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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  November 23, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PST

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hello, everyone. president trump is spending his first thanksgiving as president down in his mar-a-lago residence in florida. the winter white house as he likes to call it. he and first lady melania spent part of their morning visiting a coast guard station in riveria beach. and earlier the president took part in the long held tradition for u.s. commanders in chief today thanking troops abroad. but he also diverted a bit from tradition to talk about some of his achievements mere at home. >> for each of you i know it's hard peag away from home.
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when the economy comes back, you're going to see with the jobs and companies coming back to our country and the stock markets hit a record high, unemployment been as low as it has for 17 years. so you're fighting for something real. you're fighting for something good. >> jeff zeleny zwroinijoining m cnn diplomat. tell us more about the president's message to u.s. troops broadly. >> happy thanksgiving, frederica. president trump was talking to members of the armed services as you said is a presidential tradition. other presidents in years passed had actually gone to battlefields of afghanistan. president doing it in here in conference, thanking them for their service of course. right now he is at the trump
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international golf course for a few hours. but before he arrived there he did talk about how good the country is doing, almost looking for people to give him thanks for his almost first year in office. >> and you folks are fighting so hard and working so hard. and it's nice that you're working for something that's really starting to work. we've cut back so much regulation and so much waste and use. the stock market hit an all-time high. the highest it's ever been in your life. >> so the stock market the highest ever a the president saying. of course, this president inherited a strongky. no doubt the confidence in the market has continued and increased since he has been in office. frederica, that could all end
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with that tax plan up in the senate next week. but today at least a moment of giving thanks here. and the president as of now, we're not scheduled to see him anymore today. but he, of course, will be having thanksgiving later with his family in mar-a-lago. >> admiral kirby, what stood out to you about the president's remarks? >> one of things i really liked when i listened to him talk was he specifically called about the family members of those men and women in uniform serving overseas. and that's really important and an important message on thanksgiving to make sure you recognize the sacrifice of the service members and families back home knowing there's going to be an empty chair at the table this year. so i like that. i think that was very appropriate and i was glad to hear that. i think bragging about the economy a little off message on a day like today. but i think it was good he
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visited the coast guardsman and had that message. >> yeah, the hopeful part that it's a real morale booster, along with being a tradition for troops abroad and here at home to hear from the commander in chief. >> yeah, it is. it's a big deal. these young men and women are far away from home. and many of them are serving literally in harms way. and they're facing a lot of risk and danger. and to know they're commander in chief cares enough to reach out and thank them on thanksgiving day, that's a big deal and i'm glad to see him do it. >> does it matter when it's a conference, jeff was underscoring in other times there might be a visit from the president, particularly in iraq or afghanistan, those places especially tenuous and dangerous. >> i think we should give him a pass on this. who knows. he may want to go over other holidays. and you also have to factor when
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the president meet the troops and feel he brings a lot of infrastructure and burden with him when he does that. it impacts their daily operations for the time he's there. so in a sense he actually made it easier on the troops. all he did was tie in vtc, and it was good for them as well not to have that extra footprint. frankly, i loved he had the press in the room for him to do that. i thought that was really good. >> that was unusual. >> yeah, it was a joint audience. he had sailors, soldiers, marines, airman, he went to visit the coastguard. >> and he had the multiple screen on that telephone conference which really underscores the reach. he was able to be in many places simultaneously. and perhaps that is especially remarkable. >> no question about it. and he was reaching out to all the armed services. and it is important to point out
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he is just back from a long trip earlier this month to five countries, china, japan, south korea, vietnam and the philippines. so one thing that's notable about the president's vacation here, there's not a lot of senior staff with him. it is a vacation for his staff as well getting a much needed break from his first year in office, almost fist year in office. but there are several commanders here briefing the president as usual. again, for the resz of the day we believe the president will be spending thanksgiving with his family and out on the golf course. one thing the white house will never confirm is if the president is actually golfing at that golf course? >> it's always a working vacation for any president. jeff zeleny, admiral john kirby, thank you so much. have a happy thanksgiving, gentlemen. meantime search and rescue
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efforts are expanding now for three missing sail. american and japanese ships and planes are relntlessly hunting for these missing three. eight people have been rescued. they were all onboard a trance port plane carrying 11 crew and passengers when it crashed into the philippine sea. what do you know about this search? >> reporter: well, the search remains ongoing. u.s. and japanese forces in the air and on water out there in the philippine sea on this thanksgiving holiday. u.s. aircrews, u.s. ship crews looking earnestly for any sign of wreckage, trying to recover the other three who are missing. what the navy tells us the three missing are now officially listed as duty status, whereabouts unknown. they will try to recover
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whoever, whatever they can including the wreckage of the plane, of course, because that may give them some clues as to what went wrong here, what made the plane crash. as time goes on, they are adjusting the search pattern, of course, due to the ocean current. but right now all hands, too, on this thing to try and recover the three missing. their families have been notified. they know the status of everything that is going on. and we in the public may learn their names in the coming hours. traditionally procedure is they give the families anywhere from 24 to 72 hours in situations like this to maintain their privacy before any names are officially released. frederica. >> of course, we all remain prayerful for them. thank you so much, barbara starr from the pentagon. we're also following a potentially heart breaking development in the search for a missing argentine submarine and it's 44 crew members.
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the argentine may be revealing today that a noise detected near the sub's last location is consistent with an explosion. he's where the submarine was supposed to arrive before it went missing. for eight days now family members have been holding out hope their loved ones may still be alive, but how is this news now circulating? >> reporter: frederica, certainly the last glimmer of hope is what is left these people have been hoping and generally believing they would have seen their relatives fairly soon up until this morning. what happened today when the confirmed existence of these noise could have implied an explosion on that morning when
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they last made contact with the air base changed the narrative completely for the relatives -- >> all right, our apologies. a terrible connection. but that really does give you an idea just how difficult it is for the search in that area. there are rough seas and all assets are there trying to locate by sound, perhaps even by any physical evidence of that missing submarine. we'll keep you posted. meantime, up next facebook wants you to know whether you may have been fooled last year by russian propaganda. we'll tell you how to find out next. my digestive system used to make me feel sluggish
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any russia linked facebook paiges during the 2016 campaign, facebook says it wants you to know. the company announced a new tool to let users check whether they were interacting to pages connected to russia's internet research agency before they were shutdown. in a company blog post facebook wrote, quote, it is important that people understand how foreign actors try to sew division and mistrust using facebook before and after the 2016 election, end quote. cnnmoney business and technology correspondent samuel burke joins me live from london. good to see you, sam. happy thanksgiving from across the pond. so facebook is admitting this new tool won't help everyone who was exposed to the ads, but they feel like it is proactive. >> happy thanksgiving, frederica. this has left a lot of people scratching our heads. because on the surface you look at this tool and think, great,
9:16 am
we'll know if we were served up russia linked content. but facebook is only going to show the people who liked or followed these. i certainly didn't click like or ad on these page, but i may be one of the 150 million americans who were supposed to these ads on facebook. and frederica, that is larger than the noo tire u.s. electorate. keep in mind, it was served up in other places like the u.k. or brexit. so people are asking why isn't being offered for people on the other side the. >> and will this tool also flag fake accounts that pop up perhaps in the future? >> and this is what's really troubling because basically if you talk to these social networks they say we've taken down these accounts that were
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from st. petersburg. so they say this tool is only going to saw use as july 2015 and august 2015. obviously these figured out a way to get into the election. adam schiff who's the ranking member of the u.s. house intelligence committee says this is a positive step, but the social networks teed noo do more to be more transparent so we have the full picture of what russia did in elections all around the world. >> cnnmoney samwoman burke in london, thanks so much. joining me now is a political correspondent for business insider, elena pluck, and patrick healey, "the new york times" cultural editor and cnn analyst. good to see all of you. happy thanksgiving.
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natasha, facebook is trying to show it's taking this seriously. but too little too late seeing as it doesn't have a plan in place for the next set of elections? >> right. this is essentially a pr for facebook. there are a lot of problems with it namely that it only deals with accounts that were operated out of the st. petersburg troll factory, the russian internet research agency when there are actually dozens of other troll factories out there who were producing this russian propaganda on twitter, on facebook, on all sorts of social media platforms. the other problem with it is this is not going to allow everyone who was exposed to see if they were actually engaging with it. only those people who followed the accounts, liked them is going to be the thing.
9:19 am
this is essentially a big pr effort by facebook, and it's going to, you know, make a lot of people scratch their heads and wonder how will i know if i i didn't actually engage in this content that i was exposed to it? >> right. patrick, congress grilled facebook about social media trolls. but is the anything else lawmakers can do? >> quite frankly, what they need to do is focus on ininquiries going on on russiafortference in the u.s. election. facebook is a small part of it. and the reality is congress is making it look like it's doing something in response to this. because they don't want the onus, the focus falling on president trump. so they're trying to sort of push facebook onto the defensive. and the reality is, you know, facebook is sort of putting out this kind of olive branch for
9:20 am
trying to show some accountability. but the truth is that facebook was only one small part of it. troll factories in russia are part of what our intelligence agencies says was a clear effort to undermine the election. and what congress needs to figure out if whether it ultimately is going to sort of take on in the republican white house and others in donald trump's campaign who may have known these things. facebook is really only a part of it. >> all right, let's shift gears and talk about something also very immediate. the senate is expected to vote on the gop tax plan next week. president trump said this week that he thinks it can be done by the end of the year, a christmas present, if you will. let's listen. >> we're going to give the american people a huge tax cut for christmas. hopefully that will be a great thing, beautiful christmas
9:21 am
present. >> so elena, are republicans in congress as optimistic as the president? >> absolutely. especially on the senate side. i think when the bill was introduced in the senate, the inclusion of the repeal of the individual mandate and obamacare was going to be seen as a stickler for many such as sudesen collins. she's a defendant of no on the bill. my sources tell me by the second week of december this bill will get through. i don't think that means this is done deal, though. i think once this bill goes back to house with the appeal of this individual mandate it's going to be interesting to watch as to whether they're okay with accepting this. would it be a great christmas present for republicans, but i don't think the bow is tied yet. on tax reform, though, we still don't have a deal for spending caps in congress. so i think that's something if congress can't get good through
9:22 am
on the first place, that could take away any glimmer that the tax reform has if indeed it does go through. >> and that brings me to avoiding yet another shutdown. a lot of democrats are saying they will insist on protection for d.r.e.a.m.ers as part of any deal. might that work? >> december is going to be a huge threat. and there's so many legislative items that are coming up. mr. trump says he's going to be meeting with the republican leadership in congress next week and go over. but democrats have a lot of leverage here. and dealing with d.r.e.a.m.ers is a huge leverage for them, but also in terms of tax cuts, in terms of spending, they basically do have a lot of leverage with these headlines coming up in december. so president trump and the republicans in congress have very little to show for this first year of the president trump presidency. and it's going to be interesting
9:23 am
to watch how donald trump will see himself as the deal maker as whether the clock is ticking down is going to start making some deals to democrats on d.r.e.a.m.ers, spending, even on taxes to end the year with some kind of accomplishment and certainly to try to avoid a government shutdown, which would really be, you know, a black eye for a government that's run infirely by republicans. >> yeah, we've seeb that pledge of deal making, but we have yet to see any evidence of deal making now in, what, ten months in office. thanks to all of you. happy thanksgiving. have a great day. >> happy thanksgiving. all right, coming up for us, cnn takes ride in a fighter jet to see how american troops are preparing for potential war with north korea. stay with us. ep fast, like stop staring at the clock fast,
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welcome back. it's been almost three weeks since the horrific mass shooting at a texas church. and now the u.s. attorney general wants to ensure another gunman does not slip through the cracks. cnn has learned that jeff segs has directed the heads of the atf and fbi to begin a comprehensive review of the national database that houses gun background checks. the directive comes after we learned the lone gunman in sutherland springs, texas, should never have been able to buy a gun in the first place due to his domestic abuse conviction. but the u.s. air force failed to enter that into the database.
9:29 am
shimon, the system includes tens and millions of records. what is the ag specifically asking to be reviewed? >> this all comes to light as you said after the shooting at the church. and from what we know -- and the air force has admitted this, that they did not report a domestic vielgs c domest domestic violence conviction that the shooter received after assault against his wife, ex-wife and child. so that conviction he was court-martialed was not reported to this system. it's the national intent criminal background check system which gun store owners use. it's an instant check they use when someone comes in to buy a gun, to do a background to see if there's any reason to see why this person should not buy a gun. that conviction was not entered noo utah the system by the air force. it would have to share that information with the fbi who
9:30 am
enters it. it did not. as a result the attorney general has ordered this review. and there seems to be a problem on the military side perhaps with the way they are reporting some of these domestic violence cases. there seems to be some issues there. so now the attorney general has ordered this review. >> all right, shimon, thank you see much. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you. we're learning more about the north korean soldier whose dramatic escape was caught on camera. doctors say he is lucky to be alive. ana cor00 has all the latest details from seoul. >> reporter: well, frederica, this 24-year-old north korean soldier is lucky to be alive after his daring escape from north korea which has been described as a suicide mission. according to u.s. led u.n. command he is the first north korean soldier to stage this sort of defection.
9:31 am
that being using a jeep to drive across the dmz and make his escape. but that is exactly what he did. he got within a few meters of the south korean border then raced acrossed the demarcation line on foot under a hail of bullets. he was hit at least four times by his comrades in the chest, abdomen, the arms and the knee. he managed to get 50 meters across to the south korean side before he collapsed against a wall in a pile of leaves. it took some 40 minutes for south korean troops to reach him. he was then medevaced to ardu university hospital where the head surgeon there, professor lee cook jung said he had lost more than 15% of his blood, had virtually no pulse and he was almost dead. but they performed lifesaving surgery on him, where they managed to stabilize him.
9:32 am
he was then on life support. and interestingly enough, frederica, when they opened him up they discovered dozens of parasites. some up to a foot long. and this is an indication of the poor hygiene in north korea. that being they still use human excrement as fertilizer in north korea, but also malnutrition. more than 40% of the population are under nourished and one in four children face chronic malnutrition. so north korean soldiers, well, they are treated better than every day civilians, so it just gives you an idea how dire the situation is there. now, the soldier, he is conscious. he is talking. however, doctors say he is depressed and most likely suffering from ptsd. and they also say it will be some time, perhaps up to a month, before he's able to speak about his defection. back to you, frederica. >> extraordinary. ana coren, thank you so much.
9:33 am
u.s. forces on the korean peninsula are training every day for a potential conflict with north korea. and there's really no such thing for off the clock for troops in that region. cnn's alexandria field rides along in an f-15 to see how u.s. forces are preparing for potential battle at any moment. >> reporter: in a few seconds we're fully vertical. u.s. air force captain kyle miller takes up straight up to 13,000 feet. i'm strapped in the back straining to stay conscious, feeling the gravity and the weight of it all. that's the commander of the eight fighter wing colonel shoemaker and this happens every day, a practice. >> we practice bombing patterns and bombing maneuvers and also
9:34 am
practice how to survive and operate on the ground. >> reporter: the air base is home to two u.s. f-16 fighter jet squaderants. flying time to north korea, 12 minutes. what do the first few hours of a conflict look like here? >> time isn't measured on a clock. it's measured in casualties, and the faster that we can get on the job, the less casualties we'll see particularly in seoul in the opening volley of that war. >> reporter: in wartime it could expand up to four times of the number of service men and women currently serving here. an essential seat of u.s. and south korean operations and a target. >> we expect north korea is going to target any of our military bases here in the south. >> reporter: what kind of threat could north korea present to the base here? >> we worry about their short range ballistic missiles here, and we know they have chemical
9:35 am
weapons at their exposeal. >> reporter: they worry about staving off ground and taking off from the air. >> obviously having that service capability, being able to take out the long-range artillery. >> reporter: it's undeniably different. we know north korea has advanced in its nuclear capabilities, in its missile capabilities. have you changed the way you do things at all? >> it is a mind shift why it's so important and the seriousness in which all the airman and soldiers here take the exercises and training. >> reporter: this is diesel's third flight in two days. he puts us on the ground as the sun sets. the supersonic jet now quiet. its pilot, always ready. >> all right, our thanks to alexen drufield and crew there
9:36 am
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♪ lively music there. you've got the music, the floats and even the balloons all during the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city. always fun to watch especially with the dubuof the newest floats this year. frozen's olaf, that a big hit. meanwhile president trump may be spending his first thanksgiving as commander in chief as
9:41 am
mar-a-lago, but he has made sure to let americans know at home and abroad just what he thinks we should all be thankful for today. just a short time ago trump thanked them for their service but also took a moment to tout the economy. >> i told them our country is doing great, and you folks are fighting so hard and working so hard. and it's nice that you're working for something that's really starting to work. we've cut back so much irregulation and the all the waste and all the abuse. and the stock market on friday hit the all-time high, the highest it's ever been, ever. >> joining me right now opinion commnist with "the hill" brent, paris s due nard and former campaign manager terry sullivan. good to see all-of a. i know all of you are hoping not to talk politics at the dinner
9:42 am
table today, right? it might be inescapable. brent, you first. you just heard some of the president's remarks to the coast guard members which were very similar to the message to troops aprod. he thanked them for their service but also used a moment to kind of tout the economic stats. was that a nice and happy thanksgiving to everyone? >> craw, i thought he did fine today. the problem is with the other 360 days. first of all, let me thank you, fred, for inviting me. ask i wish you and everybody a wonderful thanksgiving. >> thank you so much. glad you're at the table. >> when we watched a great movie, one of my favorites "miracle on 34th street." in that film kriss kringle says to young susan played by nattily wood he says there's the french nation, the british nation and the imagination. and he was talking about santa
9:43 am
claus, but he could have also been talking about the america that we all love, that was started in 1776 by some of the greatest men and women who ever worked on the earth. they had the imagination of a great country called america where we are all in this together, where we all collaborate for the greater good. they wanted an america where every young child, every young girl, every young boy, every little kid can grow up being protected and loved and cherished by all of us. and live in a country and hopefully a world where tomorrow's better than today and every generation of little girls and little boys and young men and young women have a better economy and better life than their parents and grandparents, something we need to get back to. so i thought what the president said today was perfectly fine. he'd be a better president and we'd be a stronger country if we wouldn't have to have 360 days
9:44 am
wake up where americans find out who the president berated and insulted which group, which individual, whoever they be when we wake up in the morning. so i think he did fine today, but i think he should do well to reflect that we want to go back to the imagination of a country that can be where we're not divided, where we are united, where we work together, where we seek the common good and not spend so much time insulting each other and berating each other which he's done far toorch. and that's what americans want i believe on thanksgiving. >> well, comprehensively and very nicely said, brent, indeed. it is still the world's best country. there are few wrinkles. par s, people dread politics being brought to the table. according to the polling 58% of you of all of us, in fact. while only 31% of the americans say they are eager to discuss
9:45 am
politics together to a new poll. this year especially, though, isn't it inevitable, paris, that people are going to talk about politics? it just might be the main course of conversation. do you dread that or is that just the reality, embrace it? >> yeah, fred. happy thanksgiving. thank you for having me. it is the reality. but i think it's actually a good thing. when you look at all the issues that are going on in this country, i think the president was right to talk about the positives that we have, the lowest unemployment rate since the year 2000. when you look at the fact the stock market is rolling and the fact it could be and hopefully will be a middle class tax cut and tks cuts for the small businesses of this country, which are the real driving edge of this nation by chrishouse. when senator ted scott talked about the sunday dinners we should have around this country, where we should have dinner and talk to people that look
9:46 am
different from us, that we should do more listening. the divisiveness of politics these days and the problem is we don't take the time to listen. >>o on this day at the dinner table people will listen even though there might be some dissension? >> it's okay to have dissension, but it's important to listen and have understand so we can make america great again by first coming to the understanding what are the issues you're concerned about. how can i help you my friend, my brother, my sister, my family member. weegs listen to each other and talk about the important issues that unite us and not those that divide us. >> inevitably, those issues that do end up dividing us will be at the dinner table. and many have said the president seizes on the political issues, make it on twitter as he did yesterday. everything from really against lavar ball, it father of one of
9:47 am
the ucla basketball players caught shoplifting in china. the president also questioning roger goodell over his handling of the national anthem protests. and there are two nfl games on before you are likely to sit down at the table at least this evening. is it likely inescapable? i mean who doesn't want to talk about football and inject it into the president's sentiments on this, terry? >> yeah, the thing that concerns me is the 31% who wants to talks about politics at thanksgiving. we're not defined by our leaders, by our politicians. we're defined by our citizens. that's what makes us great and unique. and that's the kind of thing -- i mean there's a reason why people hop on boats from the time of the first thanksgiving until now and flee to this
9:48 am
country. they don't do that to other countries. they come here because it's the greatest country in the world. and so this is time, a day that historically has always been about putting aside your differences, sitting down and finding common ground and finding the things that bind us not the things that divide us. >> good luck at all tables across america and beyond. thanks to all of you. have a super, super great thanksgiving day. a peaceful one, one of harmony and lots of good food. >> will do. >> all right, appreciate it. before we go to break, lawmakers put their politics on hold to follow the path of the pardoned turkey. just take a look. >> what's this free bird going to do next? ♪ >> so any thanksgiving plans? i know that's a touchy subject
9:49 am
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all right, at least two turkeys have nothing to worry about today. drumstick and wishbone are the two lucky birds that got a pardon from president trump this week. and they're now living large on a virginia campus in blacksburg. cnn's jeanne moos has more.
9:54 am
>> reporter: sure it's okay for a turkey to be pardoned. but he did have to be put up with being man handled and petted by ivanka's daughter. and no one bothered to say pardon me. >> drumstick, you are hereby pardoned. >> reporter: it was a tame event. the president delivered his turkey talk from a teleprompter. drumstick isn't try to peck him like that eagle once did. like a turkey named libertiy once nipped at president bush. there was no horsing around with barren as president obama did with his kids. and there was certainly no interviews like the one sarah palin once gave with a turkey being slaughtered behind her. turkeys did not fly but the
9:55 am
jokes about presidential pardons did. with one tweet donald trump is going to pardon a turkey and then yell at it for not thanking him properly. at the ceremony a reporter yelled. >> are you going to pardon any people? >> reporter: there are plenty of jokes about that. tweeted the daily show, nice try mike flynn. >> dressed you up like a turkey and then we'll pardon you. now, there is a small chance i'll screw that up, too, and my family willened up eating you for thanksgiving. >> reporter: drumstick and back up wishbone were spared that holed up in their swanky hotel. would you want this room after shavings on the floor and turkeys on the beds? at least there was no turkey twerking. especially not into the oven. instead of being gobbled
9:56 am
drumstick and wishbone will keep gobbling. ge jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> can and we do understand wishbone and drumstick will be living next to tater and taught, the last two turkeys pardoned by president obama. thank you so much for being with us. happy thanksgiving. ...has grown into an enterprise. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make. everything. what's in your wallet?
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hello. i'm boris sanchez filling in for wolf blitzer. it is 1:00 p.m. here in new york. wherever you're watching from around the world, we thank you so much. we're hoping you have a wonderful thanksgiving, and we're thankful you're here with us. we start with president trump and his message for america today. happy thanksgiving and you're


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