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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  November 22, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PST

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that's why he went to jared. good morning, everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm poppy harlow. we begin with breaking news. a search and rescue operation is under way off the coast of japan after a u.s. navy plane crashes with 11 people onboard. >> eight people have been rescued and three, though, are still missing. barbara starr following this for us from the pentagon. barbara, what are you learning? >> good morning to both of you. u.s. and japanese authorities are continuing their search for the three still missing when this navy c2 aircraft crashed as it was operating around the aircraft carrier ronald reagan. now, the c2 is a small fixed wing airplane that carries personnel back and forth from aircraft carriers. we are told 11 navy personnel
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onboard, eight were rescued. now onboard the ronald reagan in good condition. they are still, of course, searching for the other three. this happening about 500 miles off okinawa where the ronald reagan was operating. this comes as the fleet out there, the seventh fleet in the pacific has had a very difficult and deadly year in 2017. two serious collisions. the "uss john mccain" and "fitzgerald" 17 sailors died when each of those ships collided in separate incidents with commercial cargo vessels. 17 lives lost. there were a total of four incidents this year between ships out in the seventh fleet and other incidents, coalitions and other minor incidents in the area. so, it's been a really tough year for them.
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now, this aircraft accident doesn't appear to be connected to any of the reasons behind the ship incidents but the navy, of course, will conduct a full investigation. the top priority right now is to find the other three missing people. john, poppy. >> indeed. barbara starr keep us posted on that search. thanks so much, barbara. new this morning it is thanksgiving eve at mar a-a-lag the lack of thanksgivings from lavar ball. it was me, the president wrote in all caps. me who got ball's son and two other ucla basketball players out of a long-term prison sentence for shoplifting. all about the elder ball's refusal to thank the president for interceding which the president calls him among other things a ungrateful fool. >> he tweeted about this this morning before tweeting about the navy and the crash. he did later say that. also, you're looking at im s
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immages of the president and roy moore. we will get to that in a moment, let's begin with the president's messages on twitter this morning. our joe johns is in palm beach at mar-a-lago with more. why continue this fight? >> good morning, poppy. really want to underscore what you said there at the top. the president was up bright and early this morning. tweeting. the first coming around just before 7:30 eastern time. but he wasn't tweeting about okok okinawa. he was tweeting about that feud with lavar ball. the man whose son got arrested in china and the president helped get him out of jail and back to the united states. the president has been demanding a thank you from lavar ball and lavar ball so far refusing to
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give that thank you. this really underscores the president's continuing anger over perceived spites, if you will, by individuals going all the way back to about 2011 or so. the president obama speaking, making jokes about donald trump at the washington white house correspondents dinner. and i think it also points out that the president now is also engaged in a back and forth on twitter with a man who refuses to kneel and that makes good copy, at least, in the reality show that is the white house these days. meanwhile, it is important to say, also, that the president is not traveling with some of the people who tend to keep him in check. in a variety of different ways. cnn producer liz landers points out that a number of the people including the press secretary, the white house chiefs of staff not here as the president begins the long thanksgiving holiday.
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john and poppy, back to you. >> joe johns, thank you very much. to alabama now where in the president's view an accused child molester who totally denies it is. caitlin collins joins us from montgomery, alabama. the president did not have to weigh in on this. we were wondering when he would. this is not even a guy he endorsed. he endorsed his opponent and now he is fully, clearly behind roy moore. >> yeah, he broke with republican leadership here, poppy by voicing his support for roy moore. this contentious candidate in this senate race when yesterday he was leaving the white house for his vacation in palm beach. he not only criticized doug jones his democratic opponent in this race. he seemed to accept roy moore's denials of the many, many sexual assault allegations made against him. listen to what the president had to say. >> we don't need a liberal
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person in there. a democrat jones. i looked at his record. it's terrible on crime, terrible on the border and terrible in the military. >> mr. president, is an accused child molester better than a democrat? is an accused child molester -- >> look, he denies it. if you look at what is really going on and you look at all the things that have happened over the last 48 hours, he totally denies it. he says it didn't happen. and, you know, you have to listen to him, also. >> now, the moore campaign was touting these remarks almost immediately, john and poppy, after the president made them. they sent out a press release to their supporters. quoting the president's full statements where he seemed to pretty much put his full support behind moore here. now, as far as the president got to this decision to voice his support for moore, we're told that the president doubted the woman who had accused roy moore of sexual assault so close to
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this very highly contested senate race that we have going on. and that the president even compare the situation to what happened to him last year during the presidential election when he was also accused by several women of sexual assault. something he has steadfastly denied. and that the president also felt that the recent wave of sexual assault allegations made from hollywood to capitol hill made it easier for him to stand by roy moore in this race. now, as far as the moore campaign, roy moore himself has not done very many interviews with reporters, several of his campaign staffers held a press conference here in montgomery alabama yesterday. but they did not take questions from reporters. but in an interview late last night, roy moore said that the campaign does not believe the woman he continued to deny these allegations and, john and poppy, he said he believes further information will come out in the coming days to prove that those women are not telling the truth. >> eight women making these claims against roy moore. 13 women who made claims against president trump.
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thank you very, very much. joining us now, cnn political analyst patrick healey from "new york times" and adviser to four u.s. presidents david gergen and christina. david, i want to start with you on the lavar ball issue. can you tell us about the time that ronald reagan or gerled ford the morning before thanksgiving engaged in a playground name calling brawl with the father of a college basketball player. >> i can't remember the day before thanksgiving or after thanksgiving or any other day in the presidencies which the president had a brawl like this. it is, you know, he just can't put it down. it's another, yet another look into his character and the narcissism that's there. he would be so much more into the country if just put this stuff down. psychologically he doesn't have the capacity to let it go. let the trivial go and focus on the big things.
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we are on the verge of a major tax reform in this country. where is he talking about that? what is he trying to do to educate us and to understand what is in this bill? >> that's a really good point. it's not just, christine will some will say this is trump being trump and accept him for who he is and he's not like anyone else. that may be true. what is the danger in doing this to his agenda, which we've seen no major legislation passed and what is the danger of the president to keep engaging in this? one of his biggest supporters told me in michigan last friday this is "playground stuff." >> sure. i will point out lavar ball could also make a choice to not have engaged in this conversation, as well. >> except he's not president. >> in the media we're, of course, asking and telling about things like this because it generates conversation. this could be a teachable moment for everyone. like maybe talk to young people why shoplifting is a bad idea. that sometimes can happen with young people and maybe you could
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use this as like an educational like thanksgiving thing before black friday or something. but will it distract from his agenda? it's a great question because we've seen that trump's most loyal supporters are unwavering. they will say they don't like their style, but they are happy with what they're doing in the administration. so, is that going to affect things? look, republican senators have been fed up with him for a long time. we've seen some openly challenging him. and then others, at least suggesting that what he issing to doing is not helpful. mitch mcconnell finding the votes for tax reform in his senate and that is a very, very fine line. is president trump's twitter feed going to make the difference between lisa murkowski supporting a tax plan or not? probably not. but anything is possible in this political era. >> hasn't helped opinions from jeff flake and bob corker. i think that much we know. patrick healey do what extent do you think this is the president throwing up a shiny object to
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distract from the fact that he is now backing an accused child molester for senate in alabama? >> exactly. 12 hours he got the question that he knew he was going to get for a couple weeks now about roy moore. he made the decision to go kind of all in on a steve bannon-like answer. you know, sort of stick by roy moore. sort of say, well, there's a bigg bigger. there's something bigger going on here playing into that insinuation game that he goes to often to mudthy wady the waterst away from the facts to get away from accusers and accusations coming forward and now 12 hours later this is classic trump getting into these small twitter wars where he can, you know, use capital letters, use his explanation points and call people nasty names. make his base, you know, maybe sort of, you know, laugh a little bit. but also sort of see enemies and resentments and disrespect. they particularly sort of focus on disrespect whether it's
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against the president, whether it's against them or against their candidate in alabama. it drives so much of this. >> david gergen, this is, look, this sort of little back and forth distasteful finding between lavar ball and the president is one thing. backing publicly an accused child molester sitting in the u.s. senate saying it is because they're better than a liberal when you tout bipartisanship and unity in your inaugural address what does that put ivanka trump in? >> that is a very good question. all along the real issue has become whose side are you on? are you on the side of the guys who rucused by numerous sources and you want to give them an alibi or a way out or get them off the hook or on the side of the women who have told the "washington post" thoroughly reviewed in a set of articles and they're saying, listen, this guy did molest and he chased
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after teenagers in inappropriate ways and so forth. whose side are you on? donald trump has taken his side. he is on the side of the men and the women. especially if you're a woman accusing your republican you, by definition, are a liar in his book. >> let's play what he said about women because he asked specifically what message he wanted to send to women. >> women are very special. i think it's a very special time because a lot of things are coming out and i think that's good for our society and i think it's very, very good for women. >> women are special unless they are the ones accusing roy moore or the ones accusing donald trump and the ones accusing bill o'reilly and roger ales see a pattern there. the other thing, a societial issue the president of the united states is now choosing not to believe the claims of specifically these eight women in alabama. also choosing to use language which in these types of situation is coded language.
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this happened 40 years ago. why has it taken so long? >> sure. i think the second part of your question is the key here. it's what he is saying and communicating out there. so, this is about communicating to that steve bannon faction of the conservative base that may very well turn out in alabama and make the difference in the special election. he is making the calculation that he thinks mitch mcconnell needs to have as many votes as possible in the senate. doesn't want a democrat there. we don't know if he actually believes the women or if he actually believes roy moore. what we know from some reporting inside the white house is that he views this situation as very similar to what happened to him last year. and we've heard supporters say this very same thing. why are the women coming forward so late? i'm not saying that that's the case. but that's what people are believing when they fervently support roy moore and fervently supporting donald trump last year. we have been doing our own analysis at the "l.a. times" and of the republican senators we compared their responses to the
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"access hollywood" tapes last year to what is happening with roy moore and you had, of the 53 republican senators at the time, 12 disavowed president trump. now, 52 republican senators, 25 have disavowed roy moore. so, trump in some ways, a lot of those same names are coming up. he is in some ways sticking it to the establishment republicans, as well. he gets a lot of bites at the apple for some of his favorite targets here as he is doing what you're saying and saying this would be better than a democrat in office. >> just to respond to your point and the question that savannah guthrie asked the first accuser to come forward, why wait 40 years? the "washington post" sought her out and convinced her to tell her story. she said she would if other women come forward. patrick to you the other revelations this week. charlie rose getting fired after these incidents of sexual misconduct and al franken and john conyers. the reporting from our jeff zelleny giving him some cover on this to come stand by roy moore.
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how do you see it? >> i think there's something to that. i mean, he, i remember talking to president trump back in october 2016, he was so angry and resentful about the fact that no one was sticking up for him. no one was going on the sunday shows and coming out very strong to give him that defense when women were coming forward and talking about this. in terms of, you know, the kind of cover that he has now, what he knows and this is, as we know, a pop culture president. he kneeknows the way this drip, drip, drip going on every day and sort of two or three new figures who are being accused. it very much gives him sort of the ability, i think, to come out now to say this about roy moore and he knows, frankly, he knows that by later in like today's news cycle, there probably will be another story that will at least take some of the heat off of him. he knows how this sort of media cycle work. >> we'll watch. >> thank you. >> thank you all very much. david patrick, christina, we appreciate it. if you haven't seen it yet this morning, wait until you see
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this. a north korea defector escape guard step behind the young man as they shoot him at least 40 times. steal data on hackers and then the company pays those hackers to keep it a secret. and david cassidy. of course, a patridge fame legend, teen idol. what a loss, david cassidy has passed away. remember how the economic crash
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getting our first look at remarkable video. a mad dash across the border to defect as his former comrades. they shoot at him. all caught on camera. this is how it starts. 3:11 p.m. on november 13th. this defector takes an army truck and rushes over a bridge.
6:22 am
>> then one minute later he abandons the truck. you see that here. okay. he runs out. makes a run for it over the, you know, over the border. four north korean troops on his heels. they shoot at them 40 times. there they are seriously wounding them in four places. take a look at this, again, in slow motion. the defector is now in the care of south korean doctors after remarkable surgeries. he is listening to music and watching american television like "csi" as he recovers and then at 3:15 p.m. you see what's happening. this is a north korean soldier briefly violating the border a violation of the cease-fire agreement as are shooting across the border. so, it's remarkable to watch. what are the implications david rhode global affairs analysis for "the new yorker." i've never seen anything like this. what do you make of what it means in terms of what they found so far. what is the significance of
6:23 am
this? >> on a huge level, it just shows how bad the situation is in north korea. they perform surgery on the soldier. they found dozens of parasites. his intestines. that's a sign of how badly fed these soldiers are and then the tenacity of these other soldiers to stop him. if they don't act aggressively they and their families can face repercussions. there hasn't been a defection like this in years. >> it shows you the deprivation and even those in the military on the border for whom you might think, you might think they would be in better conditions than north korean civilians, correct? >> i would think these soldiers are very carefully selected and on a broader sense, this is stopped. no rhetoric out of north korea. no missile tests, nothing like this. and this is, this does come during a two-month period of no missile tests for north korea. >> what do you think could mean in terms of being an intelligence asset for north korea and america? >> it is a big thing. you know, he will recover and there's a lot of information
6:24 am
he'll have just about morale in the north korean military and the view of the regime at this point. and this is a big moment. president trump, he bragged about china was sending an envoy after the trip to asia that this was a big sign that china was cooperating. this chinese envoy went to north korea and the president of north korea refused to meet the chinese envoy. that's a bad sign. that does not mean that there is progress in these ongoing tensions with north korea. >> of course, just this week, the president designated the state sponsor of terror, again. then overnight we got an official response. army and people are full of range and anger towards the heinous gangsters who put our sacred country in the list of terrorism. first of all, they seem to be getting better writers. >> lots of gangsters. >> but what does this response tell you. also they refer to their nuclear arsenal, again. just hardens their will to keep that. >> i think this rhetoric and the
6:25 am
failure of kim jong-un to meet the chinese envoy shows he is not going to give up his nuclear weapons. that is the goal of the trump administration and this conflict continues and trump is going to continue to be tough. putting them on the terrorist list is part of this, you know, big stick threatening approach by the united states. >> back to the defector for a moment. you would think that if he has any family left in north korea, children, parents, aunts, upgncs they could be at risk. what could happen to his family if he does have it? >> that's the question. he's 24. it's not clear he has a family. he was very, one of the first things he said is that he decided to make this move to defect on his own. he might be trying to protect his family. this is a police state. president trump is right about how cruel kim jong-un is to his own country. they will punish this family. it's very, very dangerous what this soldier has done. >> thanks so much. amazing to see that. his hometown paper says it's
6:26 am
time for representative john conyers to resign. the dean of the house. the longest serving house member using hush money to bury sexual harassment claims. do his colleagues think he should step down? we'll ask one of them, next.
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a second woman is accusing john conyers of sexual harassment. a female staffer says in 2015/2016 she faced so many inappropriate comments and actions that she developed severe anxiety and chest pains and when she tried to take medical leave they wanted proof and turn over medical documents,
6:31 am
she was fired. >> this woman filed a lawsuit against conyers and earlier this year she dropped it when she couldn't get it sealed. joining us now gregory meeks of new york who serves on the congressional caucus. thank you for joining us. you served together. he is, obviously, the longest serving member of congress. should he continue that service? should he stay in congress? >> well, i think that, you know, no one is exempt from bad behavior and i think that he's a greed and i clearly see where speaker pelosi has said that there will be an immediate ethics committee, a review. so, i really think that probably the appropriate thing right now is that he should step down as the ranking member of the judiciary committee. and be subject to this ethics investigation. so, it can be determined whether or not there is a practice or pattern and then appropriate
6:32 am
consideration should be made at that time as soon as the ethics committee finishes its review. i think that, you know, what's going on exposes not just on capitol hill, but in america. a sickness that i think that we have in this country. and so this dialogue and conversation is good. and i hope that on thanksgiving tomorrow there is strong conversation about the two. i think important that are taking place in america. that is sexism and racism. and we need to have a dialogue. we need to talk about it. i think that's what you're doing here and where hope because that is not only on capitol hill and not only in the news and not only in corporate america and in hollywood, it's everywhere. >> everywhere. >> here's a note. you do think he should step down as the ranking member of the judiciary committee even before this investigation? >> i think that given that there is one and now another incident
6:33 am
of women coming in to say that it would not be appropriate on the judiciary committee to sit there. he should step down as the ranking member with the opportunity if he defends himself and says and shows there is nothing that he could come back. but you can't, in my estimation, just in the scenario that we're in to be the ranking member of the judiciary committee at this time. i think that he should step down. >> let me just read you from the paper, much less an elected representative of the people and whatever conyers' legacy is, they're going a step further. saying step down from congress. what is the argument for him staying in congress? >> i think that there is a procedure in place currently and he's agreed to go through the ethics committee. now, i've only seen, you're just telling me now that there is a second woman. before there was one.
6:34 am
and i want to make sure. we've got to get to a point where this is where conversation and dialogue is important that we have a clear understanding of where we are. >> just to be clear, the second woman, we reported it really overnight and this is not something that came to cnn and said this happened to me. this is court documents that is showing all this. yeah, this is a second case about roy moore. you tweeted this earlier this month. the republicans embraced moore for so long and many continue to stand by him. highlights a despicable culture of enabling sexually violent men. now, i assume you don't want roy moore in the u.s. senate. correct? >> that's correct. >> why should john co orconyers these are sexual harassment allegations and inappropriate misconduct against conyers but why should either man have a seat in congress? >> again, what i think is with john conyers there is a continuing scenario of individuals coming forth in the
6:35 am
same manner that we might have the same conversation. just like i didn't think how president -- >> you are saying if there are more women who come out against conyers don't wait for the investigation to finish. >> that is something he is going to have to decide. he is going to have to decide that and those close to him will have to help him decide. that's why dialogue and conversation is important. i thought beginning that conversation and dialogue when several women accused him and i was shocked when he did get elected, not just because of that, but because of the women that came forward and the climate that we're in. this is a dialogue that we have to have. >> one foreign policy question because you are on the foreign affairs committee. want to get your take on the phone call they talked about a lot of things. one thing was terror, syria, affgawstonaf afghanistan, looking for an ally in these areas. do you think the u.s. has an ally in russia and vladimir
6:36 am
putin on these issues? >> i think dialogue and conversation are never against that. but you have to know who you're talking to and i don't think that mr. putin has proven that he wants to be an ally of the united states by injecting himself in our election. but even more than that, what he's been doing with our european allies and exiting of crimia and you look at what he's done in georgia and how he makes sure he weakens the link between us and our european allies and he is trying to use the influence himself. i think it is putin trying to play us to the benefit of himself and to russia. and we've got to understand that. and we're dealing with him. >> thanks for being with us. have a great thanksgiving. >> you are having a house full of people from as far away as london. we're talking about uber where hackers stole information from 57 million uber users. >> that's a lot. >> that's a lot. then get this, the company paid
6:37 am
those hackers to hide this. seriously. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette
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new this morning uber hackers stole the personal information of more than 57 million people and, and that the company covered up for more than a year. >> they paid the hackers that stole the information 100 grand to keep quiets and and delete information that they stole driver license numbers from employees and customers. samuel burke joins us now with more. first of all, how on earth could they do this in good conscious and why did it take even more than a year to become public?
6:42 am
>> good morning, john and poppy. it is clear through the actions and words of this company that we're only finding out about this right now because uber did not want us to find out about it ever. now, we report on lots of hacks. i know people say they all start to sound like each other. but in this case, this one is very different from all the others. for two reasons. number one, uber did not disclose. this happened in october of last year. they had over a year to tell regulators. already one regulator has come out and said they should have been notified right away. number two, and perhaps more worrying is the fact that uber did actually pay these hackers, they told me, $100,000. just two hackers received that money. now, that is not illegal. but i spoke to the ceo of one israeli cybersecurity firm who deals with exactly these type of situations. he told me the first thing that he tells companies is not to pay the ransom because then it creates a market for them to come back and do it, again.
6:43 am
let me just put up on the screen what the new ceo of uber is saying about this. this happened under the previous ceo and now none of this should have happened and i will not make excuses for it. i can't erase the past, i can commit on behalf of every uber employee that we will learn from our mistakes mistakes that could become legal headaches for this company. >> uber paid these hackers 100 grand to delete the information and stay quiet about it. how do we know they did it? why should we trust that the hackers did that? >> by the way, asking them to delete the information. one lawyer told me that could be illegal, but the experts say no way of knowing whether they deleted the information or not. what they're doing, they're going on the dark web and checking to see that that information you see on your screen right now is not out there for other people to buy. hopefully it's not there. but it doesn't mean the hackers do not have a copy in their back pocket waiting for some other time to disclose it. >> happy thanksgiving, everyone. samuel burke, thank you very much. appreciate it. it wasn't a scuffle.
6:44 am
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we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e.
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we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. senator rand paul's wife says the attack on her husband and written a new piece on talking about what happened when the neighbor tackled the kentucky senator. >> several nights where i had my hand on my phone ready to call 911 when his breathing became so labored it was terrifying.
6:49 am
following the story for us. this op-ed is very interesting. she felt the need to come forward and say this. >> that's right, john. and you have here we're now three weeks after this attack by senator, from senator paul and it's still something of a mystery what exactly happened when his neighbor went after him in early november and that is, again, underscored by the fact that kelly paul is now having to come out three weeks later and write this op-ed for in this op- ed she does reveal new details about not only his pain. she describes how she wakes up at noiight, as you said, listeng to him labor breathing with her hand on the phone ready to call 911. her husband had not taken one single breath since the attack without pain. and she does describe with in specifics what exactly happened that day in this op-ed.
6:50 am
she writes, the only dispute existed solely in the troubled attacker's mind, kelley paul said, until on a beautiful autumn day he ran down the hill on our property and slammed his body into rand's lower back as he stood facing away, wearing noise-canceling earphones to protect his ears from the lawn mow mower. renee bouchier's lawyers say this is a long-is running dispute over property maintenance. that's the line they have said in the aftermath of the attack. but very clear kelley paul at least disputes that. she said in this op-ed, it wasn't a scuffle, it wasn't a dispute, it wasn't a fight, these people haven't spoken for ten years. rene boucher, the lawyer, he has pleaded not guilty toll misdemeanor assault and his attorney has said that he regrets the incident, but it could have been handled more diplomatically. so a lot more here to find out.
6:51 am
>> to say the least, sunlen, thank you for the reporting. and obviously, we're wishing loifrz all the best. so, ahead for us, actor, singer, david cassidy, teen adoll. known best for his role in "the partridge family" has died. we'll take a look back at his career. is this a phone?
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6:56 am
♪ it's one of those nights when you turn out the lights ♪ >> reporter: david cassidy was the ultimate teenage idol, known for his role as keith in "the partridge family," cassidy's fresh face and wide-eyed charm captured the hearts of millions of girls worldwide. >> you're taking auto shop? >> auto shop? me too. >>. >> reporter: "the partridge family" gave cassidy a national audience for his own music. ♪ i think i love you >> reporter: "i think i love you," the show's first single topped the billboard 900 in 1970 and sold over 5 million copies. >> i was always a musician. it was just fate and, you know, the way the stars align themselves. >> cassidy's wispy voice and wholesome persona broke out from the small screen and into sold-out arenas around the globe. his fan club at one time reportedly had more members than
6:57 am
elvis or the beatles. but in 1972, at the heart of his partridge family fame, cassidy began to shift away from his squeaky clean image. he appeared naked on the cover of "rolling stone" magazine and in the article, admitted using drugs and alcohol. it marked a turning point in his career and his life. four years after the partridge family hit the air, his teenage fan base had moved on. and so had cassidy. >> his hero worship was so great, i had to leave it. i couldn't sustain it any longer. >> superstardom long behind him, cassidy turned to broadway. in 1993, he starred in the british musical, "blood brothers." three years later, he moved to vegas where he headlined the mgm grand's efx show, at the time the largest theatrical production in the world. in t private, though, cassidy struggled with alcoholism, a battle that would soon take a very public turn. in his 60s, cassidy faced multiple charges of driving
6:58 am
under the influence and went through rehab. >> it's very humbling and it's also humiliating. >> reporter: but his biggest battle was yet to come. in 2017, cassidy revealed that he suffered from dementia. his mother had died of complications from alzheimer's disease only a few years before. >> to watch someone that raised you and was so vibrant start to lose their mind and disappear is arguably the most painful thing i've ever experienced. >> looking back on his own life, there is one memory cassidy hopes will never fade. his 1972 concert in madison square garden. cassidy leaped on to the stage in his signature white sequin jumpsuit, thousands of adoring fans screamed his name. his own family among them. >> it was just so emotional for me. and i just felt so blessed to have that moment with them. i mean, it's the highlight of my
6:59 am
life. >> so back when you had uhf channels, before you were born. >> i was going to say, what year was that? >> they used to show "the patridge family" for six hours after school every day. and i would go home and watch. >> i got to interview him four years ago in florida at his home. he was vibrant and young -- he was young, 67 years old. sad see him go. the next hour of newsroom starts right now. top of the hour, good morning, everyone. i'm poppy harlow. >> and i'm john berman. so what could be more presidential than name-calling and self-day grandizing on thanksgiving eve. the president servie ining up a portion of both. this comes after the president backed and accused child molester roy moore in the race in alabama. first, the breaking news this morning. eight u.s. navy personnel have
7:00 am
been rescued after their military plane crashed off the coast of okinawa, japan. three others, though, are still missing. search and rescue for them underway right now. let's go straight to the pentagon. that is where we find our barbara starr. barbara, i know it's just a few hours after this happened, but what can you tell us at this point? >> well, good morning to both of you. u.s. and japanese forces at sea continue to search for the three who are still missing. we're told all 11 abod were u.s. navy personnel. they were onboard a c-2, a small fixed wing aircraft that carries people back and forth to aircraft carriers. they had left an air station on land and they were flying to the carrier, ronald reagan, which was about 500 miles off the japanese island of okinawa, conducting routine operations. they were supposed to be going to the ship. helicopter forces from the ship were able to rescue those eight, apparently fairly quickly, and bring them aboard the


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