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tv   New Years Eve Live With Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwim  CNN  January 1, 2018 12:30am-1:01am PST

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>> we're not that warm. >> i do want to thank the warming store in philadelphia. it's a family-owned business. i paid for it. so it's not a promotional thing. but they're very nice people. >> submit your expenses. you need to get paid back. this has been so fun. thank you for having me. happy new year. happy new year. >> thank you. >> and richard. >> richard. >> brooke and don, i cannot wait to see what happens with that. >> my god. >> drunky mcdrunk. my god. >> brooke and don, they're going to take over our coverage after the break. still other parts of the united states obviously, they'll be rolling in the new years in new orleans and elsewhere. sara sidner is in nashville. thank you very much for joining us. we really do wish you the best happy, safe and prosperous new year. >> have a great 2018. >> take care. ♪
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so they thought the show was over. the show is not! >> the show has just started. >> thank you very much. >> happy new year, by the way, to everyone on the east coast. >> you got to -- people at home, you got to kind of walk this way. >> we're to be do a second line. >> a second line with our friends mahogany brass band. [ cheering ] ♪ >> this is keenan. keenan, explain to people who have never been to new orleans what the heck a second line is. >> a second line is we have here in new orleans. usually the first line is like maybe like the different culture clubs that we have here in new orleans.
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maybe can be the funeral and the family and the body is first and the second line is the band. >> it could be a funeral, a wedding. >> whatever you want. and people can join in? >> yes, ma'am. >> you're celebrating life at a funeral. you're celebrating fun always. >> love it. >> let's do it. let's show them how to do it. y'all ready? here we go. ♪ >> this is awesome. ♪ ♪ >> this is new orleans, baby! ♪ >> woo!
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>> how y'all doing? >> this is new orleans! >> amazing! let's the good times roll, baby! let the good times roll, baby. we're in new orleans, we're in new orleans, we're in new orleans. >> are you having a good time? where are you from? >> new york. >> new york! ♪ >> if you're at home, get off the coach and start dancing! get me a white towel or a napkin. ♪
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how are you all doing? keeping it safe. >> happy new year. >> happy new year! ♪ >> thank you for all that you do. thank you. >> so we're going to go inside. who do way want to toss to? >> let's talk to them. let's talk to keenan. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ woo! >> amazing! >> who do we want to talk to? >> let's go to vegas. >> gary tuchman. >> one of my favorite people at cnn, gary tuchman and his amazing daughter lindsay. hey, you guys, happy almost new year's. >> don and brooke, happy almost new year. we're still in 2017. we're still here in 2017 in las vegas, nevada. i brought my daughter from new york. in between us is our new friend, marie osmond. >> don, you're scaring me with the umbrella. >> it mist be the donny name. >> donny osmond. because marie. donny and marie right across the street at the flamingo hotel. this their tenth year. >> we just signed our tenth year. we were supposed to be here six
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weeks. they just keep asking us. ten years with my brother. aluminum is the ten-year anniversary thing. and i told donny working with you for ten years i feel foiled. >> that's good. >> tell us about the show as you start your tenth year? >> we have people come from all over the world. well change the show up every year. right now thing is my favorite show that we're doing because it's our tenth and new dancers and just got voted best choreographed show. but it's a fun show. we love the people. we're very personable. we have the longest meet and greets on the planet. >> people like that. >> they do. and whether you knew us as young kids in our teens from paper roses or meet me in montana or broadway or whatever. >> a little bit country, a little rock 'n roll. >> you got it. you can even sing it if you want. ♪ i'm a little country, i'm a little rock 'n roll ♪ >> that's the coolest relationship here. >> that's what i'm going to ask. you work with family. we're working with the family. do you have any tips for us? >> how it is? >> it's going well so far. haven't fought too much.
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>> it is easy to work with your father? >> it is pretty easy. i think we have similar personalities. that helps. but you're saying you're not as much similar. >> donny and i, this is five decades now of performing. i think there really aren't any other brothers and sisters that have worked together like we have done, television and film and all these different recordings. but yeah, we're very different, but it kind of works because i look at certain areas of the show and he is very focused on other areas of the show. we get on stage and kind of after all these years we can read each other's mind or something. >> marie osmond is a very brave woman. >> working with donny? >> well, working with donny, but also something else. lindsay and i a little while ago, the tallest structure, the tallest tower in the united states is here, 1149 feet tall, the stratosphere hotel tower. and lindsay and i, it's called the sky jump. and marie did this also. but lindsay and i jumped off the top of the sky jump 100 stores,
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i'm so impressed that you did it. >> thank you. i'm honored that you're impressed. >> i'm very impressed, i want to show our viewers what lindsay and i just did. >> now lindsay i would expect it from. >> put your feet in first. >> all right. >> all right. all suited up. so the sky jump is one of the most amazing rides, not only in vegas, but the whole world. >> that's true. >> we're here in the 108th floor. and we're going to be jumping all the way to the second floor. >> that we are. >> are you ready for it? >> i think so. >> am i a bad dad for doing this? >> no, you're the best dad. >> you go first. >> there she goes. three, two, one, go! >> land on your feet! >> you ready, gary? >> awesome. >> i think my dad will be scared at first. >> go!
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>> unbelievable! this is crazy! >> land on your feet. >> woo-hoo! >> do not tell mom we did this. >> congratulations. you just survived sky jump. >> what do you say? >> and he did tell mom. >> the mom does know. so were you scared when you did it? >> just that initial thing. but once you jump, it's not as terrifying as you think. >> that's what we were saying. marie osmond you are a charming, beautiful woman. thank you for joining us. >> and come to vegas there is something for everybody here. as you can see. >> yep. >> the party is just beginning. >> just beginning on the strip. flamingo hotel, donny and marie. >> and 2018 is going to be the best year ever. you watch. >> we concur. >> don and brooke we throw back to you. happy new year from las vegas. >> happiest place in the world right now. >> all right. so i think gary tossed back us to. >> happy new year to you guys
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love you guys right back. thank you so much. >> what a crazy. can you believe it's been one year since we were sitting here? >> it was like a confessional a year ago. i'm ready for a relationship. 2016 was the worst. >> and? >> well, it happened. actually, he was here last year in the bar. i know. it's your one-year anniversary of meeting him and hanging out. >> it is my one-year anniversary. who is this guy? >> who is this handsome guy. >> and we love him. he is right over there. >> hey, baby. there he is. >> is there he is. >> hi! he is going to come over. >> it's been quite year. >> it's been quite a year. so let's talk about you. miss sadie, sadie, almost married lady. >> i know. >> i got to save the date in my e-mail this week. >> i promise you'll get a proper invite in the mail.
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>> congratulations, my dear. >> thank you, honey. >> brooke is engaged this year. and we love him. >> my first dated was here two, years ago. >> i know, i met him. >> you want to come to new orleans? i was like yes. >> i had a gift for you but in the chaos, it somehow got lost in the crowd. so you'll get it later. >> i'm so glad you cared so much about that gift. >> can we toast to your engagement and my one-year anniversary in my relationship. >> here's to you. >> love you. >> i love you. >> i love working with you. we always have so much fun. >> love you right back. right back. >> oh, here we go. this is for brooke. this is for brooke. hey, everyone say congratulation, brooke baldwin. [ cheering ] congratulations, my dear. >> double kiss. >> so we've got a fantastic year. it's been a little bit nuts, right? >> a little bit. >> so much has gone on. but we're back here. so are you guys ready to ring in 2018? are you going to do it new orleans-style?
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is new orleans the best? >> new orleans is the best. >> happy new year. so you know what else is fun for new year's? >> say it again? >> you know what else is fun for new year's? >> oh, it's the best. >> nashville. >> nashville is where i used to ring in my new year. i love broadway. i love all the honky tonk just spilling out of all of those bars. sara sidner has been rocking the cowboy hat. sara sidner, happy almost new year's in nashville! >> i wanted to don my glasses, pun intended. hi, don and brooke. it is a crazy scene here there are more than 100,000 people who have shown up. at bicentennial park here in nashville. and that man, keith urban, has been taking down the house in here, playing with groups like lark and poe, a duo that is amazing. you've got to hear their music. two sisters that really have some serious rock 'n roll soul. and he keeps switching things up. he is playing all kinds of
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music. john mellencamp. he is playing reggae music. he is also playing some of his hits. the crowd loves him. but i want to give you a look at this crowd. it's insane. look. it's people. it's bars you can see. and by the way, there they all are! waiting for new year's eve to pop up. there are fans all over. i got to tell you, it is so cold here. you are lucky to be in new orleans. it is like 9 degrees. it's supposed to drop to a windchill of 2. we've got everything, so many layers on, i don't know what to do. but happy new years to you guys. and you got to come back to us and listen to some of this music. it's amazing. ♪
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♪ in my shoes, walking street in my youth i pray to keep ♪ black hole sun won't you come and wash away the rain ♪ ♪ black hole sun wont you come, won't you come, won't you come ♪ ♪ ♪ i got to run keep on riding, and i'm bound to keep on riding ♪ ♪ i got one more silver dollar,
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but i'm not going to let them catch me, lord, i'm not going to let them catch the midnight rider ♪ ♪ no, i'm not going to let them catch me, lord, i'm not going to let them catch the midnight rider ♪ ♪ ♪ well, down in louisiana, across new orleans, went back up in the woods on e ever gree ♪ ♪ stood log cabin made of earth and wood, and johnny be good ♪ ♪ and never learned to read or write too well, but he could play guitar like a ring on a bell ♪ ♪ go, go, go, johnny, go ♪ go, go, go, johnny, go ♪ go, go, go, go johnny go, go, go, go, johnny be good ♪ ♪
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♪ living on tulsa time living on tulsa time, well you know i've been through it when i set my watch back to it, living on tulsa time ♪ ♪ well you know i've been through when i set my watch back to it, living on tulsa time ♪ ♪ ♪ i am alive in florida county and i drive the main road ♪ ♪ searching in the sun for another overload ♪
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♪ i hear you singing in the wire, i can hear you through the whine ♪ ♪ you're still on the line ♪ hey, hey ♪ ♪ i was born, i was raised, i keep all my yesterdays ♪ ♪ i come back, an iron man, i came back, settled down, that's where they'll put me in the ground ♪ ♪ this is my town, this is my town ♪ ♪ this is my town
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♪ ♪ ♪ she's a good girl, she loves her mama, loves jesus and her america too ♪ ♪ she's a good girl, she's crazy about elvis, loves and her boyfriend too ♪
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hey! ♪ it's a long day, living in reseda, there's a freeway running through the yard ♪ ♪ i'm a bad boy, because i don't even miss her, and i'm a bad boy -- you ready -- for breaking her heart ♪ ♪ and now i'm free, free-falling ♪ ♪ yeah, i'm free, free-falling
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and we're back at the spotted cat in new orleans in the brooklyn street. wait you did a wardrobe change. what is that? >> i did. this is my t-shirt. this is my passion project this year. don't really have a new year's resolution, but it's american woman. it's my series coming out january 3rd. covering the presidential election, being at the women's march, i feel like i want to dedicate this next chapter of my career to women. well need to be listening to what women have to say in this country. so betty white, pat ben taitar k to me this year. check it out. >> good for you. the me too movement, women's empowerment. 2017 depending where you are. >> it's going to continue on. >> so we're all talking about happiness and all that stuff.
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and what we were going to do in 2017. come on. come on, james and tim. come in. so we want to talk about -- they're nervous. they don't want to come in. >> we'll get them to come. we'll get them to come. but do you have -- we love being in new orleans every single year. we love this city so much. we talk sometimes about resolutions. we have some deep personal moments on this every year. what are you thinking going into 2018? >> i don't really have -- i don't do resolutions. i said last year i would be open to a relationship or that sort of thing. so that's happened. so i sort of set goals in my life. >> how is that working out for you? >> it's awesome. i found love. >> you did. ♪ i found love on a two-way street ♪ >> it's a shotgun jazz band! ♪ on a lonely highway
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>> sorry, everyone. everyone is going click, volume down. >> we have to show all the people who are here, ready to ring in new year's. >> a couple of minutes away. >> come on, guys. happy new year! happy -- we've got what -- we've got three minutes. >> so how about that seconds line? >> i think it was fun. i come to new orleans and do it all the time. >> wow. not everyone gets to do that. >> it's a beautiful thing. it's a celebration. >> it's a special magic in new orleans. we're so grateful to be here. we're so grateful. christmas street is amazing. >> don't you love it? someone has antlers on over there, did you notice that? >> oh, my gosh, antlers. this crowd is so ready to ring it in. >> really? >> where are you guys from?
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>> raleigh, north carolina. >> raleigh, north carolina. i might be a tar heel myself. go heels! how about you? >> i live here. >> you live here. do you believe in resolutions? >> only if i can follow them when i usually don't. >> happy new year just about. >> where are you guys from? >> atlanta, georgia! >> atlanta. >> love it. >> chicago! >> chicago. [ cheering ] >> look at this crowd. look at this crowd! >> i know. it's not 5 degrees outside like it is in times square where andy and anderson were. it's cold here, but everybody is inside and enjoying themselves. there you go. >> you know what? >> what? >> every year people think i'm really wasted on tv. i'm actually not. tell the truth.
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>> i mean, um -- >> i'm having a good time. >> i mean, you had a shot of tequila. that was not water. and there may have been a little bit here and there. but no, i would say drunk don lemon is buzzed don lemon. >> it's a total internet hype. >> i think just wait until we always go out to our same bar until 4:00 in the morning and we can change that. >> who is over there? oh, he we got 15 seconds. >> oh, do we? 15 seconds. >> it's about that time? 45 seconds. >> 45 seconds. >> 45 seconds until new year's in new orleans at the spotted cat ca. brooke, this is bad english. where brooke and i. where we be. that's what you say in louisiana, this is where we be, at the spotted cat. >> this is where we hope to be for a long time. i love this. >> 30 seconds. central time zone new year's. >> new year's, new year's, new
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year's. 15 seconds. here we go. give us a 10. >> hope you've got your champagne at home. >> 10! >> raise a glass. >> nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one -- happy new year! happy new year! ♪ should auld acquaintance be forgot, auld lang syne ♪ ♪ for auld lang


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