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tv   New Day  CNN  November 24, 2017 4:00am-5:00am PST

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are cutting ties with the team of trump lawyers. why? a source tells cnn flynn's lawyers are no longer sharing information with the legal team. has something changed in the relationship between flynn and special counsel? are there negotiations? could there be a deal in the works? al franken offering another apology. it comes as there are growing questions whether congress will tackle the issue of why settlements are being paid out with your tax dollars. also, what's in those settlements. joe johns is live in palm beach, florida with our top story. joe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. this raises the question whether there could be more charges on the way. it also clearly shows a change in the relationship between the president's legal team and lawyers for michael flynn.
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there could be a lot of reasons for that. but the framing from the white house is it doesn't necessarily mean flynn has turned on his former boss. a serious telling cnn that fired national security adviser michael flynn's defense team is no longer sharing information with the president's legal team. a sign that flynn could be preparing to plead guilty in special counsel robert mueller's attorney. mr. trump's attorney disputes that in a statement to cnn. no one should draw the conclusion that this means anything about general flynn cooperating against the president. but the "new york times", which first reported the story, details that the president's lawyers believe flynn is discussing a deal with mueller, pointing to the suggest criminal exposure that flynn and his son are facing. the new revelations coming weeks after cnn reported flynn was concerned about his son's potential legal exposure in the investigation. >> i have nothing to do with
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russia. to the best of my knowledge, no person that i deal with does. >> reporter: flynn is one of the most prominent. flynn seen here sitting with putin in 2015 at an event in moscow. during the presidential tran eugz is, he misled vice president mike pence about discussing sanctions with ambassador sergey kislyak. >> the conversations that took place at that time were not in any way related to news u.s. sanctions against russia. >> reporter: we now know four days after president trump was sworn in, the fbi interviewed flynn about his calls with kislyak. acting attorney general sally yates warned the white house that flynn was vulnerable to potential blackmail by russia, but trump continue defending flynn. >> this man has served for many
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years. he's a general. in my opinion, he's a very good person. i believe that it would be very unfair to hear from somebody who we don't even know and immediately run out and fire a general. >> reporter: the president eventually forcing flynn to resign. it was later revealed that president trump had been pressuring fbi director james comey to back off investigating flynn before firing him too. flynn also coming under intense scrutiny for failing to disclose payments he received from russian entities. the white house reportedly bracing for charges against flynn after three other trump associates were recently indicted. but the "times" notes the white house assists neither mr. flynn nor former aides have incriminating information to provide about mr. trump. the president continues with his holiday weekend here in sunny florida. a message from one of his assistants. writing can you believe the
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disrespect for our country, our flag, our anthem continues without penalty to the players. the commissioner has lost control of the hemorrhaging league. players are the boss. chris and erica, back to you. >> joe, bring in editor at large chris cillizza, associate editor for real clear politics, a.b. stoddard and legal analyst paul c callan. thank you for joining us the day after thanksgiving. quick nod to the tweet. do we see this as the heartfelt attention of the president or turning heads towards what he thinks work for him in the nfl kneeling deal? >> i think it may well be be both, chris. i think he does believe this in this heart of hearts. he stayed on this issue while he has candidly not been as
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prominent as it was early in the fall. yes, players still do kneel. but it has gotten less attention than when it was an all encompassing story. he knows how to stoke his base. this coming after the news about michael flynn. and i think he's doing all of those things at once. we know from past thanksgivings and holidays, donald trump's tweets, when there are less people around him to sort of manage that tend to be more trumpian. i mean, tend to be a little bit less -- not that they are ever terribly perfectly formed as a president but tend to be more private citizen trump offering thoughts on things. and this is consistent with that. >> trumpian. you choose your words very
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carefully, mr. cillizza. >> i do what i can. >> you also brought up michael flynn. what does this mean about cutting off ties with the trump team's lawyers, the president's lawyers. how excited or not excited depending on where you stand with this, should people be? >> it is is an important development in terms of it could mean they have negotiated a plea deal with flynn. as part of that, he has agreed to supply information about the president or white house insiders. however, there are other possibilities. it could be there is a plea deal. it could be that the plea has to do with things flynn was involved in prior to his relationship with the president. remember, he had his own flynn intelligence agency that allegedly worked for the turks. and had russian contacts as well. i sthaut on reflection the most
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interesting thing about this story is flynn has been cooperating with the president for so long. that's really the revelation. a lot of times in criminal cases, if you think your man is going to get indicted, you may want to cut off communication with other people involved in the investigation so you can cut yourself a better deal. this suggests a friendly relationship between flynn and the president and makes me wonder is flynn hedging his bets to get a presidential pardon if in fact, he was indicted for some crime. that is at least a legal possibility because the president can pardon anybody under u.s. law. anybody who commits a federal crime, that is. >> a.b., that is value added from paul callan. that is unusual and interesting that trump's lawyers have been
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working. certain people have been questioned by different political committees, special counsel. there has been a distancing of all gentlemen from trump inner circle not with flynn. what does that mean for you? >> well, i was also surprised to learn they had been in communication all along. why else cut off communication with them but to cooperate with mueller to some extent. mike am flynn was very tight with the president. the president made it clear to james comey that he wanted him to, you know, to drop probe into michael flynn. a legal expert told me recently that could be entered as bribery.
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you have to take into account intent. but that is an impeachable offense if it can be spwerpld to the fbi director you get to keep your job if you drop a probe into flynn. it is interesting -- maybe he was hoping for a pardon for him and his son. maybe it reached the point where it seemed the president wouldn't or wouldn't pardon him. remember, the flynn matter has to do with potential obstruction of justice. whereas manafort is a separate issue, right? he's being investigated for financial crimes and other things. but he's not involved in the chain of events that led to the firing of the fbi director, which we all have been led to believe and launched the special counsel's interest in a potential obstruction of justice
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charge. so flynn is very tied into what could be problematic for president trump. chris, you have been careful to make clear we don't know that president trump is was implicated in anything in his dealings with the turkish government. this is not good news for the president. it makes clear that the mueller investigation is likely to go on a lot longer than people in the would you say are hopeng. >> and the timing a lot longer than people are hoping. they don't want to deal with it. as we move into 2018, chris cillizza, this is not something that is going away. >> it's not. i feel like it is is the low hung in the background. if you listen for it, it's always there. obviously we have had a lot between roy moore, john conyers, al franken. everyone who is not a politician in these sexual misconduct
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situatio situations. but there is that low hum, and it's always mueller. that makes it difficult. it is this massive x factor. we don't know how high up it is going to be. i don't think the indictment of paul manafort is the thing that turns the house from republican to democratic. it is not good. you don't want it in your administration. i don't think it's a thing people vote on. michael flynn, jared kushner, donald trump jr. these are names involved at the center of that, as a.b. points out, the meetings, things we don't totally know about, the firing of james comey. that is the stuff i think that is going to matter if we get anything on it. we're not there yet. >> some of this is pro forma. people who haven't been around the process. investigations take a really long time.
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this has not been a long time. what is unusual here, paul, let me bounce this back to you, how we see people react to go what usually is a code of silence. i don't care what term you use for it, you shut up. don't talk about it. don't do anything to antagonize these guys. but with trump junior and jared kushner with a quote in "vanity fair", let's talk about what their reactions have been and your surprise at them. trump jr. first. put it up on the screen. more nothing burgers from the media and others trying to create a false narrative. keep coming at me, guys. now jared kushner. expressed worry after the indictments about how far the investigation could go. do you think they will get the president kushner asked a
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friend. according to the president briefed on the conversation. hopefully he is talking to us and not to the feds. that would be, by definition, crazy talk if he's talking to those guys. >> it is like going to the zoo with a steak in your hand, walking into the tiger's cage. he's saying, come on, bring it on, feds. it is the twitter philosophy of criminal defense which is insult the prosecutor and maybe you will scare him into backing off. that doesn't work with a special prosecutor. they are seasoned professionals. but all he is doing is making his own situation worse. i have never seen somebody frankly do this in a serious criminal case to say bring it on, boys. with the feds there are so many offenses that somebody can be charged with that the feds can bring up. any federal form you ever filled out inaccurately is a potential federal crime. any inaccuracy to any
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investigation is a potential crime. it is foolish to taunt the tiger as john jr. does. >> we don't have any reason to believe that he thinks the president has any exposure. but the concern with an investigation is who knows what they'll find. go ahead, cillizza. >> the uber example is carter page. he's on the tv news, which makes for great tv. but why is he continuing to give interviews intermittently when he's talking to the house and senate intelligence committees? my mom always wanted me to be a lawyer. i nephew wanted to be one. but as a nonlawyer, i even know that's really, really dumb. >> if it means anything to you, you look like one. >> thank you. >> of course. a.b., final word from you. let's get intelligence into this mr. we end it. >> well, i just think the flynn matter is more significant than,
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as i said, the manafort matter. it is very close to home. he has concerns about his son. it is really hard to look at this and not think he is cooperating with mueller. remember, mueller got to flynn's business partner. it means either business partner exposes flynn or flynn will turn on the business partner. it starts a new chapter. that's why it lengthens this. as we were saying, the political context is it becomes scary for republicans.
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he has now apologized three times. twice for groping women in pictures. once for his conduct with leeann tweeden on the uso tour. you have john conyers who continues to deny these
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allegations of sexual misconduct that are out. and those saying, well, maybe it didn't happen. it is the situational ethics that is frustrating. what's good for the goose is good for the tkpwapder. if you believe roy moore accusers, why not believe john conyers accusers? it is a distraction for democrats who think they have republicans absolutely 100% on the run. the health care bill that has been tried and failed, hugely unpopular. this tax bill, hugely unpopular. even if republicans get it through, and a.b. is right, it is what they believe to be their only path to holding the majority. even if they get it through, i'm not sure it pays off in the way that they hope. regardless, what you have is democrats not as able to concentrate on sort of what they believe the bad elements of this bill to be. and republicans worried about
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their math in that when this goes through, if roy moore is a senator, do you keep him because he's a vote for it? you can't lose two. you can only lose one. this is the difficult of being mitch mcconnell or chuck schumer, the democratic leader. it is trying to do math while numbers are in front of your face. >> it matters when it comes to this sexual misconduct. the politics are so obvious. chasing franken because he is a big name. should be chasing conyers. he has more substance to attach in terms of the significance in these types of allegations and the settlements which none want to touch because they all knew what was going on with our money. nobody wants to talk about it. >> that story matters the most, candidly. >> we're paying for their in cessions. >> 17 million dollars. and they can't tell you who it
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was for. that's stunning. while each of these individual cases absolutely deserves the attention they get, that fact, and i feel like i'm one of the most cynical people in the world when it comes to politics, i was stunned by that fact. >> and the conversations all go the same way. we will have several today. what do you think of the settlementsments? oh, they have to change. did you know about them? what? thank you to all of you, especially the day after thanksgiving. the first democrat in the house to call on her tkhraoeg congressman john conyers to resign over harassment allegations. her name, kathleen rice. she's on the show making her case next.
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an attorney for congressman john conyers says the democrat will not resign over harassment claims. but a colleague now believes he should. congresswoman kathleen rice says the allegations against conyers
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are credible and repulsive. is she joins me now. i hope you had a good thanksgiving. it is good to have you on the show. thank you for taking the opportunity. >> thank you for having me, chris. >> conyers said it didn't happen. you say he should resign. why? >> because enough is enough. at this point what i was voicing publicly is what every single private citizen is saying across america. why are the rules for politicians in washington different than they are for everyone else? and the list is endless. compare what happened to harvey weinstein, louis c.k., mark halperin. yet once we get into the realm of politicians, get the ethics commission into it. let's investigate this. you know, take forever to come up with a conclusion. sorry. just lost my earpiece.
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>> that's all right. i will wait for you to get it so i can ask you a question. >> got it. i think that's what people are sick and tired of. the rules in washington different different than they are for regular people. >> i am out of my depth against you because you are a seasoned former prosecutor. but you know well that the push back is he's innocent until proven guilty. and while the court of public opinion may -- hang on a second. let me know when you got it. >> i can hear you. >> you anticipated the question 10 minutes ago. you know what i'm going to say to you. innocent until proven guilty. sure, the court of public opinion, pressure, private entities, they can make people do different things with different pressure points. what do you make of that push back. >> we're not talking about a court of law here. i spent my entire career before coming to washington as a prosecutor.
4:26 am
this is not beyond a reasonable doubt. we don't have a legal standard here. we're talking about the court of public opinion. we're talking about holding men accountable for their actions. a lot of these men against whom the allegations have been made are never going to face their day in court. the victims in these cases are never going to have their day in court. that's a separate issue. right now what we're talking about is there going to be any level of accountable. and to say they're going before an ethics committee, no offense to my colleagues on the ethics committee, that's not real. that's not accountable. >> why is that not real? it will come up whether with franken, conyers or whatever happens if roy moore gets into the senate. >> in this instance you're asking people, colleagues to judge their colleagues. in this instance where you're
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talking about harassment, i think what's appropriate is for these men against whom credible allegations are made. and no one is questioning -- well, some people are. if the allegations are made against them. but i hear politicians saying i believe every allegation. i believe the women who are saying things against roy moore or donald trump or al franken or fill in the blank. no one is questioning the credibility of these women. chris, it is is really important to understand. i've been there. 30 years ago i had -- almost 30 years ago i had an incident in the brooklyn d.a.'soffice that was terrible. the way the system works is it is does not benefit -- there's no benefit to a woman who comes out and says, i'm being harassed. there are only professional consequences. >> i know what you're referring to. other people will not. you're not talking about a case that you tried in brooklyn.
4:28 am
this was own personal experience in the workplace and a claim that you made the and what you dealt with afterwards, yes? >> yes. exactly. and it was brutal. ultimately you don't make things like that public. because as a woman in the workplace if you say this is happening to me, you become a professional pariah. you don't have any choice but to accept it. the workplace is not going to address the issue. i treated it very differently when i ran my own office as d.a. i took these very seriously. there's no benefit to the women coming forward and saying this happened to me. and we see woman after working making allegations saying there was a professional cost to me for coming forward. yet there isn't for any of these men being accused. that has to change. >> settlements. so we find out now that in
4:29 am
congress, look, they get settled everywhere. there are good reasons and bad reasons they come up. but they are being paid for with my money when it happens in washington, d.c. and lawmaker after lawmaker says the same thing. do you think we should have these settlements? no, no, we have to change it did you know about these? what. i couldn't hear the question. what did you say? how did you guys not know what's going on? you're relatively new in d.c. but all they do is gossip with one another. none of you ever heard people were settling these kinds of claims and you didn't know there was a slush fund at the treasury using tax payer dollars to pay for them. >> i can't speak for any of my colleagues but of course i heard that. congress is no different than the private sector. look at all the payments made out whether you're talking about bill o'reilly or harvey
4:30 am
weinstein. by the way, let me also say you'll notice this is not a political statement i'm making. a happen to be a democrat. but the list is replete with republicans and democrats whether you're talking about the private or public sector. i will guarantee you the regular person is absolutely appalled their tax money is being spent in this way. it shouldn't be. that's why i support the bill that jackie spear is putting forward in congress that would say, guess what, if you have an allegation made against you and you want to settle it because you believe it is credible and you want it to go away, dig into your own pocket. >> whether it's credible or not, i shouldn't pay for it. unless it is seen as being an extension of your official duties, which i don't know how harassment would be. the bigger question is whether or not you should be allowed to settle them at all because as a public official do you think the voters have a right to know, the
4:31 am
citizens have a right to know about these allegations because you're public, not private. >> i do. i do. and this is all about look there is a reason 6% congress as a whole, as a body has a 6% approval rating, chris. i don't think you can get much lower than that. there is a feeling i think in the general public that people in washington in the bubble that is washington, d.c. think that the rules that apply to regular people, not politicians, don't apply to them. and it's because everything that we do is shrouded in secrecy. there is no transparency. and there needs to be. when we were elected, what is placed in us is public trust i think we should honor. when allegations like this come out and you find about payments and takes payer money, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. i believe that washington, congress, is facing an
4:32 am
existential question right now. how are we going to answer that question? are we going to say, yes, we are like everyone else and we should be held accountable like everyone else, or will we continue to say washington operates under its own set of rules. one could argue donald trump got elected, one of the reasons, because they were sick of the way we were doing business in washington. that's a sentiment that's real. and i understand that. >> you were the nassau county d.a. a lot of people voted for trump out there for exactly that reason. they do believe in the swamp. whether he's cleaning it or adding more alligators is up to your personal opinion. but you pivoted to the president. let me ask you something while i have you. this morning he's tweeting about one of his culture conflicts, which is what's going on in the nfl games. we did see again yesterday there were players who used that moment to express feelings by
4:33 am
kneeling or whatever their particular display is. what do you make of this issue and his take on it? >> look, i can't explain the tweets. this is his form of communication and that's fine. but i personally think what we have to do at this moment in time is allow people to exercise their rights in any way they see fit that is appropriate under the law. whether you're in the nfl or you are a woman accusing a very powerful man of harassment, you should be heard. i get what the president is trying to do. he is in enormous power to sway on certain issues. but i personally think people should be able to express -- this is what makes the country so great. we fight so hard to maintain the democracy that we have. that people would die to live
4:34 am
under. but i can't explain donald trump's tweets on this issue or very many is others, to be honest with you. >> congresswoman, this is not going to be a quick fight in terms of culture, transparency when it comes to this behavior anywhere, let alone washington, d.c. we are not going to leave the story. the low fruit, that which must change and can change is what happened with these settlements, whether it's their existence, financing or nature of their disclosure. we will stay and cover it and be in touch with you. thank you for joining us, especially the day after thanksgiving. always good to see you. >> thank you, chris. good to see you. the search for black friday bargains. just what are the best deals, the hottest items for you. christine romans up next with tips to complete the holiday wish list. and why a pro football team chose us to deliver fiber-enabled broadband to more than 65,000 fans.
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don't blow your budget. many of you are still paying off last year's gifts. i don't recommend it. >> we know you have the consumer in mind, and we appreciate that. >> thank you. >> how is the weather looking today for your holiday shopping if you're not going to listen to christine? cnn meteorologist chad myers has your forecast. i hope turkey day was good for you, brother. >> it was, sir. i had one plate and maybe another one. it is cold out there. it is cold. i know it says 38 in new york, but that's downtown where all the buildings are. 21 in morristown. can weather brought to you by humana. start with healthy. it warms up tomorrow. a slightly better day tomorrow in new york city. back into the cool air for sunday. we'll call it cool. 50 and sunshine in new york city or d.c., baltimore. no one is complaining about that. it is a cold morning, nice after. the next cold front comes in. dreadfully hot in the west.
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l.a. will be 81. 50, 55, back to 45 for new york city and the same deal down here for the southeast as well. guys, happy day after thanksgiving. with puerto rico still reeling from hurricane maria, thousands are fleeing the island for florida. and it could alter the state's political landscape.
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breaking news in the middle east. egyptian state television reporting a terrorist attack at a mosque has killed 54 and injured at least 75 people. this happened during morning prayers in egypt's northern sinai province. a state-run website saying
4:46 am
gunmen waited outside the mosque and then opened fire on worshippers as they were fleeing. dozens of ambulances are on the scene racing the wounded to nearby hospitals. we will have a live report coming up in our next hour. be careful with those numbers, because they are going to change. the argentine navy has detected a sound. however, it is consistent with an explosion at the last known location of a missing submarine carrying 44 crew members. barbara starr live at the pentagon with more. this is news we were hoping for. we weren't hoping for it to have this kind of implication. >> reporter: good morning, chris. that's right. our hearts go out to the argentine military families as they face this holiday season. there is word about what may have happened. what we know now is that an internation international censor network picked up an acoustic reading
4:47 am
about five hours after the last communication from the submarine in the area where it was operating. that was on november 15th. you see that acoustic signal representation right there. what they picked up after they analyzed it was a short, sharp reading. you see that spike in the sound reading. when they analyzed it, they came up with a say that the short, sharp acoustic event perhaps most likely consistent with an explosion. it is not a natural event. it is not an under sea earthquake or volcanic activity. it was where there was last known communication from the submarine. >> barbara, thank you very much. difficult news but important to get it out. a south african appeals court doubled the sentence for oscar pistorius. they said his previous sentence
4:48 am
of six years for the shooting of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp was too lenient. the court increasing his sentence to 13 years, 5 months. the steenkamp family said the ruling is justice for reeva. she can rest in paris. a fleeing suspect deliberately ran a sheriff's deputy down in his vehicle. the deputy had just put down tire flattening sticks to slow down the suspect's vehicle when he was struck. the suspect is in custody and will face murder charges. a texas woman accused of sending homemade slows if's to barack obama and governor greg abbott. julie poff has been charged with six counts. she is accused of sending mail bombs to governor abbott, barack obama. a white house package was
4:49 am
detected during screening. but governor abbott opened his package. it was an explosive. luckily, obviously, it didn't go off. >> remarkable the fact that it didn't explode. >> listen, and they deal with a lot of this. >> yeah. >> so he got very lucky. thank good for that. and she's got heavy charges coming her way. >> yes, absolutely. two months after hurricane maria hit puerto rico, nearly half of that island still does not have power. since october, 170,000 residents have left puerto rico and come to st [ speaking in spanish ]. linda gonzalez, says starting her life over in florida is like being reborn as an orphan. she was forced to flee puerto rico after hurricane maria destroyed her home. gonzalez says she lost everything overnight.
4:50 am
she and her son joined a wave of evacuees arriving in orlando three weeks ago. some 170,000 puerto ricans have landed in florida since october 3rd, according to state officials. and while not all of them will put down roots here, many will. some are comparing it to the 1980 mario boat lift from cuba when 125,000 immigrants landed in south florida, reshaping state politics as a powerful voting block. the tide of puerto ricans has surpassed the boat lift and shows no sign of letting up. and unlike cubans, pouerto ricas can vote right away as long as they register. florida is a perennial swing state. trump won by just over 100,000 votes. and barack obama won twice. eight years after a flash finish, and subsequent recount handed the state to george w. bush in 2000.
4:51 am
the influx of puerto ricans could shift the political calculus. >> that group could be pivotal in a swing state. and so their impact and their effect on statewide elections, both for governor, u.s. senate and, of course, for president could be very dramatic. >> but political science professor, michael mcdonald, says white retirees from the midwest and the northeast, many of whom lean republican, are also pouring into the state. likely keeping statewide elections close for now. president trump toured the devastation two weeks after the hurricane. >> we spent a lot of money on puerto rico. and that's fine. we've saved a lot of lives. >> reporter: gonzalez says the federal government should have done more after maria. and she is still hurt the president said the people of puerto rico should do more to help themselves. it hurts. we're human beings, she told me. he should not have spoken to us in that way. a trained comprehensive,
4:52 am
gonzalez plans to stay here in orlando and rebuild her life. it's the sort of dream many of those arriving from the island share. as for 2020 and casting a ballot for trump, i asked her, would you vote for him to remain in office? >> no. no. >> reporter: athena jones, cnn, orlando, florida. a scary scene. a plane crashing on a freeway right in front of you. take a look at your screen. what would you do in this situation? we're going to tell you how one man went beyond the call of duty. next. hey, man. oh!
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-swing and a miss! -slam dunk! touchdown! together: sports! imagine this. you're on a busy highway. it looks like a plane is about to crash and hit you.
4:57 am
on the highway. that actually happened to one off-duty firefighter in california. cnn's stephanie elam tells us how this man jumped into action and went beyond the call of duty. >> it happened so fast. >> reporter: it's 9:30 a.m. the friday before the 4th of july in orange county, california. john mefford is driving southbound on the 405, one of america's busiest highways at the start of a big get-away weekend. a twin engine cessna trying to return to the airport. >> may day, may day! i lost my right engine. >> and my second glimpse is, i think this plane is going to hit me. all i see is a white flash, haze. the wing came across the front of my car. i have one big scrape across the front with, like, one dent. >> reporter: but mefford, who happens to be a captain with the avalon fire department, isn't thinking about that. he immediately starts running
4:58 am
toward the plane, which has crashed on the highway and is in flames. just feet from the runway. >> i didn't think anybody was going to be a survivor in that plane. it wasn't until i saw the passenger, her head pops up, just enough that i'm like, there's somebody -- there's somebody alive. >> reporter: mefford ushers the female passenger to safety before pulling the pilot off the plane. he and other drivers tend to the couple. both are injured, but lucid enough to answer questions. >> just breathe, okay? >> yep. >> any back pain? >> both were pretty bloody. i was really amazed there weren't more injury to them. >> reporter: frank and jannen both broke several bones in their backs. john was a hero. he went into a burning plane to save us. he saved my life and my wife's, because i know she would have stayed trying to help me. >> reporter: do you play that moment over and over again in your head? >> i play all of the what-ifs. going slower, going faster.
4:59 am
could have been a different turnout. we just had lots of angels. so i feel very blessed that i was safe, i was able to render care to them. >> reporter: an instance of the right place, right time, measured in millimeters and seconds. stephanie elam, cnn, avalon, california. >> it's amazing. >> i mean, the story itself is just wacko bizarre, right? something you never expect to see, except in a movie. what i love about men like this hero is he does everything that i would never think to do. i would run -- i would do everything the opposite of what he did. and then you see that there is not some myth of macho. you know. he feels. you know, he's scared. he's worried. you know, he tears up.
5:00 am
that is a human in full. and that's why he is better than i am. as a human being. but what a great thing to do to help those people in a moment of crisis. >> talk about right place at the right time. remarkable. we are following a lot of news. so let's get to it. fired national security adviser, michael flynn's defense team is no longer sharing information with the president's legal team. >> is flynn cutting a deal with special counsel, bob mueller. >> we're getting very close here to a potential showdown between the trump administration and the special counsel's office. embattled senate candidate, roy moore, is now going on the offensive. >> i don't know them. i've never known them. this was a complete shock. >> it's unclear exactly whether or not his campaign is planning to pursue legal action. >> i've been here a little bit more than 24 hours now. >> this black friday could be the last for some of america's retailers. >> maybe we'll see peopl


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