in the sense they said from the get go we will use every level of government to expel these people from this country. that's what we see happening. the irony, if you look at the haitian community in south florida they were strong trump supporters because a lot of them were unhappy with the clinton foundation project in haiti. i remember speaking to trump campaign people at the time saying we are specifically targeting the community, and we are sending them facebook ads to vote for trump. it's a stab in the back of these people that voted for trump and now find out these protections are going to be yanked. >> if you look at some of the stories this morning, el salvador is next. i think they have a temporary refugee program in place based on a natural disaster of their own that i think is coming to an
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end here in the months ahead, and it wouldn't surprise me at all to echo joshua's point. you will see that moment used once again by the trump administration to sort of flex their mustcle when it comes to the immigration laws. >> what is your take on this? they had kelly an anne go out t. >> the principle is there's no senate seat that is worth more than a child. doug jones in alabama, folks, don't be fooled. he will be a vote against tax cuts. >> so vote roy moore? >> i'm telling you we want the votes in the senate to get the tax bill through. >> the suggestion is they don't want to weigh in on the process and that's up to the governor
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and alabama state, and a female said she has no reason to disbelieve the accusers but is still for roy moore. how is this okay? >> because he would prefer to get into a viewed with bar. you have to understand, his head taeugs to get involved in the alabama race stems not just the issue of not want to go get crosswise with his supporters, and he was in the state a few months ago to campaign for luther strange who was the appointee in the seat right now, and strange got defeated by roy moore and the republican primary. trump does not want to reinsert himself in alabama again after getting burned there, because he
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puts a premium on being seen as a winner, and it does not appeal to him. that's the way he thinks. he's very reluctant to stick his neck down there, and that's creating awkwardness because the white house doesn't have an opbs when they go to shows like this. the tax issue that kellyanne conway mentioned, i think it's strange that is there right now to be able to cast a vote on taxes next month. the senate wants to have this tax bill to the floor before the alabama senate election is held, guys. >> josh, jonathan did not mention the other awkward thing about commenting on this. >> there is that, too. >> more than a dozen accusations against him about sexual misconduct. where do you think the white house is on this, josh?
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>> i think they prefer trump did not talk about this. trump went out and started talking about al franken's -- or allegations against senator al franken, which put the spotlight on his own dozen plus accusers. it has been problematic to go after al franken to put pressure on him and resign and it's tough to do that with any moral and ethical consistency if you are not able to apply the standard to your president who has had much more serious charges leveled against him that have not been answered. >> to democrats yesterday, for a story that i was working on on senator franken. if more allegations come out, it could be problematic, but they think they have breathing room
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on franken because the republican senators are constrained because they have a president who is facing all of these charges himself of sexual harassment, and they don't have a lot of high ground on the gop side when it comes to franken. they are restrained. >> imagine if the allegations that came out during the campaign came out fresh now that the culture is starting to shift and now that people are opening their minds to the situation. >> i have thought about that situation. thank you both very much. as chris has been mentioning, there's a watershed moment and now veteran journalist, charlie rose, accused by eight women of sexual misconduct. powerful words from his co-anchors with the scandal, next.
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in a way that goes beyond words. it could be a piece jewelry designers created just for jared. or a piece we custom made just for you. because we're more than a store that sells beautiful jewelry. we are jewelers. the one, unique gift that tells her exactly how you feel. that's why he went to jared. journalists charlie rose suspended by cbs, pbs and bloomberg which reruns his show because of sexual conduct allegations by eight women made to the "washington post." >> this is a moment that demands a fran skpk and honest assessmef where we stand and the safety of women. let me be clear, there's no
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excuse for this alleged behavior. it's systematic and pervasive and i have done a lot of listening and will continue to do that. this i know is true that women cannot achieve equality until there is a reckoning and taking of responsibility. >> i have to say, norah, i am still reeling, i got an hour and 42 minutes of sleep last night and i am not okay after reading that article in "the posts," it was alarming to read. the women who have not spoken up because they are afraid and i hope they will now take the step to speak out, too, that this becomes a moment of truth. i have enjoyed a friendship and partnership with charlie for the last five years and have held him in such high regard and i am really struggling because how do you -- what do you say when
5:20 am
somebody that you deeply care about has done something that is so horrible. how do you wrap your brain around that? i am grappling with that. i am also finding you can hold two ideas in your head at the same time, you can grapple with things, and to be honest with you i am still trying to process this and sort it out because this is tnot the man i know, an i -- i intent to speak to him certainly later today, and i am sorry and glad they spoke up. >> gayle king is a real and poignant way speaking to the complexity of the situation emotionally, and with one laser focus which is defending the women that came forward. let's bring in cnn senior media correspondent, brian stelter, and cnn media analyst, bill
5:21 am
carter. bill carter, this is different. this is new what we are seeing come in wave after wave of allegations against men in positions of power. how does this reverbaite through cbs news. >> charlie was on "60 minutes" as well and was highly regarded. i think everybody in these positions now has to step back and say, you know, you can't have anybody who is accepting of this kind of behavior. if people know about it, they have to come forward. i don't know what people at cbs knew and what they didn't know, and it's certainly pervasive and has gone on for a long time, and certainly there are more than one woman that exchanged information and didn't speak up.
5:22 am
>> the executive producer that women went to from pbs, and yvette vega said i should have stood up for them and i failed and i deeply regret not helping them. you can't get a stronger statement than that in retrospect what she should have done, and she's remorseful now. what an uncomfortable for norah and gayle to talk about their colleague that they have respect for. >> i think a lot of people can relate to the feeling that gayle king is grappling with, whether it's harvey weinstein or kevin spacey. it's a whisper network now about who might be next.
5:23 am
journalists continue to conduct the investigations and it's a remarkable feed of journalism that these stories are coming to late. here we are talking about where charlie rose help to build the morning show there for the last five years, and all of a sudden he's been suspended and today or tomorrow we will see cbs likely sever ties with him. it's impossible to imagine him coming back on the morning show. >> cbs said they didn't have -- let me get it right, no record of sexual harassment complaints against charlie rose. >> they reiterated to me, they had no formal complaints against his time at cbs. that's the official line from cbs. i think it's possible, perhaps some staffers are coming forward in the wake of the "washington post" story. i knew for weeks this story was in the works and a lot of reporters knew rose was being
5:24 am
investigated, and cbs kept him on the air for those weeks and he was covering stories of other alleged harassers for three or four weeks, and an odd twist and maybe uncomfortable twist, that he was involved in the coverage of the stories, and i wonder if there's going to be more coverage of cbs what they did or didn't do in the more recent weeks. there's also scrutiny of pbs and bloomberg about who didn't know what. the common theme is the people that looked the other way, that didn't want to know the details. >> you know, this gets complicated. this may be unpopular with some people, but it's responsible in the discussion. one, it's telling that the two co-anchors have not spoken to charlie, maybe a little approach. >> distancing. >> there could be other explanations, but there's that. bill carter, why am i saying this next part may be unpopular.
5:25 am
not all accusations are equal. there's no prosecution by a government entity, and a lot of it is what you choose to believe. on the corporate level that's true also. to be clear if cbs knew about these claims and did nothing they need to be called out just as much as charlie rose, however, in their defense, not a lot of accusations are equal and very often the expedient thing to do is settle a claim, because if you think there's not much to it if we find out now you have a problem. it's difficult to assess the right thing and the wrong thing. how do you see it? >> we have had so many reports like this, chris, and you are getting to a point where there has been grades where behavior
5:26 am
results in a career being over. we have episodes where i don't know what jeffrey did, and -- >> charlie rose is overshadowing glenn thrush the msnbc analyst, and he's also in a position of suspension right now. >> listen, i will help you. i know what the line is. sexual assault is very clear. there are no gradations. >> absolutely. >> there's no gradation. >> it's a gray area and sometimes it's in the eye of the beholder. if you are grabbing somebody's praoeuf us, if you are making them cry, if you are pulling their hair, if you are forcing yourself physically on top of them -- >> those are all crimes, by the
5:27 am
way. >> it's egregious. >> in that category, those things are very clear. when all the people -- look, i don't want to paint it with too broad a brush, and a lot of the allegations fall into that category. >> some of the men are being accused of abusing their power, and some are claiming not to know the power dynamics. >> i just have to read this, because this is the head- head-exploding part for me. charlie rose said i am greatly embarrassed and i accept responsibility for that although i do not believe all these allegations are accurate. i always thought i was pursuing shared feelings even though now i know i was mistaken. come on.
5:28 am
>> he thought he was going on with the behavior as though there was a resip raw indication. it boggles the mind how much of this was going on, but there's a subterranean thing for a lot of these men and many had reputations long before this came along. >> and charlie rose is not the last person to be exposed. >> obviously you draw a line, and those are all crimes, by the way. as we continue, as this pendulum swings, we do have to be dutiyful about making sure we are focusing on the right things, and the reckoning that we keep thinking about has to be done responsibility. up next, i check in with voters who supported donald
5:29 am
trump, how they feel about the controversies plaguing his presidency, including the russia investigation and moore. >> he was a nobody. >> where are you getting that information? >> he was a nobody. >> how do you know that? >> because trump says so. >> here what else they have to say when we get the pulse of the people, next. i text in full sentences. i refer to every child as chief. this hat was free. what am i supposed to do, not wear it? next thing you know, i'm telling strangers defense wins championships. -well, it does. -right? why is the door open? are we trying to air condition the whole neighborhood? at least i bundled home and auto on an internet website, progressive can't save you from becoming your parents, but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto. i mean, why would i replace this? it's not broken.
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it's been basically one year since president trump won his historical election, so we wanted to check in with a panel that voted for him. we wanted to see how they are feeling today. on monday we asked the panel to grade the president's performance, and as you can see they gave him three bs, two as and an f. we started with how they feel about the president's tone and its affect on the country. >> with a show of hands, how many of you are comfortable with
5:34 am
the president's tone? you don't find any course or insulting -- >> i know sometimes you cringe when he says get those sob's off the field, and that's not anything we don't hear from our neighbors and the fact that he speaks like everyday people, too, has weight. >> he's far from perfect, so i don't think everything he says is going to come off totally perfect but i think he's saying what a lot of us are thinking. >> how many of you think the president's tone has affected the national tone. >> it's what he says and the way he says it is, it's offensive. >> such as? >> when he referred to the mexican community -- >> he called then rapists. >> i gave him a b because i am hoping he changes his tone.
5:35 am
give a little more respect to people. >> he is respectful. >> he's not respectful to me and my community. >> he's doing his best under his circumstances. >> i am not comfortable with the tone. i think he should be setting the tone in a healing way. a lot of people view him as a racist. he may not be racist, but a lot of people have accused him of that because of the tone. >> when he ran is the same he is now. >> he said he would bring the country together and that has not happened. in charlottesville, i think he could have made a stronger statement and not have been perceived so much as, you know, a racist in that incident. >> but it takes two to start a fight and that's what he was trying to get everybody to recognize, you can't blame one group with rocks, but you have to look at the other group with
5:36 am
rocks. >> but nazis are in a class all themselv themselves. >> they still have the right. their ideology may make us sick, but that's what is wonderful america, you can do weird things. >> what about, for lack of a better word, controversies. the twitter fights with, say, kim jong-un, and the russian ties, and the sergeant's widow. do think these are self inflicted? >> my thought is a lot of them -- i go back to what he says, is media. a lot of them -- you could frame the conversation -- a media could frame a conversation whichever way he wanted. >> how are we to blame to the
5:37 am
slow response to the soldiers killed in niger. >> he's not polished. >> the media made it to be like the worst thing to be in the world. >> show of hands. how many people think that the russia stuff is just an invention of the fake news media, nothing to see here? ruben, why don't you think that? >> any interjection of russia in our system is a problem. >> but it has been going on for years and years -- >> but i am not going to accept it. >> but they were injected into the obama administration. >> yeah, this is nothing new. getting a dossier on a candidate and putting it out would be a big problem, or selling 20% of your uranium to them would be a big problem. >> you don't think the trump campaign meeting with russians
5:38 am
who were going to hand over dirt -- >> no, i think it's the same either way. >> i have not seen anything yet. >> look it up. george papadopoulos has pleaded guilty with the fbi. you are too comfortable with all of this. >> papadopoulos, he's a janitor. he's a nobody. >> where are you getting information that he was a janitor? >> i don't mean literally, but he was a nobody. >> how do you know that? >> because trump says so. >> we have people pleading guilty to charges. this is serious. >> you all voted for president donald trump, and how many can you show hands your lives are better. >> when the health care gets straightened out and tax cuts, but right now too soon to tell. >> we do not have a puppet in the white house anymore.
5:39 am
>> that makes your life better? >> that gives me hope. >> you give him an f. has your life gotten worse with president trump? >> it's definitely not improved. i am very anxious to see what they will do with the tax cuts. >> think you will be hurt by the tax cut? >> definitely. it's going to hit a lot of americans that are not anticipating being hit with the tax cut. they are thinking they are going to get a break and they are going to be surprised. >> thanksgiving is coming up. how many of you expect to have conversations about politics or president trump at your thanksgiving day table? >> no, i am the only republican in my family. >> they won't let you talk. >> i don't eat. >> everybody in my family is a trump supporter, so we will not be discussing politics at our thanksgiving dinner. >> we have a good majority of the people i work with are trump
5:40 am
supporters, and others are not and sometimes we have had to put that off limits in the lunchroom because it sometimes doesn't end well. >> in my family it's always pleasant. we have got a few that are on the other side. in my family, everybody is really open-mineded and we exchange ideas and anytime you have a respectful conversation it benefits both parties. >> mark, the man on the right, he will have problems with his family because he said if jesus came off the cross, if he's a christian, he is already off the cross. do you think you are seeing the same between fact and feeling? >> oh, yeah. i think what i always heard from the trump panels is the trump passion with which they have embraced president trump. he has inspired in them and captured an emotional level and passion that you don't normally see with how they feel about their politicians. that's part of what his
5:41 am
superpower has been, how strongly -- you are referring to what mark said, he would believe trump over jesus. >> as facts come out, it's what they decide to make of the facts and weave that into the feelings that they want to maintain. it's tough to convince somebody of the truth if they are intent on believing something else. >> indeed. >> there you have it. we are learning more about a brutal attack on two border patrol agents in texas, one dead and the other seriously injured. what happened? answers ahead.
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we are learning more about what the boarder patrol union is calling a deadly attack on two agents in southwest texas. according to a spokesman agent martinez and his partner were responding to a ground sensor that went off in an area known for drug smuggling. when they got there they encountered trouble. ed lavandera travelled all night to get there. what are you learning? >> reporter: what is a bit of a mystery is what is going on in this situation. as you detailed the information coming from the union that represents border patrol agents describes this attack as an ambush, and so have president trump, the governor of texas to senator ted cruz from texas as well, all describing the incident as an attack. the problem is federal investigators have not gone that far yet. this incident happened late saturday night about 12 miles
5:46 am
east of van horn, texas, and as the union spokesperson said they believe it was an area highly trafficked by drug smugglers, and perhaps the agents disrupting some sort of drug smuggling operation. they were attacked by something like a rock. federal investigators officially not saying anything to that extent which leads to the mystery of exactly what happened with these agents. >> yes, and it's very mysterious. we will need a lot more questions answers. thank you for the questions from there. meanwhile, president trump is tweeting to a basketball player's father who did not say thank you, but he's not talking about senate nominee ray moore. we'll get the bottom line, next. . abreva starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. abreva acts on it. so you can too.
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your thoughts on ray moore, mr. president? do you believe his accusers? do you believe roy moore's accusers, mr. president. >> thank you very much. that's president trump continuing to avoid questions about the republican party's embattled senate nominee roy moore. but the president had plenty to say about al franken's sexual scandal, and about an outspoken dad of a basketball player and his refuse annual to say thank you. i don't know how many awkward -- >> it's defensive posturing.
5:51 am
>> yeah, they sit at the table and say no more, and that's going to continue until december 12th. >> let's be clear. the questions are not going to stop. he will have to be getting used to being in a position to not answer questions. the white house in the last 24 hours or so has begun to indicate, i think, where they really are on this and where the president is, and it seems like they were trying to have it both ways, and it was up to the people of alabama, and then kellyanne conway made the case yesterday on why people should not be voting for doug jones, suggesting roy moore would be a better vote to have in the united states senate, and yesterday sarah sanders said the president is interested in having senators who will support the president's agenda. in that alabama contest, there's only one, roy moore versus doug
5:52 am
jones, and that description applies to roy moore. they are indicating they would be okay with roy moore. >> let's listen. >> the principle is that there's no senate seat that is worth more than a child. doug jones in alabama, folks, don't be fooled. he will be a vote against tax cuts. >> so vote roy moore? >> i'm saying we want the votes in the senate to get this tax bill through. >> what happened to the principle of no child's life is worth that? >> that seems to have gone out the window. by the way, the white house, in terms of republican folks here in washington seems to be on an island here, from mitch mcconnell to susan collins, that's a broad spectrum of the
5:53 am
republican party on capitol hill said he needs to go now and they don't want him in the united states senate. the white house is in a different place here, and the reason is twofold. one is the president's own personal history with accusers. this makes it an extraordinary comfortable and awkward conversation for the president to have, and it cuts against his own base politics. this is where we were on the losing side of the strange/moore primary in the runoff in alabama. we know the bannon wing is remaining fired up for roy moore, and donald trump is clearly concerned about getting crosswise with his own base. >> right. it's just so obvious. we're not used to seeing donald trump duck situations this way. we are used to seeing him take things on that he shouldn't, like mr. ball and then sanders or conway coming into clean up.
5:54 am
sanders doing an unusual job. he said he meant his tweet about i should have left him in jail in china, rhetorically, and even though sean spicer said tweets are official statements. what a lame kind of statement. >> we were debating if you could have something be rhetorical without being questioned. what about you? >> no. >> i say yes. >> can you have a rhetorical. we are told his tweets are official statements. >> he said i should have left them in jail. explain to me how that is restore kul. >> i should have left you there, that's rhetorical. >> the president of the united states talking about teenage citizens. >> if you are going to throw the president -- if you are going to play the president of the united states card, then we are in a whole different category.
5:55 am
>> it's such a lame and obvious aversion, whether it's the body lange alisyn is referring to or the fact that he takes things on all the time but does not take this on. is there a chance that hurts him? >> you just looked at a segment with his most core supporters. hurts him with whom? this is the reality we live in with president trump now. >> independent voters, and educated white voters. >> they are gone, chris. independents are two to one against him. what is left to really lose here at this moment? i'm not suggesting his numbers can't go down again, they can, president bush's numbers went lower, and he has a strong connection with the base, and he's been a president hanging out at historic lows. >> have you seen how many of our guests sigh when we ask a question. thank you very much. cnn "newsroom" with poppy
5:56 am
harlow and john berman pick it up after this break. and talk to each other. [laughing] nature's bounty lutein blue. because you're better off healthy.
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but what patients are looking for in a product. ♪ good morning, everyone. i am john berman. >> i am poppy harlow. this morning, charlie rose is suspended after eight women say the veteran newsman made unwanted sexual advances towards them. >> and so his co-hosts had a respond to the reports. it was emotional and difficult and remarkable. >> i also want to say this, that this is a moment that demands a frank and honest assessment about where we stand and more generally the safety ofom


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