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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  November 21, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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psyche more frprofound. but, erin the leaders say they have to try. if they don't what hope is there from syria's future. >> thank you from syria tonight. thank you for joining us. john berman in for anderson cooper and ac 360 begins right now. trump/moore 2017. we begin tonight keeping them honest, the president of the united states of america is backing a candidate who's accused of molesting a 14-year-old girl. now we know. we pretty much knew last night. this time he said it out loud with records repeatedly with added touch seeming to request the memories of sexually abused victims.
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we'll play what he said in a moment. this is what moore campaign strategist, dean young said. >> the election has -- not only for alabama or the united states but for the world. and by the way, that's why you saw kellyanne come out yesterday and say we've got to have somebody like judge moore. we've got to have someone like judge moore. kellyanne is part of the white house. >> he is speaking of course about kellyanne conway latching on to her words criticizing -- when she was asked if that meant she and the administration sports roy moore. >> and dug jones is a liberal which is why he's not saying anything and why the media is trying to boost him. >> so vote roy moore? >> i'm telling you we want votes
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in the senate to get the tax bill through. >> keep in mind the white house has been dancing around this for weeks. they say the president would not weigh in first because he was in asia and then the voters of alabama should decide. all of that ended today at element the exact tame same roy moore's -- the president said this on the white house lawn. >> i can tell you for a fact we do not need somebody that's going to be bad on crime, bad on boarders, bad with the military bad for the second amendment. >> mr. president is an accused child molester better than a democrat? >> well he denies it. i mean, if you look at what is really going on and all the things that have happened over the last 48 hours, he totally denies it, he says it didn't happen. >> now we know. the president supports roy
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moore. gone any idea he didn't want to meddle in alabama elections. gone frankly any notion from these words press secretary grounded in reality. >> the president believe this is a decision the people of ma'am should make. the people of alabama should be the ones to make the decision. the decision the people of alabama to make. it's up to the people of alabama to make the decision. the president as i've said thinks this is a decision for the people of alabama to make. it's up to the governor and the people in the state of alabama to make the decision. i've addressed it quite a few times, the position of the white house hasn't changed. it's up to the people of alabama to make the determination on who their next senator should be. >> now we know the president should not believe it should not be left up to the ma'am --
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alabamians. he doesn't believe the women that have accused roy miller. the who i say call these women liars. this afternoon after he said roy moore denies all the alleges, the president was asked what his message to women is. this is what he said. >> women are very special, i think it's a very special time, because a lot of things are coming out and i think that's good for our society and i think it's very very good for women. and i'm very happy a lot of these thing are coming out. >> do you believe the accuser. >> i'm happy its being exposed. >> so, in the president's words, women are very special. some for anyway. he wants you to believe the women who accused clinton, and weinstein. other women, not so special. not the women accusing roy moore, bill o'reilly riley and
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roger ails and of course not the women accusing donald trump. none of them of course special enough to believe. one thing that is special, according to ivanka trump, she says there's a special place in hell for people that prey on children. that place must not be near alabama for her father because he left open an idea to go and campaign there for a pan accused of molesting a 14-year-old girl. now we know. cnn's jeff zeleny joining us now. he's traveling with the president. >> reporter: john, good evening. we should point out this is a relatively easy decision for the president to make. hee not going against the base of his party or roy moore defiance there, he's simply accepting his denials. the reporting we've got, and we heard the president say in the last 48 hours. i am told by someone close to
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this white house, the noise and confusion for all of these alleges of sexual misconduct. from hollywood, to the media, to politics has helped the president along in coming out publicly with his support of roy moore. he believes there's more than one bad guy. he believes it's able to make the argument to stick with roy moore. we heard kellyanne conway yesterday what she was saying. that was a strategy, not someone speaking off message there, she rarely does that. they want to hold the seat in republican hands here. the president finally came out today. he said in public what he's been saying privately in the west wing that he believers these denials here. by doing that, certainly undercutting the story of these women. >> an accused child molester
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rather than have a democrat. at the end of the day, jeff, did these allegations or accusations including molesting a 14-year-old, do they have any impact on the president? >> at the end of the day it seems not. the president seems to be siding with the denials from judge moore and it sounded familiar. the president issuing so many denials during his own presidential campaign. the white house has been watching over these last 12 days since these allegations came out. the fact that judge moore decided to stay defiant and in this race -- the white house still thinks he can win. at the end of the day, politics and holding that seat seems to be far more important than the alleges we're talking about. >> jeff zeleny in florida, thank you for the reporting. joining me terra meth maher
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and mike shields. mike, i want to start with you, there was a message, quote, there is no senate seat worth a child. >> john, first of all if i lived in alabama i wouldn't vote for roy moore and i think it's important that women like this come forward and they initially be believed so we can look into it. i would write in somebody else. i also wouldn't vote for the democrat. as someone who lives in virginia, i'd just probably help roy moore with voters in alabama. i think what's going on is people are seeing roy moore could win. i think the shift has happened, i think bannon is doing a successful job talking to the president about this race. if they win -- he wins that means the people of alabama is
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supporting him. i think that's what driving a lot of this. i think when people like me or rhyt mitch mcconnell say something bad about roy moore i think it increases his chances of win. >> it's not just you, ivanka trump said something about this as well. >> the president was rewarded with the the presidency last year after the hollywood access tape. i'm not surprised, i think it's sell selfish of roy moore. i'm grateful to see the republican party have condemned him and says he should step aside. it's also been jeff sessions, he's plofed in alabama.
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he said the same thing, he believes the women. this whole thing is really disturbing because of the party tribe lism that we're seeing taking place here. this is the stench of this race, it's going to hinder the republican party moving forward if roy moore wins. i can see the campaign ads already in 2018 and 2020 associated this party with this character and people accusing this away. it's not good for the republican party, and all this for what? for a tax vote. i'm sorry but there's no vote, policy, nothing worth allowing this level of character deficit to be in the senate for a vote. the long-term implications of this i think are troubling and can be damaging to not only the republican party but the country as a whole. what does that say for us as a society that this is how low the bar will go for party tribe lism.
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>> i want to bring bill into this because he's on the ground in alabama. and bill i've had a chance to talk to you over the course of the last few weeks of this story. how powerful do you think the president's statement will be today? he's basically saying he's backing roy moore, what difference did it make? >> well it didn't make a lot of difference when the president backed luther strange but it made some difference. it gives some of the folks that have waivered or are in the middle an opportunity to vote. this is alabama, we have a right to make up our own mind about the candidate. me personally, i have my personal opinion. it's the people of alabama who goes to the polls, not washington, d.c., new york, california, but the people of alabama. we're not stooges that can't see the facts even though we're portrayed that way even by our own people. >> well, look i certainly would
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never want to give that impression at all. but presidents and political leaders often endorse candidates particularly when they are of their own party. so the president's endorsement and non-endorsement would be notable in this case. the fact he was holding for a period of time but now essentially delivering it is -- mike shields you were trying to get back into the conversation. >> i agree with him to a point, there is triablism going on on both sides but it's deeper than that. you have a broken relationship with millions of americans with the media. part of the problem and push back from the roy moore camp was that this came out in "the washington post". there were millions of alabamians go, oh that make sense. we're not having a conversation at "the washington post" to say how did we get there. what do we do when the victims come forward, which we want them
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to do, and we put it in publication and people are dismissing it. finally i think the president is recognizes what he said before, i tell you what i wouldn't vote for him, i won't want my party to vote for him. >> hold on guys we're going to take a quick break. the president's not saying it's up to the people anymore. the president want -- >> i think hee recognizes people of alabama to make the decision. >> you can criticize "the washington post" all you want and -- >> and alabama local papers have reported on this it's not just "the washington post" that's nonsense. >> i'm talking about what they done before this. >> much more after the break to discuss. roy moore opponent doug jones calling out the allegations specifically. that's after he said at first and then he'd focus on the issues. we'll hear that next. later new misconduct allegations on capitol hill. a complex process, even report
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harassment in congress. it's all secret even when it's your tax dollars used to fit the bill. we're keeping them honest.
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shut down cold symptoms fast with maximum strength alka seltzer plus liquid gels. only three weeks left until the alabama senate roy moore is -- where roy -- this is the new campaign ad that captures the new strategy. >> on roy moore's disturbing actions, ivanka trump says there's a special place in hell for people who prey on children. and i have no reason to doubt the victim's accounts. jeff sessions says i have no reason to doubt the women. and richard shelby says no doubt he will not vote for roy moore. conservatives putting women over party, doing what's right.
5:18 pm
>> today that's in huntsville, alabama we find our george thompson. >> reporter: doug jones has been quiet about roy moore since this ad appeared in "the washington post". he's chosen his words carefully. here in huntsville, alabama in the north portion of the state i asked him some serious questions about the situation. you've been quieter than many others including lots of republicans in the u.s. senate about judge roy moore. my question is if you can answer it directly do you believe roy moore was a sexual predator? >> i believe the women. i think that answers the question. i believe their story have credibility and i believe them. >> a lot of people think that's credible, do you believe he's a sexual predator? >> i'm not going to call names, i believe their stories.
5:19 pm
>> one follow-up question, donald trump today, the president of the united states endorsed roy moore and he said you're terrible on crime and terrible on the boarders. how do you feel that donald trump at this point is endorsing a man who has been accused to be a child molester? >> i'm going to let the people of alabama make that decision. i feel like my record speaks for myself and i don't have to have the president or anyone else talk about it and try to label it. >> many politicians on both sides of the aisle of capitol hill has called for roy moore to drop out of the race. >> gary, so how does doug jones feel about the polls which seem to improve for him a little bit since the allege agriculturals came out? >> despite the polls are trending in his favor, he said let's put it this way, just like the football teams, two schools
5:20 pm
here in alabama have a big football game this saturday, i don't care or worry about the polls all i care about is what happened on election day. >> back now with our panel. bill i want to start with you. the most recent poll we've seen is the fox news poll which had jones up by six points. do you think that's still legit? >> i think that what we're seeing internally on some polls that are not being accomplish published, those polls are not quite accurate. they start out with asking a number of questions. do you believe the accusers, do you believe this, do you think roy moore's that? it goes into allegations and then ask the question, are you voting for roy moore. it taints the poll when you ask a bunch of questions of allegations against roy and say, are you voting for him?
5:21 pm
many people won't want to say yes, to that. i'm not saying a poll is a good poll, we question it when you have all those allegations before you ask the question, "will you vote for roy moore." i think doug jones is seeing what we're seeing is that the race is close but hee not got it in the bag? >> why do you think he decided to now directly address the accusations against roy moore? >> because like all good politicians he did you know care about the polls until their not favoring him. the smart strategy was to stay quiet and bet roy moore burn. the polls are saying hey, this is a real contest. he has to come out and blast moore because listen, that's what any good politician and that's what the people that don't like roy moore, the people that see these accusers as credible, which many many people
5:22 pm
do and should, and to attack him now, that's the smart money. >> on the suggest of attacking and blasting we're seeing the same in reverse from roy moore campaign. people who work for him really went after doug jones and doing it on wedged issues. let's look. >> abortions until the babies born, to transgenders going into your bathrooms, boys pretending like they're girls going into the alabama at school. and whether you got a teenager, locker room girl and one of those transgender decided they want to be a girl for the day, doug jones think they should take a shower with him. >> we should point out that doug jones don't fully push
5:23 pm
abortion -- >> as a campaign strategist, the fact jones is running that ad means he's seeing a problem. if he thought he could let the press handle that story he would do that. the fact he's needing to poor gasoline on the fire means he seems a problem as well. from the roy moore campaign, of course let's not talk about this. because if the campaign is what that strategist talked about roy moore would win the length. the voters are with roy moore on these issues. it makes perfect sense to me that's what his campaign would shift to because it's a conservative state. if the people of alabama elect roy moore, they will have done so with all of this being out in the open. it's not as if they want to see a lot of these stories and reports. so they made the decisions as
5:24 pm
americans at the ballot box with a lot of information about the acquisitions. >> to that point, terra, if roy moore is elected, do you really believe mitch mcconnell and some 14 come out and say they don't want to see him in the senate, do you think they'd move to push him out? >> i don't think so. once he's dual dully elected the people of alabama chose him. it will be difficult, there's no precedent for removing or expelling someone for something they haven't done while in the senate or having eligibility issues with being a senator. they'd have to seat him. i don't think legally it will hold up. i don't think that's the right thing to do. i just want to say something i didn't get a chance to say about the media. this is why donald trump went out and continues to attack the media, calling it the media of the state and fake news.
5:25 pm
it's to discredit the media for doing their jobs. when it comes time to hold the officials accountable, it's muddy the water so much there's so much distrust that people don't believe facts are facts. >> can i respond to that? >> no you got a chance last time. this is sms the president has used throughout his candidacy. has there been liberal bias in the media, yes, but the media is not an enemy of the people. you're seeing that distrust and how that's trickling down into this race in alabama where people are not believing a story well-researched, well-sourced with of 50 people corroborating what happened here and still calling it fake news. >> donald trump didn't get elected and discredited the media, the media discredited
5:26 pm
themselves which is why donald trump got elected. we need a media that can report things, they need to look at themselves and see what they did over 20 years. that's on "the washington post" and media to focus that attention on themselves, not blaming the president on who got elected before that situation if the first place. >> as far as i'm concerned there's nothing in these stories by "the washington post" and specifically there's other stories that have come out recently that have been disproving in any way. >> right but they get dismissed because of who wrote the story. >> i understand. but if you're going to take "the washington post" on roy moore you've got to take the story on the others as well. thanks for sticking with us. more on this accused child molester in the u.s. senate rather than a democrat. whoooo.
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more now breaking news. president backing roy moore. here's what the president said on the lawn of the warehouse as he left for his thanksgiving vacation. >> we don't feed a liberal person in there, a democrat. jones roy moore denies it. and by the way, he gives a total denial. 40 years is a long time, he's
5:31 pm
run eight races and this has never come up. so 40 years is a long time. the women are trump voters, most of them are trump voters. all you can do is you have to do what you can do. he totally denies it. >> he tried so far to get the immediate reaction to this. what if anything duds there mean for the office of presidency? we turn to david gurgan, former adviser to four presidents. david when a sitting president offers his support to a candidate who supports a 14-year-old girl does it have a lasting effect on his presidency? >> it has a lasting effect on his party not presidency. it's so clear to much of the country that the president's putting politics above principle. 14 republican senators as you've
5:32 pm
said, have come out the other way. i think he's put himself in a position where it's more important to get a republican candidate, whoever it is, than it is to seek justice and an ethical outcome. >> what do you make that the president seems essentially he has some cover to do this? >> because a swirl of reports have come out over the weekend, that that somehow allows him to say, you know it's happening to everyone here. >> it's just the opposite. turner rose -- charlie rose just got fired. he's paying a heavy price, what price is roy moore paying? >> what price did donald trump pay for the 13 women who accused him during the campaign?
5:33 pm
that's a different lesson he's learned. >> it did. some people aren't held accountable. he did win, he is our president. but, i think donald trump probably would not have been as supportive of roy moore if he himself paid a bigger price. >> so the president teased the fact that he might go campaign for roy moore. he was asked directly, and he gave one of those president trumpian answers saying you'll have to get back -- we'll see next week. he's not ruling it out. >> he's not ruling it out. let me come back to the point of the presidency. franklin roosevelt said the presidency is a place of moral leadership. he pemeant the president helps resolve issues and try to figure out whals right for the people of this country. you'd just have to say i'd so
5:34 pm
much like to see donald trump come to understand that. this is a decision that diminishes his leadership. how do you think women around the country are going to feel about hearing this? he's so unsympathetic to the women's point of view. how are millennials going to feel? i think his leadership has been diminished. >> that's right. i can't imagine a picture of him and roy moore standing side by side in alabama. i think there could be a potential risk to that. >> i agree with that. he really wants to see, he realize ls his agenda will be imperil. you look through president to put principles in politics not the other way around. >> thank you so much for being with us. really appreciate it.
5:35 pm
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the house ethics committee investing sexual harassment allegations against con yours. she's di nighing any wrong doing and says he will cooperate with the investigation.
5:39 pm
senator al frieanken also under investigation. less than a day of harassment allegations surfaced against charlie rose he has lost all his jobs. when it comes to sexual harassment in congress it's a different story, a set of procedures, and a branch of this government seems built to pretext the perpetrator and make it impossible for the victim to be heard. there are strict confidentiality and any settlement doesn't come from the lawmaker in the wrong. i give you one guess where it comes from, it comes from you, the tax payer. not only are you paying settlements, you have no way of knowing whose accused. this is from congress's office of compliance in what's called the congressional accountability act of 1985.
5:40 pm
if the employee wants to file a complaint they have 180 days to do so. they have to go up to 30 days of counseling, sign an agreement. after counseling they have 15 days weather whether to take it to mideast. then there's this cooling off period before a victim can file a complaint, take it to court and ask for a hearing. then there's negotiation, a settlement is approved and the victim is awarded that settlement, then not being able to talk about it and the tax payers fund this. >> right now, if someone wants to file a complaint they've got to go through a month of legal counseling, then they have to sign a nondisclosure agreement that is inperson constitutety. then they go through mideaediat then have a month of cooling off
5:41 pm
period. all the while they're still required to work in that environment. three months. meanwhile, the attorney of the house is representing the harasser. the victim has no counsel or support. >> representative spare says she's heard about victims being grabbed before on the house. she said there are two sitting members of congress, a democrat and republican who have engaged in sexual harassment but have not yet been reviewed. i asked who is one of those two, you'll hear what she told me in a moment. keeping them honest, these elected officials we pay their salary and in multiple cases, we pay their settlement. why don't we know who they are and what has been paid out for what offenses. here's what we do know, $17 million have been paid to victims over violations over in congressional act, and congress doesn't break down the numbers and say how much of that money
5:42 pm
went to sexual harassment versus other kind of settlements. perhaps that's another thing tax payers deserve to know since you are the ones paying the tab. i spoke with jackie spare just before air. >> congresswoman spare, the house is investigating allegations against john con yours which is something i know you called for today. what's your reaction to the allegations? >> well the allegations are serious and that's why they feed to be investigated. and moreover, i think the member, what's called the mra, the member representation allowance needs to be looked at because in many respects, i think the numbers we've been using as to the number of cases and amount of money that has been out of tax payer fund may be much larger than $17 million, to the extent members have used their account to pay off individuals who have been
5:43 pm
sexually harris harassed. and i do want -- >> i do want to talk about this. last week you said you knew of two sitting members of congress, a republican and democrat who have quote, engaged in sexual harassment. if congressman con yours one of these people? >> no he's not. >> so there are two more. and that gets to my next question. do you believe members of congress who settle sexual harassment claims should be named publicly? because at the end of the day it's all of us as tax payers paying these settlements. >> that's why the bill i introduced will require much more transparency. the member's office will be identified and the member will have to repay the u.s. treasury for any amount of money that the settlement has required, they'd have to pay it out of their own
5:44 pm
pocket. >> and i know there are nondisclosure agreements but don't people need to know who they are, people who work in the halls of congress? >> well, the nondisclosure agreements that in one case that the victim has signed. so, i'm respecting that nondisclosure agreement and the victims' wishes. in the end this is about protecting women that work in capitol hill and, you know, making sure it is not a hostile work environment. this is a particular woman who probably still wants a career in the capital. >> explain to me exactly how this legislation works. >> it's called the me too congress act. it will provide interns are covered so they have nowhere to go. this would cover them. this would allow for a victim to file a complaint, not go through this huge process that you've
5:45 pm
already identified, that takes upwards of 180 days. they would not be required to sign nondisclosure agreements. and the harasser if it's a member would be identified, his office would be identified if it's someone else in the office doing the harassing. if it's a member, the member would have to repay the treasury the sum of money demanded. >> how has the legislation been received by your colleagues? i've spoken with republicans that say they've received it. >> it's been received very well. i'm working with a number of republicans on the bill. this is something we have to be concerned about as employers. we're each required to run an office as if it is our office, we're the ceos of the office and we should handle in a matter that does not tolerate a hostile environment or sexual harassment on any level. >> thank you jackie for being with us.
5:46 pm
>> thank you. up next a reward being offered for the information of the death of a border patrol agent. were they ambushed, assaulted or was it a reaction. next wen we continue. gift. a second oo that's one samsung for you. one to give. t-mobile. holiday twogether. going somewhere? whoooo. here's some advice. tripadvisor now searches more... ...than 200 booking sites - to find the hotel you want and save you up to 30%. trust this bird's words. tripadvisor.
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tonight a new legal blow for the trump administration. a federal judge has permanently blocked the president's executive order that attempted to strip federal grants for so-called sanctuary cities calling it unconstitutional. meanwhile, along the texas/mexico border there are questions about an incident that left one border patrol agent dead and another seriously injured. this afternoon the fbi announced they are treating the case as an assault on a federal officer but they aren't ruling out other possibilities. they're offering the public to help and offering a $25,000 reward for information on the death. let's get more. >> reporter: just before midnight on saturday, border
5:51 pm
patrol agent martinez and his partner were responding to what's been described as activity along interstate 10 just east of the small west texas town of van horn. a short time later martinez's partner called to say both men had been injuried aed and neede medical attention. both men were found with head injuries and broken bones and they were felony to this hospital where agent martinez died and his partner remains in critical condition. federal investigators are saying little about what happened. only to say they're describing as a potential assault on a federal agent. >> the number of possible scenarios, however, in this instance, we're going to pursue the one that is most challenging as it's presented to us which is a potential assault on a federal officer. as we collect the evidence, then
5:52 pm
the rest of their investigation will shape itself. >> shortly after the attack, officials with the union that represents border patrol agents said that the officers had been ambushed and possibly attacked by rock wielding drug smugglers. tweeting we will and must build the wall. >> we lost a border patrol officer just yesterday. and another one was brutally beaten and badly, badly hurt. it looks like he'll make it. but very, very badly hurt. >> reporter: texas governor greg abbott and texas senator ted cruz have also described the incident as an attack. there have been reports that the agents might have fallen into a culvert or that the incident was an accident of some sort. but three days after the incident, federal investigators insist they don't know exactly what happened. >> we do not have a full picture yet as to what transpired, but
5:53 pm
once we get closer to that, then we'll be able to present those facts to the u.s. attorney's office or the american public so that we can bring some closure to the family. >> agent mar martinez's partner, is he sharing any information? >> the border parole spokes person we spoke with said that agent was in rather serious and critical condition because of the head injuries couldn't remember exactly everything that had transpired. federal investigators aren't confirming any of that and they say that they haven't really had a chance to explore and interview him as of yet. but they will get to that when the time is appropriate. so that's where we stand here tonight on all of this. >> thanks so much. up next, more breaking news. cbs news is reporting three women at the network now accused charl charlie rose of sexual harassment. that's after eight women accused
5:54 pm
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cbs is reporting three women at the network have come forward and accused charlie rose of sexual harassment. this comes hours after cbs and
5:58 pm
pbs fired rose after eight women told "the washington post" he sexually harassed them. called the allegations against him extremely disturbing. allegations of groping, lude phone calls. he acknowledged for, quote, unacceptable behavior but he didn't acknowledge all of the allegations against him are accurate. brian stelter, first give me the latest developments. three new women coming forward. these work at cbs. >> yes. the news division his confirmed this is new information that came to light today. these women who were employed at the network apparently feel uncomfortable now for the first time. able to actually go to hr and report what they say happened. these women have spoken anonymously but they described much of the same behavior that was reported by the washington port. we're seeing a pattern of behavior involving an "a" list
5:59 pm
man. >> less than 24 hours for "the washington post" story to hit and cbs to take action. >> that's partly because of these new complaints inside cbs news. we also saw bloomberg and pbs all severed ties with charlie rose. in effect his fame to nightly talk show is now over. it has no distributor. it won't be back on television. cbs will have to figure out how to replace him. this is much bigger than char re rose. every day we see this domino effect. every day we see consequences whether it's in hollywood or washington or new york. just today the head of pixar and disney animation john lasseter said he's taking a six month leave because of allegations against him. >> those three women finally felt safe to come forward and tell hr. >> i think what's so uncomfortable about these last seven weeks is actually a lot that's uncomfortable. one of the aspects is what you said earlier this hour. has donald trump, has president trump paid a price? as we see all these prominent men in various industries held to account for allegations.
6:00 pm
i think that's what a lot of people will be talking about at thanksgiving later this week. >> it's a very different picture when charlie rose is out less than 24 hours. thank you so much. that is all for us on "360." special report, "twitter and trump" starts right now. it is a marriage of man, message, and machine unlike any other ever. >> i sit there at 3:00 in the morning, ding, ding, ding. you know. our country is going to hell. we must stop it. >> i wake up every day and laugh at the latest thing donald has tweeted because he's losing it. >> do you think donald trump could have won this election without tw without twitter? >>