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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  December 31, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PST

11:00 am for a link to the global judgment challenge. i will tell you what you predicted and we will see how it measured up to reality. thanks to all of you for being part of my program this week and this year. i will see you next week and next year. >> thank you so much for joining us on this new year's eve. we begin with breaking news out of colorado. a sheriffs deputy has been killed in four others wounded after aymanman opened fire in a denver suburb. according to the sheriff's office, the suspect was shot and believed to be dead as the body was taken from a hospital, officers held a procession.
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cnn's scott lane is there. >> we know very little about what happened, but we are learning bits and pieces. we know that a lot of residents in this condo complex, there are 15 to 20 buildings in this area and they are two-story walk ups. this is a pretty sleepy corner of suburban denver. for many people it wasn't clear what it was. one person said it sounded like firecrackers and another said it sounded like heavy construction that had been going on nearby. as we know now, it was gunfire. one woman who lived there told me she believed that the shooting lasted between 30 seconds and one empminute and i sounded like there was an exchange meaning multiple weapons being fired and what
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sparked this and what transpired. we know that sheriffs deputies say they were responding to some sort of a domestic disturbance. all told, five were shot and one killed. the body was taken in the procession to the coroner's office. two civilians were killed. three people have been released from the hospital though we don't know how many of those are civilians and how many of those are deputies. the suspect in this case has been killed. there is no longer a threat to the area. the president donald trump is tweeting his condolences writing my deepest condolences to the terrible shooting in douglas county. we love our police and law enforcement. god bless them. >> the boulder county sheriff, his son was among the deputies here in douglas county who was wounded in this incident.
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we should be able to get more details. there is a press conference starting here momentarily. >> look forward to getting answers from that. scott maclane, thank you very much for the reporting. security is at an all time high. las vegas where there was a horrifying shooting about three months ago, there will be police on roof tops and officials bringing in the national guard. in the meantime in new york, barricades are up and officers are taking precautions near times square where we find unprecedented security efforts taking place in manhattan. what can you tell us about the precautions that are being taken? >> one thing we are learning quickly if you want to make your way towards times square, you have to have patience and plenty of layers. it's quite cold and the forecast calling for the historic temperatures later tonight, but also security.
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an unprecedented level from new york city police officials the last couple of days. the preparation point that started almost a year ago after new year's celebration last year. that gives you an idea of how much planning has gone into this walking the streets of new york. i will tell you firsthand, there is no shortage. particularly there on the subway. plenty of security and we heard from officials, the weather is to be taken seriously. temperatures are getting extremely cold with folks expected to wait up to 13 hours to secure the best spot in times square. >> my friend, i hope you have a happy, safe and warm new year's eve. see you soon.
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let's discuss more with tom fuentes and law enforcement analyst charles ramsey, a former commissioner for philadelphia police. thank you both for joining us on new year's eve. after the shooting in las vegas, there is an increased awareness of this sniper-type threat. a shooter posted themselves at an elevated position. what can they do to prevent that type of attack? >> they are doing as much as they can possibly do. when you talk about an area of high-rise buildings like times square with that many people not just on the ground going through security, but all those windows of all those buildings and i'm sure the police have been to all those hotels and apartment buildings and if someone does something like that, it will be
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a difficult decision for the police and whether they shoot somebody that shows up in an open window. >> charles, to you. mgm resorts that own the mandalay bay is facing a lawsuit claiming the hotel should be liable for not doing more to prevent that attack. in your eyes, how much responsibility should hotels and high-rise buildings take in special circumstances like new year's eve to be monitoring their guests? >> i mean this is the united states so there is only so much you can do in terms of checking people out that are staying in a hotel or what have you. you want to take all reasonable precautions. i was just in new york not long ago at the marriott marquis where they look in your car and check your trunk. there are reasonable steps you can take, but the reality is you can't stop everything from occurring. what happened in las vegas, i don't know if anybody could have anticipated that.
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again, these extraordinary steps are just a sign of the times that we live in now. it's not going to change. i just see it continuing for the foreseeable future. >> charles brought up that point. the conflict between personal privacy and the second amendment and ensuring public safety. when law enforcement is trying to prevend someone from using a hotel or a high-rise from making that a launching pad for an attack, how do they strike that balance? >> do the best they can to try to determine with the cooperation of the hotel operators and the apartment building operators. you have so many apartments. so many hotel rooms it's difficult to monitor every single one. i don't want to discuss on the air what kind of things a terrorist could do to defeat the security measures, but there are some that pose quite a challenge to law enforcement in order to prevent someone from shooting out of the building or even
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someone on the ground. also you have with that bitter cold weather you have people that are heavily clothed. many layers of clothing to try to hide either weapons or explosiv explosives. it's not like fourth of july where people have tank tops and shorts. that adds an element of challenge as well to law enforement authorities. >> if someone is planning to head out to a public celebrations say in times square or the las vegas strip, what can the average person do to protect themselves? >> they should be aware of their surroundings obviously, but call ahead and find out what's going to be allowed in the perimeter. in the northeast now, we have this cold spell so people are going to want to bring blankets and thermos jugs and all kinds of thungs. whether it's in new york or anywhere, you need to find out what's allowed in and what's not allowed in. more important than anything, if you see something that looks
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suspicious, let the police know. either call 911 or go to the nearest officer and explain what you saw. we can take all the steps in the world. it's still going to be important for people to pay attention to what's going on around them. it will be a very safe event. people should go out if that's what they choose and dress warmly, but be aware. >> we hope it will be save and people can keep warm. we have to leave the conversation there. hope you have a preosperous 201. whatever your plans, ring in the new year with cnn. our special new year's eve hosted by anderson cooper starts at 8:00 eastern here on cnn. we will be back after a quick break. male vo: when that hurricane hit, the entire community came together as a whole. ♪ it was such an overwhelming response to help others. no one thought that they were going to do this before it happened and everyone just did it.
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i think that's the way that human nature should be looked at. ♪ i'll stand by you. ♪ i'll stand by you. ♪ won't let nobody hurt you. ♪ i'll stand by you.
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us. it's what this country is made of. but right now, our bond is fraying.
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how do we get back to "us"? the y fills the gaps. and bridges our divides. donate to your local y today. because where there's a y, there's an us. the political crisis is deepening as anti-government demonstrates on are take to the streets for a fourth day.
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now seesocial media is being chd off or shut down completely. the protests in towns and cities across the country have also turned deadly. this video tweeted out by human ryes groups gives you an idea of the chaos unfolding. two anti-government protesters were killed overnight. a local source said at least five others were shot. in the meantime, donald trump tweeting this out. he wrote big protests in iran. the people are finally getting wise as to how their money and wealth is being stolen and squandered on terrorism. looks like they will not take it any longer. we will continue reporting, but there is a press conference happening in colorado where
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there was a shooting earlier today. >> earlier around 5:00, officers were called to a residence at the 3400 block of county line on a disturbance. once they were there they were met with gunfire from the suspect. four officers were injured. one officer was killed in the line of duty. we will be giving you some photographs of the officers through my pio staff after this conference here. i want to mention a couple things. the two other citizens, civilians were injured. and this as well. they are nonlife-threatening injuries. our hearts and prayer guess out to them as well. regular people trying to live their life disrupted by this individual. a total of five officers were
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involved in this situation. one deceased suspect. the only thing i'm going to talk about the suspect at this point because we do not have him positively identified through the coroner's office. we are familiar with him and more information will come out a little bit later once we have positively identified him. the officers that were injured and i will give you their status here quickly. deputy mike doyle who is a 28-year-old deputy sheriff is in stable condition at a local hospital. deputy taylor davis, 30-year-old deputy sheriff is in stable condition at a local hospital. deputy jeffrey pelly, 32-year-old officer who just got out of surgery and i was told in stable condition as well. crpd officer tom o'donnell, 41-year-old in stable condition as well. the officer who was killed in
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the line of duty is zachary perish, a 29-year-old deputy. he had worked for us for about seven months at the police department for a little more than two years. he is survived by his wife and two children. i spent some time with his wife. i can't tell you how difficult it is for a leader to sit down with a spouse of an officer who was killed in the line of duty. they had many hopes and dreams and he was doing his job. he was doing his job well. and his life was taken from us this morning. i want to thank the men and women of the douglas county sheriff's office for responding to us and doing a great job of containing it and trying to keep other civilians from being
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injured. you see behind me a lot of partners that have been helping me through this. the castle rock police department and parker police department and colorado state patrol. my staff and the district attorney, we have been in close contact with his office on search warrant, etc. and so there is a lot of people who are helping us. i can't even name and i don't want to name all of the agencies that came to assist us. i will tell you that the aurora police chief met me at the hospital. there were a number of sheriffs that showed up at the hospital to provide support. they also sent resources. this is going to be a several day investigation as you can imagine. i ask the community to have patience with us. we have essentially locked down that apartment complex on county line road. there were well over 100 rounds fired in this engagement. the 100 rounds from the suspect.
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and so there is a lot of work that needs to be done for us to determine where we are at with this investigation. i finally want to say that we are deeply saddened by the loss of zachary. when i sat with his wife and held her hand, i could see in her eyes her life is over. i have been a blessed sheriff. i had wonderful things happen to me. wonderful savings. my deputies have been shot, ran over, and they survived. it was very difficult today to go see zack for the last time. i thank all the citizens and really thank the people that have come to this station here and out pouring of support and brought food and stuff. my detectives will be working around the clock as will detectives from the county sheriffs office.
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the 18 judicial district and support units. they are helping us. there will be a lot of folks here and i thank you for doing that and i thank you for your prayers. i ask you for that again. it's not a simple thing. it is a very meaningful thing to pray for zack's family. they are still coming into town and his wife and two little people. i will answer a few questions. a lot of stuff that we are not going to share at this point and i apologize up front. i will do a few questions if you have some. >> can you give us a sense of the timeline of how long this unfolded and how you finally brought it to a conclusion? >> we responded to the residence at 5:14 this morning on a verbal disturbance. it was almost immediately after
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that upon arrival that the shooting took place. the officers were injured and were extricate themselves away from the apartment complex and then other officers came in and we maintained and secured it. the suspect continued to shoot at officers for sometime until he was engaged by officers and was killed. >> that was a s.w.a.t. team? >> it was members of a joint task force unit. we have a regional s.w.a.t. team that all the guys are part of. so the officers that were involved and the actual shooting, their names are not being released because the investigation is ongoing. they are a part of a regional task force. >> exactly what the first is
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scene was? so we can understand why so many people were shot. >> the four officers all arrived at the same time. they went into the house at the same time and contacted him and in a bedroom portion of the apartment complex. a sequence of the officers of who was shot first, i don't have that available. we will hopefully get body cam footage to answer those questions, but i know all of them were shot very, very quickly. and they all went down almost within seconds of each other. it was more of an ambush type of attack on our officers. he knew we were coming and we obviously let him know that we were there. to investigate the disturbance. i don't have any particulars. >> when you said that you were
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familiar with him and you can't say much more, but can you give us an idea of how many calls huh in the past or how well are you familiarized? >> if it's who we believe it is, we know he had law enforcement contact on a number of occasions and i was told a few moments ago there was no criminal history. he had encounters with law enforcement throughout the metro area and that's about the only thing i can say right now. >> what are kind of weapon? >> that are is being determined by the investigators. it was a rifle and other than that i can't tell you. >> can you tell us about zachary and his children. >> i will come back to that. domestic violence investigations are very, very dangerous. when the officers arrived at the apartment, they quickly figured out that there was some kind of
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unfortunate circumstance taking place in that apartment. immediately started to investigate it and that's when they were shot. >> you can tell us more about zachary? i know he worked for you for a short time, but how old are his children and why did he work for you? >> i don't know why he chose to work for us. he worked for a great police department. he came from castle rock police department and loved it there and they are a great agency and he chose to come over to douglas county. his children are young. that's all i'm going to say. he has two very young children. his wife, they have a great support system in place. obviously with the holidays, there were a lot of people here and available to them. we have resources available to her as well and the children. >> you said you arrived about 5 or 5:13. the shooting didn't start until
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5:55 or 5:56. correctly if i'm not correct, but what was going on in that amount of time before the shooting started? >> what i know about that, i don't have the particulars on the time available to me, but the officers were engaging him and having conversation and trying to talk to him and talking to other persons or person that was at the apartment complex. they were conducting an investigation. during that time is when he chose to barricade himself into a bedroom. >> did they know of the previous call history? >> yes. >> why did he choose to go into the house? were there hostages? >> there were no hostages. they were let in the house by either the other person that lives there or him. i don't know the particulars on that. they were let into the house to conduct their investigation. >> could you tell us at this
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point your department said the reverse 911 call and how long after this happened was there a lag. why was there? >> good question. i have no answer. i don't know. if there was a lag in the reverse 911, we will look into it. i don't know that. i do know that we do send out 911s and i don't know the particulars on what the message was sent. i do know that officers were working to try to get people that were on either side of the apartment complex evacuated. the time frame on the reverse 911, i can't answer that. >> was there one thing that was said or happened that escalated into this person shooting at your deputies? was the shooting upon their arriv arrival? >> no and i don't know if anything that escalated it and why he chose to do that.
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those officers will be interviewed as soon as they are able to be out of the hospital. we can get more information on what led to him barricading himself and shooting at the officers. >> were the officers wearing body cameras? >> yes, ma'am. >> how many people were in the apartment at the time? >> i believe just two. no children. a neighbor called about a noise disturbance. >> it was not a domestic disturbance? >> it's not a male-female domestic. it was a disturbance at the house. we original got it as a domestic, but when the officers got there, they learned it wasn't a husband-wife or partner type of thing. that was part of their investigation. it was originally called in as a
11:27 am
domestic and learned it was a disturbance. >> it was a disturbance, was it a fight or what was going on in the apartment? >> the suspect was just making a ton of noise and annoying everyone around him. >> i understand one of your deputies was separated from the others and was actually in the apartment and the suspect must be an agonizing thing, but you can tell us how long it was? >> i don't have the exact time frame, but yes, he was when he was shot and went down, the other officers went down around him. they tried to pull him out, but they were unable to due to their injuries. they were able to crawl to safety. he was not conscious. so they weren't able to talk to him or get him out.
11:28 am
the suspect continued shooting at the officers over zack. the time frame, how long it was before we went in there and got zack and eventually was engaged with the suspect and shot and killed him, i can get you the time frame. i don't have it available to me. >> one in the apartment with the suspect and one was a neighbor. there were two that showed up. >> there was two separate people and not the person involved in the disturbance. >> the civilians were injured. were they in other apartments? >> i believe in other apartments, but i need to clarify that to lock it in for you. >> we respond to every call anticipating that everyone has a gun. this is colorado.
11:29 am
everyone has a gonun. we respond assuming they have guns and we respond in that fashion and i don't know if there was lead in information until they encountered it. at that point it was too late for them to make further assessments. >> sheriff, we know four people were taken. one of the three people was law enforcement officers. who was taken? >> that was the castle rock police officer. you had a question? >> two men inside the apartment when you responded, one being the suspect and the other one, what was his relationship to the suspect? were they roommates or family members? they both lived there presumably? >> they were roommates and he is k5079ing fully. he was not injured. >> how long since they got started until that joint team came in with the suspect?
11:30 am
>> about 7:30. >> 5:45 to 7:30. >> they took out zack at 7:30? >> a little before that, yes. >> do you know if he died -- [inaudible]. >> i talked and i don't want to speak on behalf of the coroner, but i talked to the imagine room physician that attended him at the hospital and i did that to meet with his wife to tell her how long he was there. really i have to worry about my officer who is backed out and they think they are partners inside. the figures said he had no ability to survive the injuries. he was hit multiple times and the locations he was hit would not have been able to save his life.
11:31 am
>> sheriff, you say you sign up for this job, however it feels like -- [inaudible]. how does the department deal with such loss? >> i have good friends standing behind me who have been through this before. i have good support mechanisms through the county. and that's where it's very important. commissioner dave weaver who used to be my boss came and was there for support. it's great to have a support mechanism to help us. this is not something that you can go to school and learn how to do. i have been asking them all questions about am i doing the right thing? the key here is taking care of zack's family. and then taking care of the
11:32 am
family of the officers and the officers who survived this and make sure we can get through it on the other side. and continue to do what we do best and that is provide a service, a public service to the people of douglas county to try to keep them safe. try to eradicate this type of behavior and that's what the officers are doing in the middle of the night. they go to the calls hundreds of times and all turn out okay. unfortunately tonight did not turn out okay for zack and the other officers. i have a lot of support mechanisms and a lot of folks here. my command staff are at my side all the time. really what we are trying to do right now is to figure out how we can put together a farewell service. and the service that he did for the citizens of douglas county. >> were all of your deputies
11:33 am
wears vests? >> yes, ma'am. >> where were the deputies when they were shot? >> i assume. >> there was a female and that's day lor davis. a female officer. they were all wearing vests. the rounds all struck them outside the area where the vest was at or in areas where the vest doesn't cover. >> i think you said four. >> the castle rock police officer, i'm not sure where he was injured. i don't know exactly where he was injured. shot in the leg? >> did that happen after the fact? i was told he's a s.w.a.t. officer. >> i believe that was when they were engaging to go rescue zack. can you give us a sense of the speed and level of violence. it's hard for those of us to fathom. with five officers standing
11:34 am
there and one person gets the brunt of it. a lot will come out of that and we will examine body cam, but initial interviews with the officers, they were doing what we do, we have every other disturbance call. people have guns in their homes and once they barricade themselves, and the situation went very quickly and once the officers could no longer negotiate with them and no longer talk to him. this happens a lot in these types of calls. >> also worse on your call. this is the worst day in the department's history. >> losing an officer is -- i can't put one above the other. i have been here 37 years and lost friends in the line of
11:35 am
duty. you mentioned a detective that was shot just a little bit more than a year and a half ago. that was difficult. it's never easy to lose a deputy sheriff. it's a first for me to have an officer killed in the line of duty. that's why i lean on my partners that are here to help guide me through this. and my friends in the community. this is a tragic day and this is a tragic day that we will be feeling for a long time. zack was a good kid. a smiley kid. you go up and down the halls and you could see his face and he was eager to work and eager to serve. his wife told me today that he loved this job more than he had loved any job he ever had. so you get a kid like that, that's just loving to serve and unfortunately he was called
11:36 am
today. >> sheriff, you said the roommate with the officers. >> i don't have that information. i don't know who let who in. >> he led to the apartment. >> two males lived in the apartment complex. i can tell you this. we didn't kick any door down. we were engaged in a situation. >> any details of the final half hour before the gunman was shot and if you know at this point. >> i know that we were doing what we could to secure the neighborhood. and putting officers in place, snipers and other tactical officers in place to secure that area in the event that it went mobile and he got out. we had a lot of resources. officers from a lot of law enforcement agencies responded to assist us in this. they were making plans to go in
11:37 am
and extract zack and try to do it in the safest possible way while the suspect was continuing to shoot at officers. there was a plan to do an officer rescue. they put that plan together very quickly. i think very efficiently. at some point the suspect engaged officers and was shot and killed. >> so zack was the first one in? >> i don't know who was the first one in. i can't tell you that. >> you said the roommate was cooperating with the investigation. you can talk about how he is helping you and what he told you in. >> he met with detectives a few moments ago and is cooperating with all their questions. >> the suspect engaged the officers. was he inside the apartment or did he come outside? >> he engaged them inside. >> were there charges? >> that's too early for me to
11:38 am
tell. >> was it a semi automatic or an automatic? >> i don't have that information yet. that scene is locked down waiting f waiting for search warrants and other issues that we have to go through and once we have that, we will have that information. i will share it. i just don't have that right now. >> neighbors are allowed except for the immediate location. we are working with folks that live there to try to get them back into their apartments that are adjacent. >> trying to understand the last few minutes, you said it was inside the apartment. your deputies entered the apartment and the shootout started. what can you tell us about -- >> they entered the apartment and was having dialogue with him. conversation. i don't know what that is until we look at the body cam. they were talking to him.
11:39 am
calling out and asking him questions. >> what was that? he was in an adjacent bedroom. >> you mentioned that law enforcement had been there earlier this morning before that 5:00 call or -- >> yes, we were there earlier around 1:30 on a noise complaint, but when the officers arrived there was no noise. they couldn't find any evidence that there was any issue going on. so they left which again happens all the time. >> we will be putting out a press release here shortly. feel free to contact us and we will answer anything we can. >> can you go over the names of
11:40 am
the officers and the agencies they were with? >> deputy mike doyle douglas county sheriff. taylor sheriff douglas. jeffrey pelly douglas county sheriff and officer tom o'donnell, castle rock police department. and zachary perish, douglas county. >> will you spell jeffrey's name? >> pelle. >> is the first name davis? >> taylor. >> can you identify the castle rock officer. was he shot outside? >> we don't know exactly that information. lauren said if you have further questions, you can try to get what you can off of our press release. we probably will not be doing
11:41 am
another stand up like this, information will come out through the press release through twitter or facebook. >> you have to work tomorrow? >> we don't be doing another one. we will share the status of the officers, but that's it. thank you all very much. >> we have been listening to sheriff tony spur lock of the sheriffs office in colorado speaking about a deadly shooting in the highlands ranch yash where law enforcement officers were shot and one was killed. two other civilians shot, the injuries were non--threatening. the suspect has also been killed. officials would not confirm the identity, but it's someone they are familiar with. we want to bring in analyst tom fuentes. listening to the details from the sheriff, we understand there were more than 100 rounds fired by the suspect.
11:42 am
he was someone that they apparently had encounters with before. the sheriff said he had no previous arrest record. they were let in the house. he called this an ambush-style attack. do the details indicate they may have had a level of premeditation? >> i think when i was a uniformed police officer before joining the fbi and tensions tend to be high and people have family problems, financial problems and other issues that caused anger management problems. as the sheriff mentioned, a lot of people have guns and they run into that and expect that, but you just don't know when someone is going lose control and open fire like that. since the officers went into that apartment and had to go into the danger zone, there is not much they can do if they are ambush and they don't know they are until it happens, the large
11:43 am
amount of firepower that the suspect used indicates that you open fire on the deputies that walked in. one was severely wounded and couldn't be moved and the others barely got out and he kept the other officers at bay continuing to fire until they could get enough of a plan together to go in there and take him out. it was just a horrible situation and these are the dangers that officers face every day when going to a domestic disturbance or any kind of a disturbance as you mentioned this wasn't a marital situation, but two adults yelling at each other at 5:00 in the morning. that's a pretty unusual thing to happen then. many of these were 11:00 or midnight or 1:00. that early in the morning is a little unusual in and of itself from my experience. the fact that this individual had that much firepower available and then was able to
11:44 am
pin down the officers until they could get more relief is a pretty dangerous situation. >> i did want to ask you about that reand the details about the deputy killed named zachary perish at 29 years old and only spent seven months with the douglas county sheriff's office. survived by his wife and two very young children. the sheriff noted that soon after he went down, the other officers also were shot. this call came in at approximately 5:14 a.m. and they responded about a half hour later. it wasn't until 7:30 that a task force took the suspect down. i'm not as familiar as you are with law enforcement training or that tactical response, but is that standard timing or was that delayed? >> we don't know. we will need more information about what the response time was or if they were in a situation of trying to talk to the individual for a long time
11:45 am
before the shooting start and once the shooting started realize they were going to need a lot more officers to respond than maybe initially responded and is a lot in the first place. we don't know if they had any idea other than just wondering or hoping that they would be able to handle it without the firearms and they get there and come under that level of attack and it sounds like with long barrelled guns that was able to fire a lot of rounds in a short period of time. they will need a lot more help to deal with it and may have take 19 much more time to get officers to deal with it. >> we appreciate your expertise and helping us break down this tragic heart breaking day in colorado. we have much more ahead in the newsroom. today's installment of inspiring people is the story of an
11:46 am
officer who turned the lives of dozens of opioid addicts around. >> charles johnson hung up this uniform for this uniform. because of the opioid epidemic. as a deputy sheriff, it's johnson's job to visit overdose survivors and try to save them. >> you are not there to arrest them. >> no. i'm there to convince them to live. >> every day on average, six people overdose in his county. >> they are your mail men and neighbors and your friends. >> more counsellor than cop, since 2014, johnson and his team convinced nearly 80% of survivors to go into detox. >> you stick around in these people's lives? >> i remember every one of their names. i go to their homes and visit them in the jails. >> this is all you can do this. you are making sure i was doing
11:47 am
the right thing. you working today? i'm working. that's what i like to hear. >> does it take a toll? >> absolutely. you can get burned out doing this. my phone never stops ringing. i will not answer that phone. someone's life depends on it. >> inspeiering people. mvo: we had support from the interfaith groups, the synagogue, the churches. ♪ when disaster strikes to one, we all get together and support each other. that's the nature of humanity. ♪ i'll stand by you. ♪ i'll stand by you. ♪ and i'll never desert you. ♪ i'll stand by you.
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>> back to the political crisis in iran. demonstrates ones take to the streets for a fourth day. fred is following these developments for us and you reported from iran and we finally heard from the country's president. what is he saying? >> he is trying to understand
11:50 am
that there are going to be protests and it's the right of the people to protest, but they cannot disturb public order. that's an interesting thing for us to say. all of these demonstrations are taking place and are not sanctioned by the government and therefore under iranian law are illegal. the protesters are saying that's not going to deter them. two things are interesting about the demonstrations that make mem different than the ones we have seen in the past. they are widespread around many parts of iran. not just tehran and big cities. the other thing that's happening is probably more important is that they are all having demonstrations not against one or the other or the hard liners and the moderates, but the protesters are demonstrating against the power structure in iran. the clergy, the military and the government as well. many of them chanting against the supreme leader and against the president as well.
11:51 am
they certainly have big problems on their hands. at the root of this, you have economic issues. that's morphed into political issues as well for those calling for deep reform. they are going through the speech and he said the government needs to be more transparent and less corruption. the issues need to be tackled. whether or not the powerful in iran will be able to do that or whether or not the demonstrations continue, we will have to wait and see. >> open attacks are punishable by death. hearing these chants coming from crowds are eye-opening. thank you so much for that reporting. to discuss i want to bring in a democrat from california, a member of the house armed services committee. thank you for taking the time to join us this new year's eve. >> sure. >> when we saw these protests in iran it was years ago and then president obama limited his remarks in support of the protesters. we didn't really see the
11:52 am
forceful statements from obama that we see from president trump against what is an oppressive regime in iran. the white house accused iran of funding terror across the mideast and in yemen and groups like hezbollah. do you believe that the has to challenge the powers that be or would you like to see the president approach this in a similar way as former president obama did? >> sure. i think we need to be very, very much aware of what was going on during those earlier protests. we were dealing with an iran that is quickly developing a nuclear weapon. i think certainly the obama administration is concerned about that context at that time. we have a different situation. i do think that the policy of the american government to always be one for democracy and freedom of speech and freedom of demonstration and freedom of the press and wherever that may be around the world including our own country and peaceful
11:53 am
demonstrations. so we should be supporting that in every way possible. we will have to be careful that the demonstrations do not become an american demonstration. that is one that is being caused by the united states. that would i think be a very serious problem. let it be organic and let it be within their own country and yes, we ought to support it. to my knowledge, the trump administration is basically three tweets over three days. that's okay. that's good. more than that, be careful. let it be organic, but always the american government's position and the american public's position to support democracy, freedom of speech and the rest. >> you said on the house armed services committee or the subcommittee overseeing e merging threats, i have to ask you about north korea. overnight officials in south korea are reporting they stopped a second ship delivering oil and
11:54 am
reports indicate the ship was flying a panamanian flag and a mostly chinese chew. this could be the second time in just a few weeks that according to the south koreans, a chinese ship has been caught providing oil and in violation of un sanctions. first, do you think the chinese are behind these oil shipments and should the united states put more pressure to wrangle in kim jong un? >> it's in the interest of china as well as russia and japan and the united states and south korea to make sure that the sanctions as broad as they are and they are quite broad are fully implemented. that is the responsibility of all of these governments to make sure that there is no slippage. we also ought to be very much aware that black market activities have occurred forever. it is once again our responsibility as well as these other governments to try to stop
11:55 am
those black market operations. we have no specific information about whether the chinese government is involved at all. i would suspect thatty woo will probably never know, but we would always hope and put whatever pressure we can on china to make sure they are not in any way going against the sanctions that have been approved by the united nations. >> getting back to domestic policy or an investigation domestically here. partners for the president have told cnn they expect the russia probe would wrap up by thanksgiving. we are about to start 2018 and no indication this is going to wrap up soon. we are getting bits and pieces of information that lead you to believe that there could be perhaps more down the line. you had a democratic colleague, senator richard blumenthal making predictions on twitter. he essentially said that he believes that there would be -- there it is.
11:56 am
a trump denial of russian collusion and doomed to unravel. expect more serious convictions and indictments early in 2018 as special counsel climbs ladder of criminal culpability and more panicky preemptive attacks from republicans. do you believe there are convictions and dimes coming in the next couple of weeks? >> i really have no way of knowing, but there is one thing i do know and i think there is one thing the american public knows or should know is that these investigations are extremely important. we are really talking about the very nature of our government and the ability to have the rule of law. we ought to let mueller do what he is tasked to do. that is to investigate all aspects of russian involvement in our election wherever it may take. we ought to be aware of there is a concerted effort by many of the republicans including many
11:57 am
in the white house, the president himself to try to somehow discredit the mueller investigation. we ought to ask the simple question, why would they do that. th . >> do you believe there is a plan in place within the white house to fire robert mueller? >> i don't know about firing, but clearly there is a plan in place and it seems to go 32 through many, many parts of the republicans in the congress and now in the senate as well as within the white house to discredit the mueller investigation. at some point there may be additional indictments at whatever level, we don't know. to be able to discredit that, they see that as potentially helpful to them. not helpful to the rule of law and not helpful to americans. we ought to ask why would they go to such effort to discredit the investigator. why would they do that?
11:58 am
what do they fear? we will see where this goes. >> congressman, thank you so much for joining us. hope you have a happy new year, sir. >> and to all. >> more newsroom ahead as many parts of the world are already ringing in the new year. how hong kong and sydney celebrated and they will be back. stay with us. my wish was a clubhouse,
11:59 am
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>> we begin with breaking news out of colorado. four other officers wounded after a gunman opened fire in an apartment complex plex in a denver suburb. two nearby residents were shot and according to the office, the suspect was shot and killed and held for fallen officer zachary parish earlier today. he is survived by his wife and two young children. the douglas county sheriff spoke about the death of officer herrihe perish last hour. >> i spent some time with his wife. i can't tell you how difficult it is for a leader to sit down with a spouse of an officer


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