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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  December 20, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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president takes a victory lap on the tax bill, and, make no mistake, it's a major achievement for his and his party. david axlerod, no fan of the president, calls it consequential, and there's no disputing that, cutting individual rates, tax cuts for 80% of americans, cutting corporate rates, adding to the deficit and a lot of special interests will no doubt like. it will have an effect, and there's plenty to debate about all of it. what's not up for debate, at least not at the victory celebration today was president trump is awesome. just ask anyone. >> mr. president, you made the
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case for the tax bill, but this been a year of extraordinary compliment for the trump administration. >> president donald trump is a man of his word. he's a word of action. thank you for your boundless faith in american people. thank you for keeping your promise to see this congress delivery the largest tax cut in american history. >> thank you, president trump, for allowing us to have you as our president and to make america great again. >> you stop and think about it, this president hasn't been in office for a year. this bill could not have passed without you. you are living up to everything i thought you would. >> this is one of the great privileges of my life to stand here on the white house lawn with the president of the united states who i love and appreciate so much. >> people often ask when did you know -- when did you know tax reform could be achieved in america for the first time in 31 years. my answer is always the same, november 8th, when president trump, you were elected president of the united states.
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but for your leadership, we would not be here today. >> during that campaign, you listened to voices no one else was listening to. we would not be standing here today if it wasn't for you. >> something this big, something this generational, something this profound could not have been done without exquisite presidential leadership. mr. president, thank you for getting us over the finish line. thank you for getting us where we are. [ applause ] >> quite a display of affection there. cnn's abby phillip at the white house for us today. abby, a big day for the president today. when is this bill supposed to arrive on his desk? what do we know? >> reporter: well the white house is waiting for a little bit of logistics to happen on the hillside. first of all, the bill has to be enrolled, which is a formal process by which the copies are signed and then sent to the white house. there's also the possibility thaf to wait until congress
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passes a cr, which is going to fund the government. once they do that, the president is going to be able to sign the bill. i'm told that's likely to happen after he leaves washington and he goes back to florida to mar-a-lago. the bill is likely going to be sent down to him where he'll sign it before the beginning of the year. >> does the president intend to help sell the bill to make it more popular with the american people? >> reporter: this a huge question. this bill is pretty unpopular, about 33% of americans according to a cnn poll say they do not approve of this bill. a majority of americans also think it won't help the middle class. so the white house is aware of this. and a white house adviser said today that they believe that this bill is going to speak for itself, meaning once people see the changes to their paychecks, they're going to be much happier with what this bill does to them. it remains to be seen whether the president is going to take this show on the road, sell the bills to americans after it's passed. the white house is staying mum but they're open to the possibility.
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>> abby, thanks so much. in our last hour, we spoke with a congressman from ohio who is making some specially pointed allegations, about not just the russia investigation or robert mueller, but also about the fbi. this was a fox news show referring to the two fbi agents. jim jordan said this, quote, you had, i'm convinced now, the fbi actively seeking with intent, actively trying to stop donald trump from being president of the united states. this is what some of the congressman had to say tonight. >> you say you believe there was a plot in the fbi to prevent donald trump from becoming president. if that's true, was this not the worst plot ever? the fbi director days before the election reopened the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. >> yeah. you got to remember the context at that time. mr. comey reopened it after he had done the exoneration letter,
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after he went public with something never before done. after he made the decision, not loretta lynch, after the exoneration was changed to a noncriminal extreme carelessness. remember the context when mr. comey does that. everyone thought clinton was going to win. even with the e-mails back and forth. no big deal, he can do this because he thought she was going to win. >> listen. strock was on the team that changed. we do not know if he was the one who changed it again. so you are suggesting part of this plot to keep donald trump from becoming president included james comey reopening the investigation into hillary clinton? >> i'm just saying he reopened it a few weeks before the election. >> wouldn't that be a lousy way to plot defeating donald trump to reopen the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. >> so back in october, before the election, you guys didn't like gym comey? now you like him? i don't get the point.
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how about focussing on the text messages last week? >> was james comey part of a plot to keep donald trump from being president? >> we'll find out. the text messages from strock to lisa page sure points to that being what looks like took place. >> you think james comey was part of an effort? it went to the top of the fbi to keep donald trump from being president? why then -- >> here's what i know -- >> hang on, if that's true, why then did he come out again and reopen the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails and never even tell us before the election about the investigation into alleged trump collusion? if you think he was trying to keep donald trump from getting elected, don't you think he might tell voters that? >> we'll have to find out. >> this happened on the same day that mark warner took the floor of the senate and drew some red lines for the president. don't pardon witnesses or risk
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constitutional crisis. don't fire the special counsel. joins us is robert mueller's special assistant at the department of justice and chief legal analyst jeffrey toobin. what do you make of the comments from jim jordan today when asked about what committees and what he was basing his claims on, you know, he didn't have much of an answer. >> no, he didn't. but, i think, rather than follow the ins and outs of his claims, which are, i think, frivolous, what he and his allies are doing both in congress and in the news media, are trying to create the impression that robert mueller is a controversial figure. that he's either part of or aligned with the democratic party, even though that's not true. so that either he can be fired, or if he comes out with a report or accusations or indictments that are damaging to president trump, he can be discredited as part of the opposition. that's what i think is going on here.
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i think the specific claims, which are really silly, are less important than the sort of overall impression that's meant to be. >> i asked him if he was coordinating his message with the white house. he said he wasn't getting talking points, but he did seem to say that he has talked to the white house about the mueller investigation. the congressman said there was a plot to keep donald trump from the white house. and he wouldn't rule out the notion that james comey was part of that plot. your reaction? >> it's factually unsupported by the evidence. the polling data reflects that when comey both exonerated secretary clinton and then reopened the investigation, it was terrible for her campaign. as you asked him in the question, that would be one of the worst ways in which to sabotage the trump campaign by sabotaging the clinton campaign. so it doesn't make any sense. to jeffrey's point, i want to add one thing, which is, yes,
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it's silly in many respects, but he uses language like coup d'etat and other things that are very scary words to an elected member of congress to say that you have a coup d' etat to overthrow the president by investigating allegations of criminal behavior which have led so far to two guilty pleas. >> i don't think the congressman used those words specifically. i think he used similar words, but the same sentiment there. jeffrey, something i have heard from analysts on both sides are, you know, it would be better perception wise if there weren't these issues on the mueller team, if there were not all of the members who had donated to democrat causes, if these text messages didn't exist. that the perception here is creating a problem.
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>> you know, basically what you're saying is that we need a sean hannity standard. we need a standard so that sean hannity is happy this is a fair investigation. that's a mug's game. you're never going to have a -- you're never going to meet a standard like that. peter strzok exchanged text messages before he worked on the mueller investigation where he said he was opposed to donald trump. that is something that fbi agents are allowed to do, they are allowed to have political opinions. not every member of the mueller staff was a democratic campaign contributor. at least one was a republican campaign contributor. all of them are allowed to do that. the buck stops here with mueller. mueller will make decisions about who gets prosecuted. mueller is unassailable in terms of his integrity. if you want to look through the
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background of every single person and find something that indicates they supported one candidate or other in the 2016 election, you're going to find that because most people voted, most people had a candidate. but that is not a disqualifying factor to work in a criminal investigation. >> john, can i add one thing? jeffrey is correct. deputy attorney general rosenstein testified exactly to that point. he said that there's a difference between having a political opinion and having a bias impact the outcome of your investigation. and i know having been an independent counsel and having worked on independent counsel investigations with people who are registered democrats and republicans, that who one contributed to and what one's private political opinions were never impacted our outcome and i expect the same is exactly true in the mueller case. >> thanks for being with us, guys. i appreciate it. >> my pleasure. next, donald trump jr. adding his voice to the conspiracy theories and more
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to the bureau. also as we menti we heard from former director and russia special counsel robert mueller. late today, senate intelligence committee mike warner said it would trigger a constitutional crisis. we heard a lot, including from the the president's eldest son. tom forman has more on that for us. >> reporter: call it another chorus for the conspiracy choir. this time led by donald trump jr., who is once again suggesting there is a secret plot to take the president down. >> my father talked about a rigged system throughout the campaign. people are like, oh, what are you talking about? but it is. and you're seeing it. >> this is about the impeachment of the president. >> reporter: the idea pushed by the president's supporters that the probe into possible collusion with russian meddling in the election is actually just an effort to delegitimize the results of that vote. >> there is and there are people at the highest levels of government that don't want to let america be america. >> reporter: for a former cia
10:18 pm
director michael hayden. >> that was a little scary. i mean, that is a -- that is an appeal to the heart of hypocrisy and challenging the patriotism of those folks who work in the united states government. >> say something. >> reporter: but this is not the first time donald trump jr. has embraced the idea of sinister forces trying to hurt his father and help his foes, especially hillary clinton. trump junior pushed a fake claim on twitter that clinton wore an earpiece during one debate for coaching back and forth. >> the facts are known, because the media won't report on them. the politicians won't talk about them. >> reporter: like his father, he routinely accuses the media of pushing fake stories to hurt the president, stories often allegedly concocted by democrats, tweeting journalists, they couldn't care less about the truth. he has routinely suggested clinton broke laws and others
10:19 pm
covered her tracks, an advantage he claims his father never enjoyed. >> if he did the same things she did, he'd be in jail for 30 years. >> reporter: and he even resurrected false claims linking the clinton to the death of a white house aide. a common theme in these conspiracy theories is the idea there's a permanent group in d.c., a so-called deep state to resist populous movements for change. the irony? the russia investigators are considering the possibility that there was a conspiracy at work, and team trump, including don junior, might have been involved. >> thanks so much. earlier tonight i spoke with a defender of the russia probe, and a participant in it, california democrat eric swalwell sits on the house intelligence committee. we spoke earlier. >> i know you can't talk about
10:20 pm
the specific s of what he said behind closed doors, but what do you make of this conspiracy he's floating that the highest levels of american government are aligned essentially to destroy his father's presidency? >> good evening, john. what donald trump jr. said just this week is in line with what his father has said about calling the investigation a hoax, what my colleagues on the house judiciary committee have said to rod rosenstein and the fbi director, chris ray. i think it's a concerted effort, frankly it's an ominous tone here in washington that has us all fearful that the mueller investigation is going to be shut down unless we do something to preserve it. >> congressman jim jordan, who was on house judiciary, he flat out said there was an fbi conspiracy to prevent donald trump from becoming president. your reaction to that? >> i really hate to hear that because the men and women at the fbi deserve to be treated with respect. there's no evidence to support
10:21 pm
that. it has to be demoralizing for them to hear that. the willingness to any the fbi building is concerning. hopefully, we can in a bipartisan way, preserve robert mueller's role and protect him against being fired. >> congressman jordan's message is that these texts are somehow an indictment of the entire investigation. strock said that they needed some kind of insurance policies against the election of donald trump. you're not as concerned as he is about that? >> this was one individual who was immediately removed once his perceived bias against donald trump was shown. there were a number of people working on this investigation. look, i'm troubled by what that agent was saying, but there is corroborating evidence about donald trump and his family and the role and the contacts they had with the russians that show that there's a lot to be investigated here. john, let me contrast what bob mueller and the fbi did once
10:22 pm
they found out about this agent's perceived bias. they removed him immediately from the team. contrast that from donald trump. he found out that michael flynn lied to the fbi, kept him on for 18 days. until it became a public relations nightmare. i'll take the bob mueller team any day. >> we heard a speech on the senate floor today raising a red flags about this coordinated effort, that you see as well, to discredit the investigation. he also talked about his fears that the president would fire the special counsel. what evidence does he see, do you see today that that's an imminent threat? >> first, he's a man who knows. he sees the classified and unclassified intelligence. so he's worried that this investigation could be shut down. what i see is from conservative voices in the media who are getting an audience with the president to the president's family to my colleagues on the house judiciary committee. john, i mentioned them because for a long time many thought the house judiciary committee would
10:23 pm
be a deterrent for the president because many expressed firing robert mueller would be obstruction of justice and there would be refefred to the house judiciary committee. but if you listen to members of the committee, they would probably take credit because they expressed they would like to see him go. >> you absolutely hear the effort to discredit the investigation right now discredit the fbi. you heard it in certain television stations to be sure. but the one suggesting that he might fire robert mueller, they're all democrats. and the fact that mark warner did it today, on the day that the tax bill was passed, i can see people seeing that as unusual and intentional timing. >> it feels like we're leading up to a crescendo, with people getting an audience with the president to suggest bob mueller should be fired, the president's friends, like roger stone are also publicly expressing that. you know he has a line directly to the president. you know this is in the president's ear, and hopefully it's public sentiment and even
10:24 pm
better than that, putting it legislatively, in concrete, to protect bob mueller. so i think it's to send a signal flare, a warning shot. >> republicans do seem to be slow walking any possible legislation on that. congressman swalwell, thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. there was one person absent from the tax bill celebration at the white house today, senator susan collins, even though she voted for it. now we're learning about the promises that got her to "yes," promises made and broken. the details, next. ♪shostakovich playing ♪
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it even lets you take a time out. no! no! yes! yes, indeed. amazing speed, coverage and control. all with an xfi gateway. find your awesome, and change the way you wifi. as we mentioned earlier, president trump and the republicans are celebrating their first major legislative victory with the passage of the tax bill. republicans joined the president at the white house with plenty of praise for the president. noticeably absent from that
10:29 pm
celebration was republican senator susan collins even though she voted for the bill. we're learning new details about the promises senate majority leader mitch mcconnell made her about upcoming obamacare legislation. promises that are falling through. fill mat phil mattingly joins us now with more. >> phil, take us through what's actually in the final bill. >> $1.5 trillion proposal and no shortage of major components. let's start on the corporate side, it's one side republicans acknowledge they're most proud of. this is what's going to lead to the economic growth that will lead to the wage growth, that will produce what they think will actually happen with the bill. let's start with the corporate rate, there's a dramatic cut there. a cut 35% to 21%. then you have pass through entities, small business entities like s corp. or partnerships. things of that nature. they will get a 20% deduction for their businesses. these are companies that paid their tax rates through individual side. that is a major tax cut.
10:30 pm
also the repeal of the corporate alternate minimum tax. that will be done as well. john, shift to the individual side. democrats have been attacking on the individual side a lot saying it doesn't do nearly enough. here's what the bill actually does. across the board the rates are actually cut, including the top rate dropping from 39.6% down to 37%. republicans also touting the standard deduction, big component they believe will help a lot of taxpayers as well. there's also the doubling of the child tax credit from $1,000 to $2,000. then you have to look at some things they've shifted to save on to pay for this bill. you have to look at the state and local tax deduction, huge issue for new york, new jersey, california, illinois, part of the reason republicans voted against this in the house. that will be capped at $10,000. you also have when you look through this proposal issues with mortgages. the mortgage interest deduction that sits at $1 million. that will drop to $750,000. john, when you look through this entire proposal. you see in the near term, there
10:31 pm
are absolute ly benefits on the individual side, particularly in 2018. if you go through the numbers, 48% of households will receive a cut of $500 or more in 2019 and those middle class taxpayers, what everybody out thes as being the big winners on the republican side of the aisle. in total 23% of all cuts will hit those middle income earners in 2009. key component of that, 23% of all cuts will hit the top 1%. it is tilted, there's no question about it. but republicans say this is the plan that will provide the growth and the success that they've been touting and predicting for months. >> on the subject of promises made and maybe promises not kept, a key senator, senator sue collins, who voted for this was not at the ceremony today at the white house. why? >> reporter: here's what we know about senator collins. for the last couple days she's been frustrated about one issue. why did they get her to "yes" because of a specific promise
10:32 pm
from mitch mcconnell that not just some tax provisions she wanted would get into the bill, but after the tax bill, two specific health care bills would also move forward. one that dealt with the cost sharing reduction subsidy it is that president trump ended earlier this year, that that would pass through. there's one for $15 billion for reinsurance fund. she was told by the end of this year those bills will be enacted into law. that will not be the case because the government shutdowns going on. because of the short term spending that's going on, those bills will not be addressed. senator collins said that she's going to try again in january. they're going to try and attach it to a longer term spending bill. one thing you can definitely sense here, collins is frustrated. she's been frustrated with the process over the last couple days. she got a lot of promises, and this one in particular is falling through, john. >> phil mattingly. thanks so much. today we sent "360's" randi kaye to staten island. to a diner there to see how voters feel about this tax plan. this is what she found out.
10:33 pm
>> reporter: at mike's unicorn diner on staten island, they were serving up hot coffee and some heated conversation about the brand-new tax plan. >> i don't like it. i'm very nervous about it. >> i think it's something that he promised during his campaign. and i think he's delivered on it. >> zero on every count. no, no, no and no. >> reporter: many here in staten island, new york, backed donald trump's bid for the white house. and despite the fact the new tax plan will mean that many will now not be able to deduct their property taxes in high tax states like new york and new jersey, his supporters here still think it's a solid plan. >> what do you say to those who look at it as you know what, this is offering major cuts for corporations, huge tax cuts for the wealthy? what about me? what about the little guy? what would you say to them? >> it's going to have a trickle-down effect because when corporations make more money, the economy gets stronger, the economy gets stronger, wages go up.
10:34 pm
>> reporter: this waitress agrees. >> you know what, the wealthy and the corporate america are creating jobs in this country. >> reporter: this, despite the fact she will probably be paying more to uncle sam. >> i have a daughter in college. i'm a single mom. i have my own home. i have no problem paying if it's going to make this country stronger. >> reporter: this man, who also voted donald trump, did not want to show his face, but did use the cnn tax calculator to do some quick tax math. as of 2018, his taxes will go down, and his aftertax income will go up by 7.3%. >> i live in new jersey, any reduction i get there, i'll more than lose by not being able to deduct the property taxes which i spend now currently about $40,000. >> and you're okay with this plan hitting these high tax states? >> overall for the country, i think it will definitely be a plus. >> reporter: even with some deductions being capped at $10,000 in high tax states,
10:35 pm
trump supporters here say bring it on. if deductions are capped, if state and local property taxes and real estate taxes are capped at $10,000, you don't think that's going to hurt the middle class? >> it will hurt, but again, if you look at it from the standpoint of the tax, that may be the case. but the overall effect of the tax bill i think will more than make up for that. >> reporter: in this diner full of trump supporters, shelly schwartz wasn't afraid to say she thinks the tax plan is a disaster. >> you think you'll be paying more in taxes? >> oh, yes. >> what about the promise from president trump when he was running that he was looking out for the little guy and going to help the middle class? how do you feel about that? >> i think he lied. >> reporter: randi kaye, cnn, staten island, new york. coming up for us when the president used the death of a texas border agent and the injury of another to push for his border wall, the details of that incident were anything but clear. now more than a month later, an update on what we know.
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a little over a month ago a border patrol agent died and another was injured in west texas. the next day president trump tweeted, border patrol officer killed, another badly hurt. we will seek out and bring to
10:40 pm
justice those responsible. we will and must build the wall. while the president tried to use the incident as a way to adjust the border wall, he had no idea what happened at the time. there were still a lot of questions about what happened. cnn's scott mclean investigates. >> we talked about our future, what he planned. what we wanted to do. he always spoke about getting old together. >> reporter: it's been a month since angie ochoa's fiancé, rogelio martinez, was killed on duty. a month wondering what happened. >> the whole thing is very confusing. and just the fact that nobody's getting any answers just makes it even worse. >> reporter: on the night of november 18th, martinez was working alone, checking along the interstate near van horn, texas. about 30 miles from the mexican border. what happened next left martinez badly injured and unconscious. he never regained consciousness.
10:41 pm
he later died in the hospital from head injuries. >> i still have the last i love you note he left. he said i love you, and i found it the following morning when i was going through my makeup. >> reporter: how did that make you feel? >> tore me apart just, you know, that someone loved me thatch and now he's gone with no answers. >> reporter: a second agent, steven michael garland was also found injured in the same area, but survived. the border patrol union was quick to label it an attack. texas governor greg abbott called it murder, and on twitter the president used the incident to promote the southern border wall he's promised to build. but the local sheriff who responded to the scene says it did not look like an attack to him. he suggested the agents might have fallen 8 to 10 feet to the
10:42 pm
bottom of the culvert. it's even possible they were clipped by a passing tractor-trailer. the union agrees. >> these agents didn't get clipped by a truck or car. they were attacked. it's just plain to see they were attacked. >> reporter: according to a department of justice official with knowledge of the investigation, the fbi was investigating several possibilities, including an accident, an attack, or a dispute between the two agents. in the weeks after the incident, the fbi set its sights on two brothers who had crossed the border illegal according to a search warrant mistakenly filed in open court. investigators searched the vehicle they were in for evidence that might tie them to the scene. the fbi has since indicated it's no longser looking in that direction. >> you had the opportunity to go out to that scene. what did that tell you? >> i find it very hard that a fall could have caused all the damage that he had. and as far as him being side swiped, it couldn't have happened either because he was
10:43 pm
not off the freeway. he was actually on the side road. from the damages to his face, there's no way. there's no way. >> reporter: the one person who might have answers, agent garland, says he doesn't remember anything after arriving at work that day. garland has so far not responded to interview requests and ochoa says he's not reached out to her family to offer condolences. >> i figure eventually he'll start remembering things and they'll catch the ones that did it. but now it's just -- it's become so hard to believe that he can't remember anything. >> reporter: for its part, the border patrol union says garland suffered severe head trauma. that he wants to remember what happened, he wants to get it out in the open, and ultimately he wants justice to be done. john. >> these two agents, what do we know about their relationship? >> reporter: the border patrol unions insists that garland and
10:44 pm
martinez were actually friends. but ochoa said her fiancé had no friends at work. before he worked at van horn station, he was stationed at a different border patrol post in south texas. he had plenty of friends there. many of them trekked across the state to attend his funeral. but ochoa said martinez' experience in van horn was different. he wasn't close with his colleagues. he didn't feel like he was being treated fairly by his supervisors and ultimately he wanted to transfer closer to a station near el paso. one important thing to point out, that's that angie ochoa asked the fbi whether it's possible that martinez was killed with rocks. the fbi told her that there simply is no evidence to support that. >> scott mclean, thank you very much. coming up, we know when senator al franken will officially resign. or at least when he says he will. he's one of several lawmakers who will either resign or not seek reelection because of
10:45 pm
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no! no! yes! yes, indeed. amazing speed, coverage and control. all with an xfi gateway. find your awesome, and change the way you wifi. so we now know when senator al franken will officially resign from the senate after allegations of sexual harassment. the senator will resign on january 2. tina smith, who is the current lieutenant governor of minnesota, is scheduled to be sworn in january 3rd. this has been called a moment of mechoning, the metoo movement against men and entertainment, news, politics, the restaurant world, every type of workplace.
10:50 pm
>> in fact, there are two members of congress, republican and democrat, right now who serve who have been subject to review or not been subject to review but have engaged in sexual harassment. >> two sitting members of congress. because of confidentiality agreements govern much of the official complaint progress in congress there is secrecy surrounding those who have been accused. so we simply decided to ask. we called the office of every member of the house of representatives and the senate who hasn't been publicly accused and asked three questions -- if they were members of congress, if the senator or representative had ever been accused of sexual harassment while in office and if the senator or representative had ever been accused of sexual harassment in general. so those were the questions we asked to 537 offices. the overwhelming majority of
10:51 pm
offices said they had never been accused. both in office and before they served. two lawmaker offices said they had no comment. the offices of these two, they were told it would be noted they had no comment. they understood that and they didn't change their answers. now, we got no response from 15 senators despite multiple efforts. you see the senators whose offices didn't respond right there. also no response from 50 u.s. representatives. these are the names you see right there. same as with the senate offices if we didn't get an answer, we tried multiple times. since we started making our call november 29th, independent of our effort a number of congress members have said they are either stepping down or not running for re-election in the wake of allegations. they include john conyers, senator al franken who as we mentioned is resigning january 2nd or says he is, congressman franks, and blake farenthold. there is no indication yet that
10:52 pm
the ethics committee is investigating these allegations against congressman scott. i spoke earlier with representative jackie spear about all of this. what's your reaction to our reporting here, all the phone calls we made, the responses we got? do you think the american people are any closer to finding out what's going on here? >> well, not only are they close to finding out what's going on, they're close to having a system in place that they can have confidence in. that those who serve on the hill that become victims of sexual harassment will have a system in place that protects them and allows for a speedy process moving forward. it also will prevent members from using either taxpayer funds or their member's accounts to pay for sexual harassment settlement. this has been a bipartisan effort now over the last two months, and i'm happy to say
10:53 pm
from the speaker on down there has been a coming together of both democrats and republicans to reform this system. >> do you think we'll ever find out who these two members are you're referring to? >> well, time will tell. but i haven't outed them because i'm more concerned about the victims. >> we had that discussion before, and i understand you respect the confidentiality agreement, in some cases because it is the desire of the victims in these cases, and i do understand that. you and your colleagues wrote a letter demanding answers from the office of compliance and particular each settlement including the allegation made and the amount of which the case was resolved. do you expect to get any answers? >> we would certainly like to get answers, but they have been reluctant to give us answers because they say that the congressional accountability act passed in 1995 precludes them from responding to our questions. those are the kinds of questions that will be answered as we take
10:54 pm
up this legislation that will be introduced this week and probably taken up in january. >> how is the legislation being received by your fellow members right now? do you expect to get a vote in january? >> i do expect to get a vote. in fact it's a bipartisan measure being crafted right now by the chair of the you house administration committee, mr. harper. they're taking most of the elements, in fact all of the elements of the metoo congress act i introduced a couple weeks ago and enhancing it somewhat. and i think it'll be a very sound proposal that will pass the house and move to the senate and hopefully be passed there and we'll have a much better system that protects the victims. >> all right, congresswoman jackie speier, thanks for your time. >> thank you. there is breaking news, perhaps the most dangerous and volatile strip of land on earth, the border between north and south korea. things just got hotter there. details next. een thinking. think of all the things that think these days. businesses are thinking. factories are thinking. even your toaster is thinking.
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10:59 pm
we're getting this information in just now. a north korean soldier defected. now, we just learned that south korean troops fired about 20 warning shots as their north korean counterparts approached the actual line of demarcation. that's a red line if there ever one was. the south korean joint chiefs of staff wenl on to say south korea heard gun shots on two occasions at 10:13 a.m. and 10:16 a.m. coming from the north korean side, but no signs of the shots landing in the south. and so far no report of any injuries, thank goodness. back in november you may remember this video, a north korean defector was shot a number of times while trying to escape. you can see this remarkable video right there. the north koreans pursuing the defector as that person made a mad dash for safety. that defector now, the one you're seeing in the video is in
11:00 pm
south korean custody, has been for some time as is the one tonight. safely now apparently over the border and in the custody of south koreans. a lot of people, though, understandably on edge in the korean peninsula. again, the breaking news, gunshots on the korean border. thanks so much for watching "360." i'm john burman. time now for cnn "cnn tonight" with don lemon. this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. president trump june lanlt over his first legislative victory, passage of the $1.5 trillion tax cut bill. >> always a lot of fun when you win. if you work hard and lose, that's not acceptable. >> the president celebrating at the white house with dozens of congressional republicans, back slapping and congratulating each other, with some effusive praise for a president who hasn't always been so kind to them. >> something this profound could not have been done without exquisite presidential leadership.