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tv   Wolf  CNN  November 21, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> i'm jim chuto for wolf blitzer. wherever you are watching from, thanks for joining us. >> triangle of tension. one interfered in america's election and the other called a butcher by president trump. today the president and vladimir putin speak with syria's bashar al-assad. a grim discovery in the search for answers into the deadly ambush of u.s. soldiers in niger. more of sergeant la david johnson's remains have been found raising hard questions about his final moments there. a cabinet under fire. secretary of state rex tillerson openly accused of breaking a
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federal law. the travels of interior secretary ryan zinke facing new concerns, this time involving his wife. and this. it is a tradition as old as lincoln. this is live pictures here from the white house. the presidential pardon that few would question. donald trump rose to the white house as a non-traditional candidate who broke the tradition of releasing his tax returns and the tradition of hosting a white house ramadan dinner is moments away of issuesing a traditional pardon. these are live pictures where at any moment, president trump will free two very lucky birds for the thanksgiving holiday. we will bring you there from the white house the moment it starts. let me bring in the political director. the president will head off to mar a lago. this is a busy time with the tax reform bill. what are the prospects as we get into the holiday and after the holiday for the bill? >> the thing to wash for is how
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actively is the president working the phones? part of what we saw in health care and sometimes the republicans on the hill think it's better if the president keeps his distance from the process and let them whip the votes. they would like the extra manpower and that important voice the president of the united states to help whip votes. as they plan to bring it to the floor, next week in the senate, how much donald trump spents to lock in the 51 votes they need. >> what's the latest reporting on whether he will be able to get the votes. >> leadership feels they will be able to get it, but that's not uncommon for them to say. we know there are hold outs that have not made the position clear. concerns about the deficit and whether it's and concerns about the process. we know that ron johnson said he
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is a no, but you can sense in a radio interview that he is looking to get to yes. susan collins, a no. people out there need to be touched and called in the bill adjusted to address their specific concerns, but right now the republican leadership feels they will be able to get them. >> joining me as well, an important phone call moments before this tradition about to unfold at the white house. the turkey pardoning. president trump speaking with vladimir putin about syria. putin meeting with the butcher of syria. what did the president hope to accomplish with this phone call. >> we don't know the whole of what the white house agenda was. we know top lines for the things they wanted to discuss. we include syria and north korea. remember the u.s. and russia have been awkwardly on the same
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side on part of the fight in syria. that which involved the terror group of islamic state or isis. putin himself said the other day much of what trump has been saying. that fight is largely over. they have coordination to do now as to how or what the next step is in dealing with isis in syria. the fight is not completely done. they were on the opposite side of the longer term fight which they have to resolve which is what happens to assad and putin has been his backer and his ally and protector from the beginning from putin's perspective. russia won and the united states lost. >> sorry that correct? is there evidence that putin has not in effect retained his man, his guy in leadership. >> he retained his guy in leadership. ership of what.
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the country is a mess and ungovernable in its original outline as a state. what happens next is a tricky political question. the opposition to assad is not going away. it has been militarily neutered, but won't go a away as a political force. so they don't get in one another's way. >> that's going away. >> i think we are seeing president trump arriving for this very traditional all important pardoning. with melania and his son barron. >> welcome to the white house. a very special place. on behalf of melania and barron, i want to wish you and all americans a happy and blessed
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thanksgiving. and i hear that beautiful turkey. we are here today to continue a wonderful american tradition. today in the spirit of thanksgiving i will grant a presidential pardon to a turkey. i'm especially pleased that we are joined for this great occasion by karl whiten berg, chairman of the national turkey federation along with his wife, charlene ands, nate and wyatt. it was 70 years ago that the national turkey federation first presented the national thanksgiving turkey to president harry truman who i might add did not grant the pardon. he refused. he was a tough cookie. today i'm going to be a much nicer president. over the past 10 months, melania and i had the pleasure of
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welcoming many, many special visitors to the great white house. we hosted dozens of incredible world leaders, members of congress and along the way, a few very strange birds. we have yet to receive any visitors quite like our magnificent guest of honor today, drumstick. hi, drumstick. drumstick i think will be very happy. i'm pleased to report that unlike millions of other turkeys at this time of the year, drumstick has a very, very bright future ahead of him. drumstick was raised on karl and charlene's turkey farm in douglas county, minnesota with the help of five young women from the douglas county chapter who are here with us today. i want to say great work. where are they?
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great job you have done. 4 h. that's great. thank you. upon being pardoned, drumstick and his friend wish bone will live out their days at gobbler's rest. beautiful place. it's custom-built and an encl e enclosure on the campus of virginia tech. a tremendous school. there they will join tater and tot, the two turkeys pardoned last year by president obama. as many of you know, i have been active in overturning a number of executive actions by my predecessor. however i have been informed by the white house council's office that tator and tot's pardons cannot under any circumstances be revoked. so i'm not going to revoke them. tater and tot, you can rest easy. i would like to thank the
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national turkey federation for bringing along two other turkeys from the turkey farm in orfield, pennsylvania. the great state of pennsylvania. we are donating these turkeys to martha's table, a truly fantastic charity here in washington, d.c. which provides warm meals to people in need. they do a fantastic job. before we get to the pardon, i would like to take a moment to extend our very heart felt special message. thanks, folks, to the finest and bravest people in the entire world. our great men and women in uniform. the military. law enforcement. first responders. these are incredible people. so thank you. many of you are always and you know your loved ones and you are far away and you spend so much time away.
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this thanksgiving i want each of to know that we are forever grateful for the incredible job and the incredible sacrifices that you and your families make in defense of our nation. our freedom and our truly great american flag. i would also like to express my thanks to the wonderful citizens of our country, the people who care for our communities. raise america's children. uphold our laws and our values and make this amazing land into our national home. as we gather together with our families on thanksgiving and give thanks for many blessings, we are reminded of the national family to which we all belong as citizens of this incredible country. this thursday as we give thanks for our cherished loved ones, let us renew our bones of trust, loyalty and affection between
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our fellow citizens as members of a proud national family of americans. and now i think drumstick and wish bone would be very thankful if we would just get around to the pardon. they saw enough talk. please pardon us. i want to thank everybody for being here today and wish everybody a very, very happy thanksgiving. very special people, a very special country. thank you very much. thank you. wow. wow. that's a big bird. how heaviy is that bird? >> 36 pounds. >> 36 pounds. that's a big bird.
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wow. i feel so good about myself. are you ready, drumstick? okay. drumstick, you are here by pardoned. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. >> the president officially pardoning one of the two turkeys, drumstick and wish bone, but even in this holiday tradition, a bit of a shot at his predecessor, barack obama.
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making a joke about all the executive orders of his democratic predecessor and this is one executive order he could not revoke. >> clearly an attempt to bring humor to what is undoubtedly a humorous event it watch the president of the united states pardon turkeys. his version of humor is not self e facing in any way. it is taking the opportunity to have an elbow to his predecessor. he did properly note that he has been very focused on overturning obama era rules and regulations. declarations that president obama put in place. again, an attempt at humor, but a clear insight into donald trump's thinking even at very casual holiday events like this. >> even tater and tot are political. now that that passed, i want to go back to the phone call between president trump and
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vladimir putin. the other issue is the presence of isis. they have been rooted out of raqqa, but run to the hills in effect. possibly returning to insurgency. >> we still have military capabilities running along the river valley there in syria. both american and syrian opposition. syrian government and even russian capabilities merging in that same area. there are things that need to be done and we see a need to focus against this enemy. they are not gone. >> no question. a lot of troops are still in harm's way as well. >> a lot of u.s. troops stumbling over troops from other nations. >> steve and david, stay with me. stand by because we have more breaking news. more remains of la david johnson have been discovered@site of the
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deadly ambush in niger. more women coming forward accusing charlie rose of sexual harassment. now as his cohosts react live on the air, rose has been fired by cbs. details on that as well after this. together, great things come in twos. like t-mobile and netflix. right now when you get an unlimited family plan, netflix is included. ho ho ho! t-mobile covers your netflix subscription... best christmas gift ever! you can binge watch all year long. now you're thinking christmas! and now when you buy any of this season's hot new samsung galaxy phones, you get a second one free to gift. that's one samsung for you. and one to give. t-mobile. holiday twogether.
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aleve direct therapy. has met its match. the only remote controlled tens device that's drug free, wire free for deep penetrating lower back pain relief. get aleve direct therapy. now $10 off with a coupon at walgreens. which is the only egg goody enough for my family? only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. >> welcome back. we are getting word of a grim development in the deadly ambush of four u.s. soldiers in niger. the pentagon confirming that more remains of sergeant la david johnson have been recovered at the site where his body was found. the story reported this morning by our correspondent barbara star who joins us now live. barbara, when you look at this, how did this happen?
10:20 am
>> well, that is the question. in early november, a team of military and fbi investigators went to niger and went to the village where the team had been and went to the ambush site. they were interviewing local villagers and others about what they saw and what might have happened. we are told when they went to the site where sergeant la david johnson's body was recovered, they were able to recover additional remains. we are told that these remains are essentially bone fragments and they were able through armed forces medical examiners to identify them as belonging to la david johnson. very difficult business. the big question is, will these bone fragments shed additional light on how he died and what might have happened to his body in that 48 hour period between the ambush and when his body was
10:21 am
recovered. >> all the circumstances are the subjects of a military investigation. of course first on your mind, i imagine the news for his family. sergeant johnson has been laid to rest. >> that's right. what we all wanted to do was to make sure that his family had been briefed, his young widow had been given this information before any was publicly reported. we were assures by pentagon officials that she had been briefed. military experts will tell you there have been cases where additional remains are found after the fact. it is up to the family. they can take possession of those remains certainly and they can have another memorial service or ta funeral. it is now up to the johnson family how they want to handle all of this. >> that family has been through so much already. thanks very much. i want to bring back my panel and former spokesman who is a
10:22 am
diplomatic correspondent for "the washington post." combat is messy and bloody and these things happen, but there was a failure by the military to not have collected all the remains? >> i don't think we can call it a failure. this is a messy, dirty, horrific business. it's actually a credit to those investigators that they were able to recover these additional remains. as we heard, we are talking about fragments. sometimes imperceptible. small pieces of remains that we were able to collect and bring 100%. >> listen, it's still very, very hard questions remain about the circumstances and what they were doing there and the orders they were under. have news and the u.s. issued a travel warning for saudi arabia citing risks for terror groups.
10:23 am
in forces in yemen, that has been a concern because we have a missile launch a couple of weeks ago. >> the latest warning issued today supersedes that came out in july that warned of dangers and diffuse terrorist dangers in several of the major cities in saudi arabia and the possibility of westerners being targeted. this is a little different. it appears to be the state department's response to this missile attack which originated from yemen and for which the united states has blamed iranian-backed rebels there. obviously that wasn't aimed specifically at westerners, but a saudi city. saying it might. but the state department told americans, be aware that there is potentially another terror
10:24 am
front opening and you could be a victim without being targeted. >> very active war under way there. >> of course another threat as cnn learned of a high level military shake-up happening now in north korea. we have seen this happen before as kim jong un takes out people close to him in horrible ways. what can we read into the stability of that regime? >> several things. first of all, kim is to some extent paranoid and doesn't want anyone around him or under him able to accumulate power and he shakes up his internal systems. it will make it more difficult to run the country. much more nervous about how they should act.
10:25 am
he was shot several times. i think we will continue to see this. it's something to keep an eye on. >> in the past, one of the results of that is he has taken out the contacts within his regime for china. that has consequences going forward. making clear that no one accumulates within the military that the north korean state depends knowing they have a power source that could challenge him. this is in many ways kim punishing the head of the part of the inkokt rination. if a guy is willing to break and
10:26 am
run that, is from his perspective. >> trump administration giving them a warning to get ready to go home. placing an expiration date to the protect tenthive status here in the ruz. breaking new, cbs has fired legendary journalist charlie rose as more and more women accuse him of sexual harassment. more details on that next. ♪ like the flame that burns the candle ♪ ♪ the candle feeds the flame ♪ topped steak & twisted potatoes at applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. if yor crohn's symptoms are holding you back, and your current treatment hasn't worked well enough, it may be time for a change.
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the white house is ordering tens of thousands of haitians to leave the united states by july of 2019. the trump administration ending the temporary protected status for haiti granted after an earthquake devastated the island in 2010. dropping the protective status means more than 58,000 haitians will have to leave or find another way to stay here in the u.s. democratic congressman from florida joins me from fort lauderdale. listening to this announcement from the trump administration, what's your reaction? >> well, i'm really disappointed by this decision by the administration which really flies in the face of the that america has historically played to provide relief. the haitians who came here after the earthquake who would like to go back and can't because things are not ready for them.
10:32 am
the hurricane that went through in 2016 went through the bread basket of the country. the country is just not in a position to take them back. those positions here in florida are working in the communities and contributing to the communities. they are part of the solution and contributing back to haiti to help with the rebuilding. it would be devastating to force them to return before the country is able to accept them. >> i want to read how the chairman of the committee reactioned to this, blasting the decision in his statement. he said as the proud son of two immigrants who fled an oppressive regime, i'm disgusted at the pe's heartlessness. he is tearing families apart and turning his back on the policies that made our country great. i want to ask you this. do you see this as consistent of the other positions on immigrants? do you think that's part of the same position in effect?
10:33 am
>> i don't know how you could think otherwise. sadly the president's position consistently has been anti-immigrant, anti-refugee in this case. this is a humanitarian program that the president is now turning his back on. you can't -- it does no good and it is inconsistent with american values to attempt to demonize immigrants for political gain. that's not who we are. to make this announcement now right in advance of is troubling and upsetting about the haitian community and raises concerns about the decision coming with respect to the sal va dorians. i have to tell you, we should be concerned about where the administration might be going when it comes to daca as well. >> on another issue and perhaps under the same umbrella, a federal judge has blocked and ordered by president trump to cut funding for so-called sanctuary cities that limit
10:34 am
their cooperation with immigration officials. when you look at that decision, do you think that's the final word on the president's immigration policies regarding sanctuary cities or do you see the battle as continuing? >> i would hope so, but as we were discussing, the president has time and time again sought to demonize immigrants. that was that is not just anti-immigrant, but against the betterment of our own communities when you say you are going to deny funding because of communities that work with immigrant communities to make the communities feel to come out and to work with local law enforcement, you are not just hurting them. you are hurting the community as a whole. i hope this is the last we hear of it, but i suspect it's not. >> florida of course is a state that has many immigrant communities strong today. many of them growing.
10:35 am
what is their reaction. what do you hear from constituents regarding the president's policies with immigrants? >> there is disappointment and outrage. i was on the phone on my way over here. he just doesn't understand that at a moment like this, you have a program that permed to not only contribute to america because they are here in south florida. i wish they would speak to the haitian community and hear from all of those who are part of this community that they contribute to. they can welcome the return of these people. it's really upsetting to the haitian community and there is
10:36 am
real concern i hear about the actions of this administration with respect to immigrants. the fear that these actions have taken. the fear throughout the community and again, it's so troubling because it's not who we are as a people. >> i want to move on and the house judiciary involved in that, there appears to be mounting pressure on the adviser michael flynn. based on what you have seen so far and i don't want you to get into classified materials, but is it your judgment that general flynn broke the law? >> well, it's my judgment that congress ought to be doing everything it can right now to protect the mueller investigation so that the president cannot step in and interfere with it at a time when it looks like there is mounting evidence that an indictment could be brought down against
10:37 am
general flynn. i don't have information specifically about what they are doing. it's an independent investigation and it needs to be. but remember as i asked the attorney general this week when the president sought to interfere with the initial investigation into flynn when he asked the then fbi director to let flynn go, there is every reason to believe based on that that the president is looking for ways again to interfere with this investigation into flynn. we are to make sure that doesn't happen. we have to protect the investigation so that it can be completed and follow its course wherever that may take it. >> and to be clear, there is some on the other side who expressed similar fears. thanks very much and happy to you and your family. >> thanks, i appreciate it. to you and yours and the view s viewers. >> why the interior secretary's wife is scrutinized for her
10:38 am
travel practices and special requests, plus an extraordinary move. some state department officials accusing secretary of state rex tillerson of breaking a federal law. hear why, after this.
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two members of president trump's cabinet are under fire staffers for rex tillerson and secretary of the interior ryan zinke are speaking out. the senior correspondent and cnn correspondent. if i can begin with you. it's quite unusual. there are current members of the star of accusing the secretary of staff of breaking a federal law. >> there is a law called the child soldiers prevention act.
10:43 am
a list that the state department assembles and puts out. if a government entity is recruiting child soldiers, three countries are in question. iraq, afghanistan and burma. if you are on the list, the u.s. government is not supposed to give military aid or cooperate with you militarily unless they get a waiver. instead of going through the waiver process, tillerson took those three countries off the list. >> unilaterally? >> yes. the state department explained and the reporting that has come out, first in reuters. you have to distinguish between the countries that are not doing anything and those that are doing something. they made an effort, but you are supposed to go through the process according to federal law. >> they just have a few child soldiers? >> it's up for debate how much work they have done. the point here is you are not supposed to do it this way. this was against the recommendation of top state department officials. they filed this decent memo, the
10:44 am
internal way of doing it. right after the first travel ban, hundreds and hundreds of state department officials signed a decent memo. it's one more symptom of the morale problem. and here's how secretary tillerson spoke out against that. >> this is performing extraordinarily well. >> he said the problems. they are intensely working on the state department and reshaping the departments and things like that. that's a lot of the morale now. >> they were answering and interior secretary ryan zinke
10:45 am
now under this cloud to some degree. it's between air travel and dinner reservations. different members of the cabinet and how they are using private planes and military planes when they might be able to use commercial planes. whether or not that is truly all for business or if some of it is for their private use. >> it has to be all business. >> it's very clear, but the use of it may not be clear. the use of it is papers that were dredged up by the western values project. this is a group out in the country that got new papers about lola zinke who is secretary zirchgy's wife and the degree to which she was asking the people to work up arrangements for her travel and dinner plans and all sorts of things like that. again, she insists and the department said she paid for
10:46 am
everything. it's not a waste of dollars here. probably wouldn't even be talking about this, except we had the other members caught up in the question about how they are spending money and their wives including steve mnuchin's wife. she has not made it easier on herself and the secretary of health and human services, tom price who dropped out and his wife also. >> the simple solution would be just use it for government work. >> save money where you can. >> they are thes who get more questions. they get it approved. if it's not clear that it was approved, it's not clear. why am i paying for you to visit your home even if you did visit a small bit while you were there. >> okay. seems simple, but it's not.
10:47 am
thanks very much. coming up, a legendary broadcaster out of two jobs amid multiple harassment allegations. the details when we come back. p. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me? full-bodied. mopping robotthe from irobot. its precision jet spray and vibrating cleaning head loosen and scrub stains. all while navigating kitchens, bathrooms and those hard to reach places. you and braava jet from irobot. better together.
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well, this just into cnn. charlie rose is now out at both cbs and pbs. the company says it's fired rose as his job of co-host of the morning show. pbs has just announced it's terminating its contract with the broadcast legend. it comes after "the washington post" published interviews with eight women who accused rose of
10:52 am
making unwanted sexual advancements. the women either worked for or wanted to work for "the charlie rose show. c "his co-hosts addressed it at the top of the show. >> i certainly echo that. i have to say, norah, i really am still reeling. i got 1 hour and 42 minutes of sleep last night. both my son and daughter called me. openrah called me and said am i okay, i am not okay. after reading that story in the were tthe" the post" it was troubling to read. the women who spoke up because they were afraid i hope now they will take the steps to speak up to that this becomes a moment of truth. you know, i've enjoyed a friendship and partnership with charlie for the past five years. i've held him in such high regard. and i'm struggling because what do you say, how do you say when someone that you deeply care
10:53 am
about has done something that is so horrible. how do you wrap your brain around that? i'm really grappling with that. that said, charlie does not get a pass here. he doesn't get a pass from anyone in this room. we're all deeply affected. we're all rocked by this. >> sigh should note that rose has apologized said he's embarrassed by his behavior but has added he does not believe all of the actions are true. the washington post" said since the allegation more equipment have come in with more stories. i want to bring in the cnn media reporter. remarkable timing. "the washington post" report came out yesterday. swift action by pbs and cbs since then? >> exactly. time moves the a different pace it feels though. you're right, both pbs and cbs have taken swift action, most of the it surrounding charlie rose's show by pbs. cbs said they received no official complaints about his actions at cbs.
10:54 am
nonetheless, they did take action. this is from a memory that the president sent out, he said despite charlie's important journalist contribution to our news division there is absolutely nothing more important in this or any organization than insuring safe and professional workplace. we need to be such a place. and pbs just minutes ago announced they're terminating their relationship with charlie rose where a lot of these allegations took place around the show. they said in light of yesterday's revelations pbs has terminated its relationship with charlie rose and cancelled distribution of his programs. pbs expects all the producers to be treated with dignity and respect. clearly, companies moving very fast when these revelations come forward. we're in a new sort of world here where companies don't sit by anymore. people are losing jobs. movies are changing. kevin spacey, the movie is being reshot, millions of dollars.
10:55 am
it's a different environment right now. >> cbs did not have any hr complaints about rose. did pbs say the same thing? >> in the statement, pbs did not specify whether it had such complaints. according to "the washington post" story some of these stories were brought up with a supervisor of the show. we'll see more reporting on who knew what and where. >> shared responsibility or inaction. thank you very much. >> more breaking news. an historic moment after decades in power, zimbabwe's controversial president has been forced to resign. celebrations as you're seeing erupting in the streets. we're going to take you there there now live right after this. . i'm out. made with real cream. reddi-wip. instant greatification. i'm done. done with figuring it out for myself.
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you're looking at live pictures here, people dancing in the streets of zimbabwe's capital harare today celebrating the resignation of the nation's longtime leader robert mugabe, decades of brutal undemocratic rule there. you can see just how happy many zimbabweans are right now. our david mckenzie joins me from harare, takes us through the reaction there. and what comes next. is this a prospect that many zimbabweans couldn't hope for because he was sun a survivor,
10:59 am
mugabe for years. >> reporter: that's right, survivor for over decades, robert mugabe, since last wednesday when a coup effectively pushed him out and he was under house attention, people were wondering hoping that the leader would step down, resign voluntarily. but what you've seen on the streets tonight is an extraordinary moment of people with the resignation letter had come in, that he was leaving power after all of these years with the question of detentions of people that fulfilled their lives at times. and you're seeing these amazing celebrations on the street. people fist pumping and high-fiving the military saying is this a time for them. this is a time for zimbabwe. and chance next? well, everyone's holding their breath. we believe that the ex-vice president might be sworn in soon. but this is a moment for zimbabweans and all over the world including the u.s., who will be celebrating today, the
11:00 am
end of robert mugabe and his long reign. >> and the question is what follows more democratic than what mugabe brought to that area. david mckenzie there live on the streets. that's it for us now, "newsroom with brooke baldwin" starts right now. here we go, top of the hour, you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. let's start with that phone call between the world's most watched power players between president trump and vladimir putin. it's not just what they said but it's when they're talking that's important. keep in mind, one day ago, putin had this friendly hug-about with the syrian president brd