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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  November 23, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PST

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top of the hour. i'm annika cabrera. happy thanksgiving. the president beginning his mar-a-lago holiday with a greeting to the nation and a list of what he thinks we should
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be thankful for including jobs, stock, and a military, quote, getting really strong. last hour he thanked a few service members directly via video conference and joe johns is joining us from west palm beach with more on that. tell us about it. >> ana, this was a teleconference featuring the president of the united states speaking to five branches of the united states military and various parts of the world, the army in afghanistan, the navy at sea aboard the ""uss monterey," among others, the air force in turkey and the coast guard in kuwait. the president also, we are told, our white house producer liz landers is reporting, that the president is expected to go to a coast guard station that is nearby to -- here in florida and expected to go to the mess hall,
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greets the commander, a second step by the president to thank the troops. the president's speech today was interesting in the fact that he did focus not only on thanking the troops but also talking about things that he says have changed in his administration, the fact that he says the military is now winning, which they weren't doing before he came into office. listen to some of the president's address to the troops today. >> we're being talked about again as an armed forces. we're really winning. we know how to win. but we have to let you win. they weren't letting you win before. they were letting you play even. we're letting you win. >> reporter: we're letting you win. so, again, the president we're told headed over to the coast guard station that is not far from here, not far, of course, from west palm beach, florida. the president vacationing over
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at mar-a-lago. back to you, ana? >> joe johns, thank you. here now to discuss, cnn military analyst lieutenant general mark hertling. first, your reaction to the president's call with the troops this morning? >> well, even before that, ana, happy thanksgiving to you and all of your team. >> you too. >> and first of all, all of the close to over a quarter of a million soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines deployed around the world today away from their families, happy thanksgiving to them and also happy thanksgiving to all the families who have their soldiers or sailors or airmen or marines nearby. you know, ana, what i would say is, first of all, thanksgiving is a very unique day for the military. if you're deployed, you come together with your fellow service members in that deployed situation and what normally happens is commanders go and serve the meal to their soldiers to show the thanks for them for what they're doing. if you're not deployed you get dressed up, everyone gets
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dressed up, goes to the mess hall, the dining facility and they, again, have the commanders and the senior ranking ncos serve their soldiers or whatever. the president's message, getting to your question, first of all, i'm thankful for the fact that he did address the soldiers, but the message that i heard and some of the things he said, would have not rung very well with me had i been a deployed soldier. we have been winning, you're talking to soldiers and military personnel around the world who have been in this fight for 17 years and to suddenly be told they're winning now when they weren't winning before is somewhat insulting first of all, and secondly, the comments about the economy and where the economy is growing, deployed service members don't want to hear about that. they want to hear, hey, thanks, for what you're doing -- >> can i ask you to pause for a second so we can listen to the comments specifically, mark? >> sure. >> let's play itp. >> when you come back you're going to see with the jobs and
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companies coming back into our country and the stock market just hit a record high, unemployment the lowest its been in 17 years, you're fighting for something real, something good. a lot of things have happened with our country over the last very short period of time. and they're really good. they're really good. >> general hertling, you were saying that's not exactly what they want to hear. how did you interpret that? >> yeah. well, again, it wouldn't be what i would want to hear. i'm just speaking for myself. if i'm deployed with soldiers and i have been eight different times in my career, i was deployed on thanksgiving to different locations, you want to hear just a thank you. truthfully, military personnel really don't care all that much about the job market or the economy or tax cuts or things like that. they just want to know and let other people know what they're fighting for and serving for is each other, first of all, and
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for the oath that they took to defend the constitution. so again, ana, trying to be positive, i'm glad the president at least took some time to say thank you to the troops around the world, and he's going to a coast guard station today, but the rest of the message may have been a little off kilter. >> the president has oftentimes talked about his love for the military, for the nation's veterans. how do you assess the president's relationship with the military compared to past administrations? >> i don't want to compare it to past administrations but he's learning. he hasn't been with forces all that much lately. he's visited some organizations, some units. he's had some military personnel around him. he has not been to any of the combat zones yet. some of the past administrations have actually done that within their first year in office. i remember being in baghdad in 2003 when president bush surprised everybody by flying over the night before thanksgiving and serving turkey
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to the soldiers. i remember being deployed when president obama showed up. so all presidents have different styles. one is being there, showing people that they're there. one might be true of video teleconference and going to a local coast guard station, but all of them have different styles. i don't want to say one is good and one is bad. i know which one i like, but part of the issue is, when you're with the soldiers, you understand what they're doing and why they're doing it. and you don't use commentary like you didn't do it very well in the past but doing it great now because i'm the president. to me, that's somewhat insulting. >> lieutenant general mark hertling, always good to see you. thank you for being here. thank you for your service and happy thanksgiving. enjoy your family. >> you too. thank you. >> thanks. we have breaking news we're just getting ready from the argentine navy it picked up a noise consistent with an explosion near the last known location of the missing submarine, the ara-san juan with
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44 crew members aboard, last heard from eight days ago. ships and planes from a dozen nations are now involved in the search. and a navy spokesman told reporters the recorded nose was, quote, singular, short, violent and nonnuclear. we're working to get new information and bring you new details as soon as we get them. now to the frantic search for three missing sailors that's expanding this morning after a navy plane crashed off the coast of japan. american ships and planes patrolled hundreds of miles across the philippine sea overnight and navy officials are promising to be relentless in their search. cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr is joining us now. what more can you tell us about the progress of things search? any sign? >> well, nothing that the navy has been able to report in the last 24 hours, really, ana, other than the search continuing, now they've gone over 300 square miles of ocean out there. the eight people that were
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rescued from the wreckage are aboard the aircraft carrier "ronald reagan" said to be doing well, in good condition. as far as the three missing, their families now have been notified that they are officially listed as duty status whereabouts unknown which essentially means at the moment they are missing. the search is being conducted by u.s. air crews on this thanksgiving day, as well as ships are out there, u.s. aircraft and ships are out there, as well as japanese forces. so they're putting everybody they can on it. they're going to try to locate any sign of wreckage, obviously, and see if they can recover the three missing from them. ana. >> barbara, what are you learning about the investigation into what happened? >> well, there will be a full navy investigation as there is with every military accident or crash. if they can retrieve the wreckage of the airplane from the sea, that may begin to give
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them some clues about was there some sort of mechanical or structural failure if they can interview the survivors, perhaps the survivors heard the pilot or the crew say something or give some indication of what was happening. so all of these things will be clues about it, but it's going to take some time. they're going to have to just go through everything they can. no word yet on what might have caused it. >> all right. b barbara starr, you'll stay on it. thank you. happy thanksgiving. >> you too. >> security extra tight in new york city as the 91st annual macy's thanksgiving day parade is under way. this is a live look right now along the parade route where the balloons are flying high. people are out. guy in a t-shirt. the sun is shining it, isn't it, jason kooi jason carroll, joining us from central park for a front row seat. what a fun assignment today, jason. >> oh, yeah. it's great. finally an opportunity to come
7:11 am
out and do a story where we can smile and a lot of smiling faces along the parade route. millions of people line the 2.6 mile route uptown to downtown ending in front of macy's. i've covered this parade in year's past and seen, you know, obviously a number of officers out here but not like this year. the nypd said there would be an enhanced police presence out here and that's what we've seen. they talked about having officers at every block. seen them basically not only at every block but every half block as well. they also talked about counterterrorism unit being out here as well. concrete barriers set up at various streets that we didn't see in years past that we've seen this year to block unauthorized vehicles from get on to the parade route. we have seen that increased police presence out here, but also, obviously, a number of just happy people wanting to be out here, wanting to celebrate.
7:12 am
this year, 17 major balloons. o you've got four new balloons. not any we can see in this vantage point but the giant dinosaur, this year the grinch, chase from paw patrol and olaf, very popular, from the disney movie frozen one of the new balloons as well. ana, a lot of folks coming out here, just wanting to enjoy the day with their family and friends. happy thanksgiving to you from the macy's thanksgiving day parade. still about an hour or so more to go. everyone here just out here having a good time. >> yes, we are. >> that looks awesome. way to be a good sport there. way to be a good sport. jason. got to love them. got to love you. thank you for that fun report, jason. the pressure is now on on capitol hill for leaders in congress to spill the names of lawmakers who have settled sex harassment claims. if taxpayers paid for the settlements do they have the right to know?
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scandals rocking both sides of the aisle on capitol hill. sunlen serfaty is joining us from washington now with the latest. brings us up to speed, sunlen. >> there are new questions this morning surrounding juncticongr joe barton after nude photos of the congressman were circulated on an anonymous twitter account. he hasn't denied the photographs, and he has apologized for them, but it
7:18 am
also -- he's also now raising the possibility that he's a victim of revenge porn, which is a criminal act in texas. now barton's spokeswoman tells cnn barton did not release the image and does not know who did. an unnamed woman, however, has come forward telling "the washington post" that barton sent her lewd photos, videos and messages when they had two sexual encounters over the course of five years. the woman shared a secretly recorded phone call from 2015 with the paper and in the call the post says barton warned her against using the explicit images he had sent her in a way that would negatively affect his career, vowing he would go to the capitol hill police. congressman barton says it was to stop her from publicly row leasing the images as revenge porn, which texas outlawed in 2015. in a statement barton says, quote, this woman admitted that we had a consensual relationship with -- when i ended that relationship she threatened to publicly share my private photographs and intimate core
7:19 am
spon dense in retaliation. as the transcript reflects i offered to take the matter to capitol hill police to open an investigation. today the capitol hill police reached out to me and offered to launch an investigation. and ana, he now says he has accepted an offer for that investigation. >> and also this morning, sunlen, democratic congressman john conyers of michigan is facing new harassment allegations. what can you tell us about that? >> that's right. this comes from a former staffer of the congressman, her name is melanie slone, and she says she was verbally abused and harassed by conyers. slone does not think importantly, she was sexually harassed. she thinks the behavior was inappropriate, recalls one instance where he called her into his office and he would then in his underwear in front of her. conyers' lawyer says all of -- in the midst of not only this allegation of harassment but there have been other allegation
7:20 am
this week of sexual misconduct his lawyer says the congressman is not going to resign. >> all right. sunlen serfaty in washington for us, thank you. before we bring in our panel i want to take you live to the president visiting the coast guard in florida. let's listen in for a quick minute. >> 16,000 lives. in fact, when i first heard the number, you mean like 600, 500? 16,000 lives. as bad as that hurricane was, and that was a bad one, a big water job, right, kept coming in and going back, couldn't get rid of it, the biggest water dump they've ever seen, but when you get 16,000, pretty big group of people. but when you do 16,000, that's really something. and in florida here. you know that very well. used that one pretty well, right. the job you did in florida. and then puerto rico. and i really mean that. i think that there is no brand of any kind, not just talking
7:21 am
about a military kind, that has gone up more than the coast guard. incredible people. you've done an incredible job. i love coming in here and doing this with you today. i think it's -- we have to keep you very well fed. these are -- this is good stuff. but it's an honor. and it's the first lady, you know, and -- and we went together to texas and saw what you were doing and you just followed that storm, right next to that storm, you saved so many people. i still haven't figured out how people take their boats out into a hurricane. okay. some day you'll explain it. jean was telling me that they actually do it to save their boat in many cases. they're not thinking about their life, they're thinking about their boats. and i don't know, they go out in a boat and they think, i guess, they've got a wonderful boat, had it for years, it can weather anything and then they have 25 foot waves and that would be the
7:22 am
end of them. but you saved a lot of people. and i just want to thank you on behalf of the whole country, and on behalf of us, what a job you've done. thank you all very much. and i'll also take questions. should we leave the media here and do the questions or should we -- you know what, it's thanksgiving. let's let the media stay. okay. anybody have any questions about the country, how we're doing or any of those things? >> wow. >> i love it when you don't. that means you're doing great. that's the greatest. the press doesn't have any questions. if you do we won't take them. that's all right. the press has plenty of questions. but the country is doing really well. stock market, all-time high. this is all good stuff. i just spoke to a lot of your friends in afghanistan and iraq. we spoke to the ""uss monterey" great ship, great missile ship, a lot of different folks from
7:23 am
the air force, the army, just now a little while ago. we telecommunication systems, we go live to iraq, live to afghanistan, and it's really incredible. but i told them, our country is doing great. and you folks are fighting so hard and working so hard and it's nices that you're working for something that's really starting to work. we've cut back so much on regulation and all the waste and all the abuse and the stock market on friday hit the all-time high. the highest it's ever been, ever. in your whole long life, the stock market is higher than it's ever been. that means your 401(k)s and your -- all of the things that you have, whether it's even if you're in the military, you have a kunt that's really starting to turn and we witness to have a strong country. we want to have a country where i can buy new coast guard cutters and not have to worry about it.
7:24 am
building up wealth to take care of protection. $700 billion of the military. and we're cutting back for years. they kept cutting and cutting the military. and you have -- depleted was the word and now it's changing, the navy, i can tell you we're ordering ships with the air force ordering a lot of planes, in particular the f-35 fighter jet almost like an invisible fighter. i was asking the air force guys, i said how good is this plane? they said, well, sir, you can't see it. i said but in a fight. in a fight. like i watch on the movies. the fight, they're fighting. how good is this. wins every time because the enemy cannot see it. even if it's right next to them, it can't see it. i said that helps. that's a good thing. but i mean we have equipment that -- nobody has the equipment that we have. and it's sad when we're selling
7:25 am
our equipment to other countries but not buying it ourselves. that's all changed. and i said, the stuff that we have is always a little bit better too. when we sell to other countries, even if they're allies you never know about an ally. an ally can turn. you're going to find that out. but i always say make lives a little bit better. give it that extra speed, a little bit -- keep a little bit -- about 10% in the bag. we have -- nobody has what with we have. that's what we're doing. we're really proud of the coast guard and i'm very proud -- i walked in today and jean said, the day i got elected, the following morning, they were putting up the statement that i made right on your front door and i came in and the first thing i noticed, of course, i said wow, look at that. i said, did you put that up just for me because i happen to be coming here today? you did that the first day. that tells me something. that tells me something.
7:26 am
let's go, fellas. come on. let's get up here. let's get up here. yeah. this is good stuff. >> okay. those were live comments from the president, he's visiting rivera beach, florida, and the coast guard, alongside the first lady talking about everything from the coast guard's involvement helping during the hurricanes, hurricane harvey in texas, with the flooding there. we're continuing to stay with them. and then he went on this long riff about the economy and how they should be very happy how the stock market is doing and unemployment and 401(k)s and also, talked about military spending and some of the investment he would like to see happen in that as well. i want to get to our panel here with us, cnn senior political analyst ron brownstein. cnn political commentator alice stewart and former communications director for the dnc and former senior adviser to hillary clinton's presidential campaign karen finney. so, i just want to get your initial reaction to the latest
7:27 am
comments from the president on this thanksgiving. >> well, look, this is not a president who operates within the normal previous boundaries of other presidents and you see it today as you see every day. you know, usually this is a day for a more nonpartisan message and today we've had a direct touting of your own accomplishments and taking swipes at your predecessors all of which is pretty unusual. one thing struck me particularly from these remarks this morning this is an administration that officially denies the existence of climate change and yet is -- yet he is talking about this extraordinary concentration of high octane hurricanes and which i think his phrase was, the greatest rain dump we've ever seen in terms of harvey. so it just was a reminder to me as i was listening that we can choose whether or not to believe the climate is changing. it doesn't really care. it's going to keep changing whether we believe it or not and i think the president's comments were a reminder of that. >> alice stewart, from a
7:28 am
political strategy perspective, were those smart comments to be making by the president, to be touting what he sees as victories? >> i think the most important thing that he did, starting off the morning on thanksgiving, doing the video conference he did with all branches of our military, all over the world, and thanking them for their service and reassuring them that the u.s. government has -- is behind them and we will win and they will continue to dedicate the necessary resources to all branches of the military to help us be the greatest power in the world, that being said, to follow it up with this personal visit to these troops, i think was very powerful. i think it was really important. and more than anything, the overall message was certainly to show gratitude for the troops and show them that we appreciate what they do in all branches of the government, but specifically, to be able to say we saw what you did in florida, we're aware of what you're doing across the country, i think that's really important, not just to say it on television or in the paper but to go and meet
7:29 am
personally with these people. yes, it's a little unorthodox to tout the stock market and other aspects of the administration, while he's doing something like this, but this is an unorthodox president, and he's going to do things a little bit differently. he gave them the opportunity to ask questions about anything they could possibly want to ask and i'm sure he'll have that chance one on one, but more than anything, the takeaway is that he has taken time on this important day to thank our troops for all they're doing for this country. >> karen, real quick, your takeaway? >> look, i agree with alice it's important to thank the troops particularly on a day like today when we have so many men and women serving, who are away from their families, but the thing rather than hearing about the stock market, i think what our troops particularly those in a foreign theater want to hear, their president has a plan and a strategy, not just to hear the phrase we're winning, we're going to win, you couldn't win you're going to win, but i think the greatest thing he could offer to our troops is, we have
7:30 am
a clear plan for why you're deployed where you're deployed and what your mission is going to be where you are. i think that that uncertainty is unfortunate, but i certainly believe on a day like today, visiting with our members of our coast guard and certainly reaching out to troops around the world, it is a good thing to do and an important thing for the commander in chief. >> all right. everyone, stay with us. thank you for those comments. we're going to take a quick break and we'll talk about much more in the political arena with you all when we come back. needles.
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7:35 am
senior political analyst ron brownstein, political commentator alice stewart and former communications director for the dnc and for hillary clinton's campaign karen finney back with us. so, ron, with congress again on break, they still can't escape the scandals that are developing on capitol hill. we have barton today, we've been talking about senator franken, conyers, moore. it's starting to feel like each day brings a new name and a new allegation. do we now live in an environment where a congressman's naked photo is relatively tame? >> interesting way of putting it. look, i think the -- obviously a social change we're living through that is affecting many industries and walks of life that go far beyond politics, congress or the media, but i also think that within the context of congress, there is a change and that the public that we're moving toward an era of far greater transparency than members of congress have been
7:36 am
wi willing to impose on themselves in the past and the idea of settlements that are kept hidden, paid for with taxpayer dollars is going to be untenable for either party to defend and i think we are going to see significant changes in the transparency, the process of dealing with harassment on capitol hill is also incredibly byzantine and something that is also going to face pressure to change and may be a tougher fight. the question of transparency, i think, is one we are -- be that the barn door is, you know, already closed. >> alice we heard from sunlen serfaty in the last block about congressman barton and now apparently a capitol police investigation under way. do you think he can survive his scandal or is it something that's, you know, a scandal or just embarrassing? >> it is embarrassing. i think he could have, if he would have left it alone right after his apology and gone about his business, but the fact that he's now encouraging capitol police to investigate this is going to be problematic. he's asking them to look at this
7:37 am
as a case of revenge porn. look of all the crime prevention tips out there, note to folks that are doing this, the best way to avoid being a victim of revenge porn is not to take nude selfies and send them to people. he could have done himself a favor by letting this lie at the first incident but he's it continuing to bring it on. the troubling thing we're looking at taxpayer funded covering the hush funds of members of congress. that is going to be really problematic and i applaud senator gillibrand and representative speer for the me too act which will look at doing away with taxpayer funded paying off sexual harassment claims. that is a critical step. >> this is not a partisan issue, not just republicans involved. democrats too, karyn. senator al franken, representative conyers. franken has been silent about his controversy this week and there are calls now from at least one democrat on conyers to
7:38 am
resign. how much pressure are democrats under to make an example that says no tolerance? >> you know, i think it's larger than that. i think we have -- this is an american issue. we have to recognize that on the one hand, this is a watershed moment in american society and culture because this is cutting across so many sectors and because women are coming forward and speaking up and speaking out about this, so i think number one, from a political perspective, you know, it is incumbent on both parties to understand the gravity of this moment. this is about the character of our country and i think that's part of what makes the roy moore situation so devastating potentially, not just for the republican party, be but again, for the country and when it comes to how do we hold democrats and republicans accountable, i think we've got -- i agree with alice we've got to set very high standards and hold everybody to those standards and that means -- that includes the president of the united states of america, by the way, and i think it's not about one member or another member, i
7:39 am
think, again, the character of this moment demands that we are -- we take this very seriously and we recognize there is a bigger question on the table about who we are, are we going to allow someone who is an alleged child molester, are we going to continue to allow people who have, you know, again these hush funds, are we going to allow that to continue to happen in secret or are we going to stand our ground and say no, not anymore. this is a change moment and i think we've got to recognize that from our politics to our culture. >> all right. karen funny, alice stewart, ron brownstein, thank you all. happy thanksgiving. i'm thankful you spent some of your day with us. ready to talk politics over pumpkin pie today? does that sound good to anybody? guess what? most americans aren't. we'll talk about how to get through those awkward conversations next. ♪when you've got...♪ ♪...nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪
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which is the only egg goody enough for my family? only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. trump is spending the holiday down in mar-a-lago where they have a big buffet, gourmet stuffing and vegetables and turkey for the adults, chicken fingers, grilled cheese and curly fries for the president. >> not shy about mixing politics and thanksgiving. but that's not exactly the case for most americans. a new poll shows that 58% of people celebrating the holiday are dreading the topic of politics coming up. so how can you avoid those fights between family and friends? here to help, elizabeth suehey, a professor of government at american university, and jeff garrdeer, clinical psychologist. elizabeth, good or bad to bring up politics at the dinner table? >> oh, gosh. first of all i want to say this is a personal decision. you don't have to talk politics.
7:45 am
i'm a political scientist, i talk about politics all the time, i teach it, and i actually see this as a great opportunity to repair some civic wounds, to find some common ground with people across the aisle. >> and jeff, you say you'll be talking politics at your family dinner table. why are you looking forward to that? >> because this country is fractured and there is such divisiveness and this is an opportunity to be in a safe place and to sit with people who may agree or disagree with you, but that you can have an intelligent, fun, positive conversation and can agree to disagree, can learn some things, but i believe as a psychologist in the catharsis of not keeping this stuff inside, too much stuffing with the turkey to begin with, right, and really talking about it. i believe this is where we begin to heal the wounds that have been opened up under this political environment that we're
7:46 am
in. >> so if that's the case, though, i wonder, liz, if it's different this year than years past, given what seems to be such a divided nation right now and we're talking about some really tough topics right now in our political conversations when we're dealing with these sexual harassment allegations, the alabama senate race, of course, the controversy surrounding the fight between president trump and lavar ball, the russia investigation, i mean these things don't conjure up good feelings? >> right. right. you know, i guess i would say a couple things about that. first of all if you are talking about some of these issues such as sexual harassment that may really be deeply personal to some people at the dinner table, i think it's really important to be incredibly empathetic and to listen more than you speak. but i also want to say that, you know, democrats and republicans in particular disagree a lot
7:47 am
over who they vote for. they disagree over president trump. but, you know, the data shows look at the public opinion data democrats and republicans do not disagree nearly as much as they think they do. i think that there's a lot of room for common ground. i think that there's -- people agree on -- people share a lot of values, more than they think. i think this is an opportunity to explore that common ground, talk more about values, talk more about policy, maybe talk less about some of the politicians who have been in the news. >> jeff, a lot of people find common ground around sports, but even this year it seems like that's not a safe subject. >> well, it's not a safe subject because we're growing and when you're always in the comfort zone, then you don't change. you're not able to diversify and we know this is what helps us as a species to be able to be smarter, to be able to survive, to thrive. we should be able to sit down with people who have different ideas than we do, who have different notions as to how they want to deal with the american flag, which is why i feel it's okay to kneel for the flag and
7:48 am
some who don't want to kneel, it's absolutely fine. they're expressing themselves. ana, there's also something else going on, there are life and death situations going on. for example, the loss of federal deportation protections for haitians who are part of the earthquake. we know that's coming to an end. so as a haitian-american, i can tell you at my table, we're going to talk about that. what are the empowerment strategies that we can save lives. >> there are some substantive issues that you can talk about and even work through potential solutions -- >> absolutely. look, i mean, you can't have a turkey on the table but also have that white elephant in the room. these are the topics, items of our times and we've got to discuss them, but we can do it in a positive way and begin to bring this great country together. >> jeff and elizabeth, thank you for your inspiration and your help as we approach these conversations. we definitely appreciate it. happy thanksgiving to both of
7:49 am
you. >> thank you. happy thanksgiving. >> and what is turkey without football? the nfl tradition continues today. the "bleacher report" is next. se rheumatoid arthritis and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a medication, this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further irreversible damage. this is humira helping me reach for more. humira has been clinically studied for over 20 years. humira works for many adults. it targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection.
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face to face. coy wire joining us with this morning's "bleacher report." hey, coy. >> hi, ana, thanksgiving, right. don't you love how you get together with friends and family, a whole bunch of love but sometimes you have that one person who in the past maybe they were a jerk to you and confronted with them. that's the case in oklahoma city last night. this "bleacher report" presented by the new 2018 ford f-150.
7:54 am
the champion warriors and former mvp kevin durant returning to boos in front of fans that used to cheer him facing former main man and reigning mvp russell westbrook shaking his head, still must be bitter the way durant left. durant gets in westbrook's face and then on his face, bump foreheads. westbrook had never beaten durant until last night. 34 points a season high, russ and okc roaring past 108-91. durant insists after the game there is no beef between him and westbrook. >> the story is about the game. we lost, they kicked our [ bleep ]. they played a great game. give them credit for how they played and we should be better. it's not about who is in each other's faces. that stuff is not real. don't believe it. all the fans they are lying to you all. it's about basketball. they played a great game and we didn't. >> i hope we see that matchup again. thanksgiving, that means family, food and football. first helping 12:30 eastern the
7:55 am
vigs -- vikings at detroit. it's going to be a good day. speaking of good. you have to love this, right. i'm going to come eat so much turkey today that if you're on with me tomorrow they're going to need the wide angle lens. that's how much turkey i'm going to eat. i'm thankful for you. good to see you this morning. >> great to have you with us as well this morning, coy. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. the president calling american troops serving yoef overseas on this thanksgiving morning. how did the economy come up? stay with us here on cnn. happy thanksgiving, everyone. "bleacher report" update is brought to you by the 2018 ford f-150. it doesn't just raise the bar, it is the bar. follow the nfl news stream on "bleacher report's" team stream app to see the standouts named to the built ford tough offensive line of the week. knuc. 'cuz his new 2018 ford f-150 has blis with trailer coverage. it's brainiac smart.
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hello, everyone. happy thanksgiving. i'm fredricka witfield. minutes ago, president trump visiting a u.s. coast guard station near his florida estate. it's a presidential tradition to thank members of the military on thanksgiving, but the president also lavishing much of that thanks on himself. first in this morning's predawn tweet and then in his teleconference with u.s. military personnel the president praised the economy, here's part of the president's message a short time ago. >> for each of you i know it's hard to be away from home at this time of the year, we're doing well at home, the


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