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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  December 29, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PST

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ve you money. call, visit, or go to all right. top of the hour, 10:00 a.m. eastern. a warning to all of you. john berman has a well deserved morning off and we are following a number of developments on the president this morning. a stunning new york times interview where the president says he thinks bob mueller will be fair in the russia investigation. at the same time, he says the probe is making the united states look bad.
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plus, a new warning to democrats. the president's message, no dole on doca without a wall. there is an expected staff shake-upcoming to the west thing. let's go to an bbey phillips. let's begin with what the president is saying on russia and mueller. >> the president giving an extended interview with the new york times yesterday at his golf club and talking quite a bit about this russia probe. he talked about the mueller investigation, giving a rosier view about how that investigation is going to go for him. just a little bit of what he said to them. he said there was no collusion with respect to my campaign. i think i will be treated fairly. timing-wise, i can't tell you. i don't know. but i think we will be treated fairly. two interesting things about that. the first is that the president has spent a lot of time in the last couple of weeks undermining the fbi and some of the
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individuals in charge of that investigation, suggesting that he does not have that much confidence in the mueller probe. but he thinks at the end of the day mueller is going to treat him fairly, whatever that means. the second thing here is about timing. the white house, the president's lawyers have actually told him they believe this investigation is wrapping up, that it is coming to a close. here the president suggests he has no idea where it is going to go. this is unusual considering how often we hear from him tweeting angrily about this probe on social media. >> and also he just took to twitter this morning, tweeting about doca or a deal for so-called dreamers saying there is a line and really making clear where the line is for him on this. >> that's right. the white house has been talking quite a bit about bipartisan ship. this is one of the issues they will have to work with democrats on. but the president this morning making it clear he is not going to come to the table unless he
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gets that wall funding. he says the democrats have been told and fully understand there can be no doca without desperately needed wall and end to the chain migration and ridiculous lottery system of immigration. we must protect our country at all costs. everyone knows the president wants to get that wall built. but at the same time, democrats have made it clear they want doca to be fixed on its own, separate from all these other immigration issues. the president making it clear before they come to the new year he wants those issues to be married together. it is unclear how that will affect how things go with that issue. >> what about this expected shake-up in the west wing? what's happening staffing-wise? >> well, we have been hearing a lot of complaints over the last several months about the white house political office and the need for that office to be beefed up. we have learned in the last few minutes that the aid currently
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in the white house in charge of the office of personnel is going to be given an elevated position overseeing the political operation and several other offices. the idea here is to give a little bit more backbone to an office that's going to be critical to the white house's response to the mid-term elections in 2018. he is a capital hill veteran. there is an idea here that he might be able to help them work better with hill republicans going into these crucial mid-terms. >> we appreciate all of the reporting. thank you. also in that interview with the new york times, the president was asked if he would order the justice department to reopen the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. quote, i have the absolute right to do what i want to do with the justice department. but for purposes of hopefully thinking i'm going to be treated fairly, i have stayed uninvolved with this particular matter. our legal analyst is here. let's go through this. paul, he says he has the absolute right to do whatever he
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wants at the justice department. true? >> true and false. he is the person in charge of the justice department. so, for instance, he could order them to divert resources from one investigation to another or to terminate an investigation. he can do that. however, if the purpose of terminating the investigation is to protect himself or to punish an enemy, that could be viewed as an abuse of power and/or an obstruction of justice. so, as i say, it's yes and no because if he's giving a legitimate order, it has to be followed. but you can also commit an act of criminality in that context. >> he also in the context of the attorney general and the justice department spoke about loyalty and his disappointment with his own attorney general jeff sessions for recusing himself from the russia investigation. and then he went on to compare the relationship between he and sessions to president obama and former attorney general eric holder and he said holder
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protected president obama. totally protected him. when you look at things that they did, holder protected the president, and i have great respect for that. i'll be honest. objectively speaking is it the role of an attorney general to protect the president? >> it is really a strange answer for him to give because he's continuing his attack on jeff sessions. really what he's saying is obama had a great attorney general who was loyal to him, but mine has not been. and fravgly it is very, very unusual to see a president attacking his own attorney general in a continuing way like this. but, you know, this entire interview was so strange. the other thing that i thought was really bizarre was him now praising the fairness of mueller. and as a former prosecutor, it reminds me of the use of the good guy/bad guy routine. trump's people had been attacking mueller relentlessly for conducting an unfair investigation. and now the president is saying, well, it is a fair investigation. he's acting like, you know, the
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good guy and his spokes people are acting like the bad guy in a criminal interrogation. >> yeah, for now. >> for now, yes. >> he's called this a witch hunt so many times before. paul, thank you. with me now cnn political commentators. alice, let me begin with you. what do you make of the fact that the president said, look, i think mueller is going to be fair on this. in an investigation, he is deemed a witch hunt so many times. >> i think he should repeat that one line over and over and over and over again and put a big period at the end of that sentence and say nothing else about the russia investigation. let me say from a communications standpoint, any time you have any elected official meeting with any reporter without any press team present for 30 minutes, it makes my heart beat really fast and i have shell shock thinking about what could have possibly come out of this. i think he was right to say he thinks he will be treated fair
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by mueller. reiterating there is no collusion 16 times may help convince some of the base, but that's not going to change the outcome of this investigation. overall, i think it was important for him to get out, say at least one positive comment about mueller, despite the fact that many others in the gop are critical of the investigation. and i think, given what could have happened, i think this was a really nice outcome, given the potential of something like this. >> he also said 16 separate times in this half hour sit down with the new york times that there was no collusion. look, that's part of what's being investigated. one thing that stood out to me, for you as a democrat who worked with bernie sanders, he said virtually every democrat has said there is no collusion. what did you think when you read that? >> i mean, i think donald trump is reaching here. look, i think there is a few questions to answer with the russia investigation. the russia investigation from questions that you have asked trump supporters and other people out there that you know
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is not necessarily electoral issue just yet. folks are not going to the ballot box voting on donald trump and russia. but some of the questions this investigation will answer is, yes, was there collusion. were there attempts to collude? was there objection of justice? and those answers have not been concluded just yet. so it is incorrect for the president to note that that has been an outcome of this investigation. >> so many things to go through here. i do find it interesting, alice, you know, another part of what the president said on the russia investigation is timing-wise. he doesn't know when mueller's probe will wrap up and he didn't seem to feel any urgency in getting it done. the white house counsel says they think it will be wrap up after the new year. it seems he's on a different page on the white house counsel on this. does that matter? >> we will always have conflicting desires for when this will wrap up.
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clearly i think his counsel is telling him things will wrap up quickly just to satisfy the president. he wants it to. i think it is in the country's best interest if it wraps up quickly. but at the same time, i think they need to quit talking about it. let robert mueller do his job. and if the administration is accurate and if they have done nothing wrong, then let the facts play out. let it lead to its conclusion. i think it is important not to pre-judge the outcome of this, but i think he should do as he's done the last month or so, focus on meaningful legislation, meaningful more issues like tax reform. now infrastructure and let's put the russia investigation on the back burner right now and let mueller do his job. >> we'll see if he doesn't talk about the russia investigation. i'm not so sure about that. but he did talk a great deal in this issue about bipartisan ship and working with democrats. he said dems should come to me on infrastructure.
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they should come to me on doca. they should definitely come to me on health care because we could do bipartisan on health care, doca. he just tweeted this morning and said no doca deal without a wall. i mean, is this genuine hope for bipartisan ship? >> i do think the president hopes the democrats would come to him to strike a deal. no one is coming begging and groveling to donald trump asking him to do something. the republicans are in charge of both chambers of congress. the reason that nothing has gotten done up until tax reform has been because republicans couldn't get their stuff together, not because democrats were obstructing. democrats are more than happy to work with administration. they say things like we want
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bipartisan ship and then they say we want to overhaul and get rid of obamacare. they say we want to work on -- we want to save the dreamers and then donald trump tweets about a border wall. democrats are not going to vote for a border wall in conjunction with saving dreamers doca recipients who this is the only country they know. so i think the president needs to retool his negotiating skills here. but democrats are more than willing to come to the table. that's why nothing is getting done. >> is that a correct or -- i mean, alice, just when you think about the calculation, the president saying no doca deal without a wall, you do have 83% of americans polled want to see a solution for dreamers here. it is more than just his base. >> sure. and i think one clarification. i think we started out this year, yes, the gop was all over the map and they didn't work together. i think they have learned they
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have to get something done. the gop now is united at working together, especially with house and senate members working together. that's why we have tax reform. it is critical with a lot of these issues moving forward, whether infrastructure or doca, they do work for closely with democrats and doca is an important issue. but the president has made it quite clear. anything that has any remote connection to national security with regard to immigration, he wants to build a wall. and if he has to tie that in with doca, he's going to do that. also think if we're talking about doca, he's going to be talking about putting an end to chain migration. so i think everyone is going to have to be willing to concede and work together if you want doca. you also have to consider the wall and chain migration. >> but there is something important to be said here. the dreamers and issues of immigration, phrases like chain migration negate the fact these are real people and real families we're talking about.
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these are real young people who have been in this country and paid their taxes. it is not approaching immigration from a human perspective. they're not voting for quote, unquote ending chain migration and that rhetoric is going to tank this deal and it is going to have donald trump signing an executive order on doca. watch. >> we'll be watching. really quickly, though, i did want to get you on this, alice. and that is the president coming out and mocking climate change and equating it to weather, which is two very different things. talking about the extreme cold in this tweet saying in the east it could be the coldest new years on record. perhaps we could use a little bit of that good old global warming that our country was going to pay trillions of dollars. bundle up. either he doesn't understand the difference between weather and climate or he doesn't care. but he's making it very clear that he's not a believer in climate change, which we are trying to get clarity from him on and the white house on for a
7:15 am
really long time. >> i think he's been really clear with regard to climate change that he does think it is a hoax. he thinks it is a very expensive tax that has been implied on many people. but the big question that is really difficult to get a firm response is whether or not it is man made. and that is something we're still trying to get from him. i think with regard to global warming and climate change, he made his position really clear by pulling out of the paris climate accord and making sure we do what's in the best interest of americans and i think we're going to continue to see that. he clearly doesn't believe in global warming. he thinks climate change is a hoax and we're certainly not going to get any change of him on that. he's been quite clear on where he stands. >> and he's wrong. >> appreciate it. thank you very much. have a good new years. this morning china is firing back after the president accuses china of allowing oil, selling oil into north korea. also, he has called for a purge of the fbi over what he believes
7:16 am
is bias within the bureau. what do they think about the president saying bob mueller will be fair? we will ask him. and 12 people lost their fire in a massive fire in the bronx. the new york mayor calling it the worst fire tragedy in decades here. excuse me a minute...
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china is this morning pushing back on president trump's accusation on twitter that china recently sold oil to north korea in violation of un sanctions. the president says he wants china to do more to help with north korea and he tells "the new york times" this. china is hurting us badly on trade but i have been soft on china because the only thing more important to me than trade is war. let's go to beijing. look, for the president to use the word soft, saying he himself has been soft on this president is fascinating. >> reporter: yeah, look because he's had tough language when it comes to china. first on the campaign trail. but north korea on the front burner and he has had tough talk towards china. he has said china was falling
7:21 am
down on the job. the priority of the trump administration is to see this raft of sanctions work, take some hold in terms of reigning in this rogue regime. whether or not you see sanctions are enough to sucurb this, it i clear to everyone that china's role is essential when it comes to enforcing these sanctions because of their key economic relationship with north korea and basically president trump again saying china has fallen done on the job saying they have been caught red handed. he's talking about what would be an illegal network of ships transferring oil to north korean vessels which could take that oil into north korea. there was south korean media reports this week that said there was satellite images showing this. officials here in beijing are fighting back saying that's not the case. they are fully enforcing the sanctions against north korea and if they do find evidence
7:22 am
that chinese ships or companies have been involved in illegal sales they would deal with those entities. they are not conceding that has happened. but south korean officials say it is clear that illegal transfers are happening on international waters. they say they actually seized a chip registered to hong kong leased to a taiwanees company. >> thank you very much for all the reporting. so along with china, president trump has said repeatedly he's seeking a better relationship, a better partnership with, quote, rival power russia. this morning though, a kremlin spokesperson says russia's relationship with the u.s. has been one of the major disappointments of the year. a day after secretary of state rex tillerson says the u.s. has a poor relationship with russia. joining me now from moscow is matthew chance. so much back and forth, especially in russia in just the
7:23 am
past 48 hours. what is the latest from the kremlin? >> well, i suppose the latest is the reaction we've had from the kremlin regarding donald trump's interview with the new york times in which he denied 16 times, again, that there had been any collusion with russia. and this is one of the issues where, one of the many issues, where donald trump and the kremlin talk en sync with each other. when he was asked for his response to this article, the spokesperson for vladimir putin said this anti-russian hysteria was continuing, that the russians were perplexed at the ongoing investigation and that it was damaging, the relationship, between the united states and russia. and, so, you know, somewhat
7:24 am
reflecting the kind of sentiments that president trump was exhibiting during that interview. as you mentioned, the kremlin spokesperson went on to say that the failure of the u.s.-russian relationship is one of the major disappointments for the year for the russians because they started this year back in january when trump was inaugurated full of anticipation and hope that this was going to be the president who was going to be able to turn around the relationship between russia and the united states. of course that hasn't happened. if anything, things have gotten much, much worse between the two powers. >> indeed. appreciate the reporting for us in moscow tonight. president trump says he thinks robert mueller will be fair in the russia investigation. a big headline from that new york times interview. my next guest called for a purge of the fbi and the justice department because of some who were on the mueller team. we will discuss what he makes of the president's comments next. ,"
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welcome back. and we are continuing to dig into this stunning interview that president trump gave to "the new york times." one of the major headlines, the president says he thinks special counsel bob mueller will be fair in the russia probe. joining me now is republican congressman francis rooney in florida. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me back on. >> it is nice to have you hear soch. he thinks bob mueller will be fair. that would imply his team would be fair in all of this. you said in large part because of the make-up of mueller's team and the russia probe you think a purge is needed at the fbi. you took some heat for the language you used. what do you think? is the president right on this one? >> well, i sure hope director
7:30 am
mueller will be fair. his fantastic reputation of public service would tend to indicate he would be. but why i spoke up about it but still very concerned about all the things that have come out of some of the people in the fbi and the justice department. even going back during the clinton administration. this stosic guy has said some bad things in these tweets and i wonder how we want a guy like that working in an agency with so much authority over americans. >> you know bob mueller dismissed him from the team when he learned about that. and he also tweeted negative things about hillary clinton and bernie sanders. it is not enough for you he was removed from the team? >> we need to find out what they were talking about in the meeting in andy's office and the dossier. if it goes as far as some of the rumors, maybe he shouldn't be working at the fbi.
7:31 am
>> so you think maybe he should be fired. republican senate chuck grassy asked them to answer those questions. when it comes to foreign policy and diplomacy, looking in the year in review for this president, there is fascinating analysis this morning out of the new york times and you have the national security adviser, general h.r. mcmaster telling the times the president's approach, quote, has moved a lot of us out of our comfort zone, me included. is that a good thing or is that a bit concerning to you? >> well, i think it is concerning from the point of view if the world doesn't understand where the united states is trying to go, it could create more instability and chaos and we certainly don't need anymore of it. we have this terrible situation in north korea, and i think the president is right to focus maximum pressure on china. we have this continuing challenges in the middle east.
7:32 am
>> so are you saying that the president has to your concern contributed to that uncertainty on the global stage? >> no. but i think not the president but i think the whole tension of and frustration that came out during the campaign and we see it now of the american people between lost and exported jobs versus trade deficits between these continuing problems we have had in the middle east and the difficulties in the wars and then i think there is a lot of frustration with the overempowerment of iran in the recent years. >> so there is nothing you think the president -- i mean, it is hard to separate the president and what he has said and done on foreign policy from the actual policy of the united states. is it not? are you saying he bares no responsibility for what you're concerned about? >> of course. he's the commander in chief and he needs to be clear. and i think that we need to clarify just exactly what we're going to do both about trade and security. there seems to be a lot of confusion right now about what
7:33 am
the president means. >> so the kremlin this morning, as you know, has come out and said the relationship between russia and the united states is one of the major disappointments of the year. you saw secretary of state rex tillerson calling the relationship between the u.s. and russia poor. do you believe -- you're a big russia hawk. do you believe that the united states, the american people, have benefitted from the president, at least in rhetoric, if not action, going easy on vladimir putin and on russia? >> i think the american people will benefit by sending those javelin anti-tank weaponry over to the ukraine. >> that's why i said rhetoric, not action. >> rhetoric, i got it. i'm sorry, yeah. >> do you think the president's language what he said about vladimir putin and russia has been helpful to the american people? >> well, they haven't done
7:34 am
anything else since. so i can't say one way or the other. i think russia will act on their own strategic interest regardless of what anybody says or does. >> but the former cia director, the former republican chair both warned this week that indeed russia is still meddling in democracy, still meddling in elections. if r you to say they're not doing anything at all, what is that based on? >> well, i think that they haven't taken any more territory. they're doing a lot of bad things. they're still moving the borders around. i think they are posed to take more of the ukraine if they think they could get away with it. i'd be quite worried about what russia might try to do next. >> let me ask you about the future of the republican party. i had your fellow republican congressman on the program yesterday. and he told me that he thinks your party needs to do a much, much better job of being inclusive of bringing in minorities, of bringing in
7:35 am
women, of bringing in young voters and he said i think we've gone in the wrong direction on that score. do you share his concern? >> well, i think we have an increasingly diverse population. and i think if we believe our republican values of reliance, individual reliance and free enterprise is the best way to go, we need to make the case to all americans that it is in their interest. >> so he's right? >> i think we would be able to do that. >> he's right? he's right then? >> i think he's got a point, sure. we need to be reaching out to all americans and show them our view of the economy and security of things is the right one. >> he is one of the 27 republican members of congress who are not seeking re-election in 2018, as you know. that's compared to 15 democrats. he told me yesterday that the president, president trump, is actually a factor, part of the reason why he is not seeking re-election in the new year. do you have concerns that the
7:36 am
president is playing a role here as why some of your republican colleagues are saying, enough, i'm not going to run again. >> i don't want to speculate. >> well, he said the president is part of the reason for it for him. does that concern you? >> well, it concerns me that so many republicans are retiring, for sure. >> why do you think it is? have you talked to them about it? >> well, i know that the history is that the party in power loses seats in the house in the off year election, and i think maybe this year the -- with all the press and hysteria that's been going on about the russia probe and other things like that, whether it is right or wrong, good, bad or ugly, the fact is the country seems to be in a bit of a chaotic moment right now. >> why do you call it hysteria when you also applaud the independence and performance of and background of bob mueller, the special council? >> well, i just think there is
7:37 am
so much hype. it is dominating the news every way. i would like to see director mueller go about his business, finish his investigation and we move on. >> congressman, appreciate your time. have a good new year. thank you. >> thank you. happy new year. >> you, too. breaking news on the deadly apartment fire in the bronx. the mayor of new york city weighing in saying what caused the fire. we'll have the details next. not in this house. 'cause that's no average family. that's your family. which is why you didn't grab just any cheese.
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oh, of course! tom, i am really sorry. i've gotta go. look, call right at home. get the right care. right at home. breaking details on the fire last night. city officials are now saying it was likely caused by a child playing with a stove. 12 people died. several others injured, including firefighters and those first responders. scott mcclain is in the bronx. >> you said it. the fire commissioner here in new york speaking to reporters saying that this was caused by a young boy in a first floor apartment playing with the burners on a stove. his mother was inside the apartment. but not in his vicinity to
7:42 am
supervise him and that's essentially the cause of this fire. he also said it moved quite quickly because people were opening their windows to get out on to the fire escape and fire needs oxygen. once that starts getting in there, it just fuels the flames. he also said the fire got into the stairway. and he said that really, you know, acted like a chimney, allowing the fire to spread quickly after the floors and potentially because this fire started on the first floor and worked its way up, that may be why this was so deadly in fact. we also had heard, according to city records, public records, that there had been six open violations with respect to this particular building. two of them had to do with smoke detector defective and a carbon monoxide detector defective as well. so it is not clear whether or not those issues were resolved
7:43 am
or whether they played any factor in what happened here. the fire commissioner was asked about that. he said that they are still looking into whether or not those smoke detectors were, in fact, all works. he said they all would have been installed because that is the code. whether or not they were working, they are still looking to find out that. >> thank you very much for the reporting. our thoughts with all of those families. 12 people dying in that fire. thank you. ahead for us, the dow hits record highs this year. the president says his administration gets a lot of credit. we will take a closer look at the stock market rally and all of the top business stories of 2017 next. ♪when you've got...♪
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cities across the country are increasing security measures for new years eve. las vegas police are putting snipers on rooftops and bringing in the national guard to help protect crowds there. here in new york police are setting up barricades. right now they are patrolling tourist attractions and hotels leading up to the iconic ball drop. counter sniper teams will be mobilized. and for the first time, we're told these reflectors will be placed around times square. it is a precaution that police say will help them identify the floors of buildings in case shots are fired from the window. police say this is in abundance of caution. they have not received threats. and these two gentlemen will host our new years eve special coverage at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. all right. so quite a year for the market.
7:49 am
if you are invested, you have loved this ride. stocks are pretty close to that 25,000 milestone for the dow. the president takes a lot of credit for the success of the market. stocks have seen quite a bump since the president took office. extending the bump we saw under president obama. the top money stories of the year. >> bitcoin explodes. >> amazon rules. >> investors cheer. >> here are the top seven money stories in 2017. >> number seven, brick and mortars retail apocalypse. a stunning list of bankruptcies. more than 70,000 retail jobs lost. and online sales are soaring.
7:50 am
walmarts pivot to emerse pays off and amazon, the king of digital shopping, saw its stock price cross $1,000 a share. amazon has so much cash it actually bought a brick and mortar chain. >> number six, mega mergers. amazon's $13 billion purchase of whole foods. one of the splashiest deals of the year and the retail jug you are immediately dropped prices. and cbs plans to buy aetna. if approved, it will wrack as the largest health care merger in history. it all relies on the regulators.
7:51 am
will they sign up on these deals? just before thanksgiving, the justice department sued to block at&t's purchase of time warner, a company of cnn. that's causing uncertainty for future deals that could put a chill on m and a next year. >> the bitcoin craze. the virtual currency started the year before $1,000. then went from 6,000 to 16,000 in less than a month. driving an expectation this speculative investment will some day be mainstream. so is bitcoin the bubble in made-up internet money or a profound shift to a viable digital currency? nobody knows for sure, so buyer beware. >> so to number four, your data that's under attack. in september, credit reporting
7:52 am
agency equifax disclosed a breach on a monumental scale. the data of 143 million americans, nearly half the country, had been exposed. the executive resigned. although, he's still got a tongue lashing from lawmakers in the u.s. >> equifax did a terrible job of protecting our data. >> the less son for corporate america, hacks are a threat to your brand. prioritize cyber security or be prepared to pay the price. >> number three, chief executives bail on the trump administration. the ceo president made a big show of bringing business leaders to the white house, but his hand picked jobs and manufacturing councils started to unravel and then imploded. several high profile ceos criticized trump's travel ban. in june tesla and disney both quit the group after the
7:53 am
administration withdrew from the parties climate accord. then came charlottesville. then the president had no choice but to disband them altogether. >> just in, two of the presidents ceo groups for jobs now totally gone, disbanding. >> it was a stunning reversal considering the euphoria following trump's election. >> number two, the most sweeping tax reform in decades. it will touch nearly every american citizen and it's billed as a middle class tax cut. >> this is going to cost me a fortune, this thing. believe me. this is not good for me. >> the bigger relief goes to those who need it most. >> the middle class are the biggest winners in the senate tax plan. >> the government's own analysis tells a different story. it finds the rich and corporations benefit the most at a cost of a trillion dollars added to the deficit.
7:54 am
republicans insist tax cuts will ignite explosive economic growth, benefitting everyone. >> the report is adopted without a motion to consider. >> trump administration and the republican congress on the brink of their first major legislative victory of 2017. >> it's the largest tax cut in the history of our country and reform. but tax cut. >> and number one, the trump bump takes off. >> 2000, it is a historic moment. >> we went through 22,000. just another day at work. >> we do have breaking news. look at that number right there, 24,000. >> it seems nothing could stop this rally. not a growing nuclear threat from north korea, not the russia investigation, not the domination of a new federal reserve chair. president trump praising the market's rise. >> we have a stock market that has hit record highs 81 times
7:55 am
since our election victory. >> and he tauts the strong economy. >> total unemployment is now at a 17-year low. think of it. not bad. >> every president takes credit for a booming economy. but cheering on the stock market, that's risky. just think about it. after all, what goes up sometimes, perhaps usually in the fullness of time, might go down. and the second strongest bull market in history could be overdue for a serious pullback. so the question now will it happen in 2018 or will the bulls continue to run? >> richard quest, christine romans thank you so much as always. so the president says he thinks bob mueller will be fair to him. but also believes the russia probe is making the country look in the president's words very
7:56 am
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hello. happy friday. a surprise old school talk storm for president trump that sparked a lot of discussion this morning. in an interview with the new york times, the president addressed a wide range of topics, but his shift in tone on the special council investigation really stands out. the president repeatedly saying there was no collusion with russia and that he


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