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tv   Wolf  CNN  November 24, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> i want to welcome viewers in the u.s. and around the world. a quick update on breaking news. london police are investigating the center of the city. police responded to a number of reports of shots fired on oxford street and underground station at oxford circus. they heard people screaming and running from the tube station there at oxford circus is one of the biggest in the city. shops, cafes and office buildings in the black friday holiday shopping time.
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let's bring in phil black in london. phil, i understand now that police are finding no evidence of an attack there. it shows the level of alert on the reaction they had to this. >> on the street level at oxford street itself. in the circus underground station. that's a potential terror incident and so far they found no evidence of casualties and shots being fired. no casualties except for one woman experienced minor injuries as she was fleeing the station. this is as you have been saying a busy area on a friday night. i have not seen this area so busy for a long time.
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as witnesses have been telling us, there have been moments like panic and fear as people have fled. we have spoken to the people who did flee the area and we asked them why they were running and they said because they saw other people running. there were so many people here and that fear and sudden efforts to escape as quickly as possible. it shows how seriously the police have treated and this they have plans in place for this area. it's always busy and considered a potential threat in a city that has known terrorism as it has. and they put the plans into effect very, very quickly.
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an efficient clearing and the police were taking this incredibly seriously. the latest intricated they have not found anything to warrant the degree of fear and panic we have been witnessing here on the streets of london tonight. >> certainly a relief to see how quickly they can respond to the sign of a possible incident. in london and in egypt, a day of prayers turned deadly. 235 people killed and another 109 injured on an attack on a mosque in the north sinai as the death toll rises. welcoming know one of the deadliest ever on civilians in the area. president trump is condemning the attack tweeting the world cannot tolerate terrorism. we must defeat them and discredit the ideology that forms the basis of their existence. we covered the region and joins
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us now. this attack seems brutal and reports that the people in the mosque were drawn by a small explosion and the shooting started? tell us how it went down. >> this is a well coordinated attack, jim. hearing from eyewitnesss, you are right. we are told that there were two small explosions that took place outside the mosque to cause panic for people to leave the mosque. that's when gunmen opened fire on the people. those who remained inside the mosque, they went inside and executed them. so far 235 people have been killed. we were told that ambulances trying to get there to ferry away the injured and the dead were also ambushed by the militants and we are told that they couldn't get there until security forces had come in and secured the area.
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this bears the mall mark of theizes attack. they carried out attacks like this. this underscored the battle against extremism in the northern part and really other parts of the country as well. >> and the threat that isis with pose as they lose their home base on the ground for us there. thanks very much. now where michael flynn's lawyers stopped talking to donald trump's lawyers. that raising the question of whether flynn is talking about a possible plea deal. flynn was fired as president trump's national security adviser. you may remember following false
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statements about conversations with the russian ambassador and he has been under further scrutiny for business dealings overseas. jeff joins us now from west palm beach, florida. neve, any reaction from president trump's legal team to the flynn equipments? >> general flynn was the beginning of much of this russia investigation. the president's lawyers are suggesting that it doesn't lawyer he mean that general flynn is cooperating with bob mueller. one of the president's lawyers said this. he said it's not unexpect and shouldn't be seen as an indication of cooperation. no one should draw the conclusion that this means anything about flynn
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cooperating. the reality is as this investigation moves along, they believe it is coming to a head here. after the other two advisers who were indicted a month ago. and the fact that they are no longer talking raises questions of him cooperating and most people believe in the next week or two there will be a type of a charge or announcement about general flynn involving the investigation. >> par expect the white house lawyers to downplay the significance of this. the campaign chairman is indi indicted f crimes.
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do they let on to more nervousness than you are seeing? >> not that they weren't expecting, but this is perhaps coming to a head here. candidate trump had an existing relationship and urged the president to have a closer relationship. the nervousness is that they are closest to the inner circle to anyone who would be in discussions with bob mueller's office. not unexpected and everyone knew he was at the center of this. and it is still a question. was there collusion between the trump campaign and the kremlin? general flynn is one of the people who investigators may
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believe have answers. as this comprehends to another chapter in this, general flynn is at the center of what the next shoe is to drop if one drops at all. >> traveling with the president, thanks very much. if michael flynn is playing let's make a deal, that could have extreme legal and political implications. joining me now to talk about it, cnn legal analyst, if i can begin with you, what's your take as a lawyer. >> it's significant. typical typically they have a mutual interest. it means their interests no longer align. either flynn is cooperating or trying to negotiate a plea
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agreement for himself and probably his son. >> you can make the most confident statement for the lawyer as you like. you have the former campaign chairman manafort indicted. rick gates and we are not talking misdemeanors here. 10 to 15 year sentences here if convicted. you have his former national adviser and certainly on the investigation it appears in talks with the special counsel. what is the real level of nervousness. >> we have to keep an eye on the president himself. when he is nervous or angry, he tweets about it. no matter what they say. it really is. i think we should be -- as we always do, keep an eye on the twitter feet and see how far the white house goes to distance themselves. he was a minor player when we
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know that is not factually accurate. it never stays quiet very long. >> no one knew who he was. he had roles and conversations with that length of time. this shares of information with legal teams in an investigation like the russia investigation, how common is that? you say it works when interests are aligned. what should we expect to happen next? first is he may have something relative to the core issue between the trump campaign and russia and russian poxies and wiki leaks in particular. he may also know about whether or not the president spoke to
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comey about his investigation. perhaps we will say i will take care of this. [inaudible] . >> sorry, we are losing you and have a slight audio problem here. let me go to jack tow correct the problems with michael gerald on here. to his point, you have a lot of pressure at a minimum surrounding this administration. this is the way lawyers often operate. you try to put pressure on to the next one. that appears to be what robert mueller is here. >> you see michael flynn's son being put into the conversation. the son was the chief of staff.
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it's interesting. they are looking at things that did not involve the trump campaign. the trips that michael flynn took to russia. some of the thing things he forgot to report in the administration. they are finding these pressure points in order to increase the likelihood that someone like michael flynn might talk about something else. >> coming up, north korea making dramatic moves against their own soldiers after one escaped in a really just daring run for his life. a possible rift between secretary of state rex tiller and the white house as he is snubbing ivanka trump. we will be back with more.
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which is the only egg goody enough for my family? only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. welcome back. now to north korea where an interesting picture emerged. digging a trench at the spot where a defector crossed into south korea last week. you may remember the dramatic pictures. let's discuss with global affairs analyst with the woodrow wilson center. looking at this, first of all, it was dramatic picture as the soldier runs out and surviving out of this gunfire. they have replaced the soldiers on the border there. what does that tell but the state of play? >> this one defection, i think
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it speaks about the status of economic conditions. when they open the guy up, they found the parasites that is a clear reflection of sanitary and nutritional issues with respect to north korea. blocking a trench and you say that the north korean centuries were replaced for their sake not executed. it shows a category of sensitivity. it is a police state, but a high degree of sensitivity to anything that remotely suggests a degree of unhappiness let alone a willingness of soldiers to defect to the south. in the end i think that's the threat that south korea poses to the north. every day they look in the mirror and what they see is a i have brand south korean economy with all of the things that they
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aspire to. >> i want to you listen to what they said about the conditions in the country. have a listen. >> continues were harsh. everyone was hungry, even the soldiers. the un is sending fertilizer and it goes to the ranking officials. many soldiers die from disease because they are not given medical treatment. >> if the understanding was that the soldiers, particularly those stationed at the border got the best food, resources, et cetera, it seems that the soldiers not getting that anymore. i wonder if that's a sign of weakness? >> it could be a sign that sanctions are having an impact. those who actually protect the president. it's a sign that this regime is prepared to allow the people to suffer and starve and die.
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that's a serious problem when they are trying to bring it against their own public. >> that's a sat reality and i want to speak about the russian who is accused of pumping weapons into japan and south korea calling it a disproportionate response and shifting the blame from north korea to the u.s. how significant is russia's stance? >> they have been complaining for the last couple of years with respect to what they consider to be the reckless strategy towards north korea and we have an annoying tendency. the reality is that china and russia do not see north korea as the primary threat. the chinese fear us and the united korea with japan and the united states encroaching on the
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borders far more than the nukes. and it will be hard to endiagnosis them as key players with the leverage to be forced into a negotiation. >> thanks as always. >> thank you, jim. happy thanksgiving. >> the president only admits to playing golf when he name drops. why he is teaming up with tiger woods today. >> al franken delivering a new message, the first since more women have come forward saying he groped them. the details on that are ahead. fd and puffed... like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out,
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>> al franken served up a little humble pie and pinned a message in response to allegations that he sexually harassed at least two women. i'm a warm person. i hugged people. i learned in some of those encountered i crossed a line for some women and i know that any number is too many. i feel terribly that i made some women feel badly and i'm so sorry and i want to make sure it never happens again. while he apologizes, roy moore is denying any wrong-doing and calling the allegations for multiple women against him part of a spiritual war. moore faces sexual assault
10:28 am
allegations from several women including two that were 16 years old or younger at the time. he denies he did anything wrong and said he never met the women. on facebook he posted this message to supporters saying we are in the thick of the toughest spiritual and political battle of our lives and cannot thank you enough for the constant out pouring of support and love. voters in alabama will pass judgment on roy moore next month and congress may pass judgment with ethics investigations for both senator franken and congress john coniers. "the washington post" said the same needs to be done for president trump. he defended moore and attacked franken. here's part of the op ed. a kind of judgment day arrived for men who thought they got away from the misdeeds. they are going to conduct and investigate the multiple believable allegations of
10:29 am
conduct against trump. if they are true, the president must be censured. here with me now is contributor david fairen hold and senior congressional correspondent. a gold call from "the washington post." realistically, republican-controlled congress. >> the house and senate republican controlled, but i think this clearly hare the undercurrent of this story as we talk about allegations not just in the entertainment and news industry, but on capitol hill. this has been the undercurrent the fact that the president has multiple allegations on him as well. the voters knew that when they elected donald trump. that makes it more awkward when you hear him talking about someone like judge moore. >> a gentle word. you have franken, coniers and other allegations and concerns about others on can capitol h l hill. is there fear of this expanding
10:30 am
to other sitting members of congress? >> there is. some have reported and other organizations are as well. there is a concern that there are the moore stories. they tell you if that's likely true. the office of compliance had $17 million in settlements, not just sexual harassments and workplace disputes. in the case of john coniers, he settled with the woman and that came from his office budget and not from the office of compliance fund that we talked about so much. that makes me think that not only is this a problem that we know it's going to be difficult to quantify. there is going to be secrecy about it. during the holiday, as you know, you often hide the fax that he plays golf, but today he was bragging about it because he had a special friend with him. tiger woods was golfing today.
10:31 am
what's the interest? >> there is a interest relationship. trump organization which he still owns developing a golf course in deby and tiger woods is one of the people hired to design the golf course. there is a business relationship there. >> i thought he promised not to do overseas business after the election. >> the business was done in 2014. they continued doing business, but this is not a specific example of that. >> we know his business activities have come under scrutiny since before and since he has been elected. that's the under statement of the year. has his business grown or drunk? >> a lot of domestic business. seems like the presidency is pulling business. the trump hotel in d.c. where they see the administration and you are going to lobby them and
10:32 am
stay there and get a leg up. that place is doing extremely well. exceeding expectations. so many other places in the golf courses and hotels where there is no direct tie to the trump administration and they are losing money or struggling. the best example was when the jewel of the trump organization's hotel business in lower manhattan announced they were taking the trump name off and they were giving up management of that property. >> when you look at this as often any real question about trump or any politician has seen through the lens of which party you support. any evidence his supporters are concerned about these practices? >> i haven't seen that prior to the president being elected and most recently i travelled to states who heavily went for trump. i talked to voters and i heard a lot of concern that the
10:33 am
mainstream media is not giving him a chance. they see that as the product of the washington machine and the swamp and they are not concerned about this. >> the president is staking a lot on a tax bill coming out of this. you have the house that you wanted before thanksgiving. some some senators are coming out in support. where is the count? >> there is not a count yet. everyone is taking bets. it's no secret ask they need a legislative win. that's something they have been driving towards this year. the refrain we have to get it done before christmas and get the sign on his desk to sign before christmas. it will be a big week in the senate for this bill. i think it will go through many iterations before they reach a point where they are potentially there, but a lot needs to happen. we saw this grappling with
10:34 am
whether you include the individual mandate and will that be enough? what after that if the senate votes and reconciliation. it's way too easy for a whip count. we know this is the w they all need. >> david, pretty clearly, no matter how you slice the bill, the benefitted are concentrated at the top. wealthy americans, wealthy businesses. there is disagreement about how much the middle class gets a tax cut and for how long. they said the cuts are short-lived and not that great. there are increases at the lower level. is it really a victory? do you think trump supporters and republicans call it a wine no matter what the math is? even if they are not taking much from it even if most republican voters are not? >> if you look at the opinion polls, anyone knows what's in it. the consents have been changing. the bill is unpopular. not quite as much as health care
10:35 am
which is worse than bed bugs, but this is polling poorly. i think trump and the republicans count it as a win. what their supporters will think in a year or two years when it hits them, i don't know. >> thanks very much. happy thanksgiving. thanks for coming in on the friday. did michael flynn flip in robert mueller's russia investigation? i will ask one member of congress to respond to flynn's team stopping communication with the president's lawyers. plus, the feds say a woman mailed bombs to former president obama and one was open. we will have details after this. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make. everything. what's in your wallet?
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a woman has been charged with mailing bombs to a texas politician, president obama, and the social security administration. it was detected in a screening. the package sent to governor abbott was opened by the governor himself. the only reason he didn't explode is he opened it the wrong way. a close call there. he was linked to the packages after catture hair was matched to her pets. officials say she was upset her appigation for social security benefits had been denied. a search for a missing submarine. what the argentine navy said about the missing sailors. details are next. uma therm an blasted harvey weinstein about the sexual assault allegations against him and a warning of more to come. alright, off you go.
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>> new signs president trump's security adviser michael flynn could be cooperating with investigators. a source said flynn's attorneys have shopped sharing information with the president's attorneys, a sign that there is now a conflict of interest. you will recall in march flynn tried to seek immunity. his lawyers said his client had a story to tell. i want to bring in gary meeks of new york. you worked as a prosecutor and assistant district attorney. you worked as a judge as well. do you see that as a possible
10:46 am
sign that flynn may be seeking a deal or cooperating? >> absolutely. it doesn't happen by coincidence that you are firing one attorney and talking to another saying you are not going to be able to communicate. it was something that i would north to say you want to work with me, you cannot communicate with the other side. there is no question that there is something that has taken place between mr. mueller's office and mr. flynn's and his attorneys that said he should not have any further communication with the attorneys. >> the special counsel is privy tow details that we don't have, but the non-reporting income and failing to register as an agent for a foreign business and contradictory statements about communications with russian officials. which do you see as having a largest potential for actual
10:47 am
charges connected to them. >> i think it's wide open. what flynn will give you the opportunity to learn as a prosecutor is the wide scope of what was taking place within the trump campaign at the time. who they were talking to and what was the practice and patterns of individuals. what were their goals. there is a whole avenue of items that could be looked at and information that could be gained from mr. flynn who was an integral part of the trump administration or the trump campaign and the early parts of the administration strategies. >> you will remember back in march, flynn tried to seek immunity for his testimony. are you aware of deals he made with not the special counsel, but investigators? >> i'm not aware of any deals he made thus far. i'm sure he is quite concerned about the mueller report and the federal prosecutors because they are the ones who can put him and
10:48 am
his son in jail. i'm sure he is listening to them and attorneys and i would think if he had anyone looking out for his best interest, they would say that's what his focus should be. therefore to make sure he is talking with mr. mueller and the attorneys for the prosecution to cooperate with them, there has been a deal or something struck there and that is the only reason why all of a sudden there would be noncommunication between him and the approximate the's attorney. >> congressman meeks, switching gears to the issue of sexual harassment as it relates to the hill, john coniers has been accused of sexual harassment and you called on him to resign and kathleen wrights also from new york wants him to resign from congress. listen to part of what she said. >> because enough is enough at this point. what i am voicing is what every single private citizen is saying
10:49 am
across america. why are the rules for politicians in washington different than for everyone else. >> how do you answer that? do you think that your colleague should resign from the house? >> no and i don't think the rules are different from anyone else because we see that one of the biggest isms we have is sexism and not just racism. you r you see sexism throughout america. we have to make sure we are talking about it everywhere. whether it's in hollywood or corporate america or the street. and we have to make sure we can stamp it out.
10:50 am
and he indicated he did nothing wrong. and while it is in a process of review i reviewing and he should step aside and should nothing be there, they are i have to ask you, it seems that the congressional set, the way it responds to these kinds of accusations is fundamentally flawed. the accusers have to sign a nondisclosure agreement. there seems to be something that gives an advantage to the accused over the accuser the private sector have been moving much more quickly.
10:51 am
>> the process has to be reviewed. we with found too many cases. i don't want a scenario where anyone and particularly on the hill where they are touched where they shouldn't be touched. clearly statements like the president made that you grab somebody because of your position or you're a celebrity, that's wrong. we have to review it. the american that's complaining is not in a position where he or she can do or cannot do so. that process needs to be reviewed and we need to fix that. there's no question about that. >> washington post editorial is calling for a congressional investigation of those women who have accused the president of sexual misconduct. would you support such an investigation? >> i think yes. i think we need to go through those types of investigations
10:52 am
throughout. i think it's the only way that finally we will get -- the scenarios that have been taking place for years in this country. i think what has bchb taking place is now prevalent. he said what he said and he would do it because he felt he was entitled to it. yes, i think we need to look at the president and anyone else there's a practice in mat ea earn -- pattern in assault and the illegal touches of another person. >> thanks very much for taking your time. >> good to be here. anch a tragic development, what the navy says about the missing sailors. >> and dozens of people killed at a mosque. we are learning how attackers
10:53 am
lured them out of the mosque. ah, dinner.
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not giving up in the search far missing sub marine. they said we keep searching. crews in a dozen countries have been involved by air and by sea. the navy lost contact with the sub nine days ago. barbara, we are hearing they my be vowing to continue to search. >> that's right. the argintine navy -- they picked up an a kusic signal about five hours half the
10:58 am
submarine last made contact. is signal was very short, very small. it indicated it was not a natural event. they believe that what they picked up was the real possible that there was an explosive event on board this submarine. they communicated it to the a gener argintine government. so very grim news for military families in argentine. >> it is not the first time they have been called in to asigs like this?
10:59 am
>> sit a group of dozens of nationals that ban together with a sensor network to monitor for nuclear testing. because they are so expert in a kusices and geology, they actually went and looked at their sensor data to see if they picked up any akusic. that information is with mh-370 investigators and years before that when a russian sub marine went down they were able to look at their sensor network and try to pick update th-- some data. it is one of the most respected groups out there. they are k looing for nuclear tests but they are able to help in some of these other circumstances. >> add news for 44 military
11:00 am
families there. the u.s. has been involved there as well. thanks very much. that is it for me. you can follow me on twitter. the newsroom begins right now. thank you for being with me. breaking news out of egypt. 100 plus injured and 200 killed at a mosque. it happened at a mosque in the country's region. we are told at least two explosions drove worshippers out of the mosque where the gunmen were waiting to ambush them and start shooting. witnesses say the attackers also fired on ambulances responding to the scene