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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  November 29, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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>>. >> go high, go as high as you can go. >>. >> now, that's how to make brand recognition stick on the ridiculist. good luck, velcro. cnn tonight starts right now. this is cnn tonight, i'm don lemon, breaking news on the russia investigation jared kushner has met with robert mueller's investigators to answer questions about michael flynn. we're going to have more on that in a moment. plus, new details on the stunning firing of matt lauer today 36 hours of out of control behavior from president trump, retweeting hateful anti-muslim videos, attacking the free press. reviving his racist birther conspiracy theory against
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president barack obama. is president trump fit to serve? we'll discuss all of that, i want to get straight to our breaking news tonight. a cnn exclusive, we're learning tonight, that senior white house adviser jared kushner has met with the special council's office as part of its investigation into russia's meddling inned 2016 election. good evening to both of you. what did robert mueller's team want to know from jared kushner? >> well, it's clear to us. from our sources that the special counsel is kind of tightening the noose on former national security adviser michael flynn. and we know that they asked to meet with jared kushner, they met with him for about 90 minutes, earlier this month. and that the conversation was really focused on flynn. and as you know, there are questions, very serious questions about michael flynn,
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his conversations with russians, his meeting with the former russian ambassador kiss llyak wh jared kushner was in attendance. there are a lot of situations where their they were in meetings together. our sources are telling us that in fact jared kushner was probably in this interview a witness more than anything else. >> pamela brown to you, now. jared kushner's lawyer, what is he saying about all of this? what does this mean for michael flynn by the way. >> abby lowell told us his client has voluntarily cooperated with all the relevant inquiries and will continue to do so. basically saying he's cooperating momentarily with the hill investigations as well as the mueller investigation. it's worth pointing out, typically a defense attorney would not let a client do an
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interview like this. by all appearances, he's a witness, and he was a witness in this interview about michael flynn. it indicates that michael flynn could be in trouble as we've reported. there are indications he's working on a plea deal with robert mueller's team. the noose is tightening on michael flynn. clearly they are trying to talk to people jared kushner included to build a case here. >> let's talk more about that. what is known about the relationship between flynn and kushner? >>. >> what we know is, i think kushner at some point liked michael flynn.
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the president was a big fan of flynn's as you know he was the first person with brass on his shoulders to endorse him. i think jared kushner began to like him. i think he and flynn intersected quite often whether it was dealing with foreign nationals that wanted to meet with the incoming administration. it would make a lot of sense that if the special council is preparing a case. against fwlin, they want to make sure that what they -- the information they have is not contradicted by what jared kushner knows. they don't want to be surprised by anything 37 so it made an
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awful lot of sense when we were learning this today, that they would want to talk to kushner about this. >> what does this mean then? is this over? they're done with jared kushner? >> no, not necessarily. this was an interview that happened earlier this month. this was primarily about michael flynn. as we know, kushner was there for many parts of this investigation, including the firing of james comey which we've reported. witnesses have been asked about kushner's role. we know through that that mueller's team is interested in that. he had a meeting with a russian banker during the transition. wouldn't be surprising to say the least, if kushner is called
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back for other aspects of this investigation beyond michael flynn. >> just a quick question, i'm not sure who can answer it, is it -- has the white house stopped responding on these issues and referred people to the council, whoever the attorney is? >> look, i -- the white house has made it very clear, counsel inside the white house who are working on this, they believe that jared kushner is not in any legal jeopardy, they really believe that he is very ancillary to all of this, he's cooperated in answering all their questions. you see the statement from kushner's attorney saying he is cooperating. and they say that there's no their there regarding the issues pamela was talking about. the person we haven't heard from is bob mueller. >> thank you, pamela, thank you, gloria.
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i want to bring in a former prosecutor. candidate for illinois attorney general. you heard of the conversation there, you know what the breaking news is what does this tell you about the investigation right now. >> mr. mueller's investigation has many different aspects of the investigation. so, for example, mr. kushner was asked questions about general fly flynn. that makes sense, everything we've seen and heard lately is that mueller was trying to put pressure on flynn to cooperate. that makes a lot of sense. mueller's also investigating other matters, they made some good points about how mueller's investigate i investigating the firing of comey.
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we know there's a search warrant executed. what i think had a viewers need to realize, he's into the going to be issuing some grand indictment with charges against a whole lot of people in one fell swoop. >> so just to be clear, nothing about this suggests that kushner did anything wrong here, correct? >> not as regards to flynn, that's right. i agree with the reporters, if his attorneys thought there was any significant criminal exposure for kushner as to flynn, they would not have let him go forward with the interview, that does not mean that kushner is clear and out of the woods as to other aspects like not reporting things on his disclosure form or the firing of james comey or handling of date if a, et cetera. >> is any of this and i don't
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know if it has to go to a court first. is there the possibility of perjury in anything that's taken place with jared kushner so far? >> that's a great question, don. when you are interviewed by an fbi agent. even if it's not under oath, anything you say to the fbi agent is a crime if you're lying to the fbi agent. if you knowingly, and willfully make a false claim to the fbi agent. they always have an fbi agent sitting next to them. that's one of the reasons why, the fbi agent is taking careful notes. if mr. kushner made a false statement to mueller and his team during one of those interviews, that is a source of liability that's why when you represent someone like mr. kushner. you have to be careful about
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permitting them to speak to prosecutors, any misstatement could be used against them. >> here we are. thank you very much, i appreciate it. when we come back, 36 hours of unpresidential and out of control behavior from president trump. as he continues to promote falsehoods outright. is he fit to serve? getting a bad haircut. overcrowded trains. turnstiles that don't turn. and spilling coffee on themselves. but for everyone else, there's directv. for #1 rated customer satisfaction over cable, switch to directv. and for a limited time get a $100 reward card. call 1-800-directv
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president trump has said and done things that are not only un presidential, they're out of control. he's used the firing of matt lauer to advance his false claims of fake news and to spread wildly inappropriate accusations against media figures. he's retweeted hateful anti-muslim propaganda videos. videos that are completely unverified. he's attacked the free press. cnn attacks literally puts lives around the world he's a defended and accused child molester. he's tried to cast doubt on this access hollywood tape. >> i'm automatically atracked to beautiful -- i just start kissing them. it's like a magnet when you're a
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star, they let you do it. you can do anything. >> grab them by the pussy, you can do anything. >> he continues to believe that barack obama was not born in this country. he publicly repudiated it. >> barack obama was born in the united states, period. now, we all want to get back to making america strong and great. thank you. >> a source telling cnn, the president believes he would have done better in the polls, if he refused to back down on birtherism. and in the face of a worseni ii crisis with north korea, he said this today. >> these massive tax cuts will be rocket fuel -- little rock et
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man. rocket fuel for the american econo economy. he is a sick puppy. >> this is the president of the united states. who should be leading us now. he has millions of lives in his hands here and around the world. it's frightening his behavior raises questions about his fitness to serve. good evening, i'm looking forward to this conversation, anna, the retweets, the numerous conspiracy theorys, everything we have seen and heard over the last few days, is this president unraveling? >> i don't know. i can tell you from an untrained eye, it looks weird.
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it makes me recall people that have early on set dementia, people that are in the early stages of alzheimer's, his constant repetition, he goes back to the same themes over and over again. he continues repeating the same lies. the same fabrications. picking the same fights, he's been going on with the nfl now and the athletes for months. i don't know what he's going to do when football season is over. start picking on what? kindergarten? it is weird, his repeated lie on the number of -- on the electoral vote, on illegals voting, on the inaugural crowds. it's downright weird. and to look the other way and pretend this is normal is to be in absolute denial. >> jonathan maggie haberman had a was on earlier, she noticed a marked difference in the last few days. >> do you think it's the russia
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investigation in what is it? >> i think there's something to the fact that he's down at mar-a-lago over thanksgiving, he's talking to friends and advise mirrors who are saying a lot of things to him. he's not getting the kind of credit he thinks he deserves. he comes back and sees stories that are critical and he vents. i think it's the fact that here it is, we're almost in december. i think he really wants this tax bill to get the monkey off his back. he is consumed by the press conference, he doesn't think it's giving him the kind of credit that he's due.
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>> it's the press's job to report the facts. you would think in order to get that victory, he would stay on message. >> here we are on the doorstep of him signing a major piece of legislation. >> it would be a major accomplishment for him. >> the first big thing he would do this year, the senate moved tonight to bring the floor friday or saturday. the votes appear to be there. this would be a big deal for m him. why is he spending this week on all manner of tangents on twitter. it's hard to understand. >> has it occurred to you guys that we're the crazy ones and this is strategic on his part, and he's distracting us? >> i wonder that all the time
7:20 pm
the retweeting of white supremacists, the nfl fights, the fights against cnn, we're not spending the time scrutinizing every little bit of this tax bill, which is going to affect each and every american a lot of us in negative ways, he's got us chasing the shiny object. part of me thinks he's crazy. part of me thinks we're crazy. >> we spend a lot of time covering. we did a town hall last night more than an hour and a half. if you're a journalist, if you're being demonized by this administration, i think that's important as well, if someone's tweeting unverified racist websites, that's important to cover as well let me bring you in here, i want to read this from the washington post. despite the condemnations, the
7:21 pm
president is acting emboldened. if there are questions for his actions, trump does not seem to feel their burden personally. trump himself remains the highest profile man accused of sexual improprieties. trump has internalized the belief that he can largely operate with impunity, people close to him, is that what this is all about, the president is emboldened, he knows there are no consequences? >>. >> there haven't been that many consequences in the last several weeks. his numbers among republicans have stayed pretty high. he may not feel the consequences on that. what worries me, a vast majority of the country does not believe he's fit to hold the office. that did not sink his campaign
7:22 pm
in 2016, they didn't think hillary clinton was fit either, and they didn't like her. if you were running against someone in 2020 that scored better on fitness to hold the office, this would really hurt. and when i see these tweets, the pocahontas thing, i'm viewing it through the lens of political strategy, i don't want these kinds of moments to drag that number down, once it gets down really low, it is hard to recover it. >> you think at this moment, he and republicans should be concerned about that? >> i would be concerned about it. thinking about his own re-election prospects. job approval can go up. i think this tax bill is going to cause more economic growth. his job approval could go up, when your fitness number is so low, it puts an effective ceiling on how high you can go. and so i go back to the event this week, with the navajo code talkers. that's one of those moments that no one can mess up, right?
7:23 pm
that's a presidential moment in the white house, with american heroes, and that's where you look like the president. and then he managed to mess it up, i look at these events and think, we've got to get this guy's fitness scores back where you want them to be. >> he's not helping you, is he, john than? >> that's the challenge for scott's friends in congress. even if you move this tax bill, the president's not going to stop being the president, he is who he is, he's going to do the tweets, he's going to step on otherwise inof course u house politically safe white house ceremony ceremonies. that's not going to change. i'm not sure having an tax bill would have changed. there's a segment of the electoral that wants to come to the polls and send a message
7:24 pm
that they're exhausted by this president. they want to register their displeasure with him. the tax bill might help with your donors, it might help revive your hardcore base. there's a lot of voters out there that are going to show up next year to vote against trump. >> even if the -- and if the tax bill, if it does pass, and it doesn't go as planned, and it causes the debt and deficit and all of that, then this president and the republicans will own that. >> i want to get you in, this is the new reporting, i want to get your response to it. >> president trump has questioned the politics of his decision to finally acknowledge that president barack obama was born in the u.s. that is according to a source who told aids after the statement, that he would have done better in the polls.
7:25 pm
had he stuck his ground about birtherism. are you surprised by this? >> he keeps going back to the same crazy lies and themes like a broken record. it is not normal, folks i'm not surprised he's doing it, he's been doing it all along with other issues about at that point you have to say, well, he's saying, i either lied then or i lied afterwards. at some point he lied about this birtherism thing. he only makes that more -- emphasizes that. i also think, you brought up the question to scott, what this means for republicans. i've seen several republican lawmakers on tv. when they get asked about donald trump's tweets, they play dumb. it is not a good look for legislators, for people making laws and crafting laws, looking
7:26 pm
like buffoons on tv. because they don't want to answer the truth and say the president of the united states is acting crazy. it's crazy for somebody to go on tv and claim that he or she does not know that our allies in england are mad as hell about his retweeting of white supremacists in england. they look like fools. who wants to vote for somebody who looks like a buffoon. >> people will talk about, well, the news is questioning this president's fitness. >> scott, who was a presidential reporter and republican has said, this president has to get his fitness numbers up. what does that mean? that means the american public, his own supporters are questioning his fitness as well. more women coming out tonight with their stories against matt lauer. why was the story of one former
7:27 pm
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the fall of matt lauer was sudden and shocking. on tuesday, the network opened an investigation on his behavior. joining us, cnn political politics and media business reporter hadah scold. this is an important conversation, we have to talk about these issues. maybe the biggest figures to fall in front of the camera, is matt lauer. it's a two month investigation. you turned up, you've been working on this.
7:32 pm
you turned up three women that had allegations. >> the stories they shared with us were disturbing, in one story he a fellow colleague, a sex toy, and with a note describing what he wanted to do with the toy to her there was another story that we uncovered where he asked a colleague to come into his office and exposed himself to her. and there are other allegations in our story about his conduct. the discussions he had in the office. his interest in women their body parts. there was a pattern in the way he treated women, that extended on for years at nbc. >> it's different from what you hear in front of the camera, and it's possible the people that
7:33 pm
sit before him don't know about these issues. has he responded? >> he has not responded. tell me about the women who came forward with nbc. how many hours later was matt lauer gone? >> she went to human resources monday night around 6:00 p.m. this morning, wednesday at 7:00 a.m. it was announced he was fired. pretty much a bit after 24 hours he was fired. >> why so quickly? >> you can take away from that the severity of the allegations, the woman has not come forward, and she has not released her name. whatever she spoke with to human resources, nbc's biggest star, matt lauer, the face of the today show within 24 hours was fired. not even an investigation. what we've seen with other
7:34 pm
people, charlie rose and kevin spac spacey, they were suspended from their projects, their tv shows. >> season the the "today" show one of the most profitable shows in television. their star who makes upwards of $20 million a year gone. >> variety had been working on th this. isn't there new shocking details out tonight about what went on in matt lauer's office, can you tell us about this? >> there's separate reporting from the new york times in addition to this woman who went with her lawyer to nbc. the new york times says they spoke to. they have reporting on two other women who have come forward to nbc. cnn has not confirmed these allegations, one of them in the new york times story includes a woman who says she was asked to go to matt lauer's office in the early 2000s. they had sex, and at some point she passed out during that experience and had to get some medical attention, she did not
7:35 pm
come forward because she was nervous for her job, and she was ashamed. that's just a stunning allegation right there. that is separate from the great reporting that variety has done. >> listen, i want to talk about what's in these articles. >> the ladies who were on camera this morning, i think they did a magnificent job in talking about their experience he was loved there, and still is, they didn't know about it, there are people who say that they believe some people did know about these things? >> i think what we're seeing. there are some entertainers and personalities that have a public perso persona, people think they know one version of who they are. and they have a private persona that is completely different
7:36 pm
from this persona. i think we understand that there's a possibility to have a different persona on camera and private. >> despite being married, lauer was fix ated on women, especially their bodies and looks, according to more than 10 ektss from current and former employees. he was known to make lewd comments. he once made a suggestive reference to a colleague's performance in bed, and compared it to how she was able to complete her job. for lauer, work and sex were intertwined. how long did this go unchecked? allegedly? >> we, with all of the sources and the women we spoke to. he's been there 20 years, these
7:37 pm
stories range over the course of many years many women explain the culture as a boy's club. he was loved. this morning, after he was fired, i will tell you this, i had one of the sources who we were speaking with for the story call me, and they said, i cannot believe it, we are so shocked. we knew you were investigating this, we knew you were reporting. we can't believe it's fully true, and someone as powerful as matt lauer was pushed out so swiftly. >> he talked about matt's sexual behavior. there's some things he didn't talk about. there had been rumblings about this this for a while. no one knew the extent of it, do
7:38 pm
you think this was an open secret, or do you think most people are completely shocked by it? >> i think there have been rumblings for sure, working on stories, and as you said, there have been mentions of -- in some reports about his alleged extra marital affairs, not necessarily to this extent. i think that's what we're seeing in a lot of these stories, sometimes people will talk, there will be rumors, but often times we don't hear the full extent of the stories, until these women come forward, these are -- for a lot of these women, it's embarrassing, they feel sometimes ashamed of what happened even if it's not their fault. we're seeing the change, where women are feeling emboldened where it's not their fault, if these things did happen, they should come forward, i think most importantly, we're seeing private companies acting incredibly quickly. this happened with charlie rose, just now with matt lauer, the
7:39 pm
evidence was so compelling and having a formal hr complaint probably really helped that process along, if you think about a year ago, when we had a lot of similar issues happening at fox news, it took a few weeks and a lot of investigations before real action started happening. >> yeah, listen, this is fascinating what's happening, not only in this business, but in had other businesses. i think we're going to see it. i'll be interested to see when it trickles down. i think it's going to have that effect. amazing reporting, thank you for coming on and talking about this important topic, we're going to talk about matt lauer, this sto story, how it relates to hillary clinton and donald trump. and i had fallen asleep... (scrappy barks) (amanda) he was totally freaked out, digging and pawing at me. and when i woke up i realized that i was in anaphylaxis and went to the emergency room.
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in light of the shocking ouster of matt lauer, there are new questions about his treatment of women on the air about i want you to look again at this exchange with hillary clinton during a presidential forum, in september of 2016. >> none of the e-mails sent or received by me had such a header. >> were some of the e-mails sent or received by you referring to our drone program, our covert drone program. >> there are ways of talking about the drone program. >> enayou said you thought your communications on that were fairly routine? >> the fbi just released their report about their investigation. they discussed drone matters in the unclassified section. >> director comey also said this. >> so i want to talk about this with ben ferguson and angela rye. appreciate you coming on. you heard the way that matt
7:45 pm
lauer interviewed hillary clinton. you know nira, another person who's interview with interrupt was ridiculously soft and interview with hillary was incredibly tough. what are your thoughts on that? >> i remember many of us commenting on that. in conversation, it seemed that matt lauer was a little tough on hillary clinton. to me i thought he was dishing it to people that could take it. looking back at some of the other highlights they pulled. not with hillary clinton but some of his co-hosts on the "today" show, i think it is interesting. even with this program, some of the other programs on cnn, some of the commentators, some of the things they say back to women, like me whether it's questioning my qualifications or my
7:46 pm
substance or cutting me off. it happens quite often, i think the culture needs to take a shift in boardrooms, in meetings, in regular conversations, and we have to get used to not talking over people because they may look different or they're women. >> in contrast, here's how matt lauer treated donald trump, when he talked about his support for getting out of iraq. >> i happened to hear hillary clinton say i was not against the war in iraq. i was totally against the war in iraq, you can look at esquire magazine from '04, you can look at before that, i was against the war in iraq, i said, it's going to totally destabilize the middle east, which it has, it's been a disastrous war, and by the way, perhaps almost as bad was the way barack obama got out. that was a disaster. >> people talk about you and commander and chief, and not just secretary clinton.
7:47 pm
they wonder about your temperament, does donald trump have the temperament to be commander in chief. here's initially when i saw that, i said i was watching it live. i said this not only about matt, matt is a smart man, there were others, what i said was, they don't cover it as much as we do here on cable news. every night we're in it. the "today" show you do the first 20 minutes, and cooking segments and fun. i thought maybe that just slipped by him. he did seem harsher on hillary clinton than he was he did not catch that whole thing that was not true. >> i think there's a lot you can criticize matt lauer for. there's a lot of questions that had to be asked about hillary clinton, she had done a lot more things in government than donald trump.
7:48 pm
i never watched matt lauer and thought, he's giving a conservative and easy day to donald trump. i've never watched matt lauer and thought he was being easy on a democrat either. i look for that stuff to see what's there, i think this is now people saying, i'm going to pile on, because it's appropriate to rip on matt lauer today. i don't think -- maybe from people that were truly supporters of hillary clinton, you talk to supporters of donald trump. you talk to people that watch or are obsessed with their candidate. they're always going to think someone's boeing unfair to them. >> no, i don't think people thought it was unfair. i think they thought the treatment was different, he was harder on hillary clinton and maybe he thought hurricane hrn was a stronger candidate or -- >> she had a much bigger resume
7:49 pm
politically. she had been in the realm ultimately lost her the election. >> you don't think trump had a lot of tough questions? >> maybe not what you wanted matt lauer to ask him. i think we're stretching to say, matt lauer was hard on hillary clinton. i think matt lauer was pretty nice to hillary. >> we're going to talk about this and his retweet of anti-muslim unverified videos. wow... now, that's how you make a first impression. they're going to love you... that's ford, america's best-selling brand. hurry in today for 0% financing for 72 months across the full line of ford cars, trucks and suvs! and just announced...get 0% apr for 72 months plus $1000 cash back! take advantage of these exclusive holiday offers during the ford year end sales event.
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we've heard the same excuses over and over from the white house president trump the election and the voters are okay with what he does but is that really true? listen, i have a lot to get to angela, but i want to you respond put didn't get a chance to respond what we were talking about, matt lauer's some feel that he treated hillary clinton and donald trump different. >> i think to ben's point donald trump hadn't had as much political experience so her questions were, by nature, hardball questions. he was asking her detailed questions even in the segment you played about what information was classified that she shared, what wasn't classified, what was for official use only. like very clear cut hardball
7:54 pm
questions. >> tough. >> about her behavior, yeah. and i think the reality is donald trump couldn't really answer any of those questions. he didn't have that to talk about, but they certainly could have asked him about his housing dil discrimination or the other things he's been accuse of. >> ben, in the past 48 hours we've seen president trump retweet anti-muslim videos, refer to senator elizabeth warren as pocahontas, he's also embracing conspiracy theories denying that it's him on the access hollywood bus tape and that he wanted investigators to figure it out. how is any of that -- >> well, let's start first with the videos showing and people say well we're not sure this is a real video. you can go to plenty of isis's sites and see the exact same videos doing the exact same things to people that are gay because they're gay, to christians because they're christians. >> that's fine i'm sure you can do that. but these videos are not verified so if you're going to
7:55 pm
tweet something. >> how do you verify a video if the other ones -- only if isis puts them -- >> don't tweet them. >> this is -- >> that's the whole point. no, no, no, no. >> you care more about the va lid dittive something than you do about the reality of it happening. >> especially if you rail against people, fake news and things are wrong and facts. >> and you're saying you believe in your heart of hearts that these videos are fake? >> ben. >> they're real. >> it's isis killing christians and gays and throwing them off buildings and they put ton their own propaganda. >> that's not what he tweeted. >> there was one of them there was not even a muslim in there. but here's the thing, if you're not sure, as the president of the united states, you can put out a press release, you can stand in front of podium and have the world look at you and say we have got stop this horrible treatment by whatever -- if you want to call it -- if you want to call it will jihadist or radicalism, you're the president of the united states, you can stand in front of a podium. >> and he does that sometimes through twitter.
7:56 pm
i understand you don't like his style. >> it's not even style, that's not point, dan. dan, you're mission the point. how do you have the moral high ground to call things fake and say that you are the orbiter of truth when you're tweeting fake things? how do you that? >> you're now declaring the videos of muslims, throwing people off buildings you're saying now is fake? you're saying it's not real? >> you're mission the zplount but you're making an argument that's not before us right now. >> that's a strong argument. >> wait. >> let me go back to the point real quick that's important here. >> wait, ben. ben. >> it's not -- >> ben, wait. you already argued -- >> it's not important that you show -- >> excuse me. >> so someone who is attacking someone or someone -- >> you don't think it should be brought to light that they're actually doing this? >> can i finish. >> can it not be the national empire's version? >> there are truthful ways of doing it rather than a fake false way that has nothing to do with the truth. >> if he does it from the podium then ooed you'd you'd be cool w
7:57 pm
>> excuse me. >> muslims and gays being thrown off buildings. >> you're not make sense, ben. >> i'm not even going to -- >> you're not make sense. it has nothing to do with it. >> ben. >> hold on angela. producers, hold on. if you -- you cannot argue that something is real if you're tweeting something out that's fake. if you're putting out fake information, you can't argue that it's real. >> we screen what's fake. >> none of them are verified. the one of the two teenage boys, that say fake video. >> so you're saying that was a fake fight, never happened? it was staged? >> no, what he's saying is that. >> it wasn't a muslim. >> they're not muslim people. >> it was a dutch kid attacking a dutch kid. >> they're not muslim people, number one. number two, at some point this man has to be responsible for the way in which he talks about muslim people. folks who are god fearing and don't attack anyone. every single muslim person is not responsible for every act of violence by someone who happens to say they fpray to allah.
7:58 pm
hold on, ben. because you talked five minutes in circles about this. the other issue, just like sara huckabee sanders said that it doesn't matter if the video that he shared is not real or is not about muslims when the problem exists. that's not okay. particularly to don's.when you're talking about someone who's regularly talking about fake news. >> i have to go. >> no, one more point. >> the hateful, the terms of service that twitter has, he consistently violates them. this is exhibit "a" of that violation. they have a policy called the hateful policy there are is what he violated today. >> you want to be. >> i got to go. when we come back, breaking news and new details about the meeting between robert mueller arizona investigators and jared kushner. much more on that meeting and what if has to do with michael flynn and what else we're learning. we'll be right back.
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