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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 23, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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bangladesh/myanmar border. >> that is tough to watch but important to, if only to give us perspective of everything we have to be thankful for. "newsroom" with brooke baldwin bb starts rig starts right now. thanks so much for joining us. all right, boris, thank you so much and happy thanksgiving to all of you. i'm brooke baldwin. you are watching cnn on this holiday. let's begin with the president giving thanks to americans who often deserve it the most, the u.s. military overseas. he spoke via video conference to troops in iraq, turkey, afghanistan, the arabian gulf and those assisting in syria. as he heaped praise for those willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, he also hailed his own part in their success. >> i have to say just directly to the folks in afghanistan, everybody's talking about the
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progress you've made in the last few months since i opened it up. we opened it up. we said, go ahead, we're going to fight to win. we're not fighting anymore to just walk around, we're fighting to win and you people are really -- you've turned it around over the last three to four months like nobody's seen. and they are talking about it. to you and to all of the marines doing this great work in delivering defeat after defeat to isis, what you're doing with isis is, again, being talked about. we're being talked about, again, as an armed forces. we're really winning. we know how to win. but we have to let you win. they weren't letting you win before. they were letting you play even. we're letting you win. we're doing well at home. the economy is doing really great. when you come back, you're going to see with the jobs and companies coming back into our country and the stock market just hit a record high. unemployment is the lowest its
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been in 17 years. so as we give thanks for this holiday, i know i speak on behalf of all americans when i say that we totally support you. in fact, we love you. we really do. we love you. >> so let's go to our cnn senior white house correspondent jeff zeleny who is live there in beautiful west palm beach, florida, on this thanksgiving afternoon. jeff zeleny, we should also add on to that the president held another event today where he did recognize the coast guard. >> reporter: he did, indeed, brooke. he traveled with first lady melania trump not far from mar-a-lago to a coast guard station here in south florida, and he specifically singled out the work of the coast guard, of course during this busy hurricane season we've all been watching throughout the months from hurricane harvey to hurricane irma to maria. and the president singled out the coast guard as incredible people. he said that, you know, that branch of the service is often not thought of in the same vein as the marines and the army and the navy.
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of course after talking to the troops in afghanistan there. but he did talk about the work of the coast guard. they have saved lives. he called them incredible people. but then he went on to talk about how good of a job he has done in nearly a year in office. >> i told them, our country is doing great. and you folks are fighting so hard and working so hard. and it's nice that you're working for something that is really starting to work. we've cut back so much on regulation and all the waste and all the abuse and the stock market on friday hit the all-time high. the highest it's ever been. ever. >> reporter: so the president, of course, taking credit for the high stock market, the economy that certainty has been good during his first year. i think a fact check of that would show certainly confidence has been up since he's been in office, but also he inherited a strong economy. so perhaps a thanks obama today
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in terms of the full breadth of the economy there. the president is now, brooke, really enjoying this beautiful florida weather here. it's about 80 degrees here. he's been at his golf course here in west palm beach, florida, for about three hours or so. the white house, of course, never confirms if he's golfing or not. my guess is he is on this beautiful day. he'll be having word at mar-a-lago with a few members of his family. the traditional thanksgiving turkey as well as florida stone crabs and red snapper, we are told. sounds pretty good. >> florida stone crabs. i like that addition there. appropriate for florida. jeff zeleny, hope you get to eat in between your live shots as well. thank you, my friend. happy thanksgiving. we're going to come back to some of the themes that jeff brought up, but let's get you to this story, this noise consistent with an underwater explosion has been detected near the last known location of that missing argentine navy submarine. that could help rescuers find
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the 44-member crew as, of course, time is running out before their air supply is gone. dozens have been searching by sea and air for this missing submarine since it was last contacted off the coast of argentina. that was november 15th. we have barbara starr working this on the ground and a reporter on the ground in arg argentina's naval base. stephano, i can't begin to imagine the family members and how nervous and fearful they may be about their loved ones. what are they sharing with you? >> reporter: yes, absolutely, brooke. we need to understand how these people for day after day for the whole week that the ara san juan has been missing, they genuinely hoped and believed they were confident that their relatives could come back soon. they would have been back. and today the argentina navy released this information, that there is a noise consistent with an explosion on that morning of the 15th of november when the
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san juan last made contact with its home base here. and that turned everything. everything changed and the relatives started to come to terms with the reality that those crew members may not be coming home. and in particular one of them was able to speak with us. we share -- she shares her story and she shares some very strong words about the way that the navy has been communicate with her. take a listen, brook. >> translator: they did not tell us that they're dead, but that's a logical assumption. since wednesday they are there. these sons of [ bleep ] knew it. they did not give an explanation. they said that according to them, they now know. but how do they now know? how can they know that? i feel cheated. they haven't been located but they talk about them being down 3,000 meters. they don't tell us anything. but i tell you that they're
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retched, they manipulated us. >> reporter: we spoke with that woman yesterday, and yesterday her mood was completely different. she said she was happy about the way the argentine navy was communicating with her and she was 100% confident and faithful that her husband would come back soon at home. and now you can see how the news of this noise that could intend an explosion on that day changed everything. and everything took a very, very much darker tone, brooke. >> the anger is understood. let's get to those noises. stephano, thank you. barbara starr, tell me about the series of these underwater microphones and they've detected this explosion near the last known location of this submarine. tell me more about that. >> right. brooke, i think stephano is exactly right down there in argentina. this is a very grim piece of news because what has happened is there is an international network of sensors that really is out there underwater, on land
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and it is aimed at trying to detect nuclear testing. that's why it's out there. a number of nations years ago banding together putting this sensor network out there as part of the comprehensive test ban effort in the world to stop nuclear testing. so they'd listen to for nuclear tests. that acoustic is very specific. on november 15th, the hydro engineers heard something very different. it was a very specific noise that they heard five hours after the submarine last made contact in that general area off argentina. it is described as being a short, sharp noise that would be consistent potentially with an explosion. now, of course, until this search comes to a conclusion, they won't know for certain, but these guys are really expert in what they do. they are able to determine it wasn't a nuclear test, it wasn't an undersea earthquake, it
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wasn't undersea volcanic activity, it wasn't whales or other fish or maritime wildlife swimming by. this was a very specific short, sharp acoustic signature and noise that their system registered and they think it is very possible. it is consistent with an explosion happening just a few hours in that location after the submarine last made contact, brooke. >> how awful. they would know. they are the professionals. barbara, thank you. just thinking about families here today. thank you so much, barbara. stephano, to you in argentina. meantime, back here in the states, republican senate candidate roy moore is doubling down against the abuse allegations dogging his campaign after president trump publicly voiced his support for him this week from the white house. moore actually talked to a conservative talk show host in alabama and said that the claims against him are false and misleading and he doesn't even know some of these accusers.
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he also said that he believes that no one who abuses a child should ever be a candidate for the u.s. senate. so let's talk to lauren cox about this, cnn congressional reporter. and so, lauren, moore is -- he accused the democrats of trying to orchestrate his whole demise, is that right? >> that's exactly right. is roy moore is, of course, in alabama and he continues to campaign, even as many republicans in washington have called for him to step aside. he's avoided the press largely over the last two weeks. since multiple women have come forward, some alleging that he pursued them when they were teenagers, others saying that he sexually abused them. now roy moore did talk to that conservative talk show host. here's what he had to say about the allegations that have been levelled against him. >> this was a complete shock out of left filed and it came the day after they said i was ahead 11 points. >> ahead. >> this is a shock to the democrats. they saw a seat in alabama that they could take and they had the
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support of some in the washington establishment that doesn't really care. they want who they can't handle. i did not know these two women. >> so you definitely didn't know beverly nelson? >> i didn't know beverly nelson and i didn't know -- >> leigh corfman. >> leigh corfman. i never dated underage women and i never engaged in sexual misconduct with anybody. you have to understand, i was deputy district attorney and a circuit judge. i go by the law. it's very hypocritical to go, you know -- there is law and you enforce and then go and violate it. you just don't do that. i didn't do that. that is what is being alleged. it's very hurtful. >> obviously strong words there from roy moore. you know, moving forward, it's hard to say exactly what will happen in the senate. more and more lawmakers have called for him to exit the race. doesn't look like he's going anywhere soon, according to that interview. >> so he said one of the
11:12 am
accusers he doesn't know is this accuser gloria nelson. and know her attorney gloria allred is going after him. what is moore saying about that? >> well, you'll remember when beverly nelson held that press conference she had a yearbook that she said moore signed. he said good morning, alabama, day eight of gloria allred's refusal to turn over her fake yearbook for third-party examination. this is clearly part of the campaign to discredit the accusers and what they have been telling reporters about roy moore's action when they were teenagers. this is going to continue. it's clearly what they've been doing in this campaign. >> lastly, he also alluded to potential legal action. what did roy moore say specifically about that? >> well, he was very vague in that interview that we showed some clips of earlier. you know, he said that they were looking into it, that things like this take time, so obviously it's unclear exactly whether or not his campaign is planning to pursue legal action against either the women or the
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"washington post," which first reported these allegations. >> all right. lauren fox, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> in washington. also new today, tens of thousands of names purged from the fbi background check system when it comes to buying guns. hear why. also ahead, one of the top -- one of the president's top advisers accused of breaking an ethics law again, this time for her comments right in front of the white house. and a tragic mystery. he was the american released by north korea when former president jimmy carter had stepped in some years ago, but now he's dead after being found off this highway engulfed in flames. what happened? let's talk about it. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. tions based on your budget. [ gasps, laughs ] you ever feel like... cliché foil characters scheming against a top insurer for no reason? nah. so, why don't we like flo? she has the name your price tool, and we want it. but why? why don't we actually do any work? why do you only own one suit?
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we are back on this thanksgiving thursday. thanks for being with me. i'm brooke baldwin. white house adviser kellyanne conway accused of breaking federal law in an ethics complaint against her in her comments to alabama's all important senate race. slammed doug jones during this fox news interview. jones is running against republican roy moore. >> doug jones in alabama, folks, don't be fooled. he'll be a vote against tax cuts. he's weak on crime, weak on borders, he's strong on raising your taxes, he's terrible for property owners. >> so vote roy moore? >> i'm telling you that we want the votes in the senate to get this tax -- this tax bill through. >> so here is why what she said is so significant, especially standing there right at the white house. this is according to the former white house ethics chief walter schaub saying conway violated federal law prohibiting
11:19 am
employees to influence a federal election for better or worse by taking sides. she says conway because of this should be fired. the white house says conway did nothing wrong. if this sounds vaguely familiar, this is why. conway was accused of a similar violation back in february. that is when she urged viewers to, quote, go buy ivanka's stuff. remember that? during a fox news interview. essentially a free plug for the president's daughter's fashion line. conway was not punished then. she acted inadvertently and wouldn't do it again. now to this alarming discovery about the fbi background check system for buying guns. tens of thousands of names have now been purged from the system all because of how the fbi is now defining fugitive. this all comes as the attorney general jeff sessions is ordering a review of the database after the texas church massacre exposed lapses in the system. so laura jarrett is with me now, our justice reporter, to talk about these changes. explain what's happened.
11:20 am
>> yeah, well, happy thanksgiving, brooke. >> same to you. >> thanks. the gist of what's happening here is that there has been a narrowing of what it means to be a so-called fugitive from justice. and all that is is it's a category that disqualifies someone from buying a gun and it gets triggered through that national background check system. there is something of a debate for awhile as to who should count as a fugitive in that category, and in february the fbi changed their legal definition so only -- to avoid prosecution for a crime now count as a fugitive and would be prohibited from buying a gun. but when they did that and they purged everyone who did not count, it removed tens of thousands of people from the background checklist. >> all right. so then if sessions decides that he wants to revise that definition, a fugitive, can the fbi then recover all of those thousands of names? >> well, that remains to be seen. sessions has now ordered this
11:21 am
60-day comprehensive review to be conducted by the atf and the fbi and a justice department official tells me it's currently working with law enforcement partners across the country to make sure anyone who should be legally prohibited from buying a gun gets put back on that list, that national clearing house, brooke. >> okay. and then just back to the shooting in texas, the sutherland springs shooting, what does the attorney general want improved about this system regarding what happened with that gunman? >> yeah, at bottom here, attorney general sessions just wants to make sure that all of the relevant law enforcement components are properly feeding information into the system. in a statement yesterday, sessions said the recent shooting in sutherland, texas, revealed that relevant information may not be getting reported to the nics. he goes on to say this is alarming and it's unacceptable. and remember, in that case, the shooter had a conviction and a record of domestic abuse, but the air force failed to report
11:22 am
it to federal authorities. >> right. >> so it didn't get triggered in that background check, brooke. >> right. laura, thank you very much. >> thanks. more on the president's holiday message with troops in which he attacks his predecessors and says they weren't letting the military win before his presidency. we'll discuss that. also ahead, a high-profile democrat and obamacare architect slamming the clinton white house, saying bill and hillary clinton doubled down on abusive behavior. you will hear her reasons and why hillary clinton, she says, shares the blame. hi, i'm the internet! you know what's difficult? armless bowling. ahhhhhhhh! you know what's easy? building your website with godaddy. get your domain today and get a free trial of gocentral. build a better website in under an hour.
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all right. let's go back to the president's
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message today to our men and women in the military. spending their holidays far, far from home and far from their families. president trump was thankful for their sacrifice but also a tad boastful about his achievements. >> the fight against isis, it's coming our way. it's coming our way. big, big difference. a lot of things have happened. they've said we've made more progress against isis than they did in years of the previous administration. and that's because i'm letting you do your job. >> all right. cnn political commentator symone sanders is with me, the former national press secretary for bernie sanders' presidential run and ben ferguson, a political talk show host and author. >> happy thanksgiving. >> welcome. happy thanksgiving, you guys. thank you so much for coming in on the holiday to talk through this. ben, let me just start with you because i think it is awesome that the president, you know, gave this message to the troops the message of, you know, we've
11:28 am
got your back back here at home, specifically when he even talked to the coast guard later in spotlighting the 16,000 lives that the cost guard saved during harvey and the flooding in texas. but here's the but, you know, this theme keeps popping up where the president brings up, you know, previous administrations, and my question is why even go there? it's thanksgiving. >> look, think he likes anybody that's in the military. he obviously has a lot of respect for them and he likes the fact that now they're able to do their job and he's hearing that feedback. i do think there is going to be a compare and contrast. one of the biggest concerns and frustrations with men and women in the military was the rules of engagement and how they were not able and limited in doing their job when they clearly could see members of terrorist organizations that were actively involved in parts of the world where they knew where they were and they wanted to go get them. the president said, look, you elect me and i'm going to let you do your job. he is letting them do their job and we're having a great success in taking out isis. i don't have a problem with him
11:29 am
saying this at all. the men and women, he even said it, they're telling you you guys are doing this. keep it up. i think it's a great day of encouragement. we're taking it to isis. we're having victories against them. i think you can sell berate and be thankful for the men and women in service today who are not with their family members. a lot of empty seats in america because family members are serving overseas. for the president to give them this message of i'm proud of you and keep it up, think it's great on thanksgiving. >> i'm with you. think the president is making strides. the u.s. is making strides, you know, fighting to decimate isis. and, symone, i don't know if you agree, but, you know, i think he does deserve some of the credit, but to hear him say i'm letting you do your job, i'm letting you win. how did that sit with you? >> yeah, again, i agree with you, i thought it was absolutely great the president took time to send this message directly to our troops and folks serving overseas. i have family members serving overseas right now who aren't
11:30 am
able to be with us on thanksgiving. it seemed as though donald trump can't talk about his, quote, unquote, success without taking a dig at someone else and i don't know if it's because he believes this is a competition, but i know that national security experts -- the former obama administration and bush administration national security officials have noted that the rules of engagement have not changed that drastically. so i think it's a little bit of a stretch on the president's part and i just wish that we could get some accolades and pats on the backs to our troops without taking digs at the former administrations. >> let's move past that and get to all of these stories. this wave, this movement it seems with regard to sexual harassment, right? and specifically assault by men in power. here you have now kathleen sebelius, this is president obama's former health and human services secretary and she says david axelrod -- she's saying her own party, democrats, should be reflecting on how they handled those charges when they were leveled against former president bill clinton. here she was. >> not only did people look the
11:31 am
other way, but they went after the women who came forward and accused him. so it doubled down on not only bad behavior but abusive behavior and then people attacked the victims. and you can watch that same pattern repeat. and it needs to end. it needs to be over. >> let me ask you a delicate question, is that -- was that fair criticism of hillary, that she participated in that effort? >> absolutely. i think it's very fair. >> so, symone, i mean, you know, democrats, they have come to a reckoning over all of this, but you heard at the very end of that sound bite, she goes straight to the source saying the clintons and specifically hillary clinton shares the blame. is she wrong? >> look, i think there is a lot of very credible criticism to go around to democrats, to the clintons, to people that worked in and outside of the white house. >> to hillary clinton? >> to hillary clinton, yes. to everybody. look, i think it was a different
11:32 am
time. now, i want to be clear, i wasn't alive when one of these incidents -- these allegations were lobbed and then throughout the rest of the clinton presidency, i think i was about 6 in 1996, but i do have google and i have read. and i absolutely think times have changed. perhaps democrats and people, period, because i do not think this is a partisan issue, but perhaps people, period, we have come to a point in our history and our world where we are going to believe accusers and we're not going to give folks who have been alleged perpetrators, whether they be men or women, the benefit of the doubt and find excuses for them. and i think that's what's great about this moment that we're in, but, i mean, there is credible criticism to go around and we reflect on how democrats handled those issues during president clinton's presidency. >> ben ferguson, look what's happening right now, president trump is not believing accusers. where are the lessons learned?
11:33 am
>> i think there are two parts of this. one, you look at what hillary clinton did, she didn't just, you know, push it under the rug and try to silence. she flat-out went on pr cams against women who accused her husband of multiple indiscretions and harassment against him when he was running for governor and also for president. so i do think that's a little different than saying, hey, roy moore says he's innocent. there has been issues of credibility with the accusers. they're waiting to see that yearbook flipped over whether that was a complete forgery. there are fair questions you can ask but we know for a fact and history is going to show this that hillary clinton and many of the accusers that came out against her husband, she didn't just stand by her husband, she went out there and tried to undermine and discredit them -- >> well what about president -- >> and completely destroy them. >> what about president trump? and there is credible criticism to go around. i noted that, but what about president trump? >> i've said this last week.
11:34 am
>> symone? hang on. >> 12 women have accused him of some form of sexual assault or sexual harassment. >> i don't think that roy moore or al franken should be in the united states senate. >> i said donald trump. >> no, but i'm saying these two individual cases we're talking about here and you're talking about how other people handle them. these are the two that we see out there. >> donald trump is a case right now. he's been credibly accused by 12 women. >> let me finish. i think the president of the united states of america as a leader regardless of party has got to lead on these issues. when you're talking about politics and this coming up right before an election and you look at this yearbook, for example, and they've asked to gloria allred to release it and she has not. i think it's a fair and valid question when his assistant's name was d.a. >> look, i think -- >> questions about complete fraud right before an election day. that is fair for the president to say that roy moore is saying he did not do this. >> yeah. >> i personally believe that roy moore should have stepped aside. that's my personal opinion on
11:35 am
this. >> what about donald trump? donald trump currently sits in the white house, the highest office in the land and he has been accused credibly by 12 women. we are not talking -- so it's one thing for donald trump and other republicans to talk about roy moore, but we have to hold the president of the united states accountable. if we're going to talk about bill clinton, we also have reason -- >> okay. >> room. and we have to talk about donald trump. >> okay. on that, happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> thank you both so much. >> happy thanksgiving. >> symone and ben, i appreciate both of you here. coming up now, he was the american held captive by north korea and released in 2010 after former president jimmy carter intervened but now this tragic and mysterious twist after he's found dead in san diego fully engulfed in flames. what happened? those details ahead. (vo) the best gifts come with a special box. purchase $999 or more at helzberg diamonds and get an xbox one s, with 3 months of xbox game pass and xbox live gold. at helzberg diamonds. while supplies last.
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the body of a man found engulfed in flames in california has now been identified as an american formerly imprisoned in north korea. aijalon gomes had been teaching english in north korea before -- from china. this is back in 2010. he spent months and months in prison until former president jimmy carter arranged for his release. and now an off-duty california highway patrol officer happened to be driving near san diego's seaworld on friday when he saw gomes on fire in a field running before collapsing. he was then pronounced dead at the scene. investigators suspect gomes' death was either an accident or a suicide. so david sanger is with me now, cnn political and national security analyst and also with "the new york times." and so, david, if, and this is, again --. if his death is ruled a suicide,
11:41 am
he would be the second american to have killed himself after being released from north korean detention. my question to you, you know, once the government, you know, retrieves these prisoners, while they're back in the states after they've been in north korea, is it their duty to make sure they are okay? >> well, brooke, you'd hope so. first, happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. same to you. >> to your viewers. and in this particular case, we can't seem to tell right now whether or not the individual who was -- who was on fire here, mr. gomes, was on fire because of an accident, a suicide or whether there was some criminal act. so far there has been no suggestion of that yet. in 2010, we didn't know very much about him. jimmy carter didn't say very much about when he brought him
11:42 am
out, and so we didn't learn very much about him other than a brief interview he gave a few years ago in which he said that he had been kept in captivity that was beyond freezing. and that he was made to make bricks most of the time. and he said that it caused him great anxiety. so clearly he was dealing with a lot of emotional issues when he came back, as you would fully understand, and you would think that the united states government would help treat people with this the way we would deal with a returning prisoner of war or anybody else who had ptsd. >> you would think, you would hope. so it was president carter then who helped secure his release and now president carter said he would be willing to help the trump administration, david, in the north korea standoff. do you think that that would be helpful? >> well, i think at this point it's going to be a little bit difficult to get president carter in the midst of this because the north koreans don't seem to be eager to talk.
11:43 am
even after the visit of a chinese envoy recently. frequently for prisoner exchanges, they've asked to senior people to come, and among them have been president carter, president clinton, the former governor of new mexico, who would go in periodically, and that was governor richardson. and we saw jim clapper, the former head of the director of national intelligence go in and do a release. you would think if they wanted to get a serious negotiation going they would ask for one of those four or somebody of similar status. and so far they have not. and i think that tells you they're really not ready to go negotiate until they've proven that they've got the nuclear capability they feel they need to have. >> right. that's the telling piece. david sanger, enjoy your turkey. if we're lucky, we'll see you back here tomorrow. thank you so much. >> good to see you, brooke. >> thank you. on twitter and on camera,
11:44 am
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as president trump is praising the economy this thanksgiving, citing great job numbers and the, quote, highest stock market ever, the ceo of the country's biggest bank is actually predicting the president will not see a second term. jamie diamond head of j.p. morgan chase said he expects to see a new president in 2020. he also advised democrats to come up with a, quote, pro-free enterprise agenda for jobs and
11:49 am
economic growth. so with me now on this thanksgiving, finance expert monica meta. monica, thank you. happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving, brooke. >> all right. you heard the jamie diamond prediction. no trump come 2020. how do you see it? do you agree? >> well, jamie diamond's prediction came with a big caveat, which is democrats need to run someone who is moderate and not too far to the left. people have been looking for change in these elections in the last 20 years. you can argue since clinton every election cycle has been we're sick of this, we want something new. now trump is in the position where he is the status quo, he live in the swamp that he's trying to drain. he's going to have to try to convince voters in 2020 that he deserves to be there and that a voting population that's been looking for change should stick it out with him. >> what about to baenk of ameria clients this week. the bull market will end, stocks
11:50 am
will peak and then decline. do you see it that way, monica? ics plane what it will do to our economy. >> it has been looking pretty good but we're way overdue for a pullback in terms of growth, and if we continue to see growth into august of 2018, this will be the longest bull market we've ever had in the history of the markets. sop it so it's about that time to see a pullback. one of the reasons you see stocks edge higher and higher is not because the economy is the best it's ever been, it's really because for interinstitutional investors, there really isn't a better place to put your money. if you look abroad, if you look at bond market yields, all the different choices that investors have, the stock market is still the best place to get a return and that's because the fed has kept interest rates low for an unprecedented period. so just like when you look at your bank account and see you're not getting any interest, i think there is a whole generation of people who don't know what interest is anymore. one of the reasons you see the
11:51 am
stock market is as high as it is because people are looking for some kind of return or yield on their money. >> so we have been sitting pretty, you know, economically speaking and the president has been saying essentially, you know, you're welcome. which, by the way, i definitely think he deserves some of the credit. he's been in the office over a year and it's been really good. my question to you is, also as there is a win for himself, right, and attaching himself to the great economy, is there also a risk if it starts to go south? >> well, brooke, i don't know that i'd give him credit for the stock market or the economy. just, you know, i think less than 15% of people own stocks, in fact, and 80% of stock market wealth is owned by 10% of the population. so it's one of those psychological barometers that we look at, the dow keeps edging up and up and we feel good about things, but the fact is it impacts a very small portion of the population that see the upside from that. that's one of the reasons you saw trump get elected during a
11:52 am
time otherwise people would have looked at the stock market and said, hey, things are great, why do we need a change? the impact of the markets and asset appreciation hasn't hit everyone in this country in the same way. so, you know, going into 2018, there is definitely some risk that you're going to see a pullback, and that's because we're sort of -- we're all guessing. i think for every person who says that you're going to see markets implode in 2018, you find plenty of analysts that say it's going to continue to hum along, but, you know, what we're facing is the moment that we face some kind of big risk that dominos are going to fall really fast and it could be geopolitical risks, something happening in the middle east, but right now the stock market is giving confidence and maybe we'll see people go out and shop well into the holiday season. >> tomorrow morning, black friday. we shall see. not i, but i know a lot of people get in on that for great reasons. monica meta, thank you so much. again, happy turkey day to you.
11:53 am
a republican congressman apologizing over a nude picture scandal, but is he a victim of revenge porn? we're going to discuss that. also ahead, is the trump brand taking hits because he's in office? the organization walking away from another struggling project. but first on this week's staying well, a study finds learning how to dance is good for your brain and one colorado couple says they are living proof. >> here we go. ♪ >> i dance because i love it. i love everything from the motion and the music to the feeling of dancing with others. >> suddenly i had a place where i could fit in with people. >> i feel that dancing has slowed the deterioration of my memory. >> keep swinging. >> dancing is so special because it's a physical activity that connects us to other people. over 200 people took part in our study and some of them did brisk
11:54 am
watching. one group did stretching and toning and one group did dancing. all of them participated for six months. in all other groups we saw the typical age-related deterioration of their brains. in the dancing group, we observed some improvement in one of the brain regions that is involved in memory. >> swing, swing, swing. >> we'll do probably 10 to 12 different dances, each one of which we social media need to l >> for me it's a puzzle. you're putting the pieces together. >> dancing has been a big contributor in me staying younger feeling. patrick woke up with a sore back. but he's got work to do.
11:55 am
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11:59 am
-- captions by vitac -- on this thanksgiving, as friends and families gather all around the country to say thanks and eat a lot of turkey, i just wanted to take a moment to thank our men and women serving overseas who aren't at the dinner tables at home today. instead they are sacrificing for our freedom. i had the honor of traveling to south korea. i visited sailors stationed on the "uss ronald reagan" and talked to soldiers on the border of north and south korea. and i asked them in each of our interviews, i said, please, share a moment for your loved ones back home. we'll air it on thanksgiving. and this is what they told me.
12:00 pm
>> happy thanksgiving, kyla, ukari, and bob allen, jeremy allen, all my brothers and sisters in idaho and nancy allen in colorado. >> i would like to say to ronda robertson and b.b. robertson, those are both my parents. i love you guys very much. i apologize i won't be there for thanksgiving and christmas, but happy holidays to you guys. i will see you guys soon. also to derek ballard, my step dad, i would like to say i love you very much, too, and i will see you soon. happy holidays to you. i'd also like to give a recognition to kyla gray, that's one of my best friends back home and he is attending ucf at the current moment. he's been one of the main people who have talked to me as much as possible along with jordan roberts. she is a softball player at the university of florida. they're very supportive of me