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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  November 23, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PST

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hello, everyone. happy thanksgiving. i'm fredricka witfield. minutes ago, president trump visiting a u.s. coast guard station near his florida estate. it's a presidential tradition to thank members of the military on thanksgiving, but the president also lavishing much of that thanks on himself. first in this morning's predawn tweet and then in his teleconference with u.s. military personnel the president praised the economy, here's part of the president's message a short time ago. >> for each of you i know it's hard to be away from home at this time of the year, we're doing well at home, the economy
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is doing really great. when you come back you're going to see with the jobs and companies coming back to our country and the stock market just hit a record high. unemployment is the lowest in 17 years. fighting for something real you're fighting for something good. >> the president spending this holiday week es skunsed in his estate in mar-a-lago. joe johns in west palm beach. talk about this message and the backdrop? >> well, fred, the message seems pretty clear, doesn't it? the president talking to five branches of the united states military situated all across the world, saying thanks to them, of course, in no uncertain terms but also praising the united states economy as well as indicating in his view how the united states military has been winning since the president took office. and then the president moved from that teleconference at
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mar-a-lago over to a coast guard station and nearby to here where he echoed some of the very same messages. listen. the stock market on friday hit the all-time high. the highest it's ever been, ever. in your whole long life, the stock market is higher than it's ever been. that means your 401(k)s and your -- all of the things that you have, whether it's even if you're in the military, you have a country that's really starting to turn and we witness to have a strong country. we want to have a country where i can buy new coast guard cutters and not have to worry about it. >> reporter: we anticipate that the rest of the day will be a quiet one for the president and the first family. a very traditional dinner over at mar-a-lago. nothing else on the public schedule. fred? >> all right. so joe, president trump has, you know, taken a lot of heat for
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his all but endorsement of roy moore. now we've learned that amid the controversy moore's communication director has resigned from the senate campaign there in alabama. tell us more about that? >> right. john rogers, the communications director for the roy moore campaign, has resigned. the campaign not saying a whole lot about it. and neither is rogerss, quite frankly. as you know, this follows on the heels of the controversy over roy moore's questionable contacts with women dating back years and years. really no answer to why the communications director has resigned, but we also know that some very powerful and influential republicans, including the national republican senatorial committee and others have withdrawn their support. so it continues to be a tumultuous time in the roy moore
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campaign, fred. >> all right. joe johns, we'll check back with you, thanks so much. all right. let's discuss all of this now. joining me now political commentator ed martin, president of the eagle forum fund and former chairman of the missouri republican party. cnn political commentator matt lewis, he is also a senior columnist for "the daily beast" and democratic strategist o'mara. happy thanksgiving. thanks for being with me on this holiday. so thank you. ed, you first, presidents typically don't tie themselves to stock market rallies for one simple reason, they don't want ownership when the market inevitably falls. right. >> is this shortsighted of the trump administration or something else behind the strategy here? >> sometimes we miss the president as a man, as a person. i think he's enjoying his first thanksgiving as president. i think he's kind of excited and he has a way of upselling what he's doing and you're right, some people point that out, if the stock market dips is trump going to say that's on me?
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that's a different question. today he likes being around the young folks and excited about his family and mar-a-lago he loves. it's kind of a good thanksgiving. probably won't be as many thanksgivings that are, you know, that -- there will be other things that intervene. i think you're right, it's kind of celebrating and seems joyful and i think people like that on thanksgiving day, more than some of the other things. >> and is it something particularly on thanksgiving day, you know, his audience mostly military as he's presenting kind of boasting of the market, strange or appropriate, ed? >> oh, look, i just think it's him. he kind of -- it pours out of him, right. no matter where he is he's talking with twitter or speaking talks about these things and always talks about aspirational, we're going to be great, i'm going to buy coast guard cutters. those people sitting there, our military is full of men and women who are the first generation to get real opportunities and looking at it thinking my future, i'm 20, 25, it's going to be brighter. i think they don't worry -- may not see as much of the politics. i think he brings a certain --
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you don't have to like his policies but he brings a certain energy that people feed off of. >> and so might there be, you know, reality check, you know, soon? many analysts predicting the market will take a hit, particularly if the republicans' tax reforms are not passed, so this could potentially be a real double whammy for the white house and maybe the president at that point won't be boasting but blaming? >> yeah. i think that's right. look, i think presidents usually get more credit than they deserve for a good economy, more blame than they deserve for a bad economy. if donald trump pushes through tax reform and that stimulates the economy, a year or two from now, maybe he should have a right to boast and to brag about his policies doing this. but i think ed is right, this is donald trump being authentic. i don't think this is fake at all. this is who he is. he wants to sort of put out an optimistic message and if that helps make him look good in the process that's all the more
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trump-ian. not entirely appropriate for thanksgiving but very in keeping with donald trump's style. >> and so, you know, i wonder, the coast guard members who were near him, you know, kind of dead panned there or perhaps is that just, you know, being a little nervous because you have the president right there, matt? >> yeah. i mean, you have to sort of put yourself in their shoes. it's hard to imagine what it might be like if you're maybe away from your family, serving over the holidays, and also have the president address you. i'm sure a lot of people on the coasts don't have a lot of reverence for donald trump, but if you're serving in the military, he's your commander in in chief so it's a pretty big deal as well. >> atee ma, we're told when the president is back at the white house next week, he will be making a big push for tax reforms, meeting with congressional leaders on the topic, so how aggressive do you think democrats just might be in fighting against these reforms?
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>> exceptionally aggressive. this tax plan is going to benefit the wealthiest of americans and factor in corporation tax cuts. it's not something that's going to benefit mostly -- most middle-class americans, pretty much mitch mcconnell has mentioned that, so they're going to fight it tooth and nail, especially if those tax cuts are not going to take into effect the americans who need it the most. some of his blister and bravado as mentioned earlier, is sort of humorous given that he's not really actually done a whole lot to benefit the economy in the last 11 months. he hasn't been able to get his budget passed. he hasn't been able to get the tax plan passed just yet. so, you know, for him, it's a little preliminary, of course, and so he's going to, obviously, want to make sure that this passes so he has something going into next year. >> and so atee ma, with or without that bravada the president boasts of being a great negotiator.
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do we see that this is an occasion, particularly since so much is at stake, that he will be reaching across the aisle to try to negotiate for what he wants, tax reform? >> well, a couple times he's been a able to get anything done is because of his alliances with chuck and nancy, as he likes to refer to them. not because he's worked well with the gop congress that's actually in control. usually when the democrats were in control under obama, we got a lot legislatively done. republicans have failed to do that. so, you know, i don't know if he's going to get anything done with this congress as it stands. >> all right. ed, so right now, we're talking about the branding of trump, the owner of the trump soho building is cutting tie, the cim group pays the trump organization licensing and management fees while the trump organization handles day-to-day operations at that hotel in soho. is this early exit from the deal, is this an indicator that
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the polarizing politics is, you know, taking a real toll on the trump brand? >> yeah. you know, what i always think about with these men so far it's been men but little larry did this too, the big league players in politics have toughness. obama was amazing how much he was attacked and yet you see him with his family and who he is as a guy. same with trump, probably some negative vibe on some of what happened, but the trump brand has been that you're going to fail a bunch of times, but you're going to succeed more than you fail. he won the presidency by not running a perfect race or even running a perfect primary, but when he's failed, he kept going. so i think, you know, it sounds like somebody said this isn't a good fit for soho -- >> another connection, do you see there's a connection between his politics and the loss or removal of his name from some properties, this the first we know of during his presidency and there were at least three others during the campaign? >> well, i think that, you know,
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donald trump has succeeded by being elected president and his name will go on in history forever. sometimes that won't be positively viewed, but in general you would say the brand has gone up in value. there's always going to be people who say not a good fit for us but that's never been something trump minded. >> quickly, atima, you're making a lot of expressions there? >> yeah. i mean, absolutely trump's brand has take an bit of a hit. i mean guess what happens when you run a campaign based on racism, sexism, a lot of zone phobia and homophobia. three properties in new york alone that the tenants complained, the owners have changed the name, no longer have any relationship with trump organization, and you have a couple of his green revenue news for the golf courses in l.a. and the bronx, they've also lost a lot of revenue from people who canceled charity galas and tournaments and mar-a-lago where he spends a lot of time, 19 charities have -- 19 charities
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canceled galas and a lot of tournaments this summer. that's hundreds of thousands of dollars. this is not because, you know, they're like looking for better places. they always had them there. it's because of the trump brand. they don't want to be associated with it. >> fredricka, can i say one -- >> real quick. >> one of the criticisms is trump is benefitting from being president. you said he's losing money. it can't be both. >> the d.c. -- >> might be both depending on geography. >> depends on geography but absolutely in some other places he's losing money. >> we'll leave it there. from someone who makes a lot of facial expressions myself, i couldn't help but notice atima. thank you so much. appreciate it. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. hey, speaking of such, thanksgiving, want it take you outside the studios here in new york, the maty's thanksgiving day -- macy's thanksgiving day parade as the floats wind their way through the city, an extraordinary sight, the floats,
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the balloons, everyone enjoys the parade officers are working around the clock to keep everyone safe. mayor bill de blasio says the presence of the nypd is stronger than at any previous thanksgiving day parade. get you on ground level in addition to the tradition of having santa there, and, of course, you've got, you know, the big apple floating by, also tradition, jason carroll, just about every thanksgiving day parade i can recall while being here at cnn, so you, once again, have the best perch to see it all. what's happening? >> well, what a parade it was. it was a lot of fun, fredricka. i've said that before, but this year, i really, really do mean it. the parade is still making its way through harold square. some of the highlights we saw from our end, some of the new balloons. 17 large balloons which is, of course, what the parade is famous for. four new balloons that made their way through the parade, olaf from "frozen," the grinch
8:14 am
another one, but also you talked about the heightened security.nn we did see a lot of what the nypd referred to as enhanced security. they said that you would see officers on every block. we saw officers at every half block throughout the parade route. they also talked about some of the heavy armed vehicles that would be stationed at various streets, feeding into the parade route. we saw that as well. the, you know, counterterrorism unit was out here in full force. so enhanced security, but clearly a lot of smiles as well. fredricka? >> oh, yes. i love seeing all the security and barricades sometimes are a nuisance but while walking to work this morning, it was reassuring and great. i'm very thankful today, i did get a chance to see a little bit of the parade from the window. i got to see jet and i got to see -- i guess that was one of the newest balloons out there and, of course, got a chance to see the big apple floating by
8:15 am
too. thanks to you, we get to see and, you know, very fast view, just about everything and all of it. thanks for taking thus. appreciate it. >> happy thanksgiving. >> all right. and this breaking news, we are now following in the desperate search for a missing argentine submarine holding 44 crew members. a noise detected near the sub's last known location is consist the wi with an explosion. details straight ahead. three american sailors still missing in the pacific after their plane crashed yesterday near the island of okinawa. new details on the search. stay with us.
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welcome back. i'm fredricka whitfield. breaking news in the agonizing search for a missing argentine submarine and its 44 crew members. the argentine navy revealing that a noise detected near the sub's last known location on the day it went missing is, quote, consistent with an explosion. cnn military and diplomatic disabled list and retired navy rear admiral john kirby joining me right now. admiral, how do you interpret what this may mean? >> to hear that, actually, and certainly not going to be good news for anybody in argentina, not the families of those that are missing, but we need to be careful to draw too much in terms of conclusion from that news. the sound travels differently under water than it does in the air and sometimes it's very difficult to be able to discern location, type and severity of sound even with the most sophisticated sonar equipment. i'm certainly not in any
8:21 am
position to doubt what they're saying, if they heard ha they heard to be an explosion, i'm sure they analyzed that, but we need to be careful before drawing any conclusions and as far as i know, all the international effort and it is an international effort, is still really designed as a rescue operation and that's how they're still thinking about it. >> yeah. and sound is perhaps one of the best avenues in which to detect where the submarine might be. with us journalist stefano. what are you hearing about the search of any sound indicators? >> yes. i can hear you. >> so, stefano, tell me what you're hearing about this sound that could be consistent with an explosion or how this is directing the investigation, the search? >> yes. just in the couple of hours, fredricka, the navy confirmed the noise that was heard on that specific morning of the 15th of
8:22 am
november when last the "san juan was able to make contact with its home base the noise detected by two different scanners could lead to an explosions. of course, as you said, explosion could happen down there and it could be one of the worst case scenarios. one of the thing i want to point you to, fredricka, here in mar del plata, since the news broke in the last couple hours the news about the noise and potential explosion came out, we've seen a constant stream of relatives who are leaving and entering the base in tears. of course very dramatic and tragic moment as many of these relatives who have hoped for the best, for the past eights days, sorry, are starting to fear for really the worst. >> everyone still hoping for the best. stefano, thank you so much. extraordinary pictures showing the rough seas, giving you an idea of what searchers are up against and thanks also to admiral john kirby, and stefano.
8:23 am
pozzebon. the latest on the search for three american soldiers in the pacific. that search is expanding after the plane taking them to the ""uss ronald reagan"" crashed near the island of okinawa. to barbara starr at the pentagon for the latest. >> hi, fredricka. what we know is the search continues. they've looked at over 300 square miles of ocean out there, u.s. and japanese forces, ships and aircraft, continuing to search for the still three missing sailors. we do also know their families, three military families, on this holiday, informed that their loved ones are listed as duty status unknown. frankly, that means missing. the search is going to be looking, obviously, for any signs of wreckage on the surface of the sea or anything that they can learn about where the plane may have gone down and where they can try to recover the other three personnel.
8:24 am
the incident very much under investigation. no word yet on what did cause this plane to go down, fred. >> and barbara, what are the key areas where they are focusing on? because, you know, clearly things move in terms of where the initial crash site might be and where the nearby vessels are. >> that's right. you know, just over a period of hours, due to the drift caused by ocean currents, they're going to be calculating how the wreckage that is in the water might have moved and adjust the search pattern accordingly. because it's going to be important for them not just to recover those who are missing who may be still near or in the wreckage, but to get the wreckage out of there so they can look at it and try and determine what exactly happened. it's a mystery because this is an aircraft that has been used for decades and is very reliable, it has not had an
8:25 am
accident to any large degree and hasn't had any fatalities, so they're going to want to get the wreckage out of there and see what they can learn from it and return loved ones to their families. >> heartbreaking. barbara starr, thank you so much. all right. here's a question for you during the u.s. election, did you fall for propaganda from a russian troll farm on facebook? you'll soon be able to find out, actually. the details behind the company's new effort at transparency. lilly. she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. tide and downy together.
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all right. you could soon find out if you were had by the russians on
8:30 am
facebook or instagram. the social media giant plans to issue a new feature by the end of the year so you can check if you followed or liked russian propaganda. facebook now admits that close to 150 million americans may have been exposed an if you clicked like on those posts you will not be notified automatically, you need to use the tool. president trump's thanksgiving message to the troops included a big pat on the back for himself. his call went out just a short time ago via teleconference. take a look. >> for each of you, i know it's hard to be away from him at this time of the year. we're doing well at home. the economy is doing really great. when you come back you're going to see with the jobs and companies coming back into our country and the stock market just hit a record high. unemployment is the lowest it's been in 17 years. so you're fighting for something real. you're fighting for something
8:31 am
good. >> cnn global economic analyst arana joins me now, a global business columnist and associate editor for "the financial times." good to see you. >> nice to see you. >> is the president right? should he be getting credit? >> a word no. the economy has been improving now for nine years, right. we are in a long recovery. in fact, we're at the tail end of that recovery. really, i give most of the credit to janet yellin the outgoing fed chair, the one that kind of got us after the financial crisis, got us through the difficult monetary waters, kept interest rates low, got the economy moving again. much of this would have been happening where we are no matter who was president. >> donald trump, jr. wants to give his dad props here tweeted saying, you know, here's some suggestions for discussion points over thanksgiving dinner today. need something to discuss over thanksgiving dinner? try this. stock market at an all-time
8:32 am
high, lowest jobless claims since '73, 6 trillion added to the economy since election, 1.5 million fewer on food stamps and the list goes on and on. meantime a little bit of pushback from others who were tweeting saying that it was, you know, his father's predecessor former president barack obama, you talked about janet yellin, but, you know, s this president did inherit a lot, but he is really kind of claiming he has pushed it over the top. >> right. again, i would just go back to the fact that when interest rates were low, the stock market likes that. it makes asset prices go up. a lot of people that i talked to in the markets say they're ready for a correction and we may see that if the tax plan doesn't go through. a lot of corporations are waiting for the tax cuts thinking they can eek out a little more -- >> a lot is riding on that no politically and economically. i'm not holding my breath. >> let's talk about the trump brand. you know, all around the world, trump name is on properties, whether it be properties that the trump organization built or
8:33 am
perhaps has deals, contracts with, associated with, and now the trump soho hotel, managers there kind of separating ways with trump. what is behind all of that? and early, before, you know, their contracted deal is up? >> i think there's a few things going on. you've seen the trump brand perform differently in different regions and countries. frankly, you know, the lower west side of manhattan soho a place you have a lot of upper middle class democrats, not his core brand consumer. >> it was doing okay for a while. >> even before trump became president this hotel has been troubled. accusations they were bidding up sales figures to attract buyers. it's never been a wonderfully performing hotel. now consumers are avoiding it, in that neighborhood, they don't want to be associated with that brand. i want to be fair and say that overseas, you're seeing in some cases trump hotels performing better. really depends on which territory you're in and how people there feel about the president.
8:34 am
>> we talked about that earlier. geography. >> yeah. >> really makes a big difference. rana, thank you so much. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> enjoy. an embattled democratic congressman says he will not resign as he faces a house ethics investigation. a panel is looking into john conyers' 2015 settlement with a former staffer who accused him of sexual harassment. meanwhile, another former aide is leveling charges of her own, saying she believes the michigan lawmaker behaved inappropriately as her boss. >> the way it seemed at the time, i was not sexually harassed by conyers. i was verbally abused repeatedly and an unpleasant event to walk in on him in his office in his underwear but it was a very short moment and i think it was more a question of him just not really caring that i was there and not being very concerned about what he was wearing.
8:35 am
>> all right. that was last night. cnn congressional correspondent sunlen serfaty joining us now from washington with the very latest on this. sunlen? >> that's right, fred. this is some new pressure, i should say, on congressman conyers, new harassment allegations coming from a former staffer. you heard there melanie sloan, claimed she was verbally abused and harassed by the congressman. it's important to note here sloan does not think she was sexually harassed by the congressman, she says she believes his behavior, though, was inappropriate but, of course, this does come on the same week, fred, that conyers has been the subject of allegations of sexual misconduct by other women. conyers' lawyer says that he is not taking these allegations lightly and despite many calls for him to resign, they say he's not going to. fred? >> all right. and also, something very different, another unseeming story bubbling up regarding a texas congressman and nude photos that leaked on-line. tell us about that. >> involves texas congressman
8:36 am
joe barton, nude photos of the republican were circulated on social media through an anonymous twitter account. barton has not denied that the photos are legitimate, and he's apologized for it, saying this was from a consensual relationship that he had with adult women when he was separated with his wife before they got a divorce. here, for some of how his constituents in texas are reacting. >> not the person that we know, no. like i said, but then again, everybody has their own thing, you know. whatever he does is his business. if that was private it shouldn't have been leaked or anything. >> if he wants to send those pictures to a -- the person he wants to send it to and she's okay with it, i don't have no say in the matter. >> meantime barton is raising the possibility that he's the victim of revenge porn, which is a criminal act in texas, and this is after an unnamed woman has come forward telling "the washington post" that barton,
8:37 am
she says, sent her lewd photos, videos and messages when they had two sexual encounters over the course of five years. now he claims when he ended that relationship with this woman, this woman threatened to publicly share those private photographs in retaliation, that is his claim, but we have a lot more yet to learn about this case. >> all right. sunlen serfaty, thank you so much. appreciate that. all right. u.s. attorney general jeff sessions, now directing the justice department to find ways to beef up the gun background check system. this just weeks after a man with a criminal record was able to buy a military-style rifle and kill 26 people inside a texas church. details on all of that next. with all the friendsgivings and fa la la family dinners, the hustle and bustle of holiday party season is officially on. hi. (laugh) hi! yes! come on in! so serve up some marie callender's dutch apple pie. made with fresh fuji apples in a made-from-scratch crust and topped with sweet crumbly streusel.
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welcome back. the mass shooting at a texas church this month has prompted the u.s. attorney general to order a review of the national background check system. jeff sessions says the air force's failure to properly report the gunman's prior conviction for domestic abuse is, quote, alarming an unacceptab unacceptable end quote, and the system should have prevented him from getting a firearm. 25 people and an unborn child died in the shootings. cnn justice reporter laura jarrett has more on this. you also found out that tens of thousands of names were removed from that database this year. why? >> yeah. happy thanksgiving, fred. >> happy thanksgiving. >> this all comes down to what it means to be a so-called fugitive be from justice. it's a category that disqualifies a prospective gun buyer but we've learned that rules changed in february. someone who would have been prohibited from buying a gun because they had an outstanding warrant, would now only be
8:43 am
denied if he or she crossed state lines to avoid prosecution for a crime or avoids giving testimony in a criminal case. i should mention this was a decision actually made under the obama administration last year. but that narrow definition has now been in effect under the trump administration since february, resulting in that purge of tens of thousands of names, fred. >> so would the shooter's name have been among the purged names? >> so, it's unlikely that he would have been affected by this change because, remember, in that case, he didn't have an be outstanding warrant for his arrest, but he did have a criminal record, he did have a record of domestic abuse, which the air force failed to convey to federal authorities. so his name did not get flagged in the national criminal background check database as it should have. >> and this decision was made by the obama administration, and implemented under trump. could this administration reverse that decision? >> certainly. the attorney general, jeff sessions, has already made a number of decisions to reverse
8:44 am
obama-era guidance on a variety of law enforcement issues and now that he's ordered this 60-day review, he could easily decide to change this policy in some way at the end of the process, fred? >> all right. laurie jarrett, happy thanksgiving. >> same to you. >> still ahead, change your status or leave. the trump administration ending protections for tens of thousands of haitian refugees living in the u.s. a prominent haitian-american actress speaking out to cnn and delivering this message to the united states president. >> have some compassion. think about these families, think about these children, and really show that you are the leader of the free world and act like it. more people shop online for the holidays than ever before. and the united states postal service delivers more of those purchases to homes than anyone else in the country. because we know, even the smallest things are sometimes the biggest.
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♪ all right glorious day, blue skies and crisp air here in manhattan as the thanksgiving day wraps up as well and now folks get together to enjoy a day of thanks. meantime have some compassion, that is the thanksgiving message to president trump from haitian-american actress garcelle beau va. she is voicing what many in the haitian community are praying for after the trump administration this week announced it is ending the immigration program that allowed nearly 60,000 haitians to stay in the u.s. legally. my colleague brooke baldwin spoke to her. >> joining me now, garcelle
8:50 am
bouvae, a haitian-american actress and producer. nice to have you on and happy thanksgiving to you. >> thank you. happy thanksgiving to you. >> thank you. >> i'm thrilled to be here. >> so this is incredibly personal for you. when you first heard, how did you feel? >> first of all, i don't understand the logic in this administration to send the haegsens back. i mean some of the families have had children in america. so when i first found out i was sort of confused and sad and angry. i just feel thick this is such a wrong move. and a lot of haitians in haiti depend on the ones that are here in america making a living and sending it back home. i was a witness to that growing up, and i definitely am an immigrant. i left haiti at the age of 7.
8:51 am
we left for massachusetts, i didn't speak a word of english. and i think when people think of immigrants they think of lazy, they just want a hand out. and these are people actually contributing to our country and contributing to society. so i don't really understand that. i really don't. >> there's a couple of pieces of this. we're talking nearly 60,000 people. granted i know several thousands have already heard the news and they're applying to stay in the states legally. but logistically, how do you move thousands of people to your point with jobs, with homes back to haiti? >> you know, that is a question they're going to have to answer, and they're going to have to? kind of system in place. but i hope we don't get there, because i was just in haiti shooting a movie in june. >> what was it like? >> haiti has improved some, but there's still a lot that needs to be done. for instance, it needs better roads, better everything if you
8:52 am
think about it. but they are not equipped to get 60,000 people to come back to the island. it's just not feasible. what are these people going to do? they're so used to being in america and all the things we have in america. it just makes no sense to me. >> the other piece of the argument is that this was it's in the name, temporary protective status. there was agreement this would not last forever. they still had 18 or so months to figure it out. can you blame the trump administration to be the ones to actually put the end date on this? >> wow, don't get me started on the trump administration. i feel like, yes, the word temporary is exactly what it's supposed to be, but at the same time they are here now. why don't we make it work while they're here sphi don't understand that. and i feel also delivering this news right before thanksgiving and also heartless and they have no compassion. but i also feel like the trump
8:53 am
administration, anyone who is non-white you have to fear. because it seems like that's the target. and that really bothers me. i feel with daca and the muslim ban, i feel like they're only working for a certain group. and haitians, we have to come together. even when donald trump when he was campaigning he was like saying i would be your champion for the haitian committee. and he was coming right after me, and i remember some of the haitians feeling that maybe with trump he'll have a better chance. and it's not happening, unfortunately. >> listen, here's my last question to you. we know the president is with his family in mar-a-lago and we know the president watches a lot of tv. you're not holding back how you feel about the president of the
8:54 am
kroou united states, but obviously you care deeply about the haitians in this tonry. if he say were watching, what would be your message to president trump? >> have some compassion. think about these families, really show you're the leader of the free world and act like it. truly act like it. >> garcelle, thank you. >> trump was touting the strong economy in a video address to sole skrrz, but does the president deserve all the credit when it comes to the strong economy? we'll discuss. plus at least two turkeys have absolutely nothing to worry about today. drumstick and wishbone are the two lucky birds who got a pardon from president trump this week. they are now living large on the campus of virginia tech in blacksberg, virginia.
8:55 am
they carved their place in history as the thanksgiving birds to be spared in the trump era. and look at this, santa, marking the macy's thanksgiving day parade. we've got a new serving for everyone right after this. we know life can be hectic.
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hello, everyone. president trump is spending his first thanksgiving as president down in his mar-a-lago residence in florida. the winter white house as he likes to call it. he and first lady melania spent part of their morning visiting a coast guard station in riveria beach. and earlier the president took part in the long held tradition for u.s. commanders in chief today thanking troops abroad. but he also diverted a bit from tradition to talk about some of his achievements mere at home. >> for each of you i know it's hard peag away from


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