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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  January 1, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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they are not far from mar a lago where the president is wrapping up. the details of this new year's message. >> that's right, the president spent new year's eve at a glitzy party filled with a lot of supporters and members of his club and their guests. he rang in the new year on a defiant note. take a look at what he said according to audio we obtained. >> we are going to have a great 2018. it's something very, very special. we have good enemies out there, but step by step they are being defeated. they are some bad people. bad people. some day maybe they will love us. you know what they are going to
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love? everyone will love what's happening with our country. >> a rousing crowd to the comment, but it's unclear who he was talking about. it could be anyone from the media to iran that the president might consider his enemies. clearly he believes that he is being victorious over who the people are. >> the president also clearly not making one of his resolutions to drop twitter. he took aim at pakistan and writes the us has foolishly given pakistan aid over 15 years and they have given us nothing you but lies and defeat, thinking of our leaders as fools. no more. what is behind this harsh
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rhetoric? >> bright and early this morning the president sent out that tweet. nothing publicly seems to have precipitated the tweet. in the past he expressed hopefulness would improve under his leadership. now it seems that as the president is ramping up this fight against isis and terrorist groups, the relationship between this administration and pakistan is suffering. that optimism that we heard when they helped americans in that region, that is no longer the case and we don't know if the president will follow-through on that threat to pull funding for pakistan who despite the difficulty of that relationship is an important partner in that
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region. >> thank you. now to another foreign policy focus for the president, north korea where kim jong un warned that the nuclear button is always on the desk of my office. un also called to speed up the production of nuclear warheads and missiles, but seemed to signal a softer tone. paul hancocks reported from seoul. >> the different sides to the speech. there was the usual nuclear defips, but on top of that a conciliatory tone taken. a great difference from what we heard last year. usually they give an indication of what to expect throughout the year and this is an interesting sweech. he declared that 2017 was the
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year when north korea completed the nuclear cape anlabilities a said they are a peaceful state and have no intention of using nuclear weapons as long as no a sgregz shown towa aggression is shown territories us. >> america will never be able to attack us. the entire continent of america is within reach of our nuclear attack. they must never forget the nuclear button is placed on my desk at all times. they must realize correctly that this is not a threat, but reality. >> we are seeing a more conciliatory tone towards south korea. we heard from officials suggesting that they wanted to talk to the united states or at least they wanted to see what relationship they could have with the new trump
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administration. they are focusing on the south korean side saying north and south korea must work to ale alleviate the tensions and if they work together they will be able to alleviate them. they would do it on their own. this is a different strategy saying we genuinely wish for peaceful resolution with our southern border. saying he would be willing to send a delegation to the winter olympics that start in february being held here. that would certainly be music to the ears of the south korean president. it's a different kind of speech that we are hearing from kim jong un. cnn, seoul. >> thank you for that. we are also following developments out of iran. the president slammed president trump saying he has no right to sympathize with iranian protesters because he called the iranian people terrorists.
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the state media said he made the comments in a meeting with lawmakers. the government is struggling with how to respond to the nationwide protests that began four days ago. at least 12 people have reportedly been killed in these demonstrations. in neighboring turkey, we have more details. >> hi, boris. two of the people were killed on saturday. 10 of them killed on sunday. the government is struggling to try to contain the demonstrations, bearing in mind this is a government that is fairly o customed with voices of decent. we heard from the president not just slamming the us, but warning the president from engaging in violent actions, saying that they would be met with the appropriate response.
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at the same time when it comes to acknowledging the grievances that the demonstrators have had with the ek nokic situation and grievances given the fact that food and fuel prices have been on the rise. unemployment is on the rice and they are saying that u.s. president trump is constantly creating problems for iranians including visas and financial issues and also warning the anti-government protesters from becoming pawns of foreign agents. now, all this being said, what's interesting when he look at the demonstrations that are happening, it's not the volume of individuals that are coming out with any one location, how widespread they are and unlike the green movement that took
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place in 2009, they don't have a leader. s have not group that is organizing and people are going out and venting their fury. it's hard to determine their end goal or specifically what changes they want to see. we are hearing chants of death to the dictator and we don't want an islamic republic and a correct criticism, but it's unclear what these protesters want to see accomplished. >> reporting from turkey. thank you. we are joined by dennis ross, an ambassador from the reagan administration through the obama administration. thank you very much for joining us.
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i want to ask you snag she brought up in her report. the goal of the protesters. have you been able to gain inside and to yell death to the ayatollah people do that open 3 in the street. >> it's a very good question. what's the goal other than venting and frustration? some of the other chants we have seen has been out of syria and out of lebanon. there is a sense that their keep economic grievances and they are costing iranians at home. there needs to be from the stand point of the protesters, you want to see some response to what are the frustrations they are expressing.
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they always manifest control. one other point is worth noting. because these are widespread and precisely because they include people who are not necessarily part of the urban elite, in many ways they remind the regime of what produced the fall of the shah. i'm not saying we are on the brink of anything like that, but control the paramount for the regime and in a sense not being in the position where they are challenged is critical. right now i don't think they have a handle on what to do and how to respond. the question is the right one. there is venting and frustration and outrage and there is a deep sense of grievance. precisely because there are not leaders it's hard to know what it leads to. >> we have seen an arrest like this going to different directions. either it dies down crushed by
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an oppressive regime or leads to all out civil war as we saw in syria. in your opinion, what is the worst case scenario for the united states in this situation? >> i think the worst case for the united states in the end is also the worst case for the iranian people. that the regime cracks down in the aftermath rather than temperaturing behavior and to try to create more of a nationalist fervor. we don't want to see the internal troubles lead the regime to seek confrontation to divert attention away. >> zeroing in on something you noted there. we have seen the iranian regime capitalize on statements made from foreign countries,
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specifically the united states in support of these demonstrations. when we last saw this unrest in the streets, it was back in 2009. the obama administration was not necessarily as vocal on the protesters as president trump is. he said the world is watching. do you think that's the right approach in this situation some. >> i do. i was wart of the decision making process in 2009. we were getting messages within iran asking us to keep it cool because they saw the regime trying to say these were domestically driven. i think we should have made it clear that in fact the world was watching. if you go back, that is the
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language the obama administration began to use after the first week or so. for the first several days, we were low key. i think it would be better and i think even now, one of the keys is not just saying the world is watching. i think we should be putting out what iran is spending. what are they spending in syria? these reject the grievances and here because the regime is going to be sensitive to this. one thing that might be able to temper what they did is going to fuel bigger problems. this is one thing we can be doing and one thing that the trump administration not like like they are trying to foment trouble. this administration, president
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trump has not seen being a champion of human rights. saying the world is watching is probably the right tone. i think emphasizing the cost plays on the grievances itself and also gets at what we want. in the end we want to see the iranians allowed to protest, but changing their behavior in the region. >> we are out of time. dennis ross, thank you very much for sharing your new year's day with us. up next, a fellow trump campaign aide said he was a coffee boy, but did george papadopoulos trigger the russia probe? details of his drunken meeting with a diplomat after a quick break. parks from all over the world. food tastes better when you don't have to cook it. he was just supposed to be my dog. i don't know why.
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the spark for the russia investigation may have come from a conversation from a former trump adviser and a diplomat after a night of heavy drinking according to the "new york times." they said during an evening in may of 2016 said that russia had political dirt on hillary
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clinton. wikileaks posted e-mails hacked. a former special assistant to and the post of bet news as well as a professor and cnn commentator. first to you. this reporter undermines the report about george papadopoulos that he was just a coffee boy. the democrats have jumped all over this. low level staffers don't set up head of state meetings. trust me, i was one. this am can be as one of the revelations in the report that papadopoulos set up a report. here's another tweet. keep in mind no one was really aware of george papadopoulos until his guilty plea was revealed. that shows mueller knows far
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more than people think and george papadopoulos is cooperating with mueller. the white house should be scared. should the white house be concerned? >> look, the white house should be concerned about this investigation competencively because they are looking into things and could reach into the inner sainct um of the white house. the "new york times" makes perfectly clear he was not central of the day to day running as a direct quote from the article. he was out doing things at times as an unpaid volunteer that clearly he was not supposed to be doing. he was spilling secrets and bsing and crone to traj rating his resume and he got caught lying to the fbi. this was not a good person.
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the president failed the basic vetting and googling the people who show up asking for a job. in this case papadopoulos, a known liar and exaggerator lied to the fbi and by no means does that prove we have wrong-doing on the part of president trump or even people in the top reaches of the campaign. >> this reporting from the "new york times" does not policy anything we didn't know. do you agree? >> there was a question about how central papadopoulos was. he may not have been a paid member of the campaign. he may have been drawing outside the lines a little bit. trump has a history of having people on the campaign who were sketchy and exaggerate the resume and accomplishments. it's difficult to dismiss his word because he is a bad guy. he surrounded himself with bad guys. i have been a coffee boy and worked on campaigns, but i was never asked to connect to a head of state.
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he had two big visions. one was in the relationship with russia and also to rearrange things in the mideast. if papadopoulos is making connections to egypt which is key to the israel-palestine relationship and trump is listening intently as papadopoulos's report suggests, he is promising to connect him to putin. that means that he is involved right in the month of foreign policy. it's no surprise he skilled secrets and is dishonest. that's not new information, but what is helpful information is the fact that we know he was the trigger for this investigation and not a document or a report or nothing else that he is the spark that started this whole thing. >> i'm surprised the timing is not suspicious. papadopoulos is apparently telling this diplomat that russia had dirt on hillary clinton about a month before
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they acknowledged they were hack and e-mails were stolen. if he is just a coffee boy how does he have the information that nobody else has? >> i don't know if this guy was a coffee boy or not, he was portraying himself as something he was not and sharing something he learned from people in the campaign when he shouldn't have been doing that. no question about that. ed the last person you want is someone like papadopoulos or carter page. they exaggerate their connections and resumes and lie about life experience because they are lying about their experience. i hope this doesn't go any further, but this is a cautionary tale. if you are running a presidential campaign, you have to look into these people. they know the type. these and carter page types.
9:24 am
they are attracted to politics like moths to flame. at the beginning of the campaign, they did not have that structure in place. i believe they put that in place as they went into the fall. >> i agree with you. that's not exculpatory for trump. we can't say he had bad judgment and not listen to the bad guys after he picked him. that doesn't mean we can't listen to it. this is not purely what papadopoulos was telling us. the fbi had other sources. this is corroborated. he had a far deeper involvement with the campaign than an ancillary figure. he's not ancillary if he is drawing connections and involved in key meetings. he has information that is not leaked to the mainstream press until a month later. he knew things and that's why
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the australian officials were so triggered when they announced the lead. >> does it surprise you that the officials when they saw the they had been packed and no one on the trump campaign had an inkling and approached investigators to say russia may be doing something illegal. >> it doesn't surprise me what the australians did and they are a good ally. they did what they should have done. hind side for the trump campaign is 20-20. there is a lot we still don't know at this time. things are coming out all the time. what we do know stint and i think our alan lift said this many times on the air, there is nothing so far that has come out that shows a experience among two or more people to violate federal law. that's what we are looking out
9:26 am
here. whether papadopoulos did these things or not and whether he did things we don't know about, what we have not seen is a experience to violate federal law in the space of collusion. one thing the republicans have to do is acknowledge the meddling without knowing whether there was collusion. we have to acknowledge there was meddling and the russians were trying to cultivate sources and we have to keel with that as the investigations continue. they at least have to stop a foreign power from meddling in the future. >> a 10 second response. >> i agree they have to concede the point about meddling. the concern is that there is smoke and fire here. if they begin to acknowledge the meddling, it will get to the collusion. there is a lot more to be known and investigated, but this is telling and encouraging people in the law enforcement community
9:27 am
to keep digging. >> appreciate the time, gentlemen. happy new year to you both. >> happy new year. >> 10 americans among the dead in a new year's eve plane crash in costa rica. smoothies! how do i check my credit score? credit karma. don't worry, it's free. credit karma. give yourself some credit.
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steyer: the president's national security adviser -- guilty. his campaign chairman -- under indictment. his son-in-law -- secret talks with russians. the director of the fbi -- fired. special counsel robert mueller's criminal investigation has already shown why the president should be impeached. you can send a message to your representatives at and demand they finally take a stand. this president is not above the law.
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>> starting today, the military will begin accepting applications from transgender recruits going against the wishes of president trump. the president and commander in chief issued a memorandum last summer barring transgender americans from military service. the move was very controversial and reversed obama era policies. federal appeals courts have blocked key parts of president trump's order. i can't imagine that the legal battle is both. >> not likely. where we are and people who wish to serve the country may now apply to be recruited into the military services. that was something that was not clear when president trump said they would be banned.
9:32 am
now that i can apply to join the military. the justice doesn't decided not to pursue an appeal in which they could join. no appeal by the government right now. it is not clear those people who are already serving, what will happen to them. what we do know is over the next several week, implementation plans, rules and regulations will be developed. by march there should be a plan in place by the dent gon and how to allow transgender persons to serve the country. it remains to be seen if the white house accepts that. or orders the justice department back to court. >> the story we will continue to follow. barbara star at the kent gon, thank you. the deaths of 10 u.s. systems in
9:33 am
costa rica. it's one of the highest priorities for the state department. we stand ready to effect it as u.s. citizens. five families were among the victims. jean casarez has more. good morning. >> this is devastating and the costa rica civil aviation confirmed that not only were 12 people aboard the plane and 10 americans, it appears that two full families were on the flight and perished. it's firey and fast. the plane took off at 12:10 bound for the capital of san jose. it was 10 mondays later that it was reported the plane had crashed. 10 minutes or less after take off this was the scene. someone was there very quickly
9:34 am
to capture it on video. the family from new york were the sbin beteinbergs. they lived in the westchester family area. they were involved with the temple. very involved in charity work. we know that the plane was a cessna grand caravan carrying people and cargo. a general plane that had been in the air for a long time. this is what's interesting. the plane was diverted on another flight because of high winds. it was rate to come into the airport. they will say subpoenas have idea to be performed, but with the fiery crash, the autopsies can be very, very difficult. >> thank you for that.
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next after kurting t icutting ts on the agenda for 2018. the big plans for the new year after a quick break.
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president trump is feeling optimistic about 2018, tweeting there is much work to be done, but it will be a great new year. he is right about the first part. in january alone, he and the republican party need to nail down a spending bill and asked the relief package as well. they also wanted to address fixes for obamacare. it's hard to forget that 2017 was not a year full of unity and how do republicans and the president get on the same page? >> happy new year. everyone got their resolutions, but for president trump and the single to make sure they are the same ones. they have the hopes of adding
9:40 am
800 billion. according to the top edaide and present it to mitch mcconnell at camp david this coming weekend. we are told that the president is going to provide the details and allow members of congress to craft the legislation and trump like previous presidents is expected to travel around the country possibly to these dilapidated sites to sell this plan. the goal is to have the lawmakers behind him by the time he delivers his address at the end of january. the worst is getting republicans united over this plan. house republicans led by ryan have their sites on entitlement we form, going after welfare and food stamps and medicare. connell ma connell noted that republicans have a one-seat majority and they have to go after things they can work with the democrats
9:41 am
on. like a broad agreement over government spending or legislation and overhauling legislation and what to do with the immigrants when daca expires in march. >> membership new year to you as well. thank you very much for joining us. i want to continue with the next panel and joining us to share their insights. "usa today" elijah. this is something he talked about before he left for his holiday in mar a lago. you have paul ryan saying entitlement reform should follow tax reform. what gets addressed first? >> the president has the upper hand. these the president and nothing gets done without his signature or support ultimately. i think everybody might be getting ahead of themselves. before the president can concentrate or hope to get something done on infrastructure before the republicans can try
9:42 am
to convince trump to abandon a campaign promise not to touch entitlements and do reform there, they have to get the government funded and deal with the chip, the children's health insurance program that helps fund health insurance for low income children. they have to deal with defense spending and the affordable care act and they have been working on for sharing and all of these things and parts of them that were promised and brought along votes include a really tough fight. even though they have a big win on tax reform and that was a big deal and republicans are hoping it creates a lot of momentum and you will have members of congress saying i made a lot of
9:43 am
compromises required and i took a lot of tough votes. i want something in return. some of these things might be difficult. >> someone is adding to that list. steve bannon said there are other things that need to be accomplished that are make or break. including a challenge to china. does this have to get done in january? >> daca has more time, but it will require a lot of negotiation. people like to oint out that there are a lot of votes to make sure that the dreamer kids who are adults now and brought here as children by their parents illegally across the border that there are a lot of votes to make sure they can stay and they are legal. that's true. nothing is going to happen without the president's support. he wants a solution to the problem, but he wants a solution that the president will sign.
9:44 am
there is not just democratic support, but what does the president want. if the president holds firm and demands money for the wall, democrats are going to have to decide whether they swallow something like helping the president fund the wall which will make their base very uncomfortable. >> they're won't have to if mexico pays for it. >> many democrats said they will not pay for a wall. >> they are willing to work on daca and borter enforcements. the wall seems like it's a no go right now. just the word wall. they will do a lot of border enforcement and it's clear it's not going to be a clean dream act and a fix for daca does have bipart an support. democrats are feeling confident
9:45 am
that they can do this without the wall, but it goes down to the president who can veto it. >> many think there is a blue wave headed to congress in 2018. there seems to be disagreement with the message. on one hand you have howard dean saying not being donald trump is enough and you have chuck schumer saying you have to be the party of the middle class. >> that's definitely what they are struggling with. when you talk to lawmakers, generally unless they are from really, really progressive areas they will say that it is the economy. it's jobs and health care and they were able to really rally people around health care and the fight to repeal obamacare. they are looking to go forward on that and you have members of the far left who think that
9:46 am
being anti-trump is enough. they are seeing you united in this anti-trump or the anti-immigration message and things like that. i think that the economy is where you will see them go. >> is there a sense of urgency from the republicans. you heard about the heated white house meetings and there is a serious concern that if this blue wave happens, the president can be impeached by a democratic controlled house. >> we know there is going to be a lot of support for impeachment on the democratic side if they win back the house in 2018. i think the democratic leaders are going to try and tone that down and try to focus on what voters will get from democratic leadership and a democratic controlled congress working with the president if they manage to gain seats. if you focus on impeachment and on something overtly political like that, it could rub
9:47 am
independent voters and swing voters the wrong way. make no mistake about it, there is a deep amount of dissatisfaction with the president to put the house in play. that created the conditions for a democratic take over, but it's not a sure thing by any measure. still a lot could change between now and election day. voters could come to really like the tax overhaul and feel really good about the economy and think democrats no matter what they think about the president are playing too much politics. i think that's why you have seen chuck schumer and nancy pelosi say look, we want to be the party of the middle class and ideas and we saw this in 2010. there was a lot of dissatisfaction with president obama and a lot of dissatisfaction with the affordable care act, but they brought it back to the question of jobs and the economy so they had something positive to say. that's what leaders are trying
9:48 am
to do. we will see if the progressive wing of the party will allow them to craft a message like that. and let the dissatisfaction take care of itself. >> eliza collins, thank you very much and happy new year. much of the country is starting in a deep freeze. how long is it going to last? it is a frigid forecast ahead.
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>> new year's day is heaven for sports fans. the college football playoff hours away with a pair of blockbuster matchups. we have the preview. >> boris, the time has finally come. college football playoffs are upon us and it's win or go home time for the chosen four. they battle it out for a chance to make it to the title game. in the sugar bowl squaring off with a third year in a row in the playoff. the tide won two seasons ago and the tigers got revenge with the come-from-behind winner. >> you have a lot of incredibly talented players and don't have any doubt it will be a great
9:53 am
game. >> we played them several years now. it makes it a little bit of a rival rivalry. seems like we had good reparation for the game and we can see who the best team is. >> in pasadena, california. this is the scene about 24 hours ago. a sea of georgia fans traveling from far and wide as they take a step cloak closer since 1980. he has been hit with the flu and hasn't meat any other teams. he showed up at media day saying his illness was a distraction for the team. >> this is not about me.
9:54 am
this is not about any sickness i have. that's what it needs to be about my teammates are not answering questions on my behalf and we are focused on our goal. >> and the grand daddy of them all, the rose bowl. i am getting the goose bumps just thinking about it. alabama and clem in the sugar bowl. the winners will meet monday in the 2018 college playoff national championship in atlanta. >> thanks for that. it was one of the coldest new year's eves in years for many cities across the country. millions are still stuck in the deep freeze today. a look at continues. how cold is it going to get in some parts of the country? >> typically the ice box of the country is minnesota, but the
9:55 am
frozen tundra east of the continental divide. wind chills down to minus 4. it's the coldest new year's eve in 100 degrees. it dropped to 1 degree. it's deadly. we had a few fatalities. hypothermia and minus 23 and detroit minus 7. highs today and the freezing mark, south of dallas. a number of records out west, but the low temperatures are concerning. 24 possible record lows. alabama as well. the next batch of cold air and there will be another one does not go to the deep south. that will continue the lake effect snow with over 121 inches. 20 inches more than the entire
9:56 am
seasonal average. lake erie is about 30% frozen over. by the end of the week 60%. on tuesday, cincinnati 21 and chicago 12. as we get into wednesday, 16 by saturday. high temperature in new york is 8 degrees. the average is 39. it will be around for a while. >> a high of 8 degrees. thanks for being the bearer of bad news. we appreciate it and thank you very much for joining us on at this hour. we hope you have a and happy new year's day. bryanna keilar is up after a quick break.
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10:00 am
>> hello and happy new year to you. it is 1:00 in washington and from wherever you are watching, thank you very much for joining us. a new warning coming from north korea. leader kim jong un delivering a menacing message to the world and the united states. and his expectation


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