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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  December 7, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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for those people tonight. >> wow, steve. appreciate you talking to us tonight. and again our thoughts and our prayers our best wishes are all the people there and all the firefighters, military personnel battling the flames. thanks for watching "360." time to hand things over to don lemon. "cnn tonight" starts right now. see you tomorrow. thank you very much, anderson. look at that. we have got a lot more to come on those wildfires raging all across southern california. look at that. ventura county, california. we'll get to that in a moment. a lot to cover. this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. i want to begin with two body belows to trump white house. breaking news on the russia investigation and a new poll full of disastrous news for the president. first that dark cloud hanging over the white house, getting darker tonight with new evidence that there was more to that infamous trump tower meeting than anybody first admitted. sources telling cnn the british publicist who arranged the meeting with russians and donald
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trump jr. sent multiple e-mails afterwards to a russian who was there and to a member of donald trump's inner circle. more on that in a moment as well. then the new pew poll out today. for a man who loves ratings like president trump this is terrible news. his overall approval rating a dismal 32%. not even one in three. matching the lowest we have seen since he took office. and there is more bad news for the president. troubling numbers on russia, 59% say senior members of team trump likely had improper campaign contacts with russia. and troubling numbers on sexual assault. nearly 3/4 calling the issue of sexual assault and harassment very important. why those numbers so bad? let's review. donald trump jr. refused yesterday to tell congress that he and his father discussed -- what they discussed about the trump tower meeting with the russians. and as i just mentioned we have learned there was follow up after that meeting despite denials from trump junior. >> there wasn't really follow up because there was nothing there
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to follow up. as we were walking out in the he said listen i'm sorry about that. in the end there was some bait and switch about what it was supposed to be about. there is nothing there. >> and it was less than a week ago that michael flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi about his conversations with russia's then ambassador to the united states, the president later tweeting this. "i had to fire general flynn because he lied to the vice president and the fbi. he has pled guilty to those lies. it's a shame because his actions during the transition were lawful. there was nothing to hide." raising questions about whether the president was trying to obstruct justice. all of that in the past week. what about the 74% who call sexual assault and harassment very important? they're unlikely to approve of the president's support of roy moore, who is accused of child molestation. not to mention at least 13 accusations of sexual misconduct against the president himself. and his attempts to cast doubt on the "access hollywood" tape with him bragging about being
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able to commit sexual assault because he is, quote, a star. as i said a lot to get to. let's start covering it now. i want to bring in now chris cillizza. he is our politics editor at large. jessica starr, cnn's justice correspondent. good evening to you. chris, to you first. we saw this yefoverall job apprl for president trump, 32%. but when you look deeper into the numbers there is a lot of places where the president has lost ground. he is down among men and women. >> yes. >> men at 40%. women at 25%, chris. >> yeah. and this is not a fly by night poll. there's a lot of polling out there that is not terribly good. the pew research center is a poll that has been around for a very long time. and really no one who knows anything about polling takes issue with them. 32% is a place, don, where lots of presidents never get to, candidly. george w. bush got there. barack obama i don't believe
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ever got that low. this is amazing in how quickly it has happened. i mean we are not a year into the trump presidency yet. >> we're not that low at this point in the presidency. >> and many never got that low period, don, through eight years. ronald reagan never ran at 32% in eight years. that's remarkable. the 25% among women. that's really stunning. i don't know that it's terribly surprising in that donald trump has done very little outreach by any standard to groups who didn't vote for him. he has really doubled down, tripled down, quadrupled down candidly on groups who were for him. but that group is not that big. it has shrunk without question between november 8th, 2016 and december 7th, 2017. >> let's look at this. there is also some serious danger signs among president trump's staunchest supporters chris. tell us about that. >> yeah, look.
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you see fade. men as an example. evangelicals, white working class folks. bases of the trump coalition. that's huge. down 17 among white evangelicals protesants. down 8 among loosely affiliated and people identifying as republicans. that's the effect of a strategy that has been erratic, candidly. if there is a through line -- i'm not sure there is a guiding principle. the guiding principle has been when in doubt reassure the base. moving the capital -- moving the embassy to jerusalem is the latest example. but there are lots and lots of examples where the administration may be at a crossroads, they're not sure where to go. the decision is to placate the base. i'd say that about the decision to endorse roy moore. this is done because donald trump's corest of core
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supporters are people who believe the news media is lying and all these women are coordinated lying somehow about roy moore and therefore he does it. but that's not enough -- sorry. that's just not enough people to make up anything close to a majority. this president hasn't sniffed 50% job approval almost since the day he has been in office. >> i think there is a distinction in what you said. people who want to believe -- >> that's right. >> -- that the women are lying or that the news media. they don't believe it. they want to believe it. and there is a big difference. >> i don't know how you could. >> i've got to bring jessica in. cnn has new e-mails tonight that shed some light on what may have happened at that infamous trump tower meeting between don jr. and at least two russians with ties to the kremlin. what specifically do those e-mails say? >> yeah, so what's surfacing are these follow-up e-mails after the june 2016 trump tower meeting of course between members of trump's inner circle and russians who donald trump jr. believed was offering dirt on hillary clinton.
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one of the e-mails was to senior trump aide dan ska vooeno, that's currently trump's social media director. this this e-mail british publicist rob goldstone who set up the trump tower meeting he encouraged ska vooeno to get then candidate donald trump to create a page on the russian social networking site called vk. in the e-mail goldstone said that "don and paul were on board with the idea." that was a reference to then trump chair paul manafort, also donald trump jr., and a source tells us goldstone also mentioned the idea of the social media post at the end of the trump tower meeting in june 2016 as everyone was leaving. goldstone continued to push that proposal in some of the e-mails in the weeks following. now, cnn has done a search of the vk pages but we could not find any indication that the campaign ever set up a page. so then there was a second e-mail. this one was dated june 14th, 2016, five days after the trump tower meeting. goldstone in this email forwarded a cnn story.
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it was on russia's hacking of dnc e-mails to his client. he forwarded the e-mail to his client, russian pop star amen agalarov. also ike kaveladze. kaveladze attended the meeting. he described the news of the hacks as eerily weird, given what they had discussed at trump tower just five days earlier. that seems a bit odd. but one of the sources familiar with the e-mail, he really downplayed the interaction saying that news of the dnc hack was surprising to this group because in the run-up to the trump tower meeting the russian participants had promised information on illicit russian funding of the dnc but that dirt was never provided to trump jr. or kushner or manafort. so don, we reached out to scott ballber, attorney for ike kaveladze who was at that meeting. he does confirm his client received the e malbut he says it was odd because he claims hacking was never discussed at the meeting. but of course, don, with the
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revelation of these new e-mails it really is once again raising new questions for investigators about what exactly was discussed inside the trump tower meeting and how much these follow-ups really came into play. so still a lot of questions out there. >> and there are a lot of things they said weren't discussed we're finding out now were discussed as well. so who do you believe? thank you, jessica. thank you, chris. see you soon. i want to bring in cnn national security analyst steve hall, retired chief -- cia russian chief of operations. susan hennessy, cnn national security and legal analyst. good evening to you both. welcome to the program. susan, you first 37 i want to get your take on this new information on the trump tower meeting between -- because it certainly raises a lot of questions about what topics beyond adoption as we were just discussing somewhat came up at that meeting, doesn't it? >> yes, notwithstanding sort of all the reporting that's come out about that meeting, the trump team really is still asking us to believe two things. one, that the primary subject of that meeting was about adoption. so sort of -- most people know that that's code for magnitsky
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act sanctions. but still that it was primarily about adoptions. and that there was no follow-up whatsoever. this is sort of another piece of evidence that that just isn't the case. i think what we have seen from the get-go from the early statement that was crafted aboard air force one in which they essentially misrepresented the contents of the meeting from every piece of reporting since then has chipped away at the narrative and demonstrated that clearly the substantive content of this meeting touched on a lot more than adoption. and clearly there was some forms of follow up. >> what were russians doing here? what were they doing here, steve? >> that's a great question. i think it's worth stepping back for one second and remembering how important the meeting is only -- if only because it was a meeting where donald trump junior expressed an interest in kompromat, derogatory information on his father's opponent.
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if that's not collusion it's pretty close. but there is two possible variations as to what the russians were up to. the first is the light side. you have the lawyer veselnitskaya, kaveladze, guys like that who say here's an opportunity to get in at the high level and talk about sanctions associated with magnitsky, which is shorthand for -- you know, for the adoption issue. that's the light side. the darker side is that the russian government knew these people were going to get into a very high-level meeting where a lot of senior trump people were present and they were using these people as cutouts to see whether or not the trump campaign in the person of donald trump jr. and everybody else who was in that room as part of the trump team were interested in playing ball, would you take some information if we were to provide it to you, would you be willing to cooperate with us and we can help you win this election? personally from a counterintelligence perspective -- i can't speak from a legal perspective whether laws were broken or not. but i'm leaning towards the dark side on this. because it's difficult for me to imagine that vladimir putin and the russian government were entirely unaware that this group of russians had scored this meeting inside of trump tower and didn't try to get in on it
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somehow. >> interesting. susan, jessica reported on the specific email that was sent five days after the trump tower meeting where rob goldstone forwarded a cnn story on russian hacking of dnc emails to a russian attendee of the meeting. describing it as -- and the words were eerily weird. given what was discussed in the meeting, what do you think of that? >> apparently other sources have tried to characterize this as oh, it was weird because hacking wasn't discussed. i think that's sort of once again we're being asked to ignore the simplest most obvious explanation which the only reason you would say isn't this eery with regard to what we talked about before, was if you talked about something related to the dnc and hacked emails. once again the narrative here and what we're being asked to believe it doesn't hold up. >> yeah, steve, you find the email to trump's aide, the one where rob goldstone encourages
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skeechbo to open a page on the russian social network vk? >> that's fascinating. i hope mueller is ahead of the game on this and running with that. so vk, v kontakte in russian, is essentially the russian version of facebook with an difference. and that's because the servers are russian vladimir putin controls it. he can get into it and take a look around. the security services can get into and look around. you have to ask yourself it's very interesting why would it be that somebody from russia is suggesting that the trump team, the trump candidacy open up an account in the russian version of facebook? i mean, i -- i can't imagine that the reason given, which is yes we need to reach out to the russian-speaking americans because we want them to vote for trump too -- that's not compelling. i think there is another reason behind it. i don't know exactly what it is.
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it's a form of communication. it's just like facebook. you can send messages in vk like you can anywhere else. so it's very difficult to tell right now. but it's a fascinating tidbit i think is worth scratching at a little bit. >> steve, susan thank you very much. i appreciate that. i need to update you on the breaking news we told you about at the beginning of the show. it's from southern california, where more than 100,000 residents are now under mandatory evacuation orders as half a dozen wildfires blaze over more than 100,000 acres. look at these pictures. unbelievable. the nuv buildings destroyed is nearly 500 now as thousands of firefighters from surrounding towns and cities are coming there to assist. an emergency alert. listen to this. warning there the extreme fire danger, going out to residents of los angeles county late last night. unbelievable. all of these fires. wind gusts up to 80 miles and dry weather both making it worse
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for firefighters. containment for some of the blazes at 0% right now. the air quality is so bad hundreds of area schools closed today and tomorrow. no signs of it getting better anytime soon. we'll key an eye on it for you. when we come back, at first donald trump jr. said the meeting was about adoption. later he admitted it was about trying to get dirt on hillary clinton. and now new e-mails shedding light, further light on just what happened at trump tower in that meeting and what the potential legal fallout is. we'll discuss that.
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here is breaking news tonight. sources telling cnn the british publicist who arranged the trump tower meeting with donald trump jr. sent multiple e-mails to a russian who was there and a member of trump's inner circle. one day after donald trump junior refused to tell what he and his father discussed after news of the meeting became public. let's discuss that now. michael zeldin legal comment yailtor ken cuccinelli, president of the senate conservatives fund. they both join me. good evening. michael. you are going to start this off. >> yes. >> which of the follow up emails stand out to you as legal red flags? do they? >> all of them. can i answer all of the above? because i think that the problem here is that don jr. is not
11:20 pm
telling us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. as a consequence, because he was under oath today, and because i think there will be a drip, drip, drip of additional revelations i think most of what he said today was going to be legally problematic for him. he said i don't remember when he probably should or did remember. he said that he didn't talk to people that he did talk to. he did get emails about the follow-up i believe. even though we don't have them yet. and he said there was no follow-up. i think all of this fits ton a mosaic of either false statements potentially down the road when mueller gets his hands on him and/or some level of obstruction of the investigation when mueller gets his hands on him. i think it was an all in all bad day for junior. >> so when don junior posted the online exchange with the british publicist admitting he was promised dirt on hullry clinton
11:21 pm
from the russians one of the attendees of this meeting got an e-mail from his son asking why don jr. had admitted to "collusion." it's unclear if he was joking but don't you find that a bit strange? >> yes. it's a strange thing sort of in the abstract. but in the continuum of what was there an agreement? was that agreement memorialized in these emails? was it actioned after the election when we saw the lying from flynn about the sanctions and other post-election matters which seemed sort of quid pro quo-ish around the removal of safrpgss? sanctions? it can construct a narrative that shows pre-election collusion or agreement and post-election actioning of that agreement. so it's not clear yet that there is a crime there. but it sure looks more suspicious to me in light of
11:22 pm
these emails than it did before these emails. >> all right i want to take you, ken, if you will down just memory lane a little bit and show what you don jr. told sean hannity after details of that meeting came out and he had to do some cleanup. watch this. >> there wasn't really follow-up because there was nothing there. as we were walking out he said listen, i'm sorry for that. >> now we know there was follow-up between the campaign and the publicist who set up that meeting. >> well, i think, you know michael said he was speculating about whether any of that got to trump junior. we haven't seen that yet. and that's going to be what would contradict the clip you just showed presuming it's reasonable for him to remember that. but so far we haven't seen any follow-up that involved -- that touched trump jr., don jr. i think more problematic today is that he thinks that attorney-client privilege will protect him from having to fully testify.
11:23 pm
i think he'll be called back before the committee. i don't think that his attorney-client privilege assertion today will hold up. now, i don't expect non-lawyers to know what those options are. but if he -- if the lawyer in the room when he was speaking to his father was his lawyer, he still waived privilege by talking to his father about the same material. the lawyer's presence doesn't protect him. if he was his father's lawyer, his father hearing the words in front of his lawyer doesn't provide the attorney client privilege. >> i mean, that's -- you know. >> there is no privilege is the bottom line. >> you're going round and round i'm not an attorney but michael are you bying that? >> well, i buy that there was no attorney client privilege and that the assertion of it in the hearing was spurious and intended to delay. and you ask why was it intended to delay? this guy don junior testified in september before the senate. and there he didn't remember
11:24 pm
this meeting and the details of it. now he is testifying before the house and he sort of remembers it a bit more but he remembers talking to the communications director hope hicks and not directly to the president -- to the president so it's -- it's a false assertion of privilege. i think intended to delay. >> all right. i just have a short time left ken because i cut you off. i just want to -- let's talk about yesterday. don junior was asked about the follow-up e-mails during the hearing on capitol hill yesterday and he he said he wasn't aware of them, couldn't recall. one lawmaker said he suffered from amnesia. what is the recourse if they determine that he is lying? >> well, i mean he wasn't talking to the fbi. he was talking to the house. but you saw that flynn -- part of flynn's admission of guilt with the fbi was his assertion that he did not remember. he admitted that that was a false statement. that was part of what the one charge that he pled to was -- was based upon. so you know an assertion of
11:25 pm
nonmemory that can be demonstrated to be false is a basis for a perjury violation, for instance. but it has to be shone to be false. in flynn's case it was admitted by michael flynn. so i think you're going to see him come back to that committee. i think that that very subject is going to be asked about. and it's going to be answered. >> and this time he probably is going to have to take the fifth rather than say that he doesn't recall. i've got to run, though, guys. thank you very much. i appreciate it. when we come back, president trump claimed the fbi's reputation was in tatters. the director he appointed to took exception to that, testifying on capitol hill today. he also said no one was above the law, not even his boss. we're going to talk to congressman ted lieu who was in the room for the testimony, and i'm going to ask the representative why he voted to impeach the president. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis,... ...isn't it time to let the real you shine through?
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here is our cnn exclusive tonight. previously undisclosed emails show follow-up communications to the june 2016 meeting held between russians and donald trump junior and other members of the trump campaign. i want to talk about this now with congressman ted lieu, a california democrat, a member of the house judiciary committee. good evening, congressman. welcome to the program. cnn has learned that donald trump junior was questioned yesterday by the house intel committee about the existence of those follow-up e-mails from the meeting at trump tower. this news, it seems to contradict what he had previously said publicly about the meating. are you concerned about this discrepancy? >> yeah, well first don let me thank you for highlighting on your show the fires in california. i want to pray for those affected by the fires and thank the first responders. >> absolutely. >> now, on your question, my view is the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. it's pretty clear now that trump
11:31 pm
jr. lies about as much as his father. we know now that trump junior lied multiple times about what happened in this meeting. keep in mind that this summer he issued a statement approved by donald trump that basically said the meeting was just about russian adoptions. he know they were intentionally lying to the american people when they did that. >> at yesterday's house intel hearing, donald trump jr. said he never told his father about the june 2016 trump tower meeting. does that sound plausible to you. >> not at all. the reporting by the media states the president of the united states was very engaged in writing that statement denying anything improper happened at the meeting. but let's just take a step back. either you've got to believe that multiple trump officials just happened to all be lying about one topic, russia, and it's all coincidence, or something very bad happened last year. >> i want to talk about today's house judiciary committee hearing with the fbi director christopher wray. president trump attacked the fbi over the weekend, saying its
11:32 pm
reputation is in tatters and the worst in history. >> the fbi that i see is tens of thousands of brave men and women working as hard as they can to keep people that they will never know safe from harm. do we make mistakes? bet we make mistakes. just like everybody who's human makes mistakes. and when we make mistakes, we will hold our folks accountable if that's appropriate. >> so congressman, today was wray's chance to defend his agency. were you satisfied by what you heard from him? >> director wray was very professional and did a great job defending the 37,000 professionals at the fbi. the two takeaways i have from this hearing were, one, he stated that no one is above the law. and second, he says that he still continues to stand by the assessment of the intelligence community that russia hacked america last year to undermine faith in our democracy, help donald trump and hurt secretary clinton.
11:33 pm
>> your republican colleagues on the committee seemed to be on the attack throughout the hearing. here's just a portion of their remarks. >> it is absolutely unacceptable for fbi employees to permit their own political predilections to contaminate any investigation. >> i think your predecessor did a lot to damage the reputation of the fbi. >> the depth of this anti-trump bias on the mueller team just goes on and on. it's absolutely shocking. >> what do you think is behind these attacks? are republicans trying to undermine the russia investigation. >> absolutely they are. but on the facts they found one fbi agent that had some text messages that were antitrump. and they removed him from the investigation. it was absolutely the right thing to do. if you were watching this hearing you really came away thinking that the republicans believe that hillary clinton is president and they want to impeach her. but that's not the case. and they're really desperate right now because everything
11:34 pm
that's happening they try to reframe on hillary clinton but the president is donald trump and we're looking at collusion with russia. >> okay. you mentioned impeachment. you were one of 58 democrats who voted to move forward with a resolution to impeach president trump. that move was tabled and is not moving forward at this point. what were you trying to achieve? >> i sit on the house judiciary committee. i believe there should be hearings on the articles of impeachment that have been introduced. we need to at least start an investigation because the president of the united states is commit be obstruction of justice in plain view. but this was a vote on tabling the motion. and this was basically going to shut down debate altogether. i think we need to at least have a debate on this. >> all right, congressman, we'll see where that goes. thank you very much. when we come back, senator al franken resigning today after multiple accusations of sexual misconduct. we're going to tell you who he called out during his speech for their own behavior. guess who.
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senator al franken making it official today, announcing he is resigning from the senate amid allegations of sexual harassment. and taking a swipe at both president trump and roy moore. roy moore, by the way, the republican senate candidate in alabama. listen to this. >> there is some irony in the fact that i am leaving while a man who has bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the oval office. and a man who has repeatedly preyed on young girls campaigns for the senate with the full support of his party. >> here to discuss, cnn political analyst kirsten powers, political commentators, scott jennings, and barry weiss, editor for the "new york times." good evening to all of you. scott, you first.
11:40 pm
what's your reaction to al franken calling out president trump and roy moore for their alleged indiscretions? >> clearly he feels like he is punished beyond what other people have been. i agree with him about roy moore. i think roy moore should have stepped aside. i think the republican party should have disowned him. they haven't done that. and i think when roy moore if he gets to washington which is not a foregone conclusion-s going to face a senate ethics inquiry just like al franken was. the difference of course is franken succumbed to political pressure. i don't think roy moore if 1,000 people in washington asked him to resign would ever do that. the only way to get him out of the senate is to go through the ethics process and move for expulsi expulsion. >> but there is truth so what he says. most people agree to that whether they think the president should resign or own up to it or roy moore should continue to run. most people think there is some credence to what he is saying. >> no question. look. i think one of the things that's going on with this issue no matter the industry is that people are starting to question why are there certain sets of
11:41 pm
rules for one and person not the other. and are people getting uneven punishments? how do you compare what franken is accused of versus roy moore -- i happen to think what roy moore has been accused of is far worse. as we go down the road on the issue people are going to start to ask questions and wonder about how do you even out the consequences? in politics there haven't been as many consequences. as franken pointed out, roy moore and trump hanging around politics. he's not. in the private sector things are happening a lot more quickly. >> they're pretty harsh and swift. >> in the private sector yes. >> kirstin let me ask you this, then. because listen there should be a universal standard. are they all the same? is it all -- >> they're not all the same but they don't need to be the same. so the idea -- >> should they suffer the same consequences? >> well, look, the question is whether or not what -- two things do you believe the women who accused al franken which if you do believe them which i do is what he did wrong? he had at a minimum is guilty of
11:42 pm
sexual harassment at a maximum of sexual assault. we have two women saying that he grabbed them and forcibly kissed them. if people want to argue that's okay and that's not bad enough to lose your job i'm not in that camp. the fact he is not a rapist, he is not harvey weinstein doesn't mean what he did isn't bad. >> okay. that's what i needed to hear. because i'm hearing people say, well, you know, why are you comparing al franken. i'm just playingful's advocate here. i'm trying to figure out all of it. why are you comparing al franken to harvey weinstein or to a roy moore -- >> i don't think people are comparing him. >> there is a moral flattening happening. >> let me read this. i want to get your response. this is ari fleischer, the former press secretary. he said franken should not have resigned his fate should have been left to the people of minnesota. moore who had sexual contact with a 14-year-old should drop out. conyers who hit on employees should have resigned. franken is a creep who acted
11:43 pm
improperly but his facts are different. go. do you agree with that? >> i basically agree with that. but i think what the democrats did today was a brilliant move of political jiu-jitsu. they have become the party of family values. which is quite an amazing feat. >> so glad you said that. because on the way home yesterday i was listening to the competition and they were talking about democrats now. and it's flipped. >> it's unbelievable. >> right. >> the democrats are cleaning house and the republicans are becoming the party of it's acceptable to molest and hit on 14 and 16-year-old girls. now obviously one of those is a winning political strategy and the democrats have it. >> you think that is, you think the democrats have the winning strategy? >> in terms of long-term 100%. but the problem is that the punishment -- the question of is what he did worthy of him having to step down from the senate, that's a different question from was it politically astute and smart. on the political question i think absolutely he should have stood down. on the ethics question i'm not so sure. why are we -- i feel that there
11:44 pm
is a really -- the things that happening so quickly right now and why couldn't we let the judgment of the ethics committee come to light before he had to make that call? >> he could have done that. he's resigning. so people are -- all they're doing is they're saying i believe the women, and i think what he did was bad enough to lose his job. and i think he should resign. he succumbed to that pressure. he didn't have to. >> everybody hold. >> by the way, the process usually is rigged against -- >> everybody hold their thought. this is a fascinating conversation. we'll continue when we come back. and what president trump had to say about franken's accusations. don't go anywhere. chile, what's going on? i'm at the el tatio geysers. geezer. geyser. geezer. geyser. enough. geezer. whoaa, wooooo. dude, be careful. i think you should come camping. why would i camp in the atacama desert? oh... 3x points on travel and restaurants on every continent.
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11:48 pm
all right. senator al franken resigning. not a real surprise since more than 30 of his democratic senate colleagues called on him to step down. i'm back now with kirsten powers, scott jennings and barri weiss. let's pick up where we left off because you said you thought -- . >> it's a moral flattening. >> okay. sow thought it was political jujtsz y jiu-jitsu. you thought it was amazing. but here's what i've found in my short time on this earth, my 25 years. >> you're looking very good. >> that is a joke, as you can tell. i think democrats are maybe playing for the moral value and the moral high ground. and they're playing sort of oh,
11:49 pm
well, this is wrong. republicans are just playing sheer straight politics. they just want to win. they want to have roy moore because they want to get their agenda -- >> but they're thinking one step ahead. the democrats are thinking long-term strategically. and there's a difference. >> you think they're playing long-term chess -- symbol ii. >> i think the republicans have to own a pedophile and not only a pedophile if you believe the accusations but also a theeocrat who believes muslims shouldn't serve in congress. they own this person now. >> a lot of this got -- you were here. a lot of this didn't matter during the election and a lot of it doesn't seem to matter to voters in alabama, which is what i'm saying. i'm not saying it's right or wrong. but who is going to remember any of this in two weeks or three weeks after the election? you know what i'm saying? >> well, i think what we see here is a cultural phenomenon. it's not just happening inside of politics. it's happening in every industry. so i do think people are going to continue to talk about it. but let's be clear about the democrats for a minute.
11:50 pm
they got this franken thing right. nancy pelosi got it very wrong on conyers on "meet the press" the other day. they've gotten it very wrong for years trying to wrestle with bill clinton's legacy. so let's not pretend like the democrats have -- they got it right on one day and all of a sudden they own the moral high ground here. they still have their issues to reckon with -- >> >> they got it right on one senator, but they've gotten it wrong on bill clinton forever. >> why are we even talking about bill clinton? it's getting old. i'm so tired of it. it has nothing to do with anything. >> it makes my point. >> it actually doesn't make a point. donald trump is president right now. roy moore is running right now. al franken is right now, and conyers is right now. and yes nancy pelosi screwed up, but conyers is leaving and franken is leaving. so democrats actually do get credit for doing this -- scott, let me finish. it was a difficult decision for
11:51 pm
them. it was not easy. this is somebody gloved by democrats. he's an icon to these senators. they could pay a price for it, and they still did the right thing. i don't think we should keep saying this was just some political move. i think kirsten gillibrand really believes these women. >> go ahead, scott. >> i think they did get it right. i'm not disagreeing with you on that. but it took the republicans screwing up really badly on roy moore to cause them to do it -- >> that's not true. >> i don't think they woke up saying well we're going to be moral today and -- i think they did the right thing and it's good politics for them and i wish the republicans do the same thing on roy moore. >> people keep saying this was the motivation. but i've spoken to people very involved in the process, and this is not what they say happened. the women senators were very upset about this and that they
11:52 pm
told franken he needed to resign and they gave him time to do it. and they basically said if one more person comes out, we're going to take action. >> we'll let bauri and scott respond right after this. don't go anywhere. maybe it's time for otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months,... ...with reduced redness,... ...thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has... requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. tell your doctor if these occur. otezla is associated with an increased... ...risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have... ...a history of depression... ...or suicidal thoughts,... ...or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla... ...reported weight loss.
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buying a home... and not being in debt for it for the rest of our lives. but we're only as strong as our community. who inspires and pushes us to go further than we could ever go alone. sofi. get there sooner. president trump's supporting roy moore in the alabama senate race, but one prominent gop senator is speaking out tonight against moore. back once again with kirsten powers, scott jennings and also bari weiss. does anyone want to respond to what scir stn said, she doesn't think it's political when it comes to al franken. >> what i am worried about is that right now the punishment -- punishments are supposed to fit
11:57 pm
the crime. right new we're seeing the same punishment for sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape. and my fear is that in punishing all these things the same way we're actually devaluing the things that are much, much graver. that's my fear. because this is way beyond just al franken and roy moore. you see someone like a 77-year-old guy who's been a veteran wnyc host for years. many of your viewers might not know who he is. he's physically escorted out utof the building because of allegations of misconduct -- >> let me ask you this, because i wonder does franken's resignation put more pressure on the gop to abandoned the accused roy moore. this is the national republican committee, the chairman of that committee cory gardener released
11:58 pm
a statement saying, i believe the individual speaking out against roy moore spoke with courage and truth proving his unfit to serve in the united states senate and unfit for office. the senate should excel him because he does not meet the ethical and moral requirements of the united states senate. >> it does put more pressure on the gop. unfortunately, roy moore is a party of one. ask i don't think he really gives a rip of what anyone in the party thinks about him. if every republican senator called on roy moore to resign i seriously doubt he would do it. that's why i ultimately think this ethics committee thing is the way to go because that gets them to process to expulsion. i think these women in alabama are telling the truth, but people in alabama some of them don't believe them because it was reported by "the washington post" or media outlets they don't trust. i want to see these women get the only day in court, if that's
11:59 pm
what you want to call it, they're ever going to get. >> roy moore could take a pa polygraph test, so could al franken and all the others. >> he'll have to testify it under oath as well. >> i believe them. i just think there's a moral difference between squeezing the side of someone's body and molesting -- >> forcibly grabbing a woman who's with her boss, the boss leaves the room and grabs her. come on. are we really saying this isn't a big deal? does he have have be a rapist? does he have to be masturbating in front of me? is this now our standard? i urge people to go read what kirsten gillibrand said about this, what the press conference. i think they got it right. if you don't have these
12:00 am
predations of oh, you only grab the woman and don't rape her -- even al franken pointed to the prenes and said why don't you hold me to the low, low standard -- they need to be pulling them with them not going to down to their level. >> let's look at the big picture here. the senate minority leader and scott said it's only one. chuck schumer calling on al franken to resign. the president endorsing an accused child molester and donating a total of $170,000. it is 11:00 p.m. right here on the east coast, and we're live with the breaking news. more wildfires erupting across southern california tonight. hundreds of thousands of acres blazing as heavy winds fan the flam


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