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tv   New Day  CNN  December 22, 2017 4:00am-5:00am PST

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great. he wasn't his first choice for vice president, as we all know. trump found pence prudish, stiff and embarrassingly poor. >> that's right. from the very beginning trump viewed pence as somebody who would be a political asset possibly but not someone he was going to get along with, not someone he would hang out with. i have one story in the piece about when it was reported actually by cnn back in january of this year that pence was going to be moving his family pets into the naval observatory. trump was ridiculing to his secretary he thought, as one longtime adviser told me, he thought it was embarrassing low class and thought the pences are yokels. the respect between the two men seems to flow one way. >> the piece is very interesting in "the atlantic" thank you for sharing your piece with us. >> thank you. thanks to our on
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international viewers for watching. for you, cnn talk is next. for our u.s. viewers, "new day" continues right now. >> he asked specifically of loyalty. >> mccabe is krob be rating comey's versions of those conversations. >> shame on the colleagues. >> we have no intentions of firing bob phaoeurmueller. >> we smell rats. >> america will have our embassy in jerusalem. the vote won't make any difference. >> they take hundreds of millions of dollars and then they vote against us. we don't care. >> no way countries are going to take orders from the united states. this is not a good day for american diplomacy. >> this is "new day", with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day". chris is off.
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bill weir joins me. >> good morning. >> good morning. happy friday. >> great to be back. >> great to have you. president trump set tom fly to mar-a-lago in a few hours with a looming government shutdown averted for now. the president is expected to sign that gop tax bill into law this morning. but the russia investigation ticks forward as well. fbi deputy director andrew mccabe testifying for nine hours on thursday about conversations he had with former fbi director james comey. >> the plot thickens there. loyalty, a very big issue for nikki haley. america's u.n. ambassador. she made good on her threat to take names after 130 countries voted. haley voted the 64 countries who did not vote against the united states to a friendship party. >> reporter: good morning, bill. may have kicked the shutdown can down the road, but the president
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heads down to mar-a-lago with a big win under his belt. and he is very likely to sign the tax bill before he hits the road. still hanging over the administration, however, the russia investigation after the deputy director of the fbi spent 16 hours testifying on capitol hill. fbi deputy director andrew mccabe testifying behind closed doors that former fbi director james comey discussed conversations he had with president trump, that the president asked him for loyalty days before the president fired him. >> he asked specifically of loyalty in the context of asking me to stay. my common sense told me what's going on here is he's looking to get something in exchange for granting my request to stay in the job. >> reporter: but the president
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has vehemently denied that account. >> i don't know how that got there because i didn't ask that question. >> i hardly know the man. i'm not going to say i want you to pledge allegiance. who would do that? >> reporter: attendees at the hearing described the mood as tense. republicans reported grilling mccabe about comb's handling of the clinton e-mail controversy. democrats calling into questioning a diversion. >> the hearing is part of an ongoing republican attempt to divert attention from the real investigation into the collusion between. trump campaign and the russian government. >> reporter: now house minority leader nancy pelosi warning house speaker paul ryan against letting the house shut down the investigation saying in a letter, democrats are deeply concerned by what she calls the majority's efforts to curtail the house intelligence committee's russia probe and its overall failure to address russia's meddling in the 2016 election. the russia cloud hanging over
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the white house as the president is at odds with much of the world over his controversial decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel, prompting a harsh rebuke at the u.n. >> they take hundreds of millions of dollars, even billions of dollars, and vote against us. well, we're watching those votes. let them is vote against us. we'll save a lot. we don't care. >> reporter: 128 countries voting to approve a resolution demanding the trump administration withdraw his decision. 35 abstaining. nine others voting against it. even after this direct threat from ambassador nikki haley. >> we will remember when so many countries come calling us, as they so off do, to pay even more and to use our influence for their benefit. >> reporter: haley inviting representatives of countries who voted against the resolution to a reception, thanking them for their friendship to the united states.
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here we are now down at the very end of the year and we are learning of another departure from the trump administration. deputy chief of staff rick dearborn expected to leave early next year. still to plans for the president to give a formal on-the-record end of the year new conference. however, there will be an opportunity or two for him to answer questions from reporters anyway. >> joe, thank you very much. let's discuss it. we want to bring in senior phreult cal analyst ron brownstein and cnn analyst josh green. you're hearing more and more democrats speak out now with some anxiety. they believe the republicans that there is actually a united effort to not only undermine robert mueller but to somehow shutdown the russia investigation. so joe just read for us that portion of nancy pelosi's letter. they are trying to appeal to people like speaker paul ryan to
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do something to make sure the president can't fire robert mueller. the president has said over and over again he is not planning to fire robert mueller. so where does that leave us? >> the president has said he is not firing robert mueller. but there has been a growing chorus in conservative media and even in portions of house republicans who essentially kind of creating this argument that mueller is inherently biased. the investigation is fatally infected with bias. and i think even more profoundly, as we saw in this hearing yesterday, the hearing with mccabe, trying to create this narrative that any russian collusion or russian involvement in the 2016 election is only part of a larger story that includes the argument the fbi was maneuvering and conspireing against trump. and all of this i think is a preemptive action to try to create more of a buttrss if
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mueller concludes that the president on or everything stepped over the line in obstruction of of justice or any other way. >> some folks told us he seems to corroborate james comey's testimony, that the president asked for this loyalty pledge. as alisyn mentioned, josh, the white house has been adamant we're not going to fire him. listen to the way sarah huckabee sanders describes mueller's investigation. >> i want to be very clear and make is sure that i address senator warner's concern for the 1,000th time. we have no intentions of firing bob mueller. we're continuing to work closely and cooperate with him. we are looking forward to seeing this hoax wrap up very soon. >> this hoax wrap up. that is a rather passive aggressive description of it. if they're not going to fire him, do you see a concerted effort to undermine him?
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josh? >> she said they have no intention to fire him. that opens up a broad avenue to turn around and fire him later on if republicans decide and circumstances warrant. but the obvious goal here i think is to impugn mueller's credibility, to undermine the investigation, to turn this into every other political issue in the country and make it about a partisan divide about republicans versus democrats, about stoking these tribal feelings so if trump or somebody in trump's inner circle is indicted or mueller comes forward, they can waive it off and say this is a partisan issue and not really true. >> ron, it is much more subtle than firing him. it is tainting whatever the outcome is when he finally does reach his conclusions. here's where the public polling is on this in the latest cnn poll. 47% of americans approve of the way that robert mueller is handling the russia probe.
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34% disapprove. does that comport with what you recall president trump's base? or what do you see in the numbers? >> and to truly underscore your point and josh's. i really think this is more about impugning the -- trying to delegitimize any verdict, any conclusion that mueller and the special counsel's office reaches. and also, in essence, to say that the fbi itself was so biased against now president trump that the decision to remove comey was justified on those grounds. and kind of stoke the tribal loyalties in that way. yes. most republicans have recognized through this year that at a moment when you're dealing with a president, starting with a disapproval around 60%, a double digit generic lead for democrats in 2018 that firing bob mueller would be a catastrophic political mistake.
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those voices in the republican party have gotten quieter lately. those on the kind of edge both in the conservative comment air and the house are arguing against mueller have gotten louder. what this poll does is offer a reminder of the risks that will be involved if the president misinterprets that kind of chatter as an indication that we brought public acceptance of such a move. clearly it would be storing enormous backlash within the elected officials and the public more broadly. >> let's shift to the united nations. nikki haley saying we're taking names. either you're with us or against us. a promise to move the embassy to jerusalem. i think we have the vote numbers. we can show the countries that sided with the united states. big ones like guatemala, micronesia, palau, togo with
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israel and the united states. whereas the vast majority, 128-9 in the vote went against that. maybe they're not voting against the united states per se. they think this will setback the peace process in the middle east. it's telling when britain, france, germany, italy, japan, some of our closest allies in europe go the other way. she had a friendship reception for those who did show support as well. jerusalem is not your beef. but what does it speak about the foreign policies these days with rex tillerson, all the pieces when it comes to our relationships around the world. why should people care what's happening around the u.n.? >> i think it underscores the increasing u.s. isolation from the rest of the world, including our most important allies. this is a nonbinding vote. it doesn't matter in a technical sense. in a broader political sense, it
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really does. essentially most of the countries in the world saying we have seen what donald trump has done here. we disagree with it. we are going to hold this vote to emphasize our disagreement. while this may not have another immediate direct consequence it is important in a larger sense of demonstrating how u.s. influence around the globe is limited. and that has important potential repercussions for u.s. foreign policy. because if you look at an important issue like, for instance, the tensions with north korea, u.s. foreign policy depends on bringing allies, nighti uniting them to put pressure on to denuclearize. those types of campaigns will be more difficult to do after this jerusalem vote and after votes like this one than they were previously. >> i see it from such a different angle. because i speak to trump voters is and supporters all the time. what they would say is this is what he promised to do in the campaign. he was going to reel in the u.n.
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he was going to tell them who is the boss, stop bankrolling them. stop giving over u.s. money when they so publicly didn't support some of the u.s.'s agenda. and here he is doing this. we're not going to pay for you when you come calling. it is so satisfying on that level to them. >> there's an audience for telling the rest of the world to buzz off in american politics. it has been there since daniel patrick moynahan in the 1970s when george w. bush ignored the u.n. on iraq in 2000. and it largely comports with what has been the cornerstones of the trump coalition, older, blue collar, evangelical whites. there is also an audience, a stamm audience that believes that the u.s. is more likely to achieve its goal by working with others than by conflicting with them. and the voters in america who most -- who are most likely to think we are likely to advance
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our goals that way are the same people, college educated whites, millennials, pulling away on personal and cultural grounds. this tends to reinforce the divide. it is leaving the president short of 40% in public opinion. >> ron brownstein, josh green, thank you very much. here's the race we have been covering all week. it is so crazy. it is a tie in virginia. and it will come down to picking a name out of a hat basically. >> glass bowl. >> a glass bowl. at one point incident was a film canister. one of the candidates in the virginia statehouse race -- this ended up tied, okay. how is this going to go? we have one of the candidates with us next. jewelry that tells her fshe's the best thing. that's ever happened to you. in a way that goes beyond words. it could be a piece jewelry designers created
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just for jared. or a piece we custom made just for you. because we're more than a store that sells beautiful jewelry. it is a tie in virginia. we have one of the candidates a. that's why he went to jared. it is a tie in virginia. we have one of the candidates
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in virginia of delegates is now tied between the democrat and the republican at 11,608 votes each. if the democrat wins, the state house would be an even 50/50 split. barring any new development, this race will be divided next wednesday by picking a name out of a hat. joining us now is shelly simonds. miss simonds, thanks so much for being here. wow. we have been slapping our foreheads at this all week. on wednesday we reported that you had won by one vote. then what happened? >> well, on wednesday, we had won. everyone involved in the recount process agreed. and then on wednesday, the judges decided to allow my opponent to pull one vote and
4:21 am
look at one vote. and that is not part of the recount process. my team followed the rules of the recount process. and the other side really didn't. so we are looking at our legal options for undoing that ruling. we think that tuesday's result, which was decided by the electoral board and the volunteers from the registrar's office that that result should stand. >> when you say the one vote, let me pull up this ballot. is this what you're talking about. this is somebody who voted for both of you. this is a person who colored in the circle for both you and your opponent and then it appears, attempted to maybe cross out the circle for you. this is curious enough that if this is what it hangs in the balance of, have you seen that ballot? >> you know, it's interesting.
4:22 am
i'm getting calls from all over the state and all over the country about this ballot. a lot of people are saying that that could be a check mark. but the real point is that this is called on overvote. when people vote for too many people and it gets confusing, it was determined on tuesday that that vote would not be counted because it was an overvote. and i agree with that decision. that ballot is very confusing. >> so this crazy process continues whereby next week your name and our opponent's name will be put on pieces of paper, then cut up, then put into a bowl. at one point it said a hat. and someone is going to pull the winner's name out of the bowl. is this what your political future rests on? >> well, it does really sound crazy. and i am holding onto my faith in the process.
4:23 am
i disagree with the court's ruling. but we're going to try to take some legal action. but i hope it doesn't come down to pulling names out of a hat. but, you know, i still think the message is every vote counts. every vote counts. and really it would be a great holiday gift to me if everybody out there could go find somebody and register them to vote. that would be wonderful. really what this is about is making sure that people remember their vote counts. and they really need to participate in these elections. you know, we've got 2018 elections coming right around the corner. all across the country there will be these important state elections. >> listen, your race proves this. yes, every vote counts. voting is important. so what are your legal options before wednesday? what are you going to try to do? >> well, we are still deciding what our next move is going to
4:24 am
be on the legal front. but, you know, as i said, we are looking at how we can request a re-do with this wednesday ruling. you know, we're just hanging tough because the whole state of virginia is watching our power of balance and the legislature depends on this. and as a democrat, we just have a lot of things we want to get done. we're really concerned about health care for our citizens in virginia. i think we have a shot at getting some maternity leave. i'm really concerned about our teachers. i want to make sure that they get pay raises and whatever benefits that we can give them right now. >> listen, if you don't have any legal relief between now and wednesday, when that name is pulled out of a bowl, will you accept the results and stand by the results, whatever they are? >> well, we will have the option to do a recount again.
4:25 am
>> right. and you would do that? >> and we go round and round if we do a recount again. >> and then your opponent could do a recount. this could go on for a while. so you would do a recount if you don't win? with the name out of a hat out of a bowl, you would do a recount? >> i would have to finish determining that with my lawyers, but it is a possibility. >> oh, my gosh. shelly simonds, thank you. thank you for sharing with us how you are feeling in this moment of limbo. obviously we will all be watching what transpires next week. thank you for being on "new day". >> thank you for having me on. >> bill. >> what a story. what a story. coming up next, ivanka trump is celebrating the big changes the gop tax plan will bring. but she didn't get all the facts exactly right in an interview yesterday morning. we will clear up the confusion whether you can fill out your taxes on a postcard, next.
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first daughter ivanka trump tripping up a little bit during her victory lap yesterday. an interview about the gop tax
4:30 am
bill she caused a little confusion. >> really looking forward to doing a lot of travel anything april when people realize the effect that this has both on the process of filling out their taxes, the vast majority will be doing so on a single postcard. but also having experienced the relief that will be starting as early as february. >> a postcard? chief business correspondent christine romans here to fact check and clarify. no postcards. >> no postcard this year. mixing up her dates a little bit here. the new tax bill won't affect the taxes you're filing april 17th of this year. that hasn't happened this year. that tax return is for 2017. it still falls their the current tax code. when do rules kick in? they will kick in in january. it will affect when you file in
4:31 am
2019. in february you will see the irs adjusting taxes, withholding less money. she did later clarify. she clarified on twitter when someone pointed out her mistake. she said in april americans will be thinking about how couple better some the old tax code is and energized by upcoming simplification. the tax bill is not the simplification that the gop promised. there are a lot of deductions and credits. however, there are things you can do to lower your tax bill for next year. prepay property taxes. this is for high tax states. new york, new jersey, california. it cams the salt s.a.l.t. deduction. you could deduct them under the old rules of 2017. check with our local tax office and see if you can pay now. some are allowing it, some are not. you can pay an expense that will
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no longer be tax free like work-related expenses and tax prep fees. make charitable donations ahead of time. if your tax rate falls next year, 2017 deductions will be more valuable. a married company making $1,000 donation, they currently have 28% tax rate, saving $280. next year it is $220. so you get the math there. everyone's tax bill is different. it depends on your income, where you live, your children. cnn has a simple tax calculator to help you on to figure out what your tax burden will be, what your change will be next year. >> the president said the new taxes would be so simple h & r block would go out of business. >> now the phones are ringing off the hook. >> a boom for accountants
4:33 am
everywhere and nightmare for all the folks in accounting who take care of your w-4 and all of this. let's bring in former trump economic adviser, stephen moore. good morning. happy holidays to you. >> good morning. what i have learned about this is i want christine to do my taxes. >> we all do. >> that was a great idea, christine. i never thought of that. i'm in a high property tax state. i'm going to take you up on that. >> you call me. my 2019 property taxes in 2018, right? great idea. >> i don't think they will let you do that, actually. >> stephen, the popularity of this tax cut is nowhere near where you would think it would be. our latest, 55% opposed. 45%. obamacare is more popular than this tax cut. i wonder if it has something to do with the fact that on the campaign the president promised this populist message. he was going to go after the
4:34 am
loopholes for hedge fund managers making a killing. that's still in there. this is the corporate tax cut. can you admit that? >> well, sure. i mean, one of the chief aims of this when i got started two years ago was to bring our business tax rates down. and we did that in a big way. that i think will allow american competitiveness. that is one of the gems, making american businesses more competitive to create more jobs here. on the issue of the polls, number one, as someone who worked on the trump campaign, i don't believe the polls too much after saying hillary clinton would win 40 states. but second of all, look, if you look at those polls, it is so interesting. what people think is their taxes going to go up under this plan. a lot of people in the media have been saying that. i debated some people here on cnn who said, oh, middleclass taxes are going up. they're not going up under this plan. i do think as people realize
4:35 am
what's really happening with this plan, and christine was right. when are they going to change the withholding tables? >> starting february. >> february or march. yeah. that means people will start to feel another $50 or $100 in their paycheck each month. i think they will like that. nobody ever lost an election for cutting taxes but the graveyard is full of politicians who have raised taxes. it is a good thing for the party and for the country. >> the president likes to talk about this being the biggest ever. it's not. reagan had the biggest both tax cut and tax increase. obama had two that were greater than this one. they point to companies like at at&t, promising $1,000 bonuses for employees that show this is working. >> there's tax benefits for pwog the bonuses right now. i mean, look, companies do things when they can afford to do it and when it's good for
4:36 am
their own bottom line. some that are raising the minimum wage, there is a worker shortage in this country at the moment, right? so raising the minimum wage behooves them. by the way, 20 states january 1st, their minimum wage is going to rise anyway. so i'm hoping neck year is the year of higher wages. if we have a tight labor market the way they say, wages should start to go up. >> christine, that was always our objective when we got started. >> the temporary nature of the middleclass tax relief and the permanent nature of corporate tax relief is one of the reasons why the polls are so negative about this. >> that's true. >> people say, oh, come on, this was a corporate tax cut vehicle. they put a little bit of temporary relief to sell it the way the president wanted to sell
4:37 am
it. but really the focus was on companies. >> well, you know, i was a little bit involved in the decision making on that. we had to put $3 trillion tax cut in a $1.5 trillion box. we're not dumb. we know things most popular with the democrats is things like the child credit, doubling the standard deduction. we said let's make those temporary. even if the democrats take over congress, they will extend those. and the things they don't like too much, cutting the business taxes, let's make those permanent. we fully expect the middleclass tax cuts will be -- by the way, that's seven or eight years from now. the world will be a different place seven or eight years ago. hr-1 in 2018 should be to make all of the tax cuts permanent. one other quick thing. you mentioned the carried interest loophole. i'm so frustrated we did not get rid of that. that was the big hedge fund
4:38 am
managers that carried the day here. i'm with the american people. why didn't we get rid of the carried interest loophole. they should be taxed at the same rate as everyone else. i don't know if you agree with that, christine? >> it came down to new york republicans. they know wall street is their bread and butter and they weren't going to let that loophole close. >> a lot of those guys on wall street are big democratic contributors as well. look, it was a flaw in this bill. a lot of republicans are frustrated with it. christine, you're right. we wanted to clear out a lot more of those loopholes in the tax code and we weren't able to. we got rid of some of them but not enough. maybe that means we will talk about a new tax bill next year to clean up that mess. >> maybe then ivanka can get her postcards. >> really small print on that postcards. you feel have to use a magnifying glass to read it. >> merry christmas to both of you.
4:39 am
thanks for enlightening us. >> you too. >> all right. steve wants to talk about a new tax bill next year. that's quite a christmas gift, steve. thank you. vice president peps with a lot of praise for president trump. >> i'm deeply humbled as your vice president to be able to be here. congratulations and thank you. we are making america great again. >> jeanne moos has something to say about this. she takes a look at the love fest next. is remember how the economic crash
4:40 am
was supposed to be a wake up call for our government? people all across the country lost their savings, their pensions and their jobs. i'm tom steyer and it turned out that the system that had benefited people like me who are well off, was, in fact, stacked against everyone else. it's why i left my investment firm and resolved to use my savings for the public good. but here we are nine years later and this president and the republican congress are making a bad situation even worse. they won't tell you that their so called "tax reform" plan is really for the wealthy and big corporations,
4:41 am
while hurting the middle class. it blows up the deficit and that means fewer investments in education, health care and job creation. it's up to all of us to stand up to this president. not just for impeachable offenses, but also to demand a country where everyone has a real chance to succeed. join us. your voice matters. dale! oh, hey, rob. what's with the minivan? it's not mine. i don't -- dale, honey, is your tummy still hurting, or are you feeling better to ride in the front seat? oh! is this one of your motorcycling friends? hey, chin up there, dale. lots of bikers also drive cars. in fact, you can save big if you bundle them both with progressive. i'd like that. great. whoo. you've got soft hands. he uses my moisturizer. see you, dale. bye, rob.
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4:44 am
obamacare. the final numbers are expected to grow because people hit by hurricanes have until march to sign up. the face of papa john's is stepping down. he created a controversy when he apparently connected slumping sales to nfl players protesting during the national anthem. he will remain chairman of papa john's. apple coming clean, admitting that it is slowing down older phones. the tech giant issuing a rare statement saying it has used software updates to limit the performance of older iphones that might have battery issues and abruptly shut down. apple insists this software, the updates for the iphone 6, 6s, and 6e are to proalong the
4:45 am
batteries. color we skeptical. >> as an aging model of a human being, i have the same software. i shut down. vice president mike pence ended his surprise visit to afghanistan as vice president. here at home is con standpoint praise of the president has social media buzzing and cnn's jeanne moos has more. >> reporter: he may be the vice president, but he is the applauder in chief. >> in the history of our country -- >> reporter: leading the cheering session, mouthing at the same time. >> making america great again. >> reporter: at the last cabinet meeting, he outdid himself. the "washington post" even timed the flattery. pence praises trump once every 12 seconds for three minutes straight. then he went outside and did it all over again.
4:46 am
>> thank you for your leadership. >> and thanks to the leadership of this commander in chief. >> reporter: already said that once. >> thank you for your leadership. >> reporter: already said that twice. twitter snickered. the ritual submission and exaltation is nearly pornographic. >> very impressed. >> reporter: along with laughing at his boss's jokes, mike pence has perfected the art of the gaze. >> he likes action. >> reporter: the adoring gaze often accompanied by the nod. nodding almost to the beat of the maestro's gestures. >> new american jobs. >> reporter: the vp's gaze is so loyal, so consistent it has been compared with lovestruck children's characters. one name keeps popping up to describe how vice president pence affixes his eyes on the president. it's nancy reagan eyes, aimed lovingly at her husband. but a worshipful stare seems
4:47 am
wasted when the president forgets you're there. >> i want to thank mike pence. a republican media consulted tweeted i want someone to look at me just once in my life the way mike pence looks at trump. the president picked pence as his political dance partner. now pence has to do it his way. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> have i told you how amazing this dress is? it is an honor to share a set with a broadcaster of your abilities. i'm trying to top 15 compliments in 30 seconds. >> just to put a final point on it, go read the piece about mike pence's history and why he does this in "the atlantic." there's a whole back story about what this may be. some confidantes, old friends
4:48 am
about what he is doing there. steve bannon just gave a revealing interview and shares his feelings about the president, jared kushner, ivanka trump, and his own future. it's really something. stay with us. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance.
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shipstation. the number one ch of online sellers. go to and get two months free. this is such a great story. a san francisco police officer finds a way to help at least nine families and it started with surfing the web. stephanie elam shows us how she went beyond the call of duty. >> i listened to a story about a woman that donated through a website. >> san francisco police officer and army veteran had not considered organ donation before. >> it was like personal ads, and people that need different body parts and the more i looked into it, i found there was a reason not to. >> there was a compelling reason
4:53 am
why she should donate her kidney. joan. for five years she was on a wait list for a new one. >> matching donors, i found it online and enrolled myself there. to my amazement, within an hour anna called me. >> joan is about the age my mother would have been if she was alive, and she has kids about my age and i thought if i had had my mom back, you know, what would i have done -- you know, how far would i have gone to have kept her. >> she sees a correlation between her time in uniform and desire to give. >> i think my time in law enforcement and in the military i spent time trying to make a difference to somebody, and this is an instant gratification for me. >> were you down at all she was
4:54 am
not a match for you? >> i think we would have liked that very much. >> but other duos were found so matches could be made among them, in all, nine got a kidney thanks to anna's generosity. >> you bring a good kidney to the table and suddenly a whole list of people are able to get a donation. >> it's magical. it's things of which dreams are made and it can bring tears to my eyes. >> joan's kidney came from an anonymous man in southern california, but she considers anna her donor. >> i may not have gotten her kidney, but without her i would not have gotten a kidney. >> a big heart and healthy kidney, both of what she shared to help a stranger. >> oh, my gosh. that's so beautiful. the angels among us.
4:55 am
>> the heart of a servant really giving everything. >> so true. meanwhile, let's talk about this. the new profile of steve bannon who discusses his role in the white house, and he discusses his former boss, president trump, and he discusses what he's doing now and what he wants to do in the future so one part of the f"vanity fair" article says bannon has also remarked on the toll the office has taken on trump. let's bring back in our cnn political analyst, josh green, the author of "devil's bargain," and it provides insight into president trump and steve bannon. when you hear in the early that bannon thinks the president has lost a step and has the personality or attention span of an 11-year-old, what you have heard bannon say on that front? >> well, that rings very true
4:56 am
about the way bannon speaks about the president when he becomes president. usually not on the record to reporters for a magazine profile, but clearly bannon went into the administration in the beginning with high hopes to kind of lead a nationalist rebellion and remake government in trump's image and almost from the get go the trump administration went off the rails, and part of the reason for that bannon believes trump could not concentrate on the task at hand and was too distracted by twitter, and it's a bit of a shock to see that sentiment in print, but the "vanity fair" lays out in wonderful detail how bannon really views trump in the first year of trump's presidency. >> there's also vicious quotes about yvonivanka, and there was piece where a white house -- a
4:57 am
white house official -- you wonder if this is the president himself saying the president just thinks of bannon as a guy that works for him, eventually. what is their relationship now since he was fired? >> well, it's better than you would think for somebody who got fired. trump has a long history of staying in touch with and continuing to solicit political advise from former senior staffers he fired, and it's true of cory lewandowski and his first campaign manager, and paul manafort, his second campaign manager for a while, until he was indicted, and bannon had been instrumental in convincing trump to endorse roy moore down in alabama even after these allegations that moore molested children, and bannon was a big part, i think, of the pressure campaign to get trump to come around, to come actually down to
4:58 am
the alabama border to pensacola and hold a big rally for moore on the eve of his election and making this might make the difference and push moore to victory, and it didn't and no word on how much he continues to listen to bannon these days. >> bannon talked about his own political aspirations, and how they are tied to president trump's, so here's a portion of the article. it says that bannon -- in october bannon called an adviser and said he would consider running for president if trump did not run in 2020, and in private conversations since leaving the white house he said trump only has a 30% chance of serving out his term whether he's impeached or removed by the cabinet invoking the 25th amendment. what? that's a bombshell.
4:59 am
why doesn't bannon think trump will finish -- >> bannon spent time giving speeches and exstoling the vision of nationalism that trump ran on and won, and it's bannon's vision more than trump's, and bannon is behaving like a presidential candidate and has a connection with the trump base of the republican party. bannon said publicly he's doing this on trump's behalf, that he is trying to keep trump loyal to the ideas he ran on and won on, and you can see in the piece bannon is frustrated that trump doesn't believe in most of the stuff, and so bannon has talked about well maybe i could step in, these are my ideas, after
5:00 am
all, i'm the guy that got president trump elected, bannon believes, so why not step into that role if trump were to vacate it. >> with the two men harbor contempt with each other, but they can't quit each other. that's a line in there. we're following a lot of news this morning, so let's get right to it. >> i hardly know the man and i am not going to say i want you to pledge allegiance. >> mccabe says former james comey discussed what he talked about with trump. >> when it seems like mueller is getting closer to the white house, we are distracted by something else. >> this vote will make a difference on how americans


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