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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 29, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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verified, purportedly show muslims murdering a teenager, smashing a statue of the virgin mary, and beating a disabled boy. so they came from this woman jada franzen this leader in britain first which has been con visited of a british hate crime. just before leaving for missouri the president declined to explain his retweets. >> [ inaudible question ] why did you retweet an anti-muslim video? >> so let's go back to missouri where ably phillip is standing by live covering the president there. packed house. would he know he's just touched down shaking some hands before he heads toward the venue where you are, abby. obviously, like jovial, people getting pictures of him. but, you know, you think about this, and you think about the videos that we have seen, as we just described, how is the white
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house explaining this? >> reporter: it's yet another controversy. today was supposed to be taxes but instead we are talking about these really unvetted videos that no one frankly knows whether they are real or not. and it's unclear whether the white house even knows that. two white house officials today declining to answer questions about where these videos came from. take a listen to a little bit of what sarah huckabee sanders told reporters outside of the white house this morning just before the president left for missouri. >> i think his goal is to promote strong borders and strong national security. >> but is it important to verify those videos before he tweets them? >> look, i think it's important to talk about national security and national security threats. whether it's a real video, the threat is real. and that is what the president is talking about. that's what the president is focused on is dealing with those real threats. and those are real no matter how you look at it. >> so it doesn't matter if the video is fake? >> look, i'm not talking about the nature of the video.
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i think you are focusing on the wrong thing. the threat is real and that's what the president is talking about. >> reporter: so, brooke, sarah huckabee sanders is really turning this debate around, making it about the media's fixation with the origins of the video saying that the white house is talking about terrorism. but a source close to the white house told cnn today that aides within that building are resigned to this type of behavior from the president. they do not believe that there is anything they can do to stop him from tweeting at this point. another source close to the tax reform effort which is the president is here to talk about today is expressing a little bit of frustration this this kind of behavior is distracting from an overall effort to get this bill passed. today is supposed to be a big day in which they are going forward with another procedural hurdle. but no one is talking about that right now. and the president is many coulding here to missouri to try to reset the narrative.
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let's see if he'll do that and address the controversy he stirred up with the retweets this morning, brooke. >> it was a victory. the tax plan, getting through committee yesterday. why not tell that instead of these retweets? i know a the lo of people scratching their heads over something so entirely disturbing. abby phillip, thank you, in missouri. and the president still in the crowd shaking hands. we can stay on this for a bit longer. but you no he what there are ramifications of these retreats in this country and around the world. the out cry in great britain what the president has done, and including response from huz of a murdered member of cabinet. cox shot by a man who shouted put britain first as he attacked her. and heard her husband said saying trump has should be a
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shamed of himself. hearing from the mp's husband but also now theresa may jumping in as well. >> i covered cox murder. i was in northern england at the time of it and saw the revulsion at the way the britain first sheik was before she was very brutally attacked in such a fashion. >> murdered. >> now, the british formal response came from theresa may, the prime minister. and if you look at what she said, she basically says it is wrong. britain first seeks to divide communities through the use of hateful narratives which pedal lies and stoke tensions. british people overwhelmingly reject the rhetoric of the far right. so she's telling it wrong, et cetera, et cetera.
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but what they will be is irritated and frustrated. there is nothing they can do about it. the president has chosen to make the unacceptable, acceptable one against by doing this. and they will be scratching their head where the foreign offices are and saying this is what donald trump does. we have to respond. we have to fight back. but there is it really nothing we can do other than making the noises. >> it's incredible just hearing the reaction. not just in this country, right, but reading mp at the end of one of his tweets, he basically saying, i don't want him to come back to my country, to come back to my city, president of the united states. >> what's angela merkel going to do, in germany, trying to put together a coalition, or indeed the prime minister of spain who has catalonia blowing up, what
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are they going to do? they still need to keep the united states on their side. and what anybody may think, donald trump is the president and will be for the next three years. >> i know. thank you very much. richard quest more on this here. let's have a bigger conversation with two guests here. former throughout governor of south carolina. wow, where to begin. thank you both for being with me. and, you know, first to you, we talk about the u.k. but let's talk about this country, this is a week i'm losing track of time, was it yesterday, two days ago, pocahontas happened. tweeting about still trying to pick a fight with the nfl. now these retweets from this right whing extremist one of the videos showing a boy being dropped off fa roof and beaten. are you concerned with the competency of the president of the united states? >> i'm concerned with the
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character or lack there of of the president of the united states. and i think the most important thing for americans for all of us is not to get numb about all of this. it's easy to get numb because there has been now so many instances. muslim ban. transgender ban. charlottesville response. nl. kneeling. anthem. the this. the that. the arpaio pardon. so many instances where what donald trump does is divide and try to conquer. divide and placate and pan der to his base. but forget the rest of america. and frankly the rest of the world. and it's easy to get numb to it. we have now had a year of it. but we cannot. we cannot let these things go. we cannot look the other way. we can't shrug your shoulders and say there he goes again. we have to be outraged and reject each and everyone of them. and this one in particular because it's an international incident. it's not only in our country, you now beyond our borders.
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>> you heard the statement from the british pm, andre, i know you oftentimes, we bring you on, you defend the president. can you defend him in this situation? >> absolutely. i agree with anna. we have gotten numb. we have gotten numb to the continual victimization of american people by people who come over to this country to cause us harm. this is a war of hate against american values. and the president ran on this. he continues to talk about it. he continues to remind us about it. and it is a war. and we have continued to let too many people in this country unvetted. and at one time when you came to this country you had to work hard and show that you wanted to be part of this country, now we have let the opposite in. we have let people come into this country done terrible things to us, happened in the u.k. today. they have places where police won't even go anymore. so to not address this situation would be a detriment to what the president of the united states needs to be working on. and furthermore to continue this
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feeling that everybody wants to do wonderful things is not true. there is a narrative here that needs to be addressed. the truth ain't pretty. and the president is continuing to stay on what he got elected on. and that was that we do need to restrict certain people and we do need travel bans and need to have many things to try to stop what is coming into this country that is not intended to make us a better place to live. >> i don't know about -- i'm not feeling cumbaya, and i'm with you on the truth withholding bad people accountable. i think the issue is this is the president of the united states choosing to retweet this person in this group. this person has been convicted of a hate crime in england. and this is the president espousing that rhetoric from that kind of person. why is that okay? >> it's not okay. >> the president is -- >> it's simply not okay. and as long as people defend
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him, when he's doing something in defensible, he's going to continue doing it. if we want this sort of behavior to stop, if we want him to start behaving like a president, people have to stop defending in defensible. enough already. >> i need to challenge you a little more. because add to go this the reporting from "the new york times" where the president is still behind closed doors maybe believing in one of these conspiracy theories, number one the access hollywood tape, the president saying that was him, acknowledging it and apologizing it for it, he's still talking about how he lost the popular vote in the election because of this widespread voter fraud which, ps, is not factual. and then, lastly, he is back on this bandwagon of questioning the authenticity of president obama birth certificate. i come back to this question, andre, is there something wrong
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with him? >> well, for example, the birth certificate -- >> who do we explain that? >> i hear this, but how do we know that. >> how do we know what? >> there is always the rumor mill going. how do we know he's back on tha birth certificate issue? the president is different type of president, he's going to focus on what he thinks is important regardless of the political implications or media says about him. >> don't facts matter? >> absolutely facts do matter. but we do know there is disproportionate coming not only this country that other countries that want to do harm to us and this president is focused on addressing it. and we had a president before that didn't want to call them out by name. so it's a different way to govern. it's not one that makes everyone so comfortable. >> you are not answering my question with regards to lies with the access hollywood type
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and last bit of reporting from the times. go ahead, anna. >> i hear your point about competency. and i think you are making a very good point. it's a very good question. because, listen, what we have seen with this president is he comes time and time again to the same theme, whether it is a lie, whether it is an exaggeration, whether it is a complete imaginary conversation or fabrication. whether it's numbers at inaugural crowd. whether it's the nfl fight. this guy is a broken record. so you ask yourself the question, is he mentally competent, why is he repeating himself over and over again? i don't know what he'll do with the extra time when the nfl season is over? what's he going to dpo start picking on the nba? you have to worry about his competency when he becomes a broken record repeating it over and over again. it doesn't make first the first time and doesn't make sense the 1,000 times he does it.
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>> i want to hear from you lastly. because if you are hearing a president saying black is white and up is down, and serious crisis, most notably north korea, what's the message to americans from him? why should americans listen to him? >> because most of the time he turns out being right. you all laughed at him, look, my building was wiretapped. guess what he was right. you laughed at him when he said he would win a primary. you won. but so often he's right. and from an american citizen who is concerned about our safety i'm glad he has not forgotten about his promise to try to make america safer. this is issue going to come up before the courts. continues to come up before the courts. and he's going to do all he can, whether it be travel bans, all he can, to restrict people that he thinks is detriment to our community and way of life. and i commend him.
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i'm glad he has the backbone to not bow down and to continue to fight what i think is a serious, serious issue and probably the most issue for the president of the united states and that is safety for the american people. >> you got the last word. andre bower, i appreciate you and your conversation. anna, i'm not quite finished with you yet. i want you in the next conversation with matt lauer the forever "today" show host shocking revelation he's now been fired from nbc news for inappropriate sexual behavior at work. what we know about his allegations and how his coworkers responded to this. also involving ha u.s. airline, while thousands of flights scheduled around the kris christmas holiday are without pilots to fly those planes. that story ahead. and we are live in missouri waiting for the president to give a speech on the american tax plan. that happens moments from now. you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. for your bra.
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some breaking news now that could affect your holiday travel plans. listen to this, american airlines says a computer glitch has left them without any pilots over christmas. this glitch allowed all of american pilots to take vacation the week of christmas. whoops. jason carol is with me now. that's not going to work out. >> ouch. one of the headlines had it best, they are calling it the glitch that stole christmas. and that pretty much says it all. >> that's a good one. >> basically what happened was a computer glitch that by mistake, obviously, gave too many of these pilots the day off. and so now american airlines
12:20 pm
really has itself in a bit of a glitch here. they released a statement saying we are working diligently to address the issue and expect to avoid cancelations this holiday season. we have reserve pilots to help cover flying in december and paying pilots that pick up certain open trips 150% of their hourly rate. that's what they'll be paying them. as much as we are allowed to pay them per the contract. we will work with the apa, that's the pilot's association to take care of our pilots and to ensure that we get our customers to where they need to go over the holidays. part of the problem with that is we are hearing, brooke, that the pilot's union is urging crews not to take some of these assignments because it might violate union rules. the union contract. so at the end of the day here you have american airlines saying everything is going to be all right. we are going to get these pilots back to work. not so sure that's the case with what the pilots union is saying about this.
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we'll have to stay sustained. brooke. >> you can imagine if you are being handed christmas and all of a sudden they want to take it back and you made plans, i would fight that one. jason carol, thank you so much very much. and, wow, he's early. president trump talking taxes in just a second there in saint charles, missouri. let's step in. ♪ i love this land, god bless the usa ♪ >> i told you that we would be saying merry christmas again, right. and it's great to be back in missouri. assi a sign of a lot of good things. and i want to thank attorney general and josh is josh.
12:22 pm
our next senator, where is he? he's going to be a great senator. and he wants to see a major tax cut. i think i can speak for him, right? and your current senator does not want to see a tax cut. that's not good. that's not good. he wants your taxes to go up. secretary mnuchin who is doing such a fantastic job, thank you. and linda mcman, everyone knows administrator, small business became big business under linda. she's helping a lot of people. thank you very much. i also want to thank the delegation, sam graves, are you here? they all flew in with me. they wouldn't miss that flight. vicki heaartley, thank you. billy long, first endorser
12:23 pm
practically, thank you. blaine look meyer, thank you blaine, he was great on television today. i watched him. i got up early and i watched you. that was a good interview. thank you. very much in favor of tax cuts. jason smith and ann wagner. thank you jason. thank you, ann. i have two others. i have a lot of faith in faith. sally faith. where is sally? your mayor. hi sally. thanks sally. and eric smith. missouri state treasurer. thank you, eric, doing a great job. just two months ago we came to this state to launch a plan to bring back main street by cutting taxes for american families and small businesses. today i've come back to this incredible state to spend an afternoon with its amazing citizens. you are amazing. to help push our plan for
12:24 pm
historic tax cuts right across that finish line. we are going to do that. with your help, we can usher in a tliling new era of opportunity and growth for this nation that we love so much. tax cuts have already passed the house of representatives. [ cheers and applause ] >> big ones. the eyes of the world now turn to the united states senate. the successful vote in the senate this week will bring us one giant step closer to delivering an incredible victory for the american people. massive tax cuts and reform. i don't mention the word reform because people don't know exactly what we are talking about. for years, they have not been able to get tax cuts. many, many years, since reagan. and the problem was they talked about tax reform, not tax cuts. i said don't call it reform. call it tax cuts, and reform. so every once in a while we'll
12:25 pm
add the name reform. but it's tax cuts. we cannot sit, right, that's the governor, we cannot sit identically idly by and watch ourselves as they continue to takeaway our jobs because their tax codes are more competitive and less burdensome then ours. that's why we must cut our taxes, reduce economic burdens and restore america's competitive edge. and it's already happening. look what's happening with our markets. people get it. [ cheers and applause ] if we do this, then america will win again like never, ever before. a vote to cut taxes is a vote to
12:26 pm
put america first again. we want to do that. we want to put america first again. it's time to take care of our workers. to protect our communities. and to rebuild our great country. we have spent almost $7 trillion in the middle east over the last 16 years. $7 trillion. now i'm taking care of it. we are doing numbers like isis has never seen before. we are wiping them out. terrorists, they are bad. and all of that, but we've spent almost $7 trillion. we could have rebuilt our country four times over. and we are going to start spending here. we are going to start spending here. [ cheers and applause ] and with that being said, we are going to protect our country, whether it's north korea, we are
12:27 pm
going to protect our country like never before. we are going to buildup our military. and make our product here and make our planes and boats and everything here. but we are going to buildup our military. but we've got to start focusing on our country. that's why i'm saying america first. make america great again. you've never heard that expression. all those hats. all those hats, they never heard that expression before. that was a good expression. and it's a true expression and happening way ahead the schedule. this beautiful city of saint charles is perfect place to deliver this message. it's where past and future come to light on historic brick line main street. nice street. do you agree?
12:28 pm
[ cheers and applause ] it was along these very streets that in 1804, the great american explorers lewis and clark gathered their final supplies before setting out on their very historic expedition of discovery. i have to say, i didn't really know that until two days ago. see, see now the world is watching. look at all the fake news back there. they are all watching. today more than two centuries later new generation of american pioneers begins its own adventure. gathering inside the start ups and store fronts of main street across the country, blazing new trails, into totally uncharted territory of business and technology. and once again leading our nation into a future of limitless potential. that's what we have in this
12:29 pm
country. we have the greatest people. it's the greatest country. i love this country so much. our country was not creattreate properly for a long time. we are treated it with love and with this. we have to treat it with this. and today just as it's always been, main street is the heart of our economy, the sole ul of you're community, and the birth place of american dreams. but over the years crippling taxes, and massive trade deals. oh, the trade deals. i get a headache thinking about who made these deals, one after another. wto. nafta. the wonderful deal with south korea. remember they said it will produce 2,000 jobs, and it did
12:30 pm
for south korea. we lost 200,000 jobs. it turned some of our businesses mainstreams into empty ghost towns. you've seen what has happened. now we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to reclaim america's great destiny. we have already made tremendous progress, far greater than i would have thought. i'll tell you this in a nonbr nonbragging way, there has never been a ten month president that has accomplished what we have. that i can tell you. [ cheers and applause ] today again the stock market has reached another record all-time high. the unemployment rate nationwide is the lowest it's been in 17
12:31 pm
years. and 13 states this year have seen unemployment drop to the lowest levels in the history of their state. and i hate to tell you, but missouri happens to be one of them. [ cheers and applause ] we have created nearly two million jobs, two million jobs, think of that. we used to lose millions. now we've created two million jobs since i won the election. and i want to say since you won the election. i didn't win the election. you won the election. and we will create countless more. and we can sustain the 3% growth rate we have achieved for the past two quarters. but we are going to do much better than that. remember, i used to say we can hit 4. and we can hit 3. and they were all saying forget it, forget it. it was 1.2. it was doing terribly. we were flat. we were even.
12:32 pm
in all fairness the stock market was going this way. and now we are hitting numbers that nobody thought possible, certainly in this time. and the numbers going up there be much better than anybody answer anticipates. and in fact they are going to say trump is exact opposite of an exhib a exaggerateor. they are going to start saying he should be a little more optimistic. because his predictions were low. can you believe it? a year and a half ago they were saying he can't do that. now they are saying, hmm, that was quick. but by the way the commerce department announced this morning that our gdp, that's the big one, in the third quarter grew even faster than they reported previously. they made a mistake. they were too low. they had it at 3%. by the way, 3%. did you ever think you would hear that in less than a year?
12:33 pm
and now it comes in at 3.3%, which is the largest increase in many years. and if we didn't have the hurricanes, we would have been at 4%. the hurricanes were devastating. and i said they are worth a point. they said they were worth .006. but i said they were worth a point. we would have been at 4%. maybe even over 4%. but we had hurricanes. we took care of them. in texas. in florida. they did a great, great job, amazing job, tremendous leadership, and we are very proud. puerto rico has been a very tough situation because of the fact that it was in very, very bad shape before the storms ever hit. but they are doing well there. and it's healing and getting better. and we are getting them power and all of the things that they have to have. but i want to tell you that a lot of brave people in every
12:34 pm
state. we have great, great people, and it's our number one resource, believe me, really great. but in order to achieve this bright and glowing future, the senate must pass those tax cuts. bring main street roaring back. that's what's going to happen. this is all done without the tax cuts. and i'm not sure that people even believe the tax cuts. i want to see what happens l and the big day will it be either tomorrow or the next day. i would say do it now. we are ready. i said to the republicans, these are good people, and they get hit hard the senators and congressman, but they are all working hard. it's not so easy. it's complicated stuff. it's not so easy. but we had an incredible session yesterday. and i think we are there. that's why i said can we do the vote today? what do i know, we are a business guy.
12:35 pm
can we do the vote now? they said how about friday. i don't want to wait until friday. right, billy, can we do the vote, get me to vote. well, billy already passed it. and then what happens if it passes, it goes into this beautiful committee, i call it a pot, and we mix it up and stir up and bring all the best things out, and you'll have something i predict that will be really, really special. so right now it really is. it really is. so right now america's tax code is a total dysfunctional mess. the current system has cost our nation millions of american jobs. trillions and trillions of dollars. and billions of hours wasted on paperwork and compliance. it is riddled with loop holes that let's some special interests, including myself in all fairness, it's going to cost me a fortune this thing, believe employee, believe me. this is not good for me.
12:36 pm
me it's not. i have some wealthy friends, not so happy with me. i keep hearing schumer, this is for the wealthy. well, if it is, my friends don't know about it. i have to explain why. now, it is great for companies. because companies are going to bring back jobs. and we are lowering the rates very substantially. but right now we are bringing the rates down from 35%, which is totally noncompetitive. the highest industrialized nation in the world by far, and we are bringing it all the way down to 20%. but that's good. [ cheers and applause ] that's good for everybody in the room, whether you have a company or whether you want a job. because we are going to bring back jobs. and what we've had is a massive giveaway to foreign countries, which encouraged businesses to relocate offshore. and you've seen what's happened before this. because as bad as our tax code is, we have toyota, we have big
12:37 pm
car companies coming back in building plants in michigan and other places. we have a lot of businesses coming back in. and they see what's happening. they see what's going on. that's why they are doing it. our current code is giant, it really is, it's a self inflicted wound. it's been that way for so many years and nobody wanted to do anything about it. but all that will change. and it will change immediately if congress sends a tax cut and reform bill, the biggest tax cut in the history of our country, bigger than reagan, if they send it to my desk, i promise all of the people in this room, my friends, so many friends in this room, it's a great state, i promise you, i'll sign it. i promise. i'll not veto that bill. [ cheers and applause ] there will be no veto.
12:38 pm
under the plan moving forward in the senate, a typical family of four earning $75,000, as an example, will see their taxes go down by as much as $2,000. that's a lot. now, we are doing that not just to help people, we are doing that because it helps our country. you are going to take that $2,000 and maybe you'll save some and maybe you'll spend some. and we'll make product back in our country. it will be made here and it will be made elsewhere but it will be made here. we are opening up plants. we are opening up factories. and we'll be great to small business. wait until you see the final product. wait until you see what finally comes out in what i call the mixer. the beating heart of our plan is it a tax cut for working families. that's what it is. we are going to make sure that
12:39 pm
you keep more of your hard earned money, we are going to make sure also that you have a job that you want. you are going to have choice. education we know have choice. good word. here you are going to have a choice. you are not going to have one job. you'll have a choice of many jobs. people are moving back into our country. under our plan, the first $12,000 of income earned by a single individual will be totally income tax free. zero. and a married couple won't pay one dime of income tax on their first $24,000 of income. zero. our plan will significantly increase the child tax credit and make it available to more middle class families. because the single most important investment our nation
12:40 pm
can make is in our children. do we agree? do you agree? you better agree. [ cheers and applause ] families will also benefit from a new credit for other dependents like a child in college or an elderly loved one. we have our mothers, our father is, you have your grandparents, you have people elderly that have done a fantastic job, they've grown old. you want to help them. now we are going to help you help them. [ cheers and applause ] we are also going to eliminate tax breaks and complex loop holes taken advantage of by the wealthy. who are they? i don't know. i think my accountants are going crazy right now. it's all right. hey, look, i'm president, i don't care. i don't care anymore. i don't care.
12:41 pm
some of my wealthy friends care. me, i don't care. this is a higher calling. do we agree? as hillary said, what difference does it make? it made a difference. it made a big difference. it made a big, big difference. we want a tax code that is simple and fair. and that's for all americans. the plan that senators will be voting on this week, hopefully as soon as possible, closes the loop holes that corporations use to shift their profits to tax havens annie eliminates deductions for ceo salaries over $1 million. you see what some of these people are making. a little ridiculous. i'm driving up their stock. they are making a fortune. then they go to their board and saying what a great job they are doing. but what am i going to do.
12:42 pm
and many of them honestly i don't like. some of these bankers i don't like them and they are making a fortune. and it's one of those things. steve knows a couple of them that i'm talking about, doesn't he? they say what a great job they do. right now anybody could do their job. because we are making it easy for them. because we are giving them a great and strong economy. and because we have cut regulations more than any president in the history of this country by far. and that's for full terms, that's not for ten months. and it allows builders to build. and it allows farmers to farm. you know what i've done for farmers. where if you had a little puddle in the middle of your field, you go to jail if you touch it. right. you know what i'm talking about. not anymore. not anymore.
12:43 pm
not anymore. and it allows bankers to lend. it allows bankers to lend again. so many people came up to me and they said we had a 20 year relationship with the bank, we never had a default, never had a bad loan. now we go back to the bank and they say we can't do business with you anymore. because they don't qualify. even though they are better than the people that do qualify. it's incredible. but we are back to the strong days of our banks. and not to the days of trouble. preback. where bankers can make loans and community bankers can make great loans to good people. you saw what happened recently where the certain agency or bureau that was causing so much trouble to lenders where they could not lend. they just couldn't lend. it was devastating. they were going out of business. well, we are taking care of that. we are taking care of a big part
12:44 pm
of that. and yesterday we saw we won the lawsuit. so we have to give back to business. our focus is on helping the folks who work in the mail rooms and machine shops of america, the plumbers, carpenters, cops, teachers, pipefitters, people that like me best. actually, the rich people actually don't like me which is interesting. and that's fine. you know what, i like that trait. but really the people that like me best are those people, the workers, they are the people i understand the best. those are the people i grew up with. those are the people i worked on construction sites with. [ cheers and applause ] all of the people who give their best each and every day to take care of their family and the country that they love. these are incredible people. they came out to vote for me. they came out to vote for us. people that worked hard, two
12:45 pm
jobs, three jobs, that hadn't voted in many years because they never had anybody they wanted to vote for. and they came out, i'll never forget, in tennessee, a great congressman, told me that early voting said i'll tell you what we just went through four days of early voting, at that time it was mr. trump, now they say mr. president. but it was mr. trump. he said, and if the other parts of the country are like what's happening in tennessee h peop, are coming from all over tennessee, they haven't voted in years, now they have trump shirts and they have trump hats, and they have trump pens, and they have everything trump, and trump pens, and he said i've never seen anything like it, and i've been a politician for a lot of years. and if it's anything like tennessee, you'll have one held of a victory. it turned out to be a lot like tennessee. and it turned out to be a lot
12:46 pm
like missouri. that i can tell you. [ cheers and applause ] because we had a big one here. and i promised josh that when he gets it going, and he's got it in very good shape, from what i hear, everybody said josh, has to be josh. who is going to run against him? josh. josh. i said when you are ready you have my word i'm going to come and campaign for you. we have to get you in. it's not enough for the middle class to keep getting by. we want them to start getting way ahead. we are going to have them start getting way ahead. under our plan middle class families will not only see their tax bill go down, they will see their incomes go up by an average of around $4,000. and that's because we are going
12:47 pm
to cut taxes on american businesses, so they will compete for workers, they'll raise salaries, business is going to be happy and workers are going to be happy and the country is going to be a happy place. although we are going to have very strong borders, please remember that, okay, please remember. we are going to have the wall, don't worry about it, we'll have the wall. we don't forget that wall. a lot of people say now that he got elected is he going to build the wall. the answer is absolutely. i think more so. it's not easy dealing with the democrats. they want to have people pour into our country, illegals, they don't care where the held they come from, they want to have them pour into our country, they want to raise your taxes. they don't want to take care of your military. and all they are good at, frankly, is obstructing. they want to obstruct. but you know what they may
12:48 pm
obstruct, but we have gotten through all of the obstruction so far. we'll keep it going, believe me. [ cheers and applause ] today america has one of the least competitive tax rates on planet earth. 60%. think of that. 60% higher than the average in the developed world. so our taxes are 60% higher. on my recent trip to asia, every single one of the countries i visited, even those with communist governments has slashed corporate tax rates and/ed them dramatically. and it's very tough competition anyway. but when the taxes are a lot lower, it recommendly makes it very tough. and that trip was a tremendous success. you know, we brought back $250 billion in contracts, that's going to be over a trillion very soon. that's a very good week and a half work.
12:49 pm
boeing came back with contracts. some of our companies came back and i'm proud of them and we are doing great. but at the same time we are going to fix trade. because trade is unfair. we are getting killed on trade. so we'll fix on trade unless anyone would like to continue with the horrible situation that we have. our plan gets america from the back of the pack, and it will bring us right to number one where we were for years, but where we haven't been for decades. we are going to be right back at number one. and we are going to work on trade. but we are also going to work on military. when we defend nations that are very wealthy and we do it for almost nothing. i say why are we defending this em? we love them. i won't mention names. but there are a lot of them. we love them. they are wealthy. one of them has a cash flow that
12:50 pm
they say is unsustainable it's so large. think of that. how would you like to have an unsustainable cash flow? they don't know what to do with their money. and we defend them. it's going to change, folks, we'll defend them. but they are going to treat us fairly.but when their taxes are lower, it really makes it veand, many years ago when we defended a defeated country and then they became strong and then they became rich and we just kept the same defense. what happened? why didn't anybody go in and negotiate? and when i was in asia, i spoke to a couple of the countries about it and they looked like this. you know what this is? that means they know they're getting away with murder and they've got to start helping us out, okay? so if you don't mind, i'll start bringing that up with some of our good friends. we're going to cut our tax rate
12:51 pm
to the very competitive number of 20%, as i said, and we're going to create jobs and factories will be pouring into this country. they already are starting. a lot of people think it's going to happen. i don't want to say anything. i'm not going to talk about it. i thought we had health care, and we will have health care. it's going to happen. soon as we get the taxes, we work on the health care. we're going to happen. because we thought we had the votes and then we -- something happened a little strange. that's okay. when you lose by one vote, then it's called you go back. you know, some people said, oh, you failed with health care. i said, what do you mean we failed? we didn't fail. and, by the way, what happened, what happened is obama took a long time, years, to get obamacare, right? again, ten months. we've had two runs at it. we're coming closer, closer. i think now we have a plan that's going to be great, but we're not talking about it until
12:52 pm
after taxes and then we take care of health care. then we will have done tax cuts, the biggest in history, health care, phenomenal health care. i know you don't want this, welfare reform. does anybody want welfare reform? [ cheers and applause ] and infrastructure. but welfare reform, i see it and i've talked to people. i know people they work three jobs and they live next to somebody who doesn't work at all. and the person who is not working at all and has no intention of working at all is making more money and doing better than the person that's working his and her ass off. and it's not going to happen. not going to happen. so we're going to go into welfare reform, unless billy doesn't want it. billy, am i okay in saying that i speak for you? he said yes.
12:53 pm
you've got a lot of friends out there, billy. well, we'll also cut taxes for the millions of small businesses that file as individuals. and that's going to come out of the hopper. it's getting there and it's going to be better and better. we're reducing the tax burden on businesses of all sizes and of every single kind. as a candidate, i pledged to fight for american jobs. i think it's possibly the number one reason i got elected. and i think we've done a lot better at this point than anybody ever even thought possible. think of that, 2 million jobs since the election. 2 million more jobs in this country since the election. nobody expected that. excuse me. i didn't even expect that. but, you know, you cut those regulations and you give people spirit and incentive, and when you have the highest ratings in terms of confidence that the
12:54 pm
country's had in many, many years, maybe ever, things happen. the tax cut will mean more companies moving to america, staying in america and hiring american workers right here. so that's so important, right? small business groups across our nation, retailers, restaurants, manufactures, grossers, contractors support this plan. we have tremendous support for this plan. tremendous. because these massive tax cuts will be rocket fuel -- lil rocket man. rocket fuel for the american economy. he is a sick puppy. cassandra purlea. where is she? hello, cassandra. i met you back there.
12:55 pm
she and her mother terry -- hi, terry. they own a jewelry store on main street right here in st. charles. they make really beautiful hand-made jewelry. i got to see some of it. i would have taken it in my previous life, but now if i do, they don't like that. we're not allowed to take jewelry, right? but they make it right here in the heartland. it's beautiful. our tax plan will ensure that cassandra and can growing her business, keep creating jobs, keep giving back to the community that she loves and just make her more and more successful. i assume you like that, right? good. randy schilling is also here. where is randy? randy. hello, randy. he's the founder of opio. that's an interesting name. it's called opio start-ups and a member to a dozen small
12:56 pm
businesses in the st. charles area. he's a mentor. he really mentors a lot of the businesses and he's respected. he also did a terrific job renovating the old post office on main street, something i know something about, old post offices. did he do a good job, by the way? i hear. they said, yes, randy. if he did a bad job, i'm going to stop right now and just say, good luck, randy. they said you did a good job. i know you did. randy knows firsthand how the high tax burden is holding america's small businesses back and our tax cut plan will unleash them to thrive like never before. he understands our plan which will provide relief from horrible, crushing unfair estate tax also known to many as the death tax. we want to make it easier for loving families to pass on their life's work to their children.
12:57 pm
it would be nice. it would be very nice, right? that's a tough one. the democrats -- the democrats fight that one i think harder than any other thing that we're doing. they fight the death tax. they don't want it. they don't like it. they don't want it. it's one of those things. but that is one of the hardest things, i have to be honest -- i see people right here, they're obviously very rich and they love their children, right? in this group. they love their children. they're very rich. they want to pass on what they have without having to have the kids sell the property, morning up half of it. but the biggest problem we have on that one, these democrats are being brutal. and, you know, i call them obstructionists but they want to stop the estate tax, they want to stop the death tax from, you know, being rescinded. but we're going to try our best on that one. our economy will receive another enormous boost as trillions of dollars in wealth that's parked overseas will be able to come back to our country. now, this is one that's
12:58 pm
interesting because for years republicans and democrats agreed. you have apple and you have these great companies having billions and billions of dollars overseas. now who doesn't want the money to come back? but to show you the lack of leadership that this country had in the past, the republicans want it and the democrats want it. and nothing ever happened. you could have passed that one easy. in fact, we're just throwing it into this bill. i could have had a separate bill on that one, i think, don't you agree, fellas? i could have had a separate bill on that one and gotten it passed in record time, but i figured i'd put it here because it is actually popular. but it used to be $2.5 trillion. you know what that is? trillion. money you can't bring back in. it's prohibitive both in complexity and the amount of tax you have to pay. so nobody brings it back in. $2.5 trillion, but $2.5 trillion i've been saying for six years. i think it's $4 to $5 trillion. all of that money is coming back
12:59 pm
into the united states and it's going to be invested in our country instead of sitting and helping others. we want our own help. [ cheers and applause ] right? it's sort of an easy one. last year, american multinational companies left more than 70% of their foreign profits overseas because the current tax system penalizes them for bringing that money back home. they actually get penalized. our plan switches to a territorial tax system that encourages companies to return their profits to america. right here to the united states. where that money belongs going back to work for you. territorial. if we want america to thrive in the 21st century, then we must stop running from the competition and instead we must start totally winning and winning and winning again.
1:00 pm
remember when i used to say we're going to win so much? we're going to win that the people of missouri are going to go to your governor and they're going to say, governor, please go see the president. we can't stand winning so much. remember i used to say that? right? i used to say it and that's what's happening. that's what's happening. and then the governor's going to come to that beautiful historic oval office. he's going to say to me, mr. president, the people of missouri cannot stand all this winning. they don't want to win so much. they love the old way. where they had lousy job numbers, lousy economic numbers, lousy -- they loved it. please, mr. president. please -- and i'll say, governor, i don't care what they say in missouri, we're going to ke