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tv   New Years Eve Live with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen  CNN  December 31, 2017 10:00pm-12:30am PST

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new years, new 15 seconds. here we go. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 -- happy new year! happy new years, everyone. >> happy new year! >> i got confetti in my drink. ♪ should auld acquaintance be forgot, ♪ ♪ for old angzine
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>> i forgot the >> i never really knew the ♪ >> cheers, cheers! >> thank you for >> happy new year!
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>> hope, hope is alive. i'm happy. we've had a >> i'm rolling on to the beat tomorrow. you and i will be on >> yeah, what time is your flight?6:15. that was the dumbest thing i've ever done. >> what were you thinking? >> we're going to be up all night. we're going to have a tradition. should we call it a tradition? we sort of pretend like we're drinking. >> we've been enjoying ourself together for is drunk and we're walking into the bar sober. not that we've ever had shots in new orleans, ever.never, ever.
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>> this is the most awesome venue. if you've never been to new orleans, we appreciate it so much. >> we can barely hear you. >> why do we have to leave? >> the night is young. >> look at those guys over there. see those two guys? there they wave. in the velvet wave.
10:04 pm
about they handsome? >> come on, guys, >> here hurry up. >> come on. get wait, you're on the wrong side. ibaby. happy new year. >> this is amazing. >> i'm feeling the love. >> wedding bells. >> i know. ♪ going to the chapel, and you're going to get married ♪ >> you look very handsome. >> thank you. >> we hope you have a fantastic 2018. we hope you find love, happiness, good health, wealth, everything. happy 2018.
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love you guys. >> bye, guys. ♪ >> just go to the play ground and play rough. here's kenya >> i heard poorly rated "morning joe" speaks badly of me. don't watch anymore. then how come low iq mika with psycho joe came to mar-a-lago three nights in a row and insisted on joining me? she was bleeding badly from a face-lift. i said no. >> i eave got to say, when a housewife reads it, it's just --
10:06 pm
>> this is a classic. accuse your co-star of a usually, they all here's shannon from "the real housewives of orange county." >> now it says on facebook, what about the totally biased and dishonest media coverage in favor of crooked >> okay. so kroo crooked hillary he brings up all the time. that's somebody last season. like briing up argumentsrom last season, like brooks and the whole cancer thing. >> i've got to ask you about that. some guy i guess named brooks pretended that he had cancer. when andy told me about this, he said, go on google and type in the word "does." so i do, and i type it in. the first thing that popped up
10:07 pm
was, "does brooks have cancer." i did this for a week or two i feel like. that was the number one search request under the word "does." does god exist second. does she love me was third. >> here's melissa with one. >> drain the swamp should be changed to drain the sewer. it's much worse than anyone ever thought. and it begins with the fake news. >> you know, keep repeating the same lines over and over until someone listens. >> that's a housewife technique. here's porsche williams with another one. >> while not at all presidential, i must point out that the sloppy michael moore on broadway was a total bomb and
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forced to >> this is to take the heat off. this happens a lot on the new york housewives. people accusing their businesses of not, you know -- >> how many housewives currently have like wine deals? >> let's go back, richard quest has wisely gone indoors. he's somehow in a top hat and tails tonight. >> he sought sanctuary in the olive richard, how is it going there? >> well, they said to me, you're going to the olive garden. so dress appropriately. [ cheers and applause
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unfortunately, i seem to be a little overdressed for the olive garden. are you having a good night? >> >> now, as you can see, there's some delightful food available here. out of the way, out of the way. how about some of this to help your new year's eve going on. where are you from? >> i'm from australia. >> you're from australia? >> where are you from? >> tennessee, nashville. >> nashville, tennessee? why are you here and not outside in the cold? >> it's >> we have a load of fair weather -- unfortunately, i do seem to be the best dressed person here at the moment. >> oh, come on now. >> you're trying to get familiar with me.
10:10 pm
>> oh, yes. you look dashing tonight. >> would you be my date? >> of course. >> there so andy and anderson, there's plenty of food here. andy, there are toilets yeah, so i know that cold weather, what it can do to a man of a certain age. >> thank you, richard. certain ? >> yeah're , they're on to the d sticks. >> richard, is this your first time in an olive garden before? says have been to an olive garden before in tuscany.
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i know you were concerned four hours in the bitterly cold. >> so richard, thank you. you are looking very dashing. i do want to go to randi kaye. she's joining us again along with a -- well, she's in colorado where, i guess recreation marijuana use is okay. how is it going, randi? >> it's going great. i'm definitely earning the nickname kush kay. i game prepared this year. i thought maybe i would bring a gas mask with me so i wouldn't get that contact high. but look what's on the other end of the gas mask, a bong. of course, they couldn't stand to see a bong without cannabis, so you put it in and filled it in, and you passed it. so you're going to celebrate a
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new or what? i don't think this is what a gas mask is used for. but okay. this is denver style. it it is very legal. wow, we are making our way to a party.anderson, go. >> so just explain -- you're on a bus, right? so it's a bus with moving lights. it's like the electric kool-aid bus. is there stripper pole in the bus? >> there is no stripper pole, but there are a lot of high people. everybody here is just smoking and partying, doing their thing. this is what's going on. this is the cannabis tour. people have come from all over the country, alabama, los angeles, they all just came here to party on this bus.
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it takes them around to dispensaries. they get to pick out cannabis and party all >> so they can choose all different kinds of pot? >> oh, yeah, they can choose all different kinds of pot. speaking of, diva gives you a lot of energy. kush, very popular. but i do have a question for you, andy. i want you to play along with me here. here's my question, which one of these famous donors did anderson lose to on "celebrity jeopardy." slater, floyd, cheech maren, and
10:14 pm
the dude from the big labowski, which one did anderson lose to? >> i think he lost to cheech. >> i did. who is so smart and so quick on >> stoners are smart people. i hope that jeff sessions is not watching the broadcast tonight. >> so randi, where are you heading next to? some sort of a party? >> reporter: i hope you can see me through the smoke here. it's a puff, pass and pay party. so you puff, pass and pay, and the best thing is, we're going to make these cannabis infused cocktails. things are going to really and look at this. cannabis infused wine here. imagine that.
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>> a reminder, everybody. do not drink and drive. >> do not imbibe and drive. >> the cnn handbook says, do not imbibe on live tv. >> what about don >> bye, randi. we'll check in with you later. >> coming up, dave chappell, saleen dion, and a whole lot more. we're counting down until midnight. we'll be right back. resolution #1: binge more. join the un-carrier, and get four unlimited lines for only forty bucks each. plus, netflix for the whole family. on us. so, they get their shows...
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toasty warm times square. >>degrees, everybody. >> i just added i have three coats on. it's my third coat on, as well as a vest and two pairs of long underwear. >> >> >> key west, it's certainly a lot warmer. bill, welcome. >> thank you. good to be with you. it's 80, 90 degrees warmer here. happy new year, people. we were worried about the keys.
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we were worried, when i stood on this street as irma was bearing down. we were worried after plantation and big pine got hammered. but this feels pretty good. 95% of the hotel rooms open in key west. 70% of the keys. still some islands that are struggling. who's here. it's rock 'n' roll legend eddie "two tickets to paradise" money, everybody. >> we're having a great time. key west, florida, is the place to be. we did a show tonight. i've got two tickets. i'm taking everybody for the new year. >> i was going to ask you if you bought two tickets to paradise. you beat me to your own punchline. >> we've got a lot of great things happening we've got a reality show coming out with mark cuban. a lot of great things happening this year. >> and in just moments, you're going to help suchi the drag
10:21 pm
between get into a giant stiletto the size of a small car and lower her. eddie money, everybody. happy new year to you. let's wade our way through and see what's happening. how are you? coming through. hey, what's up, philadelphia? good to see you, guys. happy new year! let's get as close as we can here, see if she's the drag show is in full regalia. the anthem for the florida keys, florida gators, "i will survive." >> i've been looking for you all weekend. >> you found us. here we are. we're here for the pirate wench
10:22 pm
drop. a giant lime wedge. they like to drop stuff in the weirdest -- anderson, andy -- >> we've covered it live on this show every year for a long, long time. bill, when you were cover iing did you expect key west to recover as quickly as it has? 95% of the hotel rooms are open. >> no, no. we thought this is the worst storm that they've seen. and we thought it could take years to recover fully. but the keys are a great representation when you are connected to the mainland and you have a vibrant economy how fast you can come back. now the case for puerto rico.
10:23 pm
they're not quite able to celebrate at this level. hopefully 2018 will bring more >> bill, we'll see you later for the drag queen drop. >> i've never seen that. i feel like maybe the temperature dropped a little bit here. >> you seem a little renewed in energy. >> no, i'm not. i went down. times square, coming back. andy coming back. 37 minutes to the countdown. >> i was watching bill weir, and i forgot what it feels like to
10:24 pm
wear just one shirt. like, i don't know that feeling. it's been >> yeah. celine dion is coming up. dave chappell. john mayer. you're like friends with him. >> he's the best. he's the >> stick around.
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>> just like andy, the crowd is. >> this has been a big dilemma. wear the hat or not. i don't wear the hat. >> going to -- jennifer lawrence, who huge fan of, i got to heat her
10:29 pm
this year. >> why were your pants just down? >> so we've been concerned about the cold for a long time. so i found this place, the warming store, which is a small business in philadelphia, that sells heated clothing. i didn't know heated clothing existed. i've been doing this for 15 frigging years. >> guess what, if it was 42, i would be dancing in the streets. >> i got all this heated clothing, so yeah. we've got a huge night. celine dion, nicole kidman, dave chappell is coming up. another big star, wolf blitzer iswell. wolf?
10:30 pm
>> anderson and andy, good to see you again. i'm wolf blitzer. as we prepare to ring the new year, i invite you to join me for another edition of "wolf blitzer sings the hits." breaking news. here's a tuna i like to sing when i'm in the mood to apologize, baby, i'm sorry, i'm. being so bad got me feeling so good, showing me up like i knew that i would. baby i'm sorry that i'm not sorry. feeling inspired caused the tables to turn. yeah, i'm on fire and i know that it that was "sorry not sorry" one of my favorites. i'm wolf blitzer. this is "wolf blitzer sings the hits." >> wolf blitzer has some rhythm. >> wolf was in a band when he
10:31 pm
was younger. they were called the monkeys. they were the monkeys before th. >> we just try to pair unlikely -- >> any way. let's go back to new orleans. don lemon and brooke baldwin. last we checked in with them, they were out on the streets drinking beer, having crawfish. >> it is so loud in here. we are going to turn this around >> what do you have? >> it's been a year of this.
10:32 pm
we need more fun. hello, everyone. happy new year, it's been a crazy year. >> thank you very much. so we've got -- who is this over here? >> thank you for havin the last couple of years. by the right by balls are bigger than your balls. probably.
10:33 pm
♪ >> can you believe we have danced in new orleans every single new >> what are we supposed to do, talk about -- >> we're >> we're having a great time. ♪ >> how are you, where are you from?dallas, texas. >> why did you want to come to new orleans? >> best >> we love it. where are you from, sir?
10:34 pm
>> baton rouge. >> i like the headgear. what's your name? [ overlapping speakers >> happy new year. so who's going to win tomorrow, clemson or alabama? who's going to win tomorrow? >> clemson. >> we're going to come back to you in a >> by the way -- >> all right, bye, we'll go back to don. >> some of the most intelligent fans to ever air on cnn.
10:35 pm
can you believe they sent us here? they both said the same thing. they are drunk. anderson, can you beli >> the amazing thing, they're taking over coverage at 12:30. >> is that true? >> yes. >> by the way, you need to time -- i always say this to my friends. >> my heat has just kicked in big-time on my vest. it has? >> i mean, big time. i feel like -- >> you know what? i think mine is kicking in, too. >> during the last commercial break, all of a sudden -- yeah. >> okay, good. i have something to look forward to. any way, you do need to time your alcohol -- that's the thing about now year's eve. people ar doing shots. >> if you're at home, you
10:36 pm
should. feel bad. sit a nightma a nightmare to go in new york city. the lines are long, there's like s prices on everything. people are on the streets late at night, it's just >> it's amateur night. don't drink and drive. >> and yeah, dave chappell, john mayer, and take a look, that's the coliseum at ceasar's palace where celine dion is performing. we're going to drop in her next on cnn. >>
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well, it's about 11 degrees here in times square, but it feels like 10 or 9. >> >> the heat, this part of me feels very hot. the rest of me feels very cold. >> it sounds like you're on heroin. >> what does that even sound like? >> suspect that like waves of heat or something? >> oh, that's what you were referencing. >> i don't know anything about it. >> the other question we've been having is, like -- >> i'm trying to figure out
10:41 pm
who's lipsyncing. and let me just say, there may be >> i'm fascinated by how much time ryan sechrest has to be out in i was out at andy's house the other day. we had a meeting to discuss tonight. we actually discussed tonight, believe it or not. and he got a bottle of champagne from ryan sechrest. >> yeah, i did. >> and i got one tonight -- or delivered last night. >> very nice. i thought the punchline was going to be that you didn't >> i want to talk about some underreported stories of the year. these are stories that we
10:42 pm
reported, i don't know if you did. >> you >> did you know that aretha franklin sent a fax to resurrect her feud with dionne warwick. >> she has a feud with dionne warwick? >> yes. she faxed the associated press. she brought up a very old feud. it was like my favorite thing in the world. one of my personal highlights of the year decides the eclipse, you know i had tea with ms. franklin. >> and i was with you recently and you got an e-mail from her, didn't you? >> i got a text. >> how cool is that? >> but you know i love diana ross. diana ross caused a super
10:43 pm
cacophony of crazy in my life when she tweeted that she had been at marshals, and she left her fannie pack on marshals and olympic in l.a. she's like, thank you to the angel. which begs so many questions, why did she bring to marshal's? and she shop there is? >> i guess so. i went to school with her kids, i think. tracy is amazing. >> did you know that bow wow -- >> sure. he's no longer little bow wow. >> no. he posted a picture of a private plane on instagram and said it's a travel day. and then someone snap chatted him on a plane. he was on a commercial plane, he
10:44 pm
that was amazing. also, alex trebek, did you know she revealed in the interview with the daily beast that he once accidently ate hash brownies at a house party. we need to talk to randi kaye about that. these are all true stories. >> i didn't i'm a big fan of alex trebek, though. >> i don't know why you didn't report any of these >> it's been a slow news i'm surprised i didn't hear more of that. >> you turn off the news for one second, and everything has changed. >> you got a little spittle on your lip. >> thank you. are we dropping in on celine dion? >> we will be dropping in on her coming up. we'll take a quick break first .
10:45 pm
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was adopting my new puppy.
10:49 pm
>> the worst thing that happened in 2017 was the election of donald trump. the best thing was a lot of other people felt the same way. >> my favorite thing, my kids. >> when he showed me the biggest poop that i've ever seen come out of a human being and he made it to the potty. and i loved that moment because as a mom, you want them to make it to the potty. >> my favorite part of 2017 was my son jamison being born. >> my least favorite thing, politics non-stop in the world. it's tumultuous. >> best moment this year, my youngest one went to college. i got the house to myself with my wife. >> the one thing that happened in 2017 --
10:50 pm
>> my worst moment was on a show starting to cry randomly. i guess maybe because i was on my period. and snot flew out of my nose. >> then my least favorite thing is also the meanness of the world at the moment. i just want us all to get along again, you guys. >> the worst thing, i kind of don't want to tell you the worst thing that happened. >> i don't want to tell you, but let's just say my friend and i ate something that was -- didn't sit well. and we ended up having to find a place to relieve ourselves. >> my worst moment, brexit, brexit was the low point. although i don't really care. like who cares? >> best thing that happened in 2017 has to be the birth of my daughter. i didn't have one.
10:51 pm
>> i love sarah silverman. those, of course, were some stars who stopped by "watch what happens live." and gave us their best. >> you had a couple from "the crown," the king and queen. >> that's so great. i have to tell you something. very cold here. but i was thinking watching that piece, i mean, there is so much divisiveness in the country right now and in the world. and people fighting on twitter. and so it is nice speaking about the eclipse and speaking about new year's eve. it's fun to have events where we all can come together, communal events. i'm happy to be here with you. thank you for having me. >> awkward. i don't like to be touched. yeah. >> i am very tactile. >> celine dion, we'll be talking to very soon. i'm excited about that. let's check in with sara sidner who is standing by in nashville. >> they're good because i have a cowboy hat on. i'm standing in a honky-tonk so
10:52 pm
i figured i'd switch hats for you guys and go back to old school nashville. but all kinds of music playing here. there is a person on every floor, a band playing great music on every floor. i'm joined by a few fantastic people. quickly, tell me your names. first names first. >> caroline, sam. >> josh. >> lauren. >> where are all from? >> north georgia. >> phoenix. >> savannah. >> also phoenix. >> i just got to find out, what are you all doing here? who came up with the plan that nashville was the place to be? >> this girl. >> arizona! >> we throughout we'd be here for new year's celebrating my birthday. >> happy birthday! now what do you all do? because you all look so beautiful and youthful and young. are you all students or -- >> no. >> we were students. >> what do you do? >> i'm a police officer. >> okay. we'll be watching you. >> i'm a dentist.
10:53 pm
>> okay. so i have this molar. >> yeah, i can. >> these guys are great. we're at honky-tonk central. and look down this road. a beautiful night. but it is cold. i know you guys were making fun of nashville that we are somehow not as cold as you are, but it is going to be about a wind chill of about a 2 tonight. and get down to 9 degrees. that's freezing for this place. but as long as i have my cowboy hat on and i've got my gloves somewhere -- i've lost them already -- we're going to have a good time, especially down here at the honky-tonks on broadway, guys. back to you. >> wow. >> that really is cold. >> that really is cold. >> as we talk to keith urban and nicole kidman a little bit ago, and we should point out we play at the ryanman auditorium. such a great theater. >> can i just say we were in the dallas airport a few weeks ago. say what you had for breakfast at 9:00 a.m.? >> panda express. >> panda express orange chicken.
10:54 pm
i was eating an einstein brothers bagel and this one is eating, wolfing down -- so we had not eaten in -- it was actually gross. i it was so good. >> the whole thing was gross. >> have you had panda express orange chicken? it's terrible for you, i'm sure. i mean, it cannot be good for you. but it's delightful. >> it's not delightful watching you eat it at 9:00 in the morning. >> i just discovered. panda express. >> discover it you did. we are having a good time on the tour. we'll be in new york city at the beacon theater for two nights in january. >> 26, 27. >> then boston, toronto. chicago. >> you can get tickets at >> we've been touring for three years. >> i know, it's crazy. >> we've done 30, 40. >> lyle? >> time flies. >> it's been fun. it's funny, because andy's mom is a pretty tough critic. like andy will call her up and be like, oh, yeah, we're playing the wang theater in boston.
10:55 pm
i don't know -- i don't think you can sell that out, right? how many seats? 2500 seats? i don't know. >> she always tells the it like it is, she really does. >> that's what's great about your mom. >> that's what your mom is supposed to do. >> evelyn. here that's crowd in times square. >> i feel like they're pepping up. >> i think you're projecting. i think you're pepping up so you're projecting on to the million people who are here. i don't know what that says about you. >> hats. who gives -- >> i do feel like when we arrived they were stunned and huddled together. >> they really were. >> but now definitely seems to be pepping up a little bit. >> how many people do you think are here? >> they always say like a million. >> i don't know, they don't really do official crowd estimates. >> it does go on for blocks and blocks. >> there are all these people that can't see the ball drop. >> that's what i don't -- >> it's a mystery. >> i don't understand.
10:56 pm
>> for new yorkers -- for those of you who aren't from here. i grew up in new york and had never been here on new year's eve. >> no. >> as a life-long new yorker, i had never been here until i started to volunteer to work here. let's go to celine dion in vegas. >> hello, anderson and andy! >> hey, celine. hey, esch, how's it going? >> hi, guys! how are you? >> great! we're so excited to be with you. >> we love you. >> we are so cold, celine. >> i'm sorry. come to vegas. >> we would love to come to vegas. >> we'll send you so much love and so much warmth tonight. >> celine, what will you be doing at midnight? >> at midnight? >> yeah. >> i'm going to be -- i'm going to be hugging my three children. yeah.
10:57 pm
>> aw. >> yes, i will. >> did you make any new year's resolutions, celine? >> like every year i'm trying to be the best of myself. >> aw. >> and you know, i wish i can change the world sometimes. it went through a lot of people's hearts and mind this year. but you just have to make the best of every year. my most accomplishment, the best accomplishment of my life is to be a mom, and i'm trying to be the best mom possible. i have three magnificent boys. and i'm trying to be a good mother, and i'm trying to sing as good as i can. those guys are coming night after night to the coliseum at caesars palace and i'm really having a good time. so resolution is to keep going and be healthy and be a great mom. how about you?
10:58 pm
>> our resolution is just to kind of stay warm a little bit. >> yes. i would like to survive tonight in the freezing cold and learn how to -- i don't know -- get more warm clothes on. and i want to come and see you perform in vegas. >> yeah. you know what? the rest of this is done. you have the answer already. come to las vegas! >> we would love to. celi celine, lady gaga just announced that she's going to be doing a residency in las vegas. do you have any advice for her or what would you tell her about performing there? >> okay. first of all, do i have advice for lady gaga? no. first of all, this girl knows exactly what she's doing. she knows what to do. and i will never, ever, ever, in my whole life tell somebody
10:59 pm
professional super talented like she is to do -- how to do things. i'm going to go see her show. when is she starting? >> i don't know. but i would like to see the two of you do a duet, actually. >> oh, don't get me started now. i would love that. i love her so much. i can't wait. come on, lady gaga, we're waiting for you. >> well, listen, we want to wish you the best, all the best to you and your family this year. and to everybody who is there tonight. thank you so much for talking with us. i know we're going to be able to hear you sing a little bit. but we love you and hope to see you in the new year. >> we love you, too. and by the way, just for one more second -- >> sure. of course. >> we have 4,000 of your closest friends who have the message for both of you tonight. so are you ready? are you ready, guys?
11:00 pm
>> yeah. >> show them some love, everybody. >> happy new year anderson and andy! >> woo-hoo! we love you guys. we love ya. mwah. thank you so much. >> that was awesome. >> by the way, i got to say something. you guys are show business people. you know what? you know what we're going to do? we're going to sing a little song, okay? any time you want. ♪ for all those times you stood by me ♪ ♪ for all the truth that you made me see ♪ ♪ for all the joy you brought to
11:01 pm
my life for all the wrong that you made right ♪ ♪ for every dream you made come true for all the love i found in you ♪ ♪ i'll be forever thankful baby ♪ ♪ you're the one who helped me >> celine dion. i mean -- >> i want to see that song. i'm so excited. i've never seen a show in vegas. >> really? >> i've only ever been there for work. >> that theater is amazing. some of the theaters are a little deadly. but that theater is amazing. >> i'm very excited we were a part of celine dion's show. i'm all atwitter. >> i kind of thought she was going to give me the business about asking her -- >> i thought -- you were worried. >> i thought that was an innocent question. >> nicole kidman has anointed you. then i was like, don't ask her a lady gaga question.
11:02 pm
>> i love celine dion. >> i think i brought it back, though, by saying i want to come to the show. i did. >> thank god you saved the interview. listen, i want to do the show now without you. no, also the thing about sell celine dion -- why am i having so much problems with my britney thing and you're having no problems? >> i'm having no problems. >> but the thing about celine dion is -- hit after hit after hit after hit. >> coming out of your ear. >> hit after hit after hit, you go to see her and she has so many number one hits. that would be something that you like. >> yeah, okay. welcome back top of the hour. we missed the big fake countdown. >> i thought that celine heard it and was getting confused. >> that's what happened. >> by the way, we didn't bring the whole song because we couldn't afford the whole song. we can afford about 30 seconds. >> i know the song. >> because you love me.
11:03 pm
you know how it goes. >> dave chappelle is coming up, john mayer as well. very exciting. what a night we've had. my goodness. >> really fun. we're kind of warming up. it's all good. >> let's take a quick break. we'll be right back. >> countdown to midnight, one hour. ♪ cannot live without it.
11:04 pm
so if you can't live without it... why aren't you using this guy? it mes your wifi awesomely fast. no... still nope. now we're talking! it gets you wifi here, here, and here. it even lets you take a time out. no! no! yes! yes, indeed. amazing speed, coverage and control. all with an xfi gateway. find your awesome, and change the way you wifi. ♪ welcome back. anderson cooper. >> oh, my god. look at them making out.
11:05 pm
>> andy cohen here. >> they're all making out. >> is that what's going on? that's why it's so quiet. >> they're all making out. >> kissing in times square. >> that's not true. let's not get into that. >> i saw two couples making out. >> did we mention, it's cold here. >> that would be a good way to stay warm for people. >> absolutely, yes. >> let's go to bill weir where it is certainly not cold in key west, florida. bill, how is the scene there? is that bill? >> anderson and andy, greetings from duvall street in key west, everybody. how are you? we're waiting for the sushi. descent. we look for size of normally after a storm. and much the way the swallows return to capistrano, sushi climbs up into the giant stiletto heel above the bourbon street pub and will descend at the stroke of midnight to the
11:06 pm
cheers of revelers from around the country. snowbirds and the people who love them, all the pirates and the dreamers and the dropouts that call this place home. look at this. happy new year, key west. who thought this was possible 105 days ago as a category 4 storm ripped the keys to shreds. this speaks to the resiliency of the people who call probably the most vulnerable neighborhood in america home. this little necklace of islands down here in the southern-most neighborhood. and, of course, they have been embracing the lgbtq community here since the '70s. the drag scene very much in force, very much liberated. celebrated. it's interesting that monroe county, despite what you see here, pretty conservative politically. but down in key west, here is
11:07 pm
where you come to let your freak flag fly, especially on a night like tonight. andy, anderson, we're getting close to the sushi drop. >> we certainly are. bill weir's got it. >> he's got it. >> we'll take just a 60-second break. we have a special surprise guest for andy coming up. we'll be right back.
11:08 pm
♪ welcome back here in times square live with andy cohen.
11:09 pm
you're watching new year's eve on cnn. >> yes, we are. >> yes, we are. >> been here for more than three hours. >> more than three hours. our heated clothing is holding up. now, we've talked about andy's parents, evelyn and lou. have you checked in with them tonight at all? >> i did. i left them a message before we went on the air. >> well, we made contact with evelyn and lou. we wanted to surprise you with this. let's hope this works. evelyn and lou cohen via skype. >> oh, there they are. >> hey, guys. how are you doing? >> st. louis, i'm sorry. >> mom and dad, you look great. >> you think so? happy new year. >> you look cute. >> happy new year. >> you too. hey, dad. mom, look at the -- >> don't look at yourself. >> look at the camera. mom, what have you thought of the show so far? >> we just got home.
11:10 pm
>> so far it's great. >> we taped it. >> you just got home? >> no. >> you taped it? >> we have been since we got home. >> we taped it. >> where were you? >> we went to a movie and out to dinner like people do. we have a life. >> new year's eve. you have a life? i've been on cnn for three hours freezing my butt off. what movie did you see? >> the churchill movie. >> "the darkest hour." >> i just watched that yesterday. >> did you like it, anderson? >> i love gary oldman. i felt like it just ended. i feel like maybe i've seen it before. i feel like it's a story we've known. but the acting was great and everything. >> mom, look at the camera. >> i don't know what to look at, andy. >> evelyn, do you know who we've had on the show tonight?
11:11 pm
nicole kidman, keith urban. and we were just part of celine dion's concert. >> i saw that. >> we saw that. >> that was great. >> okay. >> we taped it. so we can stay up all night and watch it. >> yeah. >> evelyn, your son insulted i think nicole kidman a little bit. not really, but i think he sort of -- >> i'm a little worried, mom. >> pushed her buttons a little. >> well, you know what? that's your problem. >> all right. >> we got to go. evelyn and lou, thank you so much. happy new year. we wish you the best. >> love you dad. love you, mom. >> thank you. >> we're back in 60 seconds. bye. happy new year!
11:12 pm
11:13 pm
we could not be more excited about our next guest. two of the world's biggest stars. dave chappelle celebrated his 30th anniversary as a comedian this year with an epic 16-show residency at radio city music hall. he did two netflix stand-up specials already this year, one of which was their most watched comedy special of all time. tonight he has two new specials debuting on netflix. i watched both of them today. equanimity and the bird revolution. john mayer is the multiaward winning singer who has topped the charts and sold millions of albums around the world. they join us from the latest stop on their controlled danger tour. guys, happy new year's eve. thank you so much for being with us. thanks, dave and john. how are you doing?
11:14 pm
>> happy new year. >> good. how are you guys doing? hey, andy, hey anderson. >> hey, johnny. it's so cold here, you have no idea. you guys look so comfortable. we're good. >> so dave, congratulations on the two new -- >> so l.a. i can't handle it. >> congratulations on the two new shows that just appeared on netflix. both andy and i watched them today. they're so amazing. >> thank you so much. >> do you have -- as you look back on the year, what are your best and worst things you take from 2017? >> one of my favorite things in 2017 was black thoughts freestyle on half 97 funk flicks. and one of my least favorite things was the passing of dick gregory. not to be a bummer. >> an amazing guy. what an incredible career and incredible civil rights icon. he's really a remarkable, remarkable guy. i have to ask you about your tour. you guys are touring together.
11:15 pm
dave, you and i were in d.c. a couple years ago and you were kind of perplexed that andy cohen and i do a stage show together. what do you and john mayer do on stage together? how does that work? >> whoa. johnny, you want to take this one? >> yeah, it's not the loftiest of questions. i start out playing my music. i do about a half an hour. i hand it off to dave. he does about a half hour, 40 minutes of stand-up. he brings me back out. and we have what other people have described is a hangout. it's like a party. it's best described as being in a room at a house party where a couple people get together and they hang out and everyone has a great time. >> it's like a very expensive piano bar. >> right. >> it's great. it's called controlled danger. that's what it's all about, is riding the edge between what we're sure we know is going to work and what we're not sure is
11:16 pm
going to work. >> at all these shows we lock everybody's phones up. we take a lot of chances on stage that a lot of celebrities might not want to take because of the cell phone culture, this gotcha culture. but we go hard in the paint. we have a good time. thus the title controlled danger. >> that is so cool. do you have people check their phones when they come in? they're not allowed to have their phones there? >> well, they have them, but they're like in these bags. there's this company that makes these bags. they lock their phones up. if they want to access their phones, they have to leave the showroom. >> and i have to say this -- >> that's so cool. >> every artist, every live performer who has come to see the show always says to me how jealous they are that the phones are locked up. because i think artists want to be able to have that experience as well. i owe that to dave. i've done some shows on my own doing songs where the phones are locked up. so you can perform with an honest heart without worrying about how it's going to read second, third, millionth time.
11:17 pm
some moments get their power from the wash of memory. memory is a good thing when it comes to not remembering every last little thing and walking away from somebody and saying that was great, you know? >> it's also got to be hard when you look out in the audience and you see people just on their phones, holding up their phones and they're not really being present. they're just trying to record the moment as opposed to just trying to experience the moment and listen in it. >> yes. this weird combination of being engaged yet wildly disengaged. >> i try to tell myself however they want it, if that's how they want it, they bought the ticket. the one that annoys me, the only one that annoys me is when someone in the front row turns around to do a picture of themselves with me in the background as i'm singing a song about -- i'm singing from my heart and soul and i'm being used as a cardboard background prop.
11:18 pm
that's the only thing that you come to a show in the next couple of years. don't turn your back to the artist in the front row. >> that's a good rule of thumb. hey, dave, jay-z told "the new york times" recently that he would vote for you for president. which made me start thinking if you were president, what would your first official act be? >> if i were president what would be first official act be? that's a tough one, man. man, i don't know. the if part of it is what makes it so extraordinary. that's a huge if. >> i had one. i always think if i were president, i'd have wet wipes in every stall for every american. wet wipes. >> really? >> wow. >> yes. every weekend would be three days. i would fight tooth and nail for that.
11:19 pm
>> hey, guys, i hate to do this. we have to take a 60 second break. can you stick around and come right back? >> sure. >> i got 60 seconds. >> all right. cool. we'll be right back. i've got the take a quick break. we'll have more with dave chappelle and john mayer in just a second. (female vo) breaking news from washington as lawmakers; (male vo) raging wildfires continue to scorch parts; (make vo) allegations of misconduct; ♪ oh, why you look so sad, ♪ the tears are in your eyes, mvo: how hard is it just to take some time out of your day to give him a ride to school and show him you support him. ♪ and don't be ashamed to cry, ♪ let me see you through, ♪ 'cause i've seen the dark side too. ♪ ♪ when the night falls on you, ♪ you don't know what to do, mvo: when disaster strikes to one,
11:20 pm
we all get together and support each other. that's the nature of humanity. ♪ i'll stand by you, ♪ won't let nobody hurt you. ♪ i'll stand by you, ♪ so if you're mad, get mad, ♪ don't hold it all inside, ♪ come on and talk to me now. ♪ hey, what you got to hide? ♪ mvo: it's a calling to the nation of how great we are and how great we can be. ♪ i'm alive like you. ♪ when you're standing at the cross roads, ♪ ♪ and don't know which path to choose, ♪ ♪ let me come along, ♪ 'cause even if you're wrong ♪ i'll stand by you.
11:21 pm
♪ i'll stand by you. ♪ won't let nobody hurt you. ♪ i'll stand by you. ♪ even in your darkest hour, ♪ and i will never desert you. ♪ i'll stand by you. welcome back. we're live in times square. we're joined in california with dave chappelle and john mayer who are performing tonight. >> that's awesome. >> see how it feels? i love it! >> great. that's great. >> that is so good. that is really good. john, you and i talk about this all the time. you know i love you on twitter.
11:22 pm
you're so funny. you've been on fire the last few months. is there a tweet this year -- >> thank you. >> -- that you are proudest of? >> oh, my goodness. is there a tweet this year that i'm proudest of? yeah, i wrote one about beauty, i wrote one about basically being loving as being a main part of being beautiful. and the retweets were crazy. i go back and forth between being very sincere and then being very jokey, but that one was a very sincere one about beauty and kindness and how they have to -- you can't have one without the other. and people really resonated. that resonated with people. you can't resonate with something, something has to resonate with you. you see what i mean? >> i'm not even on social media. >> well, i was about to ask you, dave, what do you think of twitter? to me, i basically dropped off. it seemed really toxic to me. what do you think?
11:23 pm
>> i've never -- i literally made like five or six tweets in my life, and then i got out of the business. it was years ago. i just knew it wasn't for me. i can't speak in small increments. >> i think, if i may, i feel like the problem with twitter is that it doesn't register the problem correctly. so there's a problem in the world. and what happens is twitter seems to represent a certain repetition of the same problem that i think frustrates and annoys people faster than they need to be and it doesn't give the right to mention to a problem when you read the recurrence of the thought of the problem so many times. i feel like twitter logs multiple votes for problems and everyone walks around to carry this weight all day. and i think it's because of the way that these problems are accounted for. do you know what i mean? you can feel is same problem occur over and over again because of reading tweets about it. it's re-injury is what i want to say.
11:24 pm
>> dave, you were trending all day on twitter because people were watching you on netflix and going crazy and loving it. is there any part of you that has any desire to see what people are tweeting about or saying about your new specials? >> only if it's good. i don't want to read all those cries of outrage. >> there's a lot of that. >> there definitely are. hey, johnny, who are you going to smooch at midnight? >> i really haven't thought about it. just really into -- i don't know. who should i? >> i don't -- l.a. is your oyster, i feel like. >> yeah. i don't know. i didn't really think about that. >> dave, have you ever been to times square for new year's eve?
11:25 pm
>> you know, years ago. caroline's. years ago i was playing caroline's, which is near times square. and almost couldn't get to the gig because there was so much chaos that winter. and it looks like it is about 4 degrees in times square. >> it's so bad. it's crazy. >> our faces are frozen, which is why we're slurring. >> yes. it's really bad. >> i understand. >> you guys are performing tonight at the forum. how are new year's eve audiences, by the way? >> well, they're more -- you can field that in terms of how new year's eve audiences are. >> this is my first new year's eve working in years. normally i'd be home watching you guys because the crowds get so drunk tonight. i don't know if you can hear this behind me, but they're already at it. it will be a swell time. so tonight -- >> playing the 2017 -- >> yep, go ahead. >> sorry.
11:26 pm
>> i said i was just going to surf the energy. that's my plan. >> the best song of 2017, i have a hard time picking something. oh, thank you. that's one of my songs, thank you, andy. you're a company boy. i feel like kendrick lamar "dna" is hard to beat as a song, as the best song of the year. that's pretty hard to beat. yeah. >> guys, i know this is kind of a cheesy question, but dave, after watching your specials today, i think you had a lot of really important messages for people. i'm just wondering, both of you, do you guys have a message for people out there for the new year who are listening tonight? dave? >> at all cost, no matter what is said, we should make a point to be decent to one another and we'll get through anything. because that's all that really matters.
11:27 pm
>> i agree. >> john, how about you? >> i would like to see -- i would like to see a little more reason, a little more exercise of reason. and i also feel like in the quest to make a better world at large, we are losing a little bit of the user experience from day to day. i hope there's a better balance next year between fighting and living. i think we're a little short on the living. i feel like the theoretical fight vacuum is getting a little bit -- it's eating up a little bit too much actual lifetime. >> which is nothing that a three-day weekend wouldn't fix. >> and wet wipes for every american in every stall, that would be -- i'm running out of wet wipes, 20-20. >> chappelle/mayer, 2020. >> so fun seeing you guys.
11:28 pm
>> always. >> have a great show tonight. >> happy new year. >> we wish you the best. have a great year. continued success. >> thank you. you guys too. happy new year, america. >> yeah. happy new year. >> and again for those who haven't seen it, dave's netflix specials, they're so good. >> if you get a chance go see john on tour, solo or in company. >> it's so cool to see them together. and just hang out. >> it's so cool and it actually makes sense when you hear them. >> let's do that. >> i'd like to see that. >> me too. >> this -- well, i don't know. >> i think we're going to richard quest. >> okay. lets check in with richard quest who is -- oh, no, actually, we're going the randi kaye who is the grand reveal. >> the pot and paint party masterpiece reveal. >> she's been riding around on a pot bus where marijuana is legal.
11:29 pm
randi -- oh, goodness. you're just giggling now. >> this is for andy! andy, this is for you! no, this is a pot bus party. >> this is cnn, i can't -- oh, my god! this is the best. thank you, randi, that looks gorgeous to me. >> someone just passed it to me. because that's what you do here at the pot fest and bus party. you just pass it on. randi is going to pass it on. then i get another one passed to me. so funny. but here everybody just puffs, passes and paints. i got to show you something else. they have a thing here called the incredible -- i have to show you how this works. we have a willing participant right here. if you thought this was nice, wait till you see this. let's see how this works here. this is all part of the puff, pass, and paint. this is where they get their creativity. they just get it right there. >> oh my god, i love that!
11:30 pm
>> this doesn't seem like a good idea. >> this is called the incredible. so the guy who teaches at these puff, pass and paint classes, this guy mike here teaches these. i have to pass this on. i can't hold this in my hand anymore. thank you. you are the -- >> that's what i say. >> and you tell them to paint? >> yeah, well, we say it's not about the end product, it's about the journey, man. so we want people to be one with the -- oh, man, too much math, >> yeah, the journey! >> that's too much math right now. >> wow. >> what i'd like to say also, if you get really mad at your painting, i like to make sure i get really, really high so my eyes get squinty. and things look so much better when you squint. >> let me show you things that people are working on. this one is really interesting. what do you have going on here? is that a bottle of champagne? >> i'm trying to paint a bottle of champagne from my phone.
11:31 pm
>> what are you painting over here? >> i started with the original bottle of champagne. >> it doesn't look like champagne. but imagine this all the way over here, you guys are going to love this. >> she's lost the plot, darling. >> check this out. who is that? >> that would be you. >> me. you painted me. i love it. that looks really good. a little blond. you know, at least my eyes aren't squinted in that picture, that's good. but i have to tell you, we have a couple folks here who are painting you two. they have puffed, they have passed and now they're painting ac-2. and wait till you see. we're going to have the big reveal next time. they're going to puff a little more, paint a little more. then we'll have it for you. >> all right. thanks, randi. we'll check in with you. let's go to richard quest. richard, where are you? >> down to your left. look to your left and you'll see.
11:32 pm
yeah, there you go. >> there you are. okay. >> i'm down with the ordinary people. >> you stay there. >> it's nearly midnight. >> hi, how are you doing? >> what time did you get here? >> 8:00 a.m. >> oh, no. >> i've been in the city since 8:00 a.m. waiting for this. >> really? >> yes. >> are you excited? >> i'm so excited. i'm ready ready for this. >> i'm so ready for this. i was out here for a long time, too. i'm really excited. it's going to be worth it. it really is. it's going to be worth it. >> so they've been here since 8 or 9:00 in the morning. it is now 9 degrees fahrenheit, which is the second coldest on record. okay? so we've beaten the 1962 record or at least it looks like that. and everybody at last there is getting ready for -- [ cheers ]
11:33 pm
there you are. i hope you're keeping warm up there. must be nice in the expensive seats. don't worry about those of us down here. don't worry. >> it's actually warmer down there. >> it's warmer down there. we're where the air is hitting us. >> a crumb from your table. mr. cooper, a crumb from your table. >> richard quest is throwing us major shade right now. >> he's funny. i like that. >> he's been down there for a long time, to be fair, to be fair, he has been down there an awfully long time. >> i would like to say, it's like cnn gone wild, this show. >> now you're going crazy. >> i know. yeah. have you ever coughed and you have a bad back and every time you cough -- i sound like -- and my goiter, my gout.
11:34 pm
june 2nd, june 3rd. >> yes. >> so randi kaye, i don't quite understand why would people want to paint if they're high. >> it's fun to paint when you're high. it's fun to do anything when you're high. >> i don't understand that. >> those paintings were nice, i think. >> sure. why not? absolutely. >> i like that guy mike who says everything looks better if you squint, which is true, actually. if you think about it, lots of truisms. by the way, i love the interview with mayer and chappelle. >> yes, calm and nice and smart. 25 minutes away from the stroke of midnight, which is obviously going to be very exciting. >> slow march to midnight. >> the energy, yes. picking up. >> yeah. >> you're like projecting on to everybody. when you take a quick break, when we come back we'll have a lot more. when we come back, we'll check in with all the hottest spots
11:35 pm
around the country where people are waiting for the big countdown, obviously. we'll be right back. ♪
11:36 pm
11:37 pm
11:38 pm
and welcome back. we're about 22 minutes away from the stroke of midnight and the beginning of 2018 here with andy cohen. >> you would not know that it is so freaking cold. >> you would not. >> by looking at that aerial shot. but i have to say the energy is really picking up in times square. >> it is, yep. >> i feel warmer. >> we've got the new year's in sight. richard kwst quest is out there in times square down below us with some special guests. richard, who do you have? >> i have new york's finest, new york's strongest and new york's bravest. let's start with you, chief. how many of your nypd finest have you got here? >> we've got thousands. not going to give you an exact number. but we've got thousands keeping this area secure. cops everywhere. everywhere you turn you see another police officer. >> and they are incredibly good tonight. they are just enjoying the spirit while keeping us safe.
11:39 pm
>> that's exactly it. we're out here making sure everyone else can have a great time in force in a secure area and working hand in hand with our partners here. we couldn't do it without sanitation and fire department here with us. >> let's go to you, roger, at the fire department. i mean, your members absolutely phenomenal work this week in the bronx. we applaud you for what you did. and tonight, a great night. what are you working on? >> we can't get rigs into this area. so our members are on foot surveying the area and investigating alarms by foot and bringing units in when necessary with pd's help. >> and when it's all over, you and your people, the new york strongest have to put it all together again. >> right now we have 246 sanitation workers ready to go. 46 officers. you want to talk equipment, we got 44 rear loader collection trucks and 30 mechanical brooms, 58 guys with back hoes.
11:40 pm
>> how quickly will you have it all done? >> we look to get it done by daybreak. >> by day break. so here you have it. you've got the bravest, you've got the strongest and you've got the finest. and if you really want to know, do you actually enjoy it? >> i love being out here. being out here with the people in this city, it's the best in the world. it's what it's about. >> it's all new york, it's about new york. >> and new york. >> it's amazing. >> there you have it, anderson and andy, the bravest, the finest, the strongest and there's how many people tonight do we think? >> over a million people here having a great time. >> over a million people on the second coldest night on record. >> yep, that's great. >> i'm putting my gloves on. gentlemen, i salute you or i would if i had my hat on. thank you. >> richard, give them our best. amazing work. we really appreciate it. >> amazing that a million people turned out. the police, they're so
11:41 pm
experienced with this, the fire department, the emts, everybody. just a few minutes left until 2018 here in new york. >> you're starting to shiver. >> i'm starting to shiver, yep. >> i am, too. >> down in new orleans, things are heating up. let's check in with don and brooke. see how things are going. whoa! >> what's up, guys? >> hi, guys. you like our masks? >> we went to makeup and they did this to us. >> we grew feathers. there's that. >> what do you think? >> you guys like this? >> i like it. >> it's a good look. absolutely. >> very good. as long as andy likes it, i'm good. so we have this special little something -- >> we have something really special. >> so andy and anderson have to give us a little time. we won't cut into your new year's eve time, trust us. but we want to introduce you to this guy. >> what's your name? >> my name is dustin. >> dustin. we understand you have something
11:42 pm
special. >> yes, yeah, for sure. >> come on. >> hey, come here. >> and your girlfriend in the red. beautiful. >> hi! >> where are you from? >> atlanta. >> i'm an atlanta girl. >> let's do it. >> marisa, i love you and -- >> oh! >> will you marry me? >> she said yes. >> yes! >> oh, he went to jared or somewhere else. >> she said yes. >> she said yes. we love that. >> we love that. >> so guess what? andy and anderson, quickly, someone else said yes this year is. >> me. where is he? >> brooke baldwin is getting married this year. where is your man? >> somewhere in here.
11:43 pm
>> they're going to get married. >> oh, that's nice. >> i love that. >> that's amazing. i love a live proposal. >> absolutely. that's great. that's so nice. >> brooke, will you marry me? >> i think i've already said yes the past four years, so that's happening. >> you guys seem to have sobered up from the last time we saw you. >> we love new orleans. back to you all in new york. >> thank you, guys so much for being there and picking up our coverage at 12:30. we got a lot still to go, about 15, 16 minutes until the stroke of midnight. >> wow. they seem like they sobered up a little bit. >> i think they have, yeah. or maybe they're just -- i don't know because they're sitting down or something. i don't know. you know when it rides up, oh, wow, get walloped. >> do you think it just went down a little bit, the temp? >> i can't tell. >> how is your heated -- >> it's gone.
11:44 pm
it's left now. >> i think we need to change our batteries. >> we need to change our batteries. >> it also seems to be getting a little windy up here. >> it is windy. it's nice. which adds to it. it's nice. >> a little breeze. >> it's bracing. yeah, yeah, yeah. >> do you want to do more underreported stories for the year? >> sure, yeah. i will. this was a really good one. this was -- do you know that tom cruise had to deny that he had butt padding on the set of -- how do you pronounce the name of that movie. >> "valkyrie ". >> did you see that movie? i liked that movie. >> there was an image of tom cruise's butt from the movie. it went viral this year leaving people to think that he was wearing butt padding. and he came out and said -- tom cruise has always had kind of a big can. he has! >> what are you talking about? i did not know that. >> a famously big can. but nice. >> no, you're not criticizing.
11:45 pm
>> i love this. diddy was at the met ball, and he took a picture with wiz khalifa, jaden smith and travis scott. he posted this picture and kylie and kendall jenner posted the picture. you seem bored with my little stories. >> no. >> i think you're going into a little cold. >> cold hold? >> no. >> no, i'm good. >> he cut out kendall jenner and kylie jenner from his picture. >> why? >> and they posted a picture and he cut them out. but those are good people to get likes on a picture. you want jenners and kardashians in your picture. >> do you? >> absolutely. did you know that dame judi dench carries around a tiny fidget spinner? >> no. >> yes. >> why? >> she does. >> why? >> she's so fidgety. she pulled out a teeny fidget spinner. her grandson gave her one. >> lovely.
11:46 pm
i've interviewed her. >> since this is cnn there is breaking news and that is that mariah carey just did a good performance behind us. am i allowed to say that? >> yes. >> she did redeem herself. the emancipation of mimi is complete. mimi is emancipated. you have heard it here on cnn. we are in the -- >> they released the mariah glitter. >> they released the mariah glitter. >> did you ever see the backpack kid on "saturday night live." performed on "saturday night live." katy perry performed on "saturday night live." the backpack kid stole the show this year. >> yes. >> and for me, i was obsessed. that was on swish swish and that's the backpack kid. the longest time. look. he's got like a bazillion followers on instagram. i love that kid. >> you love the backpack kid? >> yeah. he's like my favorite sort of discovery of the year.
11:47 pm
>> let's check back in. >> i feel like you're turning on me. i feel like you're bored with me. >> not at all. no. >> let's check in with bill weir. >> bill, how are things there? >> hello, andy, anderson. we've made our way to the top of the bourbon street pub where somebody wants to say hi to you guys. hey, look. it's sushi. it's key west legend sushi. happy new year almost. where's my jacket? you were wearing it. >> i didn't want to take away from your outfit. >> is anderson in there? >> hi, guys, how are you? love you. >> hi. >> they're happy to see that things are back to normal. things are back to normal in the key. you're a sign of normalcy. >> you know, joey schroeder, the one who -- i'm the man behind the shoe. >> this is your place. >> 22 years.
11:48 pm
>> what does it say about the resiliency of the keys that you have this kind of new year's eve 105 days after irma? >> have you seen the crowd out here. i'm sweating it's so hot out here. it's actually wonderful. key west is -- we came back. >> hello, anderson! come down and be in the shoe. >> andy and anderson. >> yes. i agree. bill weir can get it, man. that's the headline of the night. >> i'm making all kinds of friends up here. >> andy is saying you can get it. >> people are so friendly. >> i'm sure people are very friendly to you in key west, bill weir. you're going to have a big night. you better get your ass to miami pretty soon. >> he might need an exit strategy. >> yes.
11:49 pm
>> i wish you were here. >> the recovery continues. back to you. >> all right. >> thanks, bill. at the stroke of midnight in key west, the sushi, who you saw there, is lowered in a giant stiletto. one year it actually got stuck and she ended up like crawling along the roof of the bar one year. >> sushi seems very calm considering she's about to be dropped. >> it's a very slow drop. we'll play it after. >> i think it would be very exciting if they lowered mariah carey down in times square. >> of course. >> that would be huge. >> fantastic. >> technically difficult. we're 11 minutes away. >> technically difficult? >> it would be technically difficult. >> the gown, the hair. she likes to be photographed from one side.
11:50 pm
that would be a mess. >> five minutes or so before they start playing music. we really want you to be able to experience what it's like to be here. it's easy to make fun of as a new yorker. most new yorkers don't come here. they say it's for tourists and stuff. but i got to say, every year i find it really moving. like that ten-minute window before, five-minute window before. >> talk about it. i'm excited to experience it. >> it's really incredible. so we're going to stop talking during a lot of that. >> we are? >> well, to let people experience the music and the moment and feel the emotion of the moment. i find it an emotional moment. >> let's go to richard quest. >> hey, richard. how it is going? are people getting excited? >> in times square for new year's eve for about 15 years. and i could not agree with you more. more people are arriving. [ cheering ] >> i can't hear him. >> can't hear him. >> where are you from? >> vancouver, canada. >> vancouver, canada! where are you from? >> london! london. >> happy new year.
11:51 pm
>> so, can you hear me, guys? can you hear me? >> yes, we got you, richard. we got you. >> 15 years, woo, woo, woo! >> i say! this is something quite different. ten minutes to go. these have just arrived. what are you doing? [ cheering ] >> you get the idea. people are grabbing me. it's very cold. well, what can one say? they are thoroughly enjoying themselves. have you ever been to times square before? >> yes, i have. >> you have. >> it's awesome! >> the best time ever! >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you. what can i say? the mood is absolutely electric. yes, it's very cold.
11:52 pm
second coldest on record. but in the last 20 minutes, andy is quite right. the energy has picked up, and people are ready for midnight. >> yeah, it's really interesting, richard. as you were saying, when we first got here, i feel like it's gotten more crowded. like they let more people come closer. >> they have. they have. this whole area has been allowed to come in. so they're letting a lot more people into the heart of the square. which is what they normally do. >> people are truly packed in like sardines. people are really packed in. i have to imagine that is one way they're keeping a little bit warm. >> without a doubt. >> but it's still does not look like a place that this reporter would like to be. this reporter. really? so you're now calling yourself a reporter. >> i am a reporter. i'm on cnn for four and a half hours. and by the way, with all due to your team of experts in the
11:53 pm
field. >> yes? >> some of them are drunk. one of them is at a pot party. i mean -- it's the night. it's the night. >> she is just reporting on it. >> i know. i'm a big randi kaye fan. >> i'm a huge randi kaye fan. >> she is fantastic. >> do you have any new year's wishes or resolutions for next year? >> they're always the same. they're boring. >> you are more of a softy than people think of. you're a very sweet guy and a very loyal guy. but you also -- you also -- i'm surprised that you don't have anything to say about this. >> about what? >> any new year's wishes. >> listen, obviously, i think we're in a very divided time and a polarized time. >> yes. >> and i think events like this, as you said earlier, it's nice that people are able to come together. and i think there is more than unites us than actually divides us. >> see? that's a good thought. >> there you go. that's what i'm saying. i was trying to pull something from you.
11:54 pm
>> from my cold dark little heart? >> what? >> from my cold, dark little heart. >> clear eyes, full heart, can't lose. >> look at that. please, party night. >> don't get me started on friday night lights. >> do not get me started on that. >> let's quickly check in with randi kaye. do the folks even realize -- i guess it's in colorado so midnight is not approaching. are they aware of the time at this point or does time not matter? >> time doesn't matter to them. they're squinting. >> i'm not sure if they're aware of the time. i'm not even sure if they're aware of the year to be honest at this place. things have really gotten out of control. we have now moved on to cannabis-infused cocktails. i know we're really close to midnight eastern time. but this is our bud tender. and he is making a cannabis -- trying to get these drinks ready. oh my goodness. this is live tv. come on. this is a little bit of thc and what else?
11:55 pm
>> what we're using is a water soluble th cpac get from a company called ripple. this is going to be pineapple, orange, lemon and a little bit of grenadine. got to get you the grenadine. >> okay. and so this makes you feel really, really nice? >> this is going to be a nice mild high. nothing too intense. >> it looks delicious. i wish i could give it to you guys. but i'm going pass it on. we're going to move on to the puff, pass and paint party. how about this? would you like an infused cocktail? very nice. the key here is making these puff pass and paint party. >> all right. we'll check back with randy. >> you'll drop out on randi? >> well the time is coming. we'll bring to folks live. also, the mayor is out live on the podium, ready to press
11:56 pm
the -- >> the mayor presses the button? >> the mayor and a special guest touch it and that starts the -- >> the lowering. >> oh my god. this is very exciting. 2018. >> wait are, they? >> are they doing it early? do they want to bump in a little early this year? >> let's listen to imagine. ♪ above us only sky, imagine all the people, living for today ♪ ♪ can you, imagine there's no country, it isn't hard to do ♪ nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too ♪
11:57 pm
♪ imagine all the people living life in peace ♪ ♪ and you, you may say i'm a dreamer ♪ ♪ but i'm not the only one i hope some day you join us, and the world will be as one ♪ ♪ imagine no possessions, i wonder if you can, there's no
11:58 pm
need for green or hunger ♪ ♪ a brotherhood of man, imagine all the people, sharing all the world ♪ ♪ and you, you may say i'm a dreamer but i'm not the only one ♪ ♪ no, i hope some day you will join us, and the world will be as one ♪ happy new year! happy new years, new york. i love you all. [ cheering ]
11:59 pm
[ ticking ] [ ticking ]
12:00 am
>> ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one -- >> happy new year! [ auld lang syne ] ♪
12:01 am
[ playing "new york, new york" ] ♪ start spreading the news, i'm leaving today ♪ ♪ i want to be a part of it, new york, new york ♪ ♪ these vagabond shoes, are longing to stray ♪ ♪ right through the very heart of it, new york, new york ♪ ♪ i want to wake up in a city that doesn't sleep, and find i'm king of the hill, top of heap ♪ ♪ these little town blues are
12:02 am
melting away, i'll make a brand-new start of it in new york ♪ ♪ if i can make it there, i'll make it anywhere ♪ ♪ it's up to you, new york, new york ♪ ♪ new york, new york, i want to wake up in a city that never sleeps and find i'm a number one, top of the list, king of
12:03 am
the hill, a number one ♪ ♪ these little blues, are melting away ♪ ♪ i'm going to make a brand-new start of it in old new york ♪ ♪ if i can make it there i'm going to make it anywhere ♪ ♪ it's up to you, new york, new york, new york ♪ [ cheering ]
12:04 am
♪ >> above the fruited plain ♪
12:05 am
♪ america, america, got shed his grace on thee encinitas ♪ and crown they good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea ♪ ♪ america, america, god shed his grace on thee ♪ ♪ and crown thy good with brotherhood ♪ ♪ from sea to shining sea
12:06 am
♪ i see trees of green, red roses too, i see them bloom for and think what a wonderful world ♪ >> and wherever you are, whatever you are doing, we want to wish you a very happy new year 2018. an incredible moment here in new york to witness.
12:07 am
i got to say, i've been doing this for 15 years, and it still, that moment at the start of midnight, the confetti and the singing. >> i got to tell you, has "new york, new york" ever sounded so good as when it is booming over times square, just at the stroke of midnight. >> i know, i know. >> and the new year. and you've got the mayor standing there dancing with the first lady of new york. slow dancing. just a beautiful, beautiful sight. and never is there a better anthem for a city than "new york, new york". >> i mean, it's hard to describe for people who haven't been here, and people have to wait for hours to see it and stuff. but at that stroke of midnight and the ten minutes after, the five minutes after, it's an incredible, incredible sight. >> i got to tell you, is this place clearing out or what? and let me also say this. i would not want to be a bathroom on eighth avenue in the
12:08 am
40s, any bathroom, because they're going to see a lot of traffic. and the pluming in this area, i don't even want to know from. >> you know what? that's not a really good new year's message. >> well, i'm talking about the -- no, you're right, you're right. but i was looking at these people. and i said to anderson at about 12:05, was it worth it? was it worth it? >> and i said yes. >> yes. >> i think most of them will tell you yes. >> really? >> i talked to a lot of people who have been here and they all say it was tough and worse than they expected, but it was worth it. >> i got to tell you. i love -- i love just to go back to it. i know we were just talking about it. but i really want to talk about "new york, new york" a little bit more. >> okay, okay. >> because it is such a great song. what if they lowered liza down. >> i like also the jay-z. >> i love that song. that's amazing. we did a shot. >> we did. not only did we do a shot of
12:09 am
tequila, we did -- it was a very generous shot of tequila. and anderson slammed the whole thing. and i think this is kind of a little bit of a symptom of being on tour with me for three years. >> yes. >> because he is a bit of teetotaler. he doesn't really drink. but i feel responsible. >> kevin poured the shot. >> kevin poured for us three shots. >> and andy snuck in the tequila. >> i snuck tech will in. it is now my gift to the crew. >> and you had extra glasses too. >> i stole glasses from the hotel. yes. >> oh, really? nice. >> bill them to cnn. but i will say it was nice and chilled in this arctic thing. i'm telling you. it froze my pizza walking into the area. and it did chill the tequila very quickly. i did think that. i was like oh, wow. delightful it makes you want to stay in the one of the iceland hotels. >> tequila, actually by the way,
12:10 am
it's much easier to slam down when it's chilled. it actually makes me want a bit of another shot. >> can we have another little shot? is there any more? can we have another shot? >> and just a reminder for anyone watching at home, don't drink and drive. >> don't drink and drive. we're not driving tonight, to make that clear. times square. it's really clearing out. >> it clears out very, very quickly. >> you can see that. people are really leaving. some people are kind of sticking around because they've been in these pens slammed up against people for so long. and i would imagine they're now friends. >> they're making plans. >> arms and things. >> oh, you're going to do another one? might as well. cheers. if don lemon can do it we can do it. >> who is don lemon and who is brooke baldwin in this. >> what? >> between us, who is don lemon and brooke baldwin? >> i don't know, sweetie. cheers. happy new years, everybody. 2018. to a beautiful, peaceful, peaceful year.
12:11 am
nicely chilled, though. very nicely chilled. >> gorgeous. >> it is gorgeous. >> yeah. that's true. should we go down to richard quest in the crowd? richard, how you doing? >> all right. happy new year. you're right, andy. that "new york, new york" brings tears to my eyes every time. all right. so. all right. question. was it worth the wait? >> yes, it was! [ cheering ] >> they are waiting until the last drop of any form of emotion from times square tonight is rung out of the place. people are leaving quite quickly. i think you're right. the cold weather has taken its toll. but it was as warm as ever in terms of the mood at midnight. >> it definitely was. you can could feel it from all around. richard, how many years have you done this in times square? how many years have you participated?
12:12 am
>> in the '90s i did it every year for ten years. and i've done it for the last -- about 20 years i've been doing it. >> wow. >> that's amazing. that's awesome. >> and i still enjoy it. >> i know. >> i still look forward to it. >> yeah. i know. >> i feel like you like it because it gives you an excuse not to have to go anywhere. >> oh, without a doubt. i'm miserable on new year's eve normally. like if i was just not doing anything. because it makes me sad. it makes me depressed. >> it's nice that you and have i birthdays next to each other on one day apart. >> yes. >> we have joint birthday parties. >> and celebrate your birthday. >> which is nice. because normally i wouldn't celebrate it. number two, i don't know enough people to have a party. so i'll provide the house and andy provides the people. >> yes. >> so it's a nice combination. >> your eyes are especially blue right now? >> are they really?
12:13 am
>> should we go to bill weir now? >> let's see how the sushi drop went in key west. bill, how did it go? >> you know, it was touch and go for a minute, anderson. but in the end, what happened? touch and go? >> it always. it always. >> oh, no, bill! touch and go! sushi made it down. >> sort of. this is what you experiential reporting. you truly understand the cultural event you're covering when they invite you to partake. it would be rude not to get in the giant stiletto with sushi, who i'm told makes all of her own cost sometimes, wow. i did not know that. very good. breaking news on cnn. >> bill, i got to tell you, one year, i don't know if you heard this, the shoe got stall and
12:14 am
sushi ended up crawling along the roof of the building, as i recall. so i'm glad she made it down safely this year. >> bill, i really think you need to get a police escort. because those queens are going to be -- you need a security escort out of there. >> i got to tell you, i'm just warning you right now. >> i've been offered so many beverages and meals and apartments, strangely. >> i'm sure. >> that's the least of what you're going to be offered, bill. so just enjoy yourself. thank you for your reportage tonight. >> triumphant final lap. yes! yes! >> of course. oh my god. sushi, can there be enough. >> bill, i got to say, you've done such an amazing job this year, not only on the wonder list, but also your reporting
12:15 am
during storms and all over puerto rico. and i just want to say it's been such a pleasure to watch you this year. and i just look forward to all you're doing in the year ahead. >> that's really nice of you to say. i really appreciate it. it's been a brutal year packed with so much disaster. i met so many people who touched me from puerto rico to the keys to texas. and here's to a happier, healthier, speedier recovery in 2018 for everybody affected. >> amen to that. certainly our thoughts are with all the people in puerto rico who cannot watch tonight because they don't have electricity. >> still no electricity. >> for a lot of people. >> unbelievable. >> i think the latest report i saw was more than a million. our thoughts are still with -- >> how many months later? three? four months later? >> anyway, our thoughts are with all the people in puerto rico and all the people from puerto rico who are now here in the united states. and, yeah, we hope the new year brings happiness and electricity.
12:16 am
>> i certainly hope that i meet bill weir in the new year. >> yes. it's funny, we kept having meetings about tonight with jack gray, who helped out and your folks. so many people. >> we didn't do our good night moon thing. >> oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> can we do that? >> oh, we're going to take a quick break and we're going have more and we're going see what's up with randi kaye. who knows what's up with randi. >> i know. randi kaye is stoned. we'll be right back. - honey, remember to slaughter the tomatoes
12:17 am
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12:20 am
♪ we are back in times square, ushering in 2018. >> i like that you have taken it over. i like that. >> yes, absolutely. >> you go. >> and the revellers are leaving. there is no one left in times square. >> there is a lot of trash. negative, one left in times square. i have to tell you. there is like 20 people. >> as we bid farewell to 2017 we have a special take on a children's classic on the children's classic good night moon. this is good night 2017 by i.p. freely. >> what? >> i.p. freely. >> did your people make that up? >> okay. here we go. good night, george bush versus his rain poncho. good night sexually harassing movie honcho. >> good night injected lips and implanted asses.
12:21 am
good night looking at eclipse without eclipse glasses. >> good night, accidental oscar to la la land, not moonlight. good night to the cash me outside girl challenging you to a fight. >> i love what i learned about the cash me outside girl only tonight. good night michelle obama's inauguration side eye. good night this is us making us cry. >> good night blessed be the fruit. good night prince george in that cute little suit. >> good night apocalyptic weather of wind, rain and fires. good night climate change deniers. >> good night scaramucci's 11 days. good night man bun unicorn craze. >> good night white house staffers calling it quits. good night unopened food delivery cans. >> good night wondering blac chyna. and good night ever growing podcast queue.
12:22 am
>> and good night 2017. you were loved by many like a swift kick in the bean. >> yes, you were. >> that was good. i like that. let's go to randi kaye, because she is going to reveal. oh, the pot painting, yes. >> oh, we're going to take a break. >> you're not that good. you're not ready. >> you're not ready. >> all right! >> we'll be right back. hi, i'm the internet! you know what's difficult?
12:23 am
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12:25 am
12:26 am
>> we are here at the end of our night here in times square with andy cohen and richard quest, who has done an amazing job. thank you for everything. >> it's just been a blast. >> you're fun. >> thank you, gentlemen, for allowing me to be a part of this. >> thank you. >> it is high time we check in with her, with randi kaye in colorado, where pot is legal. randi, how you doing? you have somebody else driving for you tonight, i'm sure. how you doing? >> um, i'm doing okay. i think it's time for me to get some fresh air for sure. >> randi kaye! >> really? i think it must be the cannabis-infused cocktail. >> it's kicking in. i can hear you. i just want you to know, can you see these all the way there in new york city from denver? how about those? pretty cool earrings, right? >> wow. >> those are great. >> see, those are little marijuana leaves. i borrowed those from a friend. anyway, i want to have the big
12:27 am
reveal as we promised. ac2 coming up in just a moment. >> okay. >> but speaking of the earrings, i pointed out this kind woman who paint mid picture earlier. and she added the earrings since we saw you last and the blond hair. and you added everything. so what do you think? do you like it? >> straight up with the glitter, it's very important. it's new year's eve. it's part of the whole ambience. >> absolutely. so you've been sitting here watching these two folks paint anderson and andy. let's do the big reveal. i love how much of this have you smoked while you painted anderson? >> probably about 3/4 of it. and we had one before too. >> yeah? >> so show us the big reveal. >> before we show you, i want to point out, this painting is not that. it's very abstract. >> it's already making excuses. come on! show it to us. oh, oh, boy. oh. >> oh my god, that is horrible!
12:28 am
and he has lipstick. >> he is all lips. what the heck happened? [ laughter ] >> oh my gosh. >> i love it. actually, i think -- >> i like it very much. >> that color. the hair is like -- i think he used a special paint called silver fox gray or silver fox silver. >>ia, that's what it's called. all right. so let's show you the big reveal of andy. >> let's see andy. >> i think this might be more appropriate right there on andy. look at andy! let's talk to the artist behind this fabulous photo. >> wow! >> this fabulous painting. >> it look likes a horror movie. >> the age spots like an old marionette. >> let's get a close-up of andy. talk us through what you were thinking there? >> oh my god, my eyes are even more crossed than they are normally. >> you really liked.
12:29 am
>> claim this. >> i love it, by the way. >> that's how you see us. >> and your lips are like two colors, andy. i don't get it. >> it's party andy. >> well, you need to add that right there. >> all right. >> 21-year-old randy. >> thank you, randy. >> choose sativa, please, 10 milligram. >> randi, you've been such a great trooper. thank you so much. get home safe. have somebody drive you home. >> thank you. and happy new years. >> yes, the dose is kicking in. yes, yes. >> let's quickly check in with brooke baldwin. >> we're handing it off. >> this is actually -- i'm told the second coldest -- >> 1917 was the coldest. we've beat the 1962 one. but of course those who had warm electric things whatever.
12:30 am
>> we're not that warm. >> i do want to thank the warming store in philadelphia. it's a family-owned business. i paid for it. so it's not a promotional thing. but they're very nice people. >> submit your expenses. you need to get paid back. this has been so fun. thank you for having me. happy new year. happy new year. >> thank you. >> and richard. >> richard. >> brooke and don, i cannot wait to see what happens with that. >> my god. >> drunky mcdrunk. my god. >> brooke and don, they're going to take over our coverage after the break. still other parts of the united states obviously, they'll be rolling in the new years in new orleans and elsewhere. sara sidner is in nashville. thank you very much for joining us. we really do wish you the best happy, safe and prosperous new year. >> have a great 2018. >> take care. ♪


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