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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  December 23, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PST

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see how much you can save. choose by the gig or unlimited. xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. at 5:00 a.m. on the u.s. east coast, welcome to viewers here in the united states and around the world. we're following breaking news this hour here on cnn. in the philippines, a major storm that's left at least 75 people dead. you see the video here. you see how deadly, how dangerous the situation is, with the flooding that you see taking place. at this hour, 58 people are reported missing. disaster officials tell cnn the casualties were on the southern island of mindanao. the deaths are blamed on tropical storm tembin, which
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triggered widespread flooding and mudslides. among the dead, a 4-year-old child. meteorologist derek van dam is tracking the storm. der derek, this looked like an incredible storm. >> with topography reaching 8,000 to 10,000 feet over mindanao. look at aerial visuals of the flooding how widespread it is across the area. tropical storm tembin known locally in the philippines as vinta, causing serious destruction across the area. and some of these numbers continue to just go up. look at the debris field with this particular landslide, mudslide that impacted this particular region. this is in the northern sections of mindanao, you can imagine power and communications knocked out for this particular area as this torent of mud, water, mud,
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rocks, trees all comes down barreling basically the mountain side there. the mountains are there are steep, 8,000 to 10,000 people. a lot of inactive volcanos across the region. with tropical moisture, it soaks into the soil, eventually gravity takes over and it soaks and swells and we get mudslides and it can cause rivers additional flooding for that particular region. a google earth image just to show you what section. this is the southern section of philippines, you can see the topography across the area. the active volcanos the mountains that stretch over 10,000 feet. the current storm not even in atlanta hurricane status. 100-mile-per-hour sustained winds we're talking about 70 miles an hour. but known from this image fairly
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new to cnn, you can see how high the water level has come in the davao region to shoulder height with that gentleman assisting with evacuations ongoing across that region the storm is expected to dense intensify. it's got its eye set on ho chi minh city, heads-up. 358 1/2 inches of rainfall in a two-day period. you say that's really not a significant amount of rain, especially when you start considering what happened in texas with hurricane harvey earlier in 2017. but, remember, this is tropical in nature. and the toograptopography, or t mountains add to the problems with the landslides or muddsl e mudslides, you need that to come together. for rain on the way. the back side of the system not done yet there there are
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thunderstorms that means leading to localized flooding once again. the potential exists for more mudslides and landslides as time goes on. it's you can see what they're dealing with as tembin, or known locally as vinta continues to make his or her mark on the southern philippines. george. >> derek van dam, we'll stay close. let's get reaction on the ground. let's bring in the spokesperson for the philippines natural disaster risk. nina, could to have you at this hour.the death toll stands at 75 people dead. i know you've been tracking developments. what can you tell us about the situation on the ground right now? >> yes, george, across the region there are casualties and
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what we can see from the ground. it is possible that these numbers will still go up. here we have more reports coming from the regional offices designating that. and by far, also, we have five regions affected by the storm around 18,1 00 families are affected by the storm. and more than 50,000 persons are currently in the evacuation centers. >> wow. okay, talk to us about the worst hit areas, because, again, our viewers are seeing this video right now. they're seeing the result of the flooding that's rushing through one community. what can you tell us about the places that have been hit hardest? >> well, initially, from what you're seeing, the area is ra
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affected by flash floods. i see the community there just experiences a few amount of rain. however, in the mountainous areas where will is a landslide already. and happening in the mountains which leads for the rain waters to be collected and it's not stable to withstands the pressure anymore. that's what came down from the mountain. and these are the reasons that the flooded areas. >> one second for viewers who may be joining us. we want to tell you what you're seeing here. we understand at least 75 people have been killed in the storm, the storm known as tropical storm tembin and locally known as vicinity that.
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mina marasigan is on the phone with us. tell us about the response right now? >> well, the agency is providing for all of the communities right now. and ensuring that these areas and social development, they are evacuating, especially now that christmas day is nearing we would like to be able to provide more. >> and just looking at these images, you do get a sense of just how high that water is. again, flooding an issue. landslides have been a big problem, certainly, and trying to locate the missing will certainly be top priority. mina, thank you for context and details on this. we'll stay in touch with you, for sure, as we continue to follow this very important story. back here in the united states, u.s. president donald
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trump has left washington to spend time in florida. at his resort. but before leaving, reporters were suddenly hustled into the oval office to see the president sign a massive tax cut into law. it is now the law of the land. mr. trump's first and only major legislative achievement since taking office. cnn's jeff zeleny has this report. >> things are quiet here now at the white house with president trump in florida for the next ten days or so. he'll be at his mar-a-lago retreat in palm beach, florida. he left the white house friday after signing that sweeping tax bill into law. $1.4 trillion, the biggest in three decades. for now, the president, of course, was touting the accomplishments he did not do with a year end news conference that presidents have done.
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the next ten days or so in florida, his aides say he'll have relaxing time. likely time on the golf course as well but also working on his state of the union address which he will deliver in january. all of this coming as vice president mike pence returned from afghanistan friday. he had a secret trip there, unannounced. he becomes the first by either president trump or the vice president to visit a war zone. afghanistan, america's longest war, the president went there in the wake of the surge. president trump sending more soldiers there. he's yet to visit. his aides say that's going to happen some time next year. 2018, the midterm elections just around the corner, that tax bill the president signed into law will be one of the soundtracks of the midterm election campaign. jeff zeleny, cnn, the white house. >> jeff, thanks. as mentioned the tax cut is the only significant piece of
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legislation to pass congress even though it's controlled by the president's other than party. jeff zeleny asked president trump if things would have gone better if he focused on a bipartisan issue earlier in his presidency, listen. >> you said you would start with infrastructure at the beginning the year -- >> we'll, we're going to get into infrastructure. infrastructure is what everyone wants, republicans and democrats. we're going to have tremendous democrat support. i actually wanted to save the easy one for the one down the road so we'll be having that done pretty quickly. i don't think we're going to have to do much selling, i think the corporations giving billions and billions of dollars away to their workers and many more are coming. i think that's really what's selling this more than anybody could. i think come february, when they open their checks and they see,
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wow, what happened, i had a lot more money in here. i think that's something very special. now to north korea, the united states approved a new round of sanctions on friday, this after the country carried out yet another missile test. the icbm had an increased range and therefore another threat. and with pyongyang's access to military, the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. lamented a peaceful solution so far and emphasized the national community would not back down, listen. >> today, for the tenth time, this council stands united against the north korean regime that rejects the pursuit of peace. the kim regime continues to defy the resolutions of this council, the norms of civilized behavior. and the patience of the international community. their arrogance and hostility to anything productive has set their country on a destructive path.
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nine times before today we have asked the north korean regime to choose the path of peace. and if they do, we would welcome them back into the community of nations. but pyongyang has chosen the path of isolation. as we have in the past, we will continue to match the kim regime's choice of aggressive actions with actions of international sanction. >> the u.s. president applauded the new measures on twitter, saying this, quote, the world wants peace, not death. as for previous u.n. sanctions, they appear to have done little to slow the north's weapons program. in fact, north korea has conducted 16 tests since february alone. just this past june, a travel ban had a crackdown at north korean spying operations was followed, about a month later by the country's first success.
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icbm test. then in august, the u.n. targeted the north korean economy costing it about a third of its exports. and then like clock work, north korea tested a hydrogen bomb one week later. during that day of rage, palestinians were killed. . tossed rocked and burned objects on friday. it's the latest violence after the u.s. recognized jerusalem as israel's capital. they say it's a violation of their rights. in the meantime the prime minister of israel is celebrating its commitment to move the capital to jerusalem. but benjamin netanyahu says no resolution can change the history. listen. >> i think what it does is finally recognize a stark truth,
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jerusalem has been the capital of israel for 3,000 years from the time of king david. it's been the capital of the state of israel for seven years. and it's about time that the united states said, and i'm glad it said it, you know, this is the capital. we recognize it. and i think that's going to be followed by other countries. we're now talking to several countries who are seriously considering now saying exactly the same thing as the united states. and moving it. >> that exclusive interview from prime minister benjamin netanyahu with oren liebermann. we'll have more on that later. in the meantime, the palestinian president mahmoud abbas said the u.s. no longer has a credible place in peace negotiations. listen. >> translator: the united states is no longer an honest broker in the peace process, and we will not accept any plan from them because of its bias in relations
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to international law. >> let's talk more with our guest steven erlanger joining us from brussels via skype. it's always a pleasure to have you on the show. >> thanks, george. >> let's talk about this topic of jerusalem. it's been seen as a final status situation for the hopes of pushing the peace process forward between the palestinians and israeli. has the u.s. given away an important piece of negotiations? and what does the president stand to gain from this? >> well, it's a very complicated question. i was based in israel myself for nearly five years so, i know the intricacies. jerusalem is a place both sides claim. it's not an ecumenical place. everybody believes their god gave it them. so dividing it is very difficult. now, trump did something symbolic. symbols actually matter.
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it doesn't yet have any substance. it has an upset with the palestinians, it's upset european allies, it's upset the fair amount of the arab world because symbols matter. it is true, that jerusalem has been the spiritual capital of israel for many thousands of years and certainly the state. now officially, will the embassy move? i don't know, we'll have to see. the point is it has upset already more than the peace process. i mean, that's the big question. what is jared kushner and president trump doing towards the peace process? and how does this symbolic move which promised in the campaign sort of, it's not what he promised. he promised to move the embassy right away which he's not doing. but how much is this actually going to damage these behind-the-scenes efforts to
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create a peace process? or is this announcement an indication that those behind-the-scenes processes have failed. that's, to me, the biggest question. now mahmoud abbas says the u.s. is no longer a fair broker. well, it hasn't really been a fair broker for many, many years. it has never really held israel to its own promises to the united states itself, in terms of getting rid of illegal settlements and outposts. but at the same time, united states has been an advocate for a certain degree of palestinian rights. and for the two-state solution. so, as ever, she's are very complicated things, but certainly what trump did, what he announced was basically a symbolic recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. and certainly upsets a lot of american allies. but mr. trump is very good at doing that. that's something he seems to enjoy doing.
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>> all right. steven i'd like to shift to a different topic, the unanimous decision with the u.n. with china signing on. is this a game changer? >> i think it's important that the u.s. what a defeat, 50 to something vote and i think clearly the russians and chinese do not want a war with north korea, and there's been a lot of talk coming out of the white house. not the pentagon. but the white house about preventive war against north korea. now, to some degree, this may be a bargaining chip, maybe it isn't, but it has certainly helped to get the russians and chinese to vote for another, i think, thirds round of sanctions against north korea which are really quite harsh. it will put quite a lot of pressure on north korea. now, kim, as we know, is very good at saying doesn't matter
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doing something symbolic himself. another missile test. another atomic test. there are worries he's going to do an atmospheric test of a small bomb, but we'll have to see. in the meantime, there's no question this has put pressure on north korea. i was very intrigued that secretary of state rex tillerson had really a balloon out there when he said to the north koreans, we're ready to talk. we can talk about anything. let's just talk. then the white house rather quickly shot that done. but i think there is a growing understanding that, you know, if this is going to end well it will have to end in some form of negotiations. and it's very unlikely kim's going to give up his nuclear capability, because that's the only thing, in his mind, that protects him from the united states. and protects him from klein as well. the americans argue that kim's
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intentions are not defensive and they're not deterrents that are offensive and have to do with reuniting the korean peninsula by the north. now, that's debatable. but that is the white house view of his intentions. he says no. but the u.n. vote is in a way, you know, one more effort to say to north korea, look, calm down. or let's talk about this. >> steve erlanger live for us in brussels with context and perspective. thank you for your time today. >> thanks, george. still ahead here on "newsroom," u.s. officials say they stopped a terror attack in the u.s. state of california. what we know about the suspect. as "newsroom" continues. liner o. master precise skinny™ liner from maybelline new york. our first always sharp, waterproof gel liner. all-day wear for precise eye looks. sleek. defined. on point. maybelline's master precise skinny™. make it happen.
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aswitch to new pantene light as air foam conditioner, full of rich pro-v nutrients. for 100% conditioning, 0% weight new pantene foam conditioner. there's a new development to tell you about around the u.s. president's travel ban. on friday the u.s. ruled the restrictive order of the countries that violates federal law. still that ban remains in effect for now. the jumps issued an order saying that the ban would remain in force while challenges go through the legal system. the u.s. supreme court is expected to issue a final ruling on it. the u.s. justice department is taking aim at an obama era investigation of hezbollah. on friday, the attorney general jeff sessions ordered a review
2:24 am
of project cassandra. that's a campaign that targeted hezbollah and its alleged drug smuggling. a recent politico report indicated the obama white house hindered the investigation. the report said officials didn't want to threaten the iran nuclear deal. in melbourne, australia, a man accused of plowing his suv into a group of pedestrians on thursday has been charged with 18 counts of attempted murder. the 32-year-old suspect is also facing one count of endangering life. police say he has a history of mental illness and drug use. police say the man allegedly drove into a street and injured 18 people, several people, remaining in critical condition. here in the united states, authorities say they stopped a terror plot in the state of california of a former marine attack in san francisco and expressed support for isis. he allegedly said that christmas was the perfect day to carry out
2:25 am
the attack. cnn's jessica schneider has more. >> reporter: the fbi has thwarted a plot that targeted san francisco around the holidays. authorities say everitt aaron jameson was plotting to stage an attack on pier 39 in san francisco some time over the christmas holiday. and the fbi agents who were tracking him online say he was modeling his planned attack on those over the past few years including san bernardino. and most recently in new york city. in fact, jameson voiced his support for that truck attack in new york city on october 31st. that was when eight people were killed on a bike path. and then the complaint says jameson recently became a tow truck driver in his hometown of modesto, california, leading to concerns that he could attempt that exact same type of attack he saw in new york city. the criminal complaint also details the letter that authorities found inside his home under a search warrant this week. the letter said things like you all brought this upon yourselves.
2:26 am
and you've allowed david j. trump to give away to the jews, that's a reference to jerusalem. also he said, we have penetrated and infiltrated your disgusting country. now top officials here in the u.s. have been warning as recently as last month about this uptick in isis-inspired attack right here in the u.s. and authorities did search jameson's home 90 miles south of san francisco and they found firearms, empty magazines, ammunition and fireworks. jameson is now in custody. jessica schneider, cnn, new york. >> jessica, thank you. the pulse nightclub massacre in orlando, florida, from just a year ago, the widow of the shooter now says that statements that she gave to investigators should not be used at her trial. she's accused of providing material support to foreign terrorists and obstruction of
2:27 am
justice. investigators say the statements she made after the attack indicated she knew what her husband planned to do but authorities told the court friday those statements were obtained unlawfully. he killed 49 people in june of 2016. still ahead here on "cnn newsroom," cnn's exclusive interview with the prime minister of israel, benjamin netanyahu. how israel sees its relationship with the world changing for the better. plus, the death toll continues to rise in the southern philippines, as a strong tropical storm dumps torrential rain. weav the very latest ahead. you're watching "cnn newsroom" live from atlant georgia, this hour. simulcast both in cnn usa here in the states and cnn international worldwide. stay with us. david. what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪ "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is
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welcome back. to our viewers here in the united states and around the world, you're watching "cnn newsroom." it is always a pleasure to have you with us. i'm george howell with the headlines we're following for you this hour and first the breaking news we're following out of the philippines. we'll have that story for you, of course in a moment. we understand 75 people have been killed. we'll bring you more on that as we learn more. the republican tax cut bill is now law. u.s. president donald trump signed a 500-page document. after the signing the president flew to his resort in florida to spend the christmas holidays. north korea will soon be facing new sanctions from the united nations after the security council voted unanimously to respond to pyongyang's latest ballistic missile test. one of the key measures will
2:32 am
restrict the country's energy supply making it harder to create more weapons. in melbourne, australia, police have charged the driver they say plowed his suv into pedestrians thursday. he faces 18 counts of attempted murder and one count of endangering life. police say the 32-year-old suspect has a history of mental illness and drug use. again, that story we're telling you about in the philippines. at least 75 people dead, 58 missing after tropical storm tembin hit the southern island of mindanao. our meteorologist derek van dam is following the story, derek. >> george, check out the photo behind me. i want you to see the floodwaters and how they've come up to this gentleman's shoulder. it's safe to assume this is at least four or five feet in depth in the davao region in mindanao. and let's take a look at other visuals coming out of this area because they're quite impressive and terrifying at the same time. this is cell phone video shot in
2:33 am
the northern sections of mindanao. look at the consistency of that floodwater, there's a lot of debris here. this is known as a debris field. it's obviously a mudslide, right. just background and history on mudslides they average at 10 miles per hour but they could travel at speeds over 30 miles per hour or 50 kilometers for international viewers when you have debris within this mud field, rocks, trees, branches, you can imagine how devastating that can be as it basically comes down the mountain sides and valleys and communities blow. that's why we continue to see the death toll unfortunately rise because these landslides and mudslides can be so fatal because they will basically obliterate anything in its path because it's picked up so much of that debris. all right. now, i want to get to the anatomy of this storm. because it really isn't a super impressive tropical storm. i mean, it's not even a cyclone.
2:34 am
it's current sustained winds at 100 kilometers per hour. stronger wind gusts near the center of the circulation. but it's the amount of rain that fell in a short period of time. the anatomy of a mudslide. you have steep slopes which by the way some of these mountains within mindanao in the philippines tower over 8,000 feet. some of them over 10,000 feet. eventually, the heavy rain soaks into the soil, the soak fails and we have our mudslide. but another thing can happen, too, rivers can be blocked and we get upstream flooding that creates more hazards as time wears on. the rainfall totals exceeding 140 millimeters for many locations across the southern philippines thanks to tembin, known locally as vicinity tha l. the thing here, it happened over a short period of time,ed that to the topography, you've got a
2:35 am
recipe for disaster. that's why we've seen the devastating mudslides that have ripped through the region. look at the visuals there. the aerial photos how widespread that flooding actually is. unfortunately, more rain is in store for the area because the back side of tembin continues to flare up showers and thunderstorms. this is an already saturated environment so the threat looms into the future here. just because the storm has passed doesn't mean the effects of tembin are over. we still have the threat of flooding and landslides ongoing across this area. the next area that we need to monitor is southern vietnam. because the storm is expected to strengthen and we'll bring heavier rainfall and stronger winds to, let's say, ho chi minh city, for example. you can see the images behind me. george, just really terrifying to think about what the communities and people have had to deal with over the past 24 hours after which was seemingly
2:36 am
a weak tropical storm turned deadly. >> indeed, viewers from that part of the world should be concerned i surmise, with flooding same things we're seeing there, correct? >> still 48 hours away. they have plenty of time to prepare. it won't be a powerful cyclone. but you can see the devastation that it brought to the philippines. it is still possible it could do the same in southern vietnam. >> derek van dam on this story. thank you, we'll stay in touch with you, derek. on thursday, the united nations overwhelmingly condemned the u.s. president's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of its legal. a symbol liiymbolic rebuke. you but it wasn't enough to take away from the day of rage. israel's prime minister says the u.s. decision could be the start of great relations for israel. and the rest of the world. our oren lieberman sat down with the prime minister benjamin netanyahu for this exclusive
2:37 am
interview to hear his position this report. >> in an exclusive interview with cnn, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu dismissed the results of the united nations general assembly vote that overwhelmingly condemned president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel. bernanke wasn't fazed at all. saying that other countries are in touch with israel about following trump about recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel or getting ready to move their embassies. >> it's about time that the united states said, and i'm glad it said it, this is the capital. we recognize it. and i think that's going to be followed by other countries. we're now talking to several countries who are seriously considering now saying exactly the same thing as the united states and moving the embassies to jerusalem. >> which countries or from what continents? >> i could tell you that but i won't because i want it to succeed, and there's a good chance it will. >> president trump didn't use the word united. neither did you use the word united right there.
2:38 am
he said israel sovereignty, jerusalem is open for negotiations as are the borders. are you ready to negotiate jerusalem? >> our position is jerusalem should remain a safe and united city. freedom for all which we guarantee, by the way in the middle east. we're just about the only ones that guarantee this freedom of worship for jews, christians and muslims and the like. so that's my vision of jerusalem. palestinians who have a different vision should come and negotiate. >> are you willing to negotiate jerusalem? >> i'm willing to put my position for it. they'll put their position for it that's what negotiations are for. >> president trump didn't rule out the palestinian city in some part of jerusalem. that's okay? >> there's not going to be any peace where jerusalem is not israel's capital. so he was saying something that was historical fact, but i think it's important to say it, for the furtherance of peace, i think you have to
2:39 am
finally recognize that reality. and i think it's happening, it's happening outside the halls of the u.n., a lot faster than it's happening in the theater of the inn. >> you're not fazed ever so slightly by the general assembly resolution, are you? >> it may take ten years before the absurd against israel has changed. but that process has begun. the overwhelming response of asian countries, african countries, latin american countries to israel, technology, water, agriculture, health, security. they're just, i'd say they're embracing israel in a great way. and what will happen eventually is this embracing and flourishing of relations with the world will get to that. it will take time. >> are you ready to committing to a two-state solution? >> i'm open open to committing to a solution where palestinians can govern themselves. that's always been my position. >> a state of palestine next to
2:40 am
a state of israel? >> depends on what that is. >> with whatever qualifications you want to. if you militarized a palestinian state. >> well, they say that's not a state. they start saying that. so, rather than dealing in brands, in naming, i'm just saying here are the conditions we need. the most important condition that we need for an effective sustainable peace for both palestinians and israelis and for the region is a situation where israel has overriding security control. >> what happens next, from the big picture, whether the u.s. or russia or other countries what happens next? >> i think, first of all, you're going to see the continuing trend of israel's increasing ties with the many countries in the world. that's happening, i think if we can get the hearts of the people. we already have the minds i think of many of the governments, but if we can get the hearts of the people, that's cause for hope. and i think that's the highway to peace. >> meanwhile palestinian president mahmoud abbas is in paris meeting with the french
2:41 am
president where he says he rejects any role for the u.s. in a peace process because he no longer sees the u.s. as an honest broker between israels and palestinians. that actually plays into netanyahu's hand because netanyahu can commit to the peace process. without the fear of having to make any concessions. oren liebermann, cnn, jerusalem. still ahead this hour, the u.s. president is expected to spend the next ten days at his golf club in south florida. one of this many, many, many visits there this year. stay with us. your scalp? mine gets dry in the winter too. try head and shoulders' dry scalp care it nourishes the scalp and... ...keeps you up to 100% flake free head and shoulders' dry scalp care ♪ just look at those two. happy. in love. and saving so much money on their car insurance
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miss america organization resign, this after e-mails disparaging pageant contestants were released. a huffing post report detailed a history of fat shaming and slut shaming within that organization. in some cases, ceo sam haskell appeared to condone the degrading comments even suggest they go were funny to him. he has been suspended. haskell has apologized for what he calls his mistake of words. one former miss america winner says this is just scratching the surface. >> you know, i'm not even sure we know how bad it was at the worst moments. i have a sneaking suspicion this is the tip of the iceberg and there's more to come. i've heard conversations about all kinds of things across the spectrum ranging from financial issues to different types of communication. >> right now, the u.s. president is at his florida resort in mar-a-lago for the holiday. saturday is mr. trump's 107th
2:46 am
day visiting one of the properties -- this property, rather, before taking office. tom foreman has the torstory. >> reporter: once every three days at how often president trump has stopped by his resort before taking office from hawaii to the east coast. this holiday weekend, the getaway spot is south florida where a cheering crowd greeted him on his way to the mar-a-lago club just hours after he signed the republican tax bill. >> and i consider this very much a bill for the middle class and a bill for job us. >> reporter: this is the tenth visit to the place he has dubbed the winter white house. and a good bit of business has unfolded there. >> we have a great person right now in judge gorsuch. >> reporter: the president has used mar-a-lago trips to push a supreme court pick, to host foreign dignitaries to unleash
2:47 am
military forces. >> tonight, i've ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield in syria, from where the chemical attack was launched. >> reporter: when north korea launched an unexpected missile, he and the japanese prime minister discussed it on a terrace as visitors snapped photos, making joint statements inside moments later. >> united states of america standed behind japan, it's great ally 100%. >> reporter: democratic leader nancy pelosi's response, there is no excuse for letting an international crisis play out in front of a bunch of country club members like dinner theater. ♪ but the biggest question about the business of mar-a-lago concerns what trump and his team knew in private about dealings with russia as they gathered at the resort during trump's transition to power. investigators say during a few
2:48 am
pivotal day then security adviser michael flynn was talking to russian ambassador even as they were preparing to sanction. >> tom foreman on the story. thank you. still ahead, a high school football coach and his wife open their hearts and their home to a struggling story. their remarkable story. the obstacles they've overcome. haircare. e infused with olive oil & olive leaf extracts. it softens and shines for naturally-beautiful hair. garnier whole blends legendary olive. find every blend at walmart.
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in the u.s. state of north carolina, a high school football coach and his family have a great deal to celebrate over the holiday season. it was just this week coach sam green greiner's team won the first title in 64 years. and the star player, a student who became part of the coach's family. our diane gallagher has their remarkable story. >> reporter: a senior quarterback with a 95-yard touchdown run to win the state championship game. leading a team that just two years ago had a 1-10 record to the first state title in more than 60 years. >> champions! >> reporter: his story.
2:53 am
impressive. but this is a story of about much more than football. this is a story about a coach, quarterback and a little but loaded question that changed their lives. late summer 2015, university high school north carolina. sam greiner turning around the rams an abysmal program and the sophomore rahim murphy. >> he came to me and said rahim murphy and other guys aren't eligible. i'm like, rahim is not eligible? it blew me away. >> reporter: but he didn't have the grades to play. >> i just like cried for two days straight. >> reporter: home, a complicated word in his life back then. >> i had to be on my own at times. sometimes, i stayed at my
2:54 am
present's house. me and my sister stayed at a friend's house. we were going back and forth. >> reporter: you were homeless? >> yeah, basically. >> reporter: when he was 5 years old, braheam lost his momaneury. >> after that, it was downhill. >> reporter: coach recognized when he brought him home it was never the same place twice. >> he said i have to stay with my sister place to place. i didn't know what to do. i go into my office and i started thinking something's tugging at my heart. >> reporter: now sam has spent years talking faith, football and family. he talked to his wife. it was time to practice what he preached. >> he stayed with us a coming times. i mean, i fell until love. our daughters 2 and 3 at the time absolutely smitten with a new big brother.
2:55 am
so when it came down to that life-changing question. >> is it okay that i stay with you guys for a little bit? le i said braheam you stay as long as you were. two years later. >> reporter: it was an adjustment but it worked. >> but i just felt when i had a house, it felt like it made me do better in school, do better in life. >> reporter: his grades shot up, straight as. braheam also found faith. >> and that's a main turn in my life also. >> reporter: and football, well that fell into place. but the story is far from finished. braheam will leave to college in the summer. he earned a scholarship. >> they're going to make me proud. what are you going to tell
2:56 am
braheam on graduation day? >> that i love him, that i couldn't be more proud of him. >> he's doing a fame tree changer. i never had an opportunity to go to west point. he's better than me. connie's trying to go through college for her career. >> reporter: in charlotte, north carolina, diane gallagher, cnn. >> a good story to end this hour. and thank you for being with us for "cnn newsroom." i'm george howell at the cnn center in atlanta. for our viewers in the united states, "new day" is next. for our viewers around the world "m "amanpour" is up after the break. and i'll be back with more on the philippines and the mud slides that killed 75 people. this is cnn, the world's news leader.
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