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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  November 24, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PST

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a new day for zimbabwe. former vice president is said to be sworn in as the new president. we're live here in the capital straight ahead. donald trump's former national security adviser cuts ties with the u.s. president's legal team. we'll tell you what it could mean in the ongoing russia investigation and for some the desert after the thanksgiving feast. shoppers out in full force ready
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to spend lots of green on this black friday. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm max foster in london. this is "cnn newsroom." our top story on this hour. after 37 years of increasingly authoritarian rule, this manual em mer sop mnangagwa is about to be sworn in as interim president. many wonder if the country's new chapter will be much different from the last. mugabe fired him as his deputy just a couple of weeks ago. the move triggered a political backlash with the zimbabwean military firing him. they're back promising to lead zimbabwe into a new and unfolding democracy.
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david mckenzie live from zimbabwe's capital. has he arrived yet? okay. wasn't technical problems with david there as we try to fix them. we're going to show you live pictures of the scene there at the inauguration. you can see all of the dignitaries arriving there. we know the leader of the opposition has already arrived. there they are sort of building up to the big moment. david, hopefully you can hear us now. looks like a pretty upbeat atmosphere there. he's gone again. speaking for him i think when the pictures speak a thousand words. everyone excited about this moment in modern zimbabwe history. the long time leader warning that the new interim president may be no better than his predecessor. he spoke to cnn's christian
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amanpour. >> at the center he knows that he cannot continue on the same path mugabe has traveled and still expect a nation to respect it. the constitutionally elections can be held no longer than august, and i hope that emerson completing the rule will continue the path. >> stay with us. we'll be following the swearing in ceremony for you and we'll hear from our reporter about how ordinary zimbabweans feel about it. they've more than doubled the sentence of the blade runner of oscar pistorius. the prosecution had appealed as it being too lenient.
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his to pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend on valentine's day. thursday was thanksgiving in the united states. president donald trump said americans have a lot to be thankful for, including the service and sacrifice of their military. the commander in chief visited coast guard members thanking them for their efforts after hurricanes in texas, florida, and puerto rico. he also spoke to troops serving abroad telling them his administration is on their side. >> we're being talked about again as an armed forces. we're really winning. we know how to win. but we have to let you win. they weren't letting you win before. we're doing well at home. the economy is doing really great. when you come back you're going to see with the jobs and the companies coming back into our country and the stock market just hit a record high. unemployment's the lowest it's been in 17 years. so you're fighting for something
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really, you're fighting for something good. >> well, the president was also on twitter telling the americans that the country is starting to do very well. mr. trump's legal team is dealing with new developments in the russian investigation. cnn has learned that michael flynn's lawyers have told other defense teams including donald trump they will no longer share information about the probe. the national security adviser could be cooperating with the special counsel's office or maybe negotiating a deal. mr. trump's legal team says that isn't entirely unusual. washington grappling with a series of recent harassment allegations. democratic senator al franken apologized on thursday for accusations that he groped a woman at a state fair. recent accounts made him realize he's crossed a line for some women. he adds he's sorry and wants to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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meanwhile, a lawyer for john conyers won't resign after his allegations. the house ethics committee is investigating the claims. let's get more on the state of u.s. politics. university of birmingham in the u.k. founder of e.a. world view. he joins us via skype from birmingham. thank you for joining us. first of all, on flynn, what's to say about the russia investigation do you think? he's obviously -- the suggestion is he's moving more to the side of the investigators and away from the white house on this. >> this says generally that the investigation contrary to what the white house has said is expanding rather than contracting. this could be a sign because flynn's lawyers have said they will no longer speak with trump's lawyers, that michael flynn is now cooperating with special counsel and if he is cooperating, that means the
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evidence goes higher up. there could be evidence about jared kushner, there could be evidence about jeff sessions, the attorney general, there could even be evidence about donald trump himself. we won't know that, of course, because there will be some time if flynn is cooperating for all of that information to be collected and assessed by the team. i think beyond this what this means is we have seen one trump campaign staffer who has pled guilty, george papadopoulos. we have seen two indicted including campaign manager paul manafort. we have seen expanding questions about the foreign contact between trump and russian officials and about possible collusion, let's use the word, over the campaign. it will take months to establish this but this will be an investigation that will go into 2018 with significant political implications, including possibly the future of donald trump. >> no surprise that he's out in front of the troops praising his work so far in the white house. >> oh, absolutely. i mean, even if it wasn't for trump and russia, the fact is
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that first and foremost donald trump likes to talk about winning for donald trump and of course losing for barack obama. so the message yesterday at thanksgiving was very pointed. it was under the obama administration you couldn't win, now you can. well, we can talk about the complexity of the ongoing conflict in the middle east beyond the middle east. we can talk about the ongoing issues in afghanistan, we can talk about facing up to russia. that's not what donald trump wants to talk about. he wants to give the image he is the commander in chief who everybody respects and adores despite the fact that his military commanders have some questions. >> in terms of his accomplishments, what can he really point to here in terms of something substantive? what can he get done by the end of the year to prove that he's living up to his word? >> he can really only point to the image of having accomplished something and hope you buy it.
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there have been zero major legislative accomplishments since january. the immediate question is whether the administration can get tax cuts through. now they have passed the house. that $1.5 package has to get through the senate and that is facing difficulties but also watch out for something else because the supplemental funding for the government, emergency funding, if you will, expires on december 11th and there's still no sign that we have a government budget which is prepared to be adopted. if that's true, congress has to convene urgently to talk about more emergency funding and indeed breaking the debt ceiling. so i think it's going to be ongoing as it were uncertain waters for the trump administration rather than a clear-cut win. >> professor lucas from birmingham, thank you very much. indeed. in the u.s. and around the world, black friday is underway. huge crowds gathered outside department store macy's in new york. national retail federation
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expects shoppers to spend more than ever. for the first time more of that money will be spent online than in the store. the impact of online shopping has been huge on stores and malls. store closures have more than tripled this year. the shoppers were lured to lineup in texas. they were cuing for bargains in california ahead of the megasales. you're watching "cnn newsroom." still to come, we head back to zimbabwe as we get to see the swearing in of the next president plus the search for the argentinian submarine san juan enters a critical space. and the air space could be a battlefield from north and south korea. we'll get you an incredible look from inside an f-16 fighter jet. the in-laws have moved in with us.
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the atmosphere looks pretty electric. >> reporter: that's right, max. certainly there is a sense of anticipation like none other in zimbabwe. they lived under the rule of robert mugabe. now a new ruler is coming in closely associated with mugabe. they hope for a new zimbabwe. take a listen to regents who have spoken to just a little bit earlier. why did you come out today? >> we're here to celebrate for a new president, mnangagwa. >> reporter: are you happy the president is gone? >> when things are over for someone, it's offver for you. let's put something to upgrade everything in zimbabwe. >> reporter: so you need an upgrade. what are the big things facing
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zimbabweans? >> mining, farming, education. everything. what i'm saying, upgrade everything. upgrade it. for the many things. >> do you think mnangagwa can do this? >> yes. >> do you think he can do this? >> yes. >> why? >> potential. >> reporter: potential? >> yes. >> reporter: and so you still have people streaming in behind me. they're coming in a bit because we know emerson mnagagwa and several heads of state and the leader of the opposition. people are hoping for a fresh break here in zimbabwe. something new. something to be hopeful for. despite the fact that the
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military orchestrated this handover, they're at least for now hoping this will be a fresh start for themselves and for the economy of zimbabwe, max. >> any knowledge of mugabe and his movements today? >> reporter: well, we did hear earlier he might be attending and then state media said, you know, he's had, quote, a heck take week, which is a bit of an understatement since he was pushed out of power and held in detention and was negotiating with the military rulers, the temporary rulers. we do know that he got immunity. that he's being kept safe. no sign of him yet. maybe he won't come. certainly it's an end for a liberation hour row who led this country to independence but now for many people i've been speaking to today and throughout the week, max, has kind of lost that love. they said he ruined this country, in their words.
1:18 am
they want something new. it's mnangagwe who brings that. he isn't even sworn in yet so we'll wait and see. >> he's only sworn in as an interim. i know the leader of the opposition says there has to be this election very soon. we need to get that timetable, don't we, for the stability to remain in the country? >> reporter: i think both for stability, max, and also for international involvement and assistance. i've been speaking to diplomats and others, the u.s. ambassador. i spoke to him just yesterday and he said that really what they need to see is a timetable, that zimbabwe needs to hold that election. once they do and it's fair game, they can talk. emerson mnangagwa is under sanctions for previous disputed elections and allegations of abuse and human rights abuse.
1:19 am
so this is not a man coming into this job squeaky clean, anything but, but he does come in with a considerable amount of power and a great deal of goodwill from the zimbabwean people who see him as the man who pushed mugabe out. papa new guinea police say 300 people have been removed from a detention center and taken to a new camp. they entered the manus island facility. one man alleges they beat the detainees with sticks. the center was set up by australia. authorities have declared the center closed but detainees are refusing to move out. a critical clue in the search of the missing argentine navy submarine.
1:20 am
they have confirmed a noise detected near the last known location of the ara san juan is consistent with an explosion. family members have been devastated by the news and are gathering at the base for news. >> reporter: the search is still on for the missing argentine submarine that has been missing for over a week now and the argentinian navy is urging relatives and fellow argentinians to keep hopes alive saying they're still hopeful to locate and rescue the san jon and the 44 crew members. they've already confirmed that a noise was detected in the area where the san juan made contact.
1:21 am
it was a noise that the navy said it was consistent with an explosion. that was enough to cause tragic reaction and panic among the relatives who are here and were confidence and hopeful to welcome those crew members back home again. in particular, we were able to speak with a couple of them and here's what they had to say this morning. >> reporter: so very, very strong words, strong accusations against the argentinian navy
1:22 am
saying they were not communicating as they should have. meanwhile, the argentinian navy confirms that the noise has been detected but rejects to cancel any of the option as it still says that they're putting on the best effort possible to locate those 44 crew members. the u.s. navy says it's given up the search for three sailors lost in the philippine sea. they were on board a plane that came down southwest of the japanese island okinawa. the crash happened and 8 were rescued unharmed. u.s. fighter pilots train every day in the skies. they protect the airbase which would be critical.
1:23 am
alexandra field climbed into the f-16 to get the best view of the training. >> reporter: in a few seconds we're fully vertical. u.s. air force captain kyle miller, call sign diesel, takes us straight up to 13,000 feet. i'm strapped in the back straining to stay conscious feeling the gravity and the weight of it all. that's the commander of the eighth fighter wing, colonel david schumaker, and this happens every day. a practice face-off with north korea. >> we practice just some of the basic maneuvers for air to air or some of the basic bombing patterns or bombing maneuvers. we also practice the ability to survive and operate on the ground. >> reporter: cue san is the southernmost base in south korea. flying time to north korea, 12
1:24 am
minutes. what do the first few hours of the first two hours look like? >> time isn't measured on the clock, it's measured in casualties. the faster we can get on the job the less casualties we'll see particularly in seoul and the opening volley of that war. >> reporter: in war time, kusong could increase their number of fighters. >> we expect that north korea is going to target any of our military bases that are here in the south. >> reporter: what kind of threat could north korea present to the because here? >> we worry about their short range ballistic miss aisles. >> reporter: they stay ready to fend off a ground invasion from north korean ground forces and to take the fight north in the air. >> obviously having the air to surface capability, being able to take out the long range
1:25 am
artillery that would be bomba bombarding seoul. >> this is the third tour for schumaker. it's different. we know north korea has advanced. have you changed that you do things at all? >> it is a mind shift switch about why it is so important and one that we take our exercises and training. this is diesel's third flight in two days. he puts us on the ground as the sun sets. the supersonic jet quiet. its pilot always ready. alexandra field, cnn. south korea. stay with us. we are moments away from watching zimbabwe turn a page in its history. will higgs interim presidency be the end of his political career?
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choose by the gig or unlimited. xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm max foster in london. a momentous day in zimbabwe. emerson mnmnagange is being swo in. the new president has a strong backing from the country's elite and the military but ultimately it's up to the people of zimbabwe whether he'll stay in power after next year's election. now under mugabe's long lasting
1:30 am
regime dissent was punished with violence. there's been jubilation on the streets. we have part of the country that is reveling in the new found freedom. >> reporter: this is high fields, one of the oldest townships. robert mugabe has lived here. now it's a strong hold for the opposition party. the movement for democratic change. life here is about survival. the jobs are in full. mechanics, market women, bashers. and a great deal of unemployed hustling. >> it is now a traditionally opposition idea. this is where robert mugabe's people. >> the aim was to smash the
1:31 am
newly formed movement with democratic change, the support base which is all over here. >> reporter: this is one of those where it was destroyed in 2005. the father of three used to be a bank manager. now he, like so many others, has no job. >> children have suffered. all these years. i was working at the bank for 19 years as the manager. nothing to do. >> reporter: he's desperate for a chance to vote for change, freely and fairly. >> they must come together. work together. the election is unfair. >> reporter: unfair because people are so euphoric that right now incoming president emerson has the edge. the boys at the barber shop are optimistic. in fact, nasha, george, mayesa can't even believe they're allowed to speak to us.
1:32 am
>> you say -- you say in mugabe era, if they be seen like this, they would have been beaten up for talking to us. >> it's only that people wanted change. it's their view that things will change because they wanted change. >> zimbabwe seems to be that it's different. >> everything is back to normal? >> yes. >> these school girls tell us they believe their future is suddenly brighter with robert mugabe's departure. still, it's in areas like these, poor, ignored, proud. >> i think it's okay. in the meantime --
1:33 am
>> reporter: cnn. the climax of this whole thing about to take place in hairi will be sworn in as president. this is the process of inauguration. we'll take you live as the process happens and also for the speech that he's expected to make which many people are keen to hear what's his plan for the future of zimbabwe. deadly holiday for u.s. law enforcement. in texas a suspect has been arrested after the fatal shooting of a state trooper. authorities say 41-year-old damon allen was killed after he pulled a driver over south of dallas on thursday. they say allen was returning to his patrol vehicle when the suspect fired several shots with a rifle. in michigan the sheriff's office says one of its deputies was killed when a driver deliberately drove over him. he had just deployed tire spikes and was hit when the driver swerved. a 22-year-old man was arrested
1:34 am
at the scene. you're watching "cnn newsroom." still to come, the crackdown on dissent in china. is it increasingly targeting lawyers and activists? we bring you some of their stories next. building a website in under an hour is easy with gocentral...
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a truly momentous day in zimbabwe. emerson mis being sworn in. take us through the process, david. >> reporter: well, you hear the cheers. let's listen in for a second, max. there you have emerson walking along the stage. he's set to go to the chief position. they will swear him in as the interim president of this country after 37 years under
1:38 am
robert mugabe. you get an electric sense of the atmosphere here. many have been speaking but this is a day they would never miss. they've been coming in buses, moving in on foot and they're coming into this stadium here, the national stadium here in zimbabwe and coming to witness history as you await -- as we await emerson mnangagwe. let's take a look. >> section 96, subsection 1 of the constitution.
1:39 am
the former president of the republic of zimbabwe by written notice is notified the speaker of parliament of his resignation from office of the president. and whereas in terms of paragraph 14 sub paragraph 4b of the sixth schedule of the constitution, a vacancy in the office of the president must be filled by a nominee of the political party, which is a
1:40 am
former president representative. and whereas in terms of paragraph 14 sub paragraph 5 of the sixth schedule, the ruling party has nominated emerson mnangagwe. [ cheers and applause ] >> as the party's candidate to assume the office of the president. and, whereas, in terms of
1:41 am
section 94 of the constitution, the president must take before the chief justice the oath of president in the form set out in the third schedule. now, therefore, i look chief justice of the republic of zimbabwe do hereby call upon you, emerson mnangagwe to take the oath of president. [ cheers and applause ]
1:42 am
>> i, emerson mnangagwe, swear that as president of republic of zimbabwe i will be faithful to zimbabwe and obey, uphold and defend the constitution and all of the laws of zimbabwe and i will promote whatever will advance and oppose whatever may harm zimbabwe. that i will protect and promote the rights of the people of
1:43 am
zimbabwe. [ cheers and applause ] >> that i will discharge my duties with all my strength to the best of my knowledge and ability and the true predictions of my conscious and i will devote myself to the well-being of zimbabwe and its people so help me god. [ cheers and applause ]
1:44 am
>> reporter: max there, you saw that historic moment here in the national stadium. the crowd cheering in wild celebration as he's sworn in as only the second leader zimbabwe has ever known. he read through that solemn oath of office with the chief justice. he signed that oath and throughout zimbabwe and
1:45 am
throughout the millions of zimbabweans as you know, they are watching this moment of history. so many people a couple of weeks ago would never have imagined that you'd have this apparent coup pushing out robert mugabe, the 93-year-old leader that ended in a peaceful transition that ended moments ago. it will be a day of celebration and then perhaps a day of reckoning for the new interim president. he was the right-hand man of robert mugabe. he has promised to unite zimbabweans and to bring jobs, jobs, jobs as he called it to this country. what an incredible moment tynged with some trepidation but certainly, max, everyone here in the stadium is elated to see a new ruler be sworn in here in zimbabwe. >> it's really extraordinary
1:46 am
moment, isn't it? listening to the sound coming from that stadium as each moment of this process plays out in front of that huge audience and the world, of course. we're watching it here. all of our viewers are watching it on cnn all around the world. what might confuse some people though is how this is so defining when this was mugabe's right-hand man for so many decades. i mean, is there really a huge difference here in policy? >> reporter: well, that's a great question. we cannot over estimate how zimbabweans how they felt when robert mugabe voluntarily resigned because you saw those crowds. we were right inside with that celebration when mugabe stepped down. that was genuine emotion. and the crowd cheers because here you'll see on the
1:47 am
television set the sash of the president put on emerson mnangawa. this country is still riding on that emotion. though this man is tainted by the politics of robert mugabe, to many people here they just want a clean break. they say 37 years under mugabe couldn't get any worse so they're hoping that perhaps now there will be something better for them and their families in zimbabwe. max. >> he's going to have to differentiate himself, isn't he, on that basis from mugabe and the previous regime. so a huge amount of pressure now on the speech we're expecting to make in the next half an hour or so. >> reporter: that's right. everyone looking within zimbabwe and all the international community will be looking at the speech because they want to hear a message of inclusiveness and a new direction from emerson
1:48 am
mnangagwa. he is the right-hand man or was the right-hand man of mugabe. people will be watching this speech. if he talks about a new direction, asks all the zimbabweans to help lead them out of the mess they'r in. they might pause and say perhaps it's worth giving him a moment, giving him a chance despite his checkered history to lead this country in that new direction. also, the international community might be hoping he'll say something about elections. that might be optimistic, but he's required by the constitution to call for elections before august next year. if there is a free and fair elections,, then perhaps the blockade on certain individuals including this man who was just sworn in as president might be lifted. he's under u.s. sanctions and i spoke to the ambassador here who said mnangagwa will hold free
1:49 am
elects if he's someone who opens up and has discussions with the opposition, perhaps they will partner with him. i can tell you there will be a lot of goodwill and a lot of money coming in if he can prove to the world and to zimbabwens that he won't be another mugabe by another name. max? >> what sort of conditions are attaching? they're allowing an unelected leader to take control of the country over the next few months. presumably they need that guarantee of free and fair elections or they're not going to continue supporting this man that we're seeing step into the top job right now. >> reporter: yeah. it might be too strong to say they're actively supporting him. they're giving him a chance. they're giving him space to be sworn in and see how he will act. that's a big question. the opposition has very little power at this moment because the
1:50 am
ruling party, they have purged through this crew. we shouldn't forget that mp not just -- they have a view of the generals who helped push through this coup. they will have to give some space to revitalize at this moment. and the opposition pushed aside as we expect that speech might be coming soon. max, because of that, it's really about mnangagwa and about what they do, less about the opposition. >> so mnangagwa, the new president, the interim president at least of zimbabwe. he's just been sworn in. about to make a speech which will have the world's attention justifiably because he's marking an end to decades of auth
1:51 am
authoritarian rule by president robert mugabe. that's going to have to be a fair and free future, david, am i right? neighboring countries are going to allow this process to play out as much as the opposition. >> reporter: that's right. they will. they'll give some space. you hear the cheering because emerson mnangagwa, the interim president is getting the handshake and salute from the military leaders. i cannot state how critical the military was in this. this was a coup. this was a coup that was followed by a constitutional handover. after the military came in and said they would push through and purge the criminal elements as they call it, max, of the political party. it could have been a very nasty impeachment of robert mugabe but
1:52 am
ended up being a resignation. we know the military negotiated immunity for mugabe who presided over such a collapse of this economy and is accused of so many human rights abuses. there will be people who will question that decision. you get to see robert mugabe prosecuted, but one key member of that was emerson mnangagwa. by getting that immunity they see that he can leave and they can install their new man as president. this is as much a family feud within the party as it is an apparent coup. >> yeah. so very symbolic moment there watching the military go up and effectively relinquish control to mnangagwa. they engineered this whole process, didn't they? their priority seemed to be not
1:53 am
allowing robert mugabe's wife to take the position that mnagagwa was destined for. >> reporter: that's right. this was about putting grace mugabe aside. the man who will be speaking is the man who really was orchestrating this military coup from the headquarters of the military here in zimbabwe. what we heard from mnangagwa was that he was in constant contact with the military leaders, the generals during this process. we know from opposition sources that for a long time, even several years, there were discussions going on about this eventuality, this possibility that they would have to push mugabe aside if he was unwilling to go. ultimately it was grace mugabe, you see him to reach too high to have aspirations for the
1:54 am
presidency. and by they say orchestrating the firing of the vice president, an extraordinary surge of events, that is what brought us to this moment in this stadium in the capital of mnangagwa being sworn in as only the second leader that this nation has ever known. >> so we're expecting the speech any moment now. we'll bring that to the viewers as we receive it. the other big test people will be looking for from mnangagwa and the speech coming up is, you know, a commitment really to dismantle the mugabe power structure, right? within the government. >> reporter: well, that's right. there seems like he signs on the dotted line again from the cheers of the crowd. it seems like it's signed and sealed and we'll be hearing from the interim president soon. look, we don't know how
1:55 am
mnangagwa is going to deal with the military in the next few weeks and months and we do know that there will be immense pressure for him to make a clean break from mugabe. he'll consolidate his party but then before he makes any kind of moves obviously towards opposition. >> quick question on the government he may form. do you expect the party to continue governing on their own or do you think mnangagwa might bring in the opposition to form a coalition to show his commitment to reform? >> reporter: i don't think you'll see a coalition in the short term. i might be proven wrong on that, but what you might see is that he does some perhaps symbolic positions about the cabinet to bring in an opposition member or a popular minister or two that
1:56 am
might have been sacked by the mugabe regime. we don't know just yet. this is all unchartered territory. it's interesting to see rulers from around the continent, max, coming here to witness this moment. the africans and the regional block, they are compelled to move in and intervene if there is a coup. it seems like everyone has been so quietly letting this unfold waiting to see whether they can move through this moment. >> david, thank you. david in the heart of a real moment in modern african history as mnangagwa takes over from decades of authoritarian rule by robert mugabe. now he has to prove his reform. going to test that in the speech coming up to him. we'll bring that to you live. i'm max foster from london. for our viewers in the u.s., "early start" is coming up.
1:57 am
for the rest of you, we'll have more on the address of emerson mnangagwa. we know life can be hectic.
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