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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  December 31, 2017 4:00am-5:00am PST

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good morning to you, everybody. welcome to the last day of 2017. we are glad to spend it with you. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. good morning to you. breaking news. anti-government protesters in iran now spreading across the country. they are now violent and deadly.
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>> i want to just give you forewarning here. what we are about to to see you is disturbing so i don't want you to be caught off-guard. bodies are lying in the street after a burst of gunfire. here we go. on this video here was tweeted by a human rights organization and i want to let you know what we know right. two anti-government protesters were killed overnight and five shot and iran officials say their security forces are nothing to do with it. >> there is videos added to social media and they appear to show these large groups of anti-government protesters, some of them fighting with police. cnn cannot independently verify the authenticity of these videos but in some the crowds app to be chanting we don't want an islamic republic and death to
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the dictator. so this is one of dozens of these demonstrations happening now and they started on thursday and you see how they have spread across the country. >> top iran official is issuing this stern warning to protesters this morning saying they will pay the price for disorder. cnn senior international correspondent frederik pleitgen is with us now. he has reported from iran nearly a dozen times. fred, we know that the people there are frustrated, but help us understand, when you have two anti-government protesters who were killed and iran officials say there is a security forces had nothing to do with it, who is responsible then? and are they searching for somebody? >> reporter: i'm not sure
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whether they are searching for somebody or whether or not the security forces were responsible for those deaths. certainly it seems as though the protesters are going to blame the security forces for those deaths. all of this apparently happened in a town, smaller town in iran during a melee they are trying to storm a government building. it certainly seems at least in some places the protesters are becoming a bit more violent but it's interesting to see how these protesters have evolved over the past three days when they started as economic protests. a lot of people there have discontent because of the economic situation. then you had food prices prize and gas prices announced to be rising as well. it started with economic protests but now it seems to have evolved into more of a political message which interestingly is not necessarily directed at win or the other political faction in iran. that is certainly something that
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we really haven't seen much of in iran over the past couple of years. the other big thing is while moves demonstrations are very small and they are widespread and happening not only in cities but smaller towns and villages as well. something unprecedented at least the past couple of years in iran. >> no doubt about it. frederik pleitgen, we appreciate your perspective. we are getting reports of internet slow downs and outages across parts of iran but those are not stopping protesters from trying to get the world's attention. >> we want to share with you several images from social media users here. now we cannot independently confirm these images but wanted to show you what we are finding. that is a woman standing in a busy street there without her head scarf waving a white shawl. this is the campaign #white wednesdays that protest a law enforcing women to wear hijabs.
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>> joining us to discuss is president of the national iranian american council and author of "losing an enemy obama, iran, the triumph of diplomacy." i want to start with something you wrote about in the context of the tweets that have come out from the president, from sarah sanders, also the vice president recently. you say that this administration is clearly trying to make up for the shortfall of the obama administration and their reluctance to get involved during the 2009 green moovement. >> obama didn't set up the green revolution but it let it fail in the sense of being soften his
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rhetoric and condemning the disputed election of ahmadinejad in 2009 when clearly there were probably the biggest protests that we have seen, at least within the last ten years, with the exception of these protests that we are seeing within the past week. one i think thing president trump is trying to do is set a different course because now they are not looking at the iran nuclear deal and decertifyived it back in october and one of the things they are trying to do is focus on possible regime change. i wouldn't say they are actually looking to do that bull -- if the iranian people are looking more toward that, i think something they are looking forward to. >> a piece in "the washington post" asks the question -- is this a revolution? they say, no, not yet. what would it take for us to see what you would characterize as a revolution in iran? are they edging close to one based on what we are seeing this
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hour? >> i don't think what we are seeing right now is something that would lead to a revolution regardless of what the intent or motivations may be. as your reporter said, these are very pharferocious protests tha have grown very fast and spread around the country, but they are still much, much smaller than what we saw in 2009. moreover, unlike in 2009, they lack both leadership and organization. they have grown quite impressively absent that type of leadership and organization, but for it to really be able to pull that type of a potent political challenge, it's difficult to see it doing so without some degree of leadership and, so far, we have not seen that. that does not mean that the grievances of the population are not legitimate or anything of that kind. on the contrary, they are quite legitimate. but in the absence of organization, it's difficult to
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see that this actually could be able to overthrow the government. >> it was just mentioned the possibility that this administration is looking toward regime change. i just want to read one of the tweets that came out from the president which he takes just an excerpt from his speech and writes the following. you say the tweets from the president and from the administration broadly are not necessarily hopeful. why? >> certainly not from donald trump. i think we have to keep in mind this past year, he has managed to turn the iranian people against him. he imposed the muslim pan which affected the iranian nationals more than any other nationality. iran has been effected by this. he has come out strong against a nuclear deal that still remains broadly supported by the population and his talk about the dictatorship, et cetera,
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doesn't sound really genuine, mindful of the fact he has been hugging, not only saudi arabia, but many other dictatorships in the region and beyond. i don't see the iranian people looking toward donald trump as an inspiration. support of donald trump is not a political plus in the iranian political context. >> so siraj, when we look at that and we see the president's tweets, we see the vice president tweeting about this as well, beyond tweets, do we know what the president's plan is for dealing with iran? >> right now, it's tough to say. there is a lot of conflicting reports coming out of iran, as you've probably seen a lot of social media videos and tweets cannot be independently verified because the iranian state news agency is trying to control what comes out of the country. when you're looking at the intelligence reports that are coming to donald trump and the white house, you're looking at what would be, you know, similar
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to what we probably saw during the green revolution. i would agree with mr. parsi arbitration point about this being an disappointed protest and no leaders right now but this is a bubbling protest movement we can see in iran where people on both sides, both hardliner answer probably reformers are kind of coming together and protesting the state of power currently in iran and that is something we cannot ignore, that is spreading to different parts of the world rightly now. >> siraj and treti, thank you both for being with us this morning. >> thank you for having us. >> thank you, gentlemen. vice president mike pence is reacting to the unrest in iran. i want to get over to cnn political report dan merica. walk us through what we are hearing from the vice president now. >> reporter: the vice president is following up forceful statements by sarah sanders, the white house press secretary, and press trump, tweeting yesterday,
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let me read to you what he is saying. president trump tweeted earlier that the world is watching. that phrase had a number of experts thinking does that mean the president is going to weigh in for formore forcefully on th protest? that remains to be seen. mike pence and the trump administration will be far from the first american administration to weigh in on iranian politics. all of this is colored by president trump's past statements on iran. he was hard line on iran during the 2016 election and calling at the time number one state sponsor of terror and decided to decertify the iran deal earlier this year and more is upcoming to color what is happening with
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the anti-government protesters and how the anti-american government responds to them. >> dan merica for you there in west palm beach, thanks so much. there is this new report from "the new york times" identifying a former trump aide as a possible catalyst for the fbi investigation. the entire look into the russian meddling issue in 2016 and the election. we will talk about that next. when you have a cold, pain from a headache can make this... ...feel like this.
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this morning, there is a new "the new york times" report that is adding to the pieces of intelligence in the russian investigation even pointing to why the fbi began investigating in in the first place. >> this is major. according to the report, campaign aide george papadopoulos has pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi. they knew that russia had thousands of emails that would
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dodge hillary clinton months before the investigation became public. cnn's sarah murray has details for us. >> reporter: on the another sleepy day on the president's vacation in mar-a-lago, the white house was left grappling another "the new york times" bombshell and centered around george papadopoulos who was a former policy aide to trump when he was in his campaign and revelations telling people he was aware moscow had damaging emails about hillary clinton and may have helped attract law enforcement to this information whether any collusion between trump campaign officials to meddle in the election. before this report came out, the white house went out of their way to downplay papadopoulos role during the campaign. here is what sarah sanders had to say about it months ago. >> it was a volunteer position and no activity was ever done in an official capacity on behalf of the campaign in that regard. >> reporter: now the white house took a cautious role in its response to this bombshell report over the weekend.
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ty cobb, who is the president's counsel within the white house, put out a statement that said the following. if you dig into "the new york times" report, a couple of things could be troubling for the trump white house including the notion that papadopoulos helped weigh in on some of then candidate trump's foreign policy speeches as well as helping to facilitate a meeting between candidate trump and the egyptian president and both things seem well outside of the spectrum of a low level volunteer. sarah murray, cnn, west palm beach, florida. joining me to discuss is mark lamont hill and ben ferguson. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> ben, the president, the white house, his supporters, the members of congress, have said that, in part, this investigation began with a
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dossier. it appears now, according to "the new york times," that it started with this conversation between papadopoulos and an australian diplomat in may of 2016 saying three weeks earlier, he had gotten the information about russia having dirt on clinton. it seems to hallow out the center point by saying it starts with this dossier, does it not? >> it could be a combination of both. we don't know what triggered this. this could be part of what triggered it or could be overall looking at the page and saying we are here this, there is a dossier. we don't know. the bottom line is this individual deserves to be in trouble for what he has done. clearly, i think he has tried to, you know, big-time people and overstate his involvement until the campaign. he also doesn't tell the truth very often and the reason he to plead guilty to lying to the fbi. i put a big asterisk next to this mainly because the individual is not trustworthy.
4:19 am
obviously, he wanted to be a bigger deal than he was in the campaign clearly. he may have been running around trying to get access to other. >> according to "the new york times" he made higher ups higher every time he tried to arrange the meeting between russian representatives and senior campaign aide but sam cloveis, an adviser to the campaign, suggested that he should make the trip. >> again, i put a huge asterisk next to someone who has been busted lying to the fbi. my point is this. i do think that there is probably a good chance that this had some sort of involvement in the opening of this case. easily the dossier could have been there. i doubt it was one central conversation with the australians that would have triggered this big. an investigation. they, obviously, were looking for different things. this may have been a part of the puzzle here. again, i think this guy should be in trouble. i think he should have gotten busted by the fbi for lying to them.
4:20 am
you don't lie to the feds. period. end of discussion. >> we should also say that much of this reporting is based on documents, based on emails and those often in those cases break some of the major elements. mark, the president said no fewer than a dozen times, i think the number that we have is 16 times in that "the new york times" interview with the grill room in mar-a-lago, there was no collusion. does this revelation from "the new york times" conflict with that assertion? >> it certainly makes that assertion a little more doubtful. it's not a smoking gun, by any stretch, but it's certainly a challenge for two things. it's entirely unbelievable at this point he is setting up meetings and attempting to leverage the influence that he does have. he is trying to schedule things between putin and trump. obviously, jeff sessions had some doubt about that. because an experience. nevertheless he was --
4:21 am
[ inaudible ] important point this guy overstated his power and his authority. that is very true and very trump-like. but what isn't true is that he didn't have influence on this xanel and trump's administration spinning this as a low level guy lying and exactly not what happened. also the idea that there was no meddling is really hard to believe when there is so much intelligence going on here. as you said, it's not just about an australian diplomat and a low-level function. it's about emails and about other people confirming. there is a lot of stuff here that conflicts with the trump administration's claims at the onset there is no [ inaudible ] there. we have to dig deep. >> ben, one of the other elements reported here was that, you know, this interactions, this involvement between papadopoulos and the campaign was not short-lived. he was influential in trying to set up this meeting between candidate trump and the president of egypt two months
4:22 am
before the election. i mean, how can this line of low-level coffee guy continue when he has this degree of involvement throughout the summer and into the fall? >> look. i think there is two things here. one, if you have this much influence, you'd actually be a part of the campaign and people would know who you are instead of it coming out because of an fbi investigation. so i think you had an individual here -- >> or possibly they know him and now it's just inconvenient to know him. >> let me expand on my point here. you have an individual that, i think, had some access to the trump campaign. no one would deny that. and i think you try to use that for his own personal gain to build his status, maybe with the people around the world that he wanted to have connections with or do business with or just be a big-timer with. again, the same guy that lied to the fbi. so, you know, he may be walking around talking to a bunch of people going i have the ear of donald trump when he doesn't. he may have the ear of one campaign staffer that he talks
4:23 am
to on a regular basis but never at an official capacity with the campaign. >> this is also someone that the candidate, himself, pointed out in a newspaper interview saying that he was an adviser. this wasn't someone who came along and saddled up next to donald trump. i have to get mark back in here. >> victor, this is one important point, though. the president did not point him out in an interview. the interviewer went through a list of multiple names asking about the names and the president responded. he did not bring up his name independently. a long list the president was asked about who were around this table and around the campaign. the president never brought his name up saying he is somehow in the campaign. >> that is not the way i remember it but if someone asked me about someone and i don't know who they are, i will certainly tell you i don't know that person. mark, let me get you in before we have to wrap this up. >> it's not as if donald trump
4:24 am
stumbled saying i'll not sure he is. the president was asked about him. the president said i know who he is and donald trump was being honest. why? because donald trump listened intently, according to sources, according to emails and all of the evidence, [ inaudible ] according to all of the evidence donald trump was intrigued by the idea of papadopoulos linking him to [ inaudible ] so he was getting the conversation. second, [ inaudible ] president of egypt arrange a meeting. coffee boys don't arrange a meeting with one of your most significant partners in the middle east. trump wanted to be two things in foreign policy in the summertime. one, reinforce a relationship with russia and second was deal with israeli/palestine. [ inaudible ] this guy was not a low level functionary. a key player in the campaign and proven to be a liar and [ inaudible ] key questions about trump. >> we have to wrap it up there. thank you both. >> good to be here. there is going to be frigid
4:25 am
temperatures but some determined party-goers tonight in the big apple. here is a live look for you at times square. i know it's empty right now, but a lot of people will be there, including the founder of the me too movement. we are talking to her next. happy new year to all of you in new zealand. it's already 2018 there. auckland, look at their celebration there. impressive fireworks display just a little while ago. a half ton of pyrotechnics in this one. it took five months to prepare. (matthew) my wish was a clubhouse, but we call it "the wish house". (mom) and it just immediately brought something positive in our life. "oh, i gotta get up
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breaking in the iranian demonstrations, we are getting this tweet from the founder and ceo of the telegram. telegram is a secured messaging platform. it says hawnian authorities are blocking access to the telegram
4:30 am
for the majority of iranians after our public refusal to shut down. we know many of the videos, much the reporting we are getting out of iran comes through social media. we saw this in 2009 with the green revolution there as well. these videos we are seeing in cities across the country, these anti-government protests, many of being reporting of these videos coming through applications, apps like telegram but this request coming to the founder of telegram saying that they are blocking access to the mantle of iranians after they refuse to do shut down. we will bring you the latest as this story develops across iran. this year's countdown to 2018 is putting the me too movement front and here. the founder of me too tarana burke is dropping the ball at times square. her movement inspired so many women in entertainment and washington. you and me walking around main street to come forward with
4:31 am
stories of sexual assault and workplace harassment. she shared the news on twitter saying, in part, the follow. she is with us now. tarana, good to see you. happy new year almost. >> happy new year. >> when you got that call that said, hey, why don't you push the button, what did you think? take me to that moment. >> it was an email, actually. and i did not believe it at first because, you know, who does that ever happen to? and then kind of calmed down and realized it was the real thing, i thought this is incredible. >> speaking of incredible. what we have seen develop the last three or four months has just -- it seems turned so many things on their heads here. i'm wondering what are your hopes, based on just what we have seen in the last three or four months, what are your hopes, your goals for 2018?
4:32 am
>> i really hope that people are ready for the work that has to happen in 2018 and i hope people understand that this is not a flash in the pan and that what happened at the tail end of 2017 was just catalyst for the work that will happen in 2018. so my goal for 2018 is continue to build out the work that we already had started and figure out better ways to support survivors. because marlee what we have been seeing is a lot of conversation about perpetrators but i think the focus should be on survivorship and what they need. >> what do they need? help people understand what survivors need. >> it varies, right? people ask this question all the time and i'm one individual person and i've met thousands of people who have survived sexual violence and one of the things that we need is to speak in unison. we need to have people believe us and when we speak up and talk about the things that have happened to us, people need to take it seriously.
4:33 am
but we need legislative action and civic action and we need things to happen on the ground in our communities and in washington. >> so on the anniversary of the women's march, organizers are going to launch power to the polls. this is a national voter registration and mobilization campaign that will target swing states. what do you think are the implications of this movement and power to the polls to the mid terms when we look into 2018? >> well, i think 2017 has been a full gear-up heading toward the midterm election. the women's march set it off last year and started in 2017 with a powerful statement to the world that women would be heard both in the united states and around the world. so i think the momentum that came off the women's march and ending the year with the me too movement is just going to propel us forward into the midterm election and we will see a lot of women running for office and we will see a lot of people who -- men running for office
4:34 am
understand they have to take women's issues seriously and i think power to the poll is going to make a powerful statement about the changes we need to make. >> you said that you've talked to thousands of women, obviously, over the years but particularly in the last few months. what are you -- is there one overriding theme, feeling, thought that you hear from them that you're taking into 2018 with you as a motivator? >> you know what? so many women have reached out to me and actually not just women. i've had women, children, men. i've had so many people, different kind of people reach out to me and the overarching thing is that people feel free. people have had the freedom to release their stories and to be heard and believe, and that freedom has propelled them so many different ways and that is really, really fundamentally what this work is about. it's about survivors supporting one another and giving people
4:35 am
permission to start their healing. >> tarana burke, good luck tonight and enjoy it. it is such a special moment. not everybody gets to do it. you're absolutely right. and we will be talking to i'm sure more in 2018. thanks for all you do. >> thank you so much. >> sure. victor? to germany. extra 1,600 police officers on hand for new year's eve celebrations. the german kamting are taking certain safety measures for women with a safe zone. chris burns is live in berlin. this comes in the context what have we saw last year. what are we seeing different this year to add some safety measures? >> reporter: yeah. slightly different. over my shoulder are two tents that belong to the red cross and they will have a sign there on the fence that surrounds it saying women safety area. that is just to reassure women that they have a place to go if something happens. now you look back two years ago
4:36 am
when hundreds of women were sexually attacked, harassed, some of them raped in cologne in western germany. hundreds of them. over here, only a few women were harassed but they want to take that precaution any way, along with the rest of the security in light of what happened two years ago and thinking about what happened one year ago with the truck attack on a christmas market that kills a dozen people here. they want to keep the security tight and not allow anyone with bags and opening this up to allow people to come in and fill that fan mile. it is 1.2 miles between brandenburg gate and the victor column so hundreds of thousands of people. there is this post here but there are also four other tents spread red cross tents spread across the area to make sure if anybody is hurt and if anything happens, there are people, there 140 personnel from the red cross here to help them.
4:37 am
victor? >> journalist chris burns for us there in berlin, thanks so much. >> thank you. so amid reports and growing evidence that china and russia are selling oil to north korea. we will take you inside the reclusive regime's sophisticated smuggling operation. helped put a roof over the heads of hundreds of families, he's most proud of the one he's kept over his own. brand vo: get paid twice as fast with quickbooks smart invoicing.
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midnight in north korea. state-run television had a special new year's message praising kim jong-un's achievements in the face of america's opposition. north korea just released this video of kim in a celebratory concert attended by a lot of the senior north korean leaders including kim's sister. kim used it as an opportunity to reaffirm north korea's emergence as a capable nuclear threat to the u.s. >> north korean defector tells cnn the regime has a sophisticated smuggling network and can easily trade in banned goods. cnn's brian todd has more. >> reporter: august 2016. a freighter is intercepted heading to the suez canal under neath 2,000 tons of iron ore on board, rocket grenades made in
4:42 am
north korea that one describes as a spider web of smuggling. how do north korean smugging operations work? are there ships with false names being moved around? >> translator: the smuggling is conducted by any and every means you can imagine. larger items most we done using ships, for example by filing a cargo list where what is written is different from what is really being shipped. >> reporter: for decades, ho was a top wrangler of cash for kim jong-un's regime and he sometimes would handbags of cash leaving from china where he was stationed for north korea and redefected in 2014 he says he worked mostly in legal imports and exports and gave us insight into north korea smuggling operations he describes as being almost unstoppable. >> translator: on the open sea, the yellow sea, there are hundreds of fishing boats both from china and north korea. and all of the smuggling is done by these so-called fishing
4:43 am
boats. instead of fishing, they are involved in smuggling and it is very difficult, even for china, to stop these hundreds of fishing boats jo according to the u.n. and outside analysts, kim's regime sells weapons on the black market and uses its diplomats to move miami and fake viagra and endangered species. >> kim jong-un sits atop a network that would make don coree leon pride. >> reporter: they stop the flow of illouis goods leaving and arriving in north korea and they might include luxury items for kim in his inner circle like the limo he is seen stepping out of. >> translator: the mercedes-benz, for example, provided for the leader, they are not legally imported. they are being smuggled in. >> reporter: the cash that reed was so go at getting to his
4:44 am
boss, experts say, bpays for kim's weapons. >> he has to maintain political royalty so needs walking around money to hand out. >> reporter: u.n. officials at the u.n. deny the smuggling. a north korean defector says he is saving money and saving lives. brian todd, cnn. there is a new super hero coming to town. lots of new movies to look forward to and we will talk about the big block busters coming up in 2018.
4:45 am
4:46 am
walt may only be 7. he has been raising money online for various causes since he was 5. we caught up with him during his drive to help the homeless. >> reporter: what did you raise money for? >> the shelter. >> reporter: i always feel like i sound like a bragging parent when i talk about him but he is a really special, special kid. he is happy when other people are happy. >> do you want me to put together a complete bag of toys for you? >> we were experiencing the devastating fires in northern california and he starred ted tt very worried. i'm worried about the people who lost their homes. he says i want to raise money for st. anthony's winter shelter when it gets cold. he said because there are more homeless people now. >> put it up on the internet and there is a link to it. then you donate.
4:47 am
the new grand total is, $10,452! the money i donated gives the shelter more money to buy beds. >> it's tremendously inspiring, especially for someone so young to have that understanding that people need help. so it speaks very well for our future. >> do you feel like you're changing the world? >> let's call it an even 50/50. >> yeah.
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i'm sorry, i'm still laughing. >> i just said, we were talking about movies, and i said, i don't know what the hell is coming up next year. i don't. but i know there are new movies coming out, something for everyone, i hear. >> we have blockbuster sequels, we have a bunch of stuff from disney, we have a new superhero. so let's talk to evie carol about this, movie critic for "movie guide." thank you so much for being here, evie. first, talk to us about amazing superheroes. >> 2018 is going to be a great year for superheroes. black panther is doing something new because it's the new black, you know, comic. and so it has been around since a long time. they wanted to do this movie since '97. so fans are super excited. chadwick bosan is going into the king role and has to figure out how to fight darkness and evil.
4:51 am
we are excited about "black panther" coming out january 16th. that's the next marvels movie coming out. >> incredibles 2. we know the first one was quite the hit. and pixar is always just so remarkable. >> pixar is awesome, the quality is always there, that's for sure. we love "incredibles 1." this is "incredibles 2." the lead is jack, the newborn you see on tv. his dad, mr. incredible, he now has to take care of three children at home and elastigirl is out there kicking butt. >> i know why everyone was speaking in really bad english accents this morning. "mary poppins" is coming back. >> that's right. "mary poppins" is going to
4:52 am
return. it was a spectacle at the time. we are hoping that this produces the same results in the world of cgi and get the same quality. but we have heard that julie andrews is super excited about handing off the baton to emily blunt as mary poppins. we'll check out a review at "movie guide." >> it says "mary poppins returns. "is it a remake or a continuation? >> it's a new family? >> it's a continuation. so they are meeting up with michael now older who has three children. there's a tragedy that happens in the family, so she kind of comes in and she's there to help the kids. so it looks pretty fun. >> this is one that i did know. you have to go back and think about some of the movies that you see. >> he has never see "mary poppins." >> wow. >> that's what i said, wow.
4:53 am
>> "mary poppins," and "sound of music" i missed the classics. "a wrinkle in time." >> "a wrinkle in time" was a book written by c.s. lewis. it has light versus darkness. the main character is fighting darkness and has to step up to the plate with her father who goes missing who you see on the screen. so this one looks really good. it's got a up huge following. i'm excited about it personally. we know at "movie guide" we do stats on what families like, and they like to see good triumph over evil. >> and how about "jurassic world." >> that looks good, too. now we are excited to see bryce howard is not running in heels in this one, so that's a good thing, because everybody was laughing about that. but chris pratt, once again, they are going back and kind of
4:54 am
fading the dinosaurs before the volcano explodes. so it will be a lot of action. >> all righty. >> so we are a couple days out from the golden globes, but i want to look ahead to the oscars, who is in the running? do you have picks for best picture for the oscars? >> the ones i love and "movie guide" recommendations are "dunkirk," christopher nolan did an incredible job with that. the score was amazing if you have seen it. it's probably the most artsy war film i have seen. and it has great messages in there. and the other one i enjoy is "darker hour," along the same time period. obviously, winston churchhill, that's an incredible movie. he's up for best actor and he's not even recognizable. so he does an incredible job. of course, i love "wonder woman," patty jenkins did an
4:55 am
amazing job with that, appearing as a character strong and fighting for the right things. >> all right. we have a lot to look forward to. evie carol, thanks so much. >> thanks so much. >> i'm going to take him to "mary poppins." just saying. don't forget to celebrate the new year with us as well. >> i have to see "mary poppins" in 2018. >> you do. we have two best friends on tonight. there are going to be big shenanigans. >> i feel like we almost slipped up on the shenanigans earlier. y'all missed that moment. >> we did not. and we have anderson cooper and andy cohen, you never know what they are going to bring on "new year's eve live" tonight at 8:00. thank you for making 2017 so much fun for us. we appreciate you. hope you make good memories tonight. >> here's to a great 2018 together. as we leave, we are looking at sydney, australia.
4:56 am
we wish you a very happy and safe new year's. "inside politics" with nia-malika henderson is coming up on this sunday after a short break. ♪ you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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a new year and a new to-do list for trump and his party. >> we have signed more legislation than anybody. >> but his bipartisanship on his congress 2018 agenda? plus, the president's take on the special counsel and what we now know about one of the investigations. and midterm party politics. on the right, the outsiders versus the establishment. >> there's a time and season for everything. and right now, it's a stop siea war against the g


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