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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  December 26, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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this is cnn tonight i'm don lemon. president trump spending big part of the day on the golf course in florida. where he is on holiday vacation. but also using twitter to slam the russia investigation. labeling the fbi as tainted and calling the russia dossier which was compiled by a former british spy a boegz pile of gash are garbage used by hillary clinton to go after his campaign. we are less than a week before the start of the new year. can we expect anything new from the president in 2018? as the russia investigation heats up. as we head toward the midterm election in november. that's where begin with senior political analyst david gergen. political analyst april ryan and david swerdlick. and the gang is all here. hope you you had a great holiday. at the end of 2017 and despite
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the russia investigation inside the white house, despite the indictments, despite the many of the controversies, like charlottesville, is president trump marching into 2018 living up to the name, teflon trump. >> so i don't think trump is teflon -- teflon don, don. but i do think that he has managed to get through this year that has been a difficult year for him and still have some political resilience. even though in the gallup poll today he is at 36% overall approval rating. if you look into polls about the tax plans, the other specific policies they remain popular among republicans. and his white house and political shop and republicans in general are working from the base out inward out. they know they still have a reservoir of support among republicans and that's what they are pivoting off of in 2018. even though trump has proved himself to be unpopular with
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democrats and a lot of swing voters. he has given establishment republicans what they want in the form of the tax cut bill. and he has given his hard core base what they want in terms of having the right enemies. he put his finger in the eye of the establishment. put his finger in the eye of the what they perceive at political correctness. made good on the idea of being a champion or spokesman or tribune for a base that wanted to make great again. bring america back to different past times. people liked that and stuff with him even though the base of support remains in the mid-30s to maybe 40% he is carrying that -- he has had that the beginning carrying it into 2018. >> mr. gergen president trump is devoting attacks on the fbi, tweeting on the dossier today and also tweeted this tonight. he said all signs of that business is looking good for next year only helped further by the tax cut bill will be a great year for companies and jobs.
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stock market is poised for another year of success. so david gergen the president signed a major piece of legislation and didn't matter that republicans occasionally spoke out against the president, didn't matter that there is a russia investigation. the division that didn't matter as well. so what has -- what is his inincentive to do anything differently next year? >> his incentive, well listen at the moment if you look at the -- the intentions of voters in november of '18, the cnn polls finds a wide biggest gap since 1938 with democrats far more people saying they're voting for democrats than the republicans on the ticket. and they -- people are sensing there is a wave out there. and if so it could sweep the republicans out of a majority in the house and that would -- that would put a stop absolute dead stop to much of president trump trump's legislative agenda in
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the second half of the term and put a cloud over the re-election. he has a lot at stake to think about this much more carefully than he has. one of the questions, don is wove been sponsoring -- we've been focusing for a long time on how firm the base is. it's held firm process. the bigger question now is how firm is the opposition to him? can win people back? can he stop the wave in the coming year? >> yeah, april do democrats and republican critics of the president who are waiting for one of these controversies to blow up or take down the president, do they need to find a new strategy? >> well, they're always reinvening themselves as each issue comes be it twitter with the president, basically opening up a hole and jumping in himself or when it comes to this issue with russia. there are controversies that will continue if -- if this first year is indicative of that we see that controversy follows
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this president. but what's going to have to happen is is that there is going to be to have to be right now while republicans are in the majority on the hill that republicans are going to have to sing together in chorus to go against the president. and that's the key. until things change, until elections happen and things change if and when it does, right now it's all really up to the republicans. the democrats can keep screaming and impeachment. they can scream this is not fair not right. but as long as the republicans are in the majority as david gergen has said they're within lies the problem. >> yeah. david swerdlick from an op he had from the washington psz it says sheer outrage at the president scandals is pointless. but worse still is directing anger at supporters. then you are doing the same thing trump is believing your side is all right and opposite is all rieng. rejection common humanity and sense of country you play into
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the poorlization game instead of defeat going. what do you think about is that? the president playing the poorlization game better than opponents. >> it's a good peace edited by one of my senior editors full disclosure. i think he makes a good point, don, that democrats coming into 2018 and then more specifically into 2020 need to play the populist game better than trump. president trump has captured the moment of populism. >> what do you mean by that? you how do they do that. >> not seen as the party of the average work a day american, even though in fact democrats have championed issues in recent years that have favored working class or middle class americans they're not perceived that way by many voters. they need to to do a better job of messaging. that's the take away from that piece to a certain extent.
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but to a certain extent in 2018ing this this is about building blocks for democrats thp david gergen knows more about kwhous positioning than anybody out there. i agree that republicans do have to stake stock of the fact that polls are turning against them. they're facing an uphill climb in many districts in 2018. but i'm not sure if i see a wave complete will i in 2018. i'm not sure if i see democrats taking back the house or something like that even though gaining seats. democrats need to make some intermediate gains in 2018 and then have their eye toward 2020. this is -- this is not one thing here. it's not like a big stack of jinga blocks and where one thing collapses the republican party and democrats take over in a wave. it's a steady movement back by having good candidates. good issues. having a positive agenda and building the party back to where it was a few years ago. >> david, for democrats at least somewhat it looks like the --
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the anti- -- or resist trump thing is working. but at david swerdlick said they need to build on that where do you see this going in 2018. >> on which side? listen i think that donald trump does have this economy working for him in a positive way. it hasn't totally lifted him yet. but you have another six, seven, eight nine months. this tax cut does bring the jump start to the economy kicks it up onto higher gear. already doing well. he inherited a good economy from barack obama. but if he can get it higher that makes a major difference. i think if he could find a resolution on issues like the dreamers that he could work with democrats on if he could now shore up the health care system working with -- with senator collins for example, or working with alexander -- lamar alexander and patti murray on their health care bills. he could change the
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conversation. always, always worried about that dark cloud called mueller and just how close it's coming. >> yeah. do you think april that democrats are you know counting chickens too quickly here they're excited about virginia, excited about alabama, and it seems to be on a roll at least with those two and maybe a couple more? do you think it's too fast. >> i think it's too fast democrats can't take it for granted because there is always the unknown variable. but at the same time they do have momentum where we keep focusing on the base of the president, this 30 some%. the vast majority of people disapprove. and that's the by big piece. not only that. when you talk about tax reform, the pay force that's a big issue. it's not a perfect plan or bill but there are the pay for issues. when the budget axe swings who is hurt.
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and then the entitlement reform from the head of the congressional black caucus. that's next when you deal with that you deal with medicaid and other issues affecting the least of these. a lot of the president's base is the least of these. and you know we talk about the least of these we talk about race a lot. but let's talk about poor, poverty. you have a large portion of appear lachia loving this president. the poorest of the poor. and they're white. these people could be askted by entitlement reform by the tax plan when they're cut. we have to say to see how it pans out. but democrats can use the momentum if they use it wisely. there is a lot that could be said about not just their base but the president's base of how they can be hurt by some of these issues that are getting ready to come up in 2018. >> april, david, david, thank you very much. i appreciate it just ahead president trump upset for not getting enough credit for his accomplishments at least that's what he believes. but are his distractions you
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and find, on average, $4,340 in tax savings. quickbooks. backing you. the president may be on vacation. but he did not take a day off from trying to undermine the russia investigation and taking a swipe at the fbi calling it tainted. are democrats and republicans -- are democrats the president's opponents reacting to the outrage the way he wants them to? i want to bring in analyst and
10:15 pm
frank bruni the columnist for "the new york times." frank hello to you. >> good to see. >> you i thought about this when -- before we get to the strategy and you talk about that in the column -- i woke up this morning and then i watched the news because i wanted to be tuned in for work. everybody started tweeting what the president said. apparently the president had said -- seen sop fox news -- i'm sorry "fox and friends" segment and started tweet bag it. what if people just didn't report it because the president is reporting from "fox and friends." that's part of the entertainment division of fox. not a news program. is it even consequential? why are we reporting the president's tweets because he is going to tweet something else just as outrageous and nonsensical. >> you're right. you're asking the question why do we let him whip us into a constant frenzy and stay in the frenzy. >> yes. >> ace wrote in the recent column there is a danger to that. because when everything he says
10:16 pm
and does provocation unmitigated outrage and fury. how do we get americans to focus on the stuff that trump is doing that warrants sustained attention, stuff that really is damaging the country? things get lost in this welter and whirl. that's what trump wants. when we answer the mellow drama with our own we play his game by his rules and i think he wins. >> very well said. let's talk about your column in the tops times called the end of trump and end the of days speaks the democrat dlem aif responding to the president you're right. when trump's opponents react so so much what he says and does with unfettered outrage how does this how not become background noise? and how do we make sure that his unequivocally foul manners stand out from the debatably foolish ones when we constantly conjure the duress scenario don't we risk looking like ignorable
10:17 pm
hysterics. if events unfold in damnable fashion. that's well put what's the answer for democrats? how do they react to oech outrage and one outrage after another? because he -- it's just -- one in a row -- one after a another. >> injury those of hue find trump to be a dangerous president and don't want him to stay in the presidency any longer than we have to have him there. we need to do a couple of things. pick and choose fights wisely. focused on the issue that is matter and need to patrol our language. as you said, the column is called the end of trump and the end of days. that's a reference to nancy pelosi echoing many other democrats when she called the tax overhaul legislation armageddon. that's dangerous to language. they're notice smaller withholding from paychecks, more money in pockets. and they're not going to say
10:18 pm
wait a second the rich are get are better than i am. wait a second we're ballooning the deficit and what's happening in a couple of years? some will think this isn't so bad. we need to wind chill our language more carefully so we don't set ourselves up to look like hysterics always denouncing trump. >> this president is always saying he doesn't get credit for accomplishments. but he creates the distractions. i mean if you wanted to talk about the accomplishments he could have tweeted about the tax bill and just kept you know talking about the tax bill all day. is that part of the plan though played, the outrage game get his opponents to react and claim they're against him. >> he wants to kret an atmosphere in which everybody is screeching at the each other in which those of us opposing him screeching so loudly he can say to supporters and more importantly say to all americans in the squishy middle, see i can't catch a break.
10:19 pm
this is just all out partisan warfare. i'm no worse than they are. we're all the same. he wants to say that. but it's a big question with trump is he turning the page constantly tweeting something today different than yesterday stirring up a new fight because he is trying to distract and keep us in a state of imbalance or is that just his nature? is that the way he operates i think it's both at the same time. >> the silliest the war on christmas which i'm not sure is a shiny object or just doing it for fun because i don't think people are that stupid that they believe there is a war on christmas. he has been tweeting and talking about it for soo many some time he said people are proud to say merry christmas again. i'm proud to have led the charge against the assault of our cherished and beautiful phrase merry christmas. i mean to me this is a joke. it's not funny because there is no where on christmas. i'm like what is he talking about? and i mean are people that stupid to think that there is a war on christmas? does he actually believe that.
10:20 pm
>> apart from the fervent base i don't think people at a are that stupid. you just comb your memory. i comb mine i do not remember over the 8 obama years feeling scared to say mere skry christmas. i don't remember hearing people stared scared to say that. he says whatever he wants. if you go back and we talked -- you talked earlier in the show about trump being again at one of the properties and again playing golf. you go become and he was constantly karping about obama playing too much golf. obama being outside of washington tovi off zbloon he plays way more golf. >> wae the "wall street journal" ran something fascinating in the last 24, 36 hours. more than 1007 days during this year president trump was at one of the trump branded properties. and many days playing golf. that's almost one in three days of the presidency. so, you know, donald trump doesn't live up to his own supposed standards. >> yeah. well i mean also considering how many -- houfrp he is away it
10:21 pm
would be great if he got of an activity that involved some cardillo -- i'm being serious. look at his diet. >> you remember all the mcdonald meals. >> this president could use -- the last two presidents before him did lots of cardillo, barack obama worked out at the gym. george w. bush did a bicycle. this president plays golf, not a cardillo activity. obviously he could use it. i'm just being honest here. but i'm wondering, is this -- is he doing this -- is it on purpose? i have no idea what's going on. should we ignore that he lies about you know the other president, plays more golf than the other president, criticizes the other president, away from washington more than the other president? should we ignore the hypocrisy. >> he does what he feels like and spins whichever way he pleases.
10:22 pm
i was laughing as you were talking about the card yes. i remember back in sicily for the meeting of world leaders. he was in a golf cart while everybody else walked. . and i predict next show we will talk about the latest physical of trump. i believe sarah huckabee sanders says the results will be shared with us. i have wait and see attitude about that. >> we shall see. thank you, sir. happy holidays. >> to you too. >> when we come back the president back to business lashing out on twitter. how are his attacks on the russia investigation and against the fbi landing? i'm talking to a former assistant director of the fbi and chief of operations for the cia.
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10:27 pm
lenl analyst susan hency. and chris swik era former assistant director at the fbi. thank you for yoing me. susan president trump was up bright and early attacking the now infamous trump dossier calling it a crooked hillary piling of garbage. he said wow fox and friends dossier is boegz. dnc funded dossier. fbi can't after all the time verify claims in dossier of russia trump collusion. fbi tainted. they used this crooked hillary pile of garbage as basis for going after the trump campaign. that wasn't the main basis of going after the trump campaign. there are some fact checks that can be done with that tweet. but the president implies that the dossier is a basis for the mueller investigation that's not accurate. >> no fantastic obama era intelligence official have gone on record from odi general
10:28 pm
counsel bob lit has gone on record that the dossier wasn't the basis of the assessment or investigation. even though you could fact check the other assertions he makes including it does fbi the corroborated some elements not all elements of the dossier and disproven others, you know clearly it was not a part of the sort of the basis of this investigation if in the first place. the warrant process, the process of going to obtain warrants from the foreign intelligence surveillance court, the notion that what amounts to essentially unsubstituted rumors right this private intelligence document, that that's the kind of thing that a judge would issue the warrants we've seen reported in the media, you know that's just not how the process works. >> steve, president seems to be referring to a "fox abfriends" segment when he calls the dossier boegz. but u.s. intelligence corroborated some of the contents of the dossier and found russia was trying to interfere with the 2016 election from their own sources.
10:29 pm
two things here, i don't know why he is listening to fox and friends again. i keep sighing "fox and friends" is entertainment program. i want not news program. . it's part of the entertainment division. and also why the attacks? what is the president trying to do here? >> you know, don at any given time especially on this particular topic it's hard to try to figure out what the president is doing. but one of the things that concerns me about the tweets and these patterns we see from the president where he calls things garbage and not only is the evidence in the dossier -- or the allegations in the dossier garbage he turns out and basically calls the fbi in at that timers and essentially garbage. he said the same thing or similar detrimental comments you know about cia at the beginning of the tenure when he compared them to nazis and talking about the people who brought us wmd. i served my career the vast
10:30 pm
majority overseas where democracies are young, volatile and politicians hadn't figured out the idea of loyal opposition loyalty to country over loyalty to themselves personally or party. and i saw a lot of the of the same patterns reaching out and attacking and just not you know not being statesman-like and not putting the country first. these are things you expect in a young developing democracy. it's not something i expect in the most developed democracy i would argue in the world. and so concerns me the pattern does. >> the president using the weekend to go after the -- the fbi -- the deputy fbi director andrew mccabe as well chris. here is he said. how can andrew mccabe, the man in charge along with leaking james comby of the phoney hillary clinton investigation include her 3,000 illegally included people mm fiv director
10:31 pm
andrew mccabe is racing the clock. to retire with full benefits, 90 days to go. it's -- is that even high school? i mean when i read that i mean is -- are these tweets coming from the president of the united states? two senior fisher officials told cnn that mccabe made the decision to leave months ago. but if he leaves will it embolden the president and others. >> fbi agents can retire at 50 mandatory at 57. it may well be he was retiring anyway. the truth is though he should have rekuzed himself from any part of that investigation. it's legal. the hatch act allows fbi agents to make politic willing contributions restricts other activities but it doesn't look good. >> yeah. the idea, steve of there being a deep state that is actively working to bring down president
10:32 pm
trump is something that the president's allies have seized upon, representative francis aren'ty a republican from florida was asked about enemies at the doj earlier today fake a listen. >> i don't want to discredit them. i would like to see the directors of the agencies purge is it and say look we have a lot of great agents, great lawyers here. those are the people i want the american people to see and not know the good work is being done not the people kind of the deep state. >> purging the law enforcement agencies in the department of justice? i mean that's the language that we heard in the old soviet union. >> yeah, i mean these are -- this gets back to my earlier point. when you talk about purging a major institution you know the premier law enforcement organization in the country. when you talk about purging anything quite frankly unless it's corruption or something like that again you get back to sort of developing brand-new democracy kind of stuff that i
10:33 pm
just think has really has no place here in the united states. and it's just -- it's you know the whole thing -- the whole ning thing is concernsing. and rubbing me the wrong way to see our democracy -- it might have been jim clapper who said a while back democracy is something you have to work at to maintain that level, the high level of a truly independent democracy with rule of law. and it feels like that is slipping when you see comments coming like this out of the -- out of the chief executive. the idea of a deep state by the way anybody worked in the federal government more than a couple of months knows often times we struggle to figure out who is using what conference room. the idea that we would be able to -- some senior or mid-level people in the federal government can figure out an internal secret opposition -- i mean it's ridiculous. and it should be -- claims like that should be treated as such.
10:34 pm
>> susan, in an interview with the "wall street journal" president trump's attorney is squoeted as saying i know we collectively the lawyers are looking forward a expedition wrapping up of this matter. have you heard anything that would be giving the president's legal team in optimism. >> no apparently they've been pushing this end of the year deadline. it does appear that sort of the majority and the republicans are looking to wrap up their investigation. that's over the objections of the vice chairman adam schiff who says wraer mot done. but as far as the special counsel robert mueller there is no indication what so far. we're seeing reports just this evening that he is potentially considering issuing a superceding indictment. another set of charges against paul manafort. by every indication this is a complex investigation. we're looking at months if not potentially sort of beyond the next year in terms of what the time frame might look like. >> steve, are you uncomfortable
10:35 pm
that enough has been done to prevent meddling in the 2018 midterms? >> no not at all. first of all, to be fair, it's a very, very difficult thing to try to figure out how to keep a nation state like russia or perhaps china or others who might be interested in further disrupting democracy in the united states. it's a really hard chore. you have to do good defense work and try to strengthen the system to mes which is hard enough but that requires a lot of money, concentration and perhaps most importantly political will. so i don't think that we can in any way shape or form sit become and say yeah we're comfortable the midterm exeyes in 2018 or in the future quite frankly are immune or entirely safe or really even meaningfully safe against you know some other type of hack or intrusion or attempt to manipulate the system, either electronically or otherwise through propaganda and other means. >> thank you all. appreciate it. when we come back the staggers number of days the property
10:36 pm
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today president trump went golfing at trump international golf club in palm beach county then headed back to the mar-a-lago club where he is staying through new year's. overall president trump has visited a trump branded or the prorpt on almost a third of the days in office. weal talk about this. and bill crystal editor at large at the "weekly standard." hello hope you had a great christmas. still more holidays to come. >> merry christmas and happy holidays since there is a war on krms. >> and happy kwanza. >> well you got to be extra simone every time. >> i'm saying. >> pr president trump is back to work. the next thing we see is golf at a trump property. spent 110 days as president at one of the properties. is it surprising since he once
10:41 pm
claimed he wouldn't have time to golf if elected >> is it surprise he says one thing and does something different? no. >> yeah. >> we knew he would be this way. we knew he was going to frequently play golf. look, i for one think he can get a lot done on the golf course. often times he is out there talking with members of the congress and others. he did, purdue from georgia. i'm saying he does things differently than any other people with regard to business. i have never. >> you don't think a hypocritical that he criticized the former ppt ppt and he spent more time on the golf hours than barack obama. >> that's you will did. he is on the golf too much. >> he is on the golf course way more than the former president was. >> it's extremely hypocritical. this is not out of the ordinary. i never criticized president obama never criticized any of the other presidents for golfing or horse back riding or mountain
10:42 pm
climbing whatever they did on time off. they worked hard and 24/7, 365 days a year they are available for whatever is needed. and look while the president was on the golf course today he was briefly earlier on a suicide bombing in afghanistan which was important. but look i think that no one should be surprised in the least that president trump is out playing golf as much as he is. this is how he lived before and it's no surprise he is doing it as president. >> i. >> simone. >> i want to go go ahead, bill. >> since i don't play golf i'm happy to criticize both president obama and president trump for wasting soechl time walking oenga manicured lawns. taking a stick and hit ago ball into a hole. >> this president doesn't do much wug. always on the government course. >> more of a government cart. i just said that so 100,000
10:43 pm
viewers how i don't appreciate the great sport of golf. buttic like watching it sometimes. anyway, president trump did what he had to do. it was the tweet you referenced earlier attacking the fbi early this morning. the main occupation honestly the one thing he wants to do more than ig anything else i believe is discredit the mueller investigation, discredit the fbi and lay the predicate for ignoring the report that mueller comes up or more likely pardonening people. people are treating him as if he is annoyed irritable. isn't it funny he tweets this. he and his allies systemically tlaeft for a month since flynn pled guilty and it was announced he was cooperating. since peek i copicked spent time testifying before mueller. he is worried about the investigation. he is doing his best to discredit it. and that's what he did this morning before going out to play golf. >> we're off topic a little bit.
10:44 pm
but sitting here thinking, if there is something that i'm not worried about if someone says something about me that's not true or just go hey look look into it here is my phone. i didn't do it what have you. i wouldn't be talking calling them fake and phoney. i wouldn't care. it wouldn't be in the orbit. he has to be worried about something. i'm not saying there is collusion. but he has to be worried about something or otherwise he won be crowing so much about it. >> yeah i think the president is wrd. i also think that this cloud of an investigation of something gone awrie has been over the entire presidency. he is probably frustrated. but he brought it on himself. i have no sympathy for president trump in the mueller investigation. because had he not fired the former fbi director we wouldn't have mueller or a special counsel. these are unforced errors he brought upon himself. he is going to continue to inject himself in this conversation because somehow donald trump thinks he is smarter than all of us. but he is not. he makes it worse. it's high time he starts
10:45 pm
listening to the people around him. >> let's get back to what we were talking about though. because spending so much time, do you take umbrage with him being on the golf course so much? yesterday he said, look this was a great holiday whatever. back to work and making america great again and the first thing he does is plays golf most of the day. >> i take umbrage because he criticized obama so much and he spent more taxpayer dollars and on the golf course than president obama in the entire eight years. there is one standard for president obama. one for donald trump. the one is the first barak barak ppt. the other the pioneer of birther movement pch he uses his position as president of the united states to publicize and profit on his personal companies. that's something that folks talked about a lot in the beginning. but have not talked about as much.
10:46 pm
we call the mar-a-lago the winter white house that's branding. doing the work of the trump organization for them. i definitely think it's not formal a president to you know be profiting oft properties while in the white house. >> we have more to talk about. stick around alice i'll get you on this. when we come back "the new york times" out with a new report revealing what president trump is saying about immigrants behind closed doors. including saying that nigeriaen wouldn't go back to huts after seeing america. i saw the change in rich when we moved into the new house.
10:47 pm
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as a presidential candidate, donald trump told me i am the least racist person that you have ever met. well, as president, do his policies support that claim? back with me now is my panel. so samone, there is a startling report in "the new york times," over the weekend according to two unnamed officials, president trump said in a meeting in june that people coming from haiti, this is a quote, all have aids, that recent nigerian immigrants would never go back to their huts in africa, and that afghanistan is a terrorist haven. when you think about his past comments about african-americans, about mexicans, what do you think of this? >> i stand by the comments i made earlier this year, in
10:51 pm
stating that i believe donald trump was not only a racist, but he identifies with white supremacists, because he does in fact hold white supremacist views. this is also very ignorant. but this is a subset of the american people that believe what donald trump believes in this moment. and that's dangerous. he strikes me as someone that doesn't read and hasn't been anywhere in these comments. there are folks i know that i asked about this. people that are affiliated with the white house and they noted that they have heard this before. this is not the first time they heard this story in "the washington post" -- pardon me, "the new york times." >> alice, the white house denies the report, saying general mcmaster, secretary tillerson, secretary mattis, all deny these outrageous claims and it is sad and telling that "the new york times" would print the lies of their annoy mouse sources any
10:52 pm
way. do you think president trump's past comments make this more believable for some people this >> i think it makes it more credible given his try. he's not a politically correct person. he has never been or ever will be. but there is a sense -- take the immigration issue. for lack of a better phrase, in his view, the ends justify the means. he is for immigration reform. he wants to secure the border. he wants to end chin ain migrat and have a secure vetting process to get immigrants into this country. that's what he strongly strands for. >> but there's a difference between political correctness and decency. >> and he's ignorant. >> look, in his mind, he's never been one to mince words. he says exactly what's in his mind, and i think in his mind, this is about policy.
10:53 pm
i've never agreed with everything he says and the tone he uses and his demeanor, but i support his policies. >> alice, you know i love you, but i have to push back. he said folks from haiti had aids. that people in nigeria lived in huts and they don't want to go back to their huts. i don't think that's policy, i just think these are his ignorant views. >> look, i hear you, but look, these two reporters that wrote these piece are phenomenal journalists, but when we're having people that were in these meetings saying look, that language was not used, we have to take that into consideration, too. >> they often deny reports, though. >> i don't believe anything that the white house says. >> there's plenty of stuff that he's said publicly that is deplorable that cheapens our public discourse. one can believe whatever they want.
10:54 pm
things he says in public matter are more. people that let off steam in private is one thing, but he's said things publicly and stood by them, the mexican judge or other things about immigrants, charlottesville that do damage to the public discourse. i think there's evidence -- >> bill, let's remember, i think you're referring here, he said very fine people on both sides when he was talking about the charlottesville protest. what does that tell you how this president sees race? >> i think he's not a -- i don't think he's impartial or color blind or an equal opportunity when it comes to race. but again, i don't think one has to depend on a contested private report. there's enough on the record there. and i come back again, if i can -- since i'm obsessed with the fact that everyone is interested in psycho analyzing them instead of the facts. less than a month ago, his former national security adviser
10:55 pm
pled guilty to the fbi and is coop naerating with the investigation. this is a factual question here about the integrity of this administration, about his attacking law enforcement agencies and other parts of the u.s. government in ways that diminish public confidence in our government. there's plenty he's done in public that is plenty deplorable, if i can use that term, you don't need to depend on contested reports of things he said in private. >> don, donald trump, while on the campaign trail, went to the little haitian center in florida, and told the haitian people there that he wanted to be their ally if he got to the white house, that he wanted to fight for them. and these reports coming out of private do not -- and what he has said on the record about people of color don't stand the smell test to what he told the people at the little haiti cultural center. >> others in the party and the
10:56 pm
republican party, including jeff flake, have been speaking about diversity in the party, and also as it comes to this president. is there a wakeup call for republicans coming, especially with 2018, alison? quickly, only a few seconds left. ises the wakeup call is to continue what they're doing, continue working together as a party and furthering the policies. i think what we have to do is tune out what the president says and the divisive language he uses -- >> i've got to go, alison. >> and work together to get things go. >> sorry to call you, alison. that's it for us tonight. see you back here tomorrow. not in this house. 'cause that's no average family. that's your family. which is why you didn't grab just any cheese. you picked up kraft mozzarella with a touch of philadelphia for lasanyeah! kraft. family greatly.
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u.s. president donald trump is ending the year as he started unleashing on twitter. he slammed the fbi again, saying the russian dossier is a bogus one and "crooked hillary pile of garbage." plus, an upsurge of warships coming too close to the united kingdom's coastline. the move comes as relationship between the two nations turn tour. then the markle effect. how the style sense of the royal-to-be could boost retail sales, with her christmas day outfit already selling out. hello to our


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