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tv   New Day  CNN  November 22, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PST

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scrutiny for his public defense of roy moore despite the sexual abuse accusations. we have it all covered for you. let's begin with cnn's barbara starr live at the pentagon for you. >> good morning, alisyn. u.s. and japanese forces are continuing a search and rescue mission about 500 miles off the coast of the japanese island of okinawa. a c-2 aircraft was expected to travel there with 11 passengers onboard. all military personnel. this is a small aircraft that routinely goes on and off aircraft carriers bringing people back and forth. it crashed. we believe quite close to the carrier because they were able to quickly rescue at least eight people that were brought onboard the "ronald reagan" and are said to be in good condition. they are still searching for three more people.
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three american families waiting for word on their loved ones as this holiday season begins to unfold. this has been a very tough year out in the pacific for the u.s. navy. two navy ships have had serious coalitions with cargo shipping. 17 sailors dying in those two collisions onboard the "uss john mccain" and the "uss fitzgerald" but a total of actually four incidents this year with ships of the seventh fleet out in the pacific. and a fifth incident actually just on saturday when a japanese tug apparently drifted into yet another navy ship causing minor damage there. this aircraft incident not by any indication related to these other, the causes of these other ship incidents but it will all and the first main priority, the big priority at this hour is to
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get these three other people. chris, alisyn. >> please, keep us posted with what is happening with that search. meanwhile, the president has just tweeted, i see, about that navy crash. he says -- >> he says the u.s. navy is conducting search and rescue following aircraft crash. we are monitoring the situation, prayers for all involved. >> that's exactly what we were talking about this morning and now he is tweeting about it. >> we learned about this some time ago. >> couple hours. >> the president must have known about it when we did, or at least we assume, but he wasn't talking about this. >> so, he has been talking about other things. >> lavar ball and he was tweeting about that. >> wasn't the white house. the state department. it wasn't father lavar's so-called people on the ground in china that got his son out of a long-term prison sentence, it was me in all caps. too bad, exclamation point. lavar a poor man's, but no nba
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contract to support you. remember, lavar, shoplifting is not a little thing, a big deal especially in china. ungrateful fool. >> then the president started tweeting about the nfl and the civil rights protests during the national anthem. he writes, the nfl is now thinking about a new idea keeping teams in the locker room during the national anthem next season. that is almost as bad as kneeling. when will the highly paid commissioner finally get tough and smart? this issue is killing your league. >> so, those tweets coming as we said, just hours after president trump broke his week-long silence on roy moore. he's all but now endorsed the alabama senate candidate, despite the sexual abuse allegations against moore. so, let's bring in joe johns live from palm beach, florida, where the president is vacationing. what's the latest there, joe? >> good morning, alisyn.
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one of the take aways here is while the rest of the country continues the conversation about inappropriate sexual advances by men in power, for the white house, the roy moore story is very much about political consideration before coming south here to florida for the thanksgiving holiday. the president did throw his support behind roy moore. despite the fact that his communication's staff had really been pushing the idea that the vote in alabama was all about a decision to be made by people in alabama. now, the question is, how far the president will go to support roy moore. >> i can tell you one thing for sure, we don't need a liberal person in there. a democrat. >> reporter: president trump all but endorsing embattled senate republican nominee roy moore. >> we do not need somebody that is going to be bad on crime, bad on borders, bad with the military, bad for the second
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amendment. >> reporter: insisting his concerns were about policy above all else, despite allegations that moore sexually assaulted two teenage girls when he was in his 30s, including one woman who said he was 14 at the time. and allegedly pursued romantic relationships with six others. >> it's an accused child molester better than a democrat? is an accused child molester -- >> he denies it. he totally denies it. he says it didn't happen. and, you know, you have to listen to him, also. >> reporter: the president siding with moore over his accusers before saying he was happy that women across the country are now speaking up about sexual harassment. >> women are very special. i think it's a very special time because a lot of things are coming out and i think that's good for our society and i think it's very, very good for women. >> reporter: a republican close to the white house tells cnn that the president doubts moore's accusers and sees a similarity between the
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accusations leveled against moore and the sexual misconduct allegations made against him by 13 women in the final days of the 2016 campaign. charges the president has denied. >> every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. >> reporter: mr. trump leaving the door open to possibly campaigning for moore ahead of the december 12th special election in alabama. >> i'll be letting you know next week. >> reporter: breaking with his own party's leadership and a number of gop senators who have called on moore to step down. >> obviously not fit to be in the united states senate. and we've looked at all the options. try to prevent that from happening. >> reporter: moore's democratic challenger doug jones defending his record against the president's attacks and speaking out about the accusations against moore for the first time. >> i believe the women. i believe their stories have credibility and i believe them. >> reporter: the jones campaign releasing an ad quoting members of the president's own inner circle criticizing moore.
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>> ivanka trump says there is a special place in hell for people who prey on children. jeff sessions says i have no reason to doubt these young women. conservative voices putting women and children over party. >> and this morning the moore camp moving quickly to capitalize on the president's words. putting out a fund-raising e-mail for thanksgiving. quoting both the president, as well as the reverend billy graham and including a link where you can donate money. chris and alisyn, back to you. >> thanks, joe. let's bring in our guests. we have cnn senior political analyst ron brownstein and cnn political analyst amy parms. amy, we're seeing what's happening this morning in real time. the president exercised about lavar ball. that big interview on cnn a couple nights ago and broke the internet and the president still thinking about it. yesterday he didn't say
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anything, but today he is on vacation to mar-a-lago. the new comeses out about the navy crash. we assume the commander in chief knows about it before we do, but he does not tweet about it. he tweets about lavar ball and the nfl and raises issues on whether he tends to target things that exacerbate racial tensions. how do you see it? >> it's bad for him because it's taking him off message, yet again. at a time when his party is desperately trying to put parties on the board and pass tax reform. and you look at other presidents in the past and they would never go off message at this message in time when his party desperately needs him to stay on message and not go, you know, in that direction. and that's problematic for him. this is why we're seeing kind of this party in disarray. this party that is so incredi y incredibly, all these factions. this is very hurtful to him and ultimately to the party going into 2018. we're almost in december now. >> ron, mow do you see it? so many people think it is
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strategic when he waves a shiny over here so you don't look at roy moore or whatever the other issue is happening on the left. >> well, as you know, i have a different view, i have said it many times. i think this is fundamental to his conception of the presidency and that republicans have essentially accepted an informal division and a responsibility where the president's job, politically is to constantly stir up these cultural and personal confrontations. many of them racially tinged with language extraordinary, extraordinarily sharp when he's talking about african-americans. fools, about the nfl players earlier. this is what he does, he stirs up the base and meanwhile, kind of the machinery in congress and the executive branch grinds on with a deeply, deeply kind of conservative agenda of cutting taxes and regulation and he draws the spotlight and they kind of move forward. now, there is a cost to this, as we have said. you do have a consistent
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majority of americans, particularly those white collar suburbanites saying he doesn't have the temperament they want in a president and as we saw , those voters unhappy show they will take it out on other republicans. while the congressional party may be accepting of this informal division of responsibility, it may come back to bite them in the end, no less. >> what did the seven days do? let's look at it. he didn't say anything for seven days. all the mixed messages and everything about what it is about and what it is not. you have numbers. a lot of powerful men in politics in the media that now come out. now safety in numbers. roy moore is not the only one any more. in fact, if anyone, he is the most adamant denier of the allegations. so, trump had that. now we hear from jim acosta that he hasn't been such a believer with these accusations. he feels that this is what was done to him during the campaign with his dozen plus accusers who are still out there, by the way. and then there's just the raw
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score on the seat. but that confuses me because why would mcconnell and all the other republicans. we just had congressman, you know, true blue republican lance here, congressman lance. he says roy moore should not be in the senate. how do you -- >> he loves this parallel. he sees himself in this situation and he sees that he was elected, even in spite of all these people coming forward. even because people knew about that -- >> it's a different time, though. >> it was a different time. but he thinks that he definitely sees the parallels. he's been telling people he can emps the with him behind the scenes. this is what is playing out over the last seven days that he has been having these conversations and that he does think that he can kind of get him through this, i think. this is why i think he's teasing the fact that he's going to be out there maybe on the campaign trail for him. >> you heard what the president said about roy moore. look, he totally denies it. he says it didn't happen. >> he said that like 20 plus
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times yesterday. he kept going the man denies the allegation. >> one denial, which is, by the way, a sort of strange denial he told sean hannity. >> wasn't a full denial. >> a few different messages he sent there against all the women, including a previously 14-year-old who come forward. one with sexual assault charge. so, the president has chosen, i mean, the president has chosen that one man against those eight women. >> and the choice politically follows the broader choice that he has been imposing on the party in terms of who they are appealing to. look, it is entirely possible to imagine republicans winning the battle here and losing the war. it is, i think this election in alabama is a test of how far our politics have moved in a tribal or parliamentary direction where it's less about individuals and more about which party you want to see in control. i like to say that in modern american politics, the color on the front of the jersey matters more than the name on the back of the jersey. and i think this is going to
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test how far that has gone because the argument that whatever you think about roy moore, why give chuck schumer a view to block a conservative supreme court justice is going to resonate with some voters. i bet they wish the election was this week rather than in three weeks. even if it does succeed in getting roy moore over the line, you have undermined senate republicans to distance themselves. can you imagine going ahead and expelling him and getting the votes after what the president has said and as a result they're tied to him at a time when we said we've already seen the sharp movement particularly among college educated white women. 58% of them in virginia voted for ralph. if you replicate those kind of numbers in 2018 which is entirely possible given what's going on, there are a lot of suburban republicans in northern virginia, the suburbs of philly and looking for a new line of work. so, there is a risk here even if they are successful in the near
5:14 am
term in saving this seat in alabama. >> you can almost hear the president saying, that's your problem. because rick santorum went out of his way last night in an interview with me where he was like, hey, if you're in an alla and thinking about voting for roy moore, know this. there is very little chance he will serve in the senate. to ron's point and to counter rick's notion. do you think they can get 66 votes to get rid of this man and that there would be a basis with hearings and the president, evidently, not on their side. is that a realistic outcome? >> i don't know. it's hard to say. you're hearing this drum beat of criticism and people saying that he can't get through the senate and the establishment there matters. so, i think it's hard to believe that he could actually serve in the senate. >> you believe that this could happen, this expelling, this movement of expulsion. >> i do. i know that there are strong opposition against this internally i'm hearing from a
5:15 am
lot of people on the hill that kind of very deeply opposes. i've been hearing from republicans, actually, who are donating to his opponent to kind of make this not even happen. so, i think, you know, it's hard to believe that this will actually go through. >> thank you, both, very much for the analysis. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. thankful for you professor brownstein. president trump endorsing roy moore, how do his fellow republicans feel today? that's next. patients they ask me about whitening all of the time. i tell them the thickness of your enamel determines essentially how white your teeth are going to be. the strength of your teeth needs to be there in order for that whiteness to last. i would definitely recommend pronamel strong and bright
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president trump breaking his week-long silence and supporting roy moore despite the sex abuse allegations against roy moore. >> look, he denies it. if you look at what is really going on and you look at all the things that have happened over the last 48 hours, he totally denies it. he says it didn't happen and, you know, you have to listen to him, also. >> joining us now to talk about this and more is dan donovan of new york. a member of the foreign affairs and homeland security committee. congressman, good morning. thanks for being here. >> thanks, alisyn. >> what do you think president trump saying he supports ray moore. >> i don't support roy moore. let another candidate take the spot. >> you heard the president, roy moore denies it. he totally denies it. >> he does deny it, but i think those allegations are so
5:20 am
disgusting. and it doesn't make the man to fit in the united states senate. the people of alabama could have a better choice. >> the president said we don't need a liberal in the senate. do you need an accused sexual abuser in congress? >> as i said, alisyn, i don't think the man is set to serve. >> if he wins, then what? >> the senate has procedures that they could take somebody out of office. i don't know what those procedures are. it hasn't happened since i've been there. >> if they were to expel him, do you think that is possible? do you think they would do that? >> there are hearings and due process procedures that they have to go through. they hear from witnesses. i suspect that mr. moore would testify himself and come to some conclusion. it's a long process. i just don't know how. >> why do you think the president is ignoring the accusations of the eight women and siding with roy moore? >> if he's ignoring them, expressed an opinion. i think what's on the president's mind is, yes, the
5:21 am
past tax reform and margin of the majority that the senate has right now as far as republican members is so small. if you lose that seat in alabama, makes it that much more difficult to pass tax reform. >> is it fair to say that he's thinking of taxes over having a possible -- >> i'm not sure the president would be apoisopposed to anothe republican running in that seat. block tax reform that he has been working so hard to pass. >> you didn't vote for the tax plan, why not? >> because i think it's harmful to the people i represent. there's been a deduction since 1913 in the tax code that allowed new yorkers to deduct their state and local taxes. >> called salt. >> the state and local tax deduction. includes your mortgage interest that you can deduct. and we also are ablie to deduct and all that is eliminated when
5:22 am
you take away those deductions and you replace that with a $24,000 deduction and that winds up being a tax increase for many new yorkers. you talk about the average new yorker. a hard working, middle class taxpayer. in new york that's a schoolteacher and a firefighter, a police officer and a nurse. a construction worker and a bus driver. making $200,000 as a family income doesn't make them rich. that's middle income here. but that will result in eliminating those deductions for those hard-working people. >> what do you think will happen with this next plan? >> the house passed the version that i voted against. the senate will vote next week on mayors. those two bills don't mirror one another. so, they'll bring it to conference and try to work out the differences. my hope is that there is somebody in that room saying that it's unfair to new york, new jersey, california, those people who are subsidizing the federal government. we're a donor state, alisyn. every dollar we sent to washington we only get 79 cents
5:23 am
back. new yorkers want to pay their fair share, they just don't want to pay for the tax cuts for the rest of america on their backs. they deserve the same tax relief. >> you're on the homeland security committee. >> yes. >> i want to ask you about the deaths of these, well, the death of one of the border patrol agents and the other one being so injured. what do we know about what happened along the border there in southwest tex sns. >> the fbi is investigating it now. i was a prosecutor for 0 years. i would let them do their investigation before any conclusion. seems no shots fired and blunt force trauma that resulted in -- >> could it have been from a fall? the blunt force trauma. >> up to the fbi to continue whatever evidence are at the crime scene. but one, one gentleman was killed and one was severely injured. just shows you how dangerous the border is. shows you i'm a supporter of border security and the plan to secure all borders and it shows
5:24 am
you that we need more of these agents and more of the border patrols to protect themselves, as well as they're trying to protect our country. >> do you have questions? do you have more questions about exactly what happened there and how you'll try to find answers for what happened to these two? >> i was a prosecutor for 20 years. if i was leading that investigation, there is a lot of questions i would want answered. there could be answers that the fbi hasn't become public yet. they will investigate the crime scene and pull whatever evidence they can find whether it's electronic evidence or physical evidence or if there's recordings and they had communications between one another or their headquarters. all to be examined by the fbi before they reach a conclusion. >> dan donovan, thank you for being here and for all the information. chris? president trump taking up the nfl civil rights protests and basketball dad lavar ball and his latest tweet storm this morning. why? is there a coincidence that it comes on the heels of the roy moore statement? moore statement? next.
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president trump is on
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vacation but up early and tweeting. not about what happened with the navy right away, but about lavar ball and the nfl. in fact, it took him about three hours to tweet about the search for survivors after that navy plane crashed off the coast of japan. this comes as the president is under fresh scrutiny for his defense of roy moore. let's bring in our guests to discuss. cnn political commentator anna navarro and the chairman of the american conservative union matt schlap. as i have said before, we are thankful for you. the best of thanksgiving for you and your family. >> you, too. >> now, matt, the president apparently defended roy moore. supports him in the race. is considering whether to campaign for him. do you agree with the move? >> i don't know if i agree with your premise. i think the president definitely moved closer towards judge moore. he defended the fact that roy
5:30 am
moore is denying these allegations. and i think his main focus is to say that the democrat, if you're a conservative or a republican in alabama, the alternative is the democrat and he's terrible on all the issues republicans care about. so, his focus so far is on the shortcomings of the democrat. he could take that next step, chris, and go down there and then if he does, i think it's fair to call that an endorsement. >> anna, can you look at what the president said yesterday and see if it is anything but supporting roy moore in that race? >> look, i think it's not express support, but it's certainly implicit and implied support and the difference is very little. i, you know, i think it's a fact that we cannot do this as a republican party. we said, we have been, we said we are the party of family valus and the party of unity and the party of christian values.
5:31 am
to tell folks that if your choice is between a pedophile or a democrat, you should go for the pedophile. it's just a step too far. it is too high a high price to pay for one vote. morality and dignity and basic right and wrong because of one vote. i think what they're doing is taking a page out of the donald trump campaign where he told a lot of people that had trouble, that were disturbed by his actions. look, i'm going to name a supreme court justice, you're going to like so hold your nose, look the other way and vote for me because i'm going to deliver for you. it is too high a price. the republican party cannot become the party of pedophiles and sexual assaulters. we just cannot. >> but, matt, hold on. help me out with something here. he doesn't say something for seven days. we know what i don't support roy moore looks like. mitch mcconnell. all these other republicans coming out and rick santorum saying he should step aside and telling alabama voters, don't vote for him.
5:32 am
he'll never be in the senate. that's not what support roy moore says. he kept saying i think it was almost two dozen times he denies it, he denies it, he denies it. doug jones is no good. that means vote for roy moore. why won't you own that? >> i won't own that. >> you must own it. >> i won't. because if i was in alabama and by the way the voters in alabama get to make this choice. not all of us sitting in washington, d.c., and new york who make -- >> that's an excuse to not take a position. go ahead. >> who get to make these judgments and many voices trying to tell the people in alabama that it's irresponsible to vote for roy moore. but in the end, they get to make the call. and it is fair to say if you're not going to vote for roy moore, a lot of republicans might not vote for instance. i think what folks are saying is understand what the democrat stands for because the democrat stands for many things that are repugnant. second of all, these republicans against roy moore, remember, chris, before all these charges came up, they were against roy moore. roy moore was incredibly
5:33 am
controversial with a lot of d.c. republicans because he takes hard right traditional views on a lot of social issues. so, we already had built-in anti-caucus with republicans. mitch mcconnell and a lot of other people who are involved in senate republican politics spent a lot of money against him in that primary. the next point, very quickly. i understand ana's criticism of republicans. but, remember, in this whole age post harvey weinstein, this is not a republican problem. this is an american problem. there are many democrats as we all know who are facing these same charges and as an institution congress is going to have to figure out how they handle these against john conyers, al franken. i guarantee you there will be more. they'll have to figure out as an institution how they handle this. >> they are figuring it out. one way you enable that process is by respecting people when they come out with claims. and calling situations for what they are. and, ana, this is the president hearing what these women have
5:34 am
said and doing what he did when he was accused. saying the denial is good enough for me. i don't believe the women. i had this guy from breitbart saying both sides can be credible. no, they can't. if a woman says when i was 14 the guy touched me in this way, it can't be that she's right and roy moore's right. so, you got to make a choice here. you have to stand up for what you believe. >> i agree with that. >> absolutely. >> but you're endorsing someone not doing that. >> i'm not endorsing anyone. >> you know, this, this what about that is being done both by democrats and republicans is ridiculous. really a bad example. i do not make a difference between democrats and republicans. i will say i think that the talking point of including bob menendez in this is ridiculous. no underage prostitutes. if they had been, they would have been part of the ten-week trial the man just went through. >> we'll know in the ethics
5:35 am
investigation, ana. it's coming. >> al franken ethics investigation and a john -- >> and if roy moore wins, we'll have a ethics investigation on him, too. >> you have something more with moore. you have these republicans saying we won't seat him. i'm not saying, they're saying, we're going to move to expel him. rick santorum last night was saying i don't think the guy is going to serve. why don't you factor that in, matt? >> i do. i was listening to roberts a long-time democrat and someone i respect on the radio on the way in and i think it will be very rare for almost unprecedented for congress to not seat somebody who the voters have dooley elected. now, congress can make the decision that he doesn't meet the criteria because there is a question as to whether high won the race. but if he wins this race, which is going to be very hard for him to do, but if he wins this race, they will seat him, chris. because if they don't seat him, the democrats and republicans, there are others that are going to have to have same consideration over. i think what they'll end up
5:36 am
doing with all these senators and congressmen. there are many more to come. ethic investigations on all of them. i agree with ana. if these charges are credible, they ought to get kicked out. society will have to deal with these challenges. look, i have five girls. my oldest is 14. if somebody called me to try to date my 14-year-old, i would be unlocking my gun cabinet. i think these charges are serious and i think we have to deal with that. >> are they credible? >> from what i can tell -- >> did that with somebody else's 14-year-old daughter. >> let's deal with the facts. not any type of, you know, extraction. do you think the women are credible? >> i think it sounds very credible. i think if i was a voter in alabama, i would take every moment until that election and figure out what i am going to do. you have to waive both sides. but for people who aren't in alabama to tell them the morality of what their choices before them, i think that only helps roy moore. i think we have to respect the
5:37 am
people of alabama. the way that american voting laws are. the people in alabama are going to make this choice and i have to trust them. >> all right. >> matt, remember this, no, chris, let me say this. we've got, you know, the u.s. senate makes laws that affects all americans. their salaries are paid by all americans. by all u.s. taxpayers. right now we've got millions and millions that have paid out that have been paid out in sexual harassment claims and settlements. >> john conyers. paid for by all u.s. americans. so, i will say that the choice is by the people of alabama. but it affects us all. therefore, we all have an opportunity, we all have the right on this. >> you don't get to vote in albamauabam alaba alabama, ana. >> voting is not -- >> i get to live with their choice. >> voting is not the only definition of responsibility in this situation. you know that. i get it's expedient, but a
5:38 am
little deceptive. both of you, thank you very much. >> that's not fair. >> but i'm giving you a break because it's thanksgiving. be thankful for the pass i just gave you. >> whatever. >> best to your families. >> best to you. >> alisyn. we also have new details on how disgraced hollywood mogul harvey weinstein silenced his accusers for years. how was he able to do that? well, "new yorker" roan farrell is here with his reporting.
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okay. so, we're learning more about how disgraced hollywood mogul harv harvey weinstein kept quiet. the weinstein scandal empowering scores of women, though, to come forward since then, since the weinstein story broke, six weeks ago, the list of men in power accused of sexual his conduct continues to grow. cbs anchor charlie rose just the latest. he was fired for accusations against him. joining us now is attorney and representative for nancy erica
5:43 am
smith and wrote the latest "new yorker" piece. great to have both of you here for this conversation. the flood gates have opened, but for a long time accusers were silenced. they were silenced because this was a tabu, number one. they thought they would lose their jobs. we saw that happened, number two. what does your new reporting find? >> a team of powerhouse celebrity lawyers employed by harvey weinstein hired private investigators to directly influence the district attorney's office in new york, former staffers from the d.a.'s office calling their former colleagues, the current people considering whether to charge this guy saying, look, this woman bringing accusations is a prostitute, here's all of this dirt. our investigators have dug up on her. look, the d.a.'s office says this is business as usual. defense attorneys call and they come in and present dossier of information. the fact that it's business as usual is alarming to all these women who struggle to come
5:44 am
forward. >> are prosecutors confused by that? >> however, i had multiple law enforcement say they went after this young woman in this particular ace, like they were an extension of weinstein's defense case. was at that point that this young woman said she felt she had no choice but to sign an agreement buying her silence. >> buying the silence, that's it. mba are also with settlements and sometimes very big settlements. so, are settlements good or bad in these cases? >> well, they're bad if they allowed harassers to do what these men have done for 20, 30, 40 years. they shut up women. my clients for the past 37 years don't want their voices taken. they don't want to be told to shut up after they're victimized. and i read in the article that gloria allred said, oh, the clients love them. my clients haven't loved them for 37 years and not having an mba doesn't require a woman to talk about it.
5:45 am
it's absurd to say that women want to be shut up. >> do they, this is where the money gets confusing. they take the settlements. why take a settlement if you don't want to sign it? >> you're being forced out of your job by a harasser. he's probably staying but you complained and now you have to lose your job. the alternative is to try try the case, but that's also very difficult. you have these powerful people with powerful lawyers coming at you trying the case. i tried them. i'm happy to try them. i don't think the harassers want to try them and i think the laws pending in california, new jersey to ban ndas will help us root out harassment which is the goal. passing money around so women can't work and harassers stay in the workplace is not the answer. >> i think that what we're seeing in a certain category of individuals involved in this kind of misconduct. heavy hitters and rain makers for company there is a power imbalance where they can exploit the use of these ndas and use
5:46 am
them as a cloak of silence to continue to operate. woman after woman told me i wouldn't have signed if i knew there was previous agreements and a pattern i perpetuate. >> that is the problem that each nda means you can't talk about it and women after you don't know what's happening. let's talk about what happened since you broke the story about harvey weinstein. that wall of faces that we just saw, let's pull up the graphic, again. >> that is not a graphic you want to be in. >> look at this just from harvey weinstein you have louis c.k. and john conyers and roy moore, charlie rose. can you believe everything that's happened in the past six weeks? >> it is important to say that list is conflating a lot of different types of behavior. we're in a moment of painful and long overdue reassessment. this was right under the surface. this is something people were silent about for too long and now there is this explosion and empowering a lot of people in a positive way. but i think we need to figure
5:47 am
out where the lines should be drawn because this is a whole range of behavior. some of it, you know, actual assignment like weinstein and some of it very different. >> we were do for a correction and i feel we're in the middle of the change. but bill cosby is sometimes in a category of his own or certainly in a much smaller category than other people. we are talk about sexual assault is pretty clear. there are laws. sexual assault is pretty clear. sexual harassment is a gray area. >> we can't conflate sexual assault and sexual harassment and we have to stop both. the judge made rule that sexual harassment has to be severe or pervasive which we're reading about now that the vlittle vide is being shown in congress. but that is judge made. that is not in the law. who said that it's okay to have a little sexual harassment in the workplace as long as it's not severe and pervasive. we have to root out all
5:48 am
harassment so women can live to their full potential in the workplace. we might be at that moment. >> we also learned about what was happening in congress. i mean, that there were all these settlements paid secretly -- >> with our money. >> with our money. with taxpayer money. >> and that people who came forward had to sign an nda as part of the process. >> before they revealed what happened to them. they were force under to silence. >> so, legislation is now being proposed to change that as well as what you're talking about getting rid of the ndas. it does feel like things are changing. >> i hope so. >> thank you for sharing your reporting with us. chris? all right. a lot going on today. here's a look at what to watch for. >> i'd do anything to catch your daughter's killer. i don't think those billboards is very fair. >> "rolling stone" raves. >> to solve actual crime. >> what is the matter with you saying that stuff on tv. >> four stars. >> you go, girl.
5:49 am
>> this time you're not losing. >> in a renegade master piece that will get you good. rated r. meanwhile, a big declaration by the united states government of the treatment of in miranmar. now ethnic cleansing, will that make a difference somehow. and a former gang member is on a crusade to stop violence on the very streets that he, himself, terrorized as a teen. sanjay gupta has his story in this turning point. >> sean mcfader grew up in the brooklyn projects. >> some nights i had to eat a syrup sandwich and that hunger will send you to go look in different ways to the store to get a cake to put something in my stomach. >> armed robbery and then selling drugs.
5:50 am
>> no father figure, no meaning, nuthing to live for. >> in and out of prison and spent almost a decade behind bars. >> i wasn't at the point of turn around. >> until he saw a heartbreaking family reunion. a fellow inmate greeting his newly convicted son in prison. >> i look at his father and there's tears coming down his eyes. >> with twin boys at home, he didn't want his sons to grow up like him. >> it's time to create what has not been there for me. >> he was released in 2008. four years later, he started a nonprofit to help at-risk youth stay in school. get mental health counseling and find jobs. >> so many of our communities have been ravage would that gangster mentality. my goal is to start in the communities. about giving them an opportunity, a way out. i like to look at prison as a business because i'm trying to take away their business. >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. i had been diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer.
5:51 am
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we are following breaking news this morning. the u.s. government declaring the ongoing violence against the rohingya muslims in myanmar. what does this mean? >> these are some strong words and it is, obviously a very strong statement. and in the last several weeks, we've seen the state department not want to criticize the burmese government too much. it's a new democracy. also the government doesn't have that much control, if any, over the military, which is being held largely responsible for these atrocities. there's been reports of rohingya villages burned to the ground. extreme violence and murder and hundreds of thousands of this minority have fled and crossed the bordner to bangladesh.
5:55 am
now after hearing people like the yooup secretary-general call this a clear case of ethnic cleansing, secretary of state tillerson is calling that, saying it is clear this is ethnic cleansing. what does that mean? well, they're calling for accountability, continued investigation and this could down the road lead to sanctions. >> okay, michelle, thank you very much for that. on a much lighter note, happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you. i am thankful for you. >> thank you. and you and it is the start, of course, of the holiday gift season. i have a suggestion for everyone. it's my book called "amanda wakes up" and now starting through the holidays you can find it on the new releases table of "barnes & noble." pick it up, a very entertaining read for your family. >> good idea. fair and objective. all right. cnn newsroom with poppy harlow and john berman. better buy the book right after this break.
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the one gift as unique as she is. that's why he went to jared. good morning, everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm poppy harlow. we begin with breaking news. a search and rescue operation is under way off the coast of japan after a u.s. navy plane crashes with 11 people onboard. >> eight people have been rescued and three, though, are still missing. barbara starr following this for us from the pentagon. barbara, what are you learning? >> good morning to both of you. u.s. and japanese authorities are continuing their search for the three still missing when this navy c2 aircraft crashed as it was operating around the aircraft carrier ronald reagan. now, the c2 is a small fixed wing airplane that carries personnel back and forth from aircraft carriers. we are t


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