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tv   New Day  CNN  November 22, 2017 2:59am-4:00am PST

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specific groups including african americans, jews and spanish speakers. facebook said the ad placements were the result of a quote, failure in our enforcement. facebook updated its rules in february, you might recall, to try to prevent this kind of discrimination. on behalf of christine romans, thank you for joining us. i'm boris sanchez. we turn you over to "new day" which starts right now. the search is a search for survivors is under way at this hour.
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the crash is the latest in a string of deadly accidents for the u.s. 7th fleet. barbara starr is live with all the breaking details. what's happening, barbara? >> reporter: good morning, be alisyn. as you say, a lot this hour, u.s. and japanese forces are continuing their search and rescue mission 500 miles southeast of okinawa in the philippines sea. a u.s. navy c2, small passenger plane, was making its way to the deck of the ronald reagan aircraft carrier, where it was scheduled to land. something went terribly wrong and it crashed. we know in a state just a short time ago, eight people, 8 of the 11 have been rescued, taken to the ronald reagan said to be in good condition. the search and rescue now continuing for the other three of course. this has been a difficult year for the u.s. navy.
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the navy's 7th fleet has seen 17 sailors die in two kalt traffic collisions. the uss mccain, "uss fitzgerald" colliding earlier in the year with special shipping out there, killing 17 sailors. throughout the year, the 7th fleet has had four significant collisions and incident dents at sea. and a fifth one on saturday when aing the boat drifted into another navy ship, thankfully only causing minor damage. so now this latest incident under investigation. if the plane was on its final approach to the deck of the carrier, that is the most dangerous time for these planes that land on aircraft carrier decks. it is always possible. at the last minute the deck can pitch, there can be sudden waves. a lot of things that can happen
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that could send a potentially carrier landing awry and cause these kind of ins dents. we will have to see throughout the day if they are able to rescue the three still missing and what the investigation may tell us about what happened here. chris? all right. those families of the missing, those were on board. we think about them, especially a day before thanksgiving. barbara starr, thank you very much. appreciate the reporting. president trump is on vacation down at mere law going but he is up early this morning and we know what that means, he is tweeting. no word from the president yet about what we just heard from barbara starr but he is very concerned about the nfl and lavar ball. it began about 30 minutes ago with this tweet. it wasn't the white house. it wasn't the state department. it wasn't father lavar's so-called people on the ground in china that got his son out of a long term prison sentence. incident was me. too bad.
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lavar is just a poor man's version of don king but without the hair. just think, lavar, you could have spent the next 5 to 10 years during thanksgiving with your son in china but no nba contract to support you. but remember, lavar, shop lifting is not a little thing. it's a really big deal, especially in china. you can do this part tkpwhrfplt thank y . >> thank you. >> ungrateful fool! >> you say that to me all the time. you miss it on that one. >> thank you. i'm going to move on to the next tweet. the president tweeted about the nfl and the national anthem controversy. the nfl is now thinking about a new idea, keeping teams in the locker room during the national anthem next season. that is almost as bad as kneeling. when will the highly paid commissioner finally get tough and smart? this issue is killing your league. do we think the extension of
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twice as long tweets that helped america? >> it's helped us. now we know more about what is on the mind of the president. joining us now to discuss, cnn commentator errol lewis, cnn analyst david drucker. good to have you back. we're thankful for you, as we get closer to thanksgiving. thank you for making the show better. maybe he doesn't know about the navy plane going on. we always suspect the commander in chief knows about these things before we do. but he ain't tweeting about it if he does. he's talking about lavar bar. we know he's on vacation. he gets bored, all the speculation. why would he do this? >> this is something donald trump has used to great effect throughout his political career. let's go all the way back to birtherism. he has an instinct, a gut instinct for finding racially divisive figures and themes that he can use to political effect to help divide the country, to
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help rile up his base. >> is that what he's doing? he seems to have high ground. but all indications he did help get the kids out of china asking for thanks and all that. this is something different. >> that of course is small and petty and unworthy of any president to say i personally did this and you have to thank me. if you didn't thank me enough, i'm going to criticize you. one of the social media accounts takes everything that he tweets and puts it on white house stationery so you can see what this looks like and how much he has demeaned the dignity of the office. skpeupld correct one of your writers who calls this the national anthem controversy. it is a civil rights protest in terms of nfl players kneeling solemnly during the national anthem to make a point and start a national discussion. to simply call it what the president is calling it, we should lock them in a room
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someplace, have them all fired. this is, again -- when there is a racial ting for it, the president goes for it instinctively to try too attack and divide. it is the president's politics. >> you hear the dog whistle or whatever you want to call it. >> don king without the hair? what else is that? don king was a donald trump supporter, by the way. >> david, what do you think is happening here? he's on vacation. so is that means he's not being as supervisored at this hour and he can be launching on twitter? >> or he doesn't have as much coming at him. you have people coming in, you're getting briefed. >> nothing has really changed. the president likes to have a foil. but i think what this does for him is allow him to create an enemy that keeps his voters tied to him. i think that's the usefulness. part of it is the president likes to spar with people. and the president likes a little chaos around him.
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that i think is how he is most comfortable. which i say based on watching him perfect as a president and candidate. but i think the political part of it, and errol is right in that he has a keen sense for what drives many voters on the right, particularly trump voters. but what this does in a way is saying whether it's lavar ball, whether it's the nfl, they're not really -- it's not that they are against the national anthem or the flag. they're against you. because the flag represents you. you stand fort national anthem. you would never dream of kneeling during the national anthem. so what these players are really doing and what lavar is doing, who is a goof in and of himself and that's a separate issue, is standing against you. in doing that, trump is able to drive a cultural tension that worked for him in 2016. it actually helped him become the republican nominee and win the presidency.
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the question is will it help him win in 2020? will it help his party win in 2018? >> he is charged constitutionally and through voter mandate with being the president of everybody. >> and i have to say what's troubling about the nfl controversy, and i can understand very well why people might be upset with this protest which the players are using the national app them to make a point, is the idea that an elected official of the federal government is laying down federal patriotism standards. because everybody in america has the right to do whatever they want in regard to this. and politicians have the right to speak out. and we've seen laws proposed to ban flag burning. but the idea that a politician is going to tell people what is acceptable, that is what is concerning. >> if he's telling people what they want to hear, what does that tell us about the rest of us. it all comes down to leadership. lavar has been uniquely
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effective in getting under the president's skin. we will remind you what happened with lavar ball on cnn's air that clearly motivated the president. he is clearly referencing what happened in the interview we did. here's your reminder. >> i have to know what somebody is doing before i say thank you. i'm not just going around saying thank you. you come and shake new hand and meet me or my son or anybody and say maybe i can help you out. let's do it that way. just because people say things, you know, it's supposed to be true. hey, i stopped them from saving 10 years. maybe we were doing some talking with some other people before you even got there. >> the president, errol hates, obviously, by every indication, that lavar ball won't say thank you and keeps poking at the idea that he didn't do anything to get people out of china. he didn't do what people think he did. >> this is true. >> and you know he's playing a game. lavar ball is kind of doing a trump to trump.
3:10 am
he knows if you criticize this man, he will respond is. >> this is one of the remarkable things about the president of the united states. everybody from foreign dictators to some guy trying to sell athletic shoes can figure out how to sort of manipulate him, poke him, sort of goat him and how to get some kind of a rise out of him. it's a shame that while president trump -- let's take him at his word, did the right thing and helped these kids get out of a really sticky situation, one wishes he had done that for political prisoners in china. one wishes that he was beating his chest taking credit for trying to sort of deal with democracy and human rights issues across asia which he absolutely failed to do. >> but, errol, back to your original point because i have been here marinating on it. every conversation the president
3:11 am
publicly has had has been a person of color. look at sergeant johnson's wife. you look at congresswoman wilson. the gold star muslim family. look at lavar ball. >> sure. >> it's hard to overlook that. >> well, that's right. look, it's been a theme. i react just having seen this just now in part because i feel like i've seen years of this. >> central park five. >> these were the five boys wrongly imprisoned, wrongly convicted. >> he took an ad out in the "new york times". >> to this day he never said i'm wrong and i'm sorry. or the birther controversy. you know and i know he has never said i was wrong, i'm sorry. it is one of the few core political principles, along with trade issues, that he has never really wavered on on. >> thank you very much. the president finally talking about roy moore and supporting
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him. why he wants a man accused of child molestation in the senate, next.
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president trump breaking his weeklong silence on roy moore. the president all but endorsing moore citing moore's denials of any wrongdoing amid sexual because of teenage girls. joe johns is live in palm beach, florida where the president is
3:16 am
vacationing this week. what's the latest, joe? >> reporter: alisyn, you're right. before flying south here to florida, the president did break his long silence on roy moore, offering his support even though his communication staff had been saying for days that the alabama election ought to be left up to the vote issers of alabama. the question now how far the president will go to get roy moore elected. >> i can tell you one thing for sure, we don't need a liberal person in there, a democrat. >> reporter: president trump all but endorsing embattled senate republican nominee roy moore. >> we do not need somebody that is going to be bad on crime, bad on borders, bad for the military, bad for the 2nd amendment. >> reporter: insisting his concerns were about policy above all else, despite allegations that moore sexually assaulted two teenage girls who he was in his 30s, including one woman who said she was 14 at the time, and
3:17 am
allegedly pursued romantic relationships with six others. >> is an accused child molester better than a democrat? >> look, he denies it. he totally denies it. he said it didn't happen. and you have to listen to him also. >> reporter: the president siding with moore over his accusers before saying he was happy that women across the country are now speaking up about sexual harassment. >> women are very special. i think it's a very special time because a lot of things are coming out. and i think that's good for our society. and i think it's very, very good for women. >> reporter: a republican close to the white house says the president doubts moore's accusers and sees a similarity between the accusations leveled against moore and the sexual misconduct allegations made against him by at least 13 women in the final days of the 2016 campaign. charges the president has denied. >> every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my
3:18 am
campaign. >> reporter: mr. trump leaving the door open to possibly campaigning for moore ahead of the december 12th special election in alabama. >> i'll be letting you know next week. >> reporter: breaking with his party's leadership and a number of gop senators who called on moore to step down. >> he's obviously not fit to be in the united states senate and we've looked at all the options to try to prevent that from happening. >> reporter: moore's democratic challenger doug jones is speaking out about the accusations against moore for the first time. >> the women. i believe their stories, their credibility, and i believe them. >> reporter: and releasing an ad credit sizing moore. >> ivanka trump says there's a special place in hell for people who prey on children. jeff sessions i have no reason to doubt these young women. conservative voices.
3:19 am
putting children and women over party. >> reporter: and this morning the moore camp moved quickly to capitalize on the president's support, even though it wasn't an endorsement, if you will. sending out a fund-raising letter saying the president, billy graham and a link to donate cash. chris and alisyn, back to you. >> thank you, joe. let's bring backer roll lewis and david drucker. david, we now know all we need to know about what president trump feels about women and how he will take one man's sort of weird denials over eight women's stories, two of which involve sexual abuse. >> i don't think this should be surprising. donald trump has spent his political campaign and his presidency complaining about rigged elections and saying people accused him of things, including the allegations last year during the campaign from so many women. that they were all liars and he
3:20 am
denied. for him to move against roy moore to in a sense change the outcome of an election by trying to push him off the ballot when he is vehemently denying all of these allegations would seem out of place and would raise questions about trump in terms the of, sir, if you believe roy moore, why shouldn't we believe the women who made allegations against you? >> i hear you. you hear it as rigged as him talking about the theme of rigged elections. just like what errol was saying, what he hears when the president goes after lavar bell, i hear when he sides with roy moore saying women can't be trusted. i don't believe women. >> i hear that too. but i think this is a part of the political calculation that the president is making and the personal calculation. additionally, roy moore will not go anywhere. the president called him to get out of the race, roy moore wouldn't get out of the race and
3:21 am
the president would look impotent. mitch mcconnell is threatening to expel him if he wins. >> rick santorum says -- >> the president's base is basically saying, law, why are you messing with us. >> rick santorum says he believes alabama voters should think twice about voting for moore because he won't be in the senate very long. he thinks they will move on him quickly. the governor, who doesn't want to do anything right now, would be in a position to name somebody. so there has been an evolution here, biblical reference of seven days since he got back from asia and he has said nothing. here's the evolution. >> the in kopbt vertable is there is no seat. >> they are troubling and should be taken seriously and he thinks the people of alabama should
3:22 am
make a decision on who their next senator should be. >> if he did not believe the women's accusations are credible he would be down there campaigning for roy moore. he has not done that. >> he totally denies it. he said it didn't happen. and, you know, you have to listen to him also. >> it's as ugly as it is obvious. we saw it yesterday in real-time. there can be no question about what's motivating the president here. he said it's good women are coming forward. it's a special time. i don't know what's special about it. it's so horrible what we keep learning about time after time. and then he says, in the same head lives that idea, this is good, they should have come forward. and he denies it. good enough for me. jim acosta reports that a source close to the situation tells him for days he's been questioning these accusers because to him it is looking more and more like what was done to him during the campaign. >> yes. i think all of this should be seen in evolution through the
3:23 am
lens of the personal and political interests of the president which he is pursuing. that's his guiding star. there is some public polling on. i'm sure they have internal political polling that strongly suggests republicans are willing to look the other way. the gaggle was when he started ticking off different ideas where instead of taking -- supporting an accused molester, dragging it into politics. saying we have second amendment issues, we have supreme court appointments coming down the way. >> he had some of his breitbart buddies and one of the senior guys was saying look at jones. he's bad on this. moore on one side and jones on the other side. those are equal issues. taxes. >> this is the calculation the republicans made in the campaign last year.
3:24 am
all the issues with donald trump but judges and the supreme court and hillary is bad. and it was effective. >> oh, yeah. >> and i think it will be effective again once the dust settles in alabama. >> if history is any precedent, roy moore is going to win. >> that's right. >> because we already know that republican voters and certainly trump voters and supporters, don't see sexual abuse the way the majority of americans do. we just put up the poll. 60% of americans feel he should be expelled. and 49% of republicans think that he should not. so there you have it. >> that's right. it will be a close race. i'm pretty sure kellyanne conway, who is no slouch when it comes to being an adviser, we heard from steve bannon in his "60 minutes" interview, what happened with the "access hollywood" tape was a defining moment for the campaign and therefore the trump political
3:25 am
style. >> yeah. they can win despite that. >> they can absolutely win. i'm sure private polling supports it. they looked at that. and then you saw the change in the president's tone. they're going to try to ride this out. >> remember what bannon did during the "access hollywood" thing. it was widely reported. he said no, we can win on this. double down, you can beat the allegations for women. >> there is a feeling going back many years when they argued character counted during the bill clinton impeachment era, they lost. while trump does his own thing and that needs to be handled accordingly, if you look historically at republican voters, they feel burned. for many what they have said if those are the rules of the game, that's how they're going to play. they feel at least this way we have been winning. that is something that needs to be reckoned with as voters in alabama and across the country
3:26 am
as how we approach these allegations and whether or not they are willing to vote for a democrat when these things come up. >> this is bipartisan. certainly sexual harassment is bipartis bipartisan. we will talk about the democratic side, including john conyers and the latest in an ethics investigation into him. that will be coming up. all right. the passing of a former teen heartthrob. i'm sure you've heard this by now. david cassidy looms so large in the lives of so many people. i'm sure you still have the poster. >> i do, on my wall. >> we will rekindle next. it's like verizon is the oil and google is the balsamic. no, actually, they separate into a suspension. it's more like the google pixel 2 is the unlimited storage. and verizon is the best unlimited plan. what if it's like... h2 and o? yeah. yeah, like that. i had a feeling that would score with you guys. good meeting. (vo) when you really, really want the best,
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my ci can worry about it,ine. or do something about it. garlique® helps maintain healthy cholesterol naturally. and it's odor free. and pharmacist recommended. garlique.® sad news. david cassidy died at the age of 67. he rose to fame as the star of the partridge family. he was recently hospitalized suffering from organ failure. steve any elam looks back at his
3:31 am
spotlight. >> reporter: david cassidy was the ultimate teenage ultimate, known as keith in the partridge family. his wide eyed charm captured the hearts of many girls worldwide. >> you're taking auto shop? me too! >> reporter: a musical sitcom about a family and a rock and roll band gave a national audience for his own music. ♪ i think i love you >> reporter: the show's first single topped the billboard 100 in 1970 and sold over 5 million copies. >> i was always a musician. i never pursued my career as a musician. it was just fate, the way the stars align themselves. >> reporter: cassidy's wispy voice broke out into sold-out arenas around the globe. his fan club had more members at one time than elvis or the beatles. in 1972 at the height of his
3:32 am
fame, cassidy began to shift away from his skaoebgy clean image. he appeared naked on "rolling stone" magazine and in the article admitted using drugs and alcohol. it marked a turning point in her career and life. four years after the partridge family hit the air, his teenage fan base had moved on, and so had cassidy. >> the hero warship was so great. i had to leave it. i couldn't sustain it any longer. >> reporter: superstar dom long behind him, cassidy turned to broadway. he starred in "blood brothers". three years later, he headed the mgm grand show, at the time the largest theatrical production in the world. he struggled with alcoholism, a battle that would soon take a public turn. in his 60s, he faced multiple charges of driving under the influence and went through rehab. >> it is very humbling and it's also humiliating.
3:33 am
>> reporter: but his biggest battle was yet to come. in 2017, cassidy revealed that he suffered from dementia. his mother had died of complications from alzheimer's disease only a few years before. >> to watch someone that raised you and was so vibrant start to lose her mind and disappear, is the most painful thing i have ever experienced. >> reporter: looking back on his own life, there is one memory cassidy hopes will never fade, his 1972 concert in madison square garden. cassidy leaped onto the stage in a signature white sequin jump suit, thousands of adoring fans screamed his name, his own family among them. >> it was just so emotional for me. and i just felt so blessed to have that moment with them. it's the highlight of my life. >> oh, my gosh. this is very sad to me.
3:34 am
he was my very first crush. i loved the partridge family. when i was 5 years old, i wrote him a fan letter. i couldn't write yet so i dictated it to my grandmother. i said i love him and i hope he will come to my birthday party. then lo and behold, i got a letter back from david cassidy. i was so excited. when i was 12 i said isn't that great that david cassidy wrote back to me. and he said, oh, gram sent you that letter. she pretended to be david cassidy because she knew i loved him and sent me back a letter. it is the end of an era. >> he is one of those people that meant more to so many than was expected at the time. it was just a tv show when it came out. it was only on four seasons. but the impact of him culturally of that time, he did become an
3:35 am
icon. and it's something he had to struggle with his entire life. boy, he was taken too soon. just 67 years of age. >> i know. he obviously had a lot of struggles with addiction and health. it's just a sad passing for us. >> but it is is important to remember him especially at his best. all right. we know what time it is. it is time to get on the road and get to the airport and get to your family for thanksgiving. airports around the u.s. are bracing for what is one of the biggest travel days of the year. the aaa says it expects this year's thanksgiving rush to be the busiest in more than a decade. cnn's ryan young live at chicago's o'hare international airport with more. if i don't see you, happy thanksgiving, my friend. thankful for you. now tell us what you know. >> reporter: absolutely. hopefully this will be easier than the interview i did with lavar ball the other night. you can see the travel picking up here. it is 5:30 in the morning. the lines are starting to fill
3:36 am
up in chicago. they expect more people to hit the roads but the air. they are expecting 6.4 million people to hit the airways. we have been talking to people here, the only issue they have dealt with is the traffic. tuesday was a big travel day. just traffic and the slowdown with rush-hour traffic. now you are dealing with the airport. talking to tsa workers, they were here early this morning, making sure the lines were breezing through. they wanted to make sure they got here early to avoid the they have seen. all green so far on the big board when it comes to travel across the country. the weather is great here. people are able to move through very quickly. not the long faces we have seen in years past. good news is no news, alisyn. >> that is very good news, ryan. thank you very much. so expect rain-slicked roads through the mid atlantic and new england for thanksgiving. for some of you, snow. cnn meteorologist chad myers has our forecast.
3:37 am
what do you see, chad? i see new york city not being as good as chicago for the airports. rain moving in, heavy at times. not over until noon. boston, not over until 6:00 p.m. tonight. this weather brought to you by jared, the galleria of jewelry. it is going to be a decent day to get in and out of the midwest. atlanta, houston, dallas, perfect weather here. but it is the rain across the northeast that is definitely going to slow us down. here's a look at the airports across the country. we're doing pretty good. all the airports green other than maybe seattle and portland. we will see slowdowns there. but the new york city, also into boston, we will get 45 minutes to an hour. you will have to just take your time, wait for things. the rain will be over by noon. 6:00 for boston. probably 3:00 around connecticut. but take your time. it will be wet roads and slow airports. guys, back to you. >> chad, that is a heck of a graphic you have there. >> he was marveling at it.
3:38 am
>> i was hoping for a turkey to come around. >> i don't think the yellow one is a suitcase. are you by the chute? are you laid back? >> i know which way the belt is going, so i slide down. it comes out of the chute. >> belt savvy. probably sharp elbows. be well. happy thanksgiving. >> to you too. you know the news, charlie rose fired from cbs and pbs. started as a suspension but went quickly from there. the question now, who knew about his inappropriate behave? what did they do about it? cbs news is in the spotlight for this. we have more next. thhit the road with.ather... no one i'd rather have dinner and a movie with. no one i'd rather lean on.
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charlie rose now fired by cbs and pbs. and cbs "news now" reports that three more staffers have come forward to say they also experienced unwanted sexual contact from charlie rose. joining us now with the latest is host of reliable sources brian stelter and media and business reporter hadas gold.
3:43 am
brian, i will start with you. cbs was in the really awkward position yesterday of having to report on charlie rose. they did it on their morning show. i thought the co-hosts did a good job talking about how conflicted they are. they have a friendship and working relationship with charlie rose but how important it was to cover the story. of gayle king had a long scheduled appointment to go on stephen colbert and she did that. listen to this. >> it's still very painful, very hurtful. charlie and i have worked together, been friends. but when you think about the anguish of those women, despite the friendship, you still have to report the news. but, again, i go back to what these women are going through. and i applaud them for speaking out. if anything changes what i do hope is people will speak out, that companies are sending a message of we have zero tolerance for this kind of behave. and that is a very important thing.
3:44 am
>> it's really hard to imagine anybody handling it better than gayle king has yesterday. >> it was very impressive and a very difficult situation. these news rooms, cbs or any other big "newsroom", if we are going to report on other scandals, if we hold the president and the government accountable, we have to have high moral standards in our own houses. it is good to see cbs cover it this way. and last month it was covered diligently on the air. there are questions about who at cbs might have known about this conduct. >> what's the answer to that? >> i'm still trying to find the answers. nobody ever called hr to make a complaint. where have we heard that before? fox news. there weren't the right hr procedures in place. i'm not sure if that's the case with cbs. but now that three women have come forward, there is definitely questions about whether any people are in
3:45 am
positions of power who might have known about rose's behavior and looked the other way. >> one of the interesting things it doesn't just affect one man. there is a ripple effect when this happens. at pbs, this was his show, his staff. you're reporting on this. are there 20 people now who don't know what their futures are? >> right. so is the charlie rose show was an interesting show in that it was produced by charlie rose, inc. they used the facilities of bloomberg. there is about 20 people, and a few more contractors, who now don't know whether they're going to have a job or not in the future. this just goes to show how these types of actions don't just affect one or two people. it affects an entire company, it affects a lot of people. we don't know if 20 people are going to be out of a job because of possibly bad decisions made by one person. >> that really shows you how widespread all of this is. back to who knew what and when.
3:46 am
listen, when we talk about an open secret, i think something has changed in the past month. oh, it was an open secret that he was a womanizer. a ladies man. these are the euphemisms we used last week or last month. somebody was a womanizer, ladies man or didn't have good boundaries. now we realize it was so much worse than that. >> and the standard, the bar has been raised in terms of expectations for behavior. many people knew about the power dynamics at play. but if you didn't, now you do because of this national conversation. it's not just charlie rose. head of disney and pixar, john lassiter, took a six is-month leave yesterday due to allegations of misconduct. another example of that ripple effect. these are giant companies, whether it's animation studio or cbs news or bloomberg or pbs where there are effects all across the landscape. >> and most importantly is the
3:47 am
conversations that are happening behind the scenes. i myself and i know a lot of my friends and colleagues are talking to one another. women are saying i had these weird experiences. what does this mean? should have spoken up? actually most importantly are the conversations i'm having with men who are saying, hey, i'm wondering what you think about this situation. was there ever a time i acted inappropriately. they are uncomfortable conversations but so important to have right now. that is one of the best things that might be coming out of these really awful conversations is these conversations we're having that will hopefully change the way we interact with each other on, even in tv or hollywood where the behavior is a little different than a corporate environment. >> hadas, i totally agree with you. 99% of our male colleagues are wonderful and supportive and great to work with. and then there's the one guy who is weird and the guys know about this guy too.
3:48 am
so now we are having this conversation about boundaries, right? what are the right boundaries? i think it's a great conversation to have with men and women. by the way, one of the confusing things with harassment, it does differ from person to person, hadas. >> exactly. i don't think anyone wants to get to the point where if you have a crush on someone you can't talk to them or anything like that. what's important is we are in that invisible wall between men and women when they talked about people that they might know that they were uncomfortable around. i personally have had at least three conversations with men that i know or work with who are saying, let's have these conversations. they might be difficult but we need to have is them. >> that's really valuable. thank you for your personal experience. brian, thank you. i expect we will have more conversations. another government accountability story bubbling up. travel trouble for the trump white house. why the wife of interior
3:49 am
secretary ryan zinke is under scrutiny for her demands. what were they, next.
3:50 am
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all right. another wife of a trump cabinet member is garnering headlines for the wrong reason. it is ryan zinke's wife for her deep involvement in his travel. former director of the office of government ethics, currently senior director of ethics at the campaign legal center. good to see you, sir. what is the issue? >> well, here we go again with
3:53 am
this champagne cabinet and its high-flying adventures. we've got a report that lola zinke is trying to compete with louise link. >> you're talking about mnuchin's wife. >> it is not out of the ordinary that they will go to an international event where they will appear at a dinner with spouses. but this has become a regular thing, it seems, that these cabinet officials are taking their spouses with them. in this case, not only has zinke been taking her with him, but he has been taking it on some trips that look a bit like vacations. at least one report a couple months ago about a department of
3:54 am
interior boat being rerouted to pick him up where he was with his wife. more recently, there's reports that she was basically using department of interior staff as her personal schedulers. as he travels around with her, there was a trip involving alaska, and i think norway, where they were trying to reschedule her. she asked to fly alone on a military plane. they pointed out to her that the military frowns on spouses of officials traveling without them on government planes. >> all right. so we will to see exactly what it was, where it comes from, what the standard is. we will be able to button it up. let me ask you something else. what is the rule for you people on the government side about letting people who come from an agency go into the regulation of
3:55 am
that? because it seems nuts. when you look at the fda, they work for big phrma and drug companies and move back and forth between regulating an industry that they go back and make money in. what's the rule? >> the revolving door is a perennial issue in government. some argue that you need people with experience in a particular industry. others express concerns about people going back and forth from industry. as a result, there is a rule that says when you come in from a private employer you have to recuse for a year for any matter that is going to directly involve that company as a party. >> right. >> and there is an ethics pledge that trump issued on ethics which builds on one that president obama had issued that extends that to a second year. >> but is that enough? why am i asking? we're talking about alex azar.
3:56 am
he is taking over hhs. he worked at eli lily. left in january. got a nice big fat pay. nobody is going to complain about that. but now he will be in the business of regulating that agency. what makes it okay? >> right. legally it's okay. oge, office of government ethics posted on its website. and he said he will recuse for the required one-year period. though he quit eli lily last january. his year will be up this january. they hand out waivers to the ethics pledge commitment like they are handing out candy. so he could start regulating and working directly, like even meeting with eli lily as soon as this january if he gets a waiver. or a year later if he doesn't. in either case, he's going to be back in the business pretty
3:57 am
soon. >> right. no disrespect to mr. azar. i'm not making this personal just to him. but you talk about the swamp. >> right. >> you can't have people going from one agency where they're making money into regulation, when you know they're going to wind up back there. mr. schaub, happy thanksgiving to you. trump is back on twitter. >> what? >> he is not talking about the navy plane crash off the coast of japan. we will tell you what the president is tweeting about.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
good morning, everyone. welcome to our "new day". we do begin with breaking news. a search for survivors is under way after a u.s. navy plane crashed off japan's coast with 11 crew members and passengers on board. eight of those have been rescued. the crash is the latest in a series of deadly accidents for the u.s. 7th fleet. as this emergency overseas unfolds, we assume the president knows about it, but we can't tell from his twitter account. because he is talking about other things. he is talking about them a lot and in heated tones. such as lavar ball, the basketball dad. and protesting nfl players. all of this comes just hours after president trump defended roy moore's denials despite the serious accusation of child molestation. and he does seem to be supporting him in his


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