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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  December 7, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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conjecture, was it dentures, and she sads he needed water. >> we don't know sure he has dentures. >> we have no idea. >> it did cause some interest. anything jump out at you? >> yeah, whether they worry there is a plan in the white house to try to over throw robert mueller as special counsel, you have to listen to the comments she made about the political fbi that includes bob mule tear and mccabe and comey at the time but still making clear they have issues with the fbi. >> we'll have a lot more on this. but the press secretary saying she doesn't see a discrepancy in what christopher ray said praising the fbi and the president tweeting yesterday the fbi is in tatters. let's continue the coverage. our brooke baldwin is joining us now. brooke? this is cnn breaking news. wolf blitzer thanks my friend. good to be back in the seat.
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you've been watching cnn. you've been watching white house briefing on the same day senator al franken said he would resign in the next coming weeks. the women accuse ds him of groping or forcing them to kiss him. more than 30 of senator franken democrat colleagues has called for him to step down. he's been a senator since 2009 spoke from the senate floor just a couple hours ago. >> i was shocked. i was upset. but in responding to their claims, i also wanted to be respectful of that broader conversation. because all women deserve to be heard and their experiences taken seriously. i think that was the right thing to do. i also think it gave some people the false impression that i was admitting to doing things that, in fact, i haven't done.
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some of the allegations against me are simply not true. others i remember very differently. i know in my heart that nothing i have done as a senator, nothing, has brought dishonor on this institution. and i am confident that the ethics committee would agree. nevertheless, today i am announcing that in the coming weeks i'll be resigning as a member of the united states senate. i have all people are aware there is some irony in the fact that i am leaving while a man who has bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the oval office, and a man who has repeatedly preyed on
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young girls campaigns for the senate with the full support of his party. but this decision is not about me. it's about the people of minnesota. it's become clear that i can't both pursue the ethics committee process and at the same time remain an effective senator for them. >> and so we begin. i have with me cnn politics reporter. cnn political commentator on hln. and former campaign official. so welcome to all of you. and crystal, you are up to bat first, because i think we should begin with the newest bit with the white house reacting to this piece on the irony part. so you hear sarah sanders, she said at the podium the president
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an addressed those comments during the campaign, saying listen he won, meaning the people of the u.s. addressed them against trump and he still won. is that good enough in the white house? >> no. look, let's say this, at most, and this is the sarah sanders argument, at most what the 2016 election proved was the allegations against donald trump as well as kmejcomments on "acc hollywood" were not determinative in the vote. that people factored it in and decided to choose other things, change most notably. what it doesn't prove at all and what sarah sanders seems to say a lie that it proves that donald trump is innocent of these charges or that the charges have somehow been litigated and donald trump found not guilty by the people of the country. will is no exit poll question on that. there is no way to possibly draw
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that conclusion. now, they can say these were allegations, they were out there and donald trump won. 100% true. what you can't say these are spur russ because donald trump won. >> which is what she was mentioning to me when she was listening. >> yeah. he won the electorate. lost the popular vote by 3,000 votes. in addition to say to say the allegations are spur russ because he won the electoral argument are ridiculous. besides that, he is on a tape saying that he can do whatever he wants to a woman because he's famous. that alone should be disqualifying for the oval office. and 16 women who came forward to corroborate what he said on the tape. so if i think if you separate out the "access hollywood" from the allegations that corroborate what he said with his own voice,
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then i think you have a moment in which you can roll your eyes at sarah huckabee sanders who is making that argument from the white house podium. >> are you rolling your eyes? >> you know, i have to be honest, yes we all agree what he did was bad. every night on my show i call out donald trump, roy moore, al franken, name your jerk, but people didn't care. he won in the court of public opinion. he won enough. whether you want to parse the popular vote, it's over, it's done. enough people. >> i'm not arguing it's not over. >> and i lament that. that is lamentable. >> i agree with you. >> but all it gets us is an eye roll. that's it. doesn't win us anything other than moral serta tud that we are on the right. >> no, it matters. election of donald trump will matter in the 2018 midterms. >> absolutely. but we can talk all we want about whether donald trump should stay or go.
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that was decided. i didn't vote for him. it was disqualifying for me. it's not disqualifying to sit in the oval office today. >> how much about this, we've talked so much, tune in all day long, talk about the moral authority and democrats and how listen it must have been quite a dig perhaps at al franken to know that a lot of his friends on his side of the aisle very quickly coalesced together yesterday and were like you have to go. so finally we know he's going but at the end of the day is it about moral authority or politics. because fast forward some days and weeks and months if roy moore gets elected and they couldn't have the albatros al fra franken. do you know what i'm saying? >> look, what changed last week when al franken made brief comments, i want itself referred
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to the ethics committee. only thing that's changed there is 30 plus of his colleagues came out and said he needed to resign yesterday. he said i can't fight deal with the ethics committee and represent the people of minnesota. well, he was perfectly fine doing that last week. >> right. >> so, yeah, look, i think that we -- i'm with that a little bit. we get on a little bit of a transit and i think his speech was remarkable in saying i'm resigning but i don't agree to the fact that i did these things that women are alleging. >> i'm not apologizing. >> or they misremembered them but i'm resigning anyway. he wanted to say i'm resigning but i'm not guilty and yes i
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think i'm being. >> reporter:ed railroaded out of office. you don't usually see that. >> reporters on capitol hill have talked to him. but here's my question to you. if what happens now is the democrat governor of minnesota will decide who gets to slide into the seat. do you think the democrats would have come together had the senator been a republican? >> probably not. certainly talking in the political context. but i think there is value doing the right thing. >> if it's politics or morals? >> i think it's a combination of both. but i also think there is a lot of criticism for him bringing up trump and roy moore. but that's facts. he's not stating an opinion. those are simply objective facts. the president said what he said on the tape. roy moore there are credible allegations against him. and the gop is fine with that. so i think that certainly we are here talking about politics and so everything is in that context. but the allegations against both
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of these men are very serious. >> i can feel your body language. >> two things. that resignation speech was so self serving, it was i i i, here's what i did, i won my first election by 320 some votes. who cares. if you are a woman who felt violated by al franken, you think that's somehow, you know, reassuring to you, that makes it better? there was nothing about this that was focused on the victims. and also al franken doesn't know the meaning of irony, because it's not ironic that roy moore and donald trump are still okay. it's unfair and unjust but not the meaning of irony. i'll say what this sets up now, this unprecedented 30 plus democrats coming together, most of them women, to tell senator franken he had to go, what this sets up, and i hope republican women in the senate are listening, deb fisher,
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murkowski, when roy moore is elected, and i believe he will be, you can do the same thing, you can do the same thing that these women democrat senators did to their own guy and you can say i don't want to serve with this guy. i don't like the allegations. and they are just allegations just like franken's corroborated, i don't want to serve. you have the same opportunity. and men too by the way. i'll be interested to see if they can rise up, whether for politics or not, it's still the right thing to do. and i hope they do. >> i do too. i hope they do. >> thank you all so much. we will be watching very, very closely. coming up here on cnn head of the fbi christopher ray testifying and talking about president trump criticism fbi is in tatters. and also you've been hearing about president's son sighting refusing to tell conversations he had with his father. only problem that neither the
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president nor his son are thul attorneys. so how is that going to work out? we'll talk to our legal panel. and chuck and nancy around 2:00 th ditched the president, remember last week, shum tear and nancy pelosi expected to sit down with president trump. will there be any political stunts? and can they find a way to avoid a capital shut down? we'll take you live to capitol hill on cnn. this is electricity.
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we're back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. refusal to answer questions from members of congress during eight
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hours of closed door questioning, don junior cited attorney-client privilege and would not comment on conversations that he had with his father surrounding the new infamous meeting with russians at trump tower. so this made him answer the questions or face a subpoena. >> he invoked the privilege and we made it clear, at least on our side of the aisle that we did not think this was a recognizable privilege. he then and his counsel said they would go back and discuss it further with their lawyers and president's lawyers and get back to us. the question comes if they get back to fuss and say no we won't answer those questions, then we'll be required to subpoena donald trump junior back before the committee. >> we'll come back to this in a second. let's go to the president live at the white house. >> you never got that game, right? you never got that? you better believe it. i know you won the war. i don't know about football. you won the war.
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>> going to play a game. >> look at you. you look beautiful. boy, oh, boy, can you do that one more time for me? i can't believe it t boy, i'm not playing him in football. >> when bombs began to fall, micky reported to his battle station in uss pennsylvania wearing football uniform and helmet which he threw off because he figured he didn't need it. that's pretty great. you saw something that few people witnessed before, right? >> right. >> amazing. thanks. jack holder, hi jack. jack holder survived the enemies attack on fort island and went on to fly dozens of missions in the battles of midway and all along the solomon islands. thank you, jack, for being here. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> very brave guy. >> lawrence perry carried
11:19 am
ammunition to the gunners and thinking about the lessons of pearl harbor. larry says he hopes we can buildup the military again. we are building up the military beyond what you ever thought. it got depleted, you know, you know what happened over the last quite long period of time. but not with us. our budget is now going to be higher than ever before. we are building it up again. and we'll do it in your honor, okay. we are building it up. the best equipment in the world. >> we make it. and we are supplying it in very big numbers. thanks. thanks. and we are doing a job. robert fernandez, robert, nice seeing you, robert. served on the uss curtis. that delivered return fire against the enemy. and he really gave it to him pretty good. they were successful at the return fire. good job. you look like you are about 50 years old.
11:20 am
huh? you must have been very young. you look great. what is the age? >> 93 now. >> 93. >> i'll be 94. >> you look great. >> george blake stood watch on the hawaii shores ready to repulse a feared invasion. george, thank you, george. it was pretty wild seen. you'll never forget that. >> no. >> you fought hard. alexander served throughout the war. but if you tried to call him a hero he would tell you he was just a regular grunt in the service. i don't think so. thank you. thank you. i know it is. you are not a regular anything. you are a hero. you are a hero. all of you are heros. in the weeks and months that took place after the surprise attack, tan thand that was a vi
11:21 am
surprise attack, millions answered like these guys fought the war. they triumphed. many died to defend america against our enemies and to defeat the enemies of all humanity. the legacy of that legendary american generation is carved deep into the stone history across the battlefields, oceans and harrowing skies of europe throughout the pacific throughout the war one battle cry could be heard by friends and foes alike, remember perfectly harbor. have you heard that before a couple of times? remember pearl harbor. >> remember pearl harbor. ♪ remember pearl harbor ♪ we shall always remember how they died for liberty.
11:22 am
just remember pearl harbor and go onto victory ♪ >> what can i say? boy, that was good. he is a very shy person, too. and a great football player. today our entire nation pauses to remember pearl harbor and the brave warriors who fought for america. as i sign the proclamation making this national pearl harbor remembrance day, i ask that god continue to bless and watch over each of you as very, very special people to our country. and god is watching over you. and we appreciate it. thank you. our surviving world war ii veterans are a precious national treasure. so i'm going to sign this proclamation and we are going to -- i see there is one pen --
11:23 am
but we'll get plenty of other pens for you guys so you remember this day. and, again, we'll do it for another seven years. okay. seven years. and you all have to promise you are going to be around. right? we are going to be around. and we are going to be together. thank you very much. let's sign the proclamation. thank you. that was so great, it was like you made this really exciting. some free entertainment, right? okay. this is national pearl harbor remembrance day 2017. we'll get pens for everybody. great men. what do you think? look okay?
11:24 am
it's okay? thank you everybody. [ applause ] >> i thought he gave it to you. thank you. that's okay. i'll see you next year. thank you. thank you very much. appreciate it. see you next year. >> you gave me a hat but never signed it. >> we'll bring that into the oval office. we'll take some pictures in the oval office. all right? >> we just wanted to hang onto every second of this. there are fewer and fewer of men, servicemen like this. remember pearl harbor.
11:25 am
today marks the 76th anniversary of the attacks. >> some questions coming from the press and the president continues on us. signs national pearl harbor remembrance day, december 7th, 2017. coming up next, don junior sighting attorney-client privilege as reason he refuses to tell about conversations with his father. can he legally do that? also live pictures out of southern california, ventura, hurricane force winds fueling the fire right up against this highway. look at that sky. 101. a live report straight ahead.
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back now to the president's son claiming attorney-client privilege when questioned by congress over conversations he had had with his father over the response to the revelation of his meeting with russians at trump tower. so with me now cnn legal analyst also a defense attorney and former counsel to the u.s. attorney general for national security. good to see both of you on this thursday afternoon. mark, just to you first, the fact that don junior invoked this attorney-client privilege because he said there was an attorney in the room, thus attorney-client privilege. so he didn't have to tell these members of congress about this conversation he had with his dad. have you ever heard of that before? >> absolutely. in fact, you know, this is not a standard privilege, but it's one that's kind of developed. and basically what it says is if you have a joint defense agreement, and we know that they did have a joint defense agreement, because you'll
11:31 am
remember about two weeks ago it was reported that general flynn's lawyer had notified them that they were pulling out of the joint defense agreement, which was precisely why i think you and i discussed we knew that a plea was coming. so if there is a lawyer in the room and the subject is the joint defense, then under what has been developed in the case law, yes, he can assert that. and i saw adam's, your piece with adam schiff who i've known since he was a federal prosecutor. federal prosecutors always try to monkey around with that privilege, but so far it's with stood the scrutiny of federal prosecutors. >> all right. but carry, you see it differently, don't you? >> i think there is a different way one can look at it. and that a pal cyst depends on the facts some of which we don't know. so i'm not sure that we know publicly when that defense agreement was entered into. and attorney-client privilege applies to communications
11:32 am
between an attorney and their client. and it has to be either in the course of the attorney giving legal advice or the client seeking legal advice. so it's not at all clear that this particular meeting that trump junior had with his father and what i understand to be his father, the president's lawyer, it's not at all clear don junior would be covered under attorney-client privilege for that particular communication. and it also raises sort of what has been a bigger issue regarding when individuals in this investigation are testifying before congress, and they are asserting different types of privileges. >> executive privilege, right, we heard the executive privilege used before, i think it was the ag jeff sessions who had used it becoming a bit of a pattern. is that your point? >> it is. right. exactly. so we saw it with sessions testimony, we saw it with the
11:33 am
dni testimony where testifying before congress, congress one of the members of congress asked a question, they don't want to answer that question, and so they assert some kind of privilege. in this case it's attorney-client privilege. in those cases it was executive privilege which covers communications with the president or deliberative process with the president. and yet then when questioned on it they seem to go back and say well we are not sure if that privilege applies so we'll check on it. so this is unclear whether it's delay or legitimate. >> we don't know, right? so mark, wouldn't though if he's not answering the question, if don junior isn't answering this question, he's citing attorney-client privilege, does on the phase i camp would say what are you trying to hide? get on with it and answer the question. what's recommend what's really going on? >> well, remember, that's what people always say about the fifth amendment also. what are you trying to hide?
11:34 am
i can't tell you how many times jurors get instructed you are not suppose to consider it then go back in deliberate rooms and say why wouldn't the witness testify? privileges are designed specifically and have been around for hundreds of years in america because they are supposed to protect s communications. i don't agree, but the idea you are trying to hide something i would take issue with. because, remember, if you don't assert the privilege, just like the fifth amendment, if you answer something, you can waive it. so when they say we are going to go back and check, they don't want to be in ha position, it would be malpractice per se for a lawyer to allow somebody to not assert the privilege. whether it's a spousal privilege or executive privilege, whether it's fifth amendment or attorney-client, because you don't want to be in a position where you waive it t and yes it's facts specific but at the
11:35 am
same time it's not manufactured or something out there to delay. that's usually somewhat of a kind of a trite way to analyze it. because the reality is the lawyer has duty eye, duty to the client and to protect the client, zealously protect the client. and if he believes in good faith this was joint, meaning they were discussing the defense or the joint defense, then he has to assert it. >> okay. so protecting his client. let's also remember when the news broke about this whole trump tower meaning, some months hag, you remember don junior put out this statement claiming the meeting was initially about adoptions. and president trump attorney said he wasn't at all involved in the response. remember this? >> let me say this h the president, i do want to be clear the president was not involved in the drafting of the statement and did not issue the statement. >> so we now know that that
11:36 am
actually isn't true. and that don junior said that president trump was debating between a longer versus a shorter statement while staffer hope hicks was on board air force one. carry, how do you see that? >> well, again, this is part of what the congressional investigators and probably the special counsel are trying to get to the bottom of is what was the president or other members of the administration or campaign involved in, in trying to change the narrative or describe the narrative, whatever it is, of the reason behind that june 2016 meeting. and so lt concern is that they cannot use privilege like attorney-client privilege to try to cover up activity, particularly if it's activity that potentially indicates evidence of trying to obstruct the investigation or throw up those types of road blocks in the ongoing administration. >> thank you both so much.
11:37 am
good to see both of you. coming up next protests erupting in the middle east over president trump decision to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. we will speak to the middle east peace george mitchell. does he still think a peace deal could be possible in the wake of the violence there? and cnn is live on the front lines of the fires in southern california. back in a moment. directv has been rated number one in customer satisfaction over cable for 17 years running. but some people still like cable. just like some people like wet grocery bags.
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prophe protests erupting in the middle
11:42 am
east. dozens has been injured in west bank amid palestine. both claim israel as capital. let's talk to leading negotiators, the guy to brokered the deal under president obama who led a push to two state compromise. always a pleasure to have you. thank you so much. first, your response to what's happened, the protests, the violence, in regard to jerusalem? >> i think the president's statement was premature and unwise. the reality is that jerusalem is the capital of israel, will be. there is no doubt about that. but the real question is whether there will ever be a palestinian capital in eastern jerusalem of a sovereign and independent
11:43 am
palestinian state. the president i think effectively under cut his own policy, which is he wants negotiations between the parties to reach agreement on a solution, and he says he'll accept a two state solution. personally that's the only viable solution. but this action makes it much less likely that you'll get it started, and if you get them started less likely to produce a desirable result. >> what do you think he's getting from this announcement? >> i think reenforcement of his base. strong support within israel. opposition every where else in the world. and i'm not sure that's a winning formula. >> on the opposition, turkey prime minister said it's like, quote, pulling a pin on the green made. do you think arab leaders at all
11:44 am
stoking the flames by predicting armageddon by all of this? >> i think it's important to say what the important did not say. he did not try to define the bou boundaries of jerusalem. he said he was not doing so. he did not preclude a palestinian capital in east jerusalem. so while the anger and hostility of the palestinian and their allies in the region is understandable, because this action was so unnecessary, nonetheless i hope they don't overreact to it and i hope the violence is not widespread. because i think in time both the palestinians and israels will understand it's best for them, in their self-interest, not in the act of charity, to reach agreement so they can be two states living side by side in peace. >> we know other presidents had
11:45 am
wanted to do this. none had followed through. obama. bush. is the dilemma timing when they are trying to build influence in this part of the world? >> yes. and it's adding confusion. just two months ago the president said he had a peace plan for the middle east and said i'm not thinking about moving tt embassy until i give me peace plan a shot. >> has that happened? >> no. that's the problem. it's sending one message, and then under cutting that message with the opposite message, and effectively making the opposite argument somehow this helps with the peace plan. >> so what's in effect of that mixed messaging in a really important part of the world? >> well, it creates confusion. leads to some of the reactions that you have described here now and on your network today. tomorrow will be a crucial day. >> why. >> well, it's the day of prayer
11:46 am
in the muslim world. it's a day on which jerusalem has been particularly the location of protests. i hope very much that it is not a violent day. and that what has occurred will be largely accepted. and people will be able to move on. that's asking a lot, particularly since this was an unnecessary action. and i emphasize we are the allies of israel. we are not negotiating with israel. we are asking them to negotiate with the palestinians. that's our policy. that's the president's policy. and we should be thinking of ways to encourage that to happen, not ways that make it more difficult for that to happen. >> george mitchell, always a pleasure thanks so much for coming by. coming up hurricane force winds disaster in southern california where crews are
11:47 am
battling these wildfires. beachfront properties also in danger with an eery glow. look at the pictures. my next guest was given 15 minutes to pack her home up and leave. she will join me next coming up.
11:48 am
11:49 am
it is day four now in these massively destructive wildfires scorching parts of southern california largest among them in ventura fire, thomas fire, about the side of denver. if you remember the napa fires this is now three times that.
11:50 am
nearly burned 100,000 acres. and you see this orange glow that is hovering over the pacific coast line. the fire has now made it to the ocean. these plumes of smoke taken by nasa from outer space. could see them with their own eyes. this is how big this has gotten. but in bel air estates, the fire there still burning, fire crews are keeping it at bay, but biggest fear is the wind and flames jumping the 405 freeway. law our national correspondent is in bel air with the latest in the fire fight there. so just looking at the damage behind you, what are the biggest concerns there today? >> reporter: the biggest concern are the number of houses, all of these valleys, and that the hot spots are not out yet. wildfire can be very destructive and destructive quickly. you can see that this fire just jumped, ran at the house, one of
11:51 am
the firefighters here earlier told me it was like a bomb went off and just over took this house. and then over there, another car, and what remains of this house, it was a gorgeous house, neighbors tell us. this is the community of three, four, $5 million homes. and the way this fire burned yesterday, because we could see it as we drove up here, is it burned all the way up this hill. i want you to take a look down into this valley, what we are seeing firefighters do today this he are dotting all of these valleys, walking this difficult terrain that is burned, and looking for any additional hot spots. you see in the distance there there are some firefighters still trying to figure out is there anything hot left. because as winds come up, brooke, that can pick up, and then suddenly they have another problem on their hands. brooke? >> that is hard work, firefighters and crews we are thinking of them and the people in these communities how incredible this can spread.
11:52 am
with the pictures there in bel air, thank you to you and your crew. my next guest walked out of her house, this is what she saw. this is the picture. this orange sky smothered in smoke and flame. she and her husband had mere minutes to pack and get the heck out of there. kylely is on the phone now. kylely hearing a little bit about you, and there you are, live in l.a., your story this year, it's been incredibly difficult year, you were in las vegas. you survived that shooting, thank goodness. now you have survived this fire. how are you feeling today? >> now that i hear it out loud i've been through traumatic months. i'm here for a purpose. so many people didn't make it out of las vegas alive. so i wanted to prove my worth
11:53 am
and keep going forward. and so then to wake up and to just come out and see this fire surrounding us, i was just like, i just couldn't believe it was happening. >> you are worthy. no need to prove it. you are worthy. and so tell me what happened. i mean i understand it was, what, 4, 4:30 in the morning when you heard pounding on your doors on the wee hours of tuesday. you walk outside. what do you see? >> it was surreal. i walk out and see flames every where. that was looking right across the street. and it was just surrounding our whole neighborhood. and i mean i was just in shock. helicopters. they were dropping water. and spot lights. and i just feltd like i was in a scene of a movie. >> had you ever seen anything like that before? >> never. i never seen anything like it, no. >> and so what about your house? what about your belongs? >> so we had about, i don't know, 10, 15 minutes, and me and my husband we just grabbed anything we could. i mean we got married about year
11:54 am
and a half ago, so i wanted to grab sentimental stuff. >> wedding pictures. >> yeah, so we grabbed that, and i grabbed some hangers and ran. >> and so where are you staying now? have you been in touch with your neighbors at all? >> so i've been staying at my in laws how, luckily 15 minutes away, so they are in sun land, we evacuated on tuesday and went over there, then the fire was coming towards us, so i thought we were going to have to evacuate again. it was traumatizing. we have heard hour house is okay. but down the road from us about six houses burned so i feel terrible for them. >> it's one thing to see these pictures on tv, it is quite another to open your front door at 4:30 in the morning and realize you have to leave. what is that feeling like, first of all totally right, those are just things and thank goodness you and your hug are okay, but
11:55 am
the whole not knowing, not knowing about your home? >> that was the worst thing. i mean we are sitting there watching the news, you don't know if your house is going to be on the news showing that it's burning down. so the not knowing factor it was so stressful. and even last night they said the winds will get worse and today is worse. so we might have been in the clear yesterday but might not napoleon bonaparte the clear today. so it's the unknown is really scary. >> you are okay. you are with your in laws. you have your husband. congratulations for getting married year and a half ago. >> thank you. >> looking to the future and hope and worth, kily, thank you for the time. i appreciate you. thinking about you and your family in california. we'll talk about california in a bit. but heads up, chuck and nancy round two. remember the democrat leaders dishd the president last week because of a tweet. now nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are about to sit down with the president. we'll talk about that in a minute coming up next.
11:56 am
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the depression seems to leave too. >> when you step into a hot bath anchor temperature goes up, a number of things that happen with the pain, you relax the muscles, hot baths expand the blood vessels to allow the healing properties within the blood to be delivered. >> i was 14 different pills a day. not only did i drop the pills in numbers, i dropped the medication potency. >> if you do this for a long period of time, we know your wrist be of cardiovascular
12:00 pm
conditions go down with this heat. >> they should check with their physicians. >> i can see in his face that he's totally calm. it impacts us in every way possible. >> what i'm trying to do is get back some quality of life that i enjoy. this is cnn breaking news. all right. we continue on here. watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. here's what's hang right this moment. capitol hill top decision makers meeting at the white house to avoid a government shut down. president is set to meet with leaders nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. funding is set to run out tomorrow but lawmakers are confident to find a temporary solution. the big question what happens after that. so things are looking