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tv   Wolf  CNN  December 8, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PST

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that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. >> hello, i'm wolf blitzer. 1:00 p.m. in washington. thanks very much for joining us. on the defense, he has been called a coffee boy dismissed by the president. they are speaking about why they are wrong. also a cnn exclusive and e-mail shows an effort to give the trump campaign hacked documents from wikileaks. did the president know? and a growing list of lawmakers boycotting a civil rights event because president trump will be there and now the white house is
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fighting back. let's begin with george papadopoulos's fiance and the role he plays in the investigation. he joined the trump campaign as a foreign policy adviser in early march 2016. soon after then, they referenced him as an adviser. on march 31st, papadopoulos attended a trump campaign foreign policy meeting. trump was there as well as jeff sessions. during the sit down, papadopoulos said he had connections that could help stop the meeting between trump and russian president putin. sources say trump was open to the idea, but sessions threw cold water on to the pitch. roughly a month later in april, papadopoulos met with an overseas professor who told him that russia had dirt on hillary clinton in the form of thousands of e-mails. during this period, papadopoulos continued e-mailing trump
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campaign members pushing for a meeting between trump and russian officials. fast forward to this year when papadopoulos is arrested for lying to fbi agents about his russian contacts. his indictment was unsealed in october and revealed that papadopoulos was working with robert mueller, the special prosecutor. the white house tried to distance itself and downplay his role. >> can you explain what george papadopoulos's role with the campaign was? >> it was extremely limited. it was a volunteer position. again, no activity was ever done in an official capacity. he reached out and nothing happened beyond that. that i think shows his level of importance in the campaign and two, it shows what little he had with coordinating anything officially for the campaign. >> papadopoulos's fiance is pushing back.
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pamela brown sat down with her. what did she you? >> this is the first time we are hearing george papadopoulos's side of the story and it's through his fiance who wanted to share things that papadopoulos has not been able to discuss because through the advice of his lawyers he is not been able to speak with the media. his fiance is an italian national and was interviewed by the fbi and strongly refutes push back by white house and campaign officials. papadopoulos only acted on his own without campaign approval and was nothing more than a coffee boy. >> what have you seen and read that doesn't square with the george papadopoulos you know? >> george papadopoulos is everything but a coffee boy. he is an outstanding personality and very educated and even his contribution to the campaign is much more real than bringing
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coffee. >> why do you think the white house was so quick to come out and call him a coffee boy or low level volunteer? >> i think they wanted to disassociate from the first person and decided to go on the right side. probably the easiest way out is to dismiss his personality as a low level volunteer. >> you don't believe he was? >> i know he wasn't. >> how do you know? >> he shared with me about his contribution to the country. >> you said he was consistently a high level campaign official. what was his intersection with michael flynn? >> he was in contact with michael flynn and he worked in the transition and he was actively conttributing to the foreign policy strategies for
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the campaign. he didn't take any initiative without campaign approval. >> papadopoulos communicated with flynn, steve bannon and adviser rick deer born about topics other than russia and said he interacted with other top officials like paul manafort and sam clovis earlier in the campaign about setting up russia meetings. they have denied, downplayed or say they don't recall interactioning with papadopoulos. she said the campaign's director brian lanza allowed him to do the only interview with the agency and he declined to comment. as papadopoulos awaits sentencing, she hopes president trump will pardon him. the white house has not provided comment. >> pamela brown on the scene for us as she always is. >> we have new exclusive reporting on the russia investigation. an e-mail reveals an effort to give wikileaks documents to the
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trump campaign. it was sent to donald trump and his son donald trump and others in the final stretch of the 2016 presidential race. the e-mail offered a dekripgz key and a website addressed for hacked wikileaks documents. it was sent on the same day that donald trump tweeted. he tweeted and i will read what he tweeted, wikileaks, hillary clinton sent thousands of classified cables marked c for confidential. he shared a story from the gateway pundit, a conservative pro trump website. the e-mail listed his name as mike erickson, congressional investigators are trying to determine whether he is legitimate. an attorney for donald trump jr. said and i am quoting right now, we do not know who mike erickson is. we have no idea who he is. we never responded to the
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e-mail. let's get perspective from the panel. joining us is analyst david gregory and former counsel to the u.s. and assistant attorney general. you are our legal expert. what concerns does this new revelation raise? >> let's see what wikileaks is. according to cia director pompeo, they hacked his e-mails and the intelligence community said that they were involved in the relief of the hacked dnc. they are not like any other news organization. some folks are saying that. they do not apply journalistic standards and released information that harmed national security. any allegations or information that has been revealed
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indicating that the campaign had been in touch with wikileaks is a concern. >> how significant potentially in the broader investigation specifically the allegation of collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. >> this gets to the point. if it's accurate and really born out of that connection because we asked the question why is it that this administration was so willing as a campaign to cozy up to putin specifically and russia generally? what were they getting in return and what were the relationships like during the campaign? this provides the potential to get some answer. maybe there was something of value in this case dirt on hillary clinton provided in the form of hacked e-mails and the president saying i love wikileaks and encouraging russia to find missing e-mails from the server. it gets us closer to that nexus
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between russia and the trump campaign and knowing what we sense from the meetings with don junior and a willingness and an open for business attitude with this information. >> let me play the clip in the final stretch of the campaign. when donald trump, then the candidate and the nominee was e fusive in his praise of wikileaks. listen. >> this just came out. >> wikileaks, i love wikileaks. >> this stuff is unbelievable. it tells you the inner heart. you have to head it. >> it's amazing what is coming out on wikileaks. >> another one came in today. this wikileaks is like a treasure trove. >> as i was getting off the plane, they were just announcing new wikileaks and i wanted to stay there, but i didn't want to keep you waiting. i love reading the wikileaks. >> i guess he likes wikileaks. he used to.
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does that cause legal problems for the president or others in the campaign? >> it might. these were astounding to the community when he was praising wikileaks like this. it might. it gets closer to the heart of what this russia investigation is. was there advanced knowledge or any type of coordination or cooperation on behalf of individuals in the trump campaign with wikileaks in releasing this investigation or potentially whoever was according to the community russian intel behind the actual hacks of the dnc as far as related people. we haven't gotten to the point where it's clear that they knew in advance whether or not the hacking was going to take place. >> the caveat to me in all of this is what may explain all of this could be arrogance or not
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know i knowing what the threat is. i am not going to be played by the russians. he is out there scooping up stuff in the public domain and saying this is great and we will with it. many can use dirt on their opponent. the problem is it may not be a crime, but it's bad judgment. there should have been and there were people with the experience to say as a candidate you are playing with fire here. this is not just dirt on a campaign, you are dealing with an entity with ties to russian intelligence. we have seen two previous administrations who have been play by putin and intelligence. you better take it seriously. they have not and still do not. >> more breaking news we are following. the president endorsing the controversial senate candidate roy moore louder and more clearly than before as he heads south for him to campaign.
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>> we have employers added 228,000 jobs and the health care and the business sector and manufacturing. all experienced gains. one number that doesn't add up. president trump's job
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performance rating according to a brand-new poll by pew research, only 32% of americans approve of how the president is doing. 63% disapprove. let's discuss this and more. the author of the important book, a bestseller, hill billiology. the cofounder of aol. can you explain if why the economy is doing well, the president's approval rating is only 32%. stock market and dow jones record numbers almost every day. why is his approval so sad when the economy is doing just fine? >> he made a lot of promises and he has to deliver on tax reform is some part of that. people were expecting things to change and a lot of people who supported him, we spent a lot of
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time trying to understand what's happening in the middle of the country and a lot of people fear the future and don't feel like they have a job they can count on. that's why we are backing start ups. we need to focus on how do you help support the people in the middle of the country and feel like there is a reason they shouldn't be optimistic and not ankz. >> only 32% approve when robust job numbers are out there. >> it's definitely you see numbers like this and you expect it to be higher. part of that is the fact that the president likes to mix it up with the media and people start to get exhausted and that drives down the approval rating a little bit, but what steve said is important. part of what is driving people's sense of how well they are doing is not the job numbers, but jobs in their communities and growth in their communities. we saw it during the first year of the trump administration. though we are seeing job growth
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pick up, that doesn't mean it's broadly distributed across all geographies in the country. that's one of the things we are trying to work on is make sure if you are living in southwestern ohio or indianapolis, you have access to the high growth economy reflected. >> is it your sense that the good job numbers as president trump pointed out, two million jobs created the since he won the election and dow jones and all of those numbers are impressive, but do you see a discrepancy between the coasts and mid-america? >> silicon valley is rocking and rolling and job growth. many parts of the country it's not happening. the venture capital fuels the jobs creation and 75% went to just three states. the other 47 states, ohio and michigan and pennsylvania got
10:20 am
collectively 25%. you are only backing enterprises in a few places and not everywhere. we shouldn't be surprised it's in a few places and we need the level of playing field. they feel like they have a shot at the american dream. >> we want to get to the rise in a moment, but you are an expert on the trump base where i that are coming from and who they are. are they not feeling the benefits of this growth? >> in some cases they are. when the economy creates two million jobs that trickles down to a lot of folks, but what you are seeing is the areas that benefit the most from the growth that we have seen have typically been in the coast like san francisco and new york city and cambridge and boston, massachusetts. i wouldn't say they haven't seen any of it, but not the same amount as the folks on the coast. >> tell us about you guys. you assembled a group with the business leaders. it's called rise of the rest.
10:21 am
this fly over as you call it. the most prominent respected people in the business world like jeff bassos ander toy and investors like david rubenstein and people like jim briar and like eric and they joined us as part of the fund to invest in the early companies. all across the count rye and not just on the coast. >> you are part of this team? >> that's right. i joined the team about six or seven months ago.
10:22 am
we have been focusing on venture capital investing. the most important point to me is that if you look at all of the positive jobs number, the thing we lag behind is the new firm creation outside of the coast. some of them do go for the president. >> good luck and thanks for doing what you are doing. >> thanks, wolf. >> he's the president that endorsed roy moore. we will discuss and a debate is erupting over the boycott of lawmakers of the civil rights event because president trump is attending. are they doing the right thing? the white house is now responding.
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two black congress men are boycotting the civil rights museum because president trump will be there. the congressman john lewis said the policies are an insult to those portray in the new museum and he notes the remarks with immigrants and nfl players. the white house said it's unfortunate that he won't join the congressman in joining civil rights leaders. tears we cannot stop, a sermon to white americans. he is a professor at georgetown university. thanks for coming in.
10:28 am
>> if the had the wants to reach out to the african-american community and have this gesture to go to what is an important museum in mississippi, why not welcome the president and begin a dialogue? >> he wants to celebrate where he can be seen as supporting the ideas they know every day he under cuts. policies and his ridiculous speech and bigotry he expressed. >> if he wants to open up a new page and begin a dialogue and learn and he will do a cure of this new museum in mississippi. maybe that will have an inpact and isn't that worth it? >> you don't want to do it on a reality show. in public display your reconciliation. he has not done the work of
10:29 am
meeting with the congressional black caucus and make true what would be the case. joent just be known as the president who changed his mind. >> is it the president who they made it clear they are not interested in going to the white house? >> they have been invited and both turned it down like nancy pelosi and chuck schumer because they knew it was much a do about nothing. they refused to capitulate to the manipulation of a president who said out of his mouth he is committed and with his words and deeds and body of thought and behavior nullified everything they stand for. >> some african-american lawmakers and democrats and important guys had a dialogue with the president and maybe an
10:30 am
impact. >> it would be great if he can speak to him. for the president to show up where the congressional brack caucus can't get to him and talk to him and have a face-to-face. this is our honest consideration of what you are doing. it's reprehensible and repulse and if you can accept our criticism without being mean spirited. he ex-cretes of feces of his moral detravelity. they don't want to be complicity. they want to stand tall and by not going. if the museum celebrates civil rights leaders, they are two of the most valiant civil rights leaders. >> they will be at the opening of the museum and do you think they are doing the wrong thing by welcoming the president of
10:31 am
the united states? >> black people by and large way to congratulate you for being a human being. at the same time they have leaders to show the worth and value of the civil rights they fought for and died for. there will be african-american people there. they will not be the important figures like thompson and lewis whose withholding says more than should they show up. >> thanks for joining us. >> president trump doubling down on his endorsement for roy moore where he seems to praise the era of slavery. well, here's to first dates! you look amazing.
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>> president trump is weighing into the senate race in a big way. first with his tweet. the last thing to make america great agenda needs is a liberal democrat in senate where we have so little margin for victory already. the pelosi schumer puppet jones would vote against us. vote roy moore all in caps. the president's strongest endorsement of the republican candidate to date. the president is expected to deliver that same message later this evening in a political rally in pence coal a florida. check them out. you can see that pensacola is not that far away from the alabama line. and maximum coverage of the endorsement for roy moore. here with us now, "washington post" congressional reporter
10:37 am
floweria, the preside i gloria, the president is getting more forceful every day in his endorsement of roy moore. >> he needs him more than ever and b, he probably believes he's got a good shot at winning and he feels he will be on the winning side this time in that state. i thought it was interesting that the president had many opportunity when is he was asked to comment on barney frank. barney frank leaving the senate. -- i'm sorry, al franken. i'm being too old school. leaving the senate and he didn't respond because he knows who he is endorsing. he knows who roy moore is accused of doing. he doesn't want to comment about anything else. about franken.
10:38 am
thank you for creeky me. >> i'm always here for you, girl. >> part of this too is the president making a calculation in the same way that roy moore has. that's to run a hard right conservative campaign that is defiance in the face of these accusations like president trump and to run on issues like abortion and other things that conservative voters are likely to be voting on. that's where the president is doubling down. i think the president is trying to accelerate a big cultural divide over this sexual harassment issue. he is going to say the claims are just false. like me he is standing up against them. i are going to see him assert more. >> very few republican senators in this endorsement as you know, the president is moving forward
10:39 am
and forced the republican national committee to do the same thing reluctantly, but the campaign committee is not on board. >> no, they are not. cory gardner is holding a line on that and the rnc has gotten back in the ring to back moore. people are saying moore, while the voters will decide sort ofs answers to the questions and the very stern statements of he has noplace in the senate. jeff flake is the only person who is still very, very much saying i don't think there is any role he should be playing and writing checks to his opponent. mitch mcconnell criticized his candidacy and this is up to the people and they are bracing for what they think may actually be the next step. if roy moore does win, they committed to putting him before the ethics committee. they are going to neutral
10:40 am
territory as the president is going all in for roy moore. that's a movement and a shift. >> the ethics process is not only establishment swampish, what happens if you succeed in that, you are back to the prospect of maybe we lose a seat. >> i don't know that they have the cuts to expel him to be honest. would they have if you have mcconnell talk about it's up to the voters. he wanted him to step aside and will they have the guts to expel him from the senate should he win? i'm not betting on it. they need time to find the candidate and this was in the last month of his campaign. >> if the president is all in for roy moore, why not simply go to alabama? why do you have to fake it and go near alabama instead of
10:41 am
campaigning in alabama, a state that clearly was very, very pro trump during the presidential election? >> it's not like there is subtlety to what they have been doing. in an attempt to maybe hedge a little bit. he achieves everything he would want being there and nobody is making a distinction really by the fact that he is not there. >> he can say i didn't go to alabama. it's a distinction. >> who is that going to -- what's the audience for that? >> the thatt ione that makes th. >> the security adviser to the president is leaving the white house to return to new york. sarah sanders issuing a statement. he has been a key trusted adviser in this administration. she planned to serve one year before returning home to new york where she will support the
10:42 am
president's agenda and work on the mideast policy. she will serve until early next year. that's a surprise because she was very involved with jared kushner in the peace process and trying to get that off the ground and the timing of this coming just right after the jerusalem announcement is surprising. >> i think the timing of it may be personal also. she would like to be in new york with her fiance, i believe. i do believe that she like everybody else in this white house has been in a struggle for the past year for the heart and the mind of the president. she belongs to the sort of more moderate gary cohen, dina powell. with steve bannon gone, others fought against him. after a year it gets to weara on
10:43 am
y you. >> the surprise is that you know dina. i haven't caught up with her in a long time. the bush person worked at goldman sacks and it was surprising. she is the talented moderating voice that anyone would want in this foreign policy team given what we have seen so far. it's a loss. >> her involvement is a shifting point based on making the declaration and there is going to have to be rethinking. this is the point where you are planning on going anyway. you say i'm going to go now. >> this is the beginning of many changes that we are going to be seeing come the new year in the administration. shifts and perhaps cabinet posts and internally inside the white house. >> she is obviously very intelligent and smart. she has a good sense and jared kushner opened a statement. has been a valued member of the
10:44 am
peace team and will play a in the peace efforts and will share more details in the future. that suggests that maybe there is another job that may be in the works for her? >> the rumor is she has some kind of a job in the united nations. that is in new york. should anything open up. nikki haley should move somewhere or another job should nikki haley stay there. >> she wants to go back to new york for personal family reasons as well. >> it's important whatever the administration plans to do on something to create if there is not a process to create something i think it would bh f behoove them to have her involved. >> the president has been meeting with the defense secretary mattis and others. we will get to that tape fairly soon. also we are following the former
10:45 am
president barack obama invoking today's politics. you will hear his comments. and the rise and fall of michael flynn from military legend to the investigation. jim chuto is standing by to join us live after this. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident.
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and i am a senior public safety my namspecialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california. impact of the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel capital. we'll get to that in a minute. but right now i want to go to the videotape the president was in the swearing in ceremony for secretary of homeland security
10:50 am
christen nielsen. watch this. >> this is an honor. you've been with us so long now. it's no doubt it's going to be incredible what takes place. i want to start by thanking you, we know you'll be there for a long while and working together. but this is very special occasion. because this is an issue i ran on, it's borders, it's homeland security. and it's one of the certain important things i can't ever say anything is the most important, because our military is the most important, and lots of other things. but this is right there. this is one of the very big issues. and i just want to congratulate you, such an important day for our country. the numbers have been so incredible. we are up to 78%. they used to have 1% or 2% number they celebrated. we are at 78%. went down a little bit because a lot of people aren't trying to come in because they know it's
10:51 am
not easy. but you'll take it to new levels. we'll get the wall. i know you want the wall. if we don't get the wall we are going to have a lot of unhappy people, starting with me. we are going to get the wall. we need it. we need it for the drug flow. we need it for people coming into our country. we want to have great people coming into our country. we want to have a merit based system. we have to get rid of chain migration graciou migration. all these things we've been talking about. and we have to toughen up the borders and air travel. not just walls. they fly in. but i have absolutely no doubt you are going to be so outstanding. and i'd like to congratulate you and i wanted to be here for the big moment. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> congratulations. >> why don't you turn around so
10:52 am
they can see you. >> raise your left hand. raise your right hand and repeat after me. i kirsten kneel son will defend against the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic. >> that i'll bare true faith and a leg ance to the same. >> that i take this obligation freely. >> without any mental reservation. >> without any mental reservation. >> for purpose of evasion. >> and then i will well and faithfully discharge. >> the duties of the office. >> the duties of the office. >> upon which i'm go to enter. >> so help me god. >> congratulations.
10:53 am
[ applause ] >> it's so lovely to see so many colleagues and friendly faces. i want to thank the president for the trust and faith he has placed in me. to thank the vice president and all my white house colleagues. and my family, thank you so much for your undying support. and my friends. >> so you see the white house escorting the white house pool out of that room. even as the new secretary of homeland security kirsten kneel son is about to speak. that's strange. they let them remain inside. but for whatever reason they had them leave. we'll have much more on this coming up. the mixed messages coming out of the trump administration over the impact of the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as
quote quote
10:54 am
israel capital. on twitter the president took a swipe at predecessors saying i fulfilled my campaign promise, others didn't. but the state department seems to be downplaying this new designation. listen to this. >> he has asked the state department to begin the process of making the move of embassy to jerusalem. this will take sometime. we have to acquire a state. we have to develop building plans, construction plans. as you point out, ensure we get the authorizations. although i do not anticipate any difficulty getting the authorizations and then actually building an embassy. so this is not something that's going to happen this year. probably not next year. and in fact he was i think very clear that the final stats us of jerusalem is amat us that would be left, including the borders, would be left to the parties to negotiate and decide. >> all right. let's bring in our national security correspondent jim sciutto.
10:55 am
is there less here that meets the eye? >> you have them making the argument no substance. you heard secretary tillerson this does not effect the final status negotiations. if there is peace between israel and the palestine, by saying this they are not changing that, not prdoing this. if you have american traveling abroad it will say jerusalem but leave country blank because they don't want something written down to imply the u.s. has formal recognition. that's not going to change either. now, i suppose the flip side is that rhetoric, as you know better than me, in this conflict matters. that's why you've seen the reaction from many palestinians and others around the region that this sounds like america the most powerful country in the world stating a preference to
10:56 am
some degree or priority being israel's position and rhetoric has power and meaning. >> even though the president says the jerusalem is capital of israel, you get a passport in jerusalem it won't say israel. city country will be blank on u.s. passport. >> right. >> so not necessarily formally recognizable. >> exactly. >> tell me about the document on michael flynn that will air later on tonight. >> we spent the last couple of weeks talking to people who have known general flynn, one of nine children, one tiny little house, one bedroom, how he found his way into the military and d distinguished himself in the military, really a hero, but then made a move into politics, and even the people who respect and love him the most, many of them amazed, a little alarmed by
10:57 am
the michael flynn that they've seen in the polit wall sphere as different from the one they knew in military service before. have a listen to one example of that that we came across from some of this former intelligence colleagues. >> inside the intelligence agencies, some grew concerned that flynn's position sometimes contradicted the facts and the intelligence. flynn facts they called them. >> people talked about flynn facts. you've heard this expression. >> i was hearing from more than one source in what became flynn facts. that concerned me. >> can you give me an example? >> i think he was convinced iranians were behind the benghazi attack. which they weren't. or at least we had no evidence of that. but he insisted we find evidence to back up that proposition. >> the increasingly infamous
10:58 am
flynn facts became one symptom of broader concerns about flynn's leadership at dia. >> flynn started to manifest some of the more controversial behaviors that played out on the national stage. >> can't wait to see it, jim, looks great. jim's special report the mystery of michael flynn is here on cnn. that's it. thanks for watching cnn. the news continues right after a quick break. here's why. medicare only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. you might want to consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company.
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