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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  November 30, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PST

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investigation. jared kushner, the president's son-in-law, speaking to the special counsel. does this mean that robert mueller is closing in and on whom? new signs, fired national security adviser michael flynn might be cooperating, and jeff sessions, right now, behind closed doors with the house intelligence committee, you can see his arrival right there, that happened just minutes ago, on capitol hill. but let's start with jared kushner. the president's senior adviser and the president's son-in-law. an omni present figure in the campaign and the early stations of the administration. shimon prokupecz has the latest on this. >> that's right. we're told that the relatively short interview, the meeting between the special counsel and jared kushner, happened early in november and it lasted just 90 minutes. and presumably this is part of a flynn investigation, at least according to some people close to kushner, that the special counsel was focused on -- was
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really focused on matters having to deal with the former national security adviser, as his investigation seems to be gearing up, it seems that the special counsel is now focusing on witnesses, trying to bring witnesses before the grand jury, who have some knowledge of flynn's work. we know of a public relations firm, witnesses from the public relations firm, who are going to be brought before the grand jury, that has now been delayed, and also, we've been told that flynn has cut off -- flynn's attorneys have cut off any communications with trump's lawyers, indicating that he may now be cooperating with the special counsel. >> and we're also learning, shimon, that grand jury testimony that was supposed to be on michael flynn, concerning him, the special counsel has put that on hold. explain? >> yeah. so we -- there seems to be a rush to get some witnesses in. witnesses were notified by the special counsel that they were to come in by the end of perhaps
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this week. and so we anticipated, you know, maybe as early as friday that there would be some grand jury activity related to flynn. we're now told those witnesses have been delayed. we don't know exactly why that is, but as we've been reporting, there have been communications, discussions between flynn's lawyers and the special counsel. so perhaps that is what's causing the delay there. there could be other reasons. right now, that seems to be put on hold, at least as of today, you know, and who knows what will happen later in the week and perhaps going into next week. but for now, that has been delayed as it seems discussions between flynn's lawyers and mueller's team are ongoing. >> shimon prokupecz, with this reporting on jared kushner, and michael flynn, thanks so much. time now to talk about the attorney general, jeff sessions, he is testifying behind closed doors. in the past when he testified he has had to correct, amend or change many of his statements under oath.
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manu raju on capitol hill right now with the latest on the attorney general. manu? >> that's right, john. he's been in there for about an hour now. we expect this to go several hours today. this is the first time that the committee has really been able to grill jeff sessions about a number of these contacts that occurred during the campaign season with russian operatives, including multiple contacts that jeff sessions had with ambassador sergei kislyak, former russian ambassador, the contacts he did not initially disclose to the judiciary committee when confirmed as attorney general, but since then also we have learned about an interaction he had with george papadopolous, who pleaded guilty to making false statements in connection to the special counsel's probe and what we know from george papadopolous' plea agreement, was that he attended a meeting that jeff sessions was
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at in which papadopolous proposed putin/trump meeting, something that sessions we learned later rejected. sessions did not disclose that initially to congress. now this -- these are all questions that democrats plan to push sessions on. sessions has been asked that in a public hearing by the house judiciary committee that occurred last month and john, he did not recall a lot of those contacts. so unclear whether or not he will be able to shine any new light about these matters behind closed doors, john. >> all right. manu raju, for us in washington, things on capitol hill, stay on it. joining me in the meantime michael zeldin, cnn legal analyst, counselor, thank you so much for being with us. jared kushner, the president's son-in-law, the president's senior adviser there from the beginning of the campaign, a key figure in the transition, and all throughout the administration, he is talking to the special counsel. now you say that this could be good news for jared kushner and bad news for michael flynn. explain? >> so, usually when you're a
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witness, you get to come in in this informal setting and offer testimony. when you're a target of the investigation, you usually don't come in under those circumstances. your lawyer doesn't let you do that for fear you may incriminate yourself in some meaningful way that will end up you up in jeopardy. seems to me at this point -- things change, this is not static, these are organic investigations, as this stands today, it seems to me that kushner has got to be seen more as a witness than he is a target or subject of mueller's investigation. the target or subject is more likely flynn. >> and on the subject of michael flynn, you say he is a target but there are also signs that he may be cooperating or at least assessing some kind of a deal with the special counsel, that's because his lawyers are no longer talking to the president's, because grand jury testimony was postponed there. talk to me about the notion that he could be a target and a
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dealmaker all at the same time? >> right. so he is -- status is that he's the target of mueller's investigation. i think there's no question but that he is a target for failings to register as a foreign agent, possible money laundering with turkish moneys coming to him in the flynn intel group, same with his son, failures to disclose truthfully his meetings on intelligence forms and on financial disclosure forms, the sf 86. no question his conduct puts nim a target category. as a target, though, that's when you try to negotiate a deal for yourself. you don't want to be indicted on a multicount indictment where you can go to jail for the rest of your life. he's trying to figure out how to best protect his interests an the interests of his son. that generally implies pleaing to something and cooperating. with whom he has something to -- as to whom he has something to
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cooperate with is unknown, so he may be just trying to cut a deal to protect his testimoson with testimony or offer testimony to protect himself. a lot of fluid parts to this that we just don't know the answer to. but there's no question that flynn is in deep trouble. >> does it mean necessarily, trying to work out a deal, that he has something to offer on somebody else? or would that deal might just be to save the special counsel some work? >> either. it could be -- best for flynn is, he has something to offer on somebody that's meaningful to mueller who mueller can't get the information from otherwise. i will give you a hypothetical. the comey testimony was, he's in the white house oval office with the president, the president says can you back off flynn. the president says he doesn't either recall that meeting or it didn't happen. if flynn can say, look, i spoke to the president, and the president told me that he asked
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comey to back off the investigation, that's information that only flynn can offer, that would be very meaningful to mueller's obstruction of justice investigation. i say this is hypothetical. i'm not saying it occurred at all. but something like that would be very meaningful to flynn in terms of a cooperation and important to mueller as part of his obstruction. if he doesn't have that and can't offer testimony like that, then he's just got to work out the best deal he can for himselfnd his son to limit the amount of time he'll spend in jail. >> michael jeldsen, thank you so much for the insight there. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> lot going on in washington. happening now, we are waiting to hear from the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. he is holding a press conference, this as the senate is getting ready to really do the final countdown on their plan for their tax bill, a bill by the way that will cut taxes on many, on corporations a lot, but raise taxes on some americans as well.
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cnn's suzanne malveaux with us with the latest. >> we're waiting for senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to begin moments away here in about a half hour is when the debate will resume on the senate side and this really is meant to kind of steal the spine of his fellow republicans to make sure he is addressing their concerns. there are six republicans now who are expressing some doubts with this tax plan. they need 52 in order for this to pass. all the democrats say that they are not going to be supporting this. and there's still some outstanding issues here. what are we going to hear in the debate. several amendments and many impassioned speeches i'm sure, but some of the sticking points, up with of them looking at the fiscal trigger. the notion here is that republicans are promising that this $1.5 trillion tax cut plan is going to pay for itself by an increase in economic growth. what if those projectionses aren't true? if it doesn't happen? a trigger if you will would kind of snap back those tax breaks and go back to the original tax
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rate of all individuals. basically, wiping it away. that is something that senators bob corker and jeff flake want to see. another issue at hand, this is the pass through rate. this is for business entities, partnerships, that file on the individual side. they get a pass through rate. it's normally 17.4%. well now it's been up to 20%. there are some folks like senator lindsey graham who want it to be 27%. ron johnson as well. bigger tax credit if you will for the smaller business entities. that is something. the child tax credit another thing that folks are looking at. it has since doubled. originally 1,000, now it's 2,000. senator marco rubio wants to see it fully refundable. is that something that could be worked out in this process? finally a host of other amendments and also promises of additional legislation. senator susan collins looking very seriously at the notion that in this package here, you're going to have a repeal of the obamacare individual
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mandate. that will hurt some folks, a lot of folks, who can't get insurance. she is looking for things like subsidies to stay in place or even legislation to shore up the obamacare marketplace. this is the kind of thing that will be played out on the floor before it goes to a full vote. and john, perhaps, perhaps, as this goes, looking at the hours tick away, it may get to that vote late tomorrow as early as late tomorrow. >> all right. just before the weekend, so the senators can go home. suzanne malveaux, thank you very much. new friction with america's closest ally, british prime minister theresa may says president trump was wrong to retweet anti-muslim propaganda and at least one member of parliament there says the president ought to be locked up. this began when the president shared videos posted by the deputy leader of an ultranational group after he was rebuked by the british prime minister. the president responded theresa may, don't focus on me, focus on the destructive radical islamic
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terrorism that is taking place within the united kingdom. we are doing just fine. let's go to nic robertson for us right now covering this in london. we are hearing again from the british prime minister. she's been put in a bind here, nic. >> she has been put in quite a bind. she's traveling in the middle east at the moment. a big gathering outside of her office here, 10 downing street, she is in a bind because she has aligned herself closely with president trump, right at the beginning of his presidency, being the first world leader to go greet him at the white house, and it's really rebounded on her a number of times and it's rebounding on her very hard. so she is sort of trying to play this diplomatically playing the long game, talking about the special relationship that's so important to her, as being an enduring process. this is what she said. >> the fact that we work together does not mean that we're afraid to say when we think the united states have got it wrong and to be very clear with them and i'm very clear,
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that retweeting from britain first was the wrong thing to do. >> reporter: well she has said it is a special relationship but it is an enduring relationship. many parliamentarians here beginning to feel president trump is an endurance test. there have been many calls today, not just from the mayor of london, for president trump's state invitation for a state visit to britain to be canceled, but we've heard from one mp, i'll quote you precisely saying what is said, president trump should come here he should be arrested. the prime minister should make it absolutely clear that if donald trump comes to this country, he'll be arrested for inciting religious hatred. that is the depth of feeling in parliament from elected parliamentarians in britain at the moment. remember this, too, earlier in the year 1.8 million people in britain signed a petition to stop donald trump coming for that state visit. what's happened now, all likely,
7:14 am
will amplify those calls. >> nic robertson for us, outside 10 downing street, thank you so much. even though the president's statements on twitter have created an international incident here, white house aides say they have given up trying to get him to curb his habits. plus, embarrassed and ashamed, matt lauer breaks his silence following accusations of his sexual misconduct and firing. meet the man who deactivated the president's twitter account for 11 minutes. why he says it happened.
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we have breaking news. a new accuser this would be the fifth accuser now, coming forward with allegations against democratic senator al franken
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accusing him of inappropriate touching. cnn's m.j. lee live on capitol hill with this story. m.j.? >> well, john, this woman's name is stephanie kemplin. she is a 41-year-old army veteran and she says that she first met senator franken when she was deployed overseas in kuwait in 2003 when she was there on a uso tour to visit american troops and here is how she described the inappropriate touching that took place during this photo op. she said when he put his arm around me he groped my right breast and kept his hand all the way over on my breast and i remember thinking is he going to move his hand? was it an accident? was he going to move his hand? the touching she says lasted at least five seconds and she at some point shifted her body so his hand was no longer directly on her breast and as you can see in the photo senator franken's hand appears to be on her side. she also says she felt embarrassed, felt ashamed and
7:20 am
was in shock and did not say anything to the senator in that moment. i should also note that a part of her story and a reason why she says this news has been so difficult for her to see lately about senator franken is because she was the victim of sexual assault in the military as well, just some weeks before she had that first meeting with senator franken. we did get a statement from senator franken's spokesperson late last night and this what is it says, senator franken made clear this week he takes thousands of photos and has met tens of thousands of people and has never intentionally engaged in this kind of conduct. he remains fully committed to cooperating with the ethics investigation. just for your context, john, this is the fifth woman who has come out to say that senator franken touched them inappropriately and the second one to say this conduct took place while on a uso tour. i have reached out to senator schumer's office and no response from his office yet. john? >> m.j., we're getting breaking
7:21 am
news about congressman john conyers, the michigan democrat, himself accused of inappropriate sexual actions in his office, he's in the hospital. what do you know? >> well, we actually don't know much more than just that, john, that he has been hospitalized, that this is something that appears to have happened this morning. this is according to the congressman's aide. here on capitol hill this comes at a moment when democrats, his colleagues, are still sort of grappling with the recent sexual harassment allegations that have come out against him and trying to decide is this the moment he should resign. can he actually stay in office. we know that particularly members of the congressional black caucus have had private talks with the congressman, talking about an exit strategy, talking about whether there is a way for him to gracefully exit. this has been an issue that has consumed capitol hill and you can expect that this will be in the news for the coming weeks and months. >> m.j. lee for us on capitol hill, thanks so much.
7:22 am
here with us now to discuss the many political developments of the last few hours, let alone the last few minutes, julie hirschfeld davis, paul begala and jason miller. paul and jason, i think i will have a fight between the two of you over "new york daily news" editorial which has do with the president sending out the anti-muslim videos and some of the things the president has been saying behind closed doors, denying the "access hollywood" tape, suggesting president obama wasn't born in america. the "new york daily news" writes after his latest spasm of deranged tweets only those under his spell can deny what growing numbers of americans have long expected the president of the united states is profoundly unstable, he is mad, he is by any honest layman's definition mentally unwell and viciously lashing out. the title of the editorial, "donald trump is a madman." paul, your reaction? >> i would say i'm a political strategist and i tend to see things in terms of strategy and very often you can see a
7:23 am
strategy with the president's misrepresentations, when he gets things wrong. i'm trying to be generous here. you can see a strategy. less so this week. i think maybe that's why the "new york daily news" no friend of donald trump's generally nor am i are saying this. i try to pull the lens back. several months ago, bob corker, republican senator from tennessee, who was considered by trump to be his running mate and then secretary of state, questioned the president's stability and competence. more recently, the secretary of state rex tillerson reportedly called the president a moron with a texas adjective in front of it. reporting that general h.r. mcmaster, the president's national security adviser, i quote from the reporting, an idiot with the intelligence of a kindergartner, people close to him, around him, and they see a man with the finger on the nuclear butten who may not be stable. the president needs a check up from the neck up. his staff needs to get him to a doc and do an evaluation. if he had a physical problem,
7:24 am
right, tore a cartilage in his knee they would take him to a doc and the doc would patch him up. i think it's in the national interest of the president to get some help here. >> jason miller? >> well, of course, i disagree with my good friend paul here and of all the accomplishments the president has had so far in the first ten months breaking the new york dai"new york dailyt something i would have expected. we've saw from today's editorial they've thrown in the towel and made a public announcement no longer trying to challenge him on ideas. they're going to try to attack him and throw insults and try to challenge his mental capacity, showing that they basically have given up fight here. look, i think most of the folks around the country today are probably looking at the record stock market, looking at tax cuts about to get done, saying who cares what the president retweeted. and i think the fact that we always go chasing after the -- >> hold on. >> hold on running chasing after each individual tweets the president was raising the issue of border security and the
7:25 am
travel ban and getting that back into the conversation. and that's his right if he wants to bring that up. i think to go and who originally posted it, that's like a 2016 daily drama that voters have decided on and they don't care. >> i think the issue is, if he is sending stuff out, videos out that are anti-muslim by any definition, if he is sending out things first sent around by an trawl nationalist group in britain, so offensive to the british prime minister and your greatest ally, that she has felt the need to talk about it twice over the last 24 hours, also if you're saying things behind closed doors as julie's paper is reporting here that aren't true, questioning the validity of the "access hollywood" tape suggesting again that president obama wasn't born in the united states, does that speak to something going on or is it intentional? julie, specifically to the issue, you know, of the videos, which weren't sent around they are having cuss quenshes. isn't just oh, this is twitter we can push this off to the side
7:26 am
anymore. the british prime minister is having to respond to this. members of parliament are calling on a meeting to be canceled with britain and one is calling on the president to be thrown in jail. >> absolutely. i mean it is the case that we've seen the president use his twitter account many, many times in the past, all through the campaign, certainly in the first ten months of his presidency, in this way. he likes to push buttons. he likes to say outrageous things. he thinks his base loves it. but there's no question in my mind that this week, we are seeing something, a level ratcheted up. something going on with the president that he feels the need and has felt the need more so than usual, to make these sort of inflammatory statements both in public, on twitter, and what we are also seeing is that they're having real-time consequences. as you point out, the british prime minister took great offense at his tweeting yesterday of those individual videos, retweeting of the videos, rage tweet the democratic leaders this week and that had an immediate
7:27 am
consequence in that chuck schumer and nancy pelosi decided not to show up at the white house for a meeting later that day. these things, the white house dismisses these things as mere tweets and, you know, we're focusing on the wrong thing, but the fact is, we are beginning to see actual consequences from that, fairly or unfairly, and what's also clear is that the president doesn't seem to care about that. his response yesterday to theresa may was, not to in any way back down from what he had circulated on social media but to sort of come back at her personally and saying, with we're fine your have a problem in the uk and for an american president to say that to a british prime minister given the history of the relationship is really something extraordinary to see. >> not only does the president not seem to care but paul ryan doesn't seem to care and congress doesn't seem to care. this must gal you. this may be happening this week, you may hate it, but i think the president will get his tax cut this week. looks like the senate will pass it this week and then it will go to conference. he will get the legislative achievement that he wants here.
7:28 am
>> he likely will. that's what, again, those of us who hope that the president is simply dishonest and not delusional we can cling to that and say, look, maybe he's distracting us from the tax bill, enormously unpopular, 50% of americans oppose it, maybe he's doing a smart thing trying to divert. but there's a lot of ways to divert without retweeting basically britain's version of the ku klux klan. a lot of ways to divert without using a racial slur about native americans in front of native american war heros. there's a lot of ways to divert without people starting to worry that you're unhinged. i want to come back to this. i worry that he and others are perpetuating a stereotype about mental health care. we need mental health care, we all do, if the president is like causing those closest to him to become concerned about his stability, my god, he ought to get help. this is no the a partisan thing.
7:29 am
he's my president too. >> john miller, i'll pose this question, you're welcome to respond to it as you like, i guess what i was going to ask you is, he is going to get the tax cut probably through this week or next week, but do all these other things, do they help? white house aides say they've given up trying to get him to stop using twitter. do you think it helps him? >> i think what the president is doing, definitely helps him with raising issues into the public dialog like i said before, whether it be border security or with the travel ban. but going back to paul's comments a moment ago, notice one thing that didn't come up when paul was talking any sort of a vision or any sort of a plan or any sort of alternative that the democratic party and the president's political opponents want to put forward. this is part of the reason why secretary clinton lost last year and why the democratic party is in the middle of a civil war and can't figure out which way they want to go. all they can do at this point is attack president trump and the president's going to get his big win this week or might be the
7:30 am
beginning of next week, it's going to be a big win, and we see the markets moving, people's 401(k)s going up and i think the rest of the country looks at this completely different from most of the other folks who are joining me this morning. >> and mitch mcconnell, paul ryan, julie, they seem to be willing to separate. i had a congressman from utah on before who says he doesn't like the president's tweets at all but he is willing to compartmentalize. >> listen, there's nothing more important for republicans right now than to get the tax cut through, signed into law, to have something to show for their first year of having a republican president, republicans in control of the senate, republicans in control of the house. they have nothing legislatively to show for that. they need to get this through. they're in a mode right now of trying to hold everything else at bay, trying to ignore all the other noise from the president, from the white house, from democrats, and just get this thing across the finish line. but there's no question when you talk to republicans prifltsly on
7:31 am
capitol hill, they are alarmed by this behavior and they are worried it actually is going to undermine that goal of getting this thing through and then of getting a year-end budget deal and it will hurt them. i don't necessarily think it's the case that you can just write this off as the president's venting and nobody really cares. this could actually affect his agenda and that's the big worry of republicans. you don't hear them saying that pubically, but it's a worry for them privately and they're right to worry about it. >> julie, david, jason, great to have you with us. thanks so much. >> thanks, john. >> a day after he was fired, matt lauer is apologizing to those he hurt. the new statement from the former "today" show anchor as the list of accusers is growing. somehow we always leave
7:32 am
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a new statement from matt lauer and new accusers against the fired "today" show anchor. joined by brian and khloe. brian, first to you, the statement from matt lauer, we did not hear from him just after he was fired and new we have. >> he says he is truly sorry. here's a part of what he's saying in the statement that was announced at 7:00 a.m. words, there are no words to express my sorrow and regret for the pain i have caused others by my words and actions. to the people i have hurt i am truly sorry. i realize the depth of the damage and disappointment i have left behind at home and at nbc. now lauer went on to say some of heat being said is untrue and mischaracterized but enough in the stories to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed. >> a lot of what was said and
7:37 am
happened had to do with "the new york times" investigation into matt lauer and a "variety" report out today. >> "variety" has been working on -- i know the two writers who wrote the "variety" story and they have been working on it for two months as brian also knows, and in there, they spoke to several people who claim that matt lauer acted allegedly indecently and, you know, they detail all of that, but i spoke to them just moments ago and they told me that they are still speaking to more women that have come forward to them. they're working on another story and vetting those as we speak. so unfortunately, i do not think that those are the only allegations against matt lauer. >> it's telling that two women contacted nbc yesterday after lauer was fired to bring new charges. >> and tell me about one of those stories, "the new york times" did put this out. >> the most disturbing in "the new york times" the 2001 incident where a woman alleges she was summon hair's office
7:38 am
where he undressed her and had sex with her, passed out, had to be helped by a nurse. left the company a year later. never told management what happened, she felt ashamed and did not want to come forward. in this current climate, national tipping point felt she could speak. >> we have breaking news reported just moments ago, russell simmons stepped down from his organizations? yes. so russell simmons has released a lengthy statement saying he is stepping down from his various companies after he has been accuse of sexual assault and harassment. a screenwriter by the name of jenny lumet detailed an encounter that she alleges took place in 1991 she claims that simmons forced her to have sex with him. now he says simmons in his statement he just gave to cnn he remembers the night differently, but that he apologizes to jenny and that he doesn't want to be a distraction to all of the companies that he has built so he is stepping down. remember he has rush
7:39 am
communications, and also -- the co-founder of def jam, apparel lines. he's employing other people to take his place. >> thanks for being with us. a lot of news on that front. major news developing on another front as well. we are getting word that the secretary of state's days may be numbered. the latest on those new developments coming up. ♪ it's red lobster's new ultimate surf & turf event. get ready these 5 pairings are gonna floor ya. like our new feast with lobster-wrapped scallops and a juicy sirloin, plus a savory lobster-and-shrimp smashed potato. and our new lobster and seafood-topped filet? every bite is better than the last. the classic is here too. come indulge in surf & turf like you've never had it before it's too late. and weekdays, create your own seafood lover's lunch for just $9.99.
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which egg has better taste only eggland's best. and is the only egg i'll serve my family? eggland's best. better taste, better nutrition, better eggs. jo all right. pretty major breaking news right now. a shakeup in the works at the state department. jeremy diamond live in washington for us with the details. an actual plan it seems, jeremy, for the removal of rex tillerson. >> that's right. the white house is at least
7:44 am
contemplating the possible scenario replacing secretary of state rex tillerson with cia director mike pompeo. that's according to multiple government officials who have spoken with me and my colleagues at cnn in washington. the vacancies at the cia would be filled by arkansas senator tom cotton a hawkish republican on capitol hill who has also grown increasingly close with the president. this, of course, would make a major difference in u.s. diplomacy. of course we know the secretary of state, rex tillerson, there's been a lot of friction in his relationship with the president and at the same time as that friction has increased, cia director mike pompeo's relationship with the president has gotten better. mike pompeo briefs the president rather, at least three or four times a week in person, and one white house official told me that they actually spend more time after those briefings speaking together, sometimes privately, one on one. so, of course, this would -- we
7:45 am
are not sure when this move would take place yet, but it's expected to happen over the next couple of months. again, this is a leading scenario and mike pompeo is the leading candidate to replace secretary of state rex tillerson but no firm plan has yet been in place or is ready to be executed. john? >> rex tillerson had always said he thought he would serve about a year, we're not too far away from that date. the news here, really seems to be, this scenario that is being openly discussed by key figures inside the west ring, correct? >> that's right, john. >> including john kelly, the chief of staff, his role in this? >> we are not entirely clear on that yet, but "the new york times" did report this morning that this is a plan that has been put in place by the white house chief of staff, john kelly, but again, there is no clear date as far as when this would happen, but officials that we've spoken to expect that this would happen within the next couple of months. john? >> and don't forget, i believe the secretary of state is the senior government official who has not denied calling the
7:46 am
president a moron, which probably creates some of the friction that may exist here. we need a statement from the state department. we'll try to get in touch with our people there shortly. jeremy diamond, thanks to you for this. we also have interesting news, first on cnn, you will remember when president trump's twitter account was taken down for nearly 11 minutes earlier this month. now the man responsible is speaking out for the first time. it was cnn's tech correspondent laurie segall who spoke to him and joins me now. there was this notion a man behaving with some kind of political intent trying to send some kind of a message on the way out the door but the truth is? >> what he's saying that was not so. he said it was a mistake and he said to me in an interview, i did this, i confess, but i wasn't looking to do something bad, wasn't planning on it and talks about how the account came in front of him because he's part of a group of people who looked at flagged accounts. someone flagged donald trump's twitter account, came in front of him, he put the wheels into motion and said i never thought, though, that i could have the power to take it down.
7:47 am
never thought it would happen. he said even if it was on purpose shouldn't have taken place because of internal regulations at the company. it's not my responsibility. funny enough, he didn't even realize the account had been take down until he saw news media reports that said a rogue employee on his last day and took it down, he thought, i was the only one, it was my last day. for the people who thought he wanted to see trump's twitter account and was a hero, i have to inform you he actually told me he likes trump, thinks trump is a charismatic and a good leader but needs to learn a little bit as a politician. the fact that this could happen, he said he had a headache and a bad day and he was having one of those days and that's what happened. the fact that a contractor was able to do that is a big issue for twitter. >> that is a serious security issue that someone was able to do that, given what we are seeing right now, the impact of some of the things that the president writes on twitter. laurie, segal, thanks for that story. want to check out laurie's special report, divided we code,
7:48 am
takes a closer look at tech companies and whether they have too much power like saying taking the president's twitter down for 11 minutes, saturday, 2:30 p.m. eastern here on cnn. after weeks of nfl players kneeling during the national anthem, the nfl has a multimillion-dollar plan to fund social causes important to players. "bleacher report" is next. more people shop online for the holidays than ever before. and the united states postal service delivers more of those purchases to homes than anyone else in the country. because we know, even the smallest things are sometimes the biggest.
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week. >> the nfl is pledging nearly $100 million to social justice causes that are important to its players. andy scholes, with more on "bleacher report." >> how's it going. the nfl and a group of players came together on a plan to address social justice issues considered important to african-american communities "bleacher report" presented by the new 2018 ford f-150. the agreement that they came to does not include language calling for the players to end their national anthem protest, but the league hopes that this effort will help end the controversial movement. that's according to espn. now the deal calls for the nfl to contribute $89 million over seven years to projects dealing with criminal justice reform, community relations and education, but not all players are on board for this agreement. russell owe c russell is one of them,p he left the group because he didn't think enough was being done. he posted on twitter and read in part the nfl continues a disingenuous approach to player
7:54 am
grievances, refusing to match the urgency of this moment. their proposal is woefully inadequate. >> all right. all eyes on the sports world on the bahamas as tiger woods makes his latest comeback. he was fine tuning his game yesterday following a 10-month layoff due to his fourth back surgery since 2014. tiger will tee off in the hero world challenge just after noon. he's going to be paired with pga champ winner justin thomas today. what is he most looking forward to? >> competing again. it's been a very long time. and really looking forward to getting out there and playing with justin and having a good time. >> all right. florida atlantic coach lane kiffin and tennessee have had a strained relationship since kiffin left the cool for usc after coaching one season back in 2009. yesterday, kif fin went on social media to take a shot at his old school's coach, breaking
7:55 am
news, kim jong-un has turned down the tennessee job. trolling comes after the volunteers have been turned down by multiple people for their head coaching position and john, kind of become a running joke that no one will take the tennessee head coaching job be which generally is considered one of the better jobs in college football. >> who do you like this weekend, georgia/auburn? >> i'll go with the dogs. georgia. >> nicely done. >> right answer. >> that is the right answer. andy scholes, thanks for being with juice we have breaking news that has to do with the current secretary of state rex tillerson. how long will he hold that job? news at the white house developing a plan to push him out. new developments. ahead.
7:56 am
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at this is cnn breaking news. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. we begin this hour with what could be a major shakeup coming for the trump administration. is the secretary of state on the way out? sources are now telling cnn that there is a plan taking shape to push out rex tillerson after just ten months on the job. let's get over to the white house for the details and what is coming out at this moment. abby philip is there. what are you picking up? >> government sources are


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