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tv   Wolf  CNN  November 30, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> backlash continues over president trump's anti-muslim retweets. world leaders calling him out amid a new report he ignored warnings that the tweets could spark unrest in the muslim world. the tax showdown in washington continues up on capitol hill. why republicans say they have the votes to pass tax reform as early as later tonight. congressman conyers hospitalized for stress as house leader nancy pelosi finally calls for his resignation. the ball in conyers's court. we begin with plans for a possible shake-up in the trump administration over at the state department. multiple government officials now telling cnn that the white house is considering replacing secretary of state rex tillerson with cia director mike pompeo in the next few months or earlier. moments ago, president trump was asked about tillerson's fate by reporters in the oval office.
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>> rex is here. >> is he going to stay on his job. >> thank you very much, everybody. >> let's bring in jim accost a. what more can you tell us about the shake-up and the timing? >> wolf, obviously this has been something that has been speculated about for sometime now ever since it was revealed that the secretary of state referred to the president as a moron and the president fired back and challenged rex tillerson to an iq test. there is glad in the water for weeks. just this morning we were able to confirm the conversations that are occurring inside the white house that the president is getting serious consideration to replacing rex tillerson with the cia director, mike pompeo who is very in line with the president on a slew of issues. that is snag is a foot in. the question is who would
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replace mike pompeo. the leading candidate appears to be tom cotton, senator from arkansas who again, also appears to be very much in line with the president's thinking on foreign policy and national security issues. both of those things have come up. i will tell you that the white house press secretary sarah sanders was asked about this earlier this morning. you saw the president was asked about it in that pool spray with the crown prince of bahrain. the president saying rex is here, rex is here. sarah sanders, the white house press secretary saying as the president just said, rex is here. there are no personnel announcements at this time. secretary tillerson continues to lead the state department and the cabinet is focussed on completing this incredibly successful first year of president trump's administration. you know this from watching this for sometime. that is not a ringing endorsement from the white house for secretary tillerson. >> it certainly isn't and the president had an opportunity during that photo op to say something nice about secretary tillerson. he said he is here and didn't go
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out of his way. so many news organizations right now not only cnn are report being this possible job replacement. >> that's right. as we know, the president and secretary tillerson have been butting heads for sometime. you will recall when tillerson was over in asia this year, the president was saying publicly on twitter that diplomacy was not working when it comes to north korea. basically cutting off the secretary of state at the knees. this has been going on for sometime. it appears to be coming to a head and the white house is not ready to say that rex tillerson is out, but when you talk to a number of officials and sources close to the white house, they are saying that this is all but a done deal. >> multiple news organizations reporting right now. thanks very much from the white house. this potential shake-up comes in the global backlash of president trump's retweeting anti-muslim videos from a british hate
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group. a number of officials are condemning the president's actions, including the prime minister, the mayor of london and the head of the church of england and members of parliament. one lawmaker said the group is the equivalent of the kkk here in the united states. president trump's seeming endorsement of the group could cost him his upcoming state visit. >> it's very clear that british filmmakers from all parties and all. >>s of the house and members of the cabinets are deeply unhappy. he would not be welcome here for a state visit. >> others say the president of the united states should be arrested if he steps foot in the uk. in london on downing street, is this condemn nation from high ranking british officials normal? clearly it's not. >> it certainly is not normal,
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but it's also not normal to have a u.s. president engage in this direct twitter attack on a major u.s. ally. there has of course been a good deal of criticism in this country in his presidency so far. there have been calls before for his state visit to be rescinded. this is the first time that the government has been as unequivocal in calling out behavior that is considered deeply inappropriate and damaging to the special relationship. the government line has been clear though that the special relationship is more important than and will outlast individual periods. this is what teresa may had to say to donald trump. >> the fact that we work together does not mean we are afraid to say when we think the united states have got it wrong and be clear with him. i'm very clear. the retweeting from britain first was the wrong thing to do.
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>> what the british prime minister refused to do was  rescind that state visit. she is under pressure to do it and she has been in the past. she said the invitation has been extended and accepted. no date has been fixed, but that was all she was prepared to say. it would be highly unusual if not unprecedented to revoke a state visit. it might worsen diplomatic relations which is something she wants to avoid which is something she depends on in the post brexit future. >> thank you very much. reporting from london and let's bring in the panel to talk about both of these major stories. with us, spokesman and senior white house correspondent and washington bureau chief. john, less than a year into the presidency and the signals are coming of a possible shake-up. not just one news organization or two, but multiple news
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organizations being told by sources in the white house or close to the white house that this shake-up is in the works over the next few weeks or nos. >> i don't know that it's that surpri surprising. tillerson is on a short time and even thieves he was not planning to staying longer. the tensions have been self evident whether it's trump tweeting he is wasting his time or tillerson calling him a moron. there is a lot of turmoil at state. a lot of morale problems. his reorganization is not going well and last but not least, the policy is at best unclear and at worst, chaotic. >> it wasn't a ringing endorsement from the president today and the white house press secretary. very cautious statements. you understand washington and we all understand when multiple
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news organizations are hearing from source that is a shake-up like this is in the works, that is designed at least in part to send a message to the secretary of state. it's time to leave. >> that's true. the president couldn't make this end right now if he wanted to. the statement from sarah sanders suggests that this is a weeks or months process, not a days or by the end of the week process. i think we heard over the summer these grumblings that tillerson might want to leave and the situation heightened in north korea and that stopped and he moved to tamp down on those. this is petty. yada yada. what you are looking at is at the one-year mark. the possibility that the bill will be a change from the team. much of the team that he started out with. the question is, does tillerson get to set the terms of his departure or does trump? it doesn't matter because he is politically a dead man walking
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for as long as he sticks around. >> trump was very aggressive towards jeff sessions and he wanted to push him out. you haven't seen that as much with rex tillerson. he undermined him in several tweets and otherwise policy wise. you haven't seen the you can't sit with us, we are mad at you and maybe you should leave that you saw with jeff sessions. that's a ray of sunshine for rex tillerson. >> if i was advising him, i would tell him to write his letter of resignation now. these are strong signals that he is no longer welcome. he lost the trust and confidence of the president of the united states. at least you can save your dignity. >> it's not just the sources theying that tillerson should go, but more details and the cia director and former member of congress that he would be in line to become the next secretary of state. the republican senator from arkansas would be in line to replace pompio at the cia.
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they have details and multiple sources providing this information to multiple news organizations. >> for makes sense to have a plan. if you know that tillerson wants to go anyway, it makes sense for the chief of staff to have a good plan of succession. who is the top candidate. what would you replace him with? it's another matter that are going to publish it. he humiliated the secretary of state. that's in a different trench. >> these are two people that could pass the senate confirmation. tom cotton is a sitting senator and knows everyone and this wouldn't be necessarily a confirmation fight that they have seen on the front end of these nominees. >> for does open up a senate seat that you will have to fight for in 18. i would hope this is figuring into their calculations. >> how serious is this dispute between the u.s. and the trump administration and the uk?
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the dispute over the retweets he did yesterday. >> the oldest and closest ally. for the to come out publicly like that, the censure and the president of the united states over something like a tweet, that's significant because of the content of those tweets. it not only reinforces the religious war, but it not only connotes racist overtones by the president, but told the world that we are not all that interested in being a leader anymore. i spoke to a colleague of mine serving in a muslim nation about the reaction and it surprised me. her reaction was that there was not a lot of surprise there. that was the saddest part. they had come to expect that and we don't stand for anything anymore. >> sorry there anyone in the white house who issi telling th president that you are not a private citizen and you have to be careful what you tweet and retweet and if you are
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retweeting videos that are questionable, maybe have the government, the national security counsel and the intelligence check to see if they are authentic? >> they are what we come to think of as the trump administration. none of them would retweet something like this. the implications are for foreign policy. when the retweet controversial video from another country, you are involving yourself in another country's politics, not just american politics. >> we saw in the report from number 10 downing street. as well as the prime minister myself. jim acosta and our white house correspondent, president trump privately said he would have done better in the election if he would have kept raising
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doubts about former president obama's place of birth. it's raising all sorts of additional questions about the president. why is he also raising the possibility that maybe the audio on that "access hollywood" video is not really authentic? >> he doesn't want to admit he was wrong are two high profile incidents that he did. he felt like he listened to someone else him to do this. that was during a campaign and he has done all these things and there hasn't been any lasting consequences from a lot of the tweets. in terms of the ballot box. so as a result he is looking back and saying why did i do that? no repercussions for me doing these things. what did they say about it? >> he finally said yes, president obama was born in the united states, it was hard for him to say that they didn't dwell on it and when he
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apologized and out of character on both of those. he doesn't like to apologize. >> it doesn't matter what he said. it matters what's true. we know that president obama is an american-born u.s. citizen and the tape speaks for itself. >> coming up, a vote to get a tax plan through the senate. the hurtles around the conclusion. can they get it done. john conyers is hospitalized in detroit right now, amid a scandal that has the democrats calling on him to resign. and a story you saw first here on cnn. a major player in the russia investigation. the president's own son in law jared kushner sitting down with the special counsel's team. we have information. stand by. llo mom. amanda's mom's appointment
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>>s to 55 or negative, one way or another the republican tax bill will affect every american. the final version is being debated in the senate. looking at live pictures as they move ever closer to this historic vote. cnn correspondent, phil matingly is on capitol hill. according to the budget office, more than a trillion dollars added to the deficit over 10 years. hundreds of millions of people affected. it comes down to one smaller number. 50. have republicans according to the estimates you have seen and heard reached that magic number if they get 50, it's a tie in the senate and the vice president who is the president of the senate breaks the tie and the legislation passes.
10:20 am
>> republican aides say they are not there yet, but they are walked up to that line. they are getting a major boost when john mccain put out a statement saying he was going to support the bill. he was a wild card from the beginning. i talked to several republican aides over the course of the last couple of weeks and they referred to his position as a black box. they didn't know where he was going to end up. he opposed the bush tax cuts and had a lot of process problems and that helped him sink health care. his willingness is a major boost for republican leaders. they are not there yet. there are complicated issues for them to figure out, but it looks like they are going to get there is the some point and might vote as soon as tonight. >> look at the dow jones. another record high above 24,000. it's up 342 points on this day. clearly it looks like investors according to the dow jones like
10:21 am
this tax bill and assume it's going to pass. >> no question. the optimism extends inside investment banking and what they are looking at right now and what their economists are looking at. the big question is if this is going to pass and it looks like it's on the way right now, what exactly does it mean? this has major implications on deficits and for everybody and every company. one of the interesting elementses is how this plan is structured right now. it is more heavily weighted towards the corporate and individual side. that's a feature. they did that deliberately. republicans did because of the belief that if you on the corporate rate side drop from 35 to 20% allowing expensing for a five-year period, that will boost growth and lead to wage growth. the question right now is will that come to fruition when you come to look at what republicans are doing on the tax code. when you look at the near term
10:22 am
yesterday, releasing analysis and more than 60% of individuals will get a tax cut. 8% will get a tax increase. that's in the first year of this. that's millions of people. if you go further and this is where the differentiation between the corporate and individual side comes in. republicans set the individual tax cuts at the end of 2025. if you look at the numbers, the number of individual who is get an increase because of that sunset goes up dramatically. that could be problematic going forward. that said, i can't stress this enough. they are on the path right now to get this done. as i noted, it could be done as soon as tonight. >> we will see what happens. clearly the dow jones at a record high. first time over 24,000. thanks very much. a republican in south dakota is a key member of the senate arms services committee. >> appreciate the opportunity. >> let's get to the tax bill, but the questions of the day and
10:23 am
talk about the president's week. he has been hoarding serious controversy. on monday what was seen as a racist comment in a ceremony honoring world war ii heroes. tuesday he was attacking african-american athletes for not standing for the national anthem at football games and renewed the false claims about where former president obama was born. yesterday he retweeted the anti-muslim videos and the white house admitted they may not even have been real. are you troubled like so many of your colleagues, democrats and republicans are about these actions that seem to take away from the big osh his agenda of getting this tax bill passed? >> he met with us on tuesday. he was an absolute gentlemen. deferential to the senate. he listen and he was looking to make a deal for what he considers to be one of the most important things we will do, a tax bill. we will get to talking about it. i told folks and they asked me
10:24 am
have you been following the tweets. i don't follow the tweets. we have lots of things to do up here. as betsy devos said, always think about what happens when you say something about another person. for me, my perspective is i'm going to focus on what we are getting done and focus on his actions. this particular case, his nominations have been great and the fact that he has been working with us to get a tax bill crafted is very important to us. that's what most of the american public in my part of the country is focused on. >> you have to admit his actions include official white house statements. the white house itself said these tweets are official white house statements on behalf of the president. the latest resulted in an unusual extraordinary criticism of the president from one of our closest allies, teresa may. she is very upset about the retweets. let me get your thoughts on that and we will move on. >> i'm not the president, but if i was the president i wouldn't be doing it.
10:25 am
fair enough? >> that's what i have been hearing for a lot of your republican colleagues that maybe he should cool it with the tweets. let's talk about the tax bill and you are a supporter of the republican tax bill. there is a little bit of a question though it seems to be moving forward. how optimistic are you that it will pass the senate? >> the vast majority of our members, all of our members have said very clearly they want yes. sometimes we are looking for a reason not to vote for it, but what you are finding is in our conference, there is 100% participation and 100% of the member who is said i want to be a yes and want to be a part of winning this. failure is not an option. there is also the side of it that said we can make it better and folks are trying hard to make it better. in their opinion, they think recommendations out there that should be adopted. that's a part of the process. it's a healthy part of the process. as we talked before, it's making
10:26 am
sausage. some people like different spice and so forth. i think we will be a yes and get it across the goal line and we will start working with the house on a conference committee. one more opportunity to fine tune it. >> supporters say it will boost the economy and so many economists say that it's not going to boost the economy all that much. we heard about triggers that will click in if the benefits are not reached. have those triggers, the so-called triggers meaning there could be a cut back in tax cuts and if the economy will boom. have the triggers been agreed on? >> they have not. part of the discussion have been with member who is have concerns and they don't want to have the debt increase and want to make sure it works. they would like to have assurances that they will not increase the debt more than it might otherwise be increased.
10:27 am
we don't think it will increase the debt and think it's the first opportunity to grow the economy and bring in revenues greater than what we will be releasing for tax rate reductions. here's the deal. if we didn't think this was going to actually generate more revenue than what it costs, we wouldn't be doing it. our goal is to have enough revenue to pay the bills long-term. we can't fight our way out. deficit we have gotten unless we have a stronger economy. right now there are a lot of people who said the 1.8% growth here for the last couple of years was about as good as we can do. we disagreed and clearly the business community disagrees. look what happened since the president was elected. the fourth quarter last year through the first three quarters of this year, you see growth coming in in the 3% growth range. that's before the tax rates take effect. >> the budget office said the tax bill in the senate as it
10:28 am
stand says will increase the debt by $1.4 trillion over the next 10 years. we already have a $20 trillion debt and another 1.4 trillion is a lot of money. >> i'm glad you bring it up. the cbo is required to look at static scoring only. they can't look at improvement in the economy based on having more money to invest. they can't look at businesses actually am can be back from overseas. they left the united states and moved overseas in the last 10 years. you have to stop the hemorrhage and when you bring them back in, they bring the jobs with them. they bring the investment back into the united states. it is invested here rather than overseas. that adds to the economy. we know it is between 2 want this 7 and $3.5 trillion minimum that could be returned to the united states through repatriation efforts. that is invested here and adds to the capital necessary for
10:29 am
improvements in salary policy and adds to the value for growth and intellectual property purchases and so forth. the only way to grow the economy is by getting business back to business again. when that happens, the american people will benefit. >> i know you have to run, but if your assessment of the growth doesn't hold in two or three years, are you ready to support a trigger that will increase taxes for businesses as well? >> we talked about that and that's the discussion point right now. what can we include for those people that do believe that's a possibility? what can we do to assure them that something like that would be in effect? my position has been we are legislators and we are here now and should make decisions based upon the belief that we should trust future bodies to make good decisions as well and not tie them into an automatic rate increase they would have to address at that point.
10:30 am
allow them to make good decisions as well. it's like saying the folks that were here 10 years ago, the way they put in a budget control act suddenly now we are talking about the fact that it failed and we are stuck with that. if you look at the budget act, we are living with that right now even though our deficit continued to right through the time president. >> we would have been in a better position to respond so to the needs today. let's not do that to the next generation. >> you don't like the triggers, but the colleagues are pressing to include them. >> for it helps us get to 50 votes, i would be willing to look at it. i don't think it's necessary. >> thank you very much for joining us. lots at stake and more breaking news. growing calls for john conyers to resign amid the scandal. we have also been learning that he is now hospitalized for stress. patrick woke up with a sore back.
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>> breaking news. the assistant democratic leader and the african-american in the house, jim clyburn add to the list of those who wants john conyers to resign. we heard from paul ryan and nancy pelosi. >> it's very sad. they are owed justice. i pray for congressman conyers and his family and wish them well. however, congressman conyers should resign. >> no one should go through something like that let alone
10:36 am
here in congress. he should resign immediately. >> we are also learning from the aides of conyers, he is in the hospital due to stress. he is 88 years old. congressman, i know you know congressman conyers is from michigan like you are. where do you stand on whether or not he should resign? >> i think congressman conyers should resign. no person no matter where they work should have to tolerate the harassment that has been alleged. i took a close look at the statements made by two individuals. no one likes to believe that a person that they worked with and they respect can abuse their power and harass women like this and there can be no tolerance for it. as painful as it is, i have to conclude he should resign. >> i want to you listen to what the attorney said just moments ago. listen to this.
10:37 am
>> it's not up to nancy pelosi. nancy pelosi did not elect the congressman and she sure as hell won't be the one to tell the congressman to leave. that decision will be completely up to the congressman. >> how difficult is this for you because you worked with congressman conyers from a long time. you are both from michigan. how difficult is this whole issue for you and your other colleagues from michigan? >> it's painful. this whole issue is really painful. it's especially painful for the victims who now had to come forward and tell these really difficult stories. they have to repeat the pain they have gone through. it's painful for everyone. there is no joy that anybody takes in this. we just simply cannot in congress or on a factory floor in my home state of michigan tolerate the kind of abuse of power that comes with men using
10:38 am
their position to harass women or treat them in a way that is degrading. it's a terrible thing. there cannot be a standard that allows this behavior to go on without consequences. >> congressman, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> coming up, north korea shows off its most powerful missile to date. the new video. there you see it featuring kim jong un celebrating a so-called gift package for the us. plus, the former u.s. ambassador of the united nations bill richard is here as the trump administration warns north korea brought the world closer to war. my conversation is coming up. i'm ryan and i quit smoking
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. as north korea releases the latest images of their missile, president trump said the chinese envoy seems to have no impact on little rocket man. hard to believe they put up with living in such horrible conditions. russia and china condemn the launch. under the direct supervision of the kim jong un, the massive missile 15 blasted through the earth's upper atmosphere on wednesday. 10 times higher than the international space station. theoretically putting all of the united states within striking distance. let's discuss this dangerous situation. the former united states ambassador to the united nations, bill richardson. thanks very much for joining us. how concerned are you about this escalating crisis? >> i'm very concerned.
10:44 am
it escalated after north korea for about 74 days did not shoot a missile. what concerns me the most is the enormously rapid technological progress north korea has. it went up to 3,000 miles in height and reach 1,000 miles distance wise, which is washington, d.c. there is good developments here. i try to have good developments. north korea has reached the pinnacle of what it perceives to be the technological nuclear capability and maybe they are ready to negotiate. then again, for 74 days, they didn't shoot a missile. maybe there was some diplomacy going on that seemed to have broken down when we put them on the terrorism list. >> what are president trump has done in earlier administrations including what you served in the obama administration didn't do
10:45 am
as much was squeeze china with enormous influence to help out in this crisis. he deserves credit for that, right? >> yes, he does. the fact that china is now with oil imports and coal imports and foodstuffs and north korean workers in china put clamps down. serious clamps. not enough, i believe, to really endanger the regime. i think they reach a point where they are ready to put some pressure, but not enough. >> you have been to north korea. >> with you once. >> you have seen what's going on over there. most of the trade and the impours and china's exports involved. including russia. >> 90% comes through china. russia can fill in the gap. russia is not exactly our friend. they are probably going to do it. what north korea is getting is
10:46 am
support from other states, rogue countries like syria and pakistan on the black market and nuclear materials. >> still worrisome with all the u.s. efforts to denuclearize north korea failed. going back to bill clinton's administration and the bush and obama administrations, u.s. leaders have been working on this and right now north korea has an intercontinental missile capability potentially with nuclear warheads despite all of those efforts. why have they failed? >> they have all failed because i don't think through sanctions un sanctions, all kinds of bilateral sanctions it's enough pressure. they have two options. is unthinkable. the military strike and the diplomacy option. north korea i believe is ready to negotiate now that they are able to hit the united states
10:47 am
and there was again no one pays attention to this pause for 74 days. i think the administration must have gone to them and said don't shoot any missiles. they said on record that north korea went ahead and did not shoot a missile. we put in the designation of a terrorist state. we didn't have to do that. we could have waited. put that in your pocket. that's called diplomacy and negotiation. i wish we haven't done it. >> par think thyou think that s negotiations? >> i wish they would stop the insults and call him a puppy and one of the latest insults. i don't like the president of the united states being insulted either. keep this personal diplomacy and the attacks, keep them out. let diplomacy and the professionals try to do something. >> is there a dialogue and china
10:48 am
sent a special envoy and the president tweeted and said the chinese envoy just returned from north korea seems to have no impact on middle rocket man. hard to believe they put up with living in such horrible conditions. russia and china condemn the launch. was anything accomplished with the envoy going to pyongyang? >> the fact that he is able to talk to the north koreans. they have not talked to the chinese for a long time. that's good. i don't know what was said. it wasn't enough to bring north korea to its knees. at least there is some diplomacy going and maybe the chinese envoy sent a message back. the message back that he sent is u.s., what happened? we didn't shoot a missile for 75 days and you didn't give us anything except the designation. >> some of these leaders over the years, are you ready to get back involved? >>. >> i would only do it if the administration asked me. they don't talk to democrats.
10:49 am
>> you don't expect to be -- >> not any time soon. >> bill richardson, the former governor of new mexico, thanks for joining us. >> paul manford and the chairman last year reached an agreement with special counsel robert mueller. we have details. stand by. (vo) when you wake up with
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10:54 am
joining us right now with details. potentially is significant if there is agreement between manafort and the special counsel robert mueller. >> right. and shows there are signs they were able to agree on something. this is probably an important for the defense and they have been trying to do this for now over a year since he was arrested. arrested on october 30th so a month to the day we get word they have finally come to agreement. so what this entails is basically manafort would no longer need to stay in his home. no longer would be required to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet. and to do this, he, the judge, would have to approve it. and the special counsel what they have agreed to is he would put up four homes worth about $11 million to guarantee that he will continue to come to court and continue on this case and won't flee the jurisdiction. he wopt n't be able to travel
10:55 am
internationally and he says, manafort he would stay in four states, florida, virginia and new york, and come to washington d.c. to meet with his attorneys. so masmall victory for their attorneys. and hopefully they will hope to get that. >> and usually when the special counsel in this case greece to something like that, he wants something in return. not just some more how's that potentially could be used as bail, if you will. he wants something specific and it looks like maybe they are moving in a certain direction. >> perhaps. they have come to agreement on something, at least it shows they are communicating. there is an open dialogue. i don't think we can read much more into this right now but we know his attorney, manafort's attorney has been fighting this. the issue also for the court and really the special council here is they wanted to see where the money was going to come from and looks like now his homes and they are satisfied that his homes will be enough collateral
10:56 am
to secure that he'll return to work. >> what about rick gates, deputy also charged with these crimes h is he part of the deal? >> he's not part of this deal. but he himself has been fighting and trying to get a bail package. >> because he's under house arrest too? >> yes. and the last time they were free to it be out of their homes was on thanksgiving, the judge did allow them out for the day, then go back the next day as long as they were home by certain time and with family. so they have been out of their homes since the arrest, but this will certainly freeman a fort a little bit to conduct business, to meet with people, so a small victory here. >> clearly what the special prosecutor would like is guilty plea and cooperation down the road. >> perhaps. next month in two weeks in december they are going to court and set a trial date, december 11th is the next date. >> it's an agreement but not the full agreement but it is a step.
10:57 am
thanks for that report. and this just in ranking member of the house committee adam schiff is criticizing jeff sessions if president trump had ever suggested hindering the russia investigations. they met today behind closed doors. schiff says jeff sessions should have answered questions. says the attorney frequently said he did not recall in response to lawmakers many, many questions. we'll have more details on that courtrooming up. as well also still furry over the president's tweets at home and a broad, the nasty clash that one one british lawmaker demanding president trump be arrested if he actually enters the u.k. she had to buy lots of groceries. while she was shopping for organic fruits and veggies, burglars broke into her shoe. they stole her kids' mountain bikes and tablets
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where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work. all right. here we go. breaking news on cnn. im brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. we wait for the white house briefing to begin. the revolving door of the trump administration may take another turn. and this time the official who might be heading out is actually the man who won't deny that he once called the president of the united states a moron. he is secretary of state rex tillerson. all of this happening today as secretary tillerson tries to find the diplomatic solution to this nuclear threat from north korea. multiple government officials say the white house