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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  December 26, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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firing shots from his hotel suite 32 stories above that crowd. >> the shots just kept coming. >> no matter which direction you went in, no matter where you took cover, there were at least two to three bodies where you didn't know safe. >> amid the tragedy, there are dozens of heroes. >> i just sat with him. but i would like to think if it was me, someone wouldn't let me sit there alone. >> cnn, new york, jean carasous. >> it is the top of the hour. i'm don lemon. brooke is off today. president is ov kriemt christmas is over but president doing tweets on obamacare and hillary clinton. then off to the golf course. cnn captured this video of him
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golfing with people. and you can see him there behind the trees. let's get right to cnn white house abby phillip. says he is back at work today. let's start with health care. optimistic with the new year. what's his strategy on working out a fix? >> reporter: hey, don, well the president talking this morning about bipartisan again. and by the way, you mentioned he was at the gulf course this morning. he just returned back to mar-a-lago after about five hours on the golf course. but before he went out there, he was tweeting this morning, some optimism that he can work with democrats to get a health care bill done. this is what he wrote. based on the fact that the very unfair and unpopular individual mandate has been terminated as part of our tax cut bill, which ocean hally repeals obamacare, democrats and republicans will eventually come together and develop a new health care plan. well, don, we don't know there is any effort under way to
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really do a comprehensive health care overhaul with democrats, but we do know in january there is going to be an effort that's likely to be bipartisan to shore up some of these health care marketplaces. this was something near and dear to moderate republicans who were promised by the trump administration they would get to this in january if they got their votes for the tax cut plan. so that's pektsed on the docket. but it's not kpleer that we'll really get any comprehensive look at repealing and replacing obamacare, particularly with the help of democrats, who we know unequivocally oppose any such effort. >> that is true. then emphasis russia dossier that's on the president's mind. he called it garbage. why is the president bringing this up? >> well, you know, don, this morning the president sent out these tweets bright and early, and it appeared he was watching one of his favorite television shows, fox and friends, this morning where they were having a conversation about this dossier,
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talking about what the president then wrote about in his tweet, which is the idea that the dossier hasn't been corroborated. here's what he wrote, in part. he said the fbi cannot, after all of this time, verify claims in the dossier of trump russia collusion. fbi tainted. this is one several tweets from the president last several day criticizing the fbi strongly, part to undermine the bureau investigating him. so the president continuing with that line of attack today, all of this i think really speaking to an attempt by the president and his allies to undermine the credibility of the special counsel investigator looking into his campaign and his associates ties to russia during that campaign. >> president tweet not exactly true and what he should know that program fox is under the
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entertainment of fox not the news division. thanks. i appreciate that. >> here with me now to discuss this now. good to see both you gentlemen. i'll start with you david, the russia tweets politically is this the best strategy? >> this is where we scratch our head. president has biggest victory on tax reform. then he has the news of christmas weak and touting that, instead getting in his own way by bringing the conversation back to what clearly consumes his thoughts, which is the russia investigation. this to me seems part of the over all effort we are seeing, don, from the president, from his allies, in and around the white house, and from republicans on capitol hill, many of them who are just trying to soften the ground beneath the
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mueller investigation as best they can and really call into question the legitimacy of whenever mueller presents his findings. >> i want to bring you in here because again try to get as much facts out of here as possible the president's tweet because he also went after the clinton campaign and dnc saying they paid for the resources that led to the infamous dossier. does the president have a point here? >> well, certainly had originated in some respects, not from the clinton campaign, but from a different outside group that had been working on it. then the dnc and clinton campaign. >> originated from republican donor. >> right. republican donor going after trump in the primary to gather information. now the thing where this falls apart a little bit is not the clinton campaign that went and used the information or released the information. ever came pan obviously tries to put together opposition research. the investigators who put it together were well regarded.
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and as was one of their sources, christopher steele who had been a source for the fbi for some years. so, you know, look, it's like david said this is part of an effort not just to soften that ground but pour as much water on it as possible and everyone is walking in the mud. >> let's talk about obamacare. obamacare is gone, republicans and democrats will work out bipartisan agreement according to him on health care. mitch mcconnell he's not so sure about that. listen and then we'll talk about it. >> we obviously were unable to completely repeal and replace with a 52-48 senate. we'll have to take a look what it looks like with the other senate but i think we'll probably move on to other issues. >> david, i'm going to ask you, where does this fight with obamacare go from here? >> well, you know, it is no small thing that the president was able to sign into law the removal of the individual
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mandate. as you know, don, that is one of the pilars of obamacare. of course, getting rid of it is not a full repeal of it. in fact we know democrats and republicans are indeed working together to try to shore up some of the marketplace with subsidy payments going forward. this is what we talk about between lamar alexander and patty murray that we've spoken a bit about this that susan collins was fighting to include into the tax reform bill she didn't get it there but promise mcconnell would bring it up this year. but you got instructions there from the guy though controls legislative action on the floor of the united states senate, someone who can count votes very well, mitch mcconnell who said this is not going to be part of a big piece of the legislative agenda of 2018 with 51-49 senate. >> they spentd a lot of 2017 trying to deal with this. so looking ahead to the midterms now. already seeing some republican seats flip to democrat. and democrats are also trying to win over even more traditionally
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red states like texas, like arkansas and nebraska. they are reporting nearly a year out, democrat candidates have filled in about 20 house districts held by republicans. in contrast, republicans do not have an opponents for their seat. do you think democrats could flip the house and senate? >> it's a difficult thing for them to do. landscape is very much still against them for uphill battle they start with. but what i think that virginia, results in virginia, not just the governor's race and the lieutenant governor lan attorney general as well as all those other state delegate races, and ts result in alabama, we are certainly recruiting boon for democrats. just imagine the opposite would happen, it would be difficult to convince candidates to get on to the ballot sochlt what they've been able to do, being able to win those in those places is to say that people who would be top
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tier candidates to say, come on, get on board, if doug jones can win in alabama, then you can win in ohio or michigan or wherever else. so i think that's part of what you are seeing here. but when it comes to the hourks i. >> reporter: back in 2006 putting together briefing materials, and we had 125 potentially competitive races. last year difficult to get 40 out of that. so when democrats need 24 points, stle to run almost la perfect night to win t now republicans are worried they kochlt a could. and in the senate even more daunting because so many seats up in republican places in places that donald trump won. >> i'm sure folks looking at, david, alabama and saying they did in alabama but not that many roy moore's to go around on tickets all over the country. >> that's certainly true. but there is a republican president sitting at 35 to 40% approval rating, and that is an attractive position for the opposition party to try and
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exploit and see. we don't know if donald trump is going to be there, don, a year from now, but to his point, for recruiting and fundraising and putting the pieces of the puzzle you into he had to put in now, the over all environment is pretty good for democrats at the moment. and i would also argue the other thing we saw in virginia, new jersey, alabama, the swell of enthusiasm which we see in the polls as well, that also is contributing to this. people, especially women candidates out there, are sort of being called to run from this anti-trump fervor that is feeding serving as the life source of the democrat base right now. >> and where you look for a key is in the subburbs. democrat enthusiasm and the drop in republican enthusiasm, especially with college educated voters and well off voters, that's the place that hurts trump. he may not go lower than 35%. he may not go lower than 32, but the such ushes and moderate and independent voters, people that
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trump won, will be the key. >> certainly needs to go higher. thank you, i appreciate that. next a former acting cia director warns russia efforts to spread fake news on social media are far from over, and other countries following the need. former cia russia chief will join us. and plus apple facing multiple lawsuits, after they admitted slowing down iphones, yes, like mine. what can you do? tan later nfl writes a letter to senator mccain when he battles this disease. next we'll have that. prevagen. the name to remember.
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a russian opposition leader barred from president is calling for an election boycott. a lexi was running against him. he has more from moscow. fred. >> reporter: don, the opposition activist is angry that he's barred from running.
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he's saying two things. on the one hand he wants to repeal this ruling. but on the other hand he's calling of a boycott from his supervisors of th supporters. he believes he would beat vladimir putin if this election were free and fair. but obviously he believes that that is not going to be the case. now, there is several things at play here. there are some folks running against vladimir putin. no one really believes they are going to have a clans hance in general elections. they are about 85% approval ratings in russia. but they are saying popular opposition candidates aren't allowed to run or the government finds reasons for not letting them run. all of this, don, could also have big repercussions for him himself. we managed to get in touch with the putin, and he told us, look, this is all decision of the
12:17 pm
electoral commission. the kremlin had nothing to do from barring him from running. however, the fact that he's calling for this boycott could get him into legal trouble. and the kremlin says they want the authorities to see whether or not calling for such a boycott might it be illegal in itself. so you can see how hard it is for some of these op sposition candidates to not only get in the race but stay out of legal trouble as well. >> thanks. they have been using propaganda since the cold war and is still happening. that is the assessment from these two in "the washington post" saying russian cyberattacks against the u.s. has continued long past the election. let's have some analysis. i want to bring in cnn analyst. steve, hello to you. this editorial suggests that russia has in fact stepped up its social media propaganda.
12:18 pm
what's their end game here? >> well, there is a couple things, don, i think they are interested in accomplishing. first and foremost they have become expert, really always expert in leveraging that parts of a free society like the one we have here in the united states and western europe against us. so when you are talking about some of the things that this op ed was pointing out correctly, you know, finding themes in u.s. society that exists, they understand there is it a very fine line between first amendment rights, who can get on the internet and say whatever they want, versus the russia state actually spon ssoring tha. what they are trying to do is s get confusion, and so it's complicated, salad, if you will, of different types of operations. there is the propaganda stuff
12:19 pm
and stealing and hacking. so multi prong approach that the russians are using which makes it that much more difficult to go against. >> i want to read you, steve, part of this op ed. it says policies that prevent add v adversaries while imposing significant costs on regimes. so far we have done neither. would you agree with that assessment? what steps should the trump administration be taken right now to prevent american voters in elections in 2018 and beyond to try to protect them? >> yeah, i would agree with the assessment. but, you know, that said, it's also not an easy task. absolutely we need to look harder and try to figure out better defenses against this type of cyberattacks. but that said, if it's a nation state like russia that is trying to get into a system, that we so widely depend on here in the united states, the internet, and which by the way russia does not depend on as much. it's difficult to look at it in terms of sort of old cold war
12:20 pm
mutually assured destruction deterrence. i think that's probably the right approach. we have to make it so painful for vladimir putin if he continues to do this that he will want to stop. but the real hard part is what do you do? how do you push back? do you threaten to try to do something cyberannihilation of russia? if so wharks will that provoke from russia? and how do do that? we are much more exposed on this than the russians are. so when you start talking about specific things we should be doing, besides trying to defend better and shore up our cyberdefenses, it becomes a really complicated task, which is why i think in that op ed we didn't see a lot of specifics how we can push back. because it's a hard question. >> steve, mike rogers mentioned a bit they also point out other countries are following russia lead, china and turkey. is this going to be a worldwide
12:21 pm
trend in and if so how do we know what to trust on social media on and on? >> i'm afraid that one of the real impacts that russia has had is showing other states, and they don't have to be as big as china by the way, a lot of smaller countries out there, as tanya being a big one, but that's what russia has shown, that's why i think you are seeing china and others going, hey, you can have some real impact in terms of putting stick in the spokes offal functioning democracy like russian has done. so that's definitely a down side. how do we trust and figure out what's real and what's propaganda? another really tough question, i think really the only thing that i can think of, and this is another hard one, is just everybody has to become much better educated in terms of where they are getting information on the internet, where it's coming from, what fake news looks like, and there are good sites out there being run that sort of help people
12:22 pm
identify that. but it's, again, a hard thing to try to educate entire body politic, not just here in the united states, but in the west, which is what russia is targeting more widely. >> steve p much appreciated. >> sure. >> up next, apple admits to slowing down older iphones, and the lawsuits, of course. we'll discuss how heapple is responding. gather your vikings and lead them in conquest empires will fall as you claim your place in valhalla play vikings war of clans
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apple customers want the tech giant to pay up after admitting to slowing down older versions of popular iphone. >> they face multiple class action lawsuits, that allege customers were forced to buy newer and more expensive after their older iphones stopped working correctly. samuel burke, i'm so glad you are here, i have questions
12:27 pm
myself. apple says perfectly good reason for all this. >> i'll answer all your questions, don. happy holidays. cnn counts five different class action suits now. but apple says, look, we are doing this, when you do the ios update, on four different phones. let's put a list there so people can check to see what they already suspected, 6, 6 x, even the new relatively new iphone 7, but they say there is a battery issue after a lot of usage cause sz the battery to surge, then the phone suddenly shuts off. so what they say they are trying to do is make sure the phone goes smaller but elongate the battery life so you don't have the phone shutting off on you. these lawsuits are saying where is the transparency. let me show you what one of the lawsuits says. the one from chicago saying apple failure is being deemed
12:28 pm
purposeful and if proven constitutes ts unlawful and disea disea decisive withholding. i talk to lawyers who said easy to file these lawsuits. difficult to win them. >> i thought i was -- maybe i'm going crazy, maybe it's the flu i have, but taking my phone longer and i have a 7 plus by the way, longer and longer to charge. it wasn't my imagine headaches. or the imagination or medication? >> it wasn't. the story today it feels like nearly 100% of users are saying i've experienced this and people tweeting me so i can avoid this, right, but not updating to the latest? >> but i have to tell you as cnn tech guy if i can't recommend that. because you get security updates. so people are stuck do i have a slow phone or a phone that shuts off on me. others sab may you can buy a new battery 80 bucks at the apple
12:29 pm
store or 20 bucks, but they don't say that will help. so real lack of transparency from apple. >> so here's a question. apple stocks are done today. any correlation? >> yeah, the stock is down about 2.5%. i'm sure investors are looking at this and saying not good news. also the iphone x, $1,000 price tag sold way less people have hoped over christmas. one analyst saying 10 million less than people pektsed. so facial recognition didn't a tragic. >> why is that? >> not a great new features. is facial recognition want to make you buy it. 1,000 is a lot of cash. >> every new phone, i go. now i can't. it's why. my old phone still works. it's slow, but it works. >> and that's ts best advice any tech person could give.
12:30 pm
if it's still working wait until have you to update then shell out all the cash, especially if you've gotten a gift card. >> i'm going to pull out the old analog with accords. >> thank you. i appreciate it. samuel berk. samuel burke. up next, rights an open tribute to his friend senator john mccain. what he says he'll tell his son about mccain's legacy. whoooo.
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and we covered it, july first, twenty-fifteen. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ senator john mccain just received an unexpected gift from a star nfl player. arizona cardinal wide receiver larry fitzgerald paid tribute to mccain in a touching open letter. the christmas op ed first published in sports illustrated writes his appreciation. the men are good friends. and he writes i pray he lives another 20 years. as soon as my boys are of age i'll tell him stories of the quality of the man i've gotten to know. i'll tell them senator john mccain will be respected as long as the united states of america has a place in this world and
12:35 pm
his legacy will out live us all. with me now is former senior editor and sports business analyst. he's a big cardinal fan. they seem to have a genuine friendship. how did they get so close? >> it's been a case of larry physical gerald afitzgerald in the nfl, even with short careers, they don't spend it with one team. larry has been with arizona cardinals 14 seasons now. and in that time played in the one city gotten to know john mccain not just a fan of the team, but as a friend. these two have grown close personally. larry fitzgerald is one of the nfl athletes that has been wildly known for his charity contributions. he's been very active in the community for almost his entire
12:36 pm
career. and so they have gotten to know each other on very personal level through not just john mccann fan dom for the team but also for larry fitzgerald commitment to give back to the communities in which he's played. >> let's talk more about the bond these two gentlemen have. because talk to me about the history between professional athletes who buddy up with politicians. it is unusual for these two to bond the way that they have. >> well, yeah, and i think one of the most important things about the letter that larry fitzgerald wrote to john mccain is he makes it clear, he says not just once, but twice in this letter, i am not an overtly political person. he makes it very clear that this is not a letter that's about politics in that his friendship and his admiration of john mccain is not about political stances. it's not about whether or not he agrees with john mccain politically. whether he's on the left.
12:37 pm
we actually walk away from the letter with almost no indication whatsoever of what larry fitzgerald's personal political leanings are. this is about one individual who has grown to know and respect another person, both of whom who have been very successful at some very lofty endeavors in their professional lives and having grown through those very different paths. one is professional athlete, the other as serviceman who chose to come home and serve his country in different way through elected office, growing to admire one another. and larry fitzgerald saying that this is, you know, again, it's not about politics, it's about having an admiration for someone that's much bigger than what happens on the football field or much bigger than some of the very partisan device
12:38 pm
divisiveness that we have seen out of washington as of late. >> because we have seen politicians back away from politicians they may have soma finty for that politician because they don't want their name tainted with politics because it's so negative lately. but this seems different. and you can feel the admiration in that letter. i would imagine that they and their families spend time together since they have known each other for so long because this is a true friendship. >> he talks about how he wants his sons to -- he has young sons, and he wants his sons to grow up knowing of john mccain. he wants them to know about what john mccain sacrificed as a prisoner of war. he also talks about how he spent time personally not only with mccain but with john mccain and his wife cindy, how he traveled over to vietnam and saw, visited some of the most important parts of vietnam conflict. he's actually been to the jail
12:39 pm
cell that john mccain was held enduring his five years as prisoner of war. so he feels this on a very personal level. again, it's beyond politics. and it's beyond football. and it's beyond even just the personal friendship and admiration that he has. he sees this as a very, very important chapter in american history. and he does want his family, especially his young sons, to know of the john mccain, not that we hear about in terms of the partisan battles of washington, but in terms of someone who is a states man and someone who i think larry fitzgerald views very much as humanitarian who has sacrificed a lot for his country. >> it's a beautiful letter. and we are all rooting for true american hero, john mccain. >> thank you so much, keith. i appreciate it. >> thanks. next, russia says it's willing to mediator if they meet at the negotiating table. we'll take a look at the stand
12:40 pm
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seven in 2017 is brought to you by whole foods market. feed your resolution. this is our job at cnn to take you to foreign shores to the front lines, we at cnn go there. and in 2017 this journey unveiled the unthinkable. ethnic cleansing. countries collapsing. humans sold like commodities. these are the stories that changed the world. here is cnn national correspondents claris clarissa . >> reporter: it's our job as cnn
12:45 pm
creditor responsibilities to take ycorrespondents to take yo to front lines. we in cnn go there. and in 2017 that journey unveiled the unthinkable. ethnic cleansing of the countries collapsing. human beings sold like commodities. these are the stories that changed the world. our first story, a cnn expose. >> crew traveled into libya to track down a dark secret. and they found it. >> reporter: fleeing their homes. some of the most desperate people on earth. think they found a passage to safety, but instead they find themselves in the hands of predators. >> captured and sold like cattle. as they witnessed firsthand. >> 700. >> 700. >> 800. >> the numbers roll in. these men are sold for 1,200
12:46 pm
libyan pounds. $400 a piece. >> reporter: the cnn reports sparking self reflection in europe and the u.s. about the west's own response to the migrant crisis. >> in saudi arabia a powerful prince is shaking things up. bolstered by close relations with the trump white house. 32-year-old mohammed bin sa lan the crown prince better known as mbs embarking on a series of reforms, arresting many of his own cousins in a sweeping crack down on corruption. >> he is swept away a generation of elderly and experienced ministers. >> reporter: while also taking on ts kingdom powerful clergy. >> hoenl one country in the world where women can't drive and soon there will be none. >> reporter: but has he tries to take on increasingly assertive
12:47 pm
iran, things get complicated. >> air strikes on neighboring yemen. >> reporter: involvement in a year that has brought 8.4 million people to the brink of famine. it's not the bombs and bullets killing the most people, it's the humanitarian crisis growing by the day as yemen comes closer. >> reporter: in venezuela crisis. >> they have admitted they can no longer pay the bills. >> ahead of the controversy election. >> reporter: maduro party wins the election. the opposition and u.s. claim fraud. >> maduro is a dictator who disrarsdi disregards the will of the
12:48 pm
venezuelan people. >> they were yanked out of their homes by authorities. >> reporter: they go under cover and stunned by what they find. >> truck breaking down for mere seconds before it was looted. basic food is scarce. virginia has been doing this for 18 months to feed her five kids. >> reporter: bombs bringing with them a war crime so sick enning it is difficult to put into words. from his roof top he quickly sees this is no ordinary strike. i warn you the pictures you are about to see are graphic. >> this is cnn breaking news. we are following breaking news reports of a gas or some kind of chemical attack in syria killing dozens. >> reporter: all around him people are foaming at the mouth.
12:49 pm
cons convulsions wracking their bodies. the horrifying scenes shocking the world. victims, some of them just children, gasping for their final breathe. >> reporter: syrian government had dropped a bomb on its own people. >> chemical attack in the syrian town led to the first american military strikes against the regime of assad. >> reporter: syrian president assad remains defiant. in 2017 two words would shock the world ethnic cleansing. >> armed government forces are attacking their own minority citizens. >> reporter: in southeast asia myanmar the state turned democracy, the unthinkable was happening. >> >> translator: they are beating us, and hacking our people to death. >> some 600,000 of them have fled to neighboring bangladesh. >> reporter: the crisis raising
12:50 pm
questions about the country's defactor leader who was accused of doing nothing to stop the violence. >> growing criticism of leader over her handling of human rights abuses against the rohingya terror group surged to infamy with staggering conquests across iraq and syria, it's defeat came with a whimper not a bang. >> the syrian forces taking to the streets and officially declaring the terrorist group's self-proclaimed capital of raqqa has been totally liberated. >> now syrian and kurdish flags fly over the city, replacing the black flag of terror. >> reporter: the historic syrian city of pal mira, where isis fighters were filmed destroying ancient artifacts, reclaimed with the help of russia. in iraq, isis desperately tries
12:51 pm
to hold its ground in the country's second largest city of mosul. >> senior commanders take us in in the calm before their final storm. >> reporter: their ambitions to build a caliphate crumbling as small pockets of isis militants are flushed out. >> the iraqi prime minister is declaring full victory over isis in mosul, saying the entire war torn city has been liberated from brutality and terrorism. >> reporter: in 2017, isis loses all of its major strongholds. but beyond the borders of iraq and syria, lone wolf attacks in the name of isis ensure their global reign of terror is still far from over. july 4th, u.s. independence day. north korea lights up the sky with its own frightening milestone.
12:52 pm
>> north korea releasing new video appearing to show the successful launch of its first intercontinental ballistic missile. >> reporter: nuclear-capable but not yet nuclear-armed. but by september, kim jong-un's missile program reaches its final frontier. >> the "washington post" is now reporting that north korea has produced a miniaturized nuclear warhead that can fit inside its missiles. >> reporter: the stage is set for war, but for now contained to a war of words. >> we can't have mad men out there shooting rockets all over the place. >> i will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged u.s. dotard with fire. >> reporter: just nicely miles away from the north korean border on his asian swing, president trump replaced the petty name-calling with a more diplomatic tone. >> the weapons you are acquiring
12:53 pm
are not making you safer. >> reporter: the president continuing to push china to contain the north -- >> the longer we wait, the greater the danger grows and the fewer the options become. >> reporter: and as the nuclear standoff continues, the question remains, will the next missile trigger a war? helped put a roof over the heads
12:54 pm
of hundreds of families, he's most proud of the one he's kept over his own. brand vo: get paid twice as fast with quickbooks smart invoicing. quickbooks. backing you.
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the dow is up 5,000 points since the beginning of the year. that is a gain of 25% and the best annual performance of the last four years, the dow has also been hovering near another
12:58 pm
milestone, 25,000, for the past few weeks. joining me now is a finance expert and managing principal at seventh capital. monica, hello to you. >> hi, don. >> what's driving the increase? >> well, of the big increase that you saw in 2017 was really driven by the anticipation of this tax reform. and what you're going to see in the next 12 months is a little bit more of the same where we see stocks continue to go up. and, again, i think the biggest driver of that is going to be this boost that corporations are going to see from getting a little bit more money to themselves after this tax reform. >> you know, this didn't all start in january as the current white house would like you to believe. the dow has been on the rise since at least 2013. are we due for a correction in 2018? >> if we continue to go up, up, up until august of 2018, this will actually be the longest bull market since 1928. for the folks that were investing in the market in 1928, i'm not sure that was the best time to stay because we all know
12:59 pm
what happened right after that, but the biggest buyer of stocks over the past five years has been corporations. and what's been happening is with interest rates being very low, corporations are taking that free money and buying their own shares back. and so that makes their profitability look better, which makes their stock price go up. so it's a little bit of an illusion and a game and you're going to continue to see more of that in 2018 driven by this tax but, but you are going to see stocks continue to go up for a little bit. >> so i've been doing my research on this. the president likes to tout saying he has the best stock market, but actually in the first 11 months of the obama administration, the stock market performed better than this president. it went up 37.5%. and when this article was written it has gone up 17.5%. it also said it isn't the best indicator of the economy because people tend to look at this in a vacuum. this may be a good year, but not
1:00 pm
the best year so far. it's not that good. >> you're absolutely right, don. 80% -- 90% of stock market wealth is actually owned by 20% of americans. while moan st of us own a littl bit of shares, the vast majority is owned by the wealthiest americans. it looks like it's great, but -- >> there you go. with a grain of salt. thank you very much. happy new year. >> happy new year. hey, it's time to head over to "the lead" and jim sciutto is hanging out over there. >>. thank you, don, it is almost twach 2018 and the president is still tweeting about crooked hillary. president trump gives new meaning to boxing day, throwing new round-houses as his own fbi and ignoring the fact that the russian dossier is a real thing. message from moscow. vladimir putin daring president trump with new bold moves in the air and at