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tv   New Day  CNN  November 24, 2017 2:59am-4:00am PST

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the largest battery in south australia. the battery will need to be operational by december to meet the deadline. it will store power generate bud a wind farm. >> 300,000 more people have signed up for obamacare in the open enrollment period compared to last year despite the trump administration's efforts to shrink signups. it is still early in enrollment, though. people who need health care the most sign up early. trump cut the period in half down from to 45 days from 90. thanks for joining is us. christine romans. >> i'm boris sanchez. "new day" starts now.
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>> lawyers for michael flynn informed mr. trump's legal team they are no longer able to discuss the special counsel's investigation. >> that could mean flynn is cooperating with prosecutors. >> we're getting very close here to a potential showdown between the trump administration and the special counsel. >> embattled senate candidate roy moore is now going on the offensive. >> i don't know them. i've never known them. this was a complete shock. >> it's unclear exactly weather his campaign is planning to pursue legal action. >> i've been here a little bit more than 24 hours now. >> black friday could be the last for american retailers. >> people will go out and shop well into the holiday season. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is a special holiday edition of "new day". it is friday, november 24th. 6:00 here in new york. alisyn is off. erica hill by my side.
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thanksgiving was good? >> it was good. >> we both survived. take it as a win. lawyers for fired security adviser michael flynn no longer sharing information with president trump's legal team. a source tells cnn the same thing. this could be significant. i'm qualifying it because it could mean a lot of different things. but information sharing agreements have to stop when negotiations start with a prosecutor. so the question, is flynn cut august deal with special counsel bob mueller? embattled senator al franken apologizing again amid groping allegations. he vows to regain the trust of minnesota voters. accused child molester, roy moore, the republican nominee for the senate seat in alabama tells supporters they are in the toughest spiritual and political
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battle of our lives. it is of course black friday. bargain hunters looking for the best deals. we have tips for you. and why this could be the last black friday. we have it all covered. joe johns is live in palm beach, florida where president trump is vacationing. joe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. the significance of this is what appears to be a shift in the relationship between the president's legal team and lawyers for the former national security adviser, michael flynn. and there could be a lot of reasons for that. but the white house framing on this is that it should not be be interpreted that michael flynn is now cooperating to the detriment of his former boss. a source telling cnn a fired national security adviser michael flynn's defense team is no longer sharing information with the president's legal team,
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a sign flynn could be preparing to plead guilty in special counsel robert mueller's investigation. mr. trump's attorney disputes that in a statement to cnn. no one should draw the conclusion that this means anything about general flynn cooperating against the president. but the "new york times", which first reported the story, details that the president's lawyers believe flynn is discussing a deal with mueller, pointing to the suggest criminal exposure that flynn and his son are facing. the new revelations coming weeks after cnn reported flynn was concerned about his son's potential legal exposure in the investigation. >> i have nothing to do with russ russia. to the best of my knowledge, no person that i deal with does. >> reporter: flynn is one of the most prominent. flynn seen here sitting with putin in 2015 at an event in moscow. during the presidential tran eugz is, he misled vice president mike pence about
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discussing sanctions with ambassador sergey kislyak. >> they were not in any way related to new u.s. sanctions against russia. >> reporter: we now know four days after president trump was sworn in, the fbi interviewed flynn about his calls with kislyak. acting attorney general sally yates warned the white house that flynn was vulnerable to potential blackmail by russia, but trump continue defending flynn. >> this man has served for many years. he's a general. in my opinion, he's a very good person. i believe that it would be very unfair to hear from somebody who we don't even know and immediately run out and fire a general. >> reporter: the president eventually forcing flynn to resign. it was later revealed that president trump had been pressuring fbi director james comey to back off investigating flynn before firing him too.
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flynn also coming under intense scrutiny for failing to disclose payments he received from russian entities. the white house reportedly bracing for charges against flynn after three other trump associates were recently indicted. but the "times" notes the white house assists neither mr. flynn nor former aides have incriminating information to provide about mr. trump. the president continues with his holiday weekend here in sunny florida. the biggest question at the moment whether and when he might go golfing. but attention is already turning back to next week. when the president returns to washington, d.c. and sits down with congressional leaders, they want to hammer out some type of a tax cut. back to you. >> joe johns, thank you very much. good to see you survived thanksgiving. let's bring in cnn political analyst paul drucker and cnn
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legal analyst. i have leaned on you about these issues so much in the past. i was being very extra qualified. why are you being so qualified? because this reporting that they're no longer on the flynn team communicating with the trump legal team, i keep saying could, maybe could mean he is doing a deal. there are other reasons that the team would want to split off and start doing its own thing. but in general, lay out the legal parameters for when one legal team stops sharing information with a related legal team and what that could mean vis-a-vis the prosecution. >> absolutely i want to start out by saying my job is to neutrally look at the law. this is just so people understand where the law is. when you hear somebody is cooperating with the fbi or federal investigators, that
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usually means one of two things. it means they have consult a deal with the person. they have enough evidence to indict him and now they are trying to get him to give evidence against other potential targets which could include people in the white house, although they have not been specified as targets in this investigation. another is far more be nine of people in the white house. that is flynn has agreed to take a plea. maybe they used his son. they have potential charges against his son as leverage against him. usually when you're about to take a plea, you have to stop cooperating with other people under investigation. because you're in a conflict of interest situation. your lawyer can't be telling other lawyers what's going on in your case because you struck awe deal with the prosecutor and there's a conflict. so one of those two things is probably going on. the third thing in your hedge, maybe not at all is happening here. yes. we have sources, the "new york
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times" broke this story suggesting flynn may be cooperating. until mueller makes a public announcement of some sort, this remains highly speculative. >> as the highest ranking white house official we're talking about so far. there is an extra layer. very reasonable reasons why it could happen. you can't help but wonder what the thinking is inside the white house. we're told, hey, it's not a big deal. >> look, we know this investigation really irritates president trump. and people closest to him find it to be very distracting. i think that the bigger danger is not so much trump because there's more at the moment. there's more time to play out before he goes in front of the voters again in 2020. republicans on khrul are concerned about the length of the investigation as it relates to the 2018 elections. could mueller come up with a big finding just before the election next year that could put the
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republicans further on defense. they're on the ballot next year. initially they were pleased to see special coup because it got them off the hook for what they were supposed to do about this potential problem with trump, his campaign, and the russians. then they realized this is completely out of our control. we have no control of the timing. we don't know what they're going to find. we don't know how it's going to look. now they are in a sense at the mercy of the president but not just the president. whatever it is the president or people close to him might have done during the last campaign may impact them in the next campaign. >> right. the reason i'm going slow on it is ordinarily when this happened, everyone is related. when i find out they're cutting a deal with you, it is super relevant because you know know things about david and chris. these dealings, these relationships were his. so it's not like this was part
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of some activity within the campaign. that's why i'm hedging. they may have him on something. at least on reporting of income he may have some legal issues. but people are making a leap on the political side because he may know something about the president or somebody else. that's not necessarily so. >> i think you're absolutely right. and i think people make that leap because general flynn, as he was national security adviser to the president for 24 days, that's a heavy duty powerful insider role. >> and for a long time before that. >> absolutely. >> and also we know flynn was dealing with turkish authorities as part of the business flynn intel. a lot of things that suggest this guy could have relevant inside information that would implicate a lot of people. once again we're speculating here. >> i got you. while we have you, let me run the numbers by you. feel free to shoot it down.
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but we made a graphic. >> it's a nice graphic. >> just the numbers. the numbers are impressive. you tell me if they are not to you. 12 associates had contacts with russians. 19 face-to-face interactions. 51 separate communications. nine blanket denials from trump and associates. just starting as a prpl his, they kept saying nobody and nothing. nobody and nothing. nobody and nothing. it's clearly not nobody and nothing. but do you find those numbers impressive or misleading? >> all but the last number i find to be up impressive. almost every presidential campaign has extensive contacts with people in other countries. the nixon campaign did. johnson's campaign did. obama did. clinton did. they all do. they are coming into a big foreign policy job. obviously everybody in the world is reaching out to them. when i see the last item, that's the thing that sends up a red
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flag for me. blanket denials by trump administration people. the thing they get nailed on is lying to federal investigators. if you are talking to a legitimate fed and you said i never had contact with anybody. next week, boom, you find out there was a meeting with trump tower with a russian and other meetings, now you have potential criminal charges that can be used as leverage against you. that is the most important statistic. >> and why this has so much fuel is because the president, in his very aggressive persona, is willing to criticize and go after nato, south korea. those are allies. china at times. maybe not doing this past trip but before this trip an adversary. not russia. not putin. ever. so it fed politically possibly
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there is something to look into. and it's a window into a presidential campaign. even though they're off on contacts, is and paul was right about that, there was not good vetting here. people surrounded himself that were interested anymore, loyal to him. and what most presidential campaigns do as they branch out and build out is they talk a look at potential conflicts that could come back and hurt the candidate. that is something that didn't happen on this campaign. >> we're only here because the president fired comey and because he talked to him about going easy on flynn. that's what prompted rosen stein, with comey's contribution to pick an s.c., special counsel. thanks to both of you. >> good to be here. senator al franken apologizing again amid groping
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embattled democratic senator al franken apologizing again on thanksgiving day amid more allegations that he groped women. i'm a warm person. i hug people. i've learned from recent stories that in some of those encounters, i crossed i line for some women. i feel terribly i made some women feel badly and for that i am so sorry. and i want to make sure that never happens again. and let me say again to
3:19 am
minnesotans i'm sorry to have put them through this and i'm committed to regaining their trust. so when we look at this, al franken said it is is difficult to respond to anonymous accusers. he said he will stay. how much of that is in his power? >> he wants to regain the trust of his voters. that means i'm not going anywhere. he is subject to an ethics investigation. the senate could move to expel him. it is not entirely in his control. but that is a very long process. the same applies to roy more. he will be subject to an ethics investigation first. look to expel him. very long process. for democrats, when you look at the accusations against al franken, john conyers, they're in a difficult significant
3:20 am
political spot. for years they have gone after republicans accusing them of engaging in a war on women. they have the champions of women's rights, women's equality. if they go soft on franken, soft on conyers and anybody else on the democratic side found to have credible allegations by women on the record, it will undermine their political credibility greatly. it will remove their ability to profit from roy moore, who continues to be a big political liability next year. it will put them in a really tight spot. it is similar to when republicans would be caught in extramarital affairs. why is that so damaging? they were the party of family issues. hypocrisy can be a very, very burdensome issue to deal with. >> all right.
3:21 am
now, keep me honest on this. we were talking about this yesterday a little bit as well. the idea that not all accusations are equal. and this franken stuff with whatever is happening during these photos with him, yes, it's you important. women take it the wrong way. he has to deal with that. he has been lumped in with a tight for tat with roy moore. you can't talk about roy moore if you don't want to talk about al franken. i don't see them even being in the same universe of allegations. >> it's difficult to get in the mind of what senator franken is doing right now. but it does seem he is kind of banking on that. what he is being accused of is not as bad what others have and will be accused of as well. you're talking about roy moore. you're talking about somebody who when he was in his 30s was going after teenagers and situations where it was a lot
3:22 am
farther than than what franken has been accused of doing in the case on of leigh corfman. she said he took her back to his cab cabin. >> and who said at the age of 16 she was in a car with him. those are assault allegations. >> franken has to be playing back anything that's coming up in his own head. he must be thinking, okay, what is the worst that can come out now and looking and seeing if that is basically the worst thing that is out there. already we can kind of say it may not be. people are being accused of using their positions of power in their congressional offices, targeting teenagers. this is not that. but again this goes back to the point david is making, you can't
3:23 am
start aoe equivocating when you are standing up and having the moral high ground trying to support is the votes of any woman that may find this offputting. you haven't heard the leaders of the democratic party come out and have a zero tolerance. so that leaves room for people like franken to set their -- to chart their own course moving forward and saying bring on the ethics investigation. i want to win back the support of my voters and the trust and, sure, i'll face the music. that must mean he thinks the music is not that damning and bad. >> saab assistant actively and morally, what he is doing is much different and not in the same universe. but in the court of public opinion, things are judged a whole lot differently. >> this is all happening of course as there is a lot of work that needs to get done in washington when everybody comes back on monday. the senate is has an incredibly
3:24 am
aggressive agenda right now as we know. and that is going to figure into some of these decisions as well. >> strong point. >> how does that come into play now? what they really need to do is get something done in washington. >> sure. right now that is special incumbent on the gop, staring down the barrel of tax reform and counting votes furiously. there is that urgency. there is also the fact that we have to be talking about a budget pretty soon. deadlines are coming up for how long to keep the government funded if there isn't another measure. as far as vote counting goes, yes, you can kind of see what the margins are for the gop, how important it is to be able to control what that alabama seat may be doing. and that makes up the pace of things. but also this is just in general something that is now becoming
3:25 am
front and center the issue everybody is talking about on capitol hill. there is less discussion on the policy. it is difficult to see how that will swing things. discussions are still going on behind closed doors to resolve the foreman issues coming up towards deadlines. >> karoun is right by keeping an eye on roy moore. he was not a vote for the repeal bell bill. you don't know if he will be a vote for the tax reform bill. >> erica's point is strong. when we're fighting on one level, we will fight on 6th level. if we have a dispute whose side is more creepy, now i will fight you differently on daca, on the haitians and temporarily residence. a bill has been dropped in our lap, tax reform and use of military force. >> and i'm worried about the other seats. >> thank you very much, especially the day after thanksgiving.
3:26 am
very nice. thankful for you both. now, roy moore, we're talking about him. he is digging in his heels on his denials. with all these men who have been brought into the fore, roy moore is no longer center other than the adamance of his denials. going after his opponent for putting accusers front and center in a new ad. the state of the race next.
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my ci can worry about it,ine. or do something about it. garlique® helps maintain healthy cholesterol naturally. and it's odor free. and pharmacist recommended. garlique.® roy moore has not waivered. he keeps telling the world he has no intention of putting the alabama senate race, he doesn't know who these women are accusing him of serious bad behavior, and he denies all allegations. to supporters he writes, as you
3:31 am
all know we are in the thick of the toughest spiritual and political battle of our lives and we cannot thank you enough for our constant output and love. we have matt murphy and andrea lindenberg, morning radio talk hosts in birmingham. good to have you both. thank you for coming on the day after thanksgiving. >> thanks, chris. >> thanks, chris. >> do me a favor, give us a general state of playwright now, andrea starting with you in terms of how has everything that's come out to this point in your opinion changed or not changed the state of the race between moore and his opponent. >> before the "washington post" article came out, he had a huge lead over doug jones. a commanding lead. it was never even air thought that he could actually capture this race. when the article came out, people began to question which
3:32 am
side do i believe? which is more credible? they are firmlien trenched. you have those who hear what the women are saying but they will still he vote for roy moore because they want a republican in that seat. >> that's the tricky part of the analysis. people focus a lot on the christian aspect of this. in all fairness, it makes the idea of what christians care about a little too narrow. the idea of even if this happened, i'm still voting for moore because i don't want the democrat. what do you make of that? >> there is a wall factor. he is a known quantity for alabama for a long time and nationally for a long time. there is an ideological component too, chris. they believe roy moore better represents than does is doug
3:33 am
jones. this is a vote roy moore or don't go and vote scenario and how impassioned supporters can be on election day. >> roy moore is speaking to this in his latest ad. let's play it. leigh corfman, gloria thacker, gena richardson, wendy miller, kelly harrison thorp. and the list is growing. they were girls when roy moore pursued them. now they are women, witnesses to assault of his disturbing conduct. will we make their abuser. >> well thought out terms for political effect. andr andrea, what's your take on it? >> i think it was powerful in the fact that doug jones didn't have to say a word. they played the music under it
3:34 am
with those words. again, chris, you have to understand there is a group here that feels there is no way roy moore is guilty. and they the actually go so far as calling the women liars. they believe there is more half truth than truth in that. i'm surprised he didn't come out with that ad earlier. >> doug jones is in this race obviously it's as tight as can be. if you overplay that hand to a certain degree, along with leigh corfman and women who say they dated roy moore. nothing illegal about that. i think there is a danger here for alabama who is paying close attention to what some of these accusers are saying. >> what is your belief at this point, matt? do you believe the women are telling the truth? >> i believe leigh corfman. i believe her memory is what it is. >> what does that mean?
3:35 am
>> i don't believe leigh corfman is lying for the purposes of harming roy moore. i believe she believes her memory is sevening her in terms of what happened so many years ago. i think there's a lot of question about beverly nelson. a lot of are questioning why she is choosing not to turn over that yearbook if that is the one singular piece of evidence we have that she had some sort of relationship with roy moore. >> andrea, are you surprised that you are hearing people say, even people who describe themselves as a christian voter that even if he did this i'm still voting for him. >> i am and i'm not, chris. i know the country has a hard time understand whag we're doing here in the state of alabama. when you bring religion into play, a candidate who has been outspoken on abortion, that would be democrat doug jones.
3:36 am
roy moore has accusers. but he hasn't said i did it. other than he said, she said, she said. people still want a republican in that seat. if it comes to pass that he is guilty of this and somehow that is proven, that he will be dealt with. >> it's such an interesting litmus test for what people feel offensive and what the standards are. i said imagine if they weren't women, they were men who said when i was a boy this happened. i wonder if that would have made a different play in terms of cultural perception. your eyes and ears on the grounds. please come back. best to you on thanksgiving. >> thanks, chris. black friday means big deals. when will people be heading to the stores, or is it all online shopping this year? tips to get you through the black friday frenzy. that's next.
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bargain hunters hitting the stores early on this black friday. we all want the best deals. but not everyone wants to brave crowds, especially if you fear people the way i do, so you will shop online. polo sandoval live at a target store in new jersey. what are you seeing there? how is it going? you seem like you are surrounded by a huge bunch of fans. >> chris, i have your 70 inch tv packaged up, ready to go. it won't cost you more than 1,000 bucks. these are the deals that shoppers try to take srpbg of after turkey day. it is a tradition. so many people are choosing to go online instead of in line. many people took advantage of that yesterday when doors opened at this target at 6:00 p.m.
3:42 am
it is this evolving of this black friday that we are so used to experiencing year after year. there are many retailers that are hoping to ride the wave of this low unemployment rate and economy. consumer confidence is up. they hope it will translate to more sales. again, one of several reasons why we did not see the massive crowds. not only are people simply doing it before black friday. but 60% choosing to simply go online instead of standing in line. guys. >> polo, just married, just back from his honeymoon and already getting hit with the honey-do list at target just after 6:00 in the morning. >> or maybe you can complete the registry with all the deals on black friday. >> get to the store! it's already open. >> plenty of competition of course for your shopping dollars
3:43 am
as we know on black friday. christine romans joins us with some of the biggest deals and hottest items perhaps for newly weds. >> shop until you drop or shop until your fingers break. a lot of people will be buying online. 2017 has been brutal for retail. bankruptcies. it's good news for you. retailers want a piece of the estimated trillion you're going to be spending. adobe has been has been tracking all the steals and deals and reports on average savings of 12% on jewelry, 18% on appliances, and 24% on tvs and tablets. that is a true steal. electronics are the most wanted. home assistants, wireless sound systems, game consoles. and iphones. walmart is offering $300 gift card with an iphone 10. door sell out fast. online deals have stop and start
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times. so check the timing. it is worth waiting for some items. wait, wait, wait for toys, laptops and shoes. they will be cheap erp cyber monday. make a list, check it twice. 16% of americans are still paying off last year, which is just brutally bad financial management. if you can't afford it, don't buy it. make a list. stick to it. >> i forget which one of the books. >> yes, mom. >> romans lives by this. tightest two coats of paint. you are con shaoeen shus about what you spend. >> i do. >> and you worry about people being taken advantage of i do. >> i heard an ad. buy it now and you don't have to pay us back for two years. and i thought of christine right away. it makes people think it must be okay if i have two years to start paying. >> don't do it. don't do it. >> i'm following your advice. >> thank you. >> christine, you don't feed my need to buy, but you're giving me the right advice.
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the navy ending its search for three missing sailors after their transport plane crashed off the coast of japan. the names of the sailors have not been released. it was carrying passengers and cargo from japan to the uss ronald reagan when it went down. eight of the eleven people were rescued from the water. the argentine navy said it detected a sound consistent with an explosion at the last known location of a missing submarine carrying 44 crew members. let's bring in cnn's barbara starr at the pentagon with more. they have been desperate for
3:50 am
sounding and then they got one. what it means is very horrible. >> it is very difficult news for these families. it may bring them some closure when they are told more about the sound and how everyone learned about it. it's really a fast moving story. there is an international network of sensors that are there to monitor for nuclear testing in the world run by a group in vienna. some of the most preimmine immi sign activit scientists. they've looked at the acoustic reading. they applied their science analysis to it. you see some of it there. they found a short, sharp event, an acoustic event in the water that they believe was not natural. it is not an under water volcano or earthquake. that reading diagram is what they believe is a short, sharp
3:51 am
event in this area off argentina near where the submarine had its last communication. i want to tell you very quickly, one of the reasons this is getting such credibility, this is the group they found signals and analysis when mh 370 went down. they didn't find the plane, of course. they jump in when there's other under water accidents at sea. they know a lot about this kind of work. >> barbara, thank you. also with us, peter nelson, hydroacoustic officer. as we are looking at this and the analysis we have here, as barbara describes it, a short, sharp, violent event, what does that tell you? >> well, it is an unusual type of signal used for hydroforms in the powerful worldwide network.
3:52 am
it is very particular. it is not the type of signals that the network is designed to automatically detect. when a thing like that comes up, we have to look for something like that manually. in this case here, it turned out to be a very particular signal that stations were receiving. we were able to back trace and locate it. >> what could cause that type of event? is it an explosion? >> it's very hard to say whether it is. the only thing we can say is
3:53 am
that characteristics of the signal # contains information that is very similar we have seen in the past. >> as i understand it, this submarine itself was retrofitted and cut in half in 2014, a multimillion dollar retrofit. engines and batteries were replaced. what are we looking at in terms of cause and what could have happened? >> i'm not in a position to tkefrpl the status of the submarine. >> in terms of the information, argentina finding out for about this on wednesday.
3:54 am
what happens now from here now that we have this signal. we know it was this short violent event. what is the next step in terms of determining what to find? >> we are working here to refined our findings. of course we will provide that information and do anything we can to help people. >> peter nielsen, appreciate you joining us this morning. thank you. >> thank you. big headline this morning, michael flynn's lawyers say they are cutting ties with the trump legal team. why would they do that? what could it mean? we have the latest next.
3:55 am
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no longer sharing information with president trump's legal team. >> attorney said months ago at the right price it might tell a story that is significant. >> it is is not clear. i don't know what the white house does to get rid of this. >> we're really winning. we're letting you play even. >> we have been winning. it is somewhat insulting. >> the president said, look, you elect me, i'm going to let you do your job. we're having great success taking out isis. >> black friday shopping already under way. >> we're expecting more online sales than in the brick and mortar stores for the first time in history. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning. welcome to a special holiday edition of "new day". alisyn is off. erica hill here. great to have you. >> great to be back. thank you. >> up first, lawyers for fired national security adviser general michael flynn say they
4:00 am
are cutting ties with the team of trump lawyers. why? a source tells cnn flynn's lawyers are no longer sharing information with the legal team. has something changed in the relationship between flynn and special counsel? are there negotiations? could there be a deal in the works? al franken offering another apology. it comes as there are growing questions whether congress will tackle the issue of why settlements are being paid out with your tax dollars. also, what's in those settlements. joe johns is live in palm beach, florida with our top story. joe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. this raises the question whether there could be more charges on the way. it also clearly shows a change in the relationship between the president's legal team and lawyers


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