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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  December 30, 2017 3:00am-4:00am PST

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good saturday morning to you. president trump is warning the world is watching after dozens of protesters were hauled away. for reportedly chanting our slogans. >> an economic crisis is what's
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fuelling the anger by the thousands. people there are sick of corruption and adding to a host of foreign policy challenges is what we're seeing in iran as we're heading into this new year. u.s. officials predict another ballistic missile test potentially sometime early in the new year. in syria james mattis says he expects to see more contractors in syria. we have a team of reporters and an lusts standing by across the globe. ryan, talk to us about how the white house is responding to the clashes in iran. >> reporter: good morning to you
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from west palm beach. despite the fact he has been on vacation he is keeping a close eye on these protests the president himself using the powerful pulpit of his twitter feed to send a clear message to those protesters, the president tweeting last night, many reports of peaceful protests fed up with the regime's corruption and the squandering of the wealth to fund terrorism abroad. the government should respect their people's right that the world is watching. now the president's statement which came late last night, the state department said they report the people of iran and of
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course it's not a surprise that the president would stand with the people protesting against the iranian regime. there's been a tense relationship between the president and iran. in fact, the united states believes that iran is involved in the conflicts in yemen and syria and of course donald trump himself has been critical of the nuclear deal that was hatched with the previous administration. he continues to say it should be reviewed and possibly come to an end so this morning the president of the united states making it very clear that the united states stands with the protesters and not the regime in iran. our senior correspondent in istanbul. i want to start with you and
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these protests. there are also thousands of progovernment protesters who are out today in iran. give us an idea of what is happening there. the conn diditions that prompte these protests and these competing efforts. >> reporter: well, these demonstrations began thursday night and started really spreading throughout the course of friday not just in the capital but throughout the entire country and in typical fashion the iranian government have responded. the demonstrators did not obtain the necessary permits and in response to those demonstrations we are seeing those that have been taking to the streets, it really presumably started out because of economic dissatisfaction.
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the country has been in something of a downward spiral. things would get better after the nuclear deal with the united states. they did not necessarily at least not to the degree that the population would like to see and then the underlying issues that have been the cause of a lot of dissatisfaction with how the government is handling a number of issues. there is a certain sense that the government is focusing too much on foreign affairs and an increasing sense of frustration that the government is too focused both financially and politically on what's happening in i iraq, syria, lebanon and in gaza as well but the government is warning people that they should be careful when they go out into the streets. they are accusing a foreign
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agents as being the ones who are really trying to spark all of this at this stage. >> it's interesting that the reason that this response, this statement from the president is remarkable because we have to contrast that with the statements we did not hear from the president in relationship to other woshrld leaders. we did not hear this type of warning from president trump in that situation and the list goes on. >> it's true. it's selective support for civil unrest and this is a country that's been more on the radar for president trump and there's different reasons that he would support the regime becoming destabilized other than human rights. nonetheless, this could be something bigger.
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this could portend to more protests and the possibility of unrest in the country. we don't know yet. but the inconsistency is the result of this not being so much about animosity for the iran regime. >> let's turn to north korea. north korea now saying that it will continue in 2018 to pursue building its nuclear arsenal. that's despite the latest sanctions from the united nations, despite the broader strategic pressure from the united states. what is left for the u.s., for the international community as it tries to deter this effort in north korea? >> well, what's left is for the trump administration to acknowledge that there are limits to what you can do. you can put as much rhetoric out
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there as you would like. you can pressure china, the neighboring country that is in some ways the sponsor of north korea, but you can't control what's goes on. so to the extent that donald trump wants to continue the war of words with the north korean leader we'll continue to see this escalation and we'll go further down the path. >> i want to talk more about north korea. we know that the key to stopping potentially kim jong-un from getting to the international intercontinental ballistic missile, the president said that he's been soft on china. are there indications that the u.s. now considering that it's not getting what it's looking for with this strategic pressure campaign will double down on the sajss against chinese banks that
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we'll see a more aggressive administration in response to what they see as china's inaction to north korea? >> that's the direction he's headed. that he will use both rhetoric and executive power to try to ratchet up the pressure on china. that problem won't work either. china will respond to that. in many ways what they need are assurances to the opposite effect. that they can work with this administration, that there can be economic engagement, simply continuing a battle with china probably won't do much to improve the situation in north korea so the president might actually move in the wrong direction on this. >> let's turn to syria now as we tick through many of the global issues confronting this administration.
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james mattis said yesterday that there will be more diplomats heading into syria. moore suggests in addition to. can you give us an idea of how many u.s. diplomats might already in in syria if there is a significant number? >> as far as we're aware there are not that many at this stage. at least not civilians although the government is not going to be disclosing specific numbers because of the security situation. there are a few thousand u.s. troops still there of course. the syrian president has come out and said that any american presence is illegal, but frankly there's not much he can do about it. now, that being said, mattis is presumably coming from a position of historical knowledge and experience. he knows what it takes to rebuild a country post war and
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he also knows what failing to do looks like. we have the example of afghanistan and iraq already when you do not supplement and have an equal amount of military action as well as political civilian action. the civilian role in all of that is as important if not more important than the military one. given everything that they have gone through in the middle east, they recognize that there needs to be that equal push from the civilian side to ensure that certain building blocks are put into place that allow for the prevention of an entity like isis to reemerge and thrive. >> nation building, that's a dirty phrase for the president where he said speaking about afghanistan back in august, that the country, the u.s. will not
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go into the nation building business as it did in iraq and afghanistan and i'd imagine that policy holds for syria. what appetite is there for doing the work of nation building that was not done in other arenas that kind of set a fertile ground for the growth of groups like isis? >> that's the cloud hanging over the foreign policy of this administration and what brings all of us together and if you're not going to be consistent, you put aside one element of historic u.s. influence. if you decide not to get involved with something like the marshall plan, then you butt aside another tool. to the extent that trump critics have always said that this administration is unwinding american power, financial influence, our retreat from the
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world stage is not going to work out for us. even in terms of security. these are troubling questioning and i think we're starting to see it play out in syria and elsewhere. >> and we can't have a conversation about syria and not talk about russia and russian president vladimir putin. to what degree does the u.s. have any leverage in syria especially with assad considering the u.s.'s position that there is no role for assad moving forward in syria and putin has stood by him, supported his administration, his government against isis, against the syrian forces. what leverage does the u.s. have with putin having such a strong hand there in syria. >> that's one of the ironies of this administration is that the potential for a new kind of relationship with russia to help
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solve this crisis has in part been undermined by the scandal and by the relationship in politics that has unfolded with this administration. so in some ways trump and his team have undercut themselves, because ultimately this will be an important piece to the puzzle in syria. it goes back to russia and we will need that relationship. we will need some kind of new strategy to bring an end to this civil conflict. >> the president putin is holding this end of the year news conference in which he called for pragmatic cooperation in response to president trump. that's of course a subjective phrase. we'll see how that fleshes out. thank you all. thank you. all right. still to come, new development tots the tell you about this morning regarding an online
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we have some new developments for you, an online gaming dispute that went too far. police have arrested a man in los angeles for an alleged deadly swatting hoax. it's gained traction with online gamers and here's what it is. someone makes a prank call to police with a false report of some sort of ongoing crime. it could be anything. the hopes are to draw officers to a particular address, an address of perhaps somebody they think has done them wrong. >> but the suspect in los angeles allegedly called police in kansas and was holding his mother and a sibling hostage. >> i'm just pointing the gun at them making sure they stay in
3:19 am
the closet, my mom and my little brother. >> is there any way you can put the gun up? >> no. are you guys sending someone over here because i'm not going to put it away. >> i i'm going to stay on the phone with you. is that okay. >> >> that's fine. until they get here or -- >> as long as you need me to, okay? >> yeah, i'm thinking about, i poured gasoline all over the house, i might set it on fire. >> we don't need to do that. okay? >> in a little bit i might. >> so police showed up at this house in kansas, sur ronded the house, but when he came to the door and police say he moved suddenly, an officer fired a shot. finch did not have a weapon and he had nothing to do with his online gaming ispute. this was an address who had no one involved in a game lived
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there. now his family outraged understandably, a reporter from our affiliate has more. >> andrew finch's family is angry. he was shot by a wichita police officer as they responded to a call on false information. >> they did not say anything to him. he opened the door and they shot him. >> andrew finch's mother was in the house when her son was shot. she disagree gred with part os what they said. >> this is his blood. they were giving the story that there were hostages in here. >> after a swatting call all because of a video game dispute that had nothing to do with finch. the family has a message for whoever made that call too.
3:21 am
>> you killed a wonderful man. this whole family has lost a wonderful person because of your selfish -- >> finch had two young children and we're told he was all about his family. >> he was very loyal. he was faithful. and he was caring. >> the family continues to want answers after the unarmed man was shot by police on a bogus call. >> and remember, 25-year-old man in los angeles has been arrested in regards to this t with' el keep you posted on that. police have arrested two people in connection with that horrific quadruple hods in new york. four people including two children were found dead in troy earlier this week. >> the two suspects are scheduled to be arraigned this morning and police say the investigation still ongoing. more details about the suspect's identities and charges are
3:22 am
expected sometime today. >> and more than 70 million americans are enduring extreme windchills this morning. have you even bothered to open your window? there is another arctic blast moving in just in time for 2018. >> it's cold out now. >> and the sad part is you look at the numbers and you think how could it get colder? but the fact of the matter the it's going to. 70 million. it's over 70 million that are under a windchill advisory, windchill watch or windchill warning. there's a certain threshold you have to hit. the current windchill in boston, minus 7. minus 3 is the feels like
3:23 am
temperature in chicago. it feeling like it's minus 35 and it's going to get colder. but as we talked there's another wave of cold air pushing through. starting in the midwest today and it will push to the northeast sunday into monday but it pushes pretty far south. that's the thing you have to understand. and we could be looking at 25 possible record lows on monday. here's why this is so dangerous. you naturally have a portion of heat that sits around the outer portion of your body. that maintains heat around you even when you're outside. but when you have wind coming it blows away that outer layer and making it very difficult for you to understand how quickly your body temperature can drop and a drop of only 2 to 4 degrees is all that's necessary for hyperthermia to set in.
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>> is it orange? now i've got to look it up. >> yeah, single digits, never good. >> i'm headed to the midwest this weekend. high of 15 degrees where i'm headed. so tax reform. it was the signature accomplishment for the republican party this year, but now one high profile gop senator who voted for the bill says it may not work as advertised. what rubio says is likely to happen. it all started a long time ago
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27 minutes past the hour. >> good morning to you. >> so senator marco rubio is speaking more freely about the tax reform effort. now that the bill has been signed into law, he tells the florida newspaper if he was in charge the tax bill would have looked different. i felt we probably went too far. by and large you're going to see a lot of these multinationals to buy back the price. some of them will be forced because they're sitting on cash that pay out dividends. we've got our political commentator and political anchor
3:29 am
with us. thank you for staying with us. so first to you, rubio goes on to say, listen, these changes make the tax code better, but if he were king for a day, things would look different. what are the implications, do you think of this criticism? >> well, it's very striking first of all, because with such a slim majority in the senate, every senator was basically king for the day if they were in the majority conference the same was true for some of the pass through provisions of the final bill. he could have asked for this if he really cared about it. i mean, he did sort of nudge the senate in the direction of improving the tax credit by a very small amount, but for rubio
3:30 am
after the fact, we should have spent more time on this. well, he could have asked for more time. he could have demanded more time. he could have demanded for provisions. he may be right and he may be wrong, we are certainly going to see some stimulus because this is a dramatic amount of money that's going to come flooding into the economy over the next couple of years. >> do you think more congressmen may be sharing their thoughts? >> it wouldn't be surprising. this was an incredibly unpopular piece of legislation and this comes at the time when republicans are starting to look at polls that are predigcting a positive election for democrats. so they after voting for the bill will try to separate themselves from the unpopular
3:31 am
part of the bill. but ultimately it is their bill. they have to take responsibility for legislation that passed through a republican congress and a republican white house. >> okay. i do want to switch gears here for a second. the president, we are learning this morning fired the replaning members of the presidential advisory council on hiv and aids and this is coming after there were six cheexecutives of that left saying the president didn't care about hiv at the time. new presidents usually do remove the appointees from the last administration. president obama did this with bush appointees. with that said, how confident are you that this council will be refreshed and intact. >> i don't think we have confidence and that's why this
3:32 am
is different than some of the other examples that you mentioned meaning the president has bng conducting this ball l against certain parts of the public health policy agenda and often that merges with the concerns of the religious right and so i don't think there's much confidence at this point that there will be not only a restoration of the council but really a doesn't sound like it. i mean, when they were -- and they suddenly sent out all these letters that the service has been terminated without any
3:33 am
rhyme or reason, it doesn't sound like they want this to continue at all. different ways to reach people, to talk about something as important as hiv/aids. and you don't have a lot of input from some of the sun triand you can see the statistics going in the wrong direction and after years of making the incidents and the sped of aids kind of come down, we could start to see a rever l reversal. >> but again, remember, this is as the executive director says very typical. president obama did the same thing when he got into office. on january 1st, i want to get to one more subject here. transgender recruits, they can start enlisting in the military. president trump tweeted they would be banned. the court decision so far on the issue has been temporary.
3:34 am
you believe a reversal is in the process here? >> i don't know if if it's a reversal. i think you could end up having the president condemning the idea of the transgender group, taking whoever they can get because especially with the economy recovering by the way, military force really doesn't have the luxury of turning away people who are able and willing to serve so i think we're going to see the pentagon and the white house pulling in different directions. >> do you agree? >> yeah, i think in some ways the rhetoric is what matters most for the president. i think this is in large part political and as part of president trump that will sesz concerned with the policy, less concerned with what's being impli memented than his statement ps about it and i do think the military will face ongoing pressure in the coming years.
3:35 am
>> there is a lot on the table at the moment. we appreciate you both so much. thank you. >> thank you. a tale of two approval ratings. a poll says one thing about how the president is doing his job, but his supporters are saying something else.
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so president trump's approval rating has dipped below. >> his numbers are high in rural america. thi they think he's doing a good job? >> georgia is the heart of nascar country. it also happens to be one of the most republican counties. >> who did you vote for on election day? >> president trump. >> every day they honor hometown nascar legend bill elliott, they also now honor president trump and his first year in office. >> george washington auz the father of the country. abe lincoln held it together and now donald trump is going to save us from ourselves. he's going to build a strong economy. >> he's done excellent as for as i'm concerned. >> restaurant regular sonny
3:40 am
saying the good news about donald trump is getting swept under the rug. >> what do you think that hasn't been reported? >> no telling how much legislation that never gets mentioned. >> you bring up a good point because he just said himself that he signed more legislation than any president since harry true man. >> he has. >> object iive people look at ts and it's kind of the opposite. the question is -- >> how do you dig your thfigure? >> if it wasn't for that democratic senate we'd have some good stuff done. >> does it concern you when he kind of fibs? >> kind of what? >> fibs. >> doesn't bother me at all. >> how come? >> because every one of them is big liars.
3:41 am
i don't blame him for nothing. in other words, he said what he could do. he's trying to do it and like i say, politicians, you know how politicians are. >> how come he doesn't get any responsibility for getting people pulled together for what he's trying to do. >> for proof of that, many point to the legislation the president just signed. >> a poor man ain't going to create a job. rich people creates jobs. >>. >> so you like this tax plan? >> definitely. >> do you think that will benefit a man like you? >> yes. >> how is that? >> it's going stimulate the economy. if they have money they're going to spend it. >> so you think they're going to invest it in more workers and raise salaries? >> yes, i think so.
3:42 am
>> and here's advice from for the president. >> he could probably do better with his public relations. >> what would you advise him? >> not to tweet. >> if you can be talking to the president what would you say he should be doing. >> i would tell him, whatever you want to. whatever you want to do, you're the boss now. >> cnn, georgia. well, serena williams is set to make her return to tennis today. andy shoals will have more for us in a moment. y. and, how's it looking? >>i don't know. there's so many opinions out there, it's hard to make sense of it all. well, victor, do you have something for him? >>check this out. td ameritrade aggregates thousands of earnings estimates into a single data point. that way you can keep your eyes on the big picture. >>huh. feel better? >>much better. yeah, me too. wow, you really did a number on this thing. >>sorry about that. that's alright.
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whfight back fastts, with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums it took nearly all of 2017 off. she had a first child and got married but serena williams is set to make her return to tennis. >> it's good to have her back. the game of tennis definitely missed her. she only played one grand slam
3:47 am
and she won that tournament despite being nine weeks pregnant, but since we last saw her, she gave bifrt to her first child in september, a daughter named alexis. she's named after her father, the cofounder of read it. now 36 years old, she's going to be playing at 8:00 eastern this morning. this her first match in nearly a year. it's basically a tune up for the australian open which begins in two weeks. she enters 2018 with 23 grand slam titles. ohio state taking on eighth ranked in the nfl draft. he was sacked eight times. the buckeyes just all over him this entire game. ohio state quarterback barrett meanwhile, he had a nice game. he ran for two touchdowns
3:48 am
including a 28 yarder. they won 24-7. harrison breaking his silence. he was slammed by his former teammates for forcing his way off the team and signing with the patriots. harrison posting on instagram, if anybody thought i signed a deal to sit on the bench to collect a paycheck and a participation trophy, they're mistaken. patriots head coach was once again asked if he thought it was going to be odd seeing harrison and he gave a belichick answer. >> this is the national football league. we have somebody on our team that was with another team that
3:49 am
we play against. that's the way it is every week. it's the national football league. this is professional football. it's like that on every team. so i don't see it as some historical event. >> yeah, that's belichick for you. and a lot of people thought you know, the patriots signed harrison because he's going to bring a lot of intel on how the steelers do things. he kept saying i don't though what this has to do with it because they're playing the jets this week. it's a great answer. that's him for the half hour. he never comes out of character at all during those press conferences. >> maybe he's upset about leaving cleveland. i'm just kidding.
3:50 am
>> there is always one. >> that one? >> ohio state? just saying. >> we had something good from ohio for you in there. >> happy new year, by the way. >> then a female superhoe r-- superhero film. >> but which story topped our list? we'll tell you next. (grunts, whistle blowing) (shouting, whistle blowing)
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♪ all right. he is now sir ringo. the bee gees, they're set to be knighted by the queen of england. >> star joins his fellow beetle for the title. >> and a ripple effect on the entertain in the industry. >> cnn michelle turner takes us there. >> from political spoofs to
3:55 am
social media movements entertainment media like never before in 2017. >> sit down. first of all i'd like to announce that i'm calm now. >> saturday night live hit record ratings and kept the momentum going throughout 2017. >> lock him up. >> souperhero movies aren't jus a boys club anymore. superhero films have dom nighted the box office for the last decade but wonder woman proved females have just as much power on the big screen. >> in the name of all that is
3:56 am
good. >> the first female led film received critical raves and ruled the box office. wonder woman also became the biggest live action film by a female director. >> despite new releases from taylor swift and j zee, the first spanish track to hit the u.s. the most viewed youtube clip with over four and a half billion views. >> breaking royal news, prince parry ofshlly engaged to meghan markle. prince harry announced their
3:57 am
engagement in november. harry told reporters he knew she was the one from the start. >> i could barely let you finish proposing. >> then there was hugs and i had the ring on my finger and i was like, can i give you the ring? oh, yes, the ring. >> all eyes will be on what she wears down the aisle. >> a mixup leads to the most awkward presentation in history. the celebration hit a pause when one of the la la winners pointed out that moonlight had won the award. moonlight, you won best picture. he explained he had been given the wrong envelope. when it comes to live tv, anything goes.
3:58 am
>> details are just coming in. this is breaking right now. >> a terror attack outside an ariana grande concert. the tragedy was carried out by a lone suspect. just a few months later a gunman opened fire at a las vegas country music festival killing 58 and injuring hundreds more. the events took place during the jason aldean set. the las vegas attack is the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. aldean paid tribute to the victims with an emotional performance on snl in october.
3:59 am
hashtag me too shakes up hollywood. studio executive harvey weinstein and kevin spacey were just a few of the men called to task. me too denounced sexual assault and harassment. the founder was even included in time magazine's silence breakers person of the year. the power of social media continued to keep entertainment in the news and inspiring conversations that are sure to continue in 2018. cnn, hollywood. and live from times square, anderson cooper and andy cohen hosts the special right here on cnn.
4:00 am
so glad to have you with us on this weekend. >> so now after more than a year of controversy focusing on the alleged russia meddling, russia is now calling for cooperation in a new year message to the president of the united states. >> vladimir putin wants both nations to engage in long-term constructive dialog, but in that same speech he was quick to remind the world that he backs the dictator. >> and this is just one line of a long list of foreign policy challenges for president trump as we head into 2018. we focus on just a few here on the map. north korea's resolution ring


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