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tv   New Day  CNN  November 30, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PST

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system -- >> a lot of good things came from the law. >> we appreciate you telling us the history of this. that is valuable. thank you very much. >> thank you. we're following a lot of news this morning, so let's get to it. >> the president's tweet sparking an international incident. >> our allies in england are mad as hell. >> whether it's a real video, the threat is real. >> we have a president paying no attention to the responsibilities -- >> jared kushner is a crucial witness in every part of mueller's investigation. >> three women telling "variety" magazine they were harassed by lauer. >> there was a lot of fear among nbc. they were not sure how to react if they pursued them. >> i think they will feel a
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rolling impact on this one. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning and welcome to your "new day." it's 8:00 in the east. president trump has been condemned by a top ally, and many tonight want trump to come to the uk, because of what the president has been retweeting, incendiary anti-muslim videos from a far-right group in britain. theresa may said the president was wrong to do it and mr. trump is firing back, and this straining relations between the u.s. and uk. >> and then the mueller investigation is reaching into president trump's inner circle. cnn first reported that jared kushner spoke to mueller's investigators, and they are meeting focusing on michael
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flynn. does that mean flynn is closer to striking a plea deal? let's go to joe johns with our stop story at the white house. >> reporter: what we have been seeing is the president doing own agenda, stepping off into - sidebars that sometimes are shocking places, conspiracy theories. it's habitual behavior by this president and we have seen it quite a bit over the last 24 hours. president trump in missouri touting what could become his first major legislative win. >> these massive tax cuts will be rocket fuel -- >> any legislative traction is being overshadowed by wild insults and inflammatory tweets in the long debunked conspiracy theories raising more questions about his competency, and some are saying president trump is doubting his decision to finally
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acknowledge that president barack obama was born in the u.s., and trump would have continued to do better to continue the birther conspiracy. aides have given up trying to stop the president from tweeting inflammatory remarks, and that comes after the president retweeted three videos showing muslims committing acts of violence, and the leader of the far right nationalist group, britain first, praising mr. trump as did david duke. >> this is not a mainstream organization for the president of the united states, our greatest ally, as a country, to be retweeting and providing a microphone to those voices. >> and world leaders condemning the retweets, and a spokesperson for theresa may saying it's
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wrong for the president to have done this. refusing to let that go, trump tweeted she should focus on the radical islamic terrorism in her country rather than focusing on him. >> whether it's a real video, the threat is real, and that is what the president is talking about. that's what the president is focused on, is dealing with those real threats. those are real no matter how you look at it. >> republican lawmakers on capitol hill, again, put in the position to explain the president's tweets. >> it's just not constructive. not sure what the purpose of that was. >> why? i think it's very inappropriate. i don't know what you gain by doing this. >> and there's more reaction from london this morning to the president's retweet of the controversial videos, and the mayor of london, president trump
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used twitter to promote a vile and extremist group that exists to sew decision and hatred, and any official visit from trump to britain would not be welcomed. back to you. >> joe, thank you very much. a member of the trump inner circle questions in mueller's russia investigation. jared kushner, the president's son-in-law and senior adviser met with mueller's team to talk about michael flynn. cnn's evan perez, live in washington with more. what do we know? >> kushner sat down earlier this month with mueller's office as part of the investigation into the russia meddling in the 2016 election, and the questions were largely focused on former national security adviser michael flynn under investigation, and kushner's
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attorney told us mr. kushner cooperated with all relevant enqui enquire ease and will continue to do so. investigators tried to appear to see if kushner had any information that exonerates michael flynn, and they worked together early in the transition, and there was an information sharing deal with president trump's lawyers saying flynn may be discussing a plea agreement, and mueller's team has now postponed an anticipated grand jury testimony as part of the flynn investigation. prosecutors seemed in a hurry to get testimony from a public relation's consultant, and now that has been postponed. over in congress donald trump jr. agreed to come back to provide another interview to the house intelligence committee. lots of moving pieces, alisyn
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and chris, in these multiple russia investigations. >> thank you, evan. thank you very much for all of that. let's bring in our guests to discuss it. we have cnn senior political analyst, mr. brownstein, and the illinois attorney general. ron, the president, you know, pedals lots of inflammatory and tweets and retweets things and websites and videos and did it again yesterday and this time it got the attention of our allies on an international stage, and sometimes we just deal with it domestically, so much so that these videos were so inflammatory, one of them could be classified fake news, so the president is putting out fake news that the netherlands felt important to correct. >> the white house is saying it doesn't matter, the video is real. >> the frog is boiling day by
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day. >> go ahead. >> this is a reminder there's significant collateral damage as what the president views as a central component of his job. there are so many twitter fights, the cultural and personal fights that he provokes, many of them if not most of them with a clear racial over tone. he views this as an essential part of his job. his job is to stir up these constant succession of fights that energize his base, and keep us focused while others are advancing on the very severe small government agenda, and there's a collateral damage to this, and it's division along racial lines. you see here the collateral damage in terms of american allies across the spectrum in britain, extraordinary reaction, i think, particularly in great britain. >> it's not collateral, it's
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direct damage. now we have a member of parliament in the uk saying very, very tough things about the president of the united states. here it is. >> this is the president of the united states sharing with millions inflammatory and divisive content deliberately posted to sew violence, and by a criminal seeking to spread hatred in violence and in person, by sharing it he's a racist, incompetent, unthinking, or all three. >> a member of parliament. at this point the prime minister theresa may said the president was wrong but has no implications. what about this legally? >> one thing that i think is a fairly straightforward
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implication for if you are a lawyer is the president and the administration are facing a challenge to the travel ban that he enacted, that many charged discriminates against muslim americans, and particularly the state of hawaii has taken a lead role, and the charge is that that ban was entered into with discriminatory intent, and that means the president and his administration wanted to discriminate against muslims. if i was an attorney general i would use this as an exhibit, because it certainly presents discriminatory views against muslims. >> there are many members of congress expressing their discomfort with what he has done, but they don't do anything. >> they don't impose any consequences. i think they have accepted an
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informal look to the responsibility. ma they kind of grind on and advance their agenda. there's a understanding to that, that he operates on this plain and he separates on that plain. their assumption is, they could advance their agenda and satisfy their coalition. i think it's a misplaced opinion. it's up to 67% in the abc washington post poll a couple weeks ago, and in virginia we saw voters dissatisfied with president trump were willing to take that out on other republicans, 86% of the people that were dissatisfied with trump voted for ralph. some said i don't want to be commenting on what he's doing, they ultimately, i think, will
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be connected to what he is doing and they face a potential retribution from voters that do not believe they are providing enough of a check on the president they are uneasy about. >> once again, that sound is the silence from mitch mcconnell and paul ryan elected as leaders. in terms of what is supposed to be said by a president when it comes to islam. these acts of violence against innocence violate the fundamental tenants of the islamic faith and it's important for my fellow americans to understand that, the face of terror is not the true faith of islam, and these terrorists don't represent peace, they represent evil and war. that was president bush, days after 9/11. in my lifetime i have never seen righteous anger in american people toward the muslim threat as there was then, and these are the words from that leader in that moment and now we are
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hearing something very different, just for context. topic switch. jared kushner, they want to ask him about flynn. why? >> well, before you charge anybody, if you are a federal prosecutor you want to make sure you tie down every loose end and speak to every witness who might have valuable information and make sure there's nothing missing that might change the charges you are bringing, so you could imagine if mueller did not speak to mr. kushner and went ahead and charged flynn and then kushner ended up having vital information that could transform a potential trial of flynn, that could have been a mistake not to interview kushner in advance. what i expect they did there is they were trying to tie up a loose end and they talked to kushner and what we used to call locking him out, in other words, making sure he was not going to say anything as i think your reporter mentioned exonerated
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flynn so they could go forward with charges against flynn and then they ended up flipping him and that does not mean the rest of the investigation is over and it does not mean kushner is not going to be interviewed again. mueller is looking at a lot of different matters and taking them in many ways one at a time. >> one of the things we have learned is there's a lot about the investigation we don't know and there's a lot about the investigation that the targets of the investigation don't know. they are known unknowns. the papadopoulos plea was as big of a surprise we have seen in long time and nobody saw that coming and the fact that mueller was interviewing kushner, i don't think that's the end of it and we don't know everything we know but i think we know that they know a lot we don't. >> i followed that. i actually followed that. thank you both very much. we do have breaking news to get to now. a fifth woman coming forward to accuse democratic senator, al
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franken of inappropriate touching. and we have breaking details from capitol hill. >> reporter: a new woman is coming forward this morning to say that al franken groped her years ago. she's a 41-year-old army veteran. she says that when she was deployed in kuwait in december of 2003 she met senator franken while he was touring to visit american troops abroad. this is what she told cnn about the interaction she had with him during a photo-op, when he put his arm around me he groped my right breast and i remember thinking, is he going to move his hand. was it an accident? was he going to move his hand? now she says the touching lasted at least five seconds and at some point she shifted her body so that her hand was no longer directly on her breast, as you can see in the photo, you can
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see senator franken's hand is on her side. she says she felt ashamed and felt embarrassed and was in shock in the moment and she did not say anything directly to senator franken at the time. now i will note that we reached out to franken's office last night and this is the spokesperson statement provided to cnn. the spokesperson says as senator franken may clear this week he takes thousands of photos and has met tens of thousands of people and never intentionally engaged in this kind of conduct and remains fully committed to cooperating with the ethics investigation. to put this into context, stephanie is the fifth woman in a period of two weeks to accuse senator franken of inappropriate touching and saying this conduct took place while on tour with the uso, and the first woman was
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the california local radio news anchor, and stephanie says part of the reason she decided to speak out is because she saw leann telling her story. back to you. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> it's a tidal wave. every day we have breaking news on some sort of sexual harassment. it has been pointed out, look at the people being fired in our business, in the media, huge names, bill o'reilly, and matt lauer, and in congress, it lingers. we heard a lawmaker say, we are elected, the people are their bosses they can be fired the next election day. >> the difference is if you work for a company, the company decides your fate almost instantly, and not true in government. with president trump facing backlash from british leaders over the anti-muslim videos, how will this impact u.s. relations
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british officials slamming president trump for retweeting anti-muslim videos from a far right group. one politician suggesting the president should be arrested for inciting religious hatred if he ever visits the uk. joining us is the senator from maine, angus king.
5:22 am
>> good morning, chris. good to be with you. >> do you agree with the press secretary, sarah huckabee sanders, where she says it doesn't matter if the videos are real or not because the threat is real and given an opportunity to distinguish those were presrurting the religion of islam and becoming terrorists versus all muslims, she didn't draw that distinction and the president has not drawn that h distinction. >> what this video did was make the situation worse. the best source of information we have about domestic terrorism that comes from islamic jihadists is from within the muslim community in the united states to the extent we push them away from us and try to separate them from us, that cuts off one of the very most important sources of intelligence to protect ourselves from the few violent
5:23 am
extremist that are out there. the second problem is that this is literally part of the isis and islamic jihadists playbook, to separate the west from islam. there are 1.9 billion muslims in the world. do we really want to alienate them and push this away and make this a war between the west and the muslim community? the answer is absolutely not. this tweet yesterday actually, in my view, was wildly counter to our national security interests. >> you have muslims in a growing population here in the united states, american muslims. >> right. >> my question to you is do you believe that the president aided and abedded by sanders in this instance does want to create an us versus them with americans/christians and muslims? >> it does seem that his stock and trade is division and this
5:24 am
certainly goes back to the campaign. he proposed a muslim ban at one point. he had one of the first acts of his presidency was the travel ban, which certainly looked and felt like a muslim ban. he keeps raising this kind of issue to raise it out of the blue yesterday added with no context and to be retweeting from this woman in great britain that this is a right wing hate group, and as somebody said, i think on your program this morning, it would be like retweeting something from the ku klux klan here in the u.s. it serves no purpose and i would argue it's entirely negative in terms of national security, because it separates us as people and separates us in the country and it could cut off areas of intelligence that can help us protect ourselves from violent extremism and it also ale yat
5:25 am
a alienates people from around the world, and it makes no sense. >> the most important ally for the united states, just about anywhere in the world s. the uk. let's put up a live picture right now, the prime minister of the united kingdom, theresa may, in jordan, speaking and responding to the president of the united states and his telling her to worry about terrorism, and she says she is, that the relationship between the u.s. and the uk is enduring and that the invitation to the president to visit is outstanding, meaning it still exists, it's still there. is this proof that there is no damage done by what the president tweeted? >> you can't calculate damage. we don't know what is happening in the mind of an individual person anywhere in the u.s. or around the world. it just adds on to what has already been a pattern that i don't think is useful, and it doesn't -- one of the interviews
5:26 am
yesterday with one of the senators said what is the idea or purpose? there's no upside to doing something like this. clearly there's a threat. everybody knows there's a threat. we are working on it, our intelligence and military, we are all focused on that. it makes it worse trying to lump together almost 2 billion people with a small group that are dangerous and we need to be focusing upon. >> let's switch topics here. jared kushner going to the special counsel, we are told, to discuss michael flynn. significance to you? >> i think it's an important part of this ongoing investigation. as you know, i work on this on the intelligence committee, but we are not -- we don't coordinate and we are not working with mr. mueller, he's following a different path. his role, i think it's important to distinguish, his role is looking at were crimes committed. that's the job of a federal prosecutor. our role is to look at what
5:27 am
happened, what are the facts and how to prevent it from happening again. we do crisscross sometimes but we are not exactly parallel. i think talking to mr. kushner, clearly there's a focus on michael flynn but we don't know the details, whether they ae focussing on him because of what he did or didn't do, or whether they see him as a witness involving other people in the administration. i think it's an important development, but i am not going to speculate on what the detailed implications of it are. >> the idea that jared kushner matters so much because he's at the nexus of so many of the meetings and the understanding of what was disclosed or what was hidden or not disclosed. do you share that opinion of him? >> yes, he was at the center of a lot of the discussions and he was in the famous meeting in new york with the russian lawyer and he was involved deeply in the campaign, particularly on foreign policy, and involved
5:28 am
with director flynn, both before the election and after, so all of these questions are very relevant and i think he's an important person, and my understanding is he has been fully cooperative and i hope that continues. >> senator, thank you as always for taking the opportunity. if i don't speak to you before, very happy holidays to you and your family. >> same to you, chris. north korea showing off its latest missile, as nikki haley issues a stern warning to pyongyang. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me?
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north korea releasing new video of its powerful new missile it launched this week. defense officials from south korea and japan call this a new kind of missile significantly larger than the one tested in july. u.s. ambassador to the u.n., nikki haley, urging all nations to cut ties with north korea and warns war will lead to the regime's destruction.
5:33 am
the debate on the senate's reform tax bill will get under way. all 52 republicans voted yes on the procedural vote to start debate. six senators have not yet committed on the final bill. the all-important vote is expected late today or tomorrow. >> a scheduling glitch left american airlines with a major pilot shortage for the traveling season. the airline says it's working to avoid cancelations and offering 150% of their hourly play to pick up the hourly flights. trump sparking outrage by tweeting far-right anti-muslim sre videos that may have not been authentic. we will talk to a british lawmaker that says this matters
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british lawmakers expressing outrage because president trump
5:38 am
retweeted three videos from a far right anti-muslim group from the uk. listen to one member of parliament slamming the president this morning. >> this is the president of the united states sharing with millions inflammatory and divisive content deliberately posted to sew hatred. by sharing it he is either a racist, incompetent or unthinking or all three. >> steven doughty joins us now. thank you for taking the opportunity, sir. what moved you to make that statement? >> i think there has been outrage at the president's sharing of this information. let's not forget, this is not a normal donald trump twitter storm, this is a far right
5:39 am
fascist organization with a convicted criminal facing charges in the uk for inciting hatred. it's an extraordinary thing for a president of the united states to have done, and he has endured condemn nation on all sides today from across the house of commons. >> the white house says it doesn't matter the source and it doesn't matter if the videos are authentic because the threat is authentic. that is what they call islamic terror. the response from the president was you people over there in the uk should worry about that more th and what he says less. your response? >> i think the president needs to worry about what is happening in the united states than what he's worry about the fascist,
5:40 am
and if it comes from the far right or anti-semitic organizations, my condemnation is equal in all of those but what the president is doing is sharing information from a convicted criminal, somebody facing further charges and from an extreme organization, and it's quite extraordinary for him to be doing that. the woman has been on herself online overnight and asking the president to get her out of prison, and that's an epbg strau extraordinary situation to be in. >> the call for the president to be arrested on uk soil for spreading hate, too far? >> i don't support the president coming here for a state visit. i don't know if he has committed
5:41 am
any criminal -- it's clear that british lawmakers, member of the cabinets are deeply unhappy of what the president has done and we would not welcome him for a state visit, and we of course want to cooperate with the administration. i love americans, and my father was a gi that came over to fight fascism in the world war. >> he was elected president, and in terms of the level of discontent the prime minister speaking to morning, theresa may, in response to the president of the united states. let's play a little bit of what she says. >> we need to address this issue, the terrorists threat, from whatever source it comes. we have to deal with the fact that we have seen attacks in the united kingdom from the far right as well, so we take
5:42 am
seriously terrorism in extremes and whatever its source. >> the prime minister seems to be giving a nod to what you were speaking to, that this woman and her group that the president gave an audience to, you see as much of a threat as islamic terror in the uk? >> absolutely, and let's not forget that one of my colleagues in parliament last year, jo cox, who many of your viewers would have seen the reports was murdered by a far right neo-nazi individual that shouted references to the organization that president trump has been seemingly endorsing, and that cuts very close, it's extraordinarily irresponsible of him to go for, and we have ongoing criminal proceedings with this individual, and for president trump to share her information, the consequence of doing that is the height of irresponsibility. >> there's a reason that the
5:43 am
president -- there are probably several reasons the president is saying and doing what he does when it comes to extreme islamism and terror, and that is there are many americans that are afraid of muslims, and you have been dealing with as much and more in terms of homegrown and brought in terror from that. do you sense among your own population that there is a growing resistance to saying it's not all islam, it's only a little bit, that that is being dismissed as political correctness because that's a battle going on here in the united states? >> i utterly condemned those spreading fear and hate purporting to be muslim, and i have a very, very diverse district that i represent. we have had problems with far right and islam extremists, and
5:44 am
to fight that is by not seeking to divide and further incite fear and hatred, and by appearing to help an agenda like that, it's extraordinary. >> thank you for taking the opportunity to come on "new day." we will see what happens next. be well. alisyn. matt lauer, breaking his silence and apologizing this morning after more accusers come forward. what's next? the wrapping paper the holidays. that counts. it's a phone for mom. okay, well, it's also that counts, too. no, the network. is inside the phone? around the phone. awarded network ever. count on it. here you go. as the network it's on. so give the best unlimited for four lines.
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the prior "today" show host, matt lauer, making a statement. joining us to talk about all of this is nancy erica smith, attorney to greta when she took
5:49 am
on roger ailes, and it's great to see all of you. the flood gates continue to pour open. we have been here before. it feels like we will continue to be here to have this conversation. so let me start with you, areeva. there were rumors and sometimes whispers about matt lauer, about extramarital tpau hrapb during. you say the rumors should have been a red flag. what does that mean? >> well, i think we have been so focused on the courageous women that have come forward to tell their stories, and we don't ever want to lose sight of the victims and we have to stay focused on the employers. they have an affirmative obligation to investigate sexual harassment and it doesn't have to be just those claims that come forward from victims. if an employer has knowledge or reasonable suspicion that sexual harassment --
5:50 am
>> wait, wait, hold on a second. let me bring in nancy, you are a lawyer too. if there's a rumor that there's an extramarital affair happening, are they supposed to do something? >> but, clearly the institutions are not working here, and some women, last night, ashley banfield said she complained about sexual harassment when she was at nbc, but not my matt lauer, and the executive threw her out of the office and that's an institution not taking sexual harassment seriously, and it's a place where women doesn't feel safe coming forward. employers, the institutions in our country, they all have to change now. >> what did you think when you heard about matt lauer yesterday? >> it blew my mind. we were not surprised, but this was the highest you could get. morning television has changed. morning news has changed. you know, unless hr departments,
5:51 am
the culture of them and the boards that have more women on them, this change has to begin more than people just losing their jobs, and we have to keep going because if the culture doesn't change, then things won't change. >> areeva, i want to ask you a legal question and the next part is graphic, so i want to warn everybody who may have kids in the room, because i want to detail what one woman said matt lauer did to her. in 2001, one of his subordinates was called in and she sat down on the sofa, and he asked her to unbutton her blouse, and she did, so he remotely shut the door which he could do from a button on his desk and he pulled down her pants and had sex with her, presumably this was so traumatic, during that she
5:52 am
passed out and his assistant had to take her to the nbc nurse. what happens -- what are -- what realm are we in legally with these details as you hear them? >> yeah, we are way beyond an employer being able to say that they had no knowledge. so let's start with that assistant. she's called into an office and a woman is passed out on the floor and she takes that woman to the nurse. red flag. big red flag. what happens after that? who is talked to? who is interviewed? what statement does this woman who just had intercourse, forced intercourse, presumably, where she passes out and the assistant is now involved. now we have a victim and a witness, at least a witness to what happened after this intercourse. i am really puzzled by the statement issued by nbc that the concern the management had no knowledge, and that's a loaded phrase for a lawyer. nancy would agree with me. we want to talk about what do
5:53 am
you mean by concern the management? >> i couldn't agree more. this is another trick that happened in hr departments in all of our institutions. putting in categories that don't really have any responsibility up to the board, like you are saying, every board should have a committee that monitors hr from now and forever. >> hold on one second. i believe in the "new york times" reporting, the woman, the accuser, was humiliated and did not tell management so how can she tell management? >> the nurse knew, and the assistant new. >> the nurse doesn't know the details. >> definitely. assuming that she was dressed again by matt lauer before he called somebody that he had an unconscious woman on the floor of his office. >> wait a minute. can we just -- >> go ahead. >> there's an unconscious woman on the floor that could have been raped? this is criminal. this is insane that this -- is
5:54 am
there an inability to have power and proximity to women in these spaces? you used the right word, trauma. these women are traumatized, their self worth and their ability to -- they have to go into a hostile or war zone every day? that's what we are looking at. >> they don't feel safe. they don't feel safe coming forward. women don't want to tolerate this behavior and live with it. the institution did not make her feel safe. >> go ahead, areeva. >> it's important to note, even though the victim at the moment may not have made a statement to hr or the establishment, something in the organization knew something was going on in the matt lauer, and it would be naive of any of us to sit here and suggest that nobody in executive management or leadership had any -- any knowledge about these incidents.
5:55 am
let's talk about the reality here. $25 an hour salary and a cash cow that show is for the network, and that's what is driving them not to investigate sooner until this blew up on them. >> somebody installed the button to lock the door. >> it was apparently customary for executives to have a remote switch that shut their door. they have big offices and to shut their door when a conversation became private. it was not just matt lauer. what you are saying is that it's important -- this is a teachable moment for every single person, women included, which is that obviously you have to say something, and you are entitled to scream. if something is happening in a locked office, you now, today, you can scream. you can yell for help. you can do whatever it takes. we are just learning how bad these things were that women
5:56 am
kept secret. >> right. >> ladies, thank you very much for the conversation. always great to talk to all of you. we will speak again. >> thank you. cnn "newsroom" with john berman picks up after this very quick break. t. rowe price. ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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