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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  November 24, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PST

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this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, everyone. welcome. i'm fredricka whitfield. breaking news out of egypt this morning. a vicious attack on a mosque in the sinai peninsula has left at least 235 people dead and more than 100 wounded. we're hearing reports that attackers even opened fire on the ambulances trying to get the wounded to the hospital. president trump a short time ago weighed in, tweeting horrible and cowardly terrorist attack on innocent and defenseless worshipers in egypt. the world cannot tolerate terrorism. we must defeat them militarily and discredit the extremist ideology that forms the basis of their existence, end quote.
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ian lee is following the story from jerusalem. what is the latest? >> fred recan, this appears -- fredricka, this appears to be the deadliest terrorist attack to hit egypt, at least in the sinai, when the militants attacked the mosque, when worshipers were going for midday prayer, with we're hearing from state media that at least two explosions went off. when people fled the mosque that's when militants also opened fire. as you said, when ambulances were coming to ferry the injured and dead away, they ambushed the ambulances as well and that death toll we've been watching it, it's been rising over the course of the day. we're expecting it to rise further. now egypt's president, abdul fatah el sisi convened his security council to discuss this attack. we're expecting him to make a statement later. those injured were taken to
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local area hospitals as well as cairo. among the dead were women and children, fredricka. >> ian lee, thank you so much. keep us posted. cnn has confirmed now that attorneys for michael flynn, the president's short-lived national security adviser, have shut down all communications with the trump legal team. that could signal that flynn is now cooperating with investigators or cutting a deal with special counselor robert mueller. flynn, an insider in both the campaign and the early days of the administration, could provide critical insights into the search for potential ties between the trump campaign and russia. meanwhile, president trump turning his attention to middle east peace efforts. this morning, wrapping up a phone call to his turkish counterpart and slamming his predecessors for, quote, the mess i inherited. first now the russia investigation and flynn's lawyers cutting off communications with the president's legal team. it comes just weeks after cnn reported that flynn was
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increasingly concerned about the potential legal exposure of his son in the investigation. cnn crime and justice reporter shimon prokupecz joins us now to explain more of this. shimon? >> yeah, fred. and it could be that concern about his son's exposure that is changing his strategy here. now we're told that wednesday flynn's lawyer called president trump's lawyers and said he could no longer share information with them, signaling flynn may be negotiating a plea deal or more significantly, that he's interested in cooperating with the special counsel investigation. people we've talked to weren't ready to make that leap, and they say this was expected. let me read to you part of a statement from president trump's lawyer. he said, no one should draw the conclusion that this means anything about general flynn cooperating against the president, jay sekulow, the trump attorney, tells cnn. flynn is facing a number of
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legal issues in the special counsel probe, including his lobbying work on behalf of turkey and contacts with russia, and remember, it was the former attorney general sally yates who back in january went to the white house, alarmed at flynn's communications, with the russian ambassador, saying he was compromised because he lied about the conversation to the vice president, which ultimately got him fired. and one other thing, fred, that we should, you know, remember, is that the president asked the former fbi director james comey to end the investigation of michael flynn, which as we all know, was now part of an ob be strux investigation. in the end this is a significant move by flynn's lawyer and we've reached out to him. he hasn't responded to us. it certainly indicates there is a change in the defense strategy for now. >> all right. potentially significant. despite the white house attorneys saying otherwise.
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shimon prokupecz, thank you so much. there is a lot to break down now in this michael flynn development so let's bring in our panel, national security analyst samantha, served on president obama's national security council. rebecca burg is cnn political reporter. page pate, a cnn legal analyst and criminal defense attorney. good to see all you have. page paige, let me begin with you. the president's attorney says don't assume this means he's cooperating, don't assume it really means anything. why else might flynn cut ties in terms of dialog with the white house? >> fred, there's only one conclusion that i would reach being a criminal defense lawyer for over 20 years, and that is that flynn is, in fact, cooperating or about to start cooperating with the government. i have been in many joint defense agreements like this and it is common in a federal investigation for multiple target or potential subjects for their lawyers to share information about the course of the investigation, evidence that they're developing for their defense.
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that's very common. the only reason you would peel away from that, you would back out of that agreement, is if you have a deal with the government and you're joining that team. and i don't think it's preliminary. you can have discussions, i'm sure flynn's lawyer has been talking about a potential plea deal back when he was asking for immunity. he's been under investigation before the special counsel even started in this process, so they've been talking about a deal. and to me, this means they've reached the point where he's agreed to do something and now he's trying to cooperate. >> and samantha, it was just six months ago flynn's attorney said he would plead the fifth unless he was granted immunity. he didn't get that. you know, if flynn is cooperating, does this mean the special counsel mueller could be cutting a deal? >> well, based upon my four years at the white house, i'm guessing that there are people in the west wing that are very nervous right now and here's why. the national security adviser doesn't operate as an island and he or she doesn't operate in a
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vacuum. every meeting including high stakes meetings are scheduled by someone, staffed by someone, and typically a formal read out of the meeting is prepared. for example, if we were meeting with the russian ambassador, i would staff that meeting, we would provide a formal memorandum for the record and typically the national security adviser would, in fact, orally brief the president in the next day's morning briefing. my sense is, that as it looks like flynn may be cooperating, people are getting nervous about what kind of knowledge may be disseminated about who knew what when. >> among those things, rebecca, flynn could give investigators a behind-the-scenes kind of glimpse about the campaign and the first few weeks of the administration which would include the fbi's director james comey's firing. how big of a distraction might this be for the white house? >> obviously a huge distraction. the president has described the russia questions as a cloud over his administration and clearly
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this shows that that cloud isn't lifting any time soon and that's going to be a source of frustration for the white house, for the president. certainly a distrack stion frome things they would like to be talking about. they've been dealing with this for weeks and months, basically for the whole administration, these questions but flynn is really a new phase for the president. look at someone like paul manafort who was the campaign manager, but was only in the fold for a matter of months, michael flynn is someone who is a very close ally of the president or was when he served in the administration and in the campaign. he was a valued surrogate for the president, a valued adviser for the president, so this really brings everything so much closer to the president himself and that is certainly going to be a distraction for the white house and a source of sh great concern, i think. >> and then paige, talk to me about what the scope of cooperation would mean? might it open up a new direction of the probe based on what flynn
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says? >> that's certainly possible. normally in a situation like this, if you have a client who may be cooperating or want to cooperate with the government, the lawyer will tell the prosecutor in this case the special counsel's office, look, if you give us a deal, this is what my client is going to say. and i think that information must be significant enough to the special counsel that they're willing to continue to talk to flynn's lawyer about some type of deal because i think based on what's been reported and out in the public, they had enough information against flynn to indict him a long time ago. so i think that carrot has been put out there by flynn's lawyers, you give us something and we have something in return to give you. flynn said that early on, i have a story to tell, or at least his lawyer did on his behalf. looks like now he may get a chance to tell it. >> samantha, based on the time working that you've had for the past national security adviser and what we know about flynn's past, in your view, you know, where is his biggest legal potential exposure?
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>> well, i think he has a lot of legal exposure when it comes to turkey and i'm guessing as well, officials in ana car are nervous as well. we know the president spoke with erdogan which is ironic and perhaps coincidental but general flynn registered as a foreign agent of turkey after he was fired from the white house. and we know turkish officials tried to pay general flynn $15 million to kidnap an islamic cleric. i think there's a lot of legal risk there and a lot of implications for u.s./turkey relations. >> and page, there are other reasons why a people would, you know, split off, lay out legal parameters, why a legal team stops sharing information with another legal team. what might they be? >> i really don't think there are any significant reasons why you would back out of a joint defense agreement unless you're cooperating with the government. i've seen it reported maybe from the president's legal team that
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well, look, sometimes a conflict of interest will develop, and that's true, that's when you're cooperating with the government. that's the conflict of interest. so i've not seen a situation in my personal career where i've had a client or a co-defendant or another targeted investigation say look, i'm not going to cooperate with you guys anymore just because i don't want to. the only reason it makes sense is because there's some type of cooperation in progress right now in my opinion. >> okay. and rebecca? >> absolutely. i mean, at the very least, the suggestion here is that mike flynn is in negotiations, we don't know for sure that he would be cooperating with mueller at this stage, but if you're the white house, watching this unfold, the subtext here is that flynn is prepared to plead guilty in some sense. i would be very nervous if i were a member of this administration right now. it's going to move the spotlight back on to the white house in terms of the russia questions. never something that is a
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positive story for them. >> all right. rebecca berg, page pate, sa t n than -- samantha, thank you. president trump announcing on twitter that he will fix in the middle east that he has inherited and in his words still have time to hit the links quickly. jeremy diamond is here with the latest on this. what more do we know about trump's call to erdogan and why the president feels so confident about fixing the middle east? >> well, it's a significant call because this week it seems like the president and a lot of key players in the region have been spending a lot of time focusing on the syrian conflict. we saw the president speaking with russian president vladimir putin earlier this week and putin also met with iranian -- the iranian leader ha san rouhani and turkish president erdogan and erdogan this morning speaking with president trump, the turkish foreign minister has given a little bit of a read out of that call and one point of
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agreement was reached is that the united states is going to now stop funding apparently, according to the turkish foreign minister the y pg, a kurdish militia in syria that the turkish government considers a terrorist organization. let me read you a part of the quote. our is discomfort regarding the provision of weapons to the ypg was concan vaed to mr. trump once again. trump very clearly said he had given instructions to not provide weapons to the ypg. that plan was aimed at helping the united states and its forces in syria recapture raqqah, which is, of course, the de facto capital of isis. raqqah was captured by the noersz october and so now we're seeing the decision by the president according to the turkish foreign minister to stop funding that group. that's going to make turkey very happy and appears good timing for the president since raqqah
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has fallen. >> how unusual we wouldn't hear that kind of announcement from the president of the united states? >> i hear that the white house is working on its read out of the call. we haven't heard yet confirmation from the white house. we have reached out. and on the golf front the president, of course, hitting the links quickly as he said with tiger woods and dustin johnson, two famous golf pros. >> not sure what that means. golfing seems like it's always lengthy. >> that's right. >> all right. thank you so much, jeremy diamond. appreciate it. north korea beefing up border security after a soldier's dramatic dash to freedom. new images revealing the work at the very spot where a defector recently crossed into south korea in a hail of gunfire. details on that. plus new information on the soldier's condition straight ahead. and, did amazon just kill black friday? early numbers indicating a major shift in how we shop and it isn't great for our brick and mortar stores. more people shop online
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new pictures this morning, north korea doing digging at the dmz, the demilitarized zone separating the north and south. this new photo shows the north apparently fortifying the border days after one of the soldiers defected by running across it. the highest-ranking official at the u.s. embassy tweeted this photo saying the north koreans have planted two trees and are digging a trench at the spot where their soldier crossed the military demarcation line. the defector was shot multiple times by border guards from the north at the very spot. s also new this morning, photos of an award ceremony for
8:20 am
the soldiers who helped rescue the defector. the servicemen received the army commendation medal they put their lives on the line while dragging the gravely wounded north korean to safety. the daring rescue captured on security camera footage released by the united nations command. the entire escape played out like a dramatic action feel with real life or death consequences. anna coren is in seoul with more details on the defection. >> you can see him moving at a good rate of speed. >> reporter: speeding down a deserted road on the dmz, a north korean soldier is attempting something the u.n. command says no one has ever done before. >> you will see some kpa soldier comes out of this building here as the vehicle quickly moves past them. >> reporter: using an army jeep, he drives to within meters the south korean border and under a rain of bullets from his own comrades he runs across the demarcation line, defecting.
8:21 am
there have been many defectors but this is the first one i want to praise for bravery. he was heroic. i never thought to do this because it's a suicide mission. the 32-year-old would know. he spent ten years as an officer in the north korean peoples army based on the dmz and while he thought about defecting he never imagined pulling off such a daring escape. instead, he crossed the border into china, made his way to thailand and then defected to south korea four years ago. and that's where he met his wife, also a deif effecter, who doesn't want her identity revealed fearing for the safety of her family back in north korea. conditions were harsh. everyone was hungry, even the soldiers, he says. the u.n. is sending rice and fertilizer and it goes to the ranking officials. many soldiers die from disease because they're not given medical treatment. the latest defector the third this year, suffered serious injuries to his arms and abdomen
8:22 am
from at least four bullet wounds. by the time he was medevac'd to hospital he had lost more than 50% of his blood and was almost dead. while surgeons were operating they discovered dozens of parasitic worms, some up to 27 centimeters long, which doctors say were the result of poor hygiene and malnutrition. back in the 1990s, famine and starvation plagued north korea, but the u.n. says malnutrition is still a major problem. more than 40% of the population is under nourished and one in four children face chronic malnutrition. and while north korean soldiers are generally treated better than civilians, life is still a constant struggle. this exclusive footage obtained by a south korean christian mission shows north korean soldiers physically plowing the soil instead of using livestock and here, they're foraging through a bird's nest hunting for chicks presumably to eat.
8:23 am
the pastor who heads the mission has rescued hundreds of north koreans. he says while this footage is bleak, it's not hunger that motivates defectors, but rather, the desire for freedom. north koreans are thirsty for the outside world and frustrated by the reality they face, he explains. those who defect including soldiers are hungry for information and have a strong desire to get out. he says he, too, wanted a better life, especially for his new family. and now working as a journalist, he occasionally broadcasts loud speaker messages to the north korean soldiers and has this message for his if fellow defector. congratulations on your defection, happy south korea. i wonder if you heard my broadcast and it helped with your decision. i hope we can meet and have a so june. >> sumi terry joins me now.
8:24 am
good to see you. when you hear more about the defection, how do you assess just how desperate the conditions might be there? >> oh, the situation in north korea is very tragic. it's very desperate. you've seen with this dozens of tape worms that came out of the soldier's body, the kind of health, poor health condition, hygienic conditions, that people are living in. this also shows that this information blockade that kim jong-un, that's breaking down. more information is getting into north korea. and so power of south korea is working. the soldier was listening to songs and soap operas and so on. i think it's beyond just trying to have better economic condition. they know more about the outside world and this is why i believe part of the u.s. government's policy has to be trying to bring more information into north korea. >> and what do you think now of this north korean remedy or deterrent now, this new, you know, forfication along the dmz,
8:25 am
trees, trenches, effective? >> no, i don't think that's going to be effective. of course this is how north koreans are going to behave and react. because defection through dmz is very unusual in the first case. i don't think they're going to be able to stop this flow. most people leave through north china border and this defection was heroic and brave because it's a fortified place. this is not usually how people defect. >> and what about the family members, if there are any? family members of this defector, what potentially could happen? >> they could be sent to political prison camps, you know, not good news, particularly because it's highly publicized. i think the family members are going to be in trouble. it's not going to be good news for them. >> would you also think that, you know, that defector would know that, that potentially he may not have any family left if the conditions are so horrible
8:26 am
and figured why not go ahead and take the rest? >> true. this is a young man. probably might not be married or have young children. usually that's a big deterrence when you have children you don't want your entire family to be wiped out. this might be a single man. and maybe parents are not even alive. or dead by now. >> yeah. north korean dictator kim jong-un has been rather quiet lately in terms of no recent nuclear or missile tests. and no real reaction to what just transpired. what do you think all of this means? >> well, i think there's more of a technical reason why no missile test. unfortunately provocation is forthcoming. it was going to come anyway with president trump's speech in the national assembly with relisting north korea as a state sponsor of terror. i'm afraid we should expect more provocation to be coming from north korea, including a missile test. >> all right. always good to see you. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me on.
8:27 am
all right. the u.s. navy has ended its search for three sailors missing since their transport plane crashed wednesday in the pacific ocean. the sailors' names are not being released until their next of kin can be notified. the navy plane was carrying passengers and cargo to the aircraft carrier "uss ronald reagan" when it went down. eight of the 11 people on board were rescued. the cause of the crash still unknown. president trump's former campaign manager speaking out on new developments in the russia probe. cory lewandowski claiming any bad behavior stops with a few of trump's former associates. and doesn't touch the president. but will that satisfy the special counsel? we'll discuss. patrick woke up with a sore back.
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welcome back. egypt's president vowing to respond with brute force after today's terror attack on a mosque in the sinai peninsula. state media reporting at least 235 people have been killed and more than 100 insxwrurds injured. it's believed the attacker set off two explosions during friday prayers and opened fire on worshipers as they fled the blast. some witnesses say the gunmen shot at ambulances as they tried to take wounded people away. so far no claim of responsibility. egypt has declared three days of mourning. and cnn has learned that michael flynn's lawyers have stopped sharing information with president trump's legal team. let's discuss this with cnn political commentator and republican strategist alice stewart, democratic strategist and founder of new blue interactive, taren rosen krantz
8:33 am
and comment stater and executive director of generation opportunity karen sheffield. alice you first do you think flynn is about to make a deal with the special counsel? >> it remains to be seen. it will be interesting to see what comes out of this. it's not unusual when you have joint cooperation agreements with different attorneys in the case like this when the heat comes closer to your client you pull out of that. i'll listen to what the president's attorney ty cobb has said that the president thinks highly of flynn but at the same time everyone has their separate path with mueller and jay sekulow says we shouldn't jump to conclusions on this. flynn has some issues. number one, being his lobbying with turkey that he did not disclose and his communications with russia. there is a good chance he and he alone will be paying the price for this and his son possibly but it remains to be seen what his coordination will be with the special counsel.
8:34 am
look, i've talked with a former senior staffer on the campaign and they say look, loyalty is a two-way street and some that feel that donald trump may not have been loyal to them so it will stop with them. it might be every man for himself but i don't think it's at this point appropriate to jump to any conclusions with regards to what this means. >> listen to what a former trump campaign manager cory lewandowski said today about this flynn news. >> mike is not a bad guy. he served his country with distinction for a long time. if he didn't fill out the paperwork properly and didn't disclose information and wasn't honest with the fbi like everybody else he should be held accountable. that's where it stops. never been any indication that president of the united states or anyone else within that circle of the president of the united states has done anything wrong and so if mike flynn did something wrong, he should be held accountable. >> all right. so taren, lewandowski says he is still talking to president trump all the time, but potentially is
8:35 am
this a sign that there might be some separation between those who are once on the campaign and the white house? >> absolutely. i mean, the biggest conclusion that we can absolutely draw from this is that flynn's defense strategy has changed. that's clear. thereby you can already sense and see it in the words and comments and tweets and everything they're talking in response to flynn that they're starting to separate him and say hey, he's a good guy but. the first words out of lewandowski's mouth. if he is going down that path we want to make it clear it's him and him alone and not us. they're backing off. >> how worried should the white house be? jay sekulow said don't read into this, it's premature. >> sure. well, you know, the president has always said he wants to make sure that if there were actors in his orbit was the words he used he wanted them to be held accountable and that's what he's been saying for the duration of the investigation. i don't think we should be surprised. we knew about the flynn problems more than a year ago. we knew about the other problems
8:36 am
with some of the other people in his orbit over a year ago at this point. so i don't think it should come as a surprise that this is happening. i will also point out that steve bannon told "the new york times" that the people who are coming to the campaign, flocking to the campaign, early on, he called them the island of misfit toys. it wasn't the establishment republican apparatus who had years of extensive foreign policy experience, years of experience filling out documents so if there was sloppiness or people in the president's orbit, they need to be cleaned up. this whole situation, i'm confident, you know, fredricka, i'm from missouri and utah and in those states people care about tax reform and what's happening to the country and the people of the country specifically in terms of kitchen table issues. >> isn't the concern in order to get there, in order to win that support and even trust on the hill to get some of the things done, you know, with this cloud of the russia investigation continuing to hover over the white house potentially it's going to stand in the way of getting those things done? it might be important to the rest of america. >> i don't think so if you look
8:37 am
at what's happening for the tax bill in the house, it passed, it's on track in the senate. see the grassroots groundswell organization that i help run, which is part of america's for prosperity, united with the conservative grassroots movement, working with groups, unified behind this. we're not distracted by as you called it the cloud. i think that there is, you know, certainly a sense that if there was improper action, all of us within the conservative movement we want people to be held accountable but we're not going to be distracted. >> flynn has always said he had information, a story to tell. he tried to get immunity. that didn't work. you know, but potentially what kind of deal, if there is deal making going on, you know, might be made? >> certainly what he also has on his plate too, fredricka, the concerns that some of this may fall to his son. both of them have been involved in this together. so any deal in my view would be for him to seek leniency from
8:38 am
the special counsel, if at all possible, because he doesn't want anything certainly to come on him and specifically his son. so working together with the special counsel will go to help ease that and as they often say, those who zeskooel get the best deal. we could see himself separate himself from the other defense counsel and remains to be seen. as cory lewandowski said today all the players we've seen so far, manafort, gates and flynn, if they have done something wrong and appears some of them have they will be held accountable. at this time while there's a lot of smoke, there's not been any real fire directly relating the president and the team to coordination with russia. so i think it's still premature to jump to any kind of conclusion on this but as we said a lot of folks are being held accountable for their wrong doings. >> quickly yes or no, all of this smoke, do you think that will stand in the way of a yes
8:39 am
vote on tax reform next week? >> i hope not. look, they can walk and clue gum at the same time as we learned in the house. a lot of issues whether talking about repealing individual mandate or adding a penny to the deficit, hopefully they'll iron all of those out and get the necessary votes needed to get this through the senate. >> taren, yes or no? >> i don't think he's going to be able to hold together this fragile coalition that he's got right now for the votes. mcconnell. it's going to raise taxes on more than half of americans and two out of three in the middle class. i can't see with so many senators up for re-election them taking such a massive vote against the middle class and saying that's okay and this cloud of all of this hanging over them, why stand with someone on something so risky anyway when you've got kind of this cloud and smoke kind of billowing and firing up. >> we'll leave it right there. thank you so much. alice taren, carrie, appreciate it. the black friday madness has arrived. have you been out in the madness? kind of unavoidable in some
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as congress members prepare to return from the thanksgiving recess, democratic senator al franken issued a new apology amid allegations of inappropriate touching, saying he, quote, crossed a line for some women end quote and vowing to regain the trust of his constituents. sunlen serfaty is in washington with more details on this. sunlen? >> yeah, fred, senator franken issuing this new apology and i think striking a much more of a reflective tone than the last few statements we've seen from him. he talks about how he's learned from these allegations, what
8:45 am
he's learned about his behavior but alsoing off, aga -- also ofg some sort of explanation for the conduct he says, quote, i'm a warm person, i hug people, but then goes on to say i've learned from recent stories that in some of these encounters i crossed a line for some women. i feel terribly that i've made some women feel badly and for that i am so sorry. let me say again to minnesotans that i am sorry for putting them through this and i am committed to regaining their trust. beyond a few statements like this, we have not heard much from the senator himself directly. he has not spoken out publicly on camera about these allegations since these stories broke. that is all about to change going into next week as you referenced, fred, the senate back in session next week after thanksgiving break most certainly he and all of his colleagues will be faced with these questions, faced with questions about his own political future, and i think this statement right now is an
8:46 am
attempt to reframe the week for him. the question, though, is will that be enough? these are serious allegations and he still has a lot of answering to do. >> all right. sunlen serfaty in washington, thank you so much. all right. let's talk a little bit about shopping. or not. those big crowds of black friday's past where are they? it seems to be missing thus far today. good news, though, for those who would rather not fight rowdy crowds for a good deal on a flat screen, but not so great for the brick and mortar stores. polo sandoval has more. no lines. >> reporter: incredible. some of the shoppers are still braving those crowds, but they're doing it on thanksgiving day. coming up this hour, what some of the retailers are trying do to keep that black friday shopping tradition alive. cancer challenges us.
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sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california. the black friday shopping rush is on. big retailers are trying to lure customers into their stores with door buster deals as always. hard core holiday bargain hunters are turning out, but the jam packed stores, long lines and frenzied shoppers that we traditionally see are not there. what's going on? tech ko respondents are looking at the shopping trends. inside the store at target in jersey city, new jersey. there are people back there and maybe it's not jam packed.
8:52 am
>> they mentioned the retailers try to lure people out with the word sale just about everywhere you go. it goes with the national retail federation is estimating. 150 people will be making the purchases. today will likely continue to hold the title of one of the busiest if not the busiest of the year. they are estimating about 59% would rather do their shopping from home than online. and the retailers are opening up their doors a day earlier on thanksgiving evening for the sales and as we touched on a little while ago, many people are choosing to simply stay home and make the purchases and much
8:53 am
better to go online rather than to stand in line to make their holiday purchases. >> that's exactly what's happening. people are right in front of their computers. does it look like black friday that we once knew are a thing of the past? >> fredricka, when you see them there without the big crowds, it gives you a better sense of why 2017 has been brutal for retail bankruptcies. a record number of store closures. retailers want a piece of the estimated $1 trillion you will see and black friday is crucial for them. average savings of 12% on jewelry, 18% on appliances and
8:54 am
electronics and home assistance and others. >> that helps pay for it. happy shopping to both of you. >> next, did michael flynn flip. that's the question for the adviser that cut ties with the whose. details on that straight ahead. voting is now under way for the hero of the year. here is one of this year's top 10 finalists. meet rosy better known as mama rosy who opened her heart and home to care for aids victims. >> so many orphans are left behind. we can build lives like that.
8:55 am
>> i have never turned any child away. most of them are awe bund ant because of hiv and aids. >> we feed them and clothe them. the basic things that they give them is the love. my wish is for their dream to be fulfilled. >> you can voez for rosie or
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hello again. we begin with breaking news out of overseas. egypt's president is promising to respond with "brute force " to what appears to be the deadliest terror attack ever on egyptian soil. the images you are about to see are graphic. more than 235 are dead at a mosque in the northern region. witnesses say the attack started with an ied going off in a building adjisent to the mosque. gunmen


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