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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  November 30, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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it's clearly going to take a little while longer. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said it was possible to get this done today. every minute, hour that passes by looks like it's going to push into friday, brooke. >> okay, friday it is then. potentially phil matingly, thank you so much. we'll continue this tax conversation for the next couple of days, couple of weeks. i'm brooke baldwin. the lead with jake tapper starts now. thanks, brooke. the white house doing everything accept pointing to secretary of state to the exit and handing him a gold watch. the lead starts right now. president trump has said when it comes to this state department, i'm the only one that matters. and now, even with this huge nuclear threat heating up, cnn has learned they have a plan to get rid of america's top diplomat. meanwhile the state department's now warning that the president's anti-muslim retweets yesterday might be putting americans in danger. could lives actually be at risk because the president can't stop tweeting and retweeting?
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plus, monster missile. kim jong-un showing off a weapon that only a few countries can produce, how close is north korea to being able to nuke the east coast? welcome to the lead, i'm jake tapper, unsettling headline this afternoon. officials at the u.s. state department were so concerned about the anti-muslim videos that president trump retweeted yesterday, they told the white house they were actually worried that the president's actions might spark a reprise of violent protests at u.s. embassies in the middle east. they're already on high security alert. quote, it didn't manifest in anything actionable, but it was a big concern. one state department official told cnn reporters. just think about that for a second. president trump's state department worried about the safety and security of americans abroad. and why? because the president recklessly pushed out videos of
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questionable veracity from an extremist, far right wing britain first group. the resulting security concerns are another example of how far reaching and deeply felt the president's words can be. still, this is the white houses' response just minutes ago. >> he's elevated the conversation to talk about a real issue and a real threat and that's extreme violence, and extreme terrorism. something we know to be very real and something the president feels strongly about, talking about, and bringing up and making sure it is an issue every single day. that we're looking at the best ways to protect americans, john. >> on that point, sarah, did the president when he retweeted francen know who she was? >> i don't believe so. again, i think he knew what the issues are. >> so, to recap, the president did not know who the source was, an extremist far right group, and he thought these videos that clearly seek to portray muslims as dangerous savages, he thought that would elevate the
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conversation. what do your friends across the pond have to say about the president's retweets? >> wouldn't the world be a better place if the prime minister could persuade the president of the united states to delete his twitter account? >> prime minister theresa may stopped short today of cancelling the president's upcoming state visit to downing street, but she did say this. >> i'm very clear that retweeting from britain first was the wrong thing to do. >> afterall, it was just last year when a british member of parliament joe cox was murdered by a right wing man who shouted britain first as he did so. and here's her widower. >> this is like the president retweeting the klu klux klan, and for the president of the united states, our greatest allies or a country to be retweeting, to be providing a microphone to those voices. >> this concern about the president's behavior consumed a great deal of time in parliament today in london where leaders
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are expressing concerns and the behavior and judgment about the president of the united states. president trump always loathed to admit a mistake. he tweeted, don't focus on me, focus on the destructive radical islamic terrorism that is taking place within the united kingdom, we are doing just fine. we are doing just fine. that is of course unless you're in the u.s. embassy bracing for violence because of the president's impulse control issues, i suppose, or if you're the parent of a muslim american child and you're worried that the president's retweets of that bigotry might have action or response on your kid. or if you're an american just worried about fundamental basic loss of decency. accept for that, we're fine -- except for that, we're fine. the white house did receive warning that president trump's tweets could spark unrest in the muslim world. you know, in the past, it was some, you know, film maker with an extremist video, some radical
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kook of a preacher in florida burning the koran. now it's the president causing these actions that people are worried about having this response. >> i thought the white house spokeswoman sarah huckabee sanders' response was interesting today, she actually said this was about elevating a conversation about important issues. i don't think there's anyone here who believes that this had the effects that these retweets had the effect of elevating conversations about border security or immigration policy. it had the effect of drawing attention to the fact that this is what president trump does. he is not avoid to and in fact, seems happy to sort of spread around this kind of inflammatory and hateful things that should not, you know, exist on a president's timeline on twitter or anywhere, really. >> yeah. well, so sarah huckabee sanders reiterated what we've been hearing which is that he was trying to draw attention to a real threat. and of course, so what did he actually tweet out? he tweeted out someone being
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attacked on crutches. tweeted out someone smashing a vir injure mary that sta chew. i don't think so. it's clear he wasn't drawing attention to radical islamic terrorism, what i just described is in fact not radical islamic terrorism. if these are even real, they would just be crime. regular crime. so, what he was doing was exactly what he did with mexicans. trying to cast them all as rapists and murderers. that's what he's doing with muslim. look, if we let muslims in, they're just a bunch of common criminals. nothing to do with terrorism. >> one of the issues, kristen, is i think there are so few republican officials willing to say anything to the president about this kind of behavior, i want you to take a listen to republican senator lindsey graham and what he had to say when asked about this kind of behavi behavior. >> you know what concerns me about the american press is this endless, endless attempt to label the guy as some kind of kook. not fit to be president. >> now, i have never said, and i
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don't think anybody here has ever said that the president is a kook or that he's unfit to be president, you know who has? take a look. >> i think he's a kook. i think he's crazy. i think he's unfit for office. >> rejection is a real thing. >> what a difference a year makes. why were so many republicans saying that a year ago and suddenly they're accusing the press of saying things they themselves said. obviously president trump won, but still, principles are principles. >> i think the fact that president trump won is a big part of why whether it's republican leaders or republican voters they have come around to just saying, well, he's our president, this is what we signed up for. and so when it comes to something like this where he's taking an action that is not presidential that should be condemned by folks across the political spectrum, there is the sense of well, i've got to defend my guy because well, this is politically incorrect, but gosh, don't we need someone who's brave enough to do that?
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i don't think what the president did was brave at all, but the reason why he does it, it sends a signal to his supporters that he's willing to do the thing that no one else is willing to do. that he's willing to say the bad thing about that other group of people, that no one else is willing to say. and that's why despite the fact that he's done this, despite the fact that this reminds me a lot of charlottesville where he dances very closely with the affiliating himself with an extreme faction, in part because he claims he's making a more legitimate point, charlottesville, he said, i'm making the more legitimate point about confederate statues, here he's claiming he's making a legitimate point about islamic radical terrorism. he's not. he's affiliating himself with those who are extreme and it should be condemned. >> let's bring in sarah murray at the white house, sarah, let me put the part of basic human decency aside for one second. do people inside the white house understand how problematic the president's behavior is here? even in his own self-interest? >> well, jake, there are
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certainly concerns about that. this is the conversation we are having in a week when the president is poised to potentially get a major legislative victory on tax reform, something he has been waiting for since he took office. and it's one of the things that has officials in this west wing really sort of feeling a void. there is no sort of chief political strategist now in this white house. president trump doesn't have a carl rove the way bush did, he doesn't have a david axelrod the way that president obama did, and some are saying, look, the lack of this means that there is not someone to give the president good political advice, day in, day out or be thinking about sort of the next crucial move, the 2018 midterms, you know saying look, we have to focus on tax reform because we need to make sure our guys are getting elected in these midterms and we can move forward with our agenda. >> well, he had somebody like that kind of once with steve bannon, i suppose, but i guess an even larger question is even if there was a carl rove or david axelrod for president
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trump that was brought into the white house, would the president listen to him? >> and that is the trick with filling that job, jake, we know that this is a president who firmly believes he has during his presidential campaign certainly since he won the presidency and win that no one is really expecting, he believes he's his own best strategist. he believes his gut, his own instincts over basically anything else. now that's not to say he doesn't still bounce ideas off of people in the west wing. we know for instance he still talks to steve bannon outside of the white house. we know he talks to mark shore, kellyanne conway, all officials serving in this white house as well as his chief of staff, but it was telling in talking to senior administration officials here for the story that we were working on saying look, we're not sure what we would do differently if there was someone here filling that role. the president is still his own best strategist. >> mj, how concerning is it that there isn't anyone that even has the job of thinking through some sort of broader strategy? i mean obviously there's going to be one political victory it
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looks like with this tax bill, but that's still one in a whole year full of losses and just, just horrific moments like this. like these retweets. >> i think the question you posed to sarah is sort of the ke question, right, even if he did have people around him to give this kind of political advice and consistent political advice, i don't think there's anything that trump has done over the last year to suggest that he would suddenly start listening to these people and start behaving in a different way. and i think in fact we have seen moments where he, you know, will take the advice of family member or someone close to him, and then, you know, there comes a point where he feels frustrated because something is not going his way. and then that turns into resentment and then he ends up lashing out. this has sort of been this cycle where one he probably doesn't have the people around him that he needs to get the kind of stage advice that any president would need, and then the question of well, even if the people were around him, would he take the advice anyway, and when he does do that, he gets angry
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when he feels like look, i should have gone with my own instincts in the first place and not listen to these people. >> he could lose potentially -- i have no idea what's going to happen, he could potentially lose the house because there's nobody really taking a larger political view. >> certainly. i mean, he could lose the house, and in the end, he could claim that it's not because of him, it's because of congressional leaders that if only they had done more things he wanted. if only they were more loyal to him in the party that would have been okay. this is the continuing, unhealed wound within the gop. you have a lot of folks on capitol hill who think that things like what the president has done with this tweet are wrong, but are afraid to come out and say it because they know that a lot of republican voters don't like seeing republican leaders on the hill, criticizing the president. they just to want see things getting done. but what this all still leads to then is trump not really having the good registrations lations . if they don't turn out in the midterms, trump i don't think
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credibly, but will make the case, it's not my fault. it's not because i've been an ineffective president. >> we have a lot more to talk about including the white house is unhappy with anybody in his administration, that person's out. what they might mean for secretary of state rex tillerson, coming up next, stay with us. ogs have evolved, but their nutritional needs remain instinctual. that's why there's purina one true instinct. nutrient-dense, protein-rich, real meat number one. this is a different breed of natural nutrition. purina one, true instinct. was supposed to be a wake reup call for our government?sh people all across the country lost their savings, their pensions and their jobs. i'm tom steyer and it turned out that the system that had benefited people like me who are well off, was, in fact, stacked against everyone else. it's why i left my investment firm and resolved to use my savings for the public good. but here we are nine years later and this president and the republican congress are making a bad situation even worse.
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the white house knocked down reports that the white house is considering replacing the secretary of state rex tillerson within the next few months with cia director mike pompeo. and arkansas tom cotton would move over from the senate to lead the cia. here's press secretary sarah sanders. >> when the president losing confidence in someone they will no longer serve in the capacity that they're in. the president was here today with the secretary of state. >> so, that's sarah sanders kind of denying the report, but not really. and in the last hour, here is how the state department
1:18 pm
spokesperson heather naurt addressed the report. >> the white house statement confirmed there will be no personnel changes. it is a fact that secretary tillerson serves at the pleasure of the president as we all do, as does every political appointee and cabinet member. secretary tillerson enjoys this job. he has a lot of work to do. >> so political panel's back with me. so kirsten, let me start with you, president trump was asked this morning about a potential move, here's what he had to say. >> mr. president, should -- do you want rex tillerson on the job, mr. president? >> he's here. rex is here. thank you very much, everybody. >> not exactly a ringing endorsement when the biggest thing, the most positive thing is he exists. he exists and is present. is this the end for tillerson? is he being shown the exit? >> certainly things don't look good for him. i mean the reporting he's on his way out. it's not a big surprise.
1:19 pm
he hasn't been a big fit with president trump, and mike pompeo is a better fit. we were talking in the last segment about having sober people giving advice, and i think rex tillerson, whatever criticisms people have of him probably fits that mold. >> sure. >> and the president obviously doesn't like it. and he has attacked him on twitter for, you know, diplomacy with north korea, and he's been clearly unhappy, his reports of tillerson calling trump a moron, that didn't help things much. mike pompeo is actually just much more in-line with how the president think abouts the world and would make -- thinks about the world. we have breaking news on the story. let's bring in michelle kaczynski. tell us what you're learning about this weird story about the white house and the state department and specifically tillerson. >> well, just in case this hasn't been crystal clear watching this develop today, i just talked to a source close to the white house that has direct knowledge of the situation, spent time at the white house this afternoon, and confirmed that yes, this plan and this
1:20 pm
narrative that has been put out there and has been out there for the last few days, strongly came from the white house. that this was their idea to put it out there, to express the white house's extreme displeasure with rex tillerson. and when we talked about this seeming a lot like a public shaming, this source confirmed, yes, it is intended as a public shaming. and to get rex tillerson to, quote, punch out and another quote, the clock is ticking. and the course of this conversation, i expressed at one point, this seems kind of sad to do it this way, and the response was, is it though? and the feeling was that tillerson should have seen this coming. should have seen the writing on the wall, jake. >> all right. michellekaczynski, thank you so much. was the writing on the wall as
1:21 pm
soon as it was reported that tillerson had called president trump a moron and tillerson, including in this very studio, refused to deny it. >> absolutely. i think if you're going to work for a president, the ability to give him private counsel, the ability to be very candid behind closed doors is absolutely essential, but you also need to have that person's trust. and i think the problem for tillerson was he didn't have the trust of the president. he also didn't have trust within the state department either. and you need to either have the folks who are the career folks in the building who have embraced you and think you're at least fighting for them or be on the team of the white house. and tillerson kind of lived in this no man's land, this is a particularly embarrassing way for him to go out, but this is not the first time that trump has embarrassed someone close to him, as he has sort of nudged them aside -- >> there's a long list. >> frankly, if if you're considering taking a role in trump's cabinet, i feel like looking at an episode like this ought to give you pause which is not great for an administration or already had trouble recruiting top talent. >> why do it that way?
1:22 pm
why not just fire him? why embarrass them? and kristen points out, this is hardly the first time, weave seen it with priebus, sean spicer, i could go down the list. why do it this way? >> i think this is the way that the president wants to do it because it's a part of his personality. we have seen him actually sort of strangely uncomfortable with confrontatio confrontations, in some ways he is extremely aggressive and out there. and there are other moments where we have seen he's not comfortable firing people. he doesn't like to actually say the words, you're fired, even though he has said that many times before in a previous life. but he finds other ways of expressing his displeasure. the fact that the white house spokeswoman, i think i counted three times, within the first few minutes of the white house press briefing was directly asked, does the president have confidence in tillerson? and yes or no question, she would not answer it.
1:23 pm
and there's an interesting moment on the hill today, bob corker, the senator, was doing a gaggle and he made a very it clear that tillerson should not go, that would not be a good outcome from his perspective been but he said, you know, i feel like there is someone who is trying to undermine tillerson and i don't know who it is. i think the senator snknow. >> we have lots more to discuss. rare show of unity in leadership and congress with both democratic and republican leaders agreeing that congressman john conyers should resign after a new accuser comes forward and says on tv the congressman violated her. that story's next. with the candy canes. the wrapping paper the holidays. that counts. it's a phone for mom. okay, well, it's also that counts, too. no, the network. is inside the phone? around the phone. awarded network ever. count on it. here you go. as the network it's on. so give the best unlimited for four lines.
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and we're back with the politics lead now. paul ryan and nancy pelosi, they don't agree on much. today they're agreeing and calling john conyers of michigan to resign. he was hospitalized after stress. hours after an account from one of his multiple accusers who shared her story this morning. >> it was the proposition of sexually satisfying him. and -- >> he asked you to do something sexually? >> uh, yes. i just told him i had to leave. there was a time when i reported to who was the chief of staff at that time in detroit, and so he was my boss. >> and what was the response? >> he said he would talk to the congressman about it. >> cnn's sarah gannon joins me
1:29 pm
now. he's defiantly vowing to staying in office, could he be forced out? do you think he will? >> there are ways to force people out, but at this point, no one's calling to expel him. what there are calls for is not only his resignation, but another prominent democrat who is also facing accusations. >> reporter: john conyers with the media camped outside his detroit home being treated in an area hospital for dizziness as one much his accusers publicly breaks the terms of her settlement in order to speak out. >> it was very uncomfortable and very unprofessional. >> reporter: meanwhile in washington, a bipartisan call for the resignation of conyers amid accusations from four different women, alleging sexual harassment by the 88-year-old democrat. >> no one should have to go through something like that, let alone here in congress. yes, i think he should resign. i think he should resign immediately. >> it's very sad. the brave women who came forward are owed justice. i pray for congressman conyers
1:30 pm
and his family and wish them well, however, congressman conyers should resign. >> reporter: but conyers remains defiant. >> it's not up to nancy pelosi. nancy pelosi did not elect the congressman. and she sure as hell won't be the one to tell the congressman to leave. >> reporter: conyers ally jim clyburn after initially defending him, now also joining the calls for resignation. conyers lawyer implying it's a power play. >> there have been people that have wanted john conyers to step down for years. >> reporter: all of this today after former conyers staffer mary-ann brown spoke to nbc, despite having signed a nondisclosure agreement with conyers when she settled a case in 2014. >> it was sexual harassment violating, violating my body, propositioning me, inviting me to hotels with the guys of discussing business. and then propositioning me to,
1:31 pm
you know -- for sex. and he's just violated my body. he has touched me in different ways. >> reporter: on the other side of the capitol, a fifth woman has accused minnesota senator al franken of sexual misconduct. army veteran stephanie kemplin, franken groped her during a photo op while he was on a uso tour. she told cnn she turned away moments before this photo was snapped. saying, quote, when he put his arm around me, he groped my right breast and i remember thinking, is he going to move his hand? franken put out a statement saying in part, he has never intentionally engaged in this kind of conduct. today, franken refusing to address a growing list of accusers. >> looking forward to fighting this terrible task. >> reporter: just moments ago, franken for the first time facing a call to resign from a fellow democrat, tim ryan,
1:32 pm
meanwhile the woman who spoke out against conyers this morning could face legal trouble for her interview. her attorney telling me, she advised her client she could be sued by conyers and forced to pay back that settlement money, plus additional damages if he resigns and goes after her. a big risk she took her today, but she said it was worth it, jake. >> thank you so much. terrifying images of kim jong-un showing off what is likely north korea's most dangerous missile yet. congresswoman gabbert is a major in the army and joins me next, stay with me.
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>> we don't need a liberal person in there, jones, i've looked at his record, it's terrible on crime. bad on borders. bad with the military. bad for the second amendment. >> roy moore, the right choice. >> it comes less than two weeks before voters head to the polls in the critical contest. we are in birmingham, alabama, alex, we're learning about a 2011 course that moore co-authored and said that women shouldn't run for office. >> reporter: right. this is the latest in a long list of controversies swirling around judge roy moore. in addition to saying that, that muslims should not serve in congress, in addition to getting kicked off the state supreme court guys. he was the co-author for vision forum which no longer exists. it taught exclusively to men. and they described galtarian feminism, this radical notion that men are equal to men. now course that moore was a co-author had video and audio
1:38 pm
components and essentially said that if women run for office, people have a moral obligation not to vote for them. also criticized the women's suffrage movement which helped get women the right to vote. the campaign responded, calling it part of a larger and disturbing pattern against women. he said that every day brings more examples of how roy moore's extreme and divisive agenda would make washington worse and why he should not represent alabama in the senate. jake, we have also reached out to the moore campaign, but so far, have not heard back. >> and alex, at a rally last night, moore blamed the lgbt community for these sexual misconduct allegations, including this woman from alabama who says that when she was 14 years old, he sexually molested her and when he was in his 30s and the other alabama woman who said that when she was 16, he sexual assaulted her? >> reporter: he likes to blame a lot of people. he casts this as himself against the world. it's not just the gop
1:39 pm
establishment who's against him, it's not just democrats, but it's also, now, the lgbt community. take a listen. this is what he said last night. >> when i say they, who are they? they're liberals. they don't want conservative values. they're the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender who want to change our culture. >> reporter: so remember, jake, the first time that roy moore was kicked off the state supreme court was for refusing to remove a monument to the ten commandments. he likes to cast this as a good versus evil fight. as a culture war. as a fight for christian values. we have heard him rail not just against the gay and lesbian community on the campaign trail, but also against transgenders saying there should be no such thing as transgender bathrooms, transgenders should also he says not serve in the u.s. military, jake. >> all right, thank you so much.
1:40 pm
let's talk more with our panel right now. we should point out that roy moore is in a twitter feud with comedian jimmy kimmel. this started last night when another comedian who's part of the kimmel show crashed moore's rally at a church wearing a shirt that said gimme moore. today moore tweeted kimmel saying if you want to mock our christian values, come on down to alabama and do it man to man. within minutes jimmy said, sounds great, let me know when you get christian values and i'll be there. the little comedy there, of course, but -- there is a bigger issue here about alabama becoming something of a laughing stock, if it actually votes for roy moore. >> right. and you know, whether they will vote for roy moore after all of the headlines that we have seen over the last couple of weeks, i think when a candidate has become sort of so controversial and so well-known for the controversies surrounding him,
1:41 pm
obviously that becomes sort of the center of what this special election will be about. i think you're right, that the voters who either choose to reject him or choose to support him, that will really come down to the last couple of weeks and the news that has come out over the last couple of weeks about these women and some of the actions that he took many years ago with these young women, i should say, teenagers. >> just today, two top democrats called for congressman john conyers to resign amid sexual harassment allegations. this was just introduced that would end the use of tax payer money to settle these misconduct claims against lawmakers. joining me now, congresswoman gabbert of hawaii. congresswoman, before we get to your legislation, i do want to ask you, do you agree with tim ryan, nancy pelosi, and paul ryan that congressman conyers should step down? >> yes, absolutely. this kind of behavior of objectifying women and
1:42 pm
disrespecting them in such an incredible way is unacceptable. we should have a zero tolerance towards this kind of behavior, and he should resign. >> how would your legislation stop the culture of sexual harassment and assault? and also secrecy when it comes to the sexual harassment and the problem on capitol hill? >> our bill goes directly to the heart of the problem that has allowed this to perpetuate for so long behind closed doors and, you know, dark curtains. the fact that this process has allowed members of congress and their staffers to settle claims for things like sexual harassment and assault using tax payer dollars and without anyone knowing about it is absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable. our bill not only changes this process for the future, making it so that members of congress or staffers who have this predatory behavior, they will be held personally and financially responsible. but it also deals with the last 20 years and, you know, 278 or
1:43 pm
so claims that have been settled already in congress in bringing out how much those settlements were for, what they were for, and who was involved. whether it be a member of congress, or a staffer. while freeing survivors and victims of these incidents, and giving them the opportunity to talk about this issue, if they would like to do so. >> now, i'm not a lawyer, the idea sounds great to me, release these women from these nondisclosure agreements, but lawyers have said to me that there may be constitutional issues with it since it was a contract already agreed upon. i assume that this has been vetted by lawyers that say that there is a way to do this? >> this legislation went through the congressional legislative counsel that they held to draft this. the bottom line is the american people did not sign on to this. the american people and congress did not sign on and say no, you've got to keep these things secret, and we certainly agree to have the american people pay the bill for members of congress
1:44 pm
who are either sexually harassing or assaulting staffers here in congress. this has to be brought out to the light of day in order to begin to change this culture that is becoming all too prevalent within our society where people should actually be living up to this standard of aloha. treating people with care, with kindness, with respect, not as objects that they can use and abuse as they wish. >> congresswoman, i want to turn to north korea if we can. new images were released today showing a gleeful kim jong-un overseeing the missile launch on tuesday. how concerned are you about whether we might be actually headed for war here? >> you know, jake, this is something i've been talking about for years. from the time that i ran for congress and ever since i've been here, talking about how real this threat is. because this has been very real for the people of my home state of hawaii who have long known that north korea's continued growing capabilities put us squarely within range of their
1:45 pm
intercontinental ballistic missiles. the fact that we are in this position today where we have no good options left to us really is a failure of past leadership, both democrat and republican. and so the only viable option that i see before us today is a diplomatic one, and that can only be pursued if two things happen. one is that we negotiate directly with north korea and kim jong-un and secondly, in order for those negotiations to be successful, we have to understand why kim jong-un is holding on so tightly to those nuclear weapons because he sees them as his only deterrent from the u.s. coming in and trying to topple his regime. and he knows this because of our track record. he looks back to iraq and how we overthrew saddam because of false intelligence and weapons of mass destruction. he looks to libya, and we see how even after gaddafi was promised by the fus he gave up nuclear weapons we wouldn't go after him, then we took him out. he looks at what we are -- have
1:46 pm
been, are still doing in syria to overthrow assad, sees iran and how people in the administration and congress are increasing this rhetoric to go after iran and overthrow their government. so there's a long track record here that must end. not just, you know, through word, but we actually have to end this regime change policy for north korea to see that we're serious about peacefully negotiating, to deescalate and ultimately denuclearize the peninsula. >> always good to see you. >> thanks, jake. we'll be right back. stick around. at farmers, we've seen almost everything so we know how to cover almost anything. even a "red-hot mascot." [mascot] hey-oooo! whoop, whoop! [crowd 1] hey, you're on fire! [mascot] you bet i am! [crowd 2] dude, you're on fire! [mascot] oh, yeah! [crowd 3] no, you're on fire! look behind you. [mascot] i'm cool. i'm cool. [burke] that's one way to fire up the crowd. but we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
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we're back. we're going to stick with our political panel. tlaesz two weeks away. roy moore has this new ad using president trump's almost endorsement that was at the white house. and a group backed by steve bannon, cnn learned will spend six figures on campaign ads for moore. do you think moore might actually have the momentum now to win? >> well, yeah. i mean, it's alabama. also so this is a state that trump won by almost 30 points. so, you know, even considering how controversial he is, it's very difficult for a democrat to win there. so i think that that is sort of default expectation that i would have for it. the fact that it has even tightened as much as it has is because he was controversial. he was trervel even before the issues came up with the 14-year-old and these other women. and so i think when you add that in, that's what's tightened it, yeah, definitely could still win. >> this is what's so infuriating about this political moment. just a few moments ago had a
1:52 pm
story about how he was part of something that said women shouldn't run for office. my blood is boiling right now. >> or vote even. suffrage. >> this is insane. and this is someone who i zbree extremely likely to wind up in the united states senate. and i think for a lot of voters in alabama, i don't think a majority of voters in alabama think women shouldn't run for office. i don't think a majority think it's okay for men in their 30s to make sexual advanced to eighth graders. but what i do think is that there are a lot of voters who are willing to say, yes, you know what, the world says alabama will be a laughing stock if we vote for this guy, but i don't care what the world thinks. and i'll stick a finger in their eye to prove that we're willing to do the unpopular thing, to stand up for conservative values. and that's the political moment we're in. and so, again, i don't think it's that a majority of alabama voters will endorse these things that he's done, but they will vote for him in spite of it because that is the heinous political climate that we live in now.
1:53 pm
>> it's heinous, i agree. so one of the big questions for republican senators is, if roy moore wins, what do we then do? there's talk of not seating him. there's talk of immediately beginning impeachment proceedings. take a listen to republican senators susan collins, probably the most liberal or moderate republican in the united states. talking about how the gop will have no choice but to seat him. >> if he is elected, there are no grounds under the constitution to fail to seat him. if the voters of a state fully knowing all of these allegations nevertheless choose to elect roy moore, is it appropriate for the senate to expel him? i think that's a really difficult question. >> that's where we are. it's a difficult question. should the united states senate seat somebody who has been
1:54 pm
credibly accused by multiple people of molesting or assaulting or at least having improper advances towards children? people under the age of 18? >> yeah, look, i think that if you were to put every single senate republican under a lie detector test and ask them, should roy moore be your colleague? most of them would answer, he is not worth the trouble and no, i don't want that. however, i think what susan collins there is getting to part of it is if that voters in alabama decide that they want to vote for him, despite these stories having come out, despite learning these things from his past, then part of that is obviously our democracy and how our democracy functions, and do you really want to reject a choice that the voters have made? the other option, of course, is trying to expel him, but that is tricky for the senate republicans after an election has already taken place. >> indeed. great panel. thank you so much. it's being called the glitch that stole christmas.
1:55 pm
why you might not be able to make it to your holiday vacation or from your holiday vacation if you fly one particular airline that accidentally gave way too much pilots a vacation. stay with us.
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today's national lead, american airlines is scrambling to deal with a christmas crisis. the world's largest airline still working for a major scheduling glitch. somehow allowing too many pilots to take vacation in the month of december leaving 200,000 flights unstaffed during christmas week. today american airlines is thanking several pilots for stepping up and picking up unassigned flights, but there are still hundreds of flights uncovered. the hope is a bank of pilots on
2:00 pm
stand by will be able to solve this problem. today american airlines says so far it's not cancelling any flights in december. follow me on facebook and twitter. turning over to wolf blitzer, thanks for watching. happening now, breaking news, replacement plan. the white house down plays reports president trump wants to replace secretary of state rex tillerson with cia director mike pompeo, but now, sources tell cnn the white house wants that report out there to show it's displeasure with tillerson. why is it leaving him dangling in the wind? crucial vote. it's down to the wire for the senate republican tax overhaul bill with lawmakers sloging through 20 hours of debate with a goal of a possible vote maybe even tonight. it's fate will be determined by a handful of gop senators, can they be persuaded to vote